Fort Weyr - Shenanigan's Lounge
The natural walls of this cavern haven been completely covered and replaced by straight and sometimes curving walls of brickwork. There's method to the madness of covering stone with stone. It's as simple as the electric buzz in the room. New grade electric lights dot the fancy brick worked walls, with wires cleverly hidden behind, allowing more focus to be centered on the rest of the room rather than the numerous strings of wire needed to operate the lighting. Each bulb roosts in a bronzed metal flowering fixture, giving the room a rich atmosphere. Still, the walls are not the only place which has stone on stone appeal. The floor has been run smooth, the surface now slate rock, creating an imperial cast.
Beyond the actual foundations of the lounge, the luxury continues. High backed wooden chairs with padded white seats have been stationed all around the room. Between the individual chairs are benches fashioned out of the same rich wood with pillows made to flatter the cushions. There are low lying coffee tables or end tables near the individual chairs, while there's larger dinning room sized tables with chairs to match scattered as well, giving much variety to those who find themselves in the room. Decorative hangings and framed artwork has been neatly hung around the room, but to offset the meticulous method of the room, there's some pieces that give a sporty feeling to the room - such as a fishing rod or a snow shoe.
Of course, the final appeal of the room comes in the form of it's purpose; athletic competition. There are several games of darts lining the walls, various decks of dragon poker cards available, a large velvet lined pool table centered to one side of the lounge, a mat area surrounded by ropes, and an area that keeps track of all the runner races around the world via radio signal, giving constant updates on the status of the runners. Lastly, there's a bar here, small and built with brick as well. There's usually a bartender on duty willing to mix drinks during the evening hours.

Spring is here and so is the mud! Tons and tons of it, thanks to the record snowfall over the winter this Turn. Adding insult to injury are the cold, cold rains that have now swept in. So if it's not mud one has to slog through, it's pools of water and the damp and chilly winds won't help things either. At least, now with evening settling in, the rains have tapered to (an annoying) mist. The caverns are packed tonight with riders and weyrfolk alike all seeking warmth and good hearty food but there is a fair bit of grumbling over the selection. Plenty of wherry and fish but… no herd beast? Which means no stew! For shame. This could be the reason why Th'ero is hiding down in Shenanigan's for the night. The Weyrleader has holed himself up in his usual spot in the back corner, nursing an ale and an expression almost as black as the drink itself. It's a wonder he's alone… or is he?

R'yal is fairly damp, but certainly doesn't appear miserable about it. In fact, the greenriding weyrling looks positively pleased as he makes his way through the entry, fingers lightly swiping off a few stray droplets here and there. His clothes? Those are a lost cause in the realm of dryness. He gives a bit of a hum as he works through the soggy crowd, leaning up to the bar with his arms folded onto it as he calls for a drink.

C'rus has been busy of late with all the changes that come about that last month or so before graduation comes. Moving out of the barracks into a weyr, and planning for his future in so many ways both big and small. The weather does indeed stink, but its still an improvement over the winter. Even C'rus who doesn't mind the chill disliked the severity of the winter, Jai disliked it still more. He makes his way into the pub looking about to see who is here. He has never enjoyed being overly social, but with leaving the barracks it seems the best way to have some sort of interaction with others. He soon enough spots Th'ero off in his corner, and gives him a wave, and then there is R'yal. He offers his fellow weyrling a wave as well, "Hey R'yal."

The time has indeed come for Br'enn to dust off the trusty oilskin slicker that has accompanied him on so many foul-weather ventures - a very handy barrier against the cold misting that's going on outside. Even so, he shivers a bit, his mood not darkened by the weather or lack of herdbeast stew but not the brightest either. He's been hard at work all day, after all, and the argument between him and Tovihasuth about what's to come - in terms of what wing they'll fly in - continues. He's chilled enough to immediately call for a hot cider as he comes up to the bar. R'yal gets a nod as he unslings the oilskin from his shoulders. "Evenin' Rav," he greets the greenrider, and then there's another clutchsibling. "C'rus." Another nod, and his drink arrives. Casting around a bit, he spots Th'ero and taps off an informal salute, lingering on his feet as he decides whether he's going to stay here or chance wandering over to the Weyrleader. Things to discuss! But this really isn't work time.

No, Th'ero isn't alone. Not really, as Kimmila returns to his table from the bar, carrying her own steaming mug of hot, spiked cider. Waving to the Weyrlings that she sees, she offers them a warm smile as she settles into the seat beside Th'ero, leaning over to murmur something to him.
Kimmila mutters to Th'ero, "Should… in… To avoid… We… make it sound…"
Kimmila whispers "Should we tell the Weyrlings to hunt in the wilds? To avoid the pens? We can make it sound like a test…"

Th'ero quietly nurses his ale and has just lowered the mug back down to the table when his eyes spot not one Weyrling but three arriving almost one after the other. A nod is given to C'rus and Br'enn, followed by a salute that likely hooks R'yal into that greeting too. The Weyrleader doesn't rise from his seat (yet), his attention turning back to Kimmila as she joins him again. Lowering his head, he listens gravely to what she mutters to him and his head shakes. "Perhaps. You've read the reports then?" he drawls quietly, but not without a pointed look darted back to the grouped Weyrlings.

If R'yal had been paying attention at all, there might have been a salute given the way of the Weyrleader when he came in. Once his drink is handed to him though, and the other weyrlings appear nearby, the greenrider can only sip and smile. "Oh! know…Br'enn.." He moves over just a bit to poke at the oilskin, giving a slight tug on the material. "I think you were wearing that when I met you. …Things were very wet. C'rus! Hi." But they are giving waves and salutes, and the greenrider leans sideways just enough to be able to see Th'ero and Kimmila over there, his free hand tipping a salute for them before edging back upright again. "They look a What do you suppose that's about?"

This apparently was the place to come as a couple of his fellow weyrlings seem to have had the same idea right around the same time, "Hey Br'enn." he returns the other man's greeting. He too wanders over to the bar to get something to drink, though for him its a water. Once he has it he glances over to where Rav indicates, "I'm not sure. There's always something though." At least for a pessmist like C'rus there is. Though for the most part he is relaxed and shows it, "Just so long as it isn't anything to do with us…" Cause that would be bad. "I trust that you both are doing well?" he asks.

Br'enn chuckles a little bit at R'yal's scrutiny, holding out his oilskin to glance it over before tossing it over the back of a nearby empty chair. "I prob'ly was," he answers R'yal with a nod. "Come to think, weren't you all wet at the time, too? Weather was a lot like this, I think." He doesn't remember exactly. He glances back to where Th'ero and Kimmila sit, catching that pointed look and tipping his mug slightly at the Weyrleader. Don't come near? He hopes he's reading that right. A nod is given to C'rus. "Doin' alright," Br'enn drawls in reply. "Tired as all get out. How're you 'n' Jai?"

Kimmila shrugs a bit to Th'ero. "I think it's a good idea," she murmurs as she takes a slow pull of her cider. "Weyrlings!" She'll just call them over now, assuming Th'ero agrees with her idea. He always does, right?

"Yes, but where—" Th'ero begins but never gets a chance to finish as he's abruptly cut off by Kimmila calling all the Weyrlings over. He doesn't seem to protest this change of plans, though he gives her a look. They could have finished plotting before ruining their social gathering! Alas, they've been summoned and the Weyrleader makes a small gesture with his hand to indicate they're to come to the table. At least it doesn't seem too urgent? Though to judge by how tense and grim he's looking… maybe they'll want to tread lightly.

"As well as can be, considering Livanyth is still taking her time in finally flying.." Is the green proddy? Why yes! Yes she is. R'yal gives a little shake of his head though, offering Br'enn a quick smile. "I was soaked to the bone." Waterlogged he may be, but at least he's much less miserable about it than that time..forever ago. But they are being summoned! He keeps hold of his drink at least, casting a quick look around at the other weyrlings before meandering over toward that table curiously. "Ah…good evening?"

And there it is! The call over to the table, "It looks like it is us." he observes. Oh well. There's nothing for it, orders are orders, "We are doing very well thanks. Getting used to the new weyr and all that. Life is good." He says, all in all he is doing very well indeed. He had already known about Liv's condition since Jaicoureth had informed him the previous evening. He regards Rav for a moment. What does one say in a sitaution like this? Tact was never his gift even if being genuine was something he was good at, "I'm sorry." is what he manages as he moves off toward the table with the group. Summoned he comes!

There is another moving on into the Lounge, Abigail yawns slightly as she moves along, gloves getting stuck nto her flight jacket which rests open. A hand lifts to push some hair from her face as she looks over the room to see how packed it is, but also to look for a spot to wander over in order to get a drink as well.

"Oh." Is that why Tovihasuth seems a little overly intent on R'yal's lifemate lately. Br'enn scrubs at his neck a little, sipping at his drink and suddenly a bit relieved that he was misinterpreting that glance from Th'ero. He gives C'rus a smile and a nod before joining his fellows at Kimmila and Th'ero's table. "Yes ma'am? Sir?" he answers, hands wrapped around his steaming mug.

Kimmila shrugs to Th'ero as the Weyrlings approach. "Send them down south. Way down south."

Th'ero will drain a little more of his ale while the Weyrlings make their way over and as he watches their approach, he'll spot Abigail too and promptly flag the Wingleader over too. That's… not promising either? "We'll see, Wingmate. We'll see." he mutters to Kimmila though his expression changes from grim to very thoughtful. Hmm. "Take a seat," Gesturing with his free hand to the empty chairs, he'll look to all three Weyrlings. "You're all well? And your lifemates too?" Why does his eyes linger a little longer on R'yal? Oh, maybe because a certain ugly pale bronze is informing him of some… details concerning a green who's now catching his interest. Ahem. "Kimmila and I have been discussing… a possible task for you Weyrlings. Provided M'icha allows us to ah, 'borrow' you."

R'yal glances back at C'rus again, brows raising. "No real need to be sorry. It's frustrating, but I actually feel..pretty good." Awkwardness? Nope, he doesn't notice any bit of it, if there is any. Besides, the talk of 'south' and a task has him turning his attention forward again. Fingers grip at the back of a chair though, pulling it out so that he can sit down. Any looks given are returned quite thoroughly, with a smile to follow. "Livanyth and I are fine, though she is..well..close. I suppose. Close to flying. If that makes any difference in this…task. What do you need?"

C'rus nods to Rav, what else can he really do. Does the whole thing make him uncomfortable? Sure, but he is in a good enough mood that even that won't send him in the other direction. He takes a seat as indicated by the weyrleader, "Jaicoureth and I are doing quite well thanks." he explains with a smile. Indeed the two of them are doing excellent. He nods as Th'ero speaks of pulling them away for something and sits back to listen intently. The first real mission seems to be upon them all.

Abigail has just ordered herself a drink before catches sight of the wave from Th'ero. There is a slight pause and there is a moment of wondering if she could escape… Though no most likely not. With drink in hand she moves towards where the others are near Th'ero and Kimmila's table it seems. A nod of her head is seen and she smiles. "Afternoon Th'ero, Kimmila, C'rus, Br'enn and R'yal." The last is given a faint look once he comments on Livanyth but that is it as she is sipping at her drink. Maybe Niumdreoth and her can be busy for a few days with sweeps. Not that it is anything against R'yal mind you, the wingleader just prefers to stay away from sweeps as her brown tends to get the short end of the stick with them anymore. Her pale gaze drifts to Th'ero at the bit on borrowing the Weyrlings and she lifts a brow slightly.

South? That certainly perks Br'enn's ears as he moves to sit down as well. "Abigail," the bronze weyrling greets with a nod to the brownrider, and then his attention is forward again, another sip pulled from his mug. "Tovihasuth is doin' well; thank you, sir. 'n' so 'm I." The mention of a task is met with a gaze of sharp alertness. A mission already! This should be good. "What sort of task, sir?" he questions, just before another drink is taken.

Kimmila grins. "Hunting," she answers for Th'ero, since she's talking /before/ him in this scene. "Some good hunting in the wilds of Southern."

Th'ero was going to wait until all had settled before the news was broken but Kimmila goes ahead and lets it out of the bag! Well… half of the reason. Mysteries abound! "Good to hear you're all well," he murmurs, glancing between all three Weyrlings again. Abigail is given a faint smile. "Afternoon, Abigail. Good of you to join us and just in time too…" Can't hurt to have a Wingleader sound in on this! Darting a look to R'yal again, he frowns. "How close? How… long has she been showing signs?" he asks in an oddly softer tone, as if trying to lessen the awkwardness of his prying. "It… could change things, yes. For you at least, not your fellows. Livanyth cannot leave the Weyr if she is nearing her time. Where we are sending you is… hmm. Wingmate? Abigail? You're familiar with Drake's Lake." Yes, THAT part of Drake's Lake! "… far enough?" From civilization of the non-Weyr variety. Realizing he's likely not making any sense, Th'ero blinks and coughs, returning to the main topic. "Ah, right. Seems… if you've been following up on the latest reports, that there's concern of illness spreading through some of the herds between Fort Hold and Peyton Hold. Hence the lack of… herdbeast. Our own herds should be sufficient for now but not for long. We need to supplement with others… but cannot trade here as that's come to a standstill. Which means, as Kimmila vaguely put it: hunting. You've all had experience hunting by dragon in the wilds?"

C'rus listens to Th'ero as he begins to tell the story. The first part of it seems to be fairly straightforward questions for R'yal. It seems though that they might be saved in being sent south while Liv remains here. That thought pleases him and he smiles, though the smile quickly fades when he gets to the second part of the issue, "I have hunted with him in the wild yes…" He takes a mometn to gather his thoughts. As a healer he has questions. While he is no beastcrafter there are certain similarities, "Has it made the jump to humans or dragons yet?" he is the first question he has. And thats obviously the most important one.

Now we're talking! Br'enn can't help the smile that crooks his mouth at the mention of hunting as he leans back in his seat, arms folding upon his chest. The need for the hunt diminishes his expression, though it doesn't disappear entirely, even when C'rus asks his question. That is an important thing to know, yes. He'll save his own questions for the moment, in favor of hearing the reply to that one.

Abigail peers at Th'ero a brow lifting at the talk of Drake's Lake. "Aye I know it rather well actually." Does this surprize anyone? It shouldn't! She sips at her mug once more before she is nodding slightly at the new in question on the beasts. "Aye, I've heard a few things." Who hasn't? There is a pause at the rest and she doesn't answer seeing how yes she and Nium know how to do that rather well.

"No," Th'ero is quick to reassure them, his eyes settled on C'rus first though he's soon sweeping his gaze to Br'enn and Abigail too. "It hasn't and the Beastcrafters seem to think the larger concern is strictly for the infection spreading through the herds. We already suffered a near catastrophe Pern-wide concerning the runners several Turns ago, so precautions are already in place. Fort cannot survive, however, with so many dragons to feed and no new resources being traded in. We can only hunt locally for wherries and the like before the populations here are strained and the season is wrong too…" Is this why he was looking so grim and tense before? "It won't be the first time we've had riders go south to feed their dragons, but we may need to bring some home too. Which is where you'll all come in, if you're willing. Abigail, since you're experienced in hunting yourself," Not to mention Thunderbird's Wingleader! Th'ero is no fool, he knows how those southern jungles can be — Drake's Lake or not. "Would you be willing to oversee the Weyrlings? Provided, of course, they willingly volunteer." And here he spares the faintest of smiles. No, he's not ordering them to go on this "mission". It'd be appreciated and not to mention an excuse for them to get out of this miserable weather and into some SUN! And a new place to explore!

"I would be willing to go. I don't see any reason why Jaicoureth and I couldn't help out." There seem to be only good reasons to go and none that would hold him back. Besides with being able to travel between now he doens't ever again have to feel trapped in once spot, and Jaicoureth would like the warmth very much. He looks over to Abby now who will (perhaps) lead this merry band on their mission. In surveying his friends there does seem to be a certain sense of excitment and given that it hasn't made the jump to humans or dragons there is less to fear, "Sounds like the beastcrafter hall will have thier hands full for awhile."

"I'm in," Br'enn answers immediately after C'rus, giving the bluerider a nod and lifting his mug a bit to Th'ero. He gets to hunt and learn a new place, and Tovihasuth will be right there with him; how could this not appeal! "Haven't been down that way before. So once we kill 'em, we bringin' 'em back gutted 'n' drained, or whole thing as is?" Yes, he is fully thinking like a hunter here. He's also wondering how many dead animals Tovihasuth is going to put up with having lashed to his straps.

Abigail nods a moment or two as he takes this in and looks a touch amused at the thought. "Aye, I have no problem helping out and leading the band of misfits out to get some hunting in." This said with a teasing tone, along with a wink sent towrds the pair of weyrlings that are still to be found. "Would be best, normal hunting process with things."

Th'ero grimaces to C'rus, "They most likely will and so will we, in a way." he explains, only to look a touch relieved when they all seem so eager to jump aboard. "Good! Good. Kimmila will likely go as well and we've some other riders experienced in this that we'll likely arrange 'shifts'. Of course, we'd best control the amount of hunting we do too. Don't want to overdo it." Glancing to Br'enn, he nods and drains the last of his ale before answering him, "If we're bringing back some kills for the Weyr populace to eat and augment our stores, then yes. Right now, my concern is more to making sure the dragons have ample herds on which to feed from. Wild herds roam around the Drake's Lake area. Weyrsecond D'ani would know too. If you do not object, he could be of help as well if he's time to go south."

Everything that is being said seems pretty straightforward and good common sense, "I don't object." In this he'll just go along for the ride and help out as best as he is able. He glances over to Br'enn who seems to have more of the specifics in mind, either way it makes no difference. He takes a moment to alert Jaicoureth mentally about the plan and recieves his reply promptly, "Jaicoureth is also in." As if there was really any doubt.

Br'enn simply nods, sipping further at his drink as he listens to Tovihasuth weighing in on the prospect, too. The bronzer spoke for his lifemate as well, of course; there's no doubt the ever-energetic bronze will be all over this. "When would we be goin'?" he wants to know. "Just a one-day sorta deal, I'm guessin'? Or several trips?"

Abigail nods as she hears Th'ero. "Sounds like a good plan. I have a few that could help with things from the Wing I'll speak to them on the matter later on to see if they will come along as well." More help the better right? There is a pause as she tilts her head and glances off a moment. "If ye would excuse me. Just let me know when and where and I'll be there Sir." A polite nod is sent to Th'ero and the others before she turns and is moving off, on outside once more.

"Several trips and likely almost in shifts unless things change," Th'ero explains to Br'enn, though it's extended to C'rus and Abigail as well. Almost like a debriefing! "As for when, I'd say by the end of the sevenday?" Soon, then. Four days maximum and even that seems to be stretching it for the Weyrleader's liking. "I'll let M'icha know you've volunteered so he can adjust your schedules. Don't want you overloaded." No accidents! "I'll keep you informed, Abigail. Clear skies!" he returns her polite nod and then to the Weyrlings he smiles faintly. "We appreciate your help in this and let's hope that we've caught this illness swift enough. Between the plague in the autumn months and now this? I'm hoping our summer months will be more promising…" Th'ero is pushing his chair back now and pulling his still soaked jacket off its peg. He'll slip it on, barely suppressing the grimace and wrinkled nose at the feel of the clammy leather. Ugh. "I best be getting to the council chambers. You'll be informed of when to prepare for the excursions south. Until then, clear skies. Thank you again, both of you, for volunteering your help!"

The events recently have been on the unfortunate side. He offers Th'ero a salute as the weyrleader gets up out of his chair to head off to take care of weyrleader things, "Clear skies to you as well." he says, also offering a wave to Abigail as she also heads off for who knows what. These departures leave him alone with his fellow weyrling, at least for the short remaining time period they are graduated, "Always something it seems." he says with a shrug. He's not going to worry about this, there is too much to do to worry, "How have you been other than tired and busy?" There has to be more to his life than that at the moment.