Who Riohra Risali Kassala S'dny Sephany Eiram Nyalle Kayn Zevuki Anjela(npc)
What Ice skating !!!
When Winter.
Where Center Bowl, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Center Bowl
The wide center of the bowl is often bustling with activity as riders come and go. Off westward can be seen the entrances for the candidate barracks and the guest weyr, while to the east is a large opening that leads into the dragon infirmary. The bowl stretches off both to the north and to the south, where the sheer stone walls rise steeply to the sky.

On this late afternoon as the sunlight begins to head down towards the horizon, hiding behind the crags that surround the weyr, an area to one side has been prepared for ice skating. During the night, dragons carted water from the lake, and a few crafters lent a hand into making a flat area of ice for skating upon. A temporary railing has been set up around the smooth expanse of ice, decorated in a few places with ribbons and torches that spill light over the ice. A small stage is also set up for the Harpers gathered to play music for people to skate to.

Further S&R games have been run during the day, and rumors of one weyr's team just heading out as the day ends, are spreading. A few say they're glad that their scenario didn't run with night falling! Ground games are wrapping up, and others still work to finish their snow or ice sculptures before the judging the next day.

Sephany still wears her cloak, and chunky knit scarf, and her mittens. It seems she is not ready to part with her winter gear just yet. But the hood is down, and her scarf is loose, allowing the free flow of air against her pale skin. She's got a mug of something warm, Klah or cocoa perhaps, clutched between her hands as she skips lightly through the snow towards the skating ring. "Oh…" and then brief hesitation. "Do we… have to bring our own skates?"

Kassala comes from the area where hse's just seen that S&R team off, another going with them this evening to watch how they do. Cheeks rosey from the chill, she shivers al ittle, heading for the nearby vitner's booth for a bit of a drink, "Hey, Litral. Just some hot cocoa. Nothing extra." Hearing Sephany's question as she passes the apprentice, she turns, "They have a table over there that has some skates to borrow if you need them."

Further south west of where the ice skating area has been set up, an Igen green circles… and circles, and circles, and finally lands. A handful of people jump off, most scattering in different directions, leaving a pair of Igenites to trudge towards the Ice Skating as the green's rider heads inside. Zevuki's markedly taller than his companion, a girl of perhaps thirteen — both of them rugged up tightly, the former looking perhaps less enthused than the girl, who is pointing ahead and trying to hurry the Igen guard along.

Blond head turns toward Kassala, and Sephany's eyes light up as she turns her gaze 'over there' toward the indicated table. "Oh, good!" and once more, that thrill is back. The joy of youth that sends her three steps forward before she remembers herself and tosses back a quick, "Thank you, Kassala! And nice to see you again!" before she's heading towards that table with light, skipping strides, a grin splitting her face. She was going to OWN this ice skating thing! She's just reached it when the foreign green is winging her way down. And while this may not always be cause for excitement around a Weyr, it does draw the apprentice's gaze towards the departing people, specifically the pair that seem to be heading her direction. Whenever it is they are close enough to hear, she will call out a bright and welcoming, "Hello! Welcome to Fort!" because it is her home now, and she can be welcoming.

Standing by the vitner's booth, Kassala is waiting for her hot cocoa, smiling at Sephany, "No worries. Enjoy!" The redhead waves to the apprentice, only turning back once Litral has her mug ready. "Thank you." She tells the man who soon turns to try and hawk something to someone nearby, leaving her to get away while she can avoid his flirting! She heads towards the ice skating area, glad to see it done, though offers greetings as well to new arrivals.

Kayn emerges from the living cavern, his ever-present canine companion following at his side. Once outside he pauses to glance around at the gathering folks, greeting those he knows or recognizes.

The Igen girl is already waiting with impatience at the table full of skates for Zevuki — whose steps are measured and distinctly unhurried — to join them. Finally, the girl selects a pair, beaming, then points out another, "Those should fit you, Zevuki!" Zevuki, in turn, shakes his head, roughly. "I'll sit this one out, Anjela." Anjela, the girl, pouts, "You're so boring! We could never do this at Igen!" Zevuki, looking for anything to get him out of more unwanted pressure to stake, fixes on Sephany's welcome as just such an excuse. "Thank you. And Igen's duties to Fort. My cousin Anjela," he gestures to Anjela, who has already found a seat and is pulling off her shoes, "Has never gone ice skating before." Neither has he, but he's not about to admit that! "I'm Zevuki." He gives Kassala's nod, in response to her welcome.

Working his way through the crowd is S'dny. He's been here off and on throughout the course of the games. It has been a nice diversion away from from basic work things at home. He stands back away from those gearing up to skate and watches those already out there. This is a real thing that people do while sober? Huh. People are strange.

Of all the things that Risali has done in her life, ice skating is not one of them - which might be a surprise, because she is from Xanadu, but is considerably less surprising when you factor in her being born and raised to Half Moon Bay's much more sultry climates. So there is an excitement about the junior queenrider; there's a brightness in those grey eyes and an eagerness in the placement of booted feet. Her hair is tied up, she's in a jacket that clearly does not belong to her again, but offers more coverage and arguably more warmth and so remains on her body, drowning her torso while giving a hint of leathers every time she steps one foot forward. And there is Zevuki, the guard who doesn't wanna fight a weyrwoman and finds himself with one suddenly on his arm - Risali's smile brilliant and wide as she loops an arm through his and leans some of her weight into his body, leaning forward and tilting her head up at an angle so that she can turn that smile up and onto him. "Sir," she tells him, and then, mischievous, "I thought you didn't like fun." She's teasing him, but she doesn't let him go, smiling to Sephany with a wave - to Kayn, and Anjelica, and Kass. "Have you done this before?" she inquires after Sephany, because she is a familiar face too. So is S'dny, but Risali's glance on the Monacoan is fleeting (and okay, maybe that was a tongue being stuck out at him if he meets her eyes, but shhhh).

Nyalle is dressed for skating, in heavy skirts, leggings underneath and a loose coat on top. She's quiet, keeping to herself other than polite nods and replies when greeted. She carries her own skates, sitting down to pull them on and tighten the laces.

Kayn considers the question a moment. "Aye, I've tried ice skating before.. But it was more like ice-falling rather than skating." He runs a hand through crimson-spiked hair. "It hurts when you land wrong, fair warning." The young guard will head over to order himself something warm to drink and then find him and the monster mutt a place to settle to watch the skaters.

"Igen?" wonders Sephany, her smile widening into something a lot more genuine than just polite greetings require. "Really? I grew up in Igen! Well, until about two Turns ago, when I left for the Crafthall." Skates in hand, she finds a spot near the Igen pair to sit and start untying her weather-appropriate footwear. "And nice to meet you, Zevuki. Anjela," she tosses in quickly, once she's over the surprise of running into Igenites here in the snow, of all places. "I've never skated, either," she admits, pulling her boot off to set it aside carefully. "You really ought to try it, at least once…" And then there is Risali, hanging on Zevuki, and Sephany is not sure what the proper response to such a thing should be. So she'll just chug right alone with a wide smile, as if this was normal (And maybe it is, for Risa). "Hello Risali! Do you knnow each other? How funny! What a small world," even if her grey eyes are dancing in amusement before she turns her attention to the task of forcing an ice-skate on her foot. A quick little shake of her head, which sends blond hair falling over her shoulders to obscure her view. "Nope! But I am SO READY to try!!"

Riohra walks from the direction of tunnel out side he is wrapped heavily in a cloak and covered in snow. He will dust himself off as he walks in and heads straight to the vintner booth and order something hot and maybe a little alcoholic. He will give those he knows waves and greetings as he knows them.

Heading for the skate table, Kassala takes a moment to speak with the person manning it who gives her a pair of skates to borrow, "Thanks.." Excited as well, for this is something she's not done either. Before she might change her boots for skates, she spies Riohra, and hails the hunter, "Going to skate?" She wonders of him, still grinning.

Sephany's words earn a lift of brows from Zevuki. "I'm from the Hold. Just moved to the Weyr. Nice to meet you, uh," he hesitates, since he didn't catch a name. Zevuki's reaction to Risali's sudden appearance and acquiring of his arm might be comical, if it weren't done in such a serious way. He jerks back, like he's just noticed something alarming right there — trying to pull his arm free in a way that could be deemed rude, though given he's unsuccessful at that, maybe he gets a pass. "Hello," and then a pause, because does he remember her name? "Ma'am," might come with just a hint of satisfaction. Anjela's managed to get her skates on, and stands, wobbling, before dropping back to her seat. "I think these are broken!"

Some people that Syd recognizes are here. There is Kassala and Riohra who he has seen about running the various games. There is Nyalle, Fort's senior. Some other people he might have met but can't put a name with a face yet. And Risali. Oh goodie goodie gum drops. He does catch her eye just as she sticks out her tongue. The weyrleader is briefly tempted to made a rude gesture in return, but there are just too many people here and that could be taken the wrong way. So he just smiles to her in return. Thats safe. Maybe he'll get lucky and watch her fall on her butt. That would make the trip totally worth it.

There's Nyalle - and an awkward moment of awkwarding as Risali gives Fort's Senior a quiet smile and a raise of fingers that's definitely a hello, but a timid attempt at playing politic without engaging in the politics. There is just so much posturing required when she sports that Junior knot on her shoulder, but it's necessary for these kinds of things. Those grey eyes flicker to Kayn when he speaks, and there's soft, hushed laughter and a quietly spoken, "I have a feeling I'm going to be ice-falling as well. Never done it before. Wasn't much snow in Half Moon." Like any, really. Cue Sephany, who isn't sure if this is normal Risali behavior (it kind of is), and who is asking questions that have Risali making a face as she turns grey eyes back onto the Igen guard. Do they know each other? "No," Risali tells Sephany, "we don't." Isn't it obvious by the way Zevuki tries to pull his arm away and addresses her as ma'am? Risali gives the Igen man a look, releasing his person back to him with a raise of her brows, and a slowly spoken, "Ri-sa-li." But then she moves to the table, grabbing a pair of skates that she hugs to her chest and… carries over to S'dny? Yes, yes she is a mongoose wandering into the territory of a rattlesnake, all smiles as short legs diminish the distance. "Aren't you going to skate, Weyrleader S'dny?" Because maybe she hopes to watch him fall too.

Nyalle tests her skates and then makes her way to the rink, pausing only to wave back to Risali. She hesitates for a moment, but once she steps onto the ice it's not clear why she was hesitating. The Senior is an excellent, if understated, skater. Smooth, graceful, and balanced, she begins slow laps around the outskirts, mostly keeping her head down.

Sephany does not want to see how terrible things could get if people tried this game while DRUNK. Death! Mayhem! Or just a lot of giggling. Who knows. Either way, the young Weaver is sober as can be, Klah mug abandoned beside her as she works at getting those silly laces just right. She's given up on her mittens, and now they lay in beside her mug, bits of fuzz roughed up from where she used her teeth to remove them from her hands. "Ugh, how do people… Oh!" and she gets it, thankfully, and quickly ties her first skate to her foot. A glance up, and a brief flash of embarrassment as she realizes her error; Zevuki does not know her name, because Sephany absolutely forgot to include it, in her excitement. "Oh! Sorry… I'm Sephany." Better late than never? "The Hold? Oh…" maybe mild disappointment. "But you're at the Weyr now. That's… nice?" Is it? "Do you like it? I mean, other than being hotter than Hell because it's… well. Igen." She's got her head down, hair hanging over her face, as she works the laces of her second boot. Fingers pause, and she tilts her head to fix Risali with an eye. "You don't?" and a glance between Zevuki, Risali, that arm she's clutching, back to Zevuki's face, then Risali. "Uh… OK then." Shoulder shrug, and she's already ducking her head again and pulling her boot off. Zevuki can fend for himself, right? And now a final skate… a little lacing up (made easier now that she's got the hang of it) and she's good to go! Anjela's progression is watched, if just so that Sephany can know what NOT to do. "You're really not going to skate?" is once more asked of the reluctant Igen guard.

Kayn chuckles, "Well then, this should be amusing." Spoken to, well, no one in particular. Luna does bark once, maybe he was talking to her. Riohra, finally, is noted and given a wave of greeting. "Are you gonna skate Hunter?" He calls with a grin.

Riohra gets his drink and looks to where he has been called and grins at Kassala "Sure" He turns and pays Litral and then heads over to the skate table he will wrap an arm around Kassala saying "Nice to try new things" Translation, never done this before but why not, He looks to make sure they have his size before grabbing a pair for himself.

The Harper begin to play a new song not a second or three after Nyalle takes to the ice, the weyrwoman showing all just how easy it is! Riiight. Kassala grins at Riohra as she gets her own skates tied about her feet, then tries to rise to her feet, wobbling a little while keeping her balance. She almost falls just walking the few steps over to where she can step onto the ice with one foot and as soon as the blade hits the ice, it nearly keeps going forwards. In a half split is she, arms waving around, "Oh Shards!" This isn't going to be pretty.

"It's… different," comes Zevuki's hedging, if polite, response to Sephany's inquiry about Igen Weyr. "This is my first time away from the Hold, so there's a lot to adjust to." Dragons, for example. And riders. Speaking of which… he's side-eyeing Risali. And then Sephany's leaving him! "Uh. I hadn't planned to but.." it's a good excuse? At least until Risali releases him. If there's a breath of relief, he's too well schooled to let it show. "I'll keep an eye out from the sidelines," he adds to Sephany, with an encouraging smile for Anjela. His cousin's finally manages to stand, evenly. "Look, Zev! This is easy!" And Anjela's already stomping off towards the staking area. There's some more wobbling as she negotiates her way onto the ice, but after a few false starts, she's gliding along, albeit slowly.

S'dny watches with interest as Nyalle takes her turn, or turns rather, around the ice. The weyrwoman can skate! Very nice. Though she has homefield advantage there. Then all of a sudden there is Risali coming toward him with skates in her hands. Then there is the question that issues forth from the diminutive junior, "No. I don't think I will just yet." he says with confidence. "I think that I'll have a far better time watching. I'm sure that you will wow everyone with your skating abilities though." Or at the very least amuse the heck out of him. Either or works. He smiles to her politely, "I'm sure that as part of training you learned how to be graceful and comport yourself well in all sorts of circumstances."

Nyalle turns a little bit and begins to slowly skate backwards, keeping an eye over her shoulder to make sure she's not going to run into anyone. There is, briefly, a flicker of a smile on her lips, despite her earlier morose mood. Glancing up, she catches S'dny's gaze and quickly looks away, blushing.

Sephany has not left just yet, though she's eyeballing the skating rink pretty hard. SO GONNA OWN IT! "I can't exactly say that I understand," she continues, a flash of her gaze towards Zevuki. "I grew up in the Weyr. Igen, and a bit in Ista. And now Fort." There's a quick appraisal of the man, a head-to-toe assessment before she offers a friendly smile. There's probably a comment to be made but as they have only just met, Sephany shall keep it to herself. Even if her eyes are dancing with amusement. Anjela's heading for the ice, and Sephany is soon to follow, after a quick, "Well, if you change your mind…" only she's not sure what comes after that part, so it sort of trails into nothingness. "Um. Enjoy your…" sitting? Watching? Finally, she just settles on a quick "Get some cocoa." Before she's turning and doing her best to walk in a way that is neither embarrassing nor awkward (FAILING). And then she finds herself on the ice, which is a whole other creature. A high-pitched "eek!" because the first step nearly sends her onto her rump. Arms flung out, legs splayed, eyes glued to the ground as if that might save her, and she just kinda… slides forward a few inches. She holds her breath (because that ALWAYS HELPS, right??) and then very cautiously she's moving a foot. One. Then the other… "OK. I got this…" maybe.

Riohra is there next to Kassala he laughs as he too tries to find the balance on the thin metal blades. He will reach out to Kass once he gets up right, as long as he doesnt move he is fine. He keeps his knees together as a way to keep his feet from going anywhere on the ice. "Not as easy as we thought is it love?" He teases the Red headed dragonhealer but is still have a great time.

Somehow - don't ask her how! - Kassala manages to scoot one foot up, and doesn't end up on her rear on the ice. Like so many others, she finds herself trying to keep her balance on the ice, moving forwards slowly. Looking up, she snorts at Riohra, "Not exactly…" Her gaze catches Nyalle going by them BACKWARDS and she just stares, "Maybe with enough practice, I can do that one day." But not right now. Nope, it's baby steps, almost quite literally, for the redheaded dragonhealer who's gloved hand catches ahold of the hunter's as if Riohra will help her keep her balance! Nope, that will likely mean if she goes down… he will as well!

"All those places?" Zevuki's brows are still flickered up in surprise as he regards Sephany. He's aware of the assessing look, but being a guard it seems not to bother him — such things are second nature to someone like him. "Enjoy," he adds, in what's presumably an encouraging way to Sephany as she makes her her way out onto the ice. For his part, the Igenite seems content to find a ways to stand off the ice where he can watch the participants without actually being one himself. There's a brief wince of sympathy from the guard at Sephany's hesitant start, but he doesn't leap forward to help, probably because he's just grateful that's not him. Anjela's certainly seems to be getting the hang of things out on the ice. At least — well, there's a brief spill, but it's accompanied by laughter, and a grateful smile as one of Fort's locals helps her back to her feet and they begin a slow turn around the ice together. Zevuki's eyeing this with some trepidation, presumably because the Fortian is male, and just a tad older than his cousin.

WELP. Here Risali is now, a lamb in the Lion's den (or a wildcat, perhaps), smiling as S'dny speaks and those grey eyes trail to Nyalle who - cute - blushes. But there's no change in her expression, simply that same smile that's not unfriendly but is clearly forced, that endures as S'dny speaks and Risali struggles to find words while simultaneously wondering why she came over here in the first place. She's been hanging out with Leia too much, that's why, and so the flicker of grey eyes back up to S'dny's face holds a moment's hesitation and embodies that awkward realization that maybe this was a mistake. "Right," she says, softly, grey eyes back on everybody else as she waits a moment in that awkward silence and then - "I don't think that they anticipated me having to impress people on a pair of ice skates, honestly," another glance at the Monacoan. "But I have a feeling you just want to watch me fall." She aims for playful and half succeeds, shifting to sit on the ground beside him so that she can pull off her boots, pull on those skates, and begin the tedious process of lacing them up.

It was a mistake Risali. A big, huge, awkward, messy mistake. Syd doesn't notice Nyalle blushing, though if he had he would have politely ignored it. He'd not want to make Nyalle uncomfortable. Though his attention is more or less on Risali while he keeps an eye on the others as they have varying levels of sucess on their skates, "I'm sure they didn't. But we must be prepared for all different circumstances." Like this. Where Syd gets to goad someone into doing something stupid and watch, "I wouldn't dream of watching you fall." he lies, "I'm sure that your grace on the skates will be the talk of Fort for turns."

Nyalle executes a gentle spin, and then returns to skating backwards, even closing her eyes for a few moments when the path is clear, her smile growing.

Sephany is pretty sure she is gonna die. Horribly. Who's idea was this, anyway?! Deep breaths seem to be the key, even if every other muscle is frozen in a picture of… awkward. Eyes up, she follows the progress of the Fortian Weyroman, eyes narrowed as she focuses in on her feet. Hm. And then a little glance around to the other successful participants, including Anjela, who seems to have this thing in the bag. Until she doesn't. "Oh!" for that little slip, though Seph doesn't exactly rush to her aid (considering she's still kinda in frozen-mode). As the younger girl is back to skating, Sephany tentatively begins mimicking movements. Offers of assistance (polite as they may be) are quickly waved off. She's GOT THIS! Only not really. And then she does, sort of, get this. First foot. Second foot. First foot again, and then a triumphant. "Ha!" and celebratory sort of wiggle that nearly ends her right back into frozen splay-ed everything mode. This time, recovery is quick, and she's back to doing the thing (SKATING!) without falling. A few seconds more, and she's confident enough to lift her eyes from the ground for more than a few seconds, glancing around to avoid collisions but also to call out a quick, "RISALI! COME ON!" because she kinda knows her, so she can kinda call her out to the ice, right? SO HELPFUL. And then to Zevuki, she tells him, "GO GET SOME DAMN COCOA!" Cause since she's known him for a totally of thirty minutes, she can demand he do things, right? At least it's light hearted and cheerfully delivered.

Riohra is there still holding on to Kassala he is currently legs locked in the bent position and using his free arm to try to swim in the air. And it works kinda, really it is Kassala's small movements that seem to be propelling them forward if in a strange little circle. He lets out a laugh and look around a the others antics.

Kassala is doing it. Sorta. Still, she's moving on the ice from point A to B, and isn't on her rear on the ice. Good so far! Glancing to Riohra, the hunter is given another smile, "Having fun?" The question is asked of him before she hears the shout from Sephany to those on the sidelines. Curiously, she does look about, smiling a little more when Nyalle is seen again, along with other long time residents of the weyr, who along with some from High Reaches, just showing everyone up with their graceful skating. One day!

Anjela and her new friend seem to be chatting animatedly, in between bouts of Anjela slipping over awkwardly and trying to get back to her feet, while Zevuki watches from the relatively safety of not being on the ice. He's got arms folded across his chest, presumably as much for warmth as anything — even while rugged up, it's cold when one's staying still. This whole falling over, while sometimes actually not looks decidedly uncomfortable, and he looks glad that he's not out there with the other skaters, wincing whenever he spots Anjela, or even Sephany have near misses. Sephany's call has him furrowing his brow, trying to decipher her yell, before he shakes his head. Nope, no idea. He'll just stand there and freeze.

Faranth. Risali's lips form words that never find a voice, brows knitting in confusion before she gives up altogether and exhales. Fog lifts on the sound, dissipating in the air, repeated in puffs as she tugs at her laces and works to get them tight in a silence that persists well past S'dny's quiet. "I think you have more confidence in my ability to stay upright than I do," Risali finally says, forcing another smile into place as she finishes up her skates and - well - comes face-to-face with her second terrible idea of the day. She sat down on the ground. To put on blades. The queenrider closes her eyes, opens them with a skyward glance that asks Rukbat and the universe beyond for strength, and then she tries to get to her feet. It's a lot of unsuccessfully awkward attempts that land her back on the ground several times. Sephany yells for her, and Risali calls back, "COMING!" before she looks helplessly at S'dny. Does she swallow her pride? Does she ask for his help? No. It's all there on her face, on the momentary helplessness that steels into determination behind the set of lips and another push to her feet that - SUCCESS! Kind of. Wait, wait - she's going to fall into S'dny, she's going to fall into S'dny - FLUMP. Back into the snow, and on her back she goes, staring up at the sky for just a moment as she contemplates her life. ZEVUKI. BROTHER. HELP HER. Okay so now she's rolling onto her hands and knees and crawling through the snow. This is fine. Risali has no dignity anyway.

Bye bye Risali have fun storming the castl…lake, frozen water…thing. Syd can only stand there and repress a smile as the goldrider seems to really be going through with this. Oh happy day! And the weyrleader doesn't even have to wait all that long to see her fall. As Risali goes down with the flump he works even harder at repressing his smile. This is going to be the greatest day in recent memory. As she begins to crawl toward the ice he says, "Good luck out there." She is so going to need it.

Sephany is starting to get the hang of this thing. Really, she is. It's almost looking relaxed, the way she moves across the ice. There is just the occasional little wobble, the quick flash of arms out and legs splayed for balance; the quick, rapid flailing of limbs either forward or back depending on which way she's currently leaning. But, thankfully, she has not yet fallen. YET being the operative word, there. The confirmation that she shall have a friend (CAUSE THEY ARE FRIENDS NOW RISA) makes her grin and feel just a bit more confident. Safety in numbers, right? But the goldrider's dilemma is missed; she's too focused on her own little accomplishments to empathize or giggle over Risali's humiliation. She pushes at the long hair that keeps invading her face, until in frustration she works at twisting it up and stuffing it under her collar and out of her way. And since Zevuki is disinclined to obey her commands (even if he couldn't hear them) he'll have to figure out how to stay warm all on his own. This ice-skating thing is serious business and requires ALL of her concentration now.

Riohra grins and nods back to Kassala laughing as he starts to do some kind of shuffle, hey he doesn't fall but stopping seems to be the harder part now. He moves and may just drag the shorter dragonhealer along for the ride. He will keep his balance and watch Sephany mimicking her movements slightly to see if he can get better control.

Kassala shakes her head a little, still trying to figure out this skating thing. Not something you have around Southern Hold or Ierne. Surf? That she can do! But this?? Just when Riohra thought it was going fine, and that he wouldn't fall, disaster will strike. It all starts with a wobble from Kassala. She over-extends herself, and before she can catch her balance, her hand whips out to catch on to his arm to try and safe herself, though it only succeeds in causing a domino affect. She goes down, feet suddenly splaying out, and with her hand clinging to his, there's no safety for Rio either, and down goes the hunter. Double splat. Man, those tailbones are going to HURT tomorrow! Looking up, Kass spies Risa crawling for the ice, and she begins to think that just might be the best idea EVER for gettig off the ice! And so, dodging skaters - or having them dodge her - she's going to head across the ice towards the sidelines. There is no way she's going to manage to get up on the skates again without help from those railings!

Mercifully, Zevuki is not the sort to point and laugh at others misfortunes. But he does notice Risali's awkwardness rather too late, given he's squinting in Sephany's direction for a bit longer — finally glancing over when the goldrider's busy staring at the sky. His brow furrows. Maybe the Igenite thinks it's a goldrider thing, or just a Risali thing — either way, he's staring at her, baffled, while she starts to crawl through the snow, taking a step closer as she nears the edge of the ice where he's standing. "Is this some snow tradition of which I am unaware, ma'am? Because it's passing strange," he observes to Risali.

Well, that wasn't very politic at all, was it? Risali goes crawling away, S'dny wishes her goodluck, and Risali maybe raises one hand in the air to give the Monacoan weyrleader the bird before she keeps on crawling. "Always a pleasure, S'dny!" Risali calls over her shoulder. "Such a gentleman!" At least the words sound cheerful, even if there's an undertone of scathing recourse beneath seven otherwise pleasant words. You know, if she hasn't just flipped him off but hey. Sephany isn't there to save her, Kassala seems to think that Risali's idiocy is a grand idea, and there's Zevuki who… speaks, and the look Risali gives the Igenite speaks to murder, and then softens, and maybe her eyes are suspiciously bright all of a sudden but she's laughing around that suspect wet. She's used to humiliation. She's got this. "Are you saying that I look ridiculous, sir? I thought I looked kind of badass," she breathes, but she abandons her pride in order to settle on her knees, hands up for the standing guard with an expression that's mutedly embarrassed and matches the breathy way she asks, "Please?" Please help her. She's done enough crawling in front of the enemy, thank you.

The pleasure is real. Watching Risali crawl toward the ice has made Syd's day and her words seal the deal…as does that finger. That means she is clearly off her game. All the win! Syd stays put where he is to continue to watch this display. Even if the guard from Igen manages to get her to her feet she'll fall again. This is going to be a great evening. He moves off to grab a beverage before he returns to his spot with an ale in his hand. Booze and Risa-humiliation. He must have done something good and the universe is now giving him his reward.

Eiram has spent much of the ice skating time with the harpers playing music for the skaters. One of the apprentices playing pipes of a mix of slow and fast music. Occasionally he lifts a hand to wave at familiar faces in the rink but mostly focuses on his musical sets. Blessedly his group's set has finally ended and they leave the stage to another group to take their place to let fingers thaw out in warmed gloves! Eiram moves to the edge of the rink and rests his arms on the railings to watch the skaters have their turns upon the ice with various levels of success.

Riohra is down, repeat, Riohra is down. The tall hunter will bounce alittle as he impacts but will first look to Kassala. Seeing she is ok and making for the railings he will do the same, that seems a better starting point than feet first. He will slide on his stomach a little so to avoid people and look like a very large grub eeeking its way across the ice much to the laughter of those in the sidelines he is sure.

Kassala laughs when she looks back to Riohra and sees him scooting on his belly. Reaching the railing, she reaches up to pull herself to her feet, but instead of stepping back onto the ice, she escapes the rink for the moment, one hand likely seen to rub at her rear. "That.. hurt." Maybe a little more than she expected. Finding the bench she'd left her boots under, she sits carefully with a wince, and unlaces her skates to switch them to her boots again. Enough of skating for the moment! Time to turn those skates back in, and perhaps seek a mug of warm cocoa.

Zevuki, being a guard, knows a look that speaks to murder. Even if it's just eye-balling, death-wishy, in-your-head murder. It makes him pause, regarding Risali anew. After a moment, "I'm the first to admit I have no idea how to skate, ma'am, but, I'm pretty sure that," whatever Risali is doing is gestured to, "Isn't it." He barely even reacts to the sir, it's the latter request that earns an exhalation of breath that plumes in the cold air, and he reaches down an arm to catch hers, to try and help Risali up with as much dignity as such a gesture can manage.

Nyalle completes her skate and makes her way off the ice, removing her skates and walking back towards the Caverns, looking quite proud of herself.

At least she can't actually commit murder, right? She's a goldrider, after all. That puts a considerable damper on going renegade and committing violent crimes. Still, Risali laughs again, grateful for the banter (even if it's at her expense) because it provides a distraction from the fact that S'dny is behind her - with booze now! - being entirely too smug about her plight. "This is a new way. Very Xanadu. You should visit someday." Yep, weak smile, and then she's grabbing his arm with both of her hands and using the younger man as leverage to gain her footing. It's shaky at first, a moment of trepidation as she tests her new (very different) balance and… there she goes. "Thank you," she tells Zevuki, and she means it, grey eyes going back to her boots that have been abandoned over by Syd before she lifts her chin just a little in some kind of defiance, attention back on S'dny for one, two, three heartbeats, and then she turns away. To make a bigger fool of herself, of course. "You should try to skate, sir. I think Sephany would enjoy the company." And there's a smile over her shoulder as she takes tiny steps - onto the ice annnnd. Yep, nope - wait for it - yeah, no. She's falling down on the ice with flailing limbs, and a sound that assures it hurt, and then… she's laughing. WELP. THIS IS HER FATE.

Sephany is doing this skating thing pretty well by now. Really. She almost looks comfortable at it! Even if she's a little wibbly-wobbly and almost ran into someone (SORRY!). At least she hasn't fallen (heehee Riohra), hasn't had to crawl along the ground (heehee Risali), and hasn't run into the make-shift ropes that constitute a wall. That is PROGRESS people! Even if she's kind of… ignoring everyone else with the effort necessary for such an accomplishment.

Eiram can watch no longer and goes to select a pair of skates so that he can take his turn on the ice. Once he has the skates secured he takes a tentative step onto the ice, checking his balance, moving his feet front and back and nods at the somewhat familiarness of it. Finally he pushes from the railing and makes a start to join the melee on the ice. Fairly balanced at least and not looking like he is going to fall over just yet. He isn't going to be doing in triple luxes but it looks like has the basics of ice propelled flight down.

All those looks that Risali sends his way only sweeten this sitaution all the more. He even raises his glass to her one of those times when she looks at him as if to say. I salute you as you fall on your butt. By all means keep doing it. As Nyalle heads back toward the caverns he'll offer her a polite nod, but then his attenion is right back on Risali not wantin to miss a moment of her antics.

Riohra grins as he finaly makes it off the ice as well moving to quickly take his skates off to the safty of his boots. Turning to Kassala "I think we need to practice in a less crowded environment" what he really means is so people can be there to laugh at him when he falls down alot. "They have some of that Spiced cider from High reaches do you want to try some?" He will grin and sit there with her.

"Xanadu?" Zevuki echoes the name, not like he's never heard of it, but definitely like he'd never even considered visiting at all. He balances his weight against Risali's while she gets back to her feet. "I know my strengths, ma'am. I think I'll keep my feet permanently on solid ground, or.." or end up like her, presumably, but he's too polite to voice that aloud, "Or.. I'd be a poor representation of Igen," he settles on instead. And then there's a furrow of brow, and he's looking at Risali, all weirdly. "Um. You have," he gestures vaguely, at her hair, at all the snow still stuck there, before he watches her step away and… yeah, he actually winces in sympathy. This time he steps out onto the ice — but on non-stakes, so perhaps more solid than her, to offer her another hand up. "Sure you don't want to stay and watch, ma'am?" he asks, in that tone that suggests he at least, thinks it's a better idea.

Kassala winces as well as she sees Risa go down again. One time was enough for her! With boots back on her feet, she leans into Riohra as he switches his skates for boots again. "I think I'll have to practice some more.. later.. sometime.." Privately. With a pillow tied to her rear end. Thoughts of the warm cider interrupt anything else she might be thinking, and she adds, "I was thinking of that, and some of those seafood pies they brought from Ierne that's in the living caverns.." Moving to her feet, she gestures, "Wanna come?" To the living caverns, that is. With or without him, the dragonhealer will head that way with a grumbling stomach, and a sore bottom that gets rubbed once again.

While S'dny's smarmy salute is assuredly noticed, Risali doesn't react to it; she's allowing Zevuki to distract her with words that stop just shy of being insulting and… still manage to be insulting anyway. Risali's brows lift, her lips quirk with humor and laughter that Risali bites down on her bottom lip to prevent before she breathes out, "So I'm representing Xanadu poorly. Noted, sir." And Zevuki's looking at her weird, but she's looking at her boots and S'dny, then turning to the ice when Zevuki mentions her hair and motions to the snow in it - something she acknowledges with another fleeting smile before YEP. THERE SHE GOES. ONTO THE ICE. Then down amid much laughter. Here comes Zevuki, to champion and be her white knight, the goldrider tilting her head back to look at him before more laughter bubbles up from her and she reaches out to take advantage of his much more sturdy footing. She pulls herself to her feet, leveraging her lacking weight against his, and holds on tighter when her feet slip about beneath her. She's got this. "Thank you." Yep, now she's clinging to his coat while he talks and trying not to fall again (she's managing - so far). "Are you telling me that I'm not very good at this skating thing, sir?" A playful look that says she knows she's not before she tentatively lets him go and gives him another smile. "I'm okay. Thank you. You really should join us, though. I doubt Igen will mind." And then Risali is looking at Sephany, reaching her hands out for the girl to take on her next pass if she DARES.

S'dny will stay put where he is. Greeting people as they pass, but mostly watching Risali. Watch watch watch. And drink drink drink. It's good to be here.

Maybe it's all the arm flailing that does it? Because Sephany is still up. Still going. Still… gliding around. At least it's no so crowded that she has to do much in the way of dodging. Turning was difficult enough, let alone all the duck-and-weave that dodging might require. But there is Risali, on the ground. And then Zevuki, on the ice. And they are both OK, and Risali is reaching for her, and Sephany… "OH! How do I stop?!" cause that is a necessary skill that will need to be employed VERY SHORTLY. And then there's another little high-pitched "eep!" because yeah. She's going to run into people. Probably a goldrider and her heroic Igenite guard, if not some other unfortunate soul. "MOVE!" or don't. And get crushed. By a tiny apprentice Weaver.

Eiram moves around fairly easily on the ice trying to avoid the casualties wrought by the slipery surface. Graceful perhaps not, but at least he is balanced. As another one bites the the dust nearby he stops by to help the weyrbrat up, holding the little boy's hand to steady him as they get moving again, "Just bend your knees a little." He advises before letting go of the hand and moving around until he finally makes it the the scene of total destruction of goldies, guards and a tailor or coming to their inevitable collision though he tries to each out for Sephany to help slow her progress, but will he make it in time?

Riohra had left with Kassala a while ago but will emerge back with a large mug of cider, and fresh change of clothes and a very happy demeanor about him. He walks over to ease back down on the bench to observe the skaters. he will clap for those still up but glad to see that others are coming to there aid like Eiram and Zevuki, he sips his cider and before he is drawn back to another look at the list he has in his pocket of things that need todo this evening.

Zevuki seems oblivious to the attention S'dny is paying to Risali. The junior weyrwoman is clearly baffling enough for the Igenite to try and process. "I…" his brow furrows, "…didn't say that." Which is true. "…I've just never thought about it." Also seems to be true, judging by the slow pauses and careful though given the words. He doesn't much seem to mind Risali's clinging to his coat, insofar as it stops her slipping over. "It seems you will be good company, ma'am," he equivocates nicely, with a nod for Sephany as he spots her approach. He'll try and step back out of the way, because that's the logical decision, except that Risali still has a hold of his coat. Oop. Maybe he can try and help Sephany with her stopping problem, though it's less an attempt at a catch than an quick grab for the nearest, flailing limb he can get hold of, which probably only serves to definitely encourage a collision, but at least he's helping with the stopping part.

Lucky Zevuki. Risali wishes she was oblivious to it - but it's okay. The Monacoan Weyrleader can watch her from the sidelines, and Risali will lose herself in all the happenings of stepping onto the ice, and interacting with those who are not delighting in her humiliations. Like Zevuki, who's assuredly not alone in his bafflement at the Xanaduian Junior Goldrider, and whose bafflement has Risali biting down on her bottom lip again while she watches him because laughing probably wouldn't be polite (even if she'd be laughing at herself and not at him). But then he throws her, with a compliment that chases away the smile and has her brows furrowing, lips slightly parted in surprise that - "Are you…" INCOMING! Risali's grey eyes go wide for a moment, adrenaline kicking in in that split second of trying to decide what to do, that split second that has her reaching back for Zevuki's coat and holding on tight to brace for impact (not that she really let go, exactly, because footing) because HERE COMES SEPHANY. Risali tries to keep her balance while Zevuki, making a noise in her throat as she moves with him and holds her breath to see what happens. Will Eiram catch her? Will Zevuki? Will they both rescue Sephany from the evil of ice?

Sephany was once a person. A lithe, skinny little Weaver apprentice. Except then she went and put on skates and took to the ice. Now she is a human wrecking ball; a flailing tangle of limbs, and long blond hair, and blue skirts and winter cloaks. Eiram reaches for her, and she dives for his hand. Which is was a really bad idea, because such movements do not encourage STOPPING but rather FORWARD MOVEMENT! And then Zevuki is reaching too, and catching a bit of her, but it's too little too late. With another squeal of surprise! Fear! EXCITEMENT! legs go flying forward, arms go flying backwards, hair goes flying EVERYWHERE, and all those hands grabbing for her, and her hands grabbing for them, just turns into a giant tangle of LIMBS and PEOPLE that get all knotted up and *CRASH* down they go amidst more squeals and shrieks.

Riohra is on his feat when the group goes down he moves to the ring closest the people pile and will check to see if anyone is really hurt or just still having a good time. People will start to laugh but be quickly silenced by a glare from the tall hunter. It is one thing to giggle or so but if not at something like this, unless they laugh then all bets are off.

Eiram is reaching and then she is diving for him and she grabs at the arm but the unexpected movement does catch him by surprise. He had done so well, nearly made it around a full pass, rescued others only to be felled by the little blond apprentice, the weyrwoman and the guard. Yeah he goes down and goes down hard, his beanie flying off in one direction to unfortunately cause a crash of yet another skater. There is a squeek from the harper apprentice as he falls but once he lands in the pile of people…he just starts laughing.

That precarious balance — the edge that Zevuki had because he's not on skates — is utterly gone the second he manages to catch a brief hold of Sephany's hand, albeit briefly. So much for the guard being Risali's balance, because his foot slips, and it's all downhill from there. The only benefit (at least as far as everyone else is concerned) is that Zevuki is at the bottom, so he might provide a slightly more cushioned impact for everyone else. He's winded and breathless enough by the impact that he doesn't say anything, just exhales a surprised puff of breath in the cold air.

Risali's balance depends entirely on Zevuki's balance - which is no longer there because a once-apprentice, now wrecking ball has made human bowling pins out of Risali, Eiram, and Zevuki simultaneously. Down they go, a tangled mass of flailing limbs and bodies that connect in places that don't belong and jar with disturbingly solid reverberations through bone when they hit unyielding ice. Risali makes a soft sound of pain, coming down on Zevuki and possibly squished beneath Sephany and Eiram, air leaving her lungs on an exhale that threatens to disallow any further air when she tries to swallow a breath down around that wince of pain and - Eiram is laughing. Risali is laughing. Grey eyes find the teenager as she shifts, as hands find Zevuki's face and genuine concern shows in grey eyes despite that staccato, breathy laughter as she asks a breathless, "Are you okay?" But she doesn't stop with him, she's wiggling out from the tangle of people (even if her body is still telling her that it hurts to move - though nothing is broken!) to place a hand on Sephany as well. "Are you okay?" She doesn't ask Eiram because he's already laughing. And people who aren't okay don't laugh. Like Risali! She's laughing, right? Even if it's… painful. But she's okay!

A tangle of limbs and the pressing of bodies. Somehow, Sephany manages not to stick a knee, or elbow, or head into anything too sensitive or damaging. And thanks to Zevuki's cushion, she manages not to take too bad a hit, either. Even if Eiram landed on top. It's just a big pile of bodies for a moment as stock is taken of the situation. She is bruised and winded, but not broken. And then there is laughter; first from Eiram. Then Risali. Now Sephany, even if hers is decidedly more nervous-hysterical sounding than true amusement. That 'hahahaha' of the person who knows she is responsible for DOOM and desperately wants the ground to swallow her up. A furious nodding of her head for the goldrider's inquiry. "Alive," she decides. Which is the same as being okay, right? Then there is the process of sorting out various body parts, untangling the knot that is four people. Arms extracted from here and there, legs moved carefully until Sephany can shove herself off the pile and just? lay on her back on the ice, panting and giggling in the sort of way that says she MIGHT be losing her mind. And then. "I AM SO SORRY!" before she's shoving herself into a seated position to survey the damage.

Eiram does indeed laugh as he works to get himself out of the pile and finally up to a knee and extending a hand to Sephany to help her up. "Well that was an impressive pile." He says with a grin and tries to get himself back up to standing position at least. He looks around at the rest of the pile to ensure there is no blood at least , but most are laughing at the absurdity of it all and he grins. "Well that could have been worse." He declares and cants his head to the weaver apprentice, "Maybe I might write an epic song about it." He says though there is a teasing glint in his eyes.

Riohra will step on to the ice his boots having been soled for walking on ice better, he will bend down and offer hands to help people up and steady them saying "Everyone alright, no trips to the healers now?" He looks at the man stilly laying on the ground and grins "you all right there sir? was a brave thing you did protecting the ladies from hurting themselves to much on the ice" he offers Zevuki a hand as well.

Zevuki, for his part, isn't laughing, though that's probably not so much attributed to any particular lack of amusement as his general personality and likely also the fact that he is being squashed right at that moment. As people begin to untangle themselves, he sits up slowly, shakes his head. It's not a negative answer to Risali's question so much as testing, and he exhales another plume of breath into the cold air again. "Nothing broken," he reports. Though he, too, undoubtedly has his pains, if the wince he gives as he takes Riohra's hand with a thankful nod and uses it to climb carefully back to his feet is any indicator. He releases Riohra's hand, but the man's comment earns a more considering look. "Brave. Stupid. Two different sides of the same coin, in my line of work."

"It's okay, Sephany; it was an accident," Risali breathes around another whisper of laughter, slowly pushing herself up into a sitting position as she watches Eiram help Sephany up, and Rio helps Zevuki - and her, of course! She leverages herself against the hunter and then - yep - catches at Zevuki's coat again as she shifts about on feet that remain unsteady, trying to balance herself as eyes bright with mirth and perhaps a little pain go to Eiram, and Sephany, and Rio in turn (another visual check that they are all okay). "Thank you," she tells Riohra, and then Risali is giving Zevuki one of those fleeting smiles as her laughter subsides. "I think you were right, sir - I should have just watched," she tells him. A beat, and then a softer, "I'm sorry," that has her squeezing his arm to add emphasis. She's sorry because he got caught in the fray, that he got hurt because he came out to try and help her up for being foolish (and probably giving S'dny a GOOD LAUGH at her misfortune). It's also probably why she's holding onto him as she edges towards the exit and then - stubbornly - lets him go to try and make it the rest of the way on her own and - yep. She's not doing so hot. BUT SHE'S TRYING. SHHH.

Sephany is starting to breathe again. Normally. Not hysterically. "Thank you," as Eiram's hand is taken and, even if she's really apprehensive about the idea, she climbs to her feet. Unsteady, wincing, wide-eyed and splay-legged again. "Worse. Yeah. Someone could have died!" A tad dramatic, maybe. But still. The emotion is there. And then DEATH GLARES for the threat of epic songs sung of this moment. "Please don't." But maybe she speaks 'teenage boy' and decides he's not being serious. Deep breaths are taken to steady herself, and she watches as Zevuki and Risali are hauled up to their feet as well. Wide-eyes take assessment, and she apparently decides neither is in danger of imminent death. "Yeah," for being an accident. "But, well…I think I'm gonna… go get some cocoa and call it a night on the skating," she tells them, eyeing the safety of solid ground over yonder. They can come with, or attempt more skating, but Sephany is definitely moving towards the safety of solid ground and the comfort of hot chocolate.

Eiram grins at the response from Sephany about his epic tale, "Ok ok, will focus on Tale of the Snow Woman instead." He continues, giving her hand a little squeeze once she is standing, to show he is there to support her. He looks to the others as they all recover and up to Riohra as he joins them, "I think we are all in once piece, maybe not our pride, but at least all our parts." He says with a cheeky grin that seems the usual for the boy. As Sephany starts to move, Eiram at least helps to the edge before letting go of the hand and skating back a bit from the ropes. "I think I will just do another couple passes to warm up then come join you if any cocoa left."

Zevuki braces his weight as Risali uses him as as a crutch. "Consider it a lesson learned, ma'am," the guard says with utter sincerity, "That I'm always right." There might be a brief twitch of lips, but otherwise he seems very serious about it all. When she makes motions towards the edge, he starts to step along with her, favoring his left leg slightly as he walks, stopping when she releases him. It's like an accident waiting to happen — you can't look away — and so he kind of half eyes Risali like he's waiting to leap in to the rescue. Or point and laugh, who knows. It's only once those involved in the incident are safely off the ice — including himself — that his shoulders relax marginally. "Cocoa sounds like a great idea," he says, giving Sephany a brief smile. He glances back over his shoulder to catch sight of his cousin — Anjela seems to be enjoying herself with much less mishap than this group is having, undoubtedly pretending like she doesn't know who that dork from Igen is — before he turns back, "Mind some company?" he asks Sephany as he moves to follow, because she seems to know where she's going.

Risali pauses on her way back to the ice to shoot Zevuki an appraising look from over her shoulder, breathy laughter preceding, "Did you just make a joke, sir?" And grey eyes linger - for just a moment - hinting at mirth, waiting for one, two, three heartbeats before she returns to - yep, nope, yes, got it. Risali may not be as quick as the others because she's on those stupid blades and she's not sturdy and she's gotta track back with what dignity she can conjure up to where S'dny may or may not reside SMUGLY ENJOYING HER MISERY. But she does it: Risali retrieves her boots, and she gets them on her feet, and there's relief as she returns her borrowed blades to the table from whence they came and takes off in a jog to catch up with the other three. BECAUSE FALLING CREATES CAMARADERIE (or so Risali will keep telling herself - she really sucks at people), and that means bonding over hot chocolate is a must. Huff, puff, and off to the living caverns to catch up she goes!

Riohra will stand there and watch the group as they depart the ice and make for the warmer safety of the living caverns. The music will still play but after a while even the brave Litral will close up because the night is just to cold. Riohra will make sure the rink is roped off for safety reasons and then will make his own way down to get some food and a refill of his drink.

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