As promised, Th'ero returns the next day to Plateau Hold but by the time he can return to the room Abigail is being held in as a "guest", it's well on past lunch. She's of course been offered some blah and breakfast and there came a time somewhere mid-morning that she was brought before the meeting assembled to give her account of the events before being dismissed again. Whatever games are afoot, it takes the Weyrleader a few more candlemarks before he can finally convince them all that his Wingleader is completely innocent. So his arrival at her door and his knocking to announce his presence should be signal enough that she's freed. Or has he come to bring more bad news?

Abigail gave her account of everything that happened, and how it happened, and more then one time as it was needed it seems. She's slept little, and has't touchd the food that was brought to her, though the klah is gone. The knock at the door is something she had been waiting on and she makes her way on over to the door to open it, at ired glance sent to whom she figures is Th'ero at the other side of the door. No ne else has came by in a bit. "Th'ero…" There is a slight pause as she eers at him slightly before stepping back a bit so he can come inside. "I hope they told ye something?" She attempted to get answers, she figures pulling teeth is easier."

"Oh, they said much." Th'ero's reply barely holds back the annoyance he's trying so hard to mask. That last stretch of meeting (probably more of a debate), has likely left him with a headache. "Most of which was utter nonsense." Fools. Stubborn idiots. He sighs and does not step inside. Instead he gestures for her to gather whatever she may have on her. They're leaving! "I did finally convince them that you had nothing to do with the murder. Only that you'd been somehow misled there." Grimacing, he'll give her a look over and see how tired she is. He may also notice the untouched tray of food and both brings a frown to his features. "You alright?" he asks.

Abigail watches Th'ero for a few moments, a slight frown is seen before that gesture is picked up and she nods while going about picking up the few things here. Her jacket is pulled back on. "Don't they figure it wouldn't make sense for me to return hours after his death…?" A slight hum is heard and she glances up slightly. "Aye… I just want ta go home." She'll eat when she is there and no where near this Hold.

Th'ero shakes his head and mutters something under his breath. Probably a few more impolite oaths and swearing directed to a few of Plateau Hold's residents — namely those who stubbornly refused to listen to reason. "That would be the obvious thing, wouldn't it? They're spooked. Fear makes folks do stupid things… Luckily they eventually came around to reason." Probably with many cryptic barbs and threats from the Weyrleader. Really, did they think he'd just idly sit by while they put HIS Wingleader on "trial"? "You can go home now. We're done here… For now. They expect us, of course, to figure out why that man was murdered and more importantly why you were given a lead that all but tried to frame you."

Abigail shakes her head slightly while pausing once more near the door. "Fear does plety of things but seems to me they are lacking common sense." Though pleny of people realy do lack it at times after all. A slight nod is seen, a tired sigh escapes her. "Of course… Do they kow who the man was?" Could help perhaps! "Thank ye Th'ero, for everything." She didn't think he would really leave her here after all, though it is a bit of stressful situation none the less.

"Holders have a strange outlook on the world." Th'ero mutters under his breath as he leads her down the hall and towards the great hall corridors. He's just as eager to get away from this place. Really, he shouldn't hold the folks here under so much contempt. He was holderbred himself before he Impressed. "No, they've no clue. There's been sketches made of his face. I convinced them to let us have the knife and a copy of the reports. They're going to bury the body." Obviously. He gives her a sidelong look for the thanks. "Of course." No, he wouldn't have left her there.

Abigail knows very well how Holders look on the world, she too was like that before impressing herself after all. A slight nod is seen as she turns to make her way out of the room then, eager to leave it would seem. "Did they give ye a sketch as well?" Not that she could honestly say that she would forget what he looked like, still nice to have. A slight smile is offered back to his look and she nods slightly to his 'of course'. "

"Yes, we've a few copies. Here," Th'ero doesn't even pause in his stride as they finally step outside. He reaches into his jacket and pulls out a neatly folded square of paper. It's handed to Abigail and it's obvious from the imprinted sigils on it that it's official paperwork. It's also hers to keep, as he makes no motion to take it back from her. "I'd show that among your Wingriders. Perhaps see if any of our Harper-artists can duplicate it so that we can see if someone perhaps recognizes him. I will inform Captain Breshir. From now on, I think if we receive anymore "tips" we no longer investigate alone…" He waits to hear her opinion on the matter as they walk out from the courtyard.

Abigail takes hold of the paper and glances over it, another nod seen. "Aye, I'll get on that. Talk too a few of the Harper-artists as well." The bit on the rest makes her smirk a touch. "Aye sir… I see no reason to go exploring alone at this matter." Or any other when it comes to dealing with a case like this. She won't be doing it that is for certain. She follows along out to the courtyard.

"Good. I'll send copies of the reports as well, after I speak with the Weyrwoman on this. You'll keep me informed of any changes. Of anything new." Th'ero murmurs and doesn't even bother to wait on her affirmative on it. That is just the familiar routine between the two of them now. Strictly business. As Velokraeth lumbers towards his rider as they walk outside the courtyard and towards the snow covered landing fields, the Weyrleader pauses long enough to give Abigail another searching look. "Glad you're alright though, Abigail. Be sure to… rest a bit after this." She's deserved it, right?

Abigail nods while tucking the paper into her pocket and lifts her head a bit. "Aye, of course." Niumdreoth is following after Velokraeth, in more of a bouncing sort of movement then the dear brone, someone is happy to see his rider it seems. Abbey looks amused and chuckles softly at the sight. A glance is offered to Th'ero and she nods to him. "Thank ye sir. I will." She has someone she needs to go hunt down and apologize for not seeing for a while so plans on doing that soon, and that will give her sometime to relax.

Th'ero dips his head in a polite way to Abigail, "Good. Clear skies then, Abigail. We'll speak again soon enough." Probably tomorrow morning, for their usual meeting and debriefing as has been the routine for Turns now. Turning to Velokraeth, he will mount up and buckle in, the bronze taking wing almost immediately. Time to return to the Weyr, though there will be no relaxing for a long time for the Weyrleader.

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