Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
The dominant feature of the southern end of the bowl is the blue lake that fills the entire southern tip and the rockslide that tumbles down into its far side. It has been many, many, turns since the slide took place, but it still stands uncleared to this day. Occasionally, smaller pebbles tumble down to splash into the waters of the lake below, but the mass seems mostly stable. Sturdy fences mark the feeding pens that the dragons may choose their meals from, located against the west face. The beasthold here is minor, small cramped buildings, used mostly to maintain the herds which feed the dragons. The major beasthold is located out in the forests, just outside the Weyr. There's a sign which warns "that beasts in this location are fair game to the dragons" and that any domestic pleasure stock should be kept in the major beasthold location.

Winter is still lingering around Fort from the looks of it, snow still clinging to certain areas, like around the lake. Though this does little to keep dragonkind from taking a dip in the cold waters. Niumdreoth is out in the lake taking advantage of a bit of quiet time, the large brown is floating along with just his head above the surface as he paddles around thick pieces of ice that can be found within the deeper areas of the lake. Abigail is on dry land, settled on a bench and sipping at a cup of hot klah, which she has a thermos full from the looks of it. A set of flight straps rest neat near her proving that at some point the two was off getting in a flight. She has on that thick coat of hers to help against the cool weather, though she's still pregnant from the looks of it.

It's one of those rare times when there isn't much that /has/ to be done for So'l and his no-longer-so-new lifemate. It's been a very busy morning filled with exercising and a leatherworking lesson but now there's a nice lull. So - charged with catching up on current events around the weyr - So'l and Sharuth have set out on a walk to the lake, following a hot tip that a pair they'd /really/ like to see are currently there. "Abigail," the weyrling breathes, the warm air puffing out before him. "Brynn told me you were here," he says, nodding to the green firelizard currently on his shoulder. "Hope you don't mind a little company?" Sharuth is close behind until Niumdreoth is spotted in the water. The bronze bounds forward, stopping at the water's edge - after all, they've not been given permission for swimming yet - and bugling a hello.

Abigail glances up at the voice, as she didn't think anyone would brave the cold around the lake, or at least not for long. She smiles though at the owner of said voice. "So'l, sure have a seat." This said with a happy tone, glad to see him it seems. Her gaze follows after Sharuth before she turns her attention back to So'l. "How have ye both been?" She's not wandered by as she knows it is a trying time, plenty to learn, plenty to do after all. Niumdreoth catches the bugling and turns his gaze towards the young bronze on the shore, he offers a bugling greeting back. « Hello Sharuth! How are you this day? » The large brown turns and heads on towards the shore, having to break up a bit of ice to actually get there but it all works out as there at a spot where few would think about going ice skating at least.

So'l grins at Abigail, wasting no time in taking her up on the offer to sit down. It's been a couple of weeks since he saw her last and things have, indeed, gotten a bit busier. Thus he's very, very glad to have some downtime to spend with her now. Lowering onto the bench, he notices that Abigail is, indeed, still very much pregnant but doesn't comment. "Oh, you know…busy. We're working on picking out leather for straps. My stitching is getting a little better. At least I'm not the worst," he smirks. "Poor F'rari is having a terrible time with it." His eyes sweep out over the lake and So'l smiles as Sharuth so happily moves to talk to Niumdreoth at the water's edge. "How about you two?" he asks, turning to smile at Abigail once more.

Sharuth looks as if he wants to join Niumdreoth in the water. His whirling eyes drift between the solid land beneath him to the icy, churning water before him. «Hello Niumdreoth! We are well! But I wish I could swim with you. It would not hurt to at least dip my forelimbs, yes?»

Abigail keeps her smile as So'l sits next to her, the noticing look is picked up but she won't comment on it. "Strap making? I remember that, but I suppose I was a bit lucky as I've made harnesses for my canines so I had an idea of what to do." A glance is offered to him and she offers over the thermos of klah. "If'nn ye need any help with it let me know? Might be able ta give ye a few pointers. Would ye like come klah? Have another mug I think." She ponders a moment as she eyes her bag, thinking she brought another one. "We've been alright. Niumdreoth wanted to go flying so we went for a rather long one. Most likely the last one until the baby is born."

Niumdreoth rumbles out softly to the smaller dragon as he rests within the shallows of the lake now. « I'm glad to hear this! I and mine have wanted to come visit, but you and yours have much learning so mine did not want to bother your training. » As for the water he tilts his head to send a curious glance towards it. « I suppose a small amount would be alright. But nothing more. When you are allowed to go we shall go. It is fun, especially when chasing after fish. »

"For heaven's sake, girl, they're only Dragons!" The voice comes from a distance behind the riders and their beasts, and despite the evident age in the weathered and slightly warbled tone of exasperation… it carries well enough for them to hear. Perhaps intentionally. Should they turn around to look, they'd find a rather old man standing not too terribly far away with a young girl that… well… isn't so much at his side as she is practically cowering behind him. "They're not going to bite." The last is muttered with a huff of a sigh and a shaking of the arm she clutches. After all, she's supposed to be using it to help him mind his step on these uneven surfaces, not trembling on it like a leaf. But before one could thing him cruel, they'd only have to see the glint of amused affection in his slightly clouded eyes. "Now come on." Whoever the young girl is, she has to swallow hard and nod, the gesture sending her frazzled head of dark curls bobbing before she steps up and hesitantly helps lead him, cane tapping rhythmically toward the four on the shore.

"A seat /and/ some klah? You are very much too kind," So'l smiles wide. "Don't worry about the cup, though." He looks off in the distance for a curious moment before turning back to Abigail, taking the thermos and waiting for…something? "I appreciate the offer of help. Maybe you could take a look at some of my stitching and tell me where I'm going wrong. I think that'd be more helpful than M'icha's stick," he chuckles lightly. The conversation turns a bit more serious, though, as Abigail mentions taking one last flight before the baby arrives. "I'm glad you were both able to get out. It won't be long before you're out again, I'm sure," he smiles supportively. And speaking of sticks, the thumping of one catches So'l's attention and he turns, spying the aging man and his much younger…assistant? Daughter? "Hello there," he offers warmly just in time from a bronze firelizard to burst from *between.* Held in his forelimbs is a mug suitable for klah, which he drops into So'ls waiting hands before racing off to splash in the water. The green on So'l's shoulder follows and soon, both are playing in close proximity to the two dragons.

Sharuth rumbles appreciatively at the mention of wanting to visit. «You would have been welcome but So'l would have been distracted. He is so talented with woodworking but thick fingers do not seem well suited to sewing,» the bronze whuffles a laugh. «And alright. A little, but no further. What are fish?» he asks, moving slowly into the freezing water. Though he's a dragon - and dragons suffer the cold immensely well - the temperature is still very much a surprise to him. «This is…cold!» he gasps, the brush of his thoughts a frozen waterfall sparkling in sunlight.

Abigail chuckles softly while glancing to So'l, a soft smile seen and she nods. "Yeah.. Don't go telling everyone now. Don't want the secret to get out after all." This said with a joking tone. She catches the pause, a brow lifting and she ponders a moment. "What..?" Though she doesn't linger on it long. "His rather good at smacking someone with that thing. Starting to wonder how many his broken by now. Sure, I'd love to look at 'em and offer some tips. Once ye have the basic idea down ye can make just about anything I've found." A slight nod is seen, her gaze lowering a bit to rest upon her belly that is somewhat hidden with her coat. "Aye that I know" There are other thoughts on her mind for a few moments before she blinks at the appearing firelizard and drops the mug which makes her chuckle softly. "His gotten big too." The last she saw of the bronze was when he was rather small. The voices and thunking of a walking stick does grasp her attention and she glances towards the pair to peer at them both curiously, she doesn't know either of them. "Afternoon…" Is soon heard though.

Niumdreoth rumbles softly while he watches as Sharuth moves into the water. « Indeed… Mine feels he will do fine with it. Of course it is cold! There is ice in the water. » This said with a rumble of amusement, a snowy winter night creeping through, a bit of falling snow falling across that frozen waterfall even. « Fish are little things that live in the water, they have scales and if you can find enough of them can be very good to eat. »

Meep! That appearing firelizard is just enough to startle the poor girl again, and a little squeak escapes her lips and bypasses the hand that had come up to them in an attempt to keep it inside. "Good afternoon," responds the more kindly voice of the older man, his head bobbing and a curious brow quirking as his head tilts up and to the side in regard for the pair of dragons. His lips purse thoughtfully for a moment as his attention shifts between the beasts and their riders, but in due time there's a clearing of his throat and he casts his gaze beyond them out in to the water. "So this is what passes for a lake here, hmm?" Disappointment is obvious in his tones and in his features, the deep lines of his face sinking in to a layered echoes of his carefully formed frown. "I hope you'll pardon," he adds a moment later. "I don't mean to intrude. I'd just wanted to come see for myself, and heard this was the only viable approach." He emphasizes the necessity of it by wiggling his cane for a moment before settling it back down again. "I'm Theoric. And this is Teela." Teela is the girl whose eyes nearly fill her entire head and who has to forcibly rip her eyes away from the large dragons to regard their owners. "M'lord," she says swiftly, pairing it with, "M'lady," and concludes it with an attempt at a curtsey… one made all too awkward by the fact that she is wearing breeches and not some courtly gown.

So'l laughs at the notion of Abigail's kindness being a secret. "Fear not, my lips have never been loose. Well, /mostly/ never. Sometimes, loose lips can be nice," he smirks, letting a moment of silence stretch out and deigning not to elaborate. To the notion of Kon being much larger now, So'l says, "That he is. Brynn use to sort of boss him around like an older sister but now that he's taken her over in size," he grins, "the days of her doing that are over." He turns again to Theoric and the young woman at his side, nodding. "Well met, both of you. I'm So'l, rider-to-be of bronze Sharuth," he gestures towards the young bronze standing in the shallowest part of the water. "This is Abigail, rider of brown Niumdreoth," he nods again, this time to the much larger brown dragon. "And yes, this /is/ the lake. What's wrong with it?" he asks, sensing that it has somehow failed to live up to the man's expectations.

Sharuth allows the change to the mindscene, appreciating how both of their personalities blend to create something even more beautiful. As the sun sets and fades, moonlight now sparkles across the frozen, outer shell of the waterfall even as almost-freezing water runs slowly beneath. «I am confident in So'l, too,» the bronze whuffles. As talk of living things in the water occurs, Sharuth is suddenly staring into the water around his feet. «There is FOOD in here? I am hungry,» he rumbles, sticking his head into the freezing cold water and looking around for something juicy.

Abigail chuckles softly as she leans back upon the bench, her pale gaze resting upon So'l. "Well that is true." This said as she grins a touch about the whole loose lips comment, though she doesn't push the subject. "I had Huritt first and then got Tadhg, though they never tried to boss one another around. Tadhg is rather lazy though so that could perhaps be why." Her firelizards are different that is for sure. She looks towards Theoric and the girl watching curiously still as she ponders them. "It is a vast lake I can assure ye of that. May not look like much at the moment being all frozen over and the like right now."

Niumdreoth rumbles softly while nodding to the talk of the new dragon and rider being confident. « Being confident is good, as long you are both not /over/ confident. » For that could cause problems. As Sharuth sticks his head into the water and amused rumble escapes the large brown as his head tilts to see what may be around. « Why am I not surprised that you are hungry. » There is a flutter of his wings while he turns and heads back into the water soon slipping down under it. « Stay there I will find you some. »

"I had hoped for something a little less… barren, I suppose." The old man that is Theoric shrugs the shoulder that Teela does not hold though, dismissing the hope with the accustomed ease with which old age helps one discard such illusions and assumptions. He seems to mostly disregard the bulk of the conversation the two riders are sharing. After all, it doesn't pertain to him. Instead, after having to jerk Teela's attention away from the Dragons again, he shuffles a few steps closer to the water. "Does it ever unfreeze?" he asks them after a moment, finding a lull in their youthful banter. "Or is it always so," he mulls the scenery over mentally before settling on a word, "bleak." Yes, bleak works. But the closer they get, the more hesitant become Teela's steps, and the more her head cranes back to look up between the bronze and the brown, her mouth making a small 'O' shape.

So'l smiles as his little comment is received warmly and then throws himself into the conversation about firelizards. "It's amazing how different their personalities can be. Seems like much of it is determined before they even hatch," he reflects, his thoughts drifting not to Brynn and Kon - his green and bronze firelizards - but instead to Sharuth, whose progress into the water and search of fish has him laughing. "He never fails to surprise me," So'l notes before turning his attention back to Theoric and Teela. The young woman, especially, is of interest. Not because she's pretty or womanly; no, it's because she seems so /afraid/ of dragons. "They won't hurt you," So'l encourages, his smile warm. As for the lake, the weyrling merely nods. "It /is/ winter. Eventually, we'll all be complaining about the heat and taking a refreshing swim," he offers.

Sharuth looks very, very pleased by this offer of Niumdreoth's. «Growing dragons are /always/ hungry, but me especially,» the bronze replies excitedly. Though his head is still beneath the surface, he sees nothing tasty beneath the surface and so he'll settle in and wait for

Niumdreoth to return. «You are as kind to me as Abigail is to So'l,» he remarks, fireflies of delight coming out to glow - oddly juxtaposed against the frozen nighttime scene.

Abigail nods a soft chuckle heard at the talk of firelizards. "They are very different then dragons. Tadhg is a bronze and Huritt is a brown and they act nothing a like, nor like others of the same color. Just proves to show that they are all different no matter the color." A glance is sent towards the cold lake while she takes a sip from her mug. "That never really changes either. Niumdreoth still finds ways to surprise me. Not that I mind it." She lets her attention turn back to the pair that is commenting on the lake, or well the one whom is talking about the lake while the other seems rather afraid of dragons. "During spring and summer it isn't frozen, one can go swimming and so forth so no it does not stay bleak." As for the girl, she smirks a touch. "His right, they won't harm ye in the least."

Niumdreoth rumbles under the water as he swims about searching for the fish he has promised to bring back to Sharuth. « True… Mine is kind to all, though yours she tends to favor more. » The wintery scene is kept light, the snow slowly stopping once the fireflies appear within it. The night sky itself pales to allow a bit of warmth to creep in it would seem.

"Not much hope of anything green around here though, I'd imagine," responds Theoric with a small shake of his head. And as for complaining of the warmth, the old man chuckles audibly, "You won't count me among them, lad. The cold sinks in to these old bones and has to be chased out with a stick before it gives up its grip." As for Teela, the girl cringes at first as the pair speak to her, but after a moment, looks back over her shoulder at the two riders, a bit of color flushing her cheeks. They have the dusky hue of a person who has spent the majority of their life outside, and as such, the flush is only visible in the way it makes her small smattering of freckles stand out all the more. The embarrassment is clear too in her voice as she stammers out a reply. "I just…" Swallow. "I've never seen any so close." Or, hardly ever. But she doesn't add that bit. "They so… BIG." At her side her hand twitches, and tentatively she reaches a hand out toward them as if to touch, a feat impossible from the distance they currently stand. "Best not, my dear," chides her older companion with the slight but sharp tsking sound of one well accustomed to instruction. "Certainly not without permission."

"That they are," So'l nods in agreement to Abigail's assertion about colors and personality times sometimes being at odds. As to the bit about always being surprised, the weyrling grins and says, "I'm sure Sharuth will be the same way. Life is going to be /very/ interesting from now on," he chuckles, his gaze again shifting to the two dragons. "Can't believe I ever thought I'd be a woodcrafter for the rest of my life. Not that there's anything wrong with that," he clarifies. "It's just…life is so different now. In ways I couldn't expect. Happier," his smile is warm as it's again turned on Abigail. "For many reasons." As for Theoric and Teela, well, the old man gets a reply first. "There's plenty of warm jackets around here to wear this summer," So'l jokes with good humor. And then Teela is reaching out, obviously wanting to touch the dragons, perhaps making them more real? "Sharuth would not mind. He can't really go out into the lake much anyway," he explains.

Sharuth is mostly oblivious to the conversation taking place on shore, his attentions focused on trying to spy Niumdreoth under the water. «I have noticed this,» the bronze remarks. «So has he. It is very welcomed,» Sharuth admits, knowing his lifemate's mind perhaps better than So'l himself does. At a beckoning from So'l, the young bronze raises his head above the water - now dripping freezing rivulets - and fixes his gaze on the young woman. He bows his head gracefully to her and waits for her touch, if she'll give it. And for fish. Delicious fish from Niumdreoth!

Abigail chuckles softly. "Life will never be same for ye that is for certain. Though… It's not a bad change at least." She looks out towards the water. "Wasn't expecting it but, it's all worked out well in the end at least." Her attention turns back to So'l, a warm smile offered back at the 'happier' bit. "I'm glad ta hear that So'l. Happier is always a good thing." A slight wink is sent his way before she is looking off towards the other pair. "The water is warmer during summer, I imagine ye might like it somewhat then even." Her tone is helpful if anything. She grins a touch unable to hold it back as she watches while the girl attempts to pet a dragon without even being near them.

Niumdreoth is under the water for a good while before he breaks the surface once more and seems to be carrying something in his mouth while he works on breathing though his nostrils. The large brown is making his way back towards shore and once near it leans over to drop a small group of fish to the dry ground. « See if that might help curb your hunger for a bit. » There is clean amusement in his voice, a bit of light purples and blues sneak in through the night sky. « Mine is wary of being hurt again. She and I are glad to know that it is welcomed. »
Her expression blossoms in to a full smile that reveals, finally, a beautiful young woman in amidst the shy awkwardness. In that moment, her large eyes seem to shine in her heart shaped face and her frazzled locks bounce with a pleasant curl rather than a ragged disarray. Amazing what a smile can do. Still, with permission given, she finds herself stuck, ESPECIALLY when that dragon lifts its head and turns to look right at her! She had to lick her lips, remember to breathe, and swallow hard before she even dares to step forward. One step. Pause. Still ok? Good… Two step. Pause. The process repeats itself a number of time before at last she reaches Sharuth and after several false starts… her hand makes contact. "He's warm!" she exclaims suddenly and glows bright red again. Theoric, meanwhile, has let the girl wander off and made his way on wobbly legs but with the assistance of his cane, back over to the conversing pair. "Thank you," he tells them both warmly. "She needs a little encouragement sometimes. A sweet girl…" He huffs another breath, fogging in the cold and suppresses a shiver before he apparently decides to tend to his proper manners. "It's nice to meet you both as well." Or perhaps he only decided that upon their treatment of his companion? "But no one wants to see this wrinkled old hide thrashing about in those waters, my dear," he counters toward Abigail, his tone mockingly stern. "Trust me. Play is meant for the likes of you two." Is that a gleam in his eye? A subtle shift at the corner of his mouth drawing in to a smirk? Perhaps he hadn't been as ignorant of their conversation as he'd let on. The word 'play' had certainly possessed something of a careful and slanted emphasis.

The weyrling smiles back at Abigail, nodding deeply as he does so. "Yes, yes it is," So'l agrees heartily. The girl's slow, stop-and-start approach to Sharuth is met with a chuckle and when Teela finally /does/ make contact, her surprise is amusing. "His name is Sharuth," So'l tells the girl, "and he says you are warm, too. Might want to take a step back though," he smirks, knowing - via Sharuth - what's coming as Niumdreoth breaks the surface and returns, dumping many tasty morsels onto the shore for the bronze to feast on. "That was really nice of him," So'l says to Abigail. "Please let him know how much I appreciate that. Saves us some time before our next lesson. Means we can stay out longer," he grins at the woman, very pleased about this. Theoric is talking again now, having moved closer, and his comment about 'playing' being for the young makes the weyrling smirk. "Something tells me you've got a lot of vigor left in you, sir," So'l chuckles. Gesturing to another bench - this one sitting closely across from them - he says, "Care to join us?" Still holding the thermos, he pours the cup - as yet unused - full of the caffeinated beverage and offers it to Theoric rather than sipping it himself.

Sharuth's eyes lazily swirl with contentment as the girl's hand makes contact. Her exclamation and enthusiasm - followed quickly by embarrassment? - bring him feelings of humor. Sensing Niumdreoth's eminent arrival, he bespeaks So'l with a mental warning before nuzzling Teela softly. Yes, she should perhaps back up. Turning away from her, that fantastic brown is suddenly breaking the water and…look at all that fish! «They are alive?» Sharuth asks, his head gracefully bowing down again, only this time it's to scoop two of the creatures into his jaws. Chewchewchew, gulp. «They are VERY GOOD!» the bronze exclaims in surprise. «But wiggly and sharp inside. Will need to chew them more, I think.» It's Niumdreoth's turn to be nuzzled now, Sharuth's gratitude flowing through their mindscape like a warm breeze that sends the fireflies lazily floating higher aloft.

Abigail smiles and nods to what So'l says a curious glance sent towards Teela as she goes about touching Sharuth. "She might want to move…" Though So'l is beating her on that idea already. At least it is mostly fish, the cold water dripping off the large brown should most likely not be felt, right? As for what Niumdreoth has done Abbey keeps her smile at the bit with So'l getting to stay longer. "I'm glad ta hear that…" There is a pause. "Niumdreoth says that ye are very welcome, and that he is glad to have helped." Once So'l offers to let Theoric join them she shifts a bit on the bench to offer some room there to sit upon the end, her arm settles loosely across her belly, a soft breath escaping her thanks to some movement. "Plenty of room to have a seat." She offers after a moment to Theoric.

Niumdreoth seems amused while he shifts and wiggles and soon settles down there in the shallows, well more like half in half out of the water really. « Just don't chomp on them in the wrong way or the sharp spines could hurt a bit. They are indeed alive, more fun that way. » He points out with a soft rumble. At the nuzzle the brown lowers his head to nose back at Sharuth. « You are very welcome. When your able I'll show you how to catch them. They are tricky! » The pale colors brighten a bit, soft pinks and blues with a bit of added green as well.

"Ah! A boy who knows how to treat his elders." This is exclaimed in response to the offered mug, one happily taken by both the frail hands of Theoric. He lets it rest within them for the moment, perhaps soaking in the warmth of the drink. It makes his shuffling gait just a bit more uncomfortable, and though the strain it causes is visible, he masks it with a broadening of the grin only hinted at before. "Thank you, my dear," he tells her with a chuckle, "but I think I'll take this one," and he settles in to the bench across from them. "You know what they say. Two is company… but three is a crowd." He flashes a wrinkled wink their way too. "Besides, I doubt you need too much of an excuse to get any cozier, hmm?" Ah, the license to be annoyingly inappropriate that old age brings. As for Teela, she about jumped out of her skin when the large brown erupted from the lake's surface. At the very least she ended up a good few paces back. But some bold streak has apparently taken over in her, and, if watched, she could be seen squaring her shoulders and steeling her face in determination. She approaches again with much the same caution, grabs a wriggling fish and offers it, by hand, to Sharuth. "I… I could scale them for you?" She offers with a flickering smile. Obviously she hasn't heard any of the exchange between the dragons and their riders, and doesn't even know if it can answer back. But, too her, it seemed like the thing to do.

So'l seems pleased by Niumdreoth's answer, vis—vis Abigail. As the woman scoots closer to him on the bench, he makes absolutely no move away from her. He doesn't mind the closeness if she doesn't, even after Theoric has taken the bench opposite them. "Well, my father taught me very well," So'l smiles over at the man. As if by wrote, he recites, "Elders deserve your respect, Solan…until they show you otherwise." His voice even changes as he imitates his father, taking on a firm tone that practically commands obedience. So'l smirks then, letting the moment pass, as Theoric mentions not needing an excuse to get closer. He's torn between letting that, too, pass or commenting that perhaps he's getting a bit ahead of himself, hmm? He isn't sure at all how to respond to that.

Sharuth, meanwhile, isn't sure what the proper way to eat a fish is. He mentally seeks explanation from Niumdreoth - perhaps a flash of demonstrative images? - as Teela starts moving their way again. Turning his head, he spies the woman pick up and offer him a fish. «Please tell her that I appreciate the offer but no scaling is required. And…» Sharuth notes to So'l, «that I will not bite her.» Opening his jaws - which are filled with very sharp teeth - he waits for the fish to be placed on his tongue. «You are right, Niumdreoth. It is more fun when they wiggle and flop! I look forward to learning how to catch them from you.»

Abigail doesn't mind the closeness so she is keeping put even if Theoric isn't joining them on the bench. "No reason not to respect them." Is offered before she takes a sip from her mug, she blinks once hearing Theoric and casts a curious glance towards him. She's picked up the few other comments before and now merely smirks, though she may be blushing a tad there. "Where about are ye from sir?" This is questioned to Theoric as she chooses to not comment on the comments that had been commented. Though a faint glance is sent towards So'l as she is a bit curious to his reaction it would seem.

Niumdreoth offers a few images to show Sharuth the proper way to eat a fish, basicly head first in a sense so the scales and spines are in the other direction and thus cannot hurt the one eating it! « They are not easy to catch in the water, though with them on land one would think otherwise. » He curiously watches as the little bronze is getting fed a fish, a few stars twinkle and spark within the night sky that is being shared between the pair.

She fed a DRAGON! Her! Her face is all smile and eyes now, both of which beam in triumph. She bites her lip a little too and after a moment, scuttles herself backward, offering a quiet, "Thank you," to the friendly bronze. The brown isn't ignored though and yet again, she gives that sort of awkward curtsey she seems to feel is appropriate before scampering off back to Theoric's side. Once there she makes herself busy, drawing a blanket out from a pack she had been carrying and settling it across his legs to help keep him warm. For his part, Theoric takes a sip of the drink, closing his eyes and savoring both the taste and the warmth. "Mmm," is his first response. It's followed by, "Stonehaven." He lets that name fall, but chooses not to dwell on it. "Though my most recent years have been spent in Fort Hold. I only recently arrived here." For his companion he gives an appreciative smile, and as she settles beside him and places a hand upon his shoulder, he moves one of his to pat the back of it both reassuringly and affectionately.

So'l absolutely notices that Abigail remains close and smiles, settling into the position even more as the woman asks Theoric about his place of origin. When Stonehaven is mentioned, concern and confusion temporarily breaks the warmth of this little moment. How could Theoric be from /Stonehaven/? Didn't everyone die save only three? He makes a point to ask Kimmila or Th'ero about this when next he sees one of them. Conversation moves on, though, and Abigail's look has him blushing slightly. Perhaps he /should/ have said something but…well, he really didn't know what to say at all. "We're glad to have you here," So'l says to Theoric, then spies the dragon-feeding and relays Sharuth's message. "That was kind of adorable," he smirks as Teela makes her way back and attends to her elderly charge.

Sharuth studies the images sent to him and now understands. When the fish is placed upon his tongue - oriented in the wrong direction - he closes his muzzle and turns the morsel around in his mouth. Ah ha, so not really chewing as much as swallowing it seems. Gulp. Gulp again, with some water from the lake this time to help it go down. «That is so wonderfully good,» the bronze sends to Niumdreoth, «and easier to eat this time. When I am ready, we shall catch a mountain of them! We will eat for days,» he laugh-whuffles, allowing those stars to brighten as night takes a fuller hold on the mindscape.

Theoric seems to have settled in for a while but it's then that a messenger appears, moving towards the man and handing him a hand-written note. The paper is read and a soft sigh escapes him. "You'll have to excuse me. We have an important errand that needs attending. Come along Teela," he says, accepting her help is rising to a standing position. He leans on his cane as the young woman puts the blanket away and empties the cup, handing it back to So'l. Blushing, she thanks for weyrling for letting her touch Sharuth before taking Theoric's arm. Together, the pair makes their way along the path, heading back for the weyr proper.

Abigail keeps her smile as she keeps put there next to So'l, as for words she doesn't need any spoken. Actions speak loads at the moment after all. Her gaze flicks towards Theoric and she blinks a moment. "Stonehaven…" There is a pause as she seems about to ask something before swallowing, her hand settling against her belly lightly. She'll just ask questions later, that and it seems Theoric is off to do other things. The brownrider closes her eyes while taking in a soft breath. "It was cute." She murmurs softly, a smile seen as she recalls doing the same thing with Nium when he was the same size.

Niumdreoth warbles out softly and offers a slight bow of his head towards Teela to show that he appreciates the bow. « Yes indeed it is wonderfully good. Even better when one catches their own food. Wait until you are able to catch your own food. » The brown croons out softly and turns his head to let his gaze settle upon his rider watching her quietly while a slight flutter of his wings are seen. « A mountain of them? Well that would be enough for one of us at least. »

So'l offers a parting wave to Theoric and his helper before turning back to Abigail. Alone again, he smirks and says, "Elder he may be but also…a bit nosey." The weyrling chuckles then, lifting the cup and pouring more klah from the thermos into it. "More?" he asks, nodding to Abigail's own cup. He'll gladly pour her a refill if needed before capping the thermos up again. "Have to say, it's really nice to just sort of relax and talk to someone who /isn't/ a weyrling or instructor," So'l smiles. "Not that I don't like their company; I really, really do," he explains, "but a little change in people scenery - especially with someone like you," the word is emphasized, "well…it's just nice."

Sharuth's laughter colors the mindscape with aurora-like shifts of pinks and blues. «You can eat a whole /mountain/? You /are/ impressive, Niumdreoth,» the bronze muses. «I would like to catch my own food. So'l cut his finger while chopping meat for me yesterday. I felt bad for causing him pain though he said I was being 'silly.'»

Abigail chuckles softly and smiles before glancing to So'l, a slight shrug is seen. "A bit, just an uncle trying to get information out to go about spreading rumors after all." This said with an amused tone, while she lifts her mug to get him to fill it again. "Thank ye." She offers softly. "I remember thinking the same thing when I was in yer shoes. I was trying to get people to tell me everything that was going on. I spoke with my brother a good amount of time." They don't talk much now as it is. "How have the lessons be going, other than the leather bit?" This questioned with a curious glance to him once more.

Niumdreoth shifts and rumbles out softly seeming rather amused at the thought. « Not really, though sometimes it seemed that way when I was your size. » A soft rumble escapes him and he dips his head slightly. « Yes, mine did that a few times as well. I felt rather sorry. Though in time all will be fine and you will be able to eat on your own. »

"Right!" So'l smiles, bemused. "Wouldn't want to be the reason they come calling." When Abigail admits that she went out riding against orders, the weyrling considers whether he should comment or not. After all, it's /her/ life - not his - and only she can make those decisions. "As long as you're not hurt, it seems there's little harm right now. But yeah," he nods, "if the baby is coming soon, maybe not the best idea. Just means I'll have to come visit /you/ soon." His smile broadens into a full on grin at that. "Of course, I'll need another dragon to bring me up but…I think Sharuth will understand. At least until we can fly together." Sadly, that isn't happening anytime soon.

«There are tradeoffs to both, it seems,» Sharuth laments. Like Niumdreoth, he lowers himself further into the water, settling into the muck there. His body and wings now barely breech the surface, his graceful head and neck rising above the water as the bronze's eyes gently swirl. «Why are they not more direct with each other? So'l likes her very much,» Sharuth comments.

Abigail rolls her eyes slightly at the thought of it all. "I know I know." This is said with a soft tone at the thought while glancing to her belly a moment. A soft chuckle escapes her while she glances to So'l. "Ye'd come see me huh?" This is questioned with an amused tone. "Nium would bring ye up how's that? Might make it a bit easier for Sharuth to handle if your with him." At least that is how thought on it. "Ye all will get to fly soon enough I know it seems like it is taking forever."

Niumdreoth rumbles softly and nods while he shifts to settle down once more on dry land and stretches out there. A curious glance is sent towards him while he rumbles softly. « Don't get stuck…» As for the question he pauses and glances towards the riders. « There are reasons for it.. Your understand in due time that. He does like her then? » There is a pause from the large brown and he closes his eyes. « Mine likes your’s a lot as well. » Naughty dragons passing on things like that.

At first, So'l is afraid he might have said the wrong thing. Eyerolls are not often a good sign, after all. But then Abigail is playfully asking if he'd come to see her and everything is just fine again. Smiling, the woodworker nods back. "Of course I would. And I think having Niumdreoth bring me up is an excellent idea." The notion of it taking forever is left behind as So'l circles back to a question Abigail asked earlier. "I do love woodcraft," he admits, his smile wistful, "but I feel like my life is on a different trajectory now. I'm sort of interested in being part of a wing," So'l admits, "though I'm not sure what yet we'll do for marks. I kind of have this dream - don't laugh - of riding Search and Rescue." He guesses she might laugh given that it wasn't that long ago that Th'ero was searching and rescuing young Solan from a river.

«Stuck? Does the mud harden eventually?» Seems Sharuth doesn't exactly understand yet how muck really works. «And I suppose I will,» he replies to Niumdreoth's notion of understanding in time. For a moment, he isn't sure if he should reply honestly but Velokraeth said that lies beget nothing but more lies. So Sharuth will be truthful here, even if So'l might not be keen on it. «He likes her very much. More than any of the others. She is special,» he rumbles, deciding he'd rather not risk getting stuck. Rising from the lake floor, he works on dislodging mud from his body before climbing ashore. «I am glad she likes him as well. She is very nice.»

Abigail isn't mad, if she was mad he would know that is for certain. He has seen her mad a few times before after all. She smiles still and nods while glancing to him once more. "I'd like it if ye would visit." A soft ah escapes her. "Ye wouldn't have to give up woodcrafting fully, be a nice hobby if ye was interested in a wing." There is a pause as he says search and rescue which makes her look at him a bit more. "Really?" She ponders before going on. "I think ye would enjoy it. We do spend a good amount of time out on sweeps away from the weyr, all over forests and so forth." As for laughing she wouldn't do such a thing. "It's a good wing." She does love her job.

«Stuck would you getting caught in the muck because it is very sticky and mucky, and then I'd have to pull you out. » Niumdreoth offers with a soft rumble. It would be amusing but still. As for the rest he nods while looking back towards the pair. « I'm glad that he does… Yours is a good one, you picked well in him. » Indeed lies is not a good thing, he does not lie either which is why he felt the need to spread the info about Abbey liking So'l it would seem. « She is stubborn and hardheaded but that only makes mine what she is. But yes she is nice. »

"Well, it's something we're considering," So'l smiles back in reply. "Though I have a lot to learn if I'm going to be the one rescuing people for a change," he smirks. "Plus, you know," his smile widens, "it'd probably mean spending more time with someone I've grown to care about." That particular notion lights up the weyrling's eyes as he regards Abigail. "And you're right; I wouldn't have to give up woodworking completely. It'll /always/ be something I enjoy doing. But I guess now I can focus on the art of it rather than fixing broken benches in the gardens," he chuckles.

Sharuth has fully returned to the shore now, settling down next to Niumdreoth. «Yes he is,» the bronze replies to the notion of So'l being a quality choice. «And so did you, in choosing Abigail.» Sharuth whuffles with humor, «She may be hardheaded and stubborn sometimes but it is clear she is also very caring, too.»

Abigail nods at that, a soft smile still seen. "I didn't have much to consider when I was hoping for a wing to go into. Being guard and all. No worries I know a few good teachers for such things." This said with an amused tone. At the rest she glances to him, seeing the change and it makes her actually blush a moment. "She must be very lucky to have gotten yer attention." There is a slight pause before she goes on. "At least she feels that way" Her voice is soft as she says that, her head lowering a touch to look into her mug. "Course not, just get ye to fix all the stuff in the wing common room instead." This said with a teasing tone. "Though, I would enjoy getting to see more of yer works." When it comes to personal sort of matters Abbey is not well versed in it, an there is the delicate thing as a young dragon to consider as well so tiptoeing around things is needed at the moment.

Niumdreoth tilts his head to look to the younger dragon before it lowers to nose at the bronze lightly. « A dragon knows best after all. » This said with a rumble that is close to laughter as a dragon can get. « She is caring, sometimes too much. I feel spending time with yours is good for her though. When you are able to fly there will be many things to show you both so which will make it good for you as well. »

So'l isn't exactly what you'd call 'proficient' at the social stuff, either. Abigail's comment about being lucky, though, sets the young man blushing as well - just a little, mind. "Lucky, eh? Well, I'd hope I'm good company…for sweeps or otherwise," he chuckles lightly. "I know /she/ is." The last is said quickly, the mug of klah swiftly raised to stall some awkwardness. Abigail's mentioning of wanting to see his work has So'l feeling a little more at ease now and he nods, "I'm just an apprentice; not even a Journeyman yet, though I think Getelle was close to promoting me before all this. Even so," he beams, "I'd love to show you some of my creations, if you really want to see them." Another sip and he decides to change the conversation a bit, "Does your wing perform a lot of rescues? Or is it mostly search?"

Sharuth nods his head to this. «As I am finding out,» he replies to the bit about dragons knowing best. «We are both anxious to fly. I would like very much to see these places,» the bronze admits, a note of enthusiasm bubbling to the surface of his mind. «So'l says I will be allowed to fly soon on my own. I am nervous.»

Awkwardness all around it would seem. Abigail is quiet for a moment, smiling still as she thinks on her words it seems. "Of course ye are I do greatly enjoy spending time with ye So'l." She glances back to him warm smile seen once more. "I'm glad ye think so." A slight wave of her hand is seen. "Don't take this the wrong why, I know titles are important in a craft, though I never had one until I was a wingrider. My father wouldn't allow it while I was a guard. So ye being an apprentice doesn't bother me, I'm sure ye do just as good as any Journeyman." She nods to the talk of his works. "Of course I'd like to see 'em. Ye ever make bows by chance?" A soft ah escapes her. "A bit of bother really, depends on what may be going on at the time. When I was a guard I had the canines help me search for people in the forest that would get lost, so I suppose I'm a bit more use to that. As for rescues it happens and when it does we're there to pull whoever it is out of danger." She does seem to have a lot of pride in her work, clearly enjoying her job.

Niumdreoth ponders this, looking amused. « It will not be easy, but do not give up. You have the right to be nervous but it too will pass in time. You will do fine, have many good teachers. Soon enough it will be a thing of the past and you shall move on to bigger things. » Some images are passed over to Sharuth of places they could possible go. Most being forest that stretch onwards with mountains in the distance, others of a beach with white sands and crystal clear waters.

Sharuth pushes his nose against Niumdreoth's side. «As always, you are full of wisdom. Hard work does not scare me,» the bronze explains, «but flying on my own? We shall see.» Raising up from the shore, the younger dragon says, «I hear a lesson is about to begin. So'l needs more demonstration so we should go. I am happy to have seen you today, Niumdreoth.»

"So do I," So'l replies, referring to spending time with Abigail. "Well, I'm glad rank isn't important. As an apprentice and a weyrling, I rate pretty low to a /wingsecond/," he laughs. Her explanation of the wing's activities is illuminating and So'l appreciates the insight. "I definitely look forward to learning everything I need to know to join you all," he nods, smiling warmly. Then Sharuth is looking his way and after a brief mental exchange, So'l says, "There's an impromptu demonstration about to begin. I should probably attend…I certainly can use the help," he chuckles, referencing his leatherworking. "Do they teach how to shrink your fingers?" So'l smirks, draining the last of his klah and placing a hand on the woman's shoulder. It's a tentative touch that he hopes will be accepted.

Niumdreoth rumbles out softly. « Nor did I think it would scare you. You will be fine even if you do fly on your own. » At the talk of him and his rider needing to go a nod of his head is seen. « I'm glad to see you as well Sharuth. Tell yours not to worry so, he will learn how to do it in his own way. Large fingers or not. » The large brown shifts, form stretching and wings unfurling for a moment before he is moving forward towards the ones on the bench.

Abigail smile once more hearing that, glad he feels the same. "Rank only means something when someone is in trouble anyway." This said with an amused tone. A slight nod is seen before she grins. "Naw, but yer find a way do to it. Think of it as a special piece of wood? While it is leather go with what you know and try techniques from that. May be helpful." She chuckles softly and pauses at the touch, which she doesn't move away from, she lets her pale gaze rest on his warm smile seen once more and she leans back against his hand just slightly. "Go on, don't be late. M'icha will be eager to smack someone with his cane for sure. We're see ye soon."

«I will tell him,» Sharuth sends back, the parting touch of his thoughts a warbling of night birds. The bronze walks towards So'l, who is glad the touch is received without pulling away. "You're right. I certainly don't need any more knocks today," the weyrling laughs. "It was good to see you, Abigail." He squeezes her shoulder gently and then waves to Niumdreoth. "Pleasure seeing you, Nium!" Then So'l grins and Sharuth and says, "Back to the weyrling bowl with us." Brynn and Kon - who took to laying on the beach after playing in the water - flitter into the air and disappear *between,* probably in search of a meal somewhere. Turning back one last time, So'l waves happily to the brownrider and her lifemate before heading down the path.