Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

It's lunch time! Dtirae's been freed from the confines of her office, and free from further healer appointments, having been cleared entirely. And while she still walks with a favoring of her leg that did not break, she is striding with purpose to the serving tables, filling a plate before fetching a mug of klah. She wastes no time settling at an empty table, setting her things down and making herself comfortable. One leg goes up on the seat opposite of her and she looks ready to (almost) hoard the table just for herself.

D'ani is there in the chow line, but he's come in after Dtirae, entering from the bowl wind-ruffed of hair, raking his fingers through it to get it to lie flat. He's dressed in leathers so has likely been out flying on some errand or other and he's worked hard so he's hungry. To the servers' questions there's a nod for 'heap it high' and it's only when his tray is loaded heavy enough that he's using both hands to keep it steady that one of them - a plump motherly type places his mug of cider onto it and then reaches to pinch one of his weather-pinkened cheeks. This is endured with good-humored patience as is the titter from the other motherly types who work with her. See? THIS is why he foregoes cookie raids, right there. Right, so there's Dei and a whole table to herself, which he strides to and plunks his tray down upon without so much as a 'by your leave'. He sits, leans to brush his lips to her cheek. "Something wrong with your other leg now?" He saw her walking through the line, yeah he was watching her. There's no coy about him.

Dtirae misses the motherly types harassing her poor boyfriend, though, it is entirely unlikely that she'd even come to his rescue if she noticed. Her gaze is, for the most part, focused on her food until D'ani's presence draws her attention. The brush of his lips earns a smile as she looks in his direction. The question earns a snort, "no, not at all. I just feel like the formerly broken one will snap if I put too much weight on it. I've been assured that no such thing can happen, but sometimes I find myself babying it." She leans over to give him a gentle nudge. "S'all fine, however. How was your errands? Anything exciting happen?" Not that she expects anything, but, the question is still there. But, she continues after a moment. "It's hard to plant someone to surprise you with something silly. Maybe I should set your schedule to where you go to a specific Hold first…" She trails off with her thoughts, lifting her mug to drown out the rest.

Yeah no, don't… rescue him if you see that. Just be amused from afar. Rescue implies… vulnerability and he can't let those cougars see weakness. They'd be on him like a pack of canines in a… well no, actually they have daughters. And they're making plans. Siiiigh. After that kiss, D'ani is back into his own space and tucking into his food. Growing boy still, y'see. His mouth is full, but he listens, nodding understandingly, chuckling at her nudge. He swallows, answers her question with, "They went smoothly. Sweeps along the east coast of the Boll peninsula. Dremkoth needed to stretch his wings after those weeks of sitting on the sands." He takes another large forkful, tilts her a semi-confused look while chewing that. Mmm? Plant someone? Dare he ask?

Amused from afar is what Dtirae does best! Once he's in his own space again, the Weyrwoman is picking up her fork and carefully separating the food on her plate, before digging in neatly. "Mm." Comes the soft reply, indicating that she's listening, simply not responding right away… Or until her mouth isn't full. "I can imagine. How is he doing? Is he still attached to them? Zuvaleyuth is pleased that she has grandchildren. She's fawning over them almost obsessively. She and Velokraeth… They make me want to puke." Eyes roll upwards and the topic of planting people is entirely dropped. Best that D'ani not ask what she's up to!

"He's… curious but not fawning," answers D'ani with a smirk for Zuvaleuth and Velokraeth's obsession and takes another bite of food. Big manbites, but his manners are there. As for her nefarious plans, greaaaat. He's not getting an answer about her cryptic comment. He doesn't pursue it but, if he develops the habit of edging into rooms or diving in with a tuck and roll she's going to be to blame. Totally. "So when am I going to meet this foster mother of yours? Or your sister?" Idle conversation, really. Food, good! Nom.

"I wish she was just curious." Dtirae mutters under breath before jabbing at more food on her plate, though keeping everything neatly separated. She's about to lift the fork when his question comes and there's a soft cough. "Ah. Well, I honestly don't want you to meet my foster mother. I can't stand the woman… As for Chyhi? I'll have to bribe someone to tie her up and throw her in the baths before you can meet her." There's a pause, and a look is given to the bronzerider. "Do you need to meet them? Is this a step? Can we skip this step?" And, before she forgets, the forkful of food goes into her mouth.

Kisa shoulders a heavy pack as she emerges from the lounge. With a frown, she adjusts one of the straps and pulls the pack securely into position.

Kisa rotates her shoulders with an audible pop as crosses the cavern to the exit. Nothing to get excited about. Just a random face in the crowd.

D'ani's lips twitch. "You forget I worked with herdbeasts. I'm used to stench." He reflects. What he's about to suggest is perhaps not the best way to meet her sister but, "I could rope her and haul her into the bathing caverns for you?" He grins. "You'll have to find someone else to scrub her though." Not it! His eyes flick around the caverns but there is nothing to catch his eye, really. Back to Dtirae, his brows lift and drop a few times. Deal?

"Oh, right. Well, that's why she stinks. Maybe I can bribe her to meet with you, then." Dtirae considers, but then there's laughter for his suggestion. "She probably wouldn't approve of you at all, after that." A smile lingers though the laughter fades and she gives a slight shrug, "I'll talk to her if you really want to meet my sister. My foster mother and I… Still have a very strained relationship. I don't like her at all, honestly. But, she attempts to be there for me when she feels she's… Needed. But, she always wants things in return." A shrug and the Weyrwoman begins to pick idly at her food. The pop that went through the caverns? Totally missed.

Nope, she probably wouldn't, but it didn't seem to deter Hotaru in the slightest. "Oh really?" D'ani is genuinely surprised. "Maybe I've seen her around the beastpens and not, uh, realized." Though he hasn't been there in any capacity since impressing Dremkoth, he was, however, on friendly terms with the people who worked there. He'd probably know a Chyhi, the name is unique. He takes another bite, considers. "Probably because your foster mom has needs of her own." He lifts his mug of cider, drains half of it, sets it down and wipes his mouth with his napkin. "I should meet them both," he says firmly. Even if Dtirae's relationship with the woman is strained. D'ani has his reasons. But he won't push her hard for it. He might ask around quietly though.

"Mhm. You might've met her. She's really loud. Doesn't really know how to keep quite. Quick to bet, really gullible… Shells. Almost got her killed more than once." Dtirae even looks guilty about that, "didn't think she'd listen to half the things I told her. But she did." A hand lifts to a moment to briefly cover her face. Whether it's laughter or shame, it takes a moment for the Weyrwoman to regain composure. "She does have needs of her own, but she doesn't need to push her stupid ideals on me. 'If I help you do this, promise you'll put in a good word for me with the Headwoman.' Or, 'I did this for you without you asking, so I need you to do some task for me or get me something in return because your Weyrwoman and I raised you so I should get nice things'." There's a sigh of frustration, "if you must meet them both, I'll speak with them."

D'ani continues to fork his food into his mouth, but he's paying courteous attention to Dtirae. He shakes his head at the description though a smile tugs at his mouth. "The loudest thing out there were the herdbeast when I worked there." So maybe he will have to rope her sister and see how loudly she bawls? To her comment about almost getting her sister killed he goes very still but doesn't comment. He does reach over and pat Dtirae's hand understandingly for her frustration though his brown eyes twinkle when he teases, "It's got to be difficult having to wield so much power. Try telling her you could have her retired to the High Reaches?"

"Maybe you were lucky never to work with her." Dtirae supplies, chuckling. "Or, maybe she's back with the hunters. Maybe she's bathing again… Hard to say." A grin plays on her lips for a moment. When he doesn't comment on her sister's almost deaths, she says nothing. Not a word at all. The gentle pat on her hand has her giving him a small frown. She almost looks ready to protest before he even speaks, but she holds her tongue for that teasing look. A soft snicker and she shifts her hand to gently grasp his for a moment. "I could do that. Maybe she'll stop. But, she still nags me about dresses and skirts. Though I've started to wear those on my own."

D'ani makes a mental note not to pat Dtirae's hand. Yeah, he noticed that frown and so when she grasps his hand, his fingers curl 'round hers and he tugs her toward him, reeling her in to leave a kiss on her mouth - right there in the caverns - if she doesn't twist away. "Reverse psychology works with cattle," he says of her foster mother. "I've noticed," he adds of the dresses with a half-leer that morphs into a grin. Perhaps her foster mother has too?

Dtirae is tugged, and there's a sound of surprise that follows, quickly smothered by his lips. Of course she doesn't twist away, more surprised than anything. She'll even kiss back. Scandal in the caverns! Cheeks are flushed a nice shade of pink. "You… Well, if it works, I'm not going to argue." The half-leer turned to a grin has her turning another shade as she moves to twist back to her food. "I'm glad you've noticed."

D'ani chuckles as he releases her hand so that she may finish her lunch. Scandal indeed! The lower caverns will be a-buzz by dinnertime that she's expecting his child and they'll live off the rumors for months. "As you should be, wild woman, as you should be," he teases as he rises with is tray. Work beckons, his lunch is finished and she is smiling with pretty rosy-colored cheeks. His work here is done. "I'll see you later. With my rope and a far-seeing glass. Together we will stalk the elusive Chyhi-creature." And off he goes with a jaunty step to his office and the paperwork.

It's fortunate for the gossips that Dtirae does not go around punching people as often as she used to. There's a look she gives him as he teases, confused but also a touched amused. "I'll look forward to our hunt. Enjoy your paperwork, and I might stop by briefly." At least she gives warning! She'll return to her lunch as he takes off. She does stop by like promised, with a bubbly for him before she heads to her office for her own work.