Fort Weyr - Training Complex
The remnants of a historic collapse are apparent here, as the slope face of the bowl has a predominant downward curvature. It's likely long ago, that a cavern larger than any Fort currently has was where the training complex currently is. A probable cave in triggered a fissure on the bowl wall which lead to a great chunk of it dislodging, thus creating the rounded slope.
Yet, many centuries later, all that remains to give evidence is the pocket made into the bowl wall. It seems that the inhabitants of Fort Weyr have made best of the created space. Rock on the ground proper has long since cleared, but pebbles and loose shale are constantly underfoot. Still, the sprig of some green leafed vegetation isn't too out of the ordinary in these parts, as long as it doesn't get trampled by the comings and goings.
It's clear that this area has been designated for the training of young minds, whether human or dragon. Surrounded by rock on all side, it's like a personal weyr bowl for the youngsters to minimize distraction and danger. The candidate barracks have been built across from the Weyrling barracks, so that one group can educate the next. Finally, placed in the center of the two entrances of the opposing barracks, near the rock face, is a statue with a memorial plaque.

Though the sun rose nearly two hours before, the gray of day clouds the training complex thoroughly. Despite the thaw that has begun in the bowl, a milder cold persists and it is in short puffs of steam that So'l and Sharuth's breathing comes now. The rider-to-be - for the brawny young woodworker has yet to actually ride his dragon - jogs lightly around the bowl's rim, his beautifully bronzed lifemate keeping the pace all the way. Despite the cold, sweat pools at So'l's temples and it would seem the pair are now slowing down from what must have been a more frenetic run some moments ago.

Dawn is no stranger to one bronze pair and it is no surprise to many when Velokraeth swoops down from the skies above in a slowing and lazy glide towards his ledge. The pale bronze veers though before landing and doubles back only to land some distance away. Sweeping his wings with one last flick before folding them neatly against his sides, Velokraeth warbles in his mellow and rich voice to Sharuth as his rider dismounts. Once on the ground, Th'ero walks towards the rider-to-be and his young lifemate and he is smiling faintly but warmly. Up before dawn on his usual patrols, the Weyrleader is dressed in his heavier riding gear, meant to insulate well against the cold wintry air and Between. At either hip he has his usual weapons of choice strapped, a dagger on one and his sword on the other. "Morning So'l, Sharuth. Not catching you at a bad time, am I?"

The landing is spied and, turning to So'l, Sharuth's eyes whirl with excitement. «It is Velokraeth and Th'ero!» Chuckling, So'l says, "I can see that." He wonders briefly if the weyrleader is on his way to perhaps speak with M'icha but is surprised when Th'ero turns and walks his way. "Not at all, Weyrleader," So'l grins wide, remembering to use the man's rank this time. It would seem that the young man has settled well into weyrlinghood and taken many lessons to heart now. Having abandoned the jog - they were on cool down anyway - So'l reaches out to grasp Th'ero's arm in greeting, if the gesture is accepted. "Busy morning?" he asks.

Sharuth dips his head first to Th'ero and then to Velokraeth. «Hello, magnificent Velokraeth. Your morning flight has made me jealous,» the bronze whuffles, his thoughts tinged with humor but also sincerity.

Th'ero dips his head in a polite but respectful greeting when So'l goes on to greet him with his proper rank. "You can drop the use of my title, So'l. Not here on official business, after all." he says, his faint smile broadening to something a touch more genuine and relaxed. The Weyrleader does give the young man a cursory glance as if to come to the same conclusion on his well being and the grasp to his arm in greeting is accepted, gesture returned in kind though brief. "Mhm. Yes, a busy morning as always but mercifully quiet on the patrols. Usually is in this time of the winter." Shaking his head, he turns then to look to Sharuth, studying the young bronze before glancing back to his weyrling rider. "He's growing well. Doing well, too?" he asks, more of politeness than anything as Th'ero no doubt receives routine reports from M'icha. What the Weyrlingmaster knows, the Weyrleaders will know!

Velokraeth rumbles, pleased by Sharuth's greeting and similarily dips his head as well to the young bronze. The pale bronze has waddled up behind his rider, his gait awkward by his lumpy and stunted body which he then settles back onto his haunches. « Good morning, young one! Magnificent, am I? Well, aren't we the young charmer already! » he says in a tone that ripples and bubbles with mirth. « I'd not be too envious if I were you. It was a lot of straight flight and most of it awfully dull. In good time though you will fly too! Not much longer now, I'd suspect! You are building your strength up, I hope? »

Chuckling, So'l nods. "Alright, 'Th'ero' it is," he smirks. The talk of morning patrols has the young man a bit jealous himself. "Looking forward to joining in on those patrols at some point," though obviously not for a long, long while. As Th'ero studies Sharuth and comments on his size, So'l nods and says, "Yes, I can't believe how much he's grown in such a short time. He's actually overtaken As'tre's bronze in size now, though a dragon's girth has absolutely nothing to do with his worth," So'l notes. "Just look at Velokraeth," he beams, turning his gaze on the bronze who plucked him from certain death once upon a time. "Good morning, Velokraeth!" he calls out, offering the dragon a wave before turning back to answer Th'ero's remaining question. "He's doing very well; we both are. It's been quite the adventure for us, even with all the routine. We're glad to have new things to learn, though," So'l adds, obviously referring to the newly added history lessons and leatherworking workshops.

Sharuth rears back on his hind legs and fully extends his wings, the almost golden membranes flashing even in the muted light of cloudy days. «My wings grows stronger, yes! I can hold them like this much longer now. And push much air,» he bugles proudly, flapping his wings and sending rushing air currents towards the larger bronze. «I am no charmer; just honest,» Sharuth proclaims, settling back down on all fours.

Th'ero gives So'l a bit of a long look before he chuckles dryly. "Even though these patrols often start well before the first signs of dawn?" he drawls, sounding a touch skeptical but also amused. Testing the young bronzerider-to-be? Shifting his weight to one side, he rests his gloved hands casually against the edges of his riding belt, thumbs hooked into the padded fabric as he turns his head to glance towards the bowls and then up towards the sky. "Though truth be told, it'd be nice to have company. Very few ever wish to fly that early or do. I may be the only one, honestly and… by choice." Listening well to So'l, the Weyrleader will glance back again to Sharuth and then between the young bronze and Velokraeth. He snorts, "Too true. Never should judge one by his size…" he goes on to agree, only to smirk as Velokraeth whuffles both to the greeting and compliment from the weyrling. "Careful in feeding his ego." Th'ero drawls in a lowered voice to So'l and it's hard to tell if it's a genuine warning from the bronzerider or another one of his 'jokes'. "But I am glad and relieved to know you are both doing well and considering this to be an adventure. And what new things are these?" he inquires politely.

Velokraeth arcs his neck as Sharuth rears back on his hind legs to extend his wings and the pale bronze rumbles his approval, pleased. « Very nicely done, young one! » There is a chuffing sound when Sharuth sends the air rushing towards him, which is his equivalent of laughter. Backing up a few steps, Velokraeth emulates the same exercise, rearing up and flaring his wings open wide, twin banners of paled golden-red and bronze and the only part of him that is not marred by imperfection. As he settles heavily back on his stunted forelegs, he folds his wings again but begins a peculiar practice in lowering his head to begin nuzzling at his twisted limbs. « Soon you will be able to do it as effortlessly! And perhaps no charmer and honesty is a very good trait to hold. I've always said there is much good in the truth. Lies serve no purpose, other than to breed more lies. »

"Well yes," So'l replies without thought, "that's my favorite time of day. Before the world wakes, when all is still…that's when life seems its most poignant," he reflects, his eyes distant for a moment. "Maybe one day, when we're ready, you can take us up with you. We'd truly enjoy that," the woodworker smiles genuinely. Then Sharuth's little wing-show begins and So'l can't help but chortle at the display. He'd been about to compliment his bronze when Th'ero's warning not to feed his ego comes in. This gives So'l pause, as if the notion of /not/ complimenting his dragon's every accomplishment had never occurred to him before. He would ask about this but Th'ero has moved on with the conversation and so So'l tucks it away for further rumination. "Thank you, The'ro," he says in response to the well-wishing. Though he's sure the Weyrleader is well aware, So'l explains anyway. "We've started looking at leather pieces. We're working on identifying what can be used for straps safely versus what could lead to disaster. And of course, there's the history of the Weyr and Pern itself…"

Sharuth looks positively a) stunned and b) enormously impressed by Velokraeth's wing-flares. «Magnificent, again,» he rumbles, bowing his head again in great deference. «I hope one day to be as strong as you are,» the bronze admits freely, his admiration unabashed. «You are very wise. So'l should learn not to tell others he is not tired when I know he is. I will tell him Velokraeth says not to lie.»

Kimmila and Varmiroth wander down towards the training grounds, the bluerider dressed in full riding gear though pulling off her helmet, shoving her gloves into it and tucking it beneath her arm. Salutes are offered to both as she approaches, taking up a polite position a nice distance from each of them. "Hey," she greets, while Varmiroth rumbles to both bronze, head down and wuffling, pleased but tired in the night scape of his thoughts.

So'l, Sharuth, Th'ero, and Velokraeth are gathered just off a run path around the bowl, talking in the early hours of the morning as weyrling pairs do their routine exercises.

Th'ero quirks a brow for So'l's reply and now his gaze does settle longer on the young man as if studying him closer and in a different light. Brows knit together lightly, as if to consider some thought before his expression clears and his faint but genuine smile returns. "Well said and well put. Perhaps I will then, when time comes that you and Sharuth are cleared for straight flight and the others as well. These patrols do not require Betweening as we do not venture far on every morning. I see no harm in it, though I may regret it if I hear too much whining about the hour." he goes on to drawl, only to glance sidelong as well as the display takes place and grimacing when Velokraeth shows off. "See what I mean? I swear, for a bronze his size, Velokraeth's ego makes up for the lack of it." So the Weyrleader had meant not to compliment Velokraeth too much, never assuming the weyrling would take it as not to do the same with Sharuth. Th'ero may have been aware but he enjoys discussing it with the weyrlings as well, to get their views and sense out their general excitement or acceptance to the lessons. The written reports can only tell him so much! "Ahh, yes. Very important step! You'll be a master of leatherwork soon enough." he chuckles. "As for the history, well — good luck! Fort's history is expansive and extends to the Second Crossing. First Weyr and all. Though for mercy sake, I hope M'icha is starting you all from recent events and making you work backwards?" As Varmiroth comes to land, Th'ero is distractedly looking away as Kimmila dismounts and joins them, the Weyrleader looking openly pleased by her arrival. "Morning, Wingmate! Have you just returned or are you and Varmiroth about to head out?" he asks, while taking a slight step closer to her side.

Velokraeth has lowered himself to lay on his belly now, forelegs crossed and his blunted muzzle working at nuzzling out the twisted muscles. « Oh, you will be. Of that I am quite certain! » the pale bronze muses to Sharuth. « And I thank you. I do try to keep my wit and intelligence well honed and sharp. Only thing I have, some days, to gain the upper hand! » There is a thoughtful pause and then he is 'laughing' again, his thoughts rippling with it. « It would seem yours and mine share some traits in that respect. Do be sure to tell him but be prepared to have to remind him. Often! Mine has yet to learn. Isn't that right, Varmiroth? » What a greeting! He whuffles warmly to the blue, privately filling him in on the conversation at hand while simultaneously tossing that last half at him. Think fast!

The early morning hours found Anique awake, as usual, with the stare of a hungry dragon impeding on her dreams. So the day has started with the feeding, quick oiling and then out to the bowl with the green team. Anique starts off with warm up exercises while Typriaeth is streeeeetcing out her wings. Eventually the warm up leads to short laps around the weyrling field with Typriaeth crouching low with a predatory gaze to her as she creeps along…creeping being a relative word since she's not exactly small and hard to find. Her target is a certain bronze tail, the younger one of Sharuth's not the older tail of Velokraeth's. Anique is still a good distance away and heedless of a certain green's intentions.

So'l spies Th'ero's curious look but isn't sure whether he should probe into it or not. The Weyrleader will likely share his thoughts if he means them to be public, yes? So instead, the weyrling offers a smile as Th'ero goes on to explain about puffing up /Velokraeth's/ ego. Ah ha! A misread, indeed, though perhaps there is still wisdom in the man's advice. So'l could see Sharuth possibly becoming too boisterous should ego stroking be extreme and thus a mental note is made to temper pride in his dragon's accomplishments with some humility. "I'm sure he means well," comes the young man's reply, in reference to the larger bronze's posturing and wisdom. "As for being a leatherworking master, well…I suppose we shall see," So'l chuckles. "I am grateful, at least, for the patience I learned as a woodcrafter. It's serving me well here," he nods. Before he can get into the further discussion on history, Kimmila is joining them and So'l is affording her with a very, very bright smile. "Hello there," he nods in greeting. "I hate to leave…" Especially now that people /besides/ weyrlings are around "but I should get Sharuth oiled up before our next lesson. Otherwise I'll hear no end of itchy complaints while I'm trying to learn," he smirks.

Sharuth, for his part, stares curiously at the bronze's misshapen forelimbs. He's about to ask a very forthright question when So'l mentions oiling. «Yes!» Sharuth croons, both to his rider and Velokraeth and Varmiroth, whom the younger bronze bugles to in greeting as well. «My hide is itchy and I am hungry again after our run,» he comments. «Would you both excuse us? I promise to pass along your message to So'l while he oils my hide,» Sharuth promises. Turning, he spies Typriaeth and - unaware of her intentions - swings his tail out of play range. «Good morning, Typriaeth!» he offers, moving to stand next to his rider-to-be.

Kimmila smiles, shaking her head. "Just coming back. Early, early trip out to a few of the cotholds. All is well," she says, giving Th'ero a look. "Morning, So'l, how are you both?" she asks, studying the bronze for a long moment. "Those legs…has he learned to manage them yet? And what's this about Velokraeth's ego? That amazing bronze beast has no ego to speak of." Oh, she's bad. Poor Th'ero.
Varmiroth settles down as well with a low exhaled breath, opening his thoughts to the others. « What's this now? Reminding our riders not to lie about how they are doing? Oh yes, Velokraeth, mine has to figure things out about yours quite often because he is too stubborn to admit things. Careful, Sharuth, Typriaeth is stalking your tail. » He is not a dragon that is 'in' on the jokes. He ruins them with his honesty.

"Oh, he does." Th'ero agrees with So'l, but he brings up Velokraeth's 'flaw' to spare him any possible headache later, not that the pale bronze often tortures him with it these days. They both know each other too well now for that! "Indeed. It will seem daunting now but… it all becomes second instinct." he goes on to murmur to the bronze weyrling, only to chuckle and dip his head in polite farewell to So'l. "Be well and clear skies!" Glancing to Kimmila, Th'ero looks surprised as he steps to stand beside his weyrmate. No hugs or physical contact displayed, just a subtle approach and a crooked smirk as he speaks in an amused tone. "You? Out before dawn?" he teases her lightly before sobering. "I am glad all is well." Then she's given a narrowed glare, because Velokraeth heard that last part and the pale bronze has puffed up. Darn right he's amazing! So amazing that he will ruin Typriaeth's little game by crooning sweetly to her.

«Morning, little lady! » Velokraeth greets her, just as Varmiroth likewise ruins the fun and that sets the bronze to laughing again. That's the spirit? « Yes, that would be the advice I mean to give! And I do apologize for all the grief mine puts yours through for his silly habits. » Tsk! « Best we make sure these little ones don't suffer the same, hmm? »

Kimmila rolls her eyes and punches Th'ero in the arm. There's your physical contact. "Yes, out before dawn. I /can/, I just don't /want/ to if I can avoid it. Alas, this morning it could not be avoided." Then there's a wicked smirk for Velokraeth's ego puffing up, the bluerider even blowing the dragon a kiss. She loves him.
Varmiroth rumbles, tail twitching as he watches Sharuth go. « Mine endures it because he is worth it. » Aww. « Hello, Typriaeth, how are you? »

Typriaeth's tail twitches slightly as she comes closer and closer…only to be called out by the blue! Straigthening up a bit she chuffs a bit of warm air towards the departing bronze clutch sib. « Anique says I should practice this. » though perhaps not specifically the pouncing of tails. Her thoughts towards the blue are a happy swirl of bright colors against the vast blackness of her mind. « A wonderful morning! » now her thoughts drift to include the older bronze with an excited swirl of colors. She likes to be up early. Her rider though…
Anique approaches just in time to see So'l depart. Quickly a snappy salute is sent off to the Weyrleader and his mate before she leans to rest, out of breath from her run, her hands on her knees. Not the morning person normally but all this training has her up early all the time! "Morning." she greets once she's got her wind back in her lungs.

Kimmila rolls her eyes and punches Th'ero in the arm. There's your physical contact. "Yes, out before dawn. I /can/, I just don't /want/ to if I can avoid it. Alas, this morning it could not be avoided." Then there's a wicked smirk for Velokraeth's ego puffing up, the bluerider even blowing the dragon a kiss. She loves him. "Hello, Anique!" the bluerider greets with a smile and a salute. "How are you both?"

Varmiroth rumbles, tail twitching as he watches Sharuth go. « Mine endures it because he is worth it. » Aww. « Hello, Typriaeth, how are you? Practice…antagonizing your clutchsiblings? That needs to be learned? » He sounds /concerned/.

"Morning, Anique. Laps for you today too?" Th'ero murmurs with a faint but welcoming smile to the green weyrling, saluting her and is about to add more when Kimmila is suddenly punching his arm. Ow? Only she would ever get away with doing that to the Weyrleader and he scowls at her. Really? In front of the weyrlings? His reputation! Which he further dings by giving her a rough nudge back. Quit it. "That's still making it a rare thing to see you up this early!" he teases her again with a smirk. "Which cotholds this morning needed you so urgently?"

Velokraeth whuffles sweetly to Kimmila for the 'kiss', though not too sweetly as well… Varmiroth is right there and really, the bronze is just being playful! « Practice pouncing your siblings? Not a wise course of action, little lady. Oh, I don't think she meant it like that, brother! » he explains to Varmiroth, though keeps his mind extended to the green. « At least, I do not think it needs to be learned to antagonize clutchsiblings? Mind you… it IS fun. Sometimes. » Bad bronze, bad!

« Not pouncing /them/ specifically though certainly I must ensure they know early on how superior I shall be in the skies. I /am/ smaller and not doubt more nimble than they! » comes the confident answer of the green. « I am very well, Varmiroth. It is a wonderful day once more. »

Anique grins, brushing a hand back to ensure the braid is still mostly intact from her run. "Easier to run in the morning. Get it done." she explains simply. She'll say nothing on the arm punching. Nope, saw nothing unusual there! "I'd much rather be sleeping at this unholy hour but…" both shoulders lift in an absent shrug. Ce le vie? "Later this morning is more works on the leather straps. Honestly I had no idea what all it took to make straps." her tone is certainly impressed!

Kimmila snorts with a little stagger, smirking at the Weyrleader. "None truly urgently, but enough were scheduled for today that when I woke up early, I just got up." She shrugs, and then grins at Anique. "They're more complex than most people give them credit for. But considering it's the only thing between you and plummeting to your death…they /should/ be complicated."

Varmiroth rumbles softly, a mental rolling of his eyes for his rider's 'kiss', but the blue doesn't mind. He's not the jealous type. « It is, » he agrees with the green, though yawns a moment after. « A good day for a nap. »

Velokraeth is silent for some time for Typriaeth's comment and if a dragon could look smug, the pale bronze would be doing it right now. For he is very amused by something the young green said and he almost goes on to tease her as he would any female but… he does not. She is not old enough to understand, anyhow. « Oh, you are likely to be far more nimble but it is not just nimbleness that you must excel at! There is strength too! » he points out with a private little snicker to Varmiroth. Wink wink, nudge nudge? Say no more? « A nap? Now? But the day has just begun! »

Th'ero chuckles dryly, "I suppose that is one way to look at it. Much the same reason I pick pre-dawn for my patrols." Get 'em done! He shakes his head then, glancing from Anique to Kimmila as he drawls. "How could you two handle sleeping in all the time? I find it makes me feel as though the day is shortened. Dawn is really not that bad of a time!" he teases them both lightly, though his tone remains rather serious too. "Kimmila has a very good point." The Weyrleader agrees, though his mouth draws back into a slight grimace. Perhaps a bit too blunt there? "You'll learn them inside and out soon enough that it will become second nature. Literally!"

Certainly Typriaeth wouldn't understand at this stage and it would only lead to more questions anyway. « Oh strength is good as well… » she does agree to that, mostly. At the mention of nap though she lets her wings flare up slightly, wonder in her tone. « A nap? You would miss so much though is you nap now! Things do not ever stop happening and how would you know what you missed? »

So opposite on this is Anique who values a good solid sleep…later than dawn. "Ah, but if I stay up later I can accomplish things then when it's not so early." she grins back to the Weyrleader's tease. "I get up early because I /must/ however when and if I get rest days again.." if those are possible with an energy filled weyrmate? "…then I shall enjoy sleeping in until I've missed breakfast at the Caverns." she assures him good naturedly. "And yes…from what I've gathered from the other weyrlingmasters, I'll be quite proficient in straps in no time. At least I am already good at sewing, so I hope sewing in leather won't present much of a challenge. They are important indeed so I am certain to learn /evrerything/ I can."

Varmiroth lifts his head to peer at Velokraeth, the blue uncomprehending the joke. « What? Yes, a nap. I've been up and flying for candlemarks and I am tired, brother. » Huff. Glancing at the green, the blue rumbles. « Mine will tell me. I do not mind missing things for sleep. Sleep makes the awake times better. »

Kimmila shakes her head a bit. "I like staying up into the night, and then sleeping in. I much prefer late nights to early mornings." Chuckling, she nods t Anique. "Leather is different than cloth, but at least you have the basic concept already firmly in your mind. It's usually a learning curve for everyone, but we have good teachers in the Weyrling staff and the Tanners to help everyone through it so there are no unfortunte tumbles."

Very, very awkward questions and so Velokraeth keeps his mental mouth shut, at least to Typriaeth's impressionable young mind! « Exactly, little lady! The Weyr is most active at this time. Good observing and naps are best closer to lunch. » The bronze reveals, only to chuckle at Varmiroth's complete obliviousness to his joking. Ahh… later, perhaps. « Well, in your case your nap is well deserved, little brother! And true, a rested mind IS a sharper mind. »

"You're both mad," Th'ero drawls in a flat tone, only to quirk his mouth up into a faint grin to show that he is teasing. Somewhat! Truthfully, they have baffled him with their remarks, but he will not argue and simply let it rest. "Fair enough, I suppose. Honestly, if it works for you as an individual, why fix it? Though I'm afraid you may hate me later then, Anique. So'l has shown interest in joining the pre-dawn patrols and I've half a mind to ask M'icha to clear your whole class for one sevenday of those shifts." he murmurs, glancing sidelong to Kimmila as he does. Is he… joking? Doesn't seem so this time!

Anique quirks a brow, clearly amused by Th'ero's declaration of the pair of them being mad. Least then she's got company? She does have to stifle a groan though at Th'ero's next words and resists the urge to simply let So'l go by himself on the blasted dawn patrols if he's so chipper in the morning! However she doesn't though perhaps a hint of the swallowed words are in her tone. "Joining patrols would be some time into our training though, yes since these guys aren't ready for the skies yet. Thank farnath? "However I'll gladly join whatever M'icha allows us to join in training."

Typriaeth settles down on the ground besides Anique with a nudge of her muzzle into the woman's shoulder. Someone wants a scritch! So absently Anique raises up a hand to scritch along the itchy headknobs. « When I have my own weyr I shall find one with a ledge so that I can observe as much as I can! It must be high up too because I like high things as does Anique. »

With a shrug, Varmiroth closes his eyes and begins to doze, content where he is right here and now. Kimmila though just laughs. "Exactly. It works for us, no need to change it." Until…she's blinking at Th'ero. "And I assume you want me along as well?" she drawls dryly, a smirk of amusement on her lips. "They are good sweeps," she admits to Anique. "A beautiful time to be out."

Th'ero smirks and perhaps is a little smug for Anique's reaction to his little 'plan'. "Oh, the patrols are part of your training later on. Once you weyrlings are cleared for straight flight, it becomes part of your routine. Just not the pre-dawn ones, usually." Since that one is HIS by choice, because the Weyrleader is the oddball of the group. "But that won't be for some time yet." Yay? Kimmila's look is returned with a smug one from the Weyrleader. What does she think? He chuckles dryly. "Of course I do. I cannot keep my eyes focused on sweeps AND eight weyrlings all alone, now can I?" he drawls. Surprise? You've been volun-told? Velokraeth settles in as well, drifting silent now save to whuffle towards Typriaeth. « That would be easy enough to arrange, I think! Not many seek the higher ledges. »

Ah to be volun-told! Always the best way to recruit helpers. Anique stifles a yawn. She's not sleepy, nope! "Sweeps sounds fine.." not quite fun but…fine. Especially the pre-dawn part. Life goes on at that crazy hour? Her gaze flickers between Th'ero and Kimmila, offering a bit of a grin. "I should finish my run and then bathe before I get started on strap work today." Typriaeth rumbles back to the bronze. « Higher is better. My couch though is quite comfortable in the barracks! »

Kimmila snorts, about to say something, but she stops herself. "Yes, sir," she says, reminded - perhaps too late - that he /is/ the Weyrleader and that /is/ a Weyrling. Even without thread, she probably shouldn't be arguing with him in public. "Take care then, Anique. Nice waking up with you." Don't read too much into that.

Life does go on at that crazy hour, but it goes on too at saner times. Such as now and while Th'ero doesn't yawn or show signs of sleepiness, the Weyrleader does have other duties he has to oversee before the day is done. "Of course. We won't keep you, Anique though it was nice to catch up with you and to see how you and Typriaeth are fairing. Best of luck with your strapwork and clear skies!" he murmurs, dipping his head in a polite farewell to the green weyrling. Quirking a brow for Kimmila's 'yes, sir', as he turns to gently take her arm in his he gives her a lingering look. What? Velokraeth rumbles to the young green as he pushes to his feet and stretches, pausing to give Varmiroth a little nudge if the blue has truly dozed off. « Home is where the heart is, little lady! Or so I've heard. » the bronze muses as a parting gift before he steps back a few paces before spreading his wings and launching up into the cold wintry sky.