Who R'hra, Aignes
What R'hra takes some candidates to get some hands on riding experience.
When Day 12 of Month 4 of Turn 2718
Where Fort's Forests ~~ Forest Beasthold


Fort's Forests ~~ Forest Beasthold
This area of the forest houses Fort's main Beasthold. A large section has been cleared and houses pastures, barns, stables, an indoor arena, small cottages for workers, and the watchwher dens along the outskirts and up close to the shelter of the trees.

Spring time at Fort means less snow, and more rain, which is probably why R'hra the bronze riding Assistant Weyrlingmaster has a group of Candidates out in the indoor area down at the beasthold of Fort Weyr. The arena is large to accommodate large groups like this one in training, which is what is going to happen here. Rio stands near the stable master who has a few runners already saddled waiting for the candidates to finish filing into two neat rows.

Considering the last candidate excursion, is it really any wonder why Aignes is hanging around towards the back of the cluster of candidates? At least there's no boat to be found and so her hands will stop picking at the hem of her shirt as she clasps them in front of her. With the stable master (and weyrlingmaster) on the other end of the row, she eyes the runner nearest her before muttering, "You better not be as bad as the ocean." Although how rocky his gait might be is yet to be seen.

R'hra nods as the candidates are assembled, he raises his voice which carries well in the enclosed area, "Now I know you all are nervous about the up coming hatching, but we here at Fort want to make sure you have every possible chance to succeed." He motions to the runners saying "I know some of you have riding experience, while others never have. So today we are going to get you at least used to the idea." There is a grin as he adds "Not to say riding a dragon is like riding a runner mind you, but having some knowledge is better than having none at all." He looks about the assembled candidates saying "Any volunteers? Don't worry they are all well broke in animals no one is getting thrown today unless you do something stupid."

Surely a speech was expected, but that speech? Aignes' eyebrows furrow as she tries to piece runner riding with dragon riding. "Those are not the same at all…" She didn't mean to say that, but once the words are out, the weaver-candidate will turn her eyes to the ground in front of her and try to even duck a bit behind the taller candidate beside her. Out of sight, out of mind, right? She's definitely not willingly volunteering…

R'hra is a man of many talents, most of them end up with him in the infirmary, but in this case his hearing does pick up the words of the weaver girl he smiles and nods "Did you have something to add or were you just Echoing me Aignes.." Yes the green eyed man knows her name, he can name every candidate on sight, one of the down falls of having a very particular dragon. "OR were you wanting to be the first to step up?"

Eyes can not physically pop out of their sockets from surprise, but Aignes is definitely pushing it when she's called out. "Noo, uhh, no, sir," She can at least remember some manners belatedly. "I was just…" she doesn't know what she was doing and unfortunately, her staling does not produce a fantastic diversion. "I guess?" Step up she will, but slowly as if she expects the buckskin runner at the end to kick at a moment's notice. "I've mostly just ridden ponies." And that was nearly ten turns ago.

R'hra smiles softly at the candidate saying "Very good." He moves her over to the buckskin runner with grey in his mane, again adressing everyone else as he makes to help her into the saddle "This will give you all an idea what your first few times on your dragon practicing walking and mounting. Don't worry to much on making the runner go, as a Stable hand will lead you around. Just practice on balance and form for now."

Aignes did at least have some warning of what the day's activities would entail and so she's dressed appropriately in trousers instead of her normal skirts. The hand up will definitely be needed as she can get her hand on the horn and her foot in the first stirrup, but getting up and over the saddle is another story. Eventually, she does get mounted and the runner fidgets slightly as she shifts in the saddle, but Aignes will sit as upright as humanly possible. "Is there a reason we're doing this at the beasthold instead of the Weyr's stables, sir?" She's certainly mucked enough of the other stables to know they exist.

R'hra grins up at Aignes "Well if we did them at the stables, you all would be out in the rain and the mud. Which if that is what you would like I see no reason not to, I just thought you all might like a chance to get out from under the watchful eye of everyone and try to relax with out having to bath when you got back." The stable hand waits for Aignes' signal to start leading her while other candidates have come up mounting the runners. Most of the weyr knows that Rio is laid back, anytime people have had chores with him will tell you that it was mostly fun but still work.

Aignes ahhs as the assistant weyrlingmaster points out that pesky little fact of the weather being the reason for the location. As for the lack of bath comments, she gives a bit of a side eye from her saddle perch. "I would hope everyone would take a bath after being in a barn all day." She definitely doesn't plan on smelling like runner and hay all day. But since it's probably time to get this show on the road and she gives a nod to the stablehand as she grabs at the saddlehorn, bracing for the runner's start.

The runner goes around easily while Rio laughs and nods to the weaver woman, moving to a spot he can supervise from he calls out "If you are not on a mount sit down out of the way and talk quietly." Translation, Relax kids you are going to need it. He looks over at the current group to make sure no one is going to fall off or gets squirrelly.

Aignes isn't relaxing at all. She's concentrating, but that's what happens when you put someone on an animal that weighs nearly a ton and set them in motion. But the gray in the buckskin's mane may be due more to age than genetics. The horse doesn't seem inclined to do anything more than an easy walk. Around and around they go. Aignes' posture may be more rigid than it should be, but she's not in danger of falling off there.

R'hra nods and watches giving pointers here and there to the candidates as they ride, he calls out to Aignes "Remember to breath out Aignes, if you sit to ridge you won't be able to adjust should the animal turn quickly. Same as on a dragon, you have to be relaxed in the saddle."

Aignes hasn't passed out yet! That's a sign that she's still breathing, right? Regardless, at the reminder, she does take a deep breath but the whole 'relaxing' thing is a concept that doesn't come as easy. She tries, but really it's more like she's doing an impersonation of someone trying to relax as the weaver slouches down ever so slightly.

R'hra chuckles softly and shrugs as he sees her at least giving it a try, He moves to start walking along side the weaver asking "Did you get a new firelizard?" Just idle chatter to get her to relax, he isn't trying to fully distract her but she seems like the type that doesn't relax well.

Plan to relax, total backfire as Aignes immediately straightens up again as R'hra reveals he's been watching the candidates. Not that she didn't know that since it's the assistant weyrlingmaster's job and all, but someone knowing facts she didn't tell him can still be unsettling. REgardless, she focuses her eyes on the runner's mane and the saddle in front of her. "Yes? I didn't try to but well, we were in one of the tunnels and the lights went out and we ended up running into two that had just hatched." And a kitten which she at least is not disclosing at this time.

R'hra nods and grins "That is good. I heard there was a new bunch of them around." He strides easily next to the runner with her "So what color did you get?" Because yes he knows but not all things, and if there is a cat around the barracks he surely hasn't been told about that yet either.

No 'cats', just an extra Cookie. Everything is perfectly normal in the candidates barracks, right? "Three isn't exactly a bunch…" Aignes might not know where exactly Kaetryn's came from, but it's hard to miss an extra baby firelizard screeching for more dinner. "Mine is the bronze one. Pin." Name is even voluntarily offered.

R'hra laughs merrily "Pin huh? Did ya name him after a fellow candidate? Or was it because your a weaver?" He isn't going to assume anything, but stranger thing have happened. He nods to the stable hand to take her around again, while others are switching out.

"It's because of his talons," Aignes takes one of her hands of the saddlehorn long enough to wave it to show a few minor claw-marks that are half healed already. An eyebrow rises slightly as she notices some of the other candidates already switching out, but she's not questioning it more than the simple eyebrow gesture.

R'hra nods and grins "Just making sure you get used to riding a taller runner.. You did say you only rode ponies right?" see everything has a reason, he looks over at the scratches. "Did you have Kezresan look over that? Can't be getting sick before that hatching you know." He has genuine concern for her as he asks.

Aignes is back to her rigid sitting ways. Old habits die hard. "I was ten." When she was riding ponies. As for her hand, she shakes her head. "No, but it's nothing. And I've been applying redwort regularly. And taught him to wait until after I drop the food before lunging." Hopefully she's talking about Pin's table manner lessons and not Kez's.

R'hra would comment, maybe make a jab at the healer's manners but the mare is stoping and Ainges is aloud to dismount now. "You did good, just try to relax your shoulders at least in the future." Is his advice to her before he is having to help one of the smaller and younger candidates up on to the horse and give instructions. Other riders have shown up now offering dragon rides to those who have passed the runner qualifier, either to practice more or just to ride up to the Weyr the choice is up to the candidates.

Since she's been dismissed, Aignes will be taking one of those rides back to the Weyr. And there may be a period lowering of her shoulders as she at least tries to relax. It never lasts long, but an attempt has been made.

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