Who Riohra Risali Kassala D'lei Sephany Eiram
What Snowman?
When Winter.
Where Center Bowl, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Center Bowl
The wide center of the bowl is often bustling with activity as riders come and go. Off westward can be seen the entrances for the candidate barracks and the guest weyr, while to the east is a large opening that leads into the dragon infirmary. The bowl stretches off both to the north and to the south, where the sheer stone walls rise steeply to the sky.

It is early evening here at Fort Weyr the third day of the Search and Rescue games is drawing to a close. The Fort ground teams took the lead in points in their supply relays, followed closely by the Monaco team and High Reaches team bring up last. The bowl has had a section of it roped off and a sign is erected that reads SNOW MAN BUILDING Riohra is standing at the opening taking names of people who wish to take part of it, to those that do he directs them to onside while those wishing to just frolic will be sent to another. The dragons are not forgotten either as it seems more snow has been moved in so that those that want to play as well can without destroying the work of their human counter parts.

Sephany is dressed a little more reasonably today; still with thick cloak, scarf and mittens, but many not so many layers beneath it all. And maybe not so tightly done up. The hood is down, letting her blond hair blow this way and that. The scarf hangs loosely around her neck, but the mittens are on. "Good evening, Riohra!" she calls, skipping forward with a bright look in her grey eyes. "Snowmen, hm?" and she peeks around him toward the pile of snow. "Is this a solo competition, or can we have partners?"

Kassala is back from… maybe a nap. The poor redhead has been running from one end of the bowl to the other for the last three days and likely could have used one! She didn't know quite what she was getting into when she spoke up and volunteered to help with the event. But, she's having fun, and that's what matters, right? Hurrying out of the living caverns, she turns to move towards the snowman area, once she's spied the tall hunter there. A smile is given to Sephany, "Evening!"

Riohra grins at Sephany saying "you can if you want, we have a few who are teamed up or you can go solo". He stands in front of the roped off area for people to build snowmen, clip board in hand the early evening still has light coming from the Rukbat but even now torches and other portable lights are already being brought out and set up. He smiles at Kassala and nods as the little red head head finally seems to have gotten some well deserved rest.

"Oh, well…" and Sephany pauses, thoughtful, pale eyebrows drawn down as she considers her options. "I suppose it will be me for the time, but can someone join me, if they want to?" She'd like all the rules, please, before she gets started. Even if she's eyeing the fresh snow with eager eyes. "So? solo for now, I suppose!" But just as gleeful at the prospect. "When do I get to start?" As Kassala arrives, she flashes the redhead a bright smile and lifts a mitten-ed hand to give her a small wave. "Good evening, Kassala."

Moving to stand at Riohra's side, Kassala wraps an arm about the hunter's waist, leaning in close for a moment in a hug, tiptoeing to kiss his cheek, "How's it going?" She asks of him quickly before he speaks up to Sephany, giving her the rules as they might be. "There really aren't rules.. this is the free build area…" A gesture is given back to where the snow and ice sculptures that are up for judging are located, "Those are the ones being judged…"

Eiram has been up for the games, not visiting his parents this time but as part of the harper contengent of entertainers for the last few days. From singing, to playing music for dancing and skaters to other entertainments for the crowds. With a bit of time before his next set Eiram had put his lyre away for now and come to join in the snowman games. As he comes upon some familiar faces a cheerful smile alights his youthful features. "What a wonderful day for playing in the snow!"

CUE RISALI! Who is still in Fort, yes, because she can be, fight her. Her being here is only important because she's here, and that means she's making her way from the living caverns with a mug of hot cocoa in her hands to where snowmen are apparently going to be built, bundled up in her leathers and a coat that doesn't belong to her because she stole it, and it's too big, and shut up because she doesn't want to get WHISKED AWAY BY BRONZERIDERS and threatened with pneumonia again. Shhh, shhh. Risali is smiling to those gathered as she arrives, the gesture lacking confidence, perhaps (she sucks at people), but not courage or //strength/. It's why she's liberal with, "Hello," around the rim of her drink to Sephany, and Eiram, and Kass, and Rio. Rio whom she stops beside as eyes flicker towards the building area. "Do we have to sign up, or…?" She might as well try her FAILING HAND at making a snow person.

Riohra grins and winks at Kassala saying loud enough for anyone else in the area wanting to join in can hear, "Single or pairs will have one hour to make a quick snow sculpture they can. Once you are in the rope you are there if you leave your snow man is disqualified. If you don't want to be judged but still would like to participate just move over to the right side of the area" He nods to Risali giving her a smile and then add to those assembled "So solo or teams?"

Sephany is attentive to the rules. Really. Even if her gaze is fluttering this way and that, ever settling completely. A grin and a wave for Risali. Because she knows her now, so… friends! "You really can't leave?" she wonders, eyeing the roped off area. "What if you have to pee?" It doesn't stop her from heading towards the ropes, just waiting for the go-ahead. "Eiram!" and another wave for him, as well. "Wanna build a snowman with me?"

It would seem that Kassala is wrong. Go figure! She blinks a few times at Riohra before sighing, "Whoops… this is all you, so I shall just hush." She teases the hunter, flashing him a quick grin before saying in a stage whisper to Sephany, "Ignore me… " Maybe she should go get some klah to help wake her napping brain up a little more? So, the redhead stands back, letting Rio do his thing… oh yeah..

Eiram looks over to the Tailor apprentice as she calls out his name, looks to the competition arena then claps his gloved hands together. "For sure. Us apprentices have to stick together, eh?" He says even if they are from different crafts. The boy looks around 10 years old, but given that he is an apprentice he is likely older. He looks over to others, "So when do we start?"

Solo or teams? Risali looks around herself, accepts that she's a loner, and gives Rio another one of those muted, short-lived smiles from around her hot cocoa. "Uhm," she says intelligently, with a gentle rise and fall of one shoulder. "I'll watch?" Sephany gets a dip of the junior queenrider's head in another quiet hello, and then she's shuffling off to the side for now, to find a place to sit her bottom in the snow and just BE AN OBSERVER. Because yeah.

Riohra nods and grins to those there and holds up a timer, there are several others waiting at the ropes as well some old some very young but most in the apprentice age range. "Ready? Set.. GO!!!!!!" and starts the timer. Others will rush in and start claiming good spots for the crafting needs. Riohra chuckles and then looks at Kassala showing her the clipboard saying "What are you waiting for you signed up get going!"

"Yay!" Sephany even goes so far as to clap her mitten-hands together once before she turns her attention back to the snow-covered area. She balances on her toes, leaning forward in anticipation as Riohra starts the countdown. On the 'Go' she all but dives under the rope and into a pile, grabbing great handfuls of the stuff to ball up and…. throw at Risali? Sure. "Haha!" in gleeful delight. But then it's down to business, attention going to her mischievous partner as she asks, "What should we make?" as she starts trying to gather the snow once more.

Kassala watches as people get ready, then hurry off to lay claim to an area with plenty of snow. Chuckling at the good natured grumbling that might come, she leans in against Riohra, only to turn her head, and peer at the clipboard, "No.. I didn't??" Confusion reins for a moment, and then it hits her, "Wait.. you can't just go adding my name!" But, there's a competition to be had, and with one last glare at him, the red head hurries to try and find her own plot of snow to claim. "This is just snowmen, right?" She does call out to Riohra then since she's already built something to be judged over in the other area!

Eiram looks over to Rio as he moves up to the ropes with Sephany, crouching a little so he can go under as soon as the Go is called. And so he dives under with Seph to a nearby pile of snow. He can't help but laugh as the snowball is lobbed at Risali. He picks up his own snowball and lobs it at Sephany before ducking partially behind the snowbank. "Well lets see…between a tailor and a harper…we should be able to come up with something creative." He bites his lip thoughtfully as he looks over the pile.

Riohra grins and nods to Kassala saying "whatever you want to make dear" when snow balls start flying though the tall hunter is smart enough to take up a position away from the impactzone. He grins and watches all the people enjoying the fun.

Sephany is hit with a snowball. "Hey!" she protests, glaring at her snowman partner. BETRAYAL! She looks like she's seriously considering tackling him into the snow and starting an all-out war but… well. Competition time! "Hm, hm…" she thinks aloud as she begins working to form a suitable base for building on. "Well, maybe we should just start on the basic shape and go from there? Oh! We could build a snow harper, right? Maybe playing an instrument?" Because two teenagers with zero sculpting skills (well, at least zero sculpting skills on the part of the tailor) can SURELY take on that kind of intricate project, right?

Kassala shakes her head at Riohra, and decides to go with what she knows best - dragons. But on a smaller version. Snow is gathered up, and soon takes the shape of a ball. A big ball. IT's so pretty and round and big. Still giving Rio a mock glare, she works on her snow…ball.

Eiram nods to Sephany with an emphatic gesture, "And it can be wearing a dress of your design! Lets make our mark in this competition." All enthusiam at least even with high ambitions. "I know you need a solid base, so we can start from there?" He offers as he kneels in the snow and starts to push the snow in a more compacted form to start forming the base. He glances around to see if there are any other items in the arena to decorate their creation with.

Riohra grins as he is glared at by Kassala, he is immunized against such forms of offense, probably because it happens so often. He will move about checking other contestants, more than once he has to reach in and pull out a 'Syn-special' firework someone is building into there sculpture he puts those in his back pocket for later. There are so many different things, one is done by a whole family that looks like a replica of a Ista island. While a baker is adding food coloring to his creation to make the snow look as though it is a real dragon egg.

"I can do that!" decides the weaver apprentice, grinning as Eiram joins her in building a base. "Just make it really wide, so I can carve it out later. I'm thinking frills…" of course she is. Sephany gets down to the task at hand, packing on snow in record time as they build up their base to reasonable height. "Can you shape the upper half while I start working on the skirt?" she wonders, not waiting for a response before she kneels in the snow once again, ignoring the snow melting against her knees.

Kassala turns her back on Riohra - lucky man - and gives her attention to the giant snow ball before her. She begins to shape it from it's round shape, to more an egg shape over time. Just when she gets it the perfect shape, she digs into the top, sawing away pieces to be repacked. This egg has hatched! While the bottom half remains of the 'shell', the top half will be composed of a dragonet.

"Frills…" Eiram repeats in amusement but nods and starts to work on the torso portion packing on snow to his chest height. He looks ponderously at this level before he starts packing on snow on the front of the snow woman. Boobs. The lumps are not quite even in size or height but well it is clear what they are. "How are you going down there?"

Riohra is walking about again he will pass Kassala and her egg, when she eggsecutes it he will stop and then sees what she is up to laughs a little. He will call out after looking at his timer saying "Half way marker, plenty of time left…" no really but why add pressure. he walks by to see the two apprentices and will tilt his head to figure out what they are making. When he realizes what is going on he will turn his head, tips of his ears a bright pink as he walks passed.

"I'm doing great!" says Sephany. She's carving her hand through the base, making a wavy pattern to mimic the look of ruffles and frills. And then another layer, and another, as if the snow-Harper is wearing a dress of many layers. Too bad it kinda fails in execution and looks more like she can't form a straight line. DETAILS! There's a small squeak of nervous-excitement for that half-way warning, and she quickly doubles down at her work. "That one's too small," and she'll point at the uneven book with one mitten. But as she's done with the skirt, she'll just go right at that bust, rubbing mittened hands over those lopsided boobies to even them out and give them proper form, digging in thumbs to trace out the neckline of a dress. A very LOW cut dress. "Can you craft an instrument?" never mind arms. Who needs arms? And maybe they should give the woman a head, at some point…

Half way?!? Oh shards! Kassala mutters, and goes about trying to get the dragonet done, most of her concentration there. Head. Check. Front legs. Check. Body. Check. Wings… needs wings… and every time she tries to get them formed, they fall off the poor dragonet. Guess he's more a wherry than a dragon!

Eiram glances down to the work being done on the skirt and grins, "Definitely will make a fine designer." He offers her and looks back up to the boobs at the comment, but leaves the fine tuning to the one more familar with them and starts on the head. A simple round head with pressed in divits for eyes that he places stones in. He heads over to a wood pile and thoughtfully shifts through it before bringing back to forked long twigs and a slightly thicker straightish one. When he brings back back his finds, "Figure these for arms and this for a pipe? Wanna work on hair?"

Riohra has the luck or the situational awareness NOT to be watching Sephany and her snow forming. Nope he is currently scooping up a youngin from Igen that has escaped his mother and was dead set on runing to play in the snow. He hands off the tike and checks the timer saying "Two minute warning!!" he will smile with a little bit more glee than he should as the contestants start to panic and make mad dashes to finish.

Scambling herself, still trying to get the shardin' wings to stay on, Kassala repacks, and repacks the snow. Casting her gaze to the baker nearby, she calls out to him, "Mind if I use some green?" She gestures to the food coloring he was using, gaining a cheerful nod of his head. "Thanks!" Time to try and get some color on that dragonett, though… rushing.. food dye… just doesn't work well.

As the end of the competition is nearing, Eiram places the twig arms in on the sides and points them up and jams the straightish stick in where the mouth would be. There is some rather precarious balancing of the three sticks , mostly off the edges of the boobs to get them to vaguely look like a harper playing a pipe. He works on helping Sephany with the head dumping some snow on the head and trying to sculpt in to somewhat hair looking shapes. No fancy dyes, and it may not be a work of art, but not bad for a pair of apprentices.

TIME!! echo's through the bowl even over the noise of people at work and play. Riohra moves back over and says to the contestants "Clean up, and stand next to your creations, I will be by to make notes and then pick a winner." He grins and picks up a clipboard and pen to start making notes on things.

Kassala's head whips to the front as time is called, her hands going still over the dragonet, dye dripping from the bottle to melt the snow beneath it. "Shards!" Not done is she! Oh well. Turning, she hands the baker back his bottle of dye, thanking him once more for letting her use it. As she turns back to stand at the side of her creation, the dragonet atop the half egg starts to wobble unnoticed. Wobble. Wobble. Tiiiimmmmmbbbeeerrrrr… sPlAt! A surprised yelp is heard from the dragonhealer who gets dyed snow spilling over her, oozing down her clothing, smearing green across her face. The baker tries not to laugh, but does lean over, "You might want to go jump into the baths as soon as possible or you're going to stay green for a few days!" With another yelp, Kassala is running off for the living caverns! She soooooo does not want to remain green faced!

As time is called, Eiram tries to make a few last minute adjustments. Bigger boobs. Well he is a teenage boy after all. He gives an innocent smile to Sephany as he quickly steps aside and dusts his hands off on his pants and glances at the other contestants and sees quite a few more 'professional' ones than theirs but he is not disheartened. The Tailor-Harper creation is proudly stood by and he gives Sephany and encouraging smile. "The ruffles are amazing."

Riohra is looking over a sculpture when he hears the fall and the yelp, he sees Kass and she is green? sick? Ahhh yeah he sees what happens, he doesn't laugh not at all, nope.. oh he laughs but quietly and only for a bit.. He will get back to task at hand and move to stand in front of Sephany and Eiram's…Creation? and asks "what do you call this? and what is the reasoning behind it?"

Sephany and Eiram did the thing! Er, well. They tried their best, and that counts, right? As time is called, Sephany will step back, flashing a grin at Eiram for his last-minute booby adjustment. "Nice," she tells him, looking a bit like her older brother for a moment there. Kassala's unfortunate snow-adventure makes her wince and giggle, though she doesn't rush to her aid (they're competitors, after all). And then there is Rio, asking for what they call this thing? "Err… ahh… um…" blank stare. "Lay-dee…?" hesitant. Then firmer. "Lady. Sure. Just call it Lady." Cause if nothing else, it is DEFINITELY female.

Eiram nods to the naming and looks back to Rio, "Lady of the Crafts?" He adds in pointing at them both, "She is a harper wearing one of Sephany's fine creations. Look at the detailing of the ruffles…" He says with a motion down then up the skirt, "And she is well a she.." He says with a game show presentation wave to the chest, "And playing a pipe. Best of both of our crafts."

Riohra tilts his head and nods, so professional right… "Well, definatly points for creativeness" HE walks around it quickly and will grin saying "Good job you two". He will wander along through the rest making small talk and other such niceties. The bakers egg melted on the back half as it seems someone still found a way to use a firework to blow there virsion of the red star. After he wonders around he will walk back and tally the winnings. 3rd place goes to the family and there Ista Island, Second to the half melted baker. HE walks over and gives each of the runners up a ribbon and some sweet treats. He then turn back to the Lady! and say "well it still stands and it was creative you two win Great job" he hands them both a blue ribbon and a double bag of minted sweets as well as a some hand made certificates of victory.

Sephany and Eiram won? "Wait, what?" She can't believe it herself. And then she's jumping up and down in the air, waving her hands and shrieking in that high-pitched way that only young girls can shriek. "WE WON WE WON WE WON!" and now she's throwing herself at Eiram in a half-tackle half-hug that will end with him being smothered by the storm of fabric and long, blond hair that is Sephany… or it will end with her face-down in the snow if he's smart enough to dodge her. Either way, she's still giggling madly. Because hey. The girl takes winning seriously.

Eiram stands by Sephany as the others are judged, looking perhaps a hint nervous to hear the results. When they are informed that it is them his eyes brighten and he looks up at Riohra in surprise before turning to Sephany, "WE WON!" With almost the same enthusiasm and they collide in a celebratory tackle hug that knocks him down into the snow behind but with laughter coming from him. "It was the ruffles that did it!"

Riohra grins at the pair and says "why dont you all go and get warmed up in the living caverns, while I help set up for the next event?" he says to all around. As the contestances shuffle off he will look over the 'LADY' victor again and just laugh to himself. What a wonderful time people can have in the snow..

<OOC> And here is the winning snow person! "https://sallanscorner.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/snowwoman-1-6-2001.jpg"

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