Who Kassala D'lei Th'ero E'vyl Risali S'dny Nyalle Riohra
What Monaco Team's Event
When Winter
Where Center Bowl, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Center Bowl
The wide center of the bowl is often bustling with activity as riders come and go. Off westward can be seen the entrances for the candidate barracks and the guest weyr, while to the east is a large opening that leads into the dragon infirmary. The bowl stretches off both to the north and to the south, where the sheer stone walls rise steeply to the sky.

People are having fun coming and going all around the Fort area. The members of Monaco's S&R Team are given notice to arrive at the Center Bowl with their dragons. They are the only team there when they arrive. It would seem, each team that signed up, is given their own scenario to work, happening at various times during the whole event. Some had gone the day before, others are to come the next.

There's a flag that flaps in the center bowl that marks the place the team is to gather, and standing there is Kassala and Riohra, waiting for their group to assemble.

Monaco assemble! Syd and Marzoth stand there in the center bowl ready to take to the sky and show off what Monaco dragons are capable of. « It is time to show these Fortians what real dragons are capable of. » the bronze says to his fellow team members, though the message is for every dragon that is there watching. Syd stands there with Marzoth waiting for his fellow team members to show. He's spent the day exploring Fort and looking at all the stuff that is going on during the games, and of course chatting with various people that he has met.

Now's the moment everyone's been waiting for! At least, if the "everyone" is used to just mean the five riders from Monaco Bay and their dragons. With two wings of S&R to draw on, there were plenty of choices to be made, but these five are the ones chosen - including the Weyrleader to unite them! Garouth glides to a position at Marzoth's left, his tattered wings furling against his back as he settles to the ground. D'lei sits on his back, head high as he holds himself steady. His brush with an impromptu avalanche? Insufficient to keep him down! D'lei is here and ready, so are his boots, and the cold of Garouth's mind matches the chill in the air quite well as bronze and bronzer await. Now's the moment everyone's been waiting for! At least, if the "everyone" is used to just mean the five riders from Monaco Bay and their dragons. With two wings of S&R to draw on, there were plenty of choices to be made, but these five are the ones chosen - including the Weyrleader to unite them! Garouth glides to a position at Marzoth's left, his tattered wings furling against his back as he settles to the ground. D'lei sits on his back, head high as he holds himself steady. His brush with an impromptu avalanche? Insufficient to keep him down! D'lei is here and ready, so are his boots, and the cold of Garouth's mind matches the chill in the air quite well as bronze and bronzer await.

E'vyl and Firith don't take too long to arrive at the bowl. The brown at almost one hundred percent health after being knocked from the sky a little while ago. Roaming around Fort has been quite interesting, if not downright toe numbing after too long tromping around in the snow. The duo arrive after the bloated bronze bully, but no matter. E'vyl reaches a comforting hand to soothe his dragonmate as they take a position a a good distance from the bronze pair, leaving enough room for a couple other pairs of dragons to stand between them. The Monacoans may have come to kick some butt, or well, save some. But that doesn't mean they will show a united front in the process.

Riohra stands next to Kassala in his arms are a set of first aid kits that are set up for each rider. He will nod at Kassala saying "looks like they are ready do you want to ride with them to spectate or me to go this time?"

Kassala smiles to the team from Monaco Bay Weyr as they arrive, "Good day riders!" She calls out, her voice easily heard by all as she steps forwards, sheets of paper to be held up to each rider in turn for them to get. "These maps will show where your team is to patrol. How well you patrol, will determine if you find the scenario that was drawn for you. One of us will ride with you, and paired with a report given by anyone involved, is how we will determine the winner… " Once the maps are handed out to the five team members, she returns to the front near the flag, "Do you all understand?" There's no information on /what/ they will be doing, only the map of the area they are to patrol in. Did they expect any hints?? Not even the other teams that went the day before is offering stories of what they came across! Turning to Riohra, the redhead gives him a smile, "I will today?" That said, she will turn back to the group, "Who can I ride with?"
Nyalle strolls down towards the gathered crowds, trying to keep back and not call too much attention to herself. Looking around for the Weyrleader, she tries to find Th'ero so she can go stand with him, as is proper. Unless he's participating!

Monaco has assembled, and now its Monaco's turn to show their stuff. Syd, E'vyl, D'lei and the others. The weyrleader listens to the instructions from the Fortian and nods his understanding. It doesn't seem like they will be getting much in the way of instructions. Thats ok. He's confident in the wings ability to get the job done. He quickly mounts up to sit on his dragon. Then when Kassala asks who she will be riding with he glances over in the direction of the wingleader, "D'lei would you like to have a guest?" he asks. This is D'lei's real job after all and if anyone is going to represent the wing it should be the wingleader.

D'lei accepts the map given, with a glance down to it as a part of his nod, then back up to Kassala. "Do we have an environmental report?" He's asking like he expects the answer to probably be no, but… his wing does weather satellites in addition to rescues! He's used to having that data, so he's got to at least ask even if he's going to be denied. D'lei looks to S'dny at the question, with a tilt of his head. "Your call." A smile. "Garouth and I are certainly willing, but it might be a job for diplomacy." Which ought to be the Weyrleader's job, right?

E'vyl turns his attention towards Kassala when she calls them to attention, in her own way. She doesn't give much to go on and he gives a little grin, head canting to Firith as he murmurs. "Maybe we'll get lucky and 'X' will mark the spot aye?" The dark brown snuffles in a way that seems to say he doubts tht will be the case. Stepping forward, he takes a map "Thanks." This to Kassala before he starts back to his dragonmate's side. Passing D'lei he nods. "Fly well." He encourages the other team members as well, most all of them at least. He's about to offer the redhead a ride on Firith, but when D'lei is volunteered, E'vyl continues on to his brown's side, studying the map while he can.

Riohra will hand out the first aid kits to each of the riders, saying "Just because these are simulated doesn't mean there isn't real danger, these kits can be used in real emergencies as well as the trail." He will move to stand back where the flag is, he gives Kassala a grin and will answer D'lei's question "since it wouldn't be fair to use satellites what you see is what you get we are doing this old school. This shows your talent and how hard you trained. While you are out there Kassala is there only to spectate but does have the ability to call the trail should something happen she deems against to rules." He will grin to the red head and take his stance at the table with a timer rigged to it waiting for Kass to tell him when to start the time.

Kassala steps forwards, looking between Wingleader and Weyrleader, "Sooo.. which one?" She's more than ready to climb aboard either, whenever that is decided. With Riohra giving out the kits, and supplying the answer to the question, she will say once buckled up, "Whenever you take to the air, the timer starts." They have a moment to see where their area is, and then it's time to hit the air.

The map has been seen and the first aid kit taken as well. Accidents do happen and it is better to be prepared than not to be. Yes. Diplomacy is a thing that Marzoth and Syd do. Scary thought. The weyrleader looks down to the Fortian. "Looks like you'll be joining me then." he say giving her permission to scramble up and get herself strapped in. He glances to his fellow Monacoans and nods to each of them, even E'vyl. "Alright everyone we are going to fly hard and get this done." he says putting the goggles over his face to ready himself to take tot he skies with the rest of the wing.

"You too," D'lei replies to E'vyl, in a quiet tone but with a smile. « The air here moves quickly. » is Garouth's contribution, shared with the Monaco dragons in a shift of shadows like ink dropped onto the breeze to show his understanding of the currents before he subsides to waiting silence once more. Riohra's answer is received with a wry smile. "Watchdragon broke his leg. Check." Because even when the satellites aren't working, there's still data that could be gotten… but won't be available, at least this time. Such is the game of S&R Games! D'lei takes a glance through the first aid pack, just to see what he's got, before he tucks it in to Garouth's straps - along with his own self - as Kassala gets settled in Marzoth's. Monaco, mounted up! S'dny speaks words of inspiration! And then D'lei… adds some of his own, projected loud enough to be clearly heard even by a wing he half-expects to be larger. "Okay. We're going to start with a survey sweep, then go in depth with a cross-hatch. Your reference pivots are the crag and river." Not so inspiring, maybe, but hey. "We may be on a timer, but it's not a crisis 'til we find one." D'lei puts out his hand, ready to give the signal to rise, but… before he does… "Any questions?"

E'vyl glances up from studying the map, almost dragging his eyes up as if trying to get a couple more seconds to learn the area to see Riohra handing over first aid kids. Nodding he takes it, stuffing map in a pocket. Rather than stow the field kit, he pops it open and gives it a looksee before nodding and stowing it away. In short order, he's mounted on Firith's saddle and double checking his gear. His Wingleader's final words are nodded to, then a headshake at the question. "Not right now." He may come up with some when it's too late though, wouldn't be the first time. With a final tug to his gloves, E'vyl secures his goggles, then they waits for the command to rise.

Riohra grins and is set with the timer, he will chuckle at D'lei joke about the watch dragon. He will watch there preflight and make little notes for later, he grins at Kass and gives her a thumbs up they are set here.

The group rises from the center bowl, and together, heads off following the map. It's quite clear what area they are to patrol, craggy mountains to the west of the weyr. The air is crisp and cool, and visibility is actually not that bad. While the clouds hang around the mountain, it doesn't look like it's going to snow anytime soon. The view is quite beautiful, if any of them are not used to such. Kassala is quiet, buckled behind S'dny, letting he and his dragon concentrate on their job.

T'ilk and his dragon keeps the formation, gazes scanning the ground that's mostly tree covered. There's a ribbon of a road that weaves it's way through the trees, likely heading to one of the holds nearby. The rider looks, then turns away, not catching anything out of the ordinary.

Syd has no questions for D'lei as he speaks up. Seems simple enough for now! Marzoth with his rider and their guest in tow rises into the sky with a great flap of his wings. Syd heads off in the direction indicated on the map. Both Marzoth and his rider scan the ground looking for anything that might be out of the ordinary, but at least this time round see nothing. It doesn't matter though it's enough to get a change in pace from the standard views from flying around Monaco. Mountains and winter are a welcome change. He keeps his gaze mostly directed at the ground and leaves the other members of the wing to do their jobs.

Up, up, and away! To a view of trees, and snow, and on they soar until… huh. D'lei may not be a northern mountaineer born OR bred, but he just recently had an encounter with snow tumbling rapidly down and engulfing things so unfortunate as to be in its wake. (Like him, and his boot.) And, with that newfound knowledge, that part where crisp, bright, fresh looking white has poured over a segment of the road? That looks suspicious. Even more so when his view is supplemented by draconic eyes! So, D'lei lifts his hand in the signal for attention as Garouth bespeaks the rest. « Snow has swept the road by the broken pine. » Which, okay, that snapped tree he shows the rest in his mental image, also evidence. « We search for people beneath it. » And there's the hand-signal to turn and fly toward where the road has been buried beneath the tumbled snow and debris of a recent avalanche.

When the command to rise comes, Firith leaps in unison with the dragons on either side of him. E'vyl leans forward, streaming lining himself some against the brown's neck to make himself less of a target against the artic breeze. Plus, it helps in scanning the ground below. He alternates between peering off either side of Firith's neck. After a few minutes of peering down on the very white, near blinding landscape, the brownrider scrunches his eyes close and the blinks a few times. That doesn't seem to help him spot anything out of the ordinary below though. Good thing Firith's on the job, and with much better eyesight then E'vyl has. Garouth spots an area of concern along the road and informs the rest of the wing. Firith dips his wing, and veers towards what appears a recent avalanche has destroyed a section of the forest, and scattered some boulders across the road. Or so E'vyl sees with his puny human eyes « Not boulders. Wheels. » The pair descend quickly, leveling off to pass over what he can now tell is an overturns wagon mostly buried by the destructive force of snow. Circling back around Firith informs the rest of the team « I hear a voice. It's muffled but sounds frantic for help. »

As described, the alvanache has covered part of the road for at least two gold's length, pushing over trees, and moving boulders. At the end, is indeed, one wagon half buried in the snow. When dragons land, and riders move closer, it is as Firith has said - a muffled voice coming from the backend of the wagon. It won't take much digging of dragons and/or riders, to finally uncover the hole in the snow where one woman and a small child dummy, were trapped. "Oh, thank Faraneth!" The woman will exclaim, looking a little bedraggled. The little child has a 'bump' on her head with blood down it's face. The woman doesn't look too bad, at least at first glance. "Did you find my husband??" She's almost frantic, "Our runner came up lame, and he was walking.." She gestures towards the hold, "Then there came a rumbling and…." Swoosh.. buried in snow.

Upon receiving the image from the other dragons Marzoth shifts his wings to zero in on the snow covered wagon. He wheels in the sky and soon enough is on the ground. Syd quickly undoes his straps and dismounts his dragon carrying the first aid kit with him. Even though this is only a simulation his heart is pumping. This isn't something he gets to do on a daily basis and it is not a job he has ever done. He hangs back to take his cue from the others who /do/ do this job on a daily basis. The woman and child are indeed found in short order, but where is the husband? Probably under the rest of that snow. He will let the experts tend to the wounded woman and child, he will throw himself into digging around in the snow to see about finding the lost husband.

Crisis: found. Along with two victims, and… a report of another. "We'll find him," D'lei assures the woman, then steps back to… right. "St've, S'dny, T'lik. You're searching road and downslope, he may have been swept away. Might be unconscious, probe the snow and get your dragons to check for minds." That mission given… he turns back to the wagon and its victims. "Let's get you checked over, okay?" he says, with his best calm-but-urgent smile. "E'vyl, do a triage while I get the kits. Possible head injury, shock, hypothermia risk…" But hey, maybe the brownrider will find something else while he investigates! And while D'lei jogs back to Garouth to grab his kit.

E'vyl directs Firith to land a little ways from the overturned wagon once D'lei orders the rest of the team to search for the woman's husband. E'vyl had grabbed a camp shovel from the brown's packs before trotting over and helping work to dig, Firith approaches at a quick pace for a dragon lumbering on the ground and does his part to haul the mass of snow clear so the broken wagon can be shifted. "Mine's right next to the blankets." Which they will probably need as well. With some clearance now under the destroyed future bonfire, E'vyl half crawls under the wagon and carefully grabs the woman's son. "We'll take care of him ma'am. What's his name?" He starts scooching back, pulling the injured dummy boy with him as carefully as he can til he's clear of the wagon. Shifting around, he looks at the bump, but it's what's on the 'boys' chest that has the brownrider pausing in his actions before doing anything else and pushing his goggles up. Silly things are going foggy on him, making it hard to…read.

T'ilk is quick to listen to his wingleader, the rider and dragon flying over the lower edges of the avalanche's reach, skimming over, looking for any tell-tale bump in the snow, or even body parts sticking out. Nothing is found in their first sweep.

Kassala watches them all, not offering comment, neither getting down from the dragon she's riding. The mother in the wagon is still frantic, but hands over her son to E'vyl, remaining in the wagon till helped out as well.

Crisis found indeed. He hears the wingleaders voice telling him to look for the husband. Good. He chose the correct course of action. S'dny and St've walk through the the mound of snow looking for any evidence of life. Or at least any evidence of a body. Not too far away, perhaps a dragonlength, there is a stick sticking out of the ground and St've walks right past it, though Syd does not. He moves closer to the stick and begins to dig in the snow. Underneath snow is the unconscious figure of the husband. At least he's guessing, "Found him." he calls out. "Not conscious but breathing." he takes a closer look and finds the mark indicating his leg is broken, "Broken leg." he adds to the list.

D'lei returns quickly with a medical supplies - set by E'vyl as he inspects the child dummy - and some blankets, some of which he sets by the young pseudo-victim so he can be wrapped up warmly. Another is kept with him as he goes to help the woman out, assisting and encouraging her to climb… and watching how she moves, as he does. Not that she's probably actually injured, because if the games did that to real people on purpose… well, that'd just be brutal…. but still. He's being judged! By Kassala, up on S'dny's high dragon. "Easy now, right up this way…" D'lei says, and then the blanket's put around the woman's shoulders, tucked in close as she comes out into the open and… that's when S'dny calls out his find. "Stay with your child," he orders the woman, because Faranth, the last thing they need is to have her stumbling across the snow after her husband. Which is also why Garouth relays the order to, « Assume spinal injury. » Because if that fellow got thrown around with enough force to break his leg - without the shelter of that wagon - well… better safe than sorry! Which is why D'lei is going back by the supplies with E'vyl to grab himself a neck-brace as well as one of those blankets to run to where S'dny has found the not-yet-dead body!

E'vyl scans the note pinned to the dummies chest and reaches for th ekit when D'lei drops it by him "Thanks, mama's still in thre." He hasn't gone back for her yet, since he assumed parents are more concerned with their children's health than their own. And since 'mama' didn't give him a name, he improvises as he plucks a few things from the kit and begins carefully cleaning the seemingly small wound that's swelling a bit. "Hey little man.." He checks the 'boys eyes and continues talking as if trying to get the patient talking. Hypothermia doesn't seem to be an issue, the boy feels overly hot actually. Never the less, one of the blankets is slipped under his head and another draped loosely over him. With that done, he moves to help extract the woman, and tossing out what he observed from the injured boy to his Wingleader. "The boy has a head injury, with a bit of swelling. He's not responding, may have a concussion, but I didn't see any other injuries. I've made him as comfortable as I can for the moment." But what does he know, he was a runner jockey, not a healer.

The mother will be worried, even more as she hears the call that her husband was found nearby. Helped out of the wagon, it's apparent to those looking her over, that her wrist is broken, and the fingers are starting to become frostbitten. But, she'd done her best to keep her son warm, holding him close to her skin wrapped under her jacket until they were found.

Kassala continues to take notes, to watch what is done, and with S'dny discovering the husband, leans over in her seat on the bronze's back to see how they continue to take care of the injured. Time is of the essence, right, to get them all back to the weyr and to the healers that are no doubt waiting for them.

Syd having called out the information and gotten a response back stays put with the man while D'lei runs to get blankets and the neck brace. « Very possible. » Marzoth responds back to Garouth. Syd meanwhile looks up to the actual search and rescue man and asks, "So how are we going to get him back to the infirmary. He's too cold to between back. Not to mention how are we going to keep his spine and neck stable on the trip." This is probably stuff search and rescue deals with all the time, but Syd is a desk jockey who never has to deal with this sort of thing.

D'lei frowns for E'vyl's report, answering him in a low tone. "Right. Let's get him strapped in for transport, he needs a healer stat." Head injuries are so out of their league. Garouth sends a summons that has T'lik jogging back to join them as an extra set of hands. "I want a full board for the boy, and get her in a wrist brace and a chemical warmer. You can take them both if they're ready, but our priority is the kid. She can ride with her husband instead." One way or the other, that woman should be riding with someone in her family! Because… it'll keep her fussing focused on them, and maybe reassure them even if they're not conscious. And, speaking of that husband… when he gets there, anyhow… "We fly them straight," D'lei answers S'dny's one question, even as he slides in with the neck-brace to demonstrate the answer to the other. It's plastic and metal and straps, designed to just keep things from moving! Which is to say, it is the most uncomfortable torture device ever designed, but a good half the time the victims aren't awake to appreciate it. "There's a reason rescue riders win races." Also why people sometimes claim they have sticks up their butts, but really, the sticks are more strapped against their patients as splints and backboards. Details!

E'vyl glances around to see T'ilk rushing forward, slidin gto a stop and nodding before he starts gathering the items D'lei asked for. E'vyl will finish helping D'lei get the woman out from under the pile of kindling that used to be a wagon, before draping a blanket over her shoulders then hurrying back to tend to the small dummy. T'ilk stops by the wingleader and quickly passing over a couple of blankets, wrist brace and a couple of the chemical warmers before trudging to where E'vyl is leaning over the prone form of the dummy. "I'll ease him up on that side, then carefully slide the board under him." Nods are passed between the two riders before they put words to action. While they work, E'vyl cast his attention to D'lei or other riders as needed. Before the boy is strapped down, the brownrider will slide a little padding under his head and readjust the blanket before strapping the board securely to the board "You're gonna be alright little man. Get you back to the weyr and you can have all the cocoa you can finish. Be bouncing off the walls on a sweet high in no time." Yes, he's talking to a dummy, wouldn't be the first time. Well, it is the first none breathing one he's spoken to.

The riders make quick work at getting their patients stabilized and ready for the flight back to the weyr. The mother will go with her son, once she has the chance to check on her husband, of course. The only one of the three who's still conscious! Kassala remains on Marzoth, continuing to watch from the bronze's back how each one handles what they were given to do, nodding her head at times.

It looks like Syd's work is done. D'lei has this man well in hand. Or at least well in stick. He glances back to see that E'vyl has the mother and son already well in hand as well. This is going very well. The weyrleader backs away from the patient to let D'lei do whatever it is he needs to do to secure him to Garouth. Syd returns to his own bronze and quickly gets himself strapped back in. He glances over to make sure that Kassala is still strapped in. "Alright. Time to head back." he says to no one in particular and Marzoth lifts lifts into the sky to start heading back toward Fort.

There's a mental check between the dragons as patients are prepped and stowed for transport. "St've, you have the site," D'lei instructs. "Low flight to check for other disturbances, then report in to the hold that they've got an obstruction…" Pause, and he turns his head to look for Kassala. Addressing the observer! The greatest sin in a game like this! …which he's saved from, because Marzoth's already lifted off with her in tow. "…well." A frown. "I think we're probably done with the game, but run a quick sweep of the snow?" he tells the rider with a slight quirk of a smile. "Don't want to lose points if we've got an unnamed fourth victim hiding out there." Which gets a nod, and then… off they go, Garouth moving his wings with motions that are careful on the takeoff to avoid jerk but then swiftly increasing in speed to get that dummy of a boarded victim back to the Weyr just as soon as possible. There's cocoa on the line, after all! …for the riders after their game, not the victims once they regain consciousness, but still. They return, more or less triumphant!

E'vyl , with T'ilk's help, get the dummy boy comfortably (as wll as they can tell) strapped tothe board, and shifted onto Firith's back. E'vyl repositions some of the packs and bundles so that the patients’ head is elevated over his feet. Adding another blanket around the head to protect from the rushing winds on dragonback, he spends a moment longer double checking he's firmly secured before helping his now bundled mother up. Soon, she's strapped in securely where she can see her son and speak to him. Hopefully this will calm her nerves a bit. E'vyl rolls his eyes as Marzoth lifts off and heads back to Fort before the rest of the Wing is prepared. But no matter. It's only another moment or two before E'vyl settles in and instructs Firith to lift off as gently as the brown can manage. With a leap and a couple of strong wingbeats, the dragonpair is heading back to Fort to transfer the patients to Healer care.

It's good that the avalanche happened where it did they'll find. They aren't too terribly far from the weyr, having only gone half way down the length of their patrol area. With all the patients on board, dragons take off to make their way back to the weyr. Near the flag, a group of healers will await them all, prepared to take care of the incoming patients after information was relayed by dragons.

S'dny and Marzoth fly back to the weyr in short order. It wasn't that far away and land in the indicated area. Syd quickly dismounts and looks up to Kassala who surely will be wanting to get off the dragon as well. That was a fun little game. He can see how the search and rescue riders enjoy their jobs. He'll come away with deeper appreciation of their work.

Marzoth may get there first, but the rest aren't far behind! D'lei gives the overview report on conditions to those healers, though with glances to the other riders to fill in details that he may have missed with all his running around and being coordination-y. And then… their job is done, the mission is handled, and even St've is back from his bonus sweep of making double sure they were done. "…but we didn't find that lame runner," D'lei laments as he finishes handing off all the patients and the job is over. "Oh well." No point beating themselves up over the dead horse, right?

E'vyl and Firith fly a little slower than the rest of the Wing, trying to give a smoother flight for the patients. T'ilk and his dragonmate on the return trip. When they do land, and the patients are under healer, E'vyl climbs down from Firith's back and heads over to D'lei "Well that was a bit different. Searching through snowy terrain is a bit different than peering through the jungle canopy." The brownrider's ears perk up at hearing about a runner missing and then just as quickly written off as dead. That seems to irritate E'vyl, not as much as Syd does, but right up there. "Oh well?" He gives a look that clearly says 'Seriously?!?!?' He might be forgetting it's all a set up task for a moment.

Riohra grins and when all the riders are in and there charges are handed off stops the timer. He takes clip boards from others riders, it seems they were being watched and graded from afar as well! The 'mother' will walk over to him and fill out her own sheet and nod handing it to the tall hunter. Turning to the Monaco Team he grins "I can’t tell you the score yet, but you sure got the best time!"

Now back home, and handed over to the healers, both father and mother are up and grinning a little, their injuries miraculously healed! With reports handed over to Riohra, it would seem the team is done with their scenario.

With Riohra turning the timer off, Kassala is quickly undoing her buckles so she might climb off the bronze's back, jumping down to the packed snow, "Very well done!" Heading back towards the table, she checks in with the healers, nodding a few times at reports given to her by them before she finally turns back to the Monaco group, adding to what Riohra has said, "You did great. Discovered all that you could. The healers say you triaged them all properly, and gave them the proper care so that they would all recover here at the weyr without much incident. " Having heard the comment about the horse, she chuckles, "Actually, you did well in not spending a lot of time looking for the horse, though it would have been found up the road closer to the hold. So, no worries there, and no points lost at all for not finding it." That said, she bows her head to the group, "It was great to travel with you all, and see you in action. The final tally of points will be announced at Sunday's ceremony before the dance."

WELL WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT! Everybody is back! HUZZAH! VICTORY! And there to greet the riders of Deluge (and one honorary member: S'dny) are Risali and Ravy - Ravy who has winter flowers braided into her hair in a little crown, and who is on Risali's hip as she bounces the child and waves at E'vyl with her. YOU DID SO MANY GOODS, DADDY. So many goods. That's why they are cheering of course, even if they don't approach because, well… maybe the game is no longer afoot, but the somethingsomethingwordfail MIGHT JUST BE. Risali also might be cheering for D'lei, but… SEMANTICS.

E'vyl listens to Kassala as she gives them a rundown of how they did. He doesn't feel sheepish at all about getting upset over his Wingleader's coldblooded outlook about runners. Simply nodding with a shrug and smiling around when he sees RAvysa and Risa a little ways off. A few minutes later, he's striding voer and "There's my little munchkin. Have you been a good girl for the Weyrwoman?" He's reaching for his daughter and scooping her into a hug." OH, you're nose is like ice." The girl giggles and tries burrowing against his neck to. He smiles to Risali "Thanks for keeping an eye on her, she give you any trouble?"

"Landslides turned white," D'lei agrees with a heh to E'vyl, then… arches a brow at the complaint about his flip joke about… the hypothetical horse! Who apparently did exist, at least as a dummy, but. "If you'd like to spend some time training with Phantasm, I'm sure that can be arranged," he tells the brownrider. "In Deluge, we're going to focus on the humans." Because D'lei is a speciesist, apparently. But he does listen to the report on how they did, with a nod for the assessment. "It was interesting, for sure!"

Risali is all smiles when E'vyl makes his way over (because she missed the exchange between Deluge riders - no harm, no foul!), handing off Ravy with a shake of her head and a gentle application of fingers through the loose bits of the child's hair before grey eyes are back on E'vyl. "Any time, really. And no, she was perfect. We danced, and we sang, and we had a lot of hot cocoa, didn't we Ravy?" Which is where Risali has the grace to look slightly apologetic. "Sorry. I was worried about her getting cold. And she liked it."

E'vyl nods to Risali as Ravy is already babbling at superspeed. Brow arches to the weyrwoman and he just smirks with an amused shake of his head "I suppose we'll be having a sleepless night with this one bouncing around the weyr. Thanks again Weyrwoman. Better get her home. Wouldn't want to deprive Krysa of all that boundless energy."

Riohra grins a the riders talk amongst themselves saying "There is fresh food and Hot Drinks in the Living cavern if need be. You all did a great job" He will pull Kassala off to the side to talk with her about how it went and get her points written down as well.

With a wave to the riders, Kassala turns and heads over to Riohra, starting to share her notes as well, healers listening in too. Tallies will be made later, to be kept till all the various teams have had their go at their scenarios. Good times to be had, that's for sure!

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