Who Riohra Risali Kassala D'lei Kayn
What Summary line if you want.
When Winter.
Where Center Bowl, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Center Bowl
The wide center of the bowl is often bustling with activity as riders come and go. Off westward can be seen the entrances for the candidate barracks and the guest weyr, while to the east is a large opening that leads into the dragon infirmary. The bowl stretches off both to the north and to the south, where the sheer stone walls rise steeply to the sky.

SHE'S HERE. AGAIN. Risali, that is. And Leirith too. They're both here, you know, existing. Listen, that they are here is only important in that it is the basis to the fact that they are here. And Risali? Well, she's over there, standing next to Leirith and trying to convince the gold just why it is a terrible idea for her to stomp all over those snow/ice sculptures that people have been working hard on. "Not even a little badass, Leirith." «But I want to feel it between my paws.» "No." «Just a little squish, minion. They will never know. We will rebuild!» Which is probably why Risali is making that face (you know, the face where her lips are frowning, and her eyes are not amused, and her brows are drawing in on that lack of amusement) before she exhales, pushing hair from her face, and then turns to kneel and start piling snow in one spot. "You can't squish their things, but I'll make you something you can." Terribly. Risali doesn't have an artistic bone in her body, but Leirith, at least, is amused.

On the second day of the Games, Riohra has been wrangled into maintaining the current status SNOW. He is out there melting away any hard stuff and directing two large browns that are lowering a large tarp between then that is full of fresh powder. He is trying not to drop it on anyone so he keeps an eye out for anyone walking underneath the area about to be whited out!

SNOW CHECK. Garouth is … learning how to be a snow-beast. He's heard of those yeti things, which, sure, they're rumors and possibly mythical, but he can investigate. Which is to say, he's taken himself out to the edges of Fort, testing his footing on snow and ice… and demanding his rider do the same, of course. They must be skilled creatures of snow and ice, if they are to be in the snow and ice! But… D'lei has passed his test, at least for now, so they're returning back - well-dusted with white stuff - to come and warm up. Which… might be easier if they weren't walking into the snow-dump zone. Oh well. A little (lot of) snow never hurt anyone, right?

Welp, snow just lost all of its cool because there is another person and a dog. A dog that has Leirith lifting her massive head and tilting whirling blue eyes in the direction of the thing that is saving Risali from having to embarrass herself. Grey eyes blink up from her work to settle on Kayn, and there's a moment's hesitation before a quiet smile, and a raise of her hand in greeting. Hello there, stranger! Kind of like there's a hello for Riohra once Risali spots him too, heedless of the DANGER of TARPS and DRAGONS and FALLOUT. Mostly because there's a Garouth (who is greeted with giddy bass and drums and possibly a massive gold hide taking off for a RUMBUNCTIOUS KA-PLOW of TOO BIG BODIES meeting) while Risali makes a snowball aaaannnd throws it at D'lei. This is how people say hello in Fort. YOU KNOW. WHEN IN FORT, DO AS THE FORTIANS DO. OR SOMETHING.

Kayn snaps off a salute to the visiting riders and a wave of hand in greeting. "H'lo, enjoying the snow?" Luna is, well, she's used to dragons but her tail wags where she sits, leaving an indentation in the snow beneath her.

Riohra has his hands up ready to drop the snow, area cleared and oh look someone is waving and he waves back which the riders take as the all clear and it come tumbling down in a queen sized mountain of fresh snow. If any one is foolish enough to be under or near it well, it probably wont hurt to bad.

Kayn sees the snow being dropped and calls out a "Watch out below!" Maybe that will save people from being buried alive in snow.

Sometimes all it takes is a snowball to start an avalanche. Which is to say, first there is a snowball aimed for the back of D'lei's head, and then… it turns out to be a good thing, because when he turns around to see who is flinging things at him "Oh FARANTH," there is a tarp-full of snow making its way toward him. …okay, it's not quite exactly over him, which is good, but it is close enough that he has to run and is still caught up in the edges of it, with a cascade of tumbling snow that crashes against the backs of his legs and has him falling forward to catch himself on the snow that is… also under his hands now, because one bronzerider is not nearly enough to stop that cascade of white. …at least there's not enough to bury him. Or Garouth, though Leirith certainly tries with her greeting of him, and succeeds in making a snow-dragon with three wings and two necks and … yeah, no clue what that wobble-furrow is, it's fine. But the bronze rumbles with an avalanche of his own, amused in the tumble as he tries to be slick-like-ice and twist around and… maybe tunnel through the snow? He'll try, anyhow!

Salutes! So formal (Risali hates it, but at least she schools her expression enough for it to NEVER BE KNOWN). "I am. I miss it. I didn't get it, growing up in Half Moon Bay. Are you?" SEE. Risali can be a civilized, dignified human being sometimes. At least, you know okay there it goes, right out of the window when she is mischievous and throwing snowballs, Dash is turning, and Rio is RUINING ALL THE THINGS with a man(dragon?)made avalanche that has grey eyes going wide, and that look being turned onto D'lei who oh there he - nope, it was - okay. So D'lei doesn't quite make it, but he doesn't get buried either. Risali was just enough on the outskirts to not get snowed, but there's no mistaking the flicker of anger on Risali's face when her attention is back on Riohra. "OI." Welp. "WHAT THE (expletive redacted, redacted, redacted) ARE YOU DOING?" So there is that infamous temper that everybody has heard so much about and seen so little of these last couple of days. Booted feet are picking a careful path across the new (and old) snow to D'lei though, DEATH-RAY-VISION mostly on Rio as she crosses. Leirith? Well, she has two amusements now. LOOK AT HER MINION, SO FIERCE. ALSO OHAI, NEW SNOW, and a bronze who is trying to tunnel… away? Leirith will follow. This is clearly a game, a game that requires occasional tail-nips because why not?

Riohra is already moving as the snow falls toward D'lei but even the tall hunter can't run as fast as the gravity driven snow that falls and chases the visiting bronzerider. He will beat the angry goldrider to there and start pulling the other man out "Hey you ok? Break anything?" he will just let Risali yell all she wants as he is more focused on the man who could be injured.

Kayn glances at the half-buried bronzer. "Luna.. fetch!" Finally some action! The big monster dog gets up and runs towards the fallen bronzer and the hunter, and she starts digging in the snow to presumably help dig the poor man out.

Okay. This is … definitely not the training in snow that D'lei expected. Which, admittedly, is how it works. These things sneak up and pounce, like wild felines. …except, he has a lot more practice with wild felines. Snow is… "Ha." His breath. He has it. Mostly. "I'm… intact. I think." He pushes himself up, with a bit of help from Riohra and a hand braced on Luna, and then… he tugs his feet forward, still leaning a bit against the large dog as a convenient fluffy surface. One, tw- waiiit. He had a boot on that foot, before. Now he doesn't, just a wooly sock and…. "Erp." He turns, looking at the heap of snow and the hole that's… already starting to fill in, as the powdery stuff shifts to fill all available space… which most certainly includes that formerly-warm-and-dry boot, while D'lei… awkwardly shifts, because he doesn't really want to put his socked foot down on the snow, but… neither does he want to just abandon his boot to the tender mercies of the ice. A glance over to Risali, with a lopsided adrenaline smile. "I'm fine. My boot, though… might not be." Poor boot. Buried like Garouth - who certainly alerts to his rider's SNOW WHAT NOW for a moment, before returning to his games as further evidence that D'lei is Fine Actually - except… the leather probably isn't burrowing nearly so well. The bronze kicks snow back at Leirith, digging like he would at the Monaco beaches with… rather mixed success, but he can certainly give it the attempt. It's like the tunnels he's glimpsed in the minds of mining-whers when his rider goes to consult with their handlers… only he's kind of re-inventing it from first principles, because whers are not very good at explanations.

At least Rio has the good grace to help D'lei - and Luna, the massive snow-digging pooch, also! HOORAY FOR PEOPLE! And dogs. People and dogs. Risali slows (though she doesn't look any less angry), grey eyes on D'lei's unbooted foot and flickering to the place D'lei's legs once were as she comes up and gets reassurances that the Monacoan is fine while his clothing… is maybe not. It doesn't stop Risali from going up on the tips of her toes and applying gentle fingers to Dash's jaw, checking for herself through that barely-muted fury before shifting away. Okay, so D'eli is fine. THAT MEANS EVERYBODY IS HAPPY, RIGHT? Nope, there's another scowl for Riohra (but thankfully no words) as the goldrider jerks out of her riding jacket and exposes herself to the cold, kneeling so that she can lay it on the ground for D'lei to stand on while she shifts her way back on knees and starts to dig. It's okay, she's got a long-sleeved tunic on, so she's not nearly as miserable as she might be otherwise, and that rush of adrenaline in her veins means that digging is good and also will build up enough exertion to keep her body plausibly warm. Leirith? Well, she's laughing somewhere in the shared mind-habitation of Leirouth (GET IT? LEIRITH AND GAROUTH), and probably trying to catch some of that snow in her maw even if she's getting a face full of it and what is dignity even?

Riohra motions for some other people to bring over a warmer blanket and hot mug of Klah for D'lei he will brush the man off lightly before draping the blanket over him wether he likes it or not. "Here get this in ya, least you want to be cold all day" Looking at the now unbooted foot says "I can get you a new pair if needs be, you sure you dont want to go see a healer?"

Luna is more than capable of supporting the man, she's built for this. Kayn seems a bit proud that his companion is being so well behaved, she hasn't even tried to lick the bronzer. "Miss, do be careful, the snow might bury you.." He calls after the goldrider.

D'lei submits readily enough to Risali's inspection, adjusting his balance-assisting hand to her shoulder while she does. See? He's fine. Flushed, yes, adrenaline has happened, but… that's fine, he's fine, everything (except that boot) is fine. Though then she is taking off clothes, and D'lei makes a sound of complaint. Because, yes, this might under other circumstances be fine, but. "You'll freeze. Risa… pneumonia is not the answer." Is it ever? NO. …or so D'lei would claim. But he can see the snow soaking into her tunic now, and… now they're putting a blanket on him. But. He has a jacket, and D'lei just stares at that person a moment. "I'm fine." Okay, yes, almost toppled in the snow, still bootless, but he and the adrenaline assure him that he must be fine. "I'll… fine, I'll drink the klah." And see a healer? He gives Riohra a look for that, and a moment's silence. "Risa, take your jacket. I've got the dog." RESCUE CREATURE, GO. Luna has enough fluff (and mass) to do the job. He can even nudge his toes in against her side for extra warmth. Which he does, along with nudging the goldrider's jacket toward her, before… looking back to Riohra. "You know, if I were a suspicious man, I'd think you were trying to get me disqualified from your games." Is he joking? Maybe. It's kind of hard to tell from face and tone.

TOO RIGHT HE DOES. Because… well, he's D'lei, and she's Risali, and this is what they do. Kind of like how D'lei tells Risali she's going to freeze while reminding her that pneumonia is going to come calling for her via one snow-soaked tunic if she doesn't stop, and think, and put her jacket back on. Kayn is telling her she's going possibly going to be buried alive, too, and Risali doesn't listen. She spares the poor man a glare (that he definitely doesn't deserve), and then gets right back to work. Nope, sans an unfriendly expression, the Xanaduian junior goldrider ignores D'lei and Kayn both, scorning their very good intentions and points in favor of digging for that stupid boot. Risali doesn't even respond when D'lei tells her to take her jacket and nudges it towards her, focusing on her work instead with that scowl set and maybe some other kind of emotion behind grey eyes (which might be the real reason behind the digging, but could also just be because she's THAT MAD). Okay, so that's a lie, there's a softly spoken, "I'm fine, Dash," with syllables coming out a little more harshly intended - because she is. Fine, that is. For now.

From the direction of where the snow and ice sculptures have been steadily growing, Kassala rushes after hearing about the dump of snow. "Riohra?" She calls to the hunter once he's seen, her steps leading her towards him, "Everyone okay? I just heard." Rosey cheeks and hands that are being rubbed together, even gloved, are presented while she's bundled in a warm wool and fur-lined cloak.

Riohra is standing with D'lei and answers the man saying "No that wouldn't be fair but I will talk with those brownriders from Ista and Monaco about what hand signals they know." He will turn to Kassala when she comes up and says "D'lei here got caught in the snow dump, could you look after him while I go have a word with my help?" He is mad but not at anyone here, he steps away from the group and heads off at a run to wear the two riders have landed and seem to be in there own heated discussion.

NOPE. D'lei gives Risali's ignoring-him back a look of its own, but.. he lets her ignore that good advice… at least briefly. She can dig after his boot while he leans on the dog and eyes Riohra instead. Maybe she'll even find it! He mmhs to Riohra's answer, with a glance from the hunter to Kassala as she arrives, and then… "Right." He turns back, scooping up Risali's jacket and then putting that sock-only foot right on the snow. "We're going to the healers," he informs the goldrider, immediately prior to crouching down and scooping her up with an arm around her back and under a shoulder. There is no choice here. Either she has found his boot and they'll take it with (okay, yes, he might stop long enough to put it on), or… she hasn't, and she'll be dragged off with him anyhow. This is fact, it will happen, D'lei is out of here. "My boot's somewhere in there," he at least informs Kassala on the way past. Now she knows! And now… the healers. Time to get an instructive lesson in how not to frostbite and hypothermia? These games are so educational!

Risali is hauled up, and there's something that might be annoyance (and perhaps a half shove, half punch to the shoulder in a moment of fight) for the Monacoan bronzerider, brows knit in that anger, lips parting as if Risa's going to say something scathing and then - inexplicably - her expression softens, mouth forming the simple words of, "Okay, Dash," instead. And look! She totally did find his boot. NO BOOT IN THERE SOMEWHERE, SORRY KASS. At least if she CATCHES HER DEATH (or pneumonia, as it were), it will have been worth it. Regardless, she's going with D'lei (because she doesn't have a choice in the matter), and she will even let him abuse her tiny frame for balance if he stops to put that boot on along the way before continuing that silent (but not uncomfortably so) walk towards the healers. Lessons indeed! Wouldn't want anybody to lose toes! Or… health.

"Of course." Kassala answers Riohra before he goes storming off. She knows that look on his face, and the dragonriders are about to get it from the hunter. And yet there's a smug look on her face, as if she may have a conversation later with Riohra to point out a few things to him. Whooops. Turning to D'lei and Risa, she begins to say something to them, to offer apologies for the accident only to watch as the bronzer sweeps the petite gold rider into his arms and head off to the infirmary, "It's right over…" She will point the way out if they didn't know, sighing softly to herself. At least they got his boot! No need for a rescue there!

What the riders from the visiting Weyrs get is best not said in the company of children and animals. Riohra while usually such a nice guy is using his height and muscle mass to his advantage as he lets into these two, he won't hit them but when he is done they both look none to happy with the hunter or each other though the pair stop their own bickering. He will stalk back into the living caverns to get himself some Klah and probably check on the newly made Monaco snow man.

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