Who Kezresan, Phineas, Carellos,Aignes
What Candidates lost in the tunnels during a black out.
When Winter.
Where Room Name, Area Name


Fort Weyr, Ancient Tunnel
This tunnel twists and turns, interspersed with columns created when stalagmite met stalactite. The columns consist of compressed layers of interspersed white, brown, and blue, much like the many layers of a candle melted down. Line of sight is broken, and most of the tunnel is hidden in deep shadow that writhes no matter what light source is used. Small paths scatter about, branching out into forks in the road, where darkness roams and direction can be quickly turned about. The use of caution must not be taken for granted. Behind, toward the west is the exit - ahead is a maze of shadows and rock, where dangers may lurk and the promise of return may be slim.

"Maybe someone just has a rock under their boot. Don't sweat it. Phin, where are you at? I need a pillow." Cause Phin makes an excellent pillow! Carellos hits the heel of his boots on the ground a couple of times to free up any possible rocks that could be making people scared over nothing. "I'm sure this tunnel gets used more often than not, I'll be surprised if there's anything not human and not firelizard alive down here." Maybe little slug like things that leave slime trails all over the place because it's so cold and wet in a couple of places, but they can't be everywhere. Or spinners. The big ones with the extra long legs.

Phineas is not going to think about spinners, at all. He'd lose his mind in a snap if they are so much as mentioned. He does, however, reach out in the dark, chuckling as he pulls Care over to use his lap as a pillow. "I'm bony as they come, can't imagine how that is comfortable," he notes in wry tones. Still, he's not complaining. Once Care is settled, he snags Kez' questing hand, giving a little tug to draw him and Aignes closer to where they are at. "We'll be fine," he decides. "The lights will come on any time now." There will be no starving, thank you very much. "Um.. How many cookies did you bring, Care?" Which immediately has stomach grumbling despite the fact that he /just/ consumed four of those cookies.

Safety in numbers is an idea Aignes can fully get behind. Although hand holding might turn more into arm clinging as there are still sounds in the darkness. Most of them are explainable, but still a persistent other noise in the background. "But nobody was moving their feet when it first happened." Could she see everybody's feet? No, but that doesn't stop her from sounding convinced of it and clinging just a little bit tighter. "Tunnelsnakes like tunnels. Or all sorts of creepy crawlies."

Phineas' hand does not feel like Aignes' hand. Which might be why the initial grab of it has Kezresan jerking away from the wall and peering suspiciously in the direction that contact came from. Not that he can see anything, mind you. And then there is Aignes, arm-clinging, and for a moment Kez is somewhat stiff and uncomfortable and probably a little awkward as he shuffle-shuffles a little closer to the hand-holding candidate. Really, this whole thing is gonna get awkward when the lights come back on, but in the dark? CLINGING IS OKAY! "They do," for those tunnelsnakes. "Probably why they're called… tunnelsnakes…" sigh. "Just make a lot of noise and we'll scare away anything we don't want to find us. And possibly help alert our presence to those we do want to find us." OR… they can just nap and nom cookies in the dark? "I'm not eating cookies for dinner."

"Oh, you're not boney. You're just right." Care crosses his arms over his chest, legs crossed at the ankles and he yawns, stretching out til it passes. "I brought a few dozen. Figured we needed our own decent stash. Got a canteen in there, too, but it's just klah. Should be some mugs." The baker-candidate reaches out for the bag and when he feels the familiar stitching of it, it's pulled closer for easier finding. "Oh, c'mon now. So do cute furry little forest creatures. You know, the soft and fluffy kind. They like tunnels, too." So does whatever is leaving a long hasty trail of nails on stone coming from ABOVE.

Phineas exhales a snort at Kez, his eyes giving a slow roll that goes unseen in the dark. "You'll eat cookies when you get hungry," he assures. "They have to be healthier then starvation." Or not. He doesn't know. He'll always vote for cookies. It's the scrambling overhead that has him going silent a fullbody shudder making it abundantly clear that he's imagining something unpleasant. "Gah… " Come on lights, /ANY/ time now would be great. "So.. Ah.. Yeah, we should make noise." Lots of noise. Enough noise to scare away skittering monsters in the dark. "Anyone feel like telling a story? A /happy/ story with no skittering things in it?" He does, however, grin down at Care at the compliment, his hand moving to comb through the baker's hair. "You're the best. And not /just/ for the cookies."

"Or just attract more of the giant tunnelsnakes," As the darkness lingers, Aignes becomes more and more convinced it's clearly caused by the Mother of All Tunnelsnakes and she might be here to eat them all. And she'll deal with the awkwardness of the clinging when the lights come up. Right now, she's not giving up the security of Kez's sleeve. "Why would a forest creature be this far in a tunnel? And not in a forest?" Even as she peers up at where the skittering was last heard, a new noise emerges to mix in with everything else. "Phin, are you humming?"

"We're not going to starve," sighs Kezresan, who is probably also rolling his eyes in the dark. "It's been maybe ten minutes?" Or thirty? Or two? WHO CAN TELL IN THE DARK?! It's the scratching in the ceiling that has him uneasy, and perhaps there's a moment of gratefulness that it's too dark for anyone to actually see that look of trepidation and uncertainty as he edges along the wall. "We're far too close to the rest of the Weyr for wild creatures to be near us." He's pretty sure of that, and it's going to make it sound like he knows what he's saying. "Just relax. Stomp your feet or clap your hands," nevermind all their hands seem to be occupied at the moment, "or sing or…" but he trails off, frowning at Aignes' last and tipping his head. "I don't think that's Phin."

SSSNNNNNRRRRRRLLLLL-RL-RL-RL. How's that for noise? Nice quiet, no where to be at the moment, fingers in his hair and a comfy man's lap? The baker-candidate made good on his threat for a nap. Snoring away, if there's anything in there, it's likely just as desperate for silence as the other candidates are for noise. Skittering on stone slips between the snores once more, this time, quickly growing some distance and vanishing into the beyond. MAYBE. Either that, or they're snuggled up hiding behind Candidates sitting on the ground. Easily accessable and stuff. Kez better be wearing his skinny pants or his leg is going to have a room mate.

Finn exhales a huff in response to the question. "Why would I be humming? You know not /everything/ is my fault." He might be getting a little shrill there for a moment, or two. "/Thank you/" Come in the wake of Kez agreeing it was not him. Course, then the snarling starts and his face goes flat as he stares down at Care. Doesn't matter that he can't /see/ him. He can certainly /hear/ him. Immediately, Finn exhales a laugh, the sound blossoming to a full on belly laugh within moments. "Well, we know who the snorer is, now…" Course, even as he says it, he frowns mildly, twisting around to search the darkness with narrowed eyes. "Maybe it's someone looking for us? HEY! We're HERE!" Cause yelling is always helpful right? Might wake up Carellos, at least.

"It doesn't— Is that Carellos?!" Forget the humming, that snoring will be the end of them. Or, their saving grace, if it does indeed alert people to their location. "I don't think people looking for us will be hum— ACK!" Ripping his hand from Phineas', Kezresan swats furiously at his leg, wiggling around to kick out whatever it is that has decided to attempt to hide in his pants. Is it the same thing trodding over Aignes' foot? WHO KNOWS! But let's HOPE it's only one thing? "Let go!" though who he's talking to is anyone's guess, but a moment later there's a loud *SCHWACK* as Kez stomps his foot down where he thinks that critter might be (and not, say, someone's foot) with the intent to kill it. RIP woodland creature?

RIP whatever it was! Since there was no cry of anguish, the others can assume the quick repetition of little taps on the ground could just be the work of one giant spinner. Or a twig. It's dark and no one can see their own hand in front of their own faces. Carellos stirs and snorts, coughing a little bit before rubbing his nose and rolling over onto his side, facing Phineas. After a little bit of grumbling, he dozes off to a low litany of gravelly snores. Scratch-scratch. Skitterskitterskiiiiiiiiiiii- "Woah! Hey now, stop that! I'm ticklish, Phin! Leave my thighs alone."

As anyone who has EVER been to a horror movie can attest, screams always give birth to more screams and Finn? Shrieks like a fricken girl right on the heels of Aignes. Mind you, he has no idea why he's screaming and he ends up gasping then huffing annoyance. "Don't /DO/ that." Course, then there is kicking and flailing and really Finn does not know what to do with /that/. Course, killing a spinner? GOOD. Flailing wildly? Not so good. It's Care's words that have him paling faintly, his hand moving to gently shake the baker's shoulder. "Care, that's not me." Dun Dun Dunnnnn. The momentary dramatic pause is broken by a growl as Phin grabs Care's satchel and uses it it as a weapon to sweep at whatever might be on Care's thigh. Course, that may, or may not end badly.

The humming can be momentarily forgotten between the whole something on her foot and then flailing and the just in general a whole lot of movement. With the healer moving forward, it's not like Aignes is going to actually let go and so she shuffles along although winces at the stomping. "That didn't sound like a spinner. Tooo… crunchy." And there's a scowl of disapproval for Phin and Care. "I don't think anybody is supposed to be touching anybody's thighs!" And yet more skittering. And that humming is way too loud to be ignored.

Kezresan definitely killed something. He knows it. He can feel it beneath that booted foot of his. But he's not about to tell them about it because… yeah. He's not sure what he killed, and speculation would be bad. There's already enough screaming, and clinging, and near-panicking, as it is. "Everyone up!" Because clearly the floor is a bad place to be. A sudden shriek accompanies a flurry of wings before Kezresan's shoulder becomes home to one agitated Aloe (not that anyone can see this!). But Kez can feel it, and before he can unconsciously swat her off, she's got a tail around his neck and is stuck there like glue. And that hum? Now it's in his ear. "Aloe!" because eardrums, yo! "And no," he agrees, voice lifted against the hum that he is now competing against to be heard, "I don't think anyone should be touching anyone's anything."

"You don't have to tell me twice," Carellos mutters as he pushes himself upright and carefully rises to his feet. He reaches out in the general direction of Phin in the dark. "Our four times, or something. I'm up, I'm up!" He begins to slide his hands down his thighs to make sure there isn't anything clinging there. If it wasn't Phin, then he's officially skeeved out. The humming does get his attention, and he tilts his head towards the sound of Kezresan's voice. "There's no way that's Kayeth out there. What's going on here?"

Crunchy crawlie things? Not cool. "I'm standing up," Finn announces. Cause yeah, FLOOR BAD. "I'm not touching anything," he huffs. Aloe? "Oh… Probably too much to hope for that she brought a glow? And she's the one humming!" Cause now he can hear it clearly. Course, it's hard not to be skeeved out despite the fact that they are standng. Kez killed /something/ and Care and Aignes felt something. He really, really doesn't want to find out what that something is, or was, as the case may be. "Maybe we should try to find our way out…" Cause he does not want to be here any longer then they have been, already.

Aignes is up! It's been a while since she's been sitting down after all. The floor is dark and full of terrors, along with most of this tunnel. The weaver ducks at the sudden shrieking and wings near her head. Apparently Kez's arm isn't worth fighting an agitated firelizard for because she lets go once it's clear Aloe's going to be staying there. "Has she been the one humming? Why?" There's another scowl towards Finn's assertion that he wasn't touching anything. Someone was touching something. "Trying to find our way out sounds good. Surely the lights will come back on soon or we'll find our way out…" She shuffles a few feet forward until her foot nudges something. "Care? Did you toss your bag over here?"

"She's one of the things humming." One. Meaning there are others. But Kez is sad to inform Phineas that, "She did not bring a glow. I could try to send her for one but… ow!" That would be claws in his shoulder, which is a definite 'no' in terms of dislodging the firelizard. "She's not going anywhere…" Poor Aignes, losing her handhold to a firelizard. But it lets Kez shake out that limb and maybe get some feeling back into his fingers. "Be careful Aignes," he warns. "Don't go far, or you might get… more lost." Cause they're already pretty darn lost. And Kez ain't going anywhere except back against the wall. The not sticky wall. "Whatever it is," he offers to Care, competing to be heard over the hum of his firelizard and the mysterious other creatures, "it's got Aloe all agitated and unwilling to leave."

"Uh, no? I had it next to us but I don't know where it went." Phin was wielding it but Care wasn't paying attention. Because dark and stuff. "It's probably around and I'm so ready to get out of here." Mainly because there's a cot with comfy blankets and pillows calling his name. Care grumbles, rubbing both of his hands against his face for a moment before he exhales sharply and begins to slowly kneel towards the ground. There can't possibly be anything inappropriate on any persons at this level for mistaken touching. If there is, Kez needs footsie pajamas while out in public. "Um, where… Where is my bag?" Oh, and that humming? Still on going!

"I tossed it over that way when I thought you were attacked," Finn sighs. Course, he's gesturing in the dark. Not at all helpful. Throwing his arms up, he steps in the direction the bag had gone, one hand bracing on Aignes' shoulder as he leans down to scoop it up. And that's when things change abruptly. The lights flair on (probably blinding everyone). The satchel? Resting on the floor right in front of Aignes and Finn and two little eggs that are erupting with ooey gooey firelizards. Behind them, not to far from Kezresan's boots? The remains a very squished and very dead spinner. Doing it's level best to climb Care's pant legg? A tiny little black and white kitten with very pricky claws. In short by the time vision returns, Finn finds himself nose to nose with a tiny little creeling blue firelizard who finds himself both fancy and hungry and is immediately and eagerly sucking the crumbs out of Finn's sweater. Aignes on the other hand is being leveled stared by an equally small, equally hungry bronze baby with a bit of shell still stuck to his head.

"uuuuuuuufh…' is the sound of a broken Aignes as her shoulder is suddenly a brace but she doesn't know how to object to it. And then the lights come on and she's left blinking into the light as she tries to stare down at that creeling at her feet. It doesn't take too long for firelizard to register and some more blinks and another "Uuuuuuhhhh… does anybody have food? Can we feed firelizards cookies?" She'll crouch down to rummage in the satchel. "I hope I didn't step on his egg." It was more a nudge then a step, but she totally did and will totally feel bad about it for forever.

The lights come on, and Kez barely resists the urge to collapse in relief against the wall. That he killed a spinner (and not, say, an innocent baby kitten!) is a massive relief as well. Aloe is still humming away at his shoulder, effectively making him deaf in that ear, but he can hardly protest when the result is cute baby firelizards. And a cute baby kitten?! "How'd she get down here?" Because of course it's a she, right? It's gotta be a she! "Feed them anything," encourages the Healer-candidate. "Cookies are better than starving." To quote Phineas.

"Awww," croons Carellos as he bends over and picks up the kitten, adjusting it under his chin while it holds on with tiny cute little baby talons of DEATH well into his shirt. There might be bloodspots when he gets back. "Well, at least the lights on and," he drawls, leaning down to make sure it was in fact a dead spinner before continuing. "It's only a kitten and firelizards. Hang tight, kitty. I'll name you after we get back to the barracks. There's other food stuff in there, too. I think some soft jerky." Cookies are better than starving, definitely! "Sorry, lizards. No Klah for you."

"Hey, easy on the sweater," Finn laughs as he tries to extricate the fancy little blue boy from his crumbs. He was saving them for later! Course? Ferb? Having NONE of that, those crumbs? They are his and he's wiggle-y and squirm-y enough to make sure. And when that falls, tiny little claws sink into the fabric, pulling with it him til Finn finally gives and up sighs. The moment Kez speaks up in favor of cookies, Finn is digging in his pocket, tugging out the crumbling remains of a cookie. Ferb? Totally abandons the sweater in favor of the tastey treat he doesn't have to work so hard for. "We can get them jerky, lets get out of here." And then he pauses and awwwws. "Kitten!"

It's almost as if saying the word 'jerky' summons it to the top of the pack, or at least something edible that Aignes is shoving at the little bronze as she scoops him up. "I second getting out of here. It was… that way, right?" She may have gotten a little turned about in the darkness. But eventually they'll get back to something familiar, right? "And is that a feline?" Just to be sure her eyes have adjusted to the light all right.

If Kez escapes this tunnel with no more pets than he came into it with, it will be a giant WIN in his book. Thankfully, things are looking pretty good in that regard. Kitten for Care, 'lizards for Phin and Aignes, and the triumph of knowing he's taken out a deadly insect for Kez. ALL IS RIGHT IN THE WORLD. Only one thing left to do. "Let's get the hell out of here," he declares, eyeing the trio with their new companions. A quick glance, first one way and then the other, and he declares, "This way," with the sort of firm confidence of one who knows exactly what he is doing (and in this case, he does) before he turns on his heels and leads the way back to civilization. Next time? Everyone will be bringing glows.

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