Who Kassala D'lei Th'ero E'vyl Risali Sephany S'dny Kimmila Gerazal Syn Riohra
What First day of the Fort Search and Rescue games.
When Winter
Where Center Bowl, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Center Bowl
The wide center of the bowl is often bustling with activity as riders come and go. Off westward can be seen the entrances for the candidate barracks and the guest weyr, while to the east is a large opening that leads into the dragon infirmary. The bowl stretches off both to the north and to the south, where the sheer stone walls rise steeply to the sky.

It's mid-morning on the first day of the S&R Games being held at Fort Weyr. There's many a traveler coming in, dragons blinking in from between to bugle greetings to the leaders before landing to let off their riders. Guest weyrs have been cleared and cleaned for the contestants, while other rooms within the lower caverns has been made ready for those non-riders who are joining in on the fun to be had.

Snow and ice sparkles around the weyr, the night spilling several inches as if the Powers That Be saw the need for fresh snow. Everything's ready…

Kassala is near the living caverns, talking with someone who's putting up a barrier for those that will be entering the snow and ice sculpture contest, "Yes, thank you. That's perfect!" The dragonhealer seems to be one of a few who are helping out with the event, checking a list on a clipboard in her hands. "If a crafter comes up, their entry would go in the living caverns, yes. "

But S&R is SeRious business! …which doesn't stop some Monaco Bay riders from showing up to the games. Like D'lei, whose bronze Garouth has chosen to pop out of between at a bit of a distance from the bowl, the better to learn the air currents on his way in to Fort Weyr. Still, he's making his way in, tattered wings moving to adjust with subtle motions as he rides the currents of the wind in - and hangs a minute, letting someone in more of a hurry land before he dips them to make his own descent to the bowl to release D'lei upon this maybe-suspecting-actually Weyr.

E'vyl tromps along the path from where he dismounted Firith back in the clearing. For some reason, he chose not to travel with the Monaco team. He carries some precious cargo tucked in his arm, his bundled up daughter. The three turn old girl peeks out from her furry hood with huge eyes, staring about at this strange new place. She's babbling what may sound like nonsense, but it seems E'vyl can translate just fine. "It's snow baby girl." She's gesturing to the chilly creations and babbling on as E'vyl nods and waves to a few people. He whispers something to Ravy, who grins happily and repeats what he daddy said "Mocagreins!" She yells, much to E'vyl's amusement. "Yea, what she said. Monaco's greetings!"

And then there is Risali, who maybe doesn't belong here (because can queenriders be Search and Rescue? NO. No they cannot, even though they asked really, really nicely), but is still here because Xanadu Weyr needs some representation, yo! Leirith is right behind her, trying to be as small (impossible) and as quiet (implausible) as possible behind her. E'vyl gets a quiet smile because she doesn't know him, a lingering glance for bouncy baby girls who are too cute, and then eyes sweep Kass before her attention settles on Dash. Don't mind her. She is just going to find a place to sit with her arms crossed over her chest.

Turning away from the other, Kassala offers smiles to those approaching. Her gaze travels over the various knots that they wear, nodding her head, "Greetings from Fort Weyr, and welcome!" The redhead is bundled in a green fur-lined cloak that swirls about her giving glimpse of her pants and tunic beneath it. "I hope all is well, and ready to have fun?" This asked of the younger crowd.

Garouth ducks to the side as D'lei swings off him. He's dressed in the dark blue uniform of Deluge, the work clothes that make it clear why he's here… even if they're certainly a fresh set, not rumpled by actual working sweeps. He's got his wingleader's knot pinned on the shoulder - another thing he probably wouldn't do, if it were work time instead of games time. Everyone in his wing ought to know who he is, and fancy knots just get lost in the ocean. But, here he is at Fort, and so… here he is, showing them who he is as he takes him a look around and Garouth… lopes off out of the way, to seek a spare rock or ledge from which to observe. D'lei heads in among the crowd, offering a wave to E'vyl with a bit of a grin for the youngster he carries, another one for Kassala, and… hmm. He sees the dragon, but not so much Risali. (It's because she's short.) Oh well. D'lei waves to Leirith, for now - she can be her rider's eyes - and then makes his way over toward where the others he has seen are gathering.

E'vyl grins at Ravysa as she starts babbling once more. The brownrider moves around, admiring the displays fiished and those being made. Canting his head, he concededs to his daughters wishes and heads over to let her play. Spotting D'lei on his way, he tips his head to his wingleader "Hi D'lei." A quick wave before he crouches and puts his girlygirl on the ground. Ravysa stares at the white stuff creeping up her legs and imedaitely throws her arms up to be picked up. Seems she's not sure about this playing in snow thng after all. Finding a spot well away from all the creations, he leads her by a mittoned hand towards a mound of snow much taller than she is. Crouching down, he grabs a bit of the snow and pops it in his mouth, peering to the girl staring with huge eyes "See, nothing to be afraid of munchkin." After a moment, she pokes the mound with a tiny fist and jump back. Nothing happens so she does it couple more times before grinning, then the babblin kicks into overdrive. It doesn't take very long at all before the duo are disrupting the snow, packing more snow on, scrapping some off, and just letting the little girl enjoy her visit to Fort.

Kassala's observed by the junior goldrider with another smile, a waggling of fingers that says, 'Hello!' and, 'maybe she's not great with people, but she's trying.' For once, Risali's wearing her knot on her shoulder (it's important for events like these!), bundled up against Fort's cold in riding leathers and a hooded tunic that's drawn over hear head now. Maybe that is why D'lei didn't spot her. CAMOFLAUGE. (ALSO: HA. Short jokes. Rude.) Grey eyes track from distracting deluge uniforms in blue (and the men who wear them) to E'vyl and Ravysa, watching the uncertainty of snow before she… pushes to her feet again, moving around Leirith to join the Monacoan and his little girl. "How old is she?" Risali inquires, slow on her approach so as not to be threatening, stopping a respectable distance away to lower herself into a crouch so that she can be on Ravysa's level with a smile, and another waggle of fingers. Leirith? Well, she will just lower her maw and watch, won't she? SO MANY PEOPLE. SO MANY THINGS TO DO.

Riohra has just come in with a group of other hunters and trail blazers. He has his bow over his shoulder as his cloak is still snow covered and his usual grin is on his face. The tall hunter easily parts through those gathered as he will slip by and address Kassala "Trails are broken, and things are in place for the first run." He reports he will nod to some people he recognizes and give a welcoming smile as he asks the red headed dragon healer "I am good do you need me to pick up any slack or are things running well?"

Besides the vinter, there's many other treats to be had - from hot cocoa and klah, to roasted chestnuts and popcorn. There's plenty for the kids to do as well with several crafters and nannies on stand-by to help tend to the kids and keep them warm and busy.

Kassala waves to all, the greeting offered before she turns to someone who approaches, nodding at a question put to her, "Yes, there are three others coming from the Dragonhealer school to be around just in case, besides me and the weyr's dragonhealer to take care of things." Hearing Riohra's voice, the redhead turns back to him, that flash of her smile paired with rosey cheeks to be offered with a husky laugh, "Going fine. Thank you for that.. "

"Hey E'vyl," D'lei says, and then… he chuckles a bit at Ravsya's reaction to the snow. "I felt the same, really." The first time he found himself surrounded by cold white! But… "Just got to get used to it." Which her father is demonstrating to the best of his skills, by taking her around to show her that snow is not so tough and she can totally defeat it in battle. So she does! Tears it down and then rebuilds it, better than before, and D'lei glances back to see oh hey, there's Risali. Right there with Ravysa. (SHORT.) Which is responsible for a part of his grin as he observes the snow-play, but… then he tears himself away to bring his full attention to Kassala and Riohra. "Hello there," he says, with a smile to go with it. "You're some of the folks putting this thing together, then?" He grins. "Should I be consulting with you, or averting my ears so I don't hear more than I should?"

E'vyl smiles as Ravysa becomes more fearless against her chilly foe. Grabbing as much snow s she can with her two mitton covered hands and trying to shove it all in her mouth and makes happy smacking sounds "Mum mom mum…"E'vyl grins and nods "Yea, it's good to eat sometimes." They both continue to work in th snow, some might see a runnr or two begin to emerge from the white mound. Glancing over his shoulder he nods to the bronzer. "Yea, I think she's bout there. Only took a moment before she got over her fear." Then his fellow Monacoan is mingling back into the crowd. He tries to smooth some of the snow, shaping it with fingers and even the help of his bootknife to scrape away what needs to go. The inquiry behind him as he peering up…then back down to the short..er..crouching weyrwoman,"Monaco's greetings Werwoman.""Mocagreins!" Ravysa mimics with a broad grin, cheeks very pink from the cold. She holds up a hand full of snow, trying to give it to Risali. E'vyl tries not to laugh. "She three..no..almost three turns in about two months."

There is a Rio! A Riohra speaking to Kassala - both of whom look very familiar, but both of whom harbor faces that Risali can't quite place. A ballroom, maybe? Fish. There were definitely fish. Still, there's a smile over her shoulder for them both when Rio's voice draws her attention away from Ravysa for one, two, three heartbeats of time. Grey eyes track back to D'lei, catching his grin, her expression softening, then going sharper before she too turns her focus back onto E'vyl and Ravysa. SO WHAT IF SHE'S SHORT. Ravysa's got her back in all this SHORT-DISCRIMINATION. The sisterhood of SMOL, BUT FIERCE. "Xanadu's greetings," Risali says softly to E'vyl, around a smile and a nod for Ravysa. "And to you, beautiful." Then there are gifts of snow, Risali affecting an expression of surprise and gratitude as she holds out her hands to take the snow from Ravysa with a soft, "Ohhh. Thank you so much. What do you think we should do with this, sweetheart?" And yes, yes Risali did just put it on the top of her head like a hat. "This?" But grey eyes stray back to E'vyl as the bronzerider answers her question, and there's another smile amid hushed, breathy laughter. "She's adorable." But the next she will address to Ravysa, even if it's really still directed at E'vyl. "What's your name?"

Riohra grins over to the visiting bronzerider from Monaco saying to him "IF ya have questions we can help, but I don't see how knowing where the snow turns would help you much" He grins down at the Dragonhealer who is currently in a conversation with someone else of higher rank. He turns his gaze back to the visiting people and then offer a hand saying "I am Riohra, and Forts duties" he offers a firm hand shake.

D'lei mmhs. "Well… at any rate," he says to Riohra, "I'm one of the wingleaders from Monaco Bay. D'lei, bronze Garouth's. So, if the time comes when you're looking for him, now you know it's me." A grin, and a shake of his hand for Riohra's. "A pleasure to meet you." But of course, being the organizers and all, those two are bound to be busy with whatever it is that comes up. Which means D'lei is… left to his own devices! Dangerous, that, so… he'll amble his way back to take a look at Ravysa's assault on snow and ice. And Risali! Or maybe Risali's doing that to herself, with her new ice hat, "Stylish," D'lei says, with a grin and a brush of his fingers to her shoulder as she crouches there, then a look over to E'vyl as well to give him The Update. "Seems like we're at our own devices, for the moment. I'm sure they'll make a fuss and get our attention when that changes."
Krysa snugs you: Krysalia cuddles right and snuggles up close and snug.

Appearing through the crowd is one S'dny. He had landed in an out of the way place a few moments ago and after making sure that Marzoth was settled somewhere he went off to explore. It didnt' take him long to find the group that had arrived here from Monaco. And Risali. Awesome. "Hello everyone." he says in a way of greeting.

When her frigid gift is accepted, Ravysa bounces a couple of times and crouches to grab up another double handful of snow. Before she can show the weyrwoman what to di with the snow, according to her daddy, the little munchkin's eyes widen and she starts giggling. "Nono shiely (silly)." to Risali ploppling the snowball on her head like a hat. "Ike thish." And she promptly smushes the snow into her mouth, well as much as she can, the rest sorta crumbles and falls. When askecd her name, the Monacoan little looks to E'vyl,, who nods with an encouraging smile. Ravy grins to the queenrider "I'z Rabetha." The brownrider just smirks and scrapes and smooths the snow while his daughter charms the Xanadian Weyrwoman. D'lei's announcement gets a nod. "Alright, I think me and munchkin here can keep entertained here a bit." But it seems in a fraction of a second, E'vyl's humor drains away as he turns his back on the new voice that greets.

Risali leans back into the brush of fingers at her shoulder, giving a gentle shoulder-bump to one of D'lei's legs in greeting. The goldrider brings one hand up to the snow on her head, patting it gently as if to make sure it's still there before tilting her head - a risk that makes the snow slide into her waiting hand - to give Dash the kind of smile that's teasingly wicked: teeth, the subtle shift of brows upwards, the borderline laughter whispered in the quivering curve of lips. "I thought so. My new friend here gave it to me." And grey eyes are back on Ravysa and E'vyl expectantly, waiting for that name… Rabetha. Risali mouths it, getting HELP FROM DADDY-DEAREST (it was an OOC agreement, fight me) on the proper pronunciation (which earns E'vyl another smile and 'Thank you,' mouthed to him) while Risali tries a cautious, "Ravysa." Another smile, as she gathers some snow herself. "I'm Risali. It's a pleasure to meet you. Will you let me play with you? Maybe we can teach your Daddy and Dash the proper use of snow." She will even show her willingness to do things: she pushes the snow into her own mouth around laughter that almost has her choking - or maybe that's just S'dny, who is getting greeted by the ridiculous sight of a queenrider sporting chipmunk cheeks and a weak smile that reveals a mouth full of snow. Faranth. There's another look for D'lei, and then Risali's gathering up some more snow and rising to her feet so she can… go up on the tips of her toes and put some on D'lei's head. Or try, anyway. She's short, and it will require his cooperation.

Riohra returns to the group having been dragged away for some other meeting. Oh look a gold snow cone that is new. He has Kassala's clibbaord and seems to be directing supplies and such. He will nod to the Weyrleader of Monaco when he recognizes him. "Forts duties"

"Really, it's Ravy who'll be doing the heavy lifting there," D'lei answers E'vyl with an amused look. "She has this entertainment business down. Probably your example, but… I think the student may have surpassed the master." It's all light and playful, aaaat least until S'dny comes along and E'vyl becomes distinctly interested in ignoring him. Also, the temperature just dropped three degrees. "S'dny," D'lei greets his Weyrleader. "We're here early, apparently. Better than late!" A smile, and then Riohra is there with official greetings. D'lei? Well, he tips his head to get at official snow hat. There go another four degrees!

S'dny is just so popular! His cousin loves him. Risali…has become a snow chipmunk. All is semi right with the world. "Thank you." he says with a smile to Riohra who looks to be the official greeter. He's then free to turn his attention back toward the snow chipmunk who is in actually the 'smol' goldrider. "Afternoon." he says politely. Even if it isn't afternoon strictly speaking its afternoon somewhere dangit! E'vyl gets politely skipped. Since it isn't likely that he wants to say anything to Syd or vice versa at the moment. That leaves D'lei. His compadre! His bro! His lone bud in an otherwise unfriendly group. "Yes. Better early than late." he nods. "I'm sure that things will get going soon enough."

E'vyl ends up scraping more snow away than he meant t and tries to gently pack on more snow to fix the divit he made along the smooth frigid surface of Ravysa and his creation. In answer to Risali's inquiry, Ravysa promptly scoops up a double handful of snow, with a bit of difficulty due to her warm mittens, and offers it enthusiastically to her new little friend. Her babble may sound like a whole lotta nonsense, but the little is having a very well thought out conversation, at least in her way of thinking. E'vyl glances part way over his shoulder and nods to D'lai. "She certainly knows how to wrap people around hr finger, learned that from her mother."

Snow hats are imperative to being part of the group, it is known. Risali bestows one upon D'lei with an air of official hat giver as she works her way through that snow (which melts thankfully quick, but leaves her mouth feeling numb), and then pushes some hair out of his face before leaning away. Grey eyes are on S'dny when he greets her with a polite enough, 'Afternoon,' and… there's only a moment of silence before… Risali greets the Monacoan Weyrleader with a bright smile, the kind that's lacking in malice, that's friendly despite reservations as she echoes a softly spoken, "Afternoon, S'dny." And then she's leaning down, to take that snow from Ravysa, nodding to the young child's babbling conversation with all the appropriate breaks for, 'Is that so?' and, 'That sounds like it was exciting,' but then she's turning back to S'dny, swallowing her pride as she steps away from Ravysa, around D'lei, tiny frame coming to a halt before the Monacoan weyrleader with another moment's hesitation and then… Risali extends her arms with that gift of snow extended to the weyrleader. "Ravy was showing me how to shovel it into my mouth, but it might look good… on your head." Does she sound like an idiot? She feels like one, but Risali is not good at people - not even a little bit - and this is how she makes a peace offering. She's wearing a hat, Dash is wearing a hat, what is pride and dignity in the face of a child's play and laughter?

It's mid-morning on the first day of the S&R Games being held at Fort Weyr. There's many a traveler coming in, dragons blinking in from between to bugle greetings to the leaders before landing to let off their riders. Guest weyrs have been cleared and cleaned for the contestants, while other rooms within the lower caverns has been made ready for those non-riders who are joining in on the fun to be had. Riohra the taller hunter can be seen helping direct supplies and people, who put the tall hunter in charge of this probably needs there head examined as he does keep an eye on the snow players. Other people and children are soon moving about as a group of Igen people will file in wrapped in heavy cloaks and furs. Rio points to a low level area and they will shuffle off, he walks over to see the sculpture and will say to E'vyl "Have you done this before?"

D'lei hehs to E'vyl. "That makes it a family tradition," he says, with a nod to the brownrider and another amused look for Ravysa as she makes friends and influences people! …in her own special way, which does not require real adult words. She's got her own! And… it certainly seems to be working, on at least some of the crowd. D'lei turns his head to S'dny again, because E'vyl and S'dny may be in the same family but don't want to be in the same conversation today, and nods. "Mmhmm. You seen any representatives from the other Weyrs on your way in?" he asks the Weyrleader. "I've been glancing at knots, when I can." Gotta scope out the competition! And be in official uniform? Apparently. As Risali steps around him, D'lei reaches out, tracing his fingers up along her back - just a light touch, but enough to make it clear to her that he's here… and to anyone else who's watching that there's a casualness and affection to the touch that he makes no attempt to hide.

Sephany is as bundled as she can be and still walk. Thick woolen dress, with likely several hidden layers beneath. A winter cloak with the hood pulled up over her head. A thick scarf around her, half obscuring her face, and thick winter mittens. She's basically a walking ball of warmth, even if her arms are still wrapped resolutely around her body. She is HERE and she is ready to PLAY! Or maybe just watch others play. Somehow or another, she manages to make it to the ice-building-snow-molding… something or other competition that seems to be going on. A curious look for those present, scanning for familiar faces. At least her eyes are bright and amused, and not casting angry or suspicious looks?

Family is a weird thing sometimes. And now is one of those times. So Syd will just stick to being a lone wolf today. She gives a slight shake of his head to D'lei, "Didn't see anyone on my way in that I recognize. Though I'm sure the other weyrs will send someone to compete. If they don't it will be a sweep for us." Not very satisfying perhaps to win with no competition, but they will win all the same. S'dny nods politely to Risali. He's not going to be the one to derail the politeness train. So he says nothing to her, though he catches the touch between her and D'lei and represses a shudder. Ewww. Please let his eyes not melt in his skull. He turns his head away and spies what looks to be a bundled up Fortian, "Afternoon." he says politely to Sephany.

E'vyl nods agreeably to D'lei about. "Or perhaps just in their blood. We'll know better when Kryvel is a couple turns older."He's still trying to repair the damage he did to the snowy mound. Someone ask a question and he peeks around and spots Riohra observing the the Cool Runners Ravysa and himself have been working on. "No, yes..well sorta. If you count sandweyrs with sticky sand." He grins when he sees Ravysa trying to take the ribbon from her hair, which seems to be a pointless task with mittens slowing her down.
It's a touch that Risali probably draws strength from - and that inspires goosebumps, but that's not relevant. Risali doesn't stop, she doesn't hesitate because D'lei is there and Risali? Well, Risali is bold and brash and brave and strong, even if she's making a fool out of herself by extending snow to S'dny. S'dny who… does not take the peace offering, who's lucky that he managed to suppress that shudder because the snow in Risali's hands would probably be in his face. But he manages, and Risali stands there for an awkward moment longer before S'dny looks away and those grey eyes drop to her hands and the snow in them. She pulls her arms back into her chest and turns, greeting Sephany with a quiet smile as she moves back over towards D'lei, and Ravy, and E'vyl. And that snow? Well, she puts it on E'vyl's head with breathy laughter, because this is clearly how you make friends. "Ravysa, don't you think you should leave in your ribbon? It looks pretty." And so Risali moves, attention on the child even as she moves to stand next to D'lei and leans into his side, crossing her arms over her chest as she watches the snow-play unfold. Rio is not forgotten, though. She gives a smile to the hunter and a nod of her head that's a hello in and of itself.

Riohra grins at E'vyls talk of the making of sand weyrs but it is the snow a top his head that gets the tall hunter to laugh merrily, "That is a good look there, I am Riohra" He introduces himself. When Risali smiles and nods at him he will say "Fort's Duties, it is nice to see you again Risali" she might not remember him…But then again who can forget that much glitter… He marks things off a check list as he looks about making sure people are happy and having a good time. Sephany gets a wave as she looks overdressed for the occasion but hey no everyone likes the cold.
Sephany is, indeed, a bundled-up Fortian. Looking cozy-ish. Even if the breath coming out (through her scarf, even) is a little puff of white air. The smile that hides behind all that knit meets her eyes, though, and she lifts a gloved hand to give a little wave. "Hello!" is her overly cheerful sort of greeting for the visiting S'dny, followed by a curious look at whatever it is he's attempting to build. Risali and her rejected peace-offering also get a curious glance, and a little nod of her head in acknowledgement. Because at least she's polite. Riohra is also greeted, the smile on her face growing a bit more at someone she actually knows, and another wave of her hand. "This is fantastic!" she'll tell him, voice muffled by all that fabric. And yes. Maybe she's just a tad… over prepared. But hey! At least she won't lose fingers, nose, or toes to frostbite.
Peace is overrated. Being polite is one thing, but putting snow on his head and letting Risa be the one to put it there. Quite another. Maybe someday in a long distant future. The memory of their last meeting is still too near. "I'm S'dny." he says to introduce himself to Sephany, "And that is D'lei." he points in the direction of the bronzerider, "E'vyl and Ravy." he points toward his cousin, while still not engaging with him, "And that is Risali." he says indicating the goldrider. Politeness has been achieved.

E'vyl offers a pleasant enough nod to the Riohra. "Well met Riohra. I'm E'vyl. And this munchkin here is Ravysa." What ever he was about to add goes out opf his head, or rather on top of it. He doesn't bother to hide the shiver brought about by his new hat, which the sight of causes his daughter to start giggling. "Hey, who's side are ya on munchkin." She's still trying to tug the ribbon from her hair all while explaining to Risali just what she has in mind. E'vyl flashes a smirk over his shoulder to the Weyrwoman. "Thanks for that. My head was starting to feel a bit over heated." When munchkin winds down, E'vyl nods and helps pluck the ribbon from her head. "Like this Ravy?" The brownrider is very careful of their creation as he pokes the ribbon into the snowy mound, making a pink necklace around one liitle to be a runner foal. When he's done, Ravysa start squealing and slapping her covered hands together enthusiastically. E'vyl does overhear that bronzerider speak his and Ravysa's names, and glares that he would have the nerve to even do so. Shaking his head in annoyance, he looks back to his bubbly daughter and his irritation fades as quickly as it arrived.

"Riohra," Risali breathes around a smile. "Xanadu's duties." The queenrider will even extend one hand to shake Riohra's, her grip firm despite all her smol, because she is fierce, and a fighter, and she knows how to give a good shake. Sephany's curious expression at her being ignored by Monaco's highly esteemed leader? Well, Risali gives the over-prepared Fortian teenager as quiet smile that wrinkles her nose and speaks to mischief; apparently the Xanaduian is not nearly as offended by being snubbed as she should be. "I like your scarf," she says around that look, "It brings out your eyes." Risali is just awkward, it's okay, and she displays her awkward right as S'dny does introductions for all of them and Risali's lips pull in a tighter smile - a wave of her fingers as the Weyrleader imparts her name. She is Risali, yes. That would be her, giving her attention to E'vyl now, returning his smirk with a smile and a humorously dry, "My pleasure. You looked hot." As in TEMPERATURE-WISE, she's not hitting on you, don't worry. Still, she's leaning more heavily into D'lei, snuggling into the bronzerider as grey eyes turn to Ravy and she nods for the baby-babble that she pretends makes sense, but it must because clearly E'vryl deciphers and… Risali claps too. "Oh, that's a good idea, Ravysa. You're so smart!"

Riohra grins and shakes the goldriders hand as he has his clipboard under one arm, "Glad you could make it, if you need anything just flag me down" it is always nice find people with firm handshake. He looks back and takes down names for the Cool Runners before he walks by Sephany and says "you alright there? I saw a thicker coat hanging in one of the guest weyrs" if he is teasing or not it is hard to tell as he always seems to be smiling. He will also direct new comers from dragonback to the check in and to the living cavern for food and warmth.

"Sephany," she will offer, pulling down her scarf just a touch so that her words can be clearly heard. And since she doesn't immediately lose a nose to the COLD FORT WEATHER, she'll just leave her scarf more around her neck and less all over her freakin' face. "Nice to meet you! Thank you for joining us," because while she may be a NEW Fortian (so says the over-prepared-ness, perhaps) she can be a POLITE Fortian. As they are named, Sephany will find each figure with a quick, assessing gaze, as if to commit names to memory. It's a front. She'll forget everyone by tomorrow. But she at least tries. There's a soft little, "Hm," and maybe an awkward sort of shifting of her weight on booted feet. Because yeah, she caught that not-so-subtle animosity there, E'vyl. And though there's definitely curiosity burning brightly in those grey eyes, she's far to nice to actually ASK the visitors why they hate each other. She'll just speculate all to herself. A bright and cheerful, "Thank you!" for Risali's compliment on her scarf, perhaps finding it not at all awkward. Or she's just nice like that. "I like your, um…" blank. "hair…" sure. Let's go with that. Riohra's concern is met with a quick shake of her head. "No, no, I think I'm alright," and then a little bit lower, as if sheepishly, "I think I'm actually starting to sweat under all this."

Syd nods to Sephany as she too gives her name, "Good to meet you Sephany." he says with a smile. Always happy to meet new people. Especially since the old people aren't on the best of terms right now as she so rightly noticed. Oh well! Such is life. Then Monaco's weyrleader turns toward Risali, he must be hard pressed for conversation, "How is life treating you down in Xanadu these days?"

Word'll spread eventually and at some point the Weyrleader will have to make his appearance. It's just The Way of Things! Something Th'ero is very familiar with by now, having been at this for two decades. Doesn't stop him from just ghosting his way right into the thick of things. He's also very good at that, those silent arrivals. Unaware of any of the ongoing conversations, he'll take a moment to merely sum up those faces in the crowds — familiar and unfamiliar alike. Velokraeth is on some ledge up high or with Kayeth, no doubt and keeping an equally sharp 'ear' on the dragon gossip circulating.

With the final touch of a pretty pink ribbon Ravy throws her arms into the air and declares her work of art finished. E'vyl's the only one that understood her though. He grins ands scoops her up as he stands again. A too agreeably nod to Risali "Too smart at times." Is there any such thing when refering to your own daughter? Possible. Readjusting his grip on the munchkin, "That's very pretty Ravy. Now let's go get some cocoa. Get you warmed back up. Your mama will treat me like she does the wild boars if I bring you back with a sniffle." In typical little fashion Ravy only heard /cocoa/ and the babbles bubble up again, joined by animated arm waving.

"Will do," Risali tells Riohra around another one of those quiet smiles, dropping her arm back to her side as she burrows back into D'lei and saps exactly ALL OF HIS BODY HEAT. All of it. It's an exchange (ROBBERY?) that will continue as Sephany becomes the focal point for grey eyes once more, a compliment given and received that has Risali's lips quirking in laughter that she bites down on her bottom lip to suppress. Her hair? Tied up in a bun at the back of her head, hidden away beneath a raised hood upon which her hat of snow melts. "Thank you, I worked hard on it." She didn't. At all. There is nothing but amusement in her words, the whisper of laughter delivered in each syllable without a hint of mockery or malice; Risali knows how difficult human interaction can be, and she's certainly not about to fault Sephany for her attempt at returning kindness with kindness. Just like she will not fault S'dny when he speaks to her, drawing grey eyes back to the Monacoan Weyrleader and an expression of surprise that Risali doesn't even bother to hide. "Uhm," she says intelligently. "Well." Brows knit together, Risali's lips forming soft vowels that never quite form into words. A beat, and then she swallows, forcing another smile. "How is Monaco treating you, S'dny? Still dreadfully hot?" Another smile for E'vyl, and, "Better be ready for when she gets older, then." Ravy is going to be a force of nature! Wait, wait a moment. There's a hint of movement that draws grey eyes and Th'ero isn't sneaky enough. Risali gives D'lei a squeeze before she ducks out from under his arm and weaves her way through the crowd right to Fort's GRUMPY LEADER. And maybe he inspires fear in others. But Risali? Well, she either didn't get the memo or is just reckless (probably both, let's be honest). That's why her arms are coming around the older man in a hug with a bright smile as she tilts her head up. "Hi Dad." SO BRIGHT. SO SUNNY. Maybe there is a tease in there, too.

Riohra smiles and nods to Sephany "see you are getting used to it" not likely but hey lets be positive shall we. Before he can ask anything else he is pelted in the back by the local weyrbrats with snow balls. Turning around he will toss a few back in return before grinning and laughing as they retreat, he turns back to S'dny and Sephany saying "You two going to enter into the building?" When the Weyrleader is spotted Riohra gives a wave and a raised eyebrow when Risali calls him dad, and will file that away for later.

Sephany is trying so… points! As the foreign weyrleader decides to engage in precarious conversation with Risali, Sephany will just flit her way over there and peer at E'vyl and Ravysa and their pink-ribbon bedecked creation. "Ooooh," even if she's maybe… looking a little skeptical. Though there's nothing but amusement at the little one, who is getting promises of cocoa! Nice. And then Sephany flutters that way, towards D'lei and Risali, who is at least amused by her attempt at compliments. Sephany knows CLOTHES not people. Talk clothes with her. Only Risali is not talking with anyone now. She's embracing the Fortian Weyrleader, which makes Sephany's eyes narrow as she flashes her gaze between the two. Th'ero-Risali. Risali-Th'ero. Th'ero-Risali again. And then she sliiiiides over to Riohra, who is safe and familiar. "Is she really his daughter? I don't see it…" but before there can come an answer, she is back to S'dny, because she cannot stand still now, a bundle of over-dressed comfort in perpetual motion. "You're remarkably good at this for someone who lives in Monaco," she decides.

"Good." is Syd's simple one word answer to have Monaco is treating him. The place hasn't killed him yet, so that is a step in the right direction. And then he spies Th'ero there and waves a hand in his direction. He addresses himself as if he might speak to Fort's weyrleader but then there is a…Risali. All over Th'ero. Poor Th'ero. Poor poor Th'ero. When he hears her words he almost laughs. But holds himself in check. Riohra catches his attention then and he shakes his head, "I'm afraid I have little talent for building anything in the snow. I have a great deal of talent for laying in it though." He's fallen alseep in a snow pile many a time. Sephany gets a shake of the head, "I don't believe she is. At least if she is I'd be very surprised." And disturbed. Deeply deeply disturbed. Syd is more or less just standing there doing nothing. E'vyl's the one with all the skills, "Thanks." he says to Sephany, not wanting to be rude. "We try very hard at Monaco to be good at everything."

E'vyl starts mingling through the crowd with his adorable escort, the pair of them heading towards the warm chocolatey goodness that is cocoa. And if the beachbum brownrider can track down some bacon in their quest, all the better. Soon, the pair have hot tasty treat inhand and find a nice out of the way spot to enjoy it for a bit. He eyes a couple of littles that go by and point of him while whispering and giggling behind their hands. He ponders their actions before it comes to him and he shakes his head vigorously to dislodge his snowhat. Hopefully the Xanadian Weyrwoman won't take too much offense as her stylish gift crumbles to the ground.

"And you must be Ila'den's daughter. Risali?" Th'ero is definitely NOPE about physical touch but Risali is a goldrider and a visiting one and he's long since held considerable respect for Xanadu. The Weyr helped Fort a decade ago and he's not forgotten that; not to mention he has family ties there now, what with his nieces, nephew and son living there. There is ALMOST a hint of a smile and — YES, he does return the hug in a completely polite and platonic manner. Then he's offering her his arm, because he has manners and can set aside any differences. "Belated welcome to Fort Weyr. K'vir remains in Xanadu, then?" Polite inquiries! Then catching further greetings, he'll nod respectfully to Riohra. Any staring from Sephany is politely dismissed — he'll pretend he didn't see that! S'dny is noted as well and given that same respectful nod of greeting and a low spoken. "Fort's duties to Monaco Bay." So formal! It's almost painful. He DOES relax eventually, folks~

"Don't remind me," Risali offers with dry humor, around a smile that's somehow soft and fierce at the same time. It's a joke, which is probably why Th'ero returns the hug and Risali laughs, slipping her arm through his when offered and leaning into the Weyrleader in a manner that's familiar, but not overly friendly. "But yes, Risali. And K'vir," a breath as she takes the lead and allows her not-nearly-long-enough legs to carry her back in the direction of Syd, Dash, Rio, and Seph, "better damn well still be in Xanadu, or I'm going to murder him." YEP. She did just threaten Th'ero's son to the man himself, because she is UNDAUNTED by the man at her side, heedless of whether or not he will get the hints of tease in her tone because this is just Risali. Some might call it stupid, but hey. To each his own. "Are you always this formal, Dad?" Yep, she hasn't dropped the word, even as she comes to a standstill back among the others there to mingle and… points to D'lei. "This is D'lei." She's shameless too, apparently. "And Riohra, Sephany, E'vyl, Ravy, and S'dny." But Th'ero PROBABLY ALREADY KNEW THAT. Risali is hoping she remembers the names she heard correctly.

There is a form. It was created out of snow. It was maybe put there by S'dny. Or maybe it wasn't. She complimented Risali's hidden messy-bun. So why not compliment a pile of snow and attribute it to the Monaco Weyrleader? "Well. Um. Keep up the good work." And this is where her diplomacy skills end (let's be real, she had none to begin with). She's a Weaver, not a Harper, after all. Which is probably why her obvious staring was so… obvious. But she's seemed to have lost interest in the Risali-Th'ero mystery. That is no longer a mystery. There is an irritated pull at the scarf around her neck, and for a moment there's a flurry of wiggling as she pulls down her hood and forces the wound-up fabric to loosen up and release her. "Ugh, so much better," as air finds skin. "I think I may have over-done things this time." Sigh. Risali's introduction of her (or at least the naming of her) earns a glance that-a-way, and she'll flash a smile at the Weyrleader of her new home.

Uh oh. Someone's pointing to him. Worse, it's Risali! D'lei glances up to… Th'ero, right. This is fine. A wave, a smile. "Hello!" says the bronzer from Monaco Bay, because he is definitely here and not at all lost in Garouth's head (hint: he was totally lost in Garouth's head). But he's still here! Mostly. Kinda. Ish? He'll make the attempt to not be entirely awful and lacking in this conversation thing.

Gerazal makes his way out after some finishing touches to the clothing that he brought with him. He's wearing a very fashionable fur lined dark blue coat with the hood drawn up around him. He's got a dark purple scarf trimmed in gold around his neck and a pair of purple gloves on. He looks around to see who else is here for the search and rescue. Along with him are a pair of children. One is a 12 turn old girl who's wearing a light purple coat that goes down to her knees and a pair of black gloves. She has a white knitted hat on and black boots. The other is small boy who's run a bit ahead and is stopped very so often to toss some snow up into the air. He's wearing a blue snow suit with red hat and gloves. He spins around before he runs a bit of head to the next bit of snow.

"And Monaco's to Fort." Syd replies easily enough to Th'ero. Syd is considerably less formal, and presently content to hang back to just watch and listen as things go on around him. Poor K'vir to be murdered if he isn't back in Xanadu. D'lei awaking from his Garouth induced daydream. Sephany coming up for air and Risali being Risali. He moves over toward D'lei to ask, "When did you guys arrive?" Clearly they have been here longer than he has been.

"You're free to murder him, if he's gone off to do something reckless." Th'ero's expression is completely stoic and his delivery of that statement utterly deadpan. Have fun decrypting THAT, Risali! He chuckles dryly, "Always, when the situation calls for it. Some have seen my informal side." Challenge LAID. Will she accept? Before they begin the meet 'n greet circuit, he'll lean his head down to murmur a little more privately. "You and K'vir should come for dinner sometime." Then she'll see! It won't be awkward AT ALL! As Risali introduces him to D'lei first, Th'ero will dip his head respectfully to the bronzerider, dark eyes drifting over him in silent size-up and once over. He must approve of what he's seen, because there's a vague half-smile to follow. "Welcome to Fort." Even if he looks dazed, he's sticking to the drill here. "Are you enjoying the event, so far?"

"Murder whom?" Kimmila asks, the bluerider sliding up to stand beside Th'ero, her hands in her pockets. She does give her weyrmate a brief smile though, despite the space between them.

"Our son." Th'ero is quick to give Kimmila that answer, before gently slipping his arm free of Risali. Does she think to escape? NOPE. She's going to be gently positioned to face the bluerider. "Kimmila, this is Risali. Junior weyrwoman of Xanadu and gold Leirith's rider." And the one who is weyrmated to their eldest son. He'll step to HIS weyrmate's side and, in rare form, actually slip his arm around her.

The 12 turn old girl ooohs as she sees the snow sculpture. "Look at that Dad." She says as she turns on Gerazal's arm. He looks over, "Oh very nice you can go closer if you want just stay where you can see me all right?" The girl nods as the young boy is more interested in playing in the snow. Gerazal kneels down to toss some snow at the boy, who laughs and starts to try to gather snow into a snowball.

So many newcomers! Risali tries to be polite, smiling at Gerazal and his children, watching Sephany unbundle, eyes on S'dny as he approaches D'lei, and Dash as he comes to in just enough time for introductions - though her real attention is back on Th'ero with a wickedly whispered, "Duly noted." A beat, and then a dryly delivered, "Yes, I heard about you and the jello shots with my Dads, Dad." WHATEVER THAT MEANS. Goodluck DECIPHERING THAT ONE. She nods her head to the offer of dinner, since K'vir will probably be the hard one to convince in that, and then there is a Kimmila there, asking about murder, and death, and Risali doesn't look in the least chagrinned or ashamed as Th'ero steps away from her and feeds her to the wolves. "Hi Kimmila," the goldrider isextending her hand for the older woman to take. "Kyzen tells me that you're the one I need to worry about." But there's humor in the goldrider's words, soft spoken as they are - note, she's notbacking down or showing any signs of fear. THIS IS PERFECTLY NORMAL.

Kimmila looks up at Th'ero, brows lifting and eyes briefly searching his face. His arm around her? She's assessing his expression to see if something is wrong. No? Onward, then! She smiles at Risali, extending her free hand for that shake. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you. K'vir has spoken highly of you." Even though he's still her BABY. Then she laughs, her smile growing a touch wicked. "He's probably right about that. Tell you what. If I drink a bit and invite you hunting, say no. Deal?" Then her expression softens. "How is he doing?"

The power of Th'ero's eyes on him makes D'lei draw up a little straighter for inspection - wetsuit-inspired uniform, wingleader's knot, and all the other assorted signifiers of this here bronzerider from Monaco Bay. "Thank you, sir," D'lei answers, with a smile of his own that comes easy to his face. "So far, so good. We've unleashed our youth on your snow." A gesture toward Ravysa, where she's playing under E'vyl's supervision. Or was? Maybe she too got away from where D'lei expected while Garouth was being… Garouth… at him. "Looking forward to the rest!" And then, before he can take the time to think more about just who this is (and who Kimmila is), and who their son is… well. D'lei is distracted from that by… more Weyrleading! This time from D'lei's own, the boss of the Monaco Bay… the S'dny. D'lei turns his head that way, with a tilt and… "Oh, just a bit before you, really." A crooked smile as he adds, "So, if you missed it, we did too."

Sephany was, once upon a time, freezing. Now? Now it seems that she may die of heatstroke. Her face is flushed, eyes dilated, as she pulls more firmly at her scarf. "Ugh. OK, I'm going to change," she announces to no one and everyone. Because why not? "Have fun!" again, rather vague in who that was delivered to. She slips past weyrmates and foreigners, children and parents, right on through the snow towards the living caverns, pulling off layers as she goes.

S'dny nods to D'lei, "Good to know. I'm sure we'll see what happens here. I'm going to go do a bit of exploring." He'll never know the answer to if Risali survives K'vir's parents or not. Though he does file that interesting tidbit away in his mind somewhere. He offers a wave to the departing Fortian and then a wave to the others as he slips off through the crowd to explore around Fort and get his feel for the place.

Look at all this propriety. Would you just look at it. Such introductions. Much fancy. Them clothes. It'd be a shame if something happened to it. That something being Syn, of course, decked in head to toe black like her HEART, sweeping into the frey like she owns the place or something, leaving a whirl of chaos and stomped toes in her wake. "'Scuse me, pardon me, lady with a baby coming through, c'mon man that was totally your fault get out your cups before I cup you, yeah you heard me right just 'cause I'm a momma don't mean I'm dead I'll fight you—" And on it goes, the tiny greenrider almost colliding with Gerazal as he leans down to scoop up snow. "Whoops! Sorry, 'bout took you out there, cute kid!" But she doesn't quite linger - she's a woman on a mission, and that mission is to duck right under the arm Th'ero's using to position Risali, if only to shove a tiny bundle of (also black, shocker) blankets at the goldrider. There might be an actual baby inside. There might not. ~MYSTERY!~ One she will not reveal even as she steps back a polite enough distance, hands going to hips to beam at the people she's inserted herself right into the middle of with a cheery, "Good evening! Duties. Hope your weyrs are prospering and not on fire. All that." How is she even in Phoenix wing I ask you. A concerned look at the retreating Sephany, one that turns mischievous as blue eyes flick back to those gathered. "I hope you haven't been reveling too hard without me." HMM.

Risali's own expression goes wicked as she takes Kimmila's hand in hers and shakes - firm, but not painful before she pulls away with her own laughter. "I don't know, Mom. That sounds like it'd be a fun challenge. And anyway, if you handle a bow like K'vir, I'll get you before you get me." But Risali is teasing - maybe not the best thing to be doing because Kimmila and insulting K'vir, but hey. It's conversation, and Risali's expression softens when Kimmila's does. "He's fine. He's healing. I think he likes the attention, actually." And ohp, there is a black bundle of BABY-OR-NOT MYSTERY being shoved into her arms, one that Risali is quick to take with a startled expression as grey eyes go from Kimi to Syn. Oh, that smile as Risali's attention is stolen away from all by her baby sister, because there is definitely a blonde bundle of cute in there. "Hi baby," she breathes, bouncing the child as she moves sideways into Syn's space to hug the woman. "It's never a party until you're here. I'm surprised nothing's caught fire yet." SHE'S JUST BEING HONEST, and then moving away from both women back to D'lei, whose hand she grabs with her own while juggling baby with the other. She leans into the bronzer with her bundle of baby, and a softly breathed, "Look at her." THIS IS IBSYGLEI. HELLO WORLD.

Kimmila blinks. Did this kid just call her Mom?! She looks up at Th'ero, blinks, and looks back at Risali. Frown. "I doubt that," she says flatly. First impression? Not going so great. But she doesn't feel the need to prove her archery skills here and now, and instead slips her arm around Th'ero's waist, finally returning his gesture. "We're dancing tonight." If they're dancing now, or later, it's left to be seen as the bluerider steers the Weyrleader away with a brief nod in farewell to Risali.

Riohra has just come back from helping settling in the Ista vistors. He will smile and nod to people and wave to a few he knows such as Kimmila as he moves about the group. He will come to stop near the father with the very nice jacket with this childern. He grins down but before he can speak he is asked a question and turns his head and there goes Kimmila..

Gerazal looks up at Sephany, "Thanks, I wish I could take all the credit, but my weyrmate had a big part in it. It's all right I see you've got a bundle." He says as Geral, the boy finishes with his snowball, that's almost as big as he is as he tries to pick it up. He huffs a bit as he can't get it up, "I think you need to make it smaller there Ger." The boy shakes his head, "No I got this." The girl moves as close as she can to the ice and snow sculptures to just admire them.

Okay, D'lei is down to one Weyrleader at a time! Much better. Though… here's some Syn (and maybe a wee bit of depravity?) are here to make sure things don't get too comfy. But that's okay, D'lei can deal with this. He can… oh, hey, Risali. D'lei grins, squeezing her hand as he leans over to kiss her cheek before he tilts his head to look - as instructed - at baby. "Hey there," he says to this small infant who has no clue who he is or what words mean. DOUBLE TROUBLE. But that's okay, D'lei doesn't know who this infant (or its mother) is. Not that it stops him from looking and smiling, leaning in against Risa a bit as he does… though it's a light press. No dropping babies. That's be a definite party foul!

Syn basks in that baffled expression, blue eyes fastening hard on Risali with that over-wide, over-toothy smile totally unwavering. If she's infected with any kind of tender loving emotions, it doesn't show in the slightest - instead she honest-to-Faranth dimples for sisterly cooing, laughing bright when she's drawn into a sideways hug. "Damn right, She-cat." The party don't start 'til she walks in! "And what makes you think nothing's on fire?" That grin tho. It's a dangerous one, all shark and sharpness and edges with just a little crazy thrown in for spice. There's an almost-formal salute offered to Kimmila as she steers Th'ero away, along with a crisply-stated, "May your dance be sexy and your night long, Weyrleader Tightpants, Milady Tightpants." And then she's back to her sassy grin and cocked hip, eyeing D'lei with interest when he's taking Risa's hand and leaning against her and is she humming 'Risa and He-cat sittin in a tree' under her breath? She might be humming 'Risa and He-cat sittin in a tree' under her breath. Hopefully they'll be too busy admiring Ila-spawn to notice as she //distracts with a spin back towards Gerazal. "Fair enough. I know for fact I did all the work on my end." Rude. True. TRUDE. "Is the little lady yours as well?" Not that a twelve-turn-old is little, but… Semantics.

Geral finally manages to pick up the huge snowball and he tries to get towards Gerazal as he tries to raise it above his head. Gerazal looks up to Syn, "Yes that's my daughter Nikita. I got her from the day she's an apprentice beastcrafter. Left the monster at home, although he'd love the snow."

All this work, Riohra is starting to wonder how he got roped in this.. He walks back out of the living caverns this time a hot mug of Klah in his hand. He sees some familiar faces but for the most part he will keep to himself and start double checking the logs of what has come and gone.

SUCCESSFUL INTERACTION WITH HER IN LAWS! EXCELLENT. Risali is on the right track, and looks like maybe she knows it when those grey eyes watch Th'ero and Kimmila depart with words from Syn that have Risali biting down on her bottom lip to not laugh because she's already in enough trouble. She-cat. Wildcat. Harpy. Shrew. Risali is getting a pretty lengthy list of nicknames under her, but the look that Risali gives Syn from under her lashes is just shy of being a Trifecta-worthy expression. It's feisty, and sultry, and heated all at once. "Because you're here," Risali offers. That is how she knows nothing is on fire, like she TOTALLY HEARS THE K-I-S-S-I-N-G SONG, SYN. "And I don't hear Leia's maniacal laughter - or Ibby's, for that matter." Still, Risali leans into the kiss from D'lei, sharing Ibsyg with him for a moment before she smiles up at him. "This is…" A beat, a glance at Syn before her attention is back on the Monacoan. "Ibsyglei. She's my baby sister." And she waits for Syn to finish talking to Gerazal to motion at the greenrider. "And this is Syn. Syn, this is D'lei. Syn likes eyepatches," she says around a too-bright smile that maybe is weighted but is no less a tease because IT'S HOW IBSYGLEI CAME TO BE.

WHAT TREE. You don't know nuthin', Syn. Or even if you do, you can't PROVE anything about what D'lei and Risa may OR MAY NOT have done in that tree. NOT NO WAY. NOT NO HOW. SO THERE. …… AHEM. Anyhow, the two of them are leaning in against each other and holding hands and, yes, being distracted. Though not so distracted - being the insightful and clever cats they are - as to not hear CERTAIN IMPLICATIONS. About trees that SHOULD KEEP THEIR WORD-HOLES SHUT, because THEY LIKED IT. And so - NEVER MIND SHALL WE? ONLY HEAT. NO FIRE. And D'lei.. laughs. "Good name. I mean, I'd go for something simpler for the start, but it ends on a very solid note. Can't fault it for that." He grins, reaching his other hand up to wiggle it in front of little baby frog-in-the-throat-or-something-LEI and… get himself bitten, probably. It's cool, he's a professional at being bitten. He's with Risali, after all! Which explains how he can be so foolish as to grin at Syn. "Nice to meet you," he says. "Though not nice enough to half-blind me." No eyepatches for her! D'lei will just continue being what Risa likes. (WITH TREES.)

Riohra moves around again walking over to where Syn and Gerazal are standing and grins watching people talk and enjoy the day he sips from his hot Klah. He will notice but actively stay out of figuring out peoples love affairs as it always seems to end up in someone getting punched in the eye…

Maybe this was Syn's plan all along - to distract Gerazal long enough for Geral to get that snowball over his head. Go, little man, go! Sew the seeds of chaos! She's got this! "Beastcrafting! Important work. We're always looking for reliable crafters, if ever she decides to take a post away from home," the tiny blonde drawls with a chuckle, because Th'ero isn't there to make a plug for their weyr, so she will! No good deed goes unpunished, however - the words have no sooner departed her face than she's put on the receiving end of looks from goldriders and Syn wastes no time in shooting an audacious wink back at Risali. Eyy gurl. "Maybe Ibby and Leia are the ones on fire," she argues for argument's sake, and if that isn't a damned terrifying quasi-Hunger Games mental image, I don't know what is. Hopefully it's a lie, but knowing the Trifecta, wellll… "Of her siblings, she got the long straw. The others are Heribly and Lerik," is drawled regarding Ibsy's UNFORTUNATE NAME, though the tot probably refrains from biting and goes for keeping D'lei forever via finger-holding which he should also apparently be used to so… shrug. He is foolish, though, in offering Syn a grin - the woman returns it with alacrity because that's a thing now, wide and wicked and, "You, too. I've heard so much about you, after all." THAT TONE. RUN, TREE BOY, SHE KNOWS TOO MUCH. Grin fixed, wild blues slide back to Risa, one brow sliiiiding slowly upwards with a dimpled, "I thought we weren't talkin' about how I banged your daddy." Daddies. Plural. But that's a story for another time as roving eyes seize on Riohra then, and that looks like a man in charge. Or you know. At least a man with a log that looks vaguely official, and alas poor aloof Riohra, she beckons him over with a rapidly-waved hand. "Hellooo," she says, smiling totally trustworthily as she continues on with a bright, "Are you open to the possibility of fireworks?" Said in the tone of voice that implies the fireworks are much less a possibility and much more a reality. There will be fireworks. Maybe soon. Really soon. Oops, there goes one now, PEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWING INTO THE SKY WITH A CRACKLE OF FIREWORK MATTER. Look at her smile. Look at it go. The expression behind her eyes is clear: oops? "Nevermind."

Riohra looks up at the light in the sky and skips his Klah and says to Syn "looks like it could use a bit more powder there your not getting good lift, but they are pretty." He grins down at the green rider "Nice touch though. I will see if I can get clearance for the rest of the games for them"

The look that Risali gives D'lei speaks levels about just how much she's sure he enjoys that 'lei' at the end of her sister's name; it's probably why her lips are quivering in a quiet laugh as she gives the bronzerider a gentle nudge with her shoulder. "Shut up, Dash." YOU KNOW. THAT THING HE'S NOT VERY GOOD AT DOING BECAUSE HE'S D'LEI, AND SILENCE IS A FOREIGN THING TO HIM EXCEPT FOR THOSE VERY RARE SOMETIMES. The Quasi-Hunger Games mental image, likewise, is not a surprising image because Risali has spent enough time drinking, and dancing, and being submerged in the crazy that is the Trifecta to know when there is a likelihood presented that might be real if only because Ibby and Leia would probably volunteer to be set on fire. Just to know what it felt like. And then to boast scars after. "You know my Dad keeps threatening to rename her." And then Syn is an honest to Faranth shark, returning Dash's grin with alacrity, and wickedness, and words that should probably have Risali looking embarrassed at the fact that Syn knows too much, but instead have grey eyes seeking out amber as lips part and one shoulder rolls up in a shrug. "It was hot," she tells him. "She needed to know." And now Risali is the one giving wicked smiles, as she goes up on the tips of her toes to press a kiss against D'lei's jaw and then turns her attention back onto Ibsy, the finger stealing cute that looks more her mother's child than Risali's genuine sibling. Which… yeah, thanks Syn. Banging her Dad is totally why this cute thing even exists, and there's a wrinkling of her nose and a, "Shut up, Syn," delivered dry, then curbed by laughter. BECAUSE GROSS, MAN. GROSS. PARTY FOUL. "I really don't want to know." THANK GOODNESS there is a boom, and Risali blinks up to watch the first brilliant sparkle of colored fire as it dances, arcs, falls and dissipates before it can reach the ground again. Oooh, aaaaahhhh. There's probably a wild Leia loose in the crowd somewhere too. And Ibby throwing up on someone's boots somewhere. Still, Rio gets a smile that maybe actually translates to, 'RUN,' before her eyes are back on the sky.

If D'lei isn't careful about his JOKES, Pern will wind up with another punned rider in the form of S'lei and then where will we be. Somewhere silly. GET IT. Luckily, Syn doesn't get the joke or if she does, decides that making it weird for Risali is more worth her time, and thus she only digs her dimples a little bit deeper for the idea that Ila'den's threatening to rename their child. "He can try, but Morizanth has promised to stalk their weyr and whisper her name to her mind in her sleep if that's what it will take for it to stick, so… I suppose that depends if he can out-clever and out-subversive my green." Lips twist to one side in a crooked smirk, blue eyes dancing as they flick between goldrider and bronzerider, voice pitching its way towards innocent, even if her expression can't quite manage to follow suit. Ever. "I did need to know. It was incredibly important to our well-being." Our?! "Hotness is good for morale." Said replete with brow waggle, though whether that's for WHAT D'LEI DID LAST SUMMER (in a tree), or that kiss Risa presses to his jaw, or for the dad-discussion is up for debate. Maybe all three, considering the expression that goes along with is horrible, truly, a mix of rampant amusement and ample impishness with just a dash of that special 'I love to watch you squirm' that makes up Syn's attitude. "Make me." But she does leave the subject go, so maybe some part of her is polite under all that crazy, one hand reaching out to squeeze at Risa's sleeve in a brief, fleeting gesture before she focuses over on Riohra again, eyes bright, expression fey. "Know a thing or two about lift, do you?" She's delighted. "Good thing that one was a mistake. The rest'll knock your socks off." Is she rubbing her hands together? She is. She's totally rubbing her hands together, looking like a villain straight out've a cartoon, chuckling under her breath as eyes light up in contemplation and then— "Actually, I know just the thing. If you'll excuse me." And off she goes, first to Risa to this time envelop the younger woman in a crushing-but-not-baby-crushing hug, retrieving her daughter to tuck her into wraps against her chest, and then to exit the way she came via sliding herself right between Risali and the man with his arm around her, wiggling away between the goldrider and D'lei so she can use both hands to simultaneously smack them both on the ass with vivacity and a legitimate cackle before she's off with a twirl of black fabric to literally light up the night with fireworks.

DASH PROBABLY DIDN'T SHUT UP. Nobody was shocked. Risali gave Syn appreciative looks, and wicked looks, and laughed when butts got WHACKED on the woman's way back outta there, taking her infant sister with her. And then Risa probably gave Dash a wicked look, and whispered something about his leathers looking hot in this weather, and the games hadn't started yet so maybe they could take a moment to cool off. HEY. IT'S A CONCERN. Wouldn't want to overheat in all this… winter and snow. Shut up (but unlike D'lei, ACTUALLY DO IT). So off they go, probably with Risali bullying D'lei to carry her through the weyr while she kisses him because she's terrible and who needs to see where they are going? NOT HER. NOT HIM. NOT ANYBODY. Everybody they run into and trip over will be fine. It's fine.

Riohra grins and is still watching the fireworks as they seem to have started early when people start to shuffle off he will go back to work keeping supplies moving from one point to another. Lots of work to do today but the looks on the faces of everyone he has met shows him this will be one interesting and exciting couple of days.

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