Who Phineas, Kaetryn
What Finn and Kaet get caught in a rolling blackout.
When Winter.
Where Fort Weyr - Candidate Barracks


Fort Weyr - Candidate Barracks
// Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this cavern has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants in comfort. Set into one of the long walls is a natural hearth area, not as large as some but more then enough to warm the cavern. Before it lays an old, well-worn rug that's colors have faded over turns of being un cared for. Mismatched chairs, an old couch, and a few randomly placed floor pillows finish up the sitting type area where candidates can relax after a long day of chores.
Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses with curtains dividing them for privacy, each made up to the standards of the Weyrwoman. The left hand row of cots is made up with coverlets of brown and trimmed in black for male candidates, while the right hand row is made up with a lighter brown coverlet that's trimmed in white for the female candidates.
Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours, while basket of emergency glows are stored in corners around the cavern for use during power outages.//

It's mid-morning. It's cold. And it's dark, because the Barracks is currently in the grips of one of the intermittent blackouts plaguing the Weyr, and most of the Candidates have already scattered for daily chores, so no one's bothered to flip open more than one or two of the glow baskets. The one closest to Kaetryn's cot has been unlatched, the soft, pale light spilling over her as she sits cross-legged amist the rumpled bedsheets, trying to count stitches. "Ugh, how did they do this before electric lights were put in?" she mutters under her breath, even as her fingers deftly work hook and yarn. "Ten, eleven…"

Phineas has discovered two very exciting things. One, he's really good at fishing. Two, he's really fast at gutting. That being the case, he's been cut loose early and, after a long soak in the baths, comes barreling into the barracks only to immediately slam his calf into the end of a bunk in the dark. "SHELLS!" The shout it louder then intended (that hurts!) and coupled with the sound of hopping and the very loud creak indicating he's flopped onto one of the cots to nurse his wound. "Who left a stupid cot there…"

"It's in the same place it's always been," Kaetryn's droll reply echoes out of the dim patch of light somewhere off into the right hand depths of the Barracks. "Difference is, you can't see it right now." See, she's a fount of information this morning, all of which Finn clearly did NOT know but absolutely needed to. Without glancing up, she continues with, "I think there's a glow basket somewhere near you - we tried to get one for each grouping of four cots." Tried implies failure somewhere - but chances are, glow baskets are at a premium these days.

Finn's snort is loud and coupled with a low grumbling as he twists on the cot and feels around for the basket of glows, muttering darkly before the low light finally emerges. "You relish the fact that you are completely unhelpful," he grumps as he rolls up to sitting. Setting the glows next to him, he winces as he rubs his calf, squinting in the dark. "They better get this fixed soon." Yeah, he's a big baby when it comes to unexpected ouchies. It is only belatedly that he glances toward Kaetryn and narrows his eyes. "Why are you lurking in the dark?"

"I am absolutely, one-hundred percent helpful, and one-hundred percent not lurking," Kaet replies in an injured tone, glancing up from her crochet to send the other Candidate a wounded look. Thankfully, it's a bit too dark to see the laughter trembling at the edges of her expressive mouth. "Everything I told you was absolutely true and necessary knowledge." The fact that it was redundant plays no part in her evaluation, apparently. "Chin up. I'll make you a set of shin guards. I've got some skeins of puffy wool here. I'm sure between Aignes and I, we can come up with a padded suit to protect your delicate body."

Finn exhales a snort as he gets to his feet and heads for his own cot. Course, his own grin is impossible to miss, even in the gloom. "You laugh, but it's a serious problem." Flopping down on his unmade bed, he stretches to set the bowl of glows on the pillow. "I'm all sharp angles and bones." Clearly it is not easy being a scarecrow man. It's only once he's comfortable in his sprawl that he cranes his neck and peers curiously at what she's doing. "Working on your robe?" There's no hiding his wince at the thought, or the disgruntled sigh that escapes his lips a moment later. "Mine is a mess," he admits. "I might end up just belting a sheet like a kilt and going with that."

"I'm sure you'd look pretty in a bleached sack," comes Kaet's calm reply as she resumes her crochet. "And while I would happily crochet - or knit - a robe, I've been told it must be made of the materials supplied. So I finished it a few days ago." A jerk of her head - with its blinding-even-in-glowlight hair - indicates the press at the end of her cot, where said robe must be stored. "I suppose," she continues, as she begins the next row of stitches, "it never occurred to you to ask any of the sewing-capable Candidates for a bit of help in exchange for yours? Or did you think to bribe?" she adds, her sly grin visible even in the dim light.

Phineas exhales a snort, flopping back into a sprawl on his cot. "Of course I thought of that," he notes in dry tones. "But Kezresan said we were probably supposed to do them ourselves." So Finn's? A hot mess and then some. "I mean, I get it. I can't justify bugging you and Aignes to help me with something that will be worn for one day." He did try, though. Sewing? Definately not his bag. "But, I assure you, I would look pretty in anything. Don't hate."

"Darling, I couldn't hate you for being beautiful. It's nice that there's two of us around for the mortals to adore. I do so love to share admiration." Nope, no sarcasm in Kaetryn's voice, not at all (/s) - although there is also laughter. A lot of it, bubbling just behind the desert-dry tone. "I'm pretty certain that they'd probably rather you have a robe that didn't disgrace the Weyr or fall off the first time a hatchling - or Care, or that little brunette I've seen following you around - tugs on it. Make an offer, let's see what you have." Show it all, bb.

Finn exhales a delighted laugh, twisting around to stretch out on his stomach. "What can I say, the boys and girls love me, Kaet." Helps that he's a flirt and doesn't have a serious bone in his body. "It's my burden to bear." Grinning, he folds his arms on the edge of the cot, his chin resting atop his hands. "Haven't seen much of you, though. How are you handling all this?" At the last, he considers seriously, his lips twitching in a grin. "Make my robe and I'll do a sculpture of you and your soon to be lifemate."

"Hah, once this is over, you'll be the one stuck with a baby - and the messes he makes from both ends - and I'll be headed back home to Keroon, 'cause I'm certain Auntie Dearest will see the error of her ways." Beneath the mockery dripping from Kaetryn's words is a thin thread of worry - that she will Impress? That she won't? That her aunt won't let her come home even after this pennance? With the secretary, it's anyone's guess. "Although a sculpture sounds fun. A monument to my glory. Might want to make one for yourself, though, 'cause you know you'll be pining once you're stuck in the Weyrling Barracks and I'm riding free across the Keroon plains." Moss-green eyes twinkle at him as she lowers her crochet, grinning full on from across the way. "I might see fit to help you. But I won't make it for you outright."

Finn grins, his head giving a wry shake as he listens to Kaet. "Do I strike you as the parental sort?" Snorting, he pops to his feet and steps over to drop into a sprawl atop her cot. Crocheting? It better move, he's falling like a felled tree. "I don't want anyone to do it for me," he admits as he curls an arm under his head. "I need help with the seams, though. I've done them three times and every time has been a disaster." Twisting on to his side, he bends one arm, resting his chin on his knuckles. "I've never been to Keroon," he admits. "Plains sound like something you need runners for, though." And runners make him a wee bit uncomfortable. "Do you miss it? Home I mean."

"The Keroon and Telgari plains stretch on for lengths and lengths and lengths. You can never see to the end of it." As Finn joins her on her cot, Kaetryn hastily tucks the crochet away before he crushes it - or does himself bodily harm with the hook. Gathering her pillow in her arms instead to cuddle and rest her chin upon, she gazes down at him, lips quirking slightly. "Runners are kind of mandatory - which is why it's a good thing we breed them by the dozens, yes?" His question elicits a sigh, her gaze going a bit misty as it focuses on a point slightly above his head. "Like an ache in my gut. I don't think anywhere on Pern compares to the beauty of Keroon. But," she adds, more briskly as her eyes fall back to meet his, "Fort has its own charm, and there's a part of me that will always remember I was born here, that half of my legacy is here, too. What about you? Where are you from?" Turnabout is fair play.

Phineas nods as he listens, clearly interested. To his credit, he doesn't draw attention to the emotion, merely affording a comfortable smile. "I can't even imagine," he admits. Comfortable and relaxed, it is the last that inspires a wry laugh, his free arm sweeping up in a gesture that indicates the weyr. "Born and raised in Fort," he admits. "The excursion to Monaco was the furthest I've ever been from home." Falling silent a beat, he raises one shoulder in a mild shrug, his hand slapping his thigh as he drops his arm. "I loved the ocean, though," he admits. "Surfing is… Amazing." That really stuck with him. "I talked to R'hra about, we're gonna see about getting some snowboards and hitting the slopes here." Cause really? Surfing on snow has to be just as much as fun.

"It was kind of interesting, wasn't it?" Wait, Kaet was there? OF course - didn't you see the fabulous tattoos while she was wearing her swimsuit? *cough* "Although I'd be content with an ocean of grass. The sea is… interesting. But very salty. And wet." Neither of which probably play very nice with her hair or piercings. But - "Snowboarding?" Intrigued now, she rests her cheek on her pillow, eyes blinking thoughtfully at the glasscrafter. "That sounds fun. Make sure you let me know when - I'd love to give it a whirl." She lapses into a comfortable silence for a moment, simply mulling over the conversation. Then, almost hesitantly, "So, do you want to Impress?"

"Right?" Rolling up to sitting at her response, Finn flashes a broad smile, his legs drawing in tailor-style as he settles. "Course, I doubt we'll be able to Aignes and Carellos to try. Kezresan, though? As shocking as it is, he actually like surfing." So that is a definate maybe. "R'hra said.." Trailing off at the last, he sobers almost immediately, lightly clearing his throat before glancing toward the door. "Well.. yeah," he admits. "I mean… Sure, I've put all this time into my craft. And I'd be fine with being a potter for the rest of my life. But, I'd lieing if I said the thought of being a dragonrider wasn't exciting. I don't," he adds quickly. "Think it will happen. But." But. "You?"

"Yes." The word is simple, said with a deceptive calm at odd with the nerves that flicker in Kaetryn's mossy gaze. "I don't like to lie, so I try not to. I've watched my mom and her brown for turns. I've seen it here at the Weyr, on visits and since I - ah - came this last time. I… would like that, I think. That bond. That purpose. Aunt is never going to let me succeed my father - and he's not going to be ready to step down for decades, anyway." She sighs - more to the fact that her aunt is so hidebound and less that her father is hale and hearty. "And," she adds, a smile quirking her lips, "it's not like you have to give up pottery if you Impress. I mean, the Weyr is filled with craftriders, you can do that just as easily as anything else."

"True," Finn admits to the last. "I just hate feeling like this. You know? Like, I'm a full grown man and I'm just as excited as a kid at the thought." And that? That bugs him. Alot. "Course, I mean, I keep hearing the odds are against us, so there is that." Drawing in a slow breath, he grimaces mildly, one hand raising to comb through spikey blond hair. "I don't know what to think," he sighs. "I just want it to be over. Whatever happens, happens." The whole experience has been way more frustrating then he had anticipated. "Your mom rides brown," he asks curiously. "My father rides blue." Course, he's never met him, but Finn is fine with that. "Is that the color you're partial to? Brown?"

"Well, I mean, of course," Kaet replies, her lips quirking slightly. "I've met plenty of dragons, but I mean, obviously browns are the best. Tiori's the best," she sighs, "but I'm sure whoever chooses me will be almost as awesome." Clearly, for all of her exposure, she hasn't quite sussed out just how strong that lifemate bond is. "I'd be happy with any color, though. Except gold," she adds, wrinkling her nose. "Not that goldriders aren't awesome, but that's way more dragon than I want. And I'd go mad stuck on the Sands like Nyalle. But brown, or green… even blue," she adds teasingly, "I'd be happy with any dragon." She reaches out, gently tapping her fist against the other Candidate's shoulder. "Hey, it's okay to be grown and get excited like a kid in a candy shop, Finn. I'm loving this. It's a safe thrill, you know? Rush without the possibility of grevious bodily injury at the end of it." Ever seen a Hatching, girl?

"Well, yeah," Finn laughs. "But I'm okay with grievious bodily injury." He's an adrenline junky, for sure. "I dunno," he admits in wry tones. "I just.. " Shaking his head, he flashes a lopsided smile, his shoulders rising and falling in a shrug. "I'd be a lot happier if there was more candy," he notes with a chuckle. "I have no idea what I'd want," he admits. "Course, I can't really imagine anything other then blue. Even that, though, is a massive stretch of imagination. I dunno," he decides as he drops his chin back on his hand. "It's a /lot/ responsibility, you know? I'm not sure I can be serious long enough."

"I'm perfectly fine with mild bodily injury, but I'd prefer not to do anything to mess up the artwork." Whether Kaetryn means the work of art that is her body, or the tattoos, is clarified when she pushes up a sleave, gazing affectionately down at the stylized vines winding their way up her forearms. "I draw the line at scars. Broken bones? Sure. Ugly pink scars? Not so much." Tugging her sleeve down again, she grins, reaching out as if to pat his cheek. "I think you'd do fine, Finn. You couldn't have made it this far in a craft if you couldn't take things seriously when you have to, and life is boring if you can't laugh in its face."

"Pfft," Finn laughs. "Scars are sexy, Kaet. Scars on women? Hot, very hot." At the pat, he chuckles quietly, blue eyes crinkling at the corners. "Well, there is that. But I mean, if I mess up a pot, I can just remake it. Messing up a dragon? I dunno. It's a huge committment, Kaet. Literally and figuratively, you know? Children times a hundred." Course, he does like the thought of having kids around, to. "I am pretty good at laughing," he allows.

"To be fair, I don't know you as well as I might prefer," Kaet murmurs, her smile falling away to underscore the relative seriousness of the comment, "but I have a hard time believing you'd have been Searched if you didn't have the capability to raise and ride a dragon, Finn." She tilts her head to one side, slowly blinking at him as she taps her fingers against her knee to keep from reaching out to touch him again. Someone is a toucher, it seems - although polite enough not to push it. "Someone thinks you can do it - maybe you should trust them, even if you're not quite sure about yourself. Anyway," she adds, lightening, "you'll have all sorts of help, like R'hra." Her favorite AWLM, it seems.

Finn is quiet for a moment, just thinking about what Kaet has to say. In the end, he rolls up on to one knee and leans in to kiss her cheek. It's a light kiss, completely innocent, and coupled with a grin as he settles back down on the cot. "Well, you're gonna have a long time to get to know me better. Cause we're all totally gonna be together for a long while to come." He's decided that that is the only acceptable answer for all of this and he's going to hold firm to it. "R'hra's great," he agrees. "He's been a big support through all of this." Course, there was that whole prank R'hra and Kassala pulled on Finn. But, even that? He has to admit it was funny.

Kaetryn's grin is lightning quick - blinding even - nope, that's the lights coming on, flooding the room and rendering the glows moot. Yelping, the secretary lifts her arm to cover her eyes. "Yargh. Well," she murmurs, wiping at the tears the sudden illumination brought to her eyes, "I'll hold you to that. You're going to ride blue, and I'm going to ride brown, and we're going to go on adventures, find all of the thrills, break a few bones, and get you some manly scars. I might even get a scar or two somewhere it won't ruin the look, just to make you happy." Dropping her arm away, she grins wryly at him. "And we'll get Care and his dragon to bake us all kinds of treats to keep our energy up."

Phineas exhales a laugh, his own hand coming up to shield against the sudden burst of light. "Done. But, don't forget chase all the greens. ALL. The. Greens." Gotta do that, he'd never forgive himself, otherwise. "Oh man, I need Care cookies like a flower needs the rain." Groaning, he flops onto his back and twitches a few times before slumping. "I swear they making subpar cookies on purpose lately. Just to torture me."

"Every green. Some you'll win, some I'll win, but together, we'll catch 'em all." Kaet smirks down at the potter. "Aww. Maybe we should sneak him in the kitchens tonight just so he can bake a few cookies for you," she murmurs, only half-teasing. Hey, Kaetryn likes a good cookie or ten. Good thing she also likes a lot of exercise, or she would be as slim as she is. "There's a few hours when the bakers are asleep and the dough is rising, I bet no one would notice." Knowing this Weyr, they'd probably be grateful to get some delicious desserts.

"That," Finn decides. "Is great idea. Catching them all /and/ sneaking Care into the kitchen." Exhaling a breath, he lolls his head back to glance at Care's cot, sighing wistfully. "He's the perfect man. Hot and great with sugar. It's win, win." Without warning, he gives a wild flailing before slumping on the bed. "I'm so ready for this to be over," he groans. "Have you got to touch them all, yet," he asks as he lolls his head back toward Kaet.

She can't help herself. She likes to touch, and he's right there. Brushing a quiet hand over his hair - it's a friendly touch, there's nothing flirtatious about it - Kaetryn grins slightly. "Of course they're great ideas. I only have great ideas, haven't you figured that out by now? You charm and awe all of the people and make them give you things, and I come with great plans for which to use that amazing power." Her smile is a bit whimsical as she adjusts her seat so that her legs are stretched out along either side of him, a second pillow materializing for his head. "I'm sure Care's as delicious as his treats. Maybe I should pay better attention."

Phineas doesn't mind touching at all, he's an affectionate kinda guy, himself. He does, however, flash a lopsided smile, blue eyes twinkling merrily. "So humble. Woman after my own heart." Finn? Not a humble bone in his body. He /KNOWS/ he's the best. "See? It's a perfect match. I do have that crazy charm," he chuckles. Taking the offered pillow, he tucks it under his head, more then content to chill and gossip. "Care is gorgeous," he assures. "But then, so is Kezresan. Take the time to really look at them, you will not regret it." Clearly, Finn is an all purpose oogler. "Speaking of.. R'hra.. I mean, seriously? Have you seen his body?" Oh shit, Finn shakes his head, another wry laugh escaping his lips. "I walked into the baths last night and nearly fainted on the spot." Not really, but, it was pretty close. "And Aignes? She has that 'oh so proper', you really wanna lead me astray thing going on."

Humble has never been a word to describe Kaetryn. Anyone who works so hard to draw attention to herself had better be prepared to face the truth - that she's hot af, natch. "You're absolutely devestating, darling. It's all I can do to keep from throwing myself at you. Alas, I've never been content with being part of the crowd, so you'll just have to gaze wistfully from afar and dream of what might have been." Reaching down, she pinches his cheek lightly, patting it before drawing back, chuckling. "And yes, R'hra is quite delectable - but I'm rather too fond of his weyrmate to ogle too much. Without permission," she adds. From the purr, it's not only the bronzerider of the pair she ogles. Discreetly.

"Oh man, Kassala…" Clearly Finn agrees with Kaet's assessment. "I have never seen /anyone/ eat a cupcake so good before in my /life/." Pushing up on his elbows, he exhales a pleased laugh at the compliment, his brows rising and falling in a playful twitch. "Right back at you. You make me regret not getting body art done," he admits. "Kimmila, to.. Man, she's mean as they come, and there is something impossibly sexy about that." Dropping back down on the cot, he winds his arm up under his head, exhaling a gusty sigh. "I cannot wait for this to be over," he notes on a clear whine.

"Just remember, if we Impress, we have to wait until the dragons are, like, a turn old before we can even really think about things like that," Kaetryn reminds him, lips curving wryly. "So you might want to consider that before you work yourself into a state of admiratory bliss. On another note, if you ever want some ink done, let me or R'hra know. We have some great contacts who'll do you right. And I think you'd look amazing with some art." She reaches down, tracing a line along the curve of his neck before drawing her hand back and clearing her throat. "Yeah. Okay, I'm going to think of something else, now. So, how'd fishing go this morning? Or were you hunting, instead?"

Phineas gasps, his arms flinging open at the reminder of how much longer it will be should they impress. "You are a mean, mean woman," he notes with an easy laugh. It is the mention of tattoos that have him lolling his head to the side, his smile broadening. "Yeah? I'm definately going to hold you to that. I guess it probably needs to wait, as well?" At the mention of chores, his smile broadens, his weight shifting as he pushes up on his elbows. "Fishing. I love it. I mean, seriously. I thought I'd hate it." But it's turned out to be very, very relaxing.

"Oh baby, you just haven't seen how nice I can be," Kaetryn laughs, a purr in her voice before she clucks her tongue. "Enough of that. For now, anyway," she adds wryly, accepting the fact that such conversations will probably be standard between them. "I would say yes. Getting a tattoo hurts, and you have to be really careful to keep the site clean. No way we'll be able to do that with baby dragons running about. Once we can *between*, though, you and I, we'll go to my favorite artist and get a matching set to commemorate all of this, yes?" She's already got thoughts and plans lurking in that big brain of hers - Finn might want to be a little bit scared. "I've never done much fishing," she murmurs, a bit wistfully. "It's a good way to just shut off your thoughts for a while, isn't it?" Which is probably why she's never done much. Her brain is hard to shut off.

"Done," Finn agrees at the tattoo. Settling into a comfortable sprawl on Kaet's cot, he winds one arm beneath his head, his smile growing. If there are plans being made? He's okay with that. Finn? He totally lives life on the edge. "Fishing is.. Yeah, I mean it's way better on a boat. But ice fishing was fun, to. Fortunately, I dig day dreaming so it all worked out."

"Faranth, I couldn't imagine spending the day daydreaming. I can barely spend an hour daydreaming without something to do." Case in point, the crochet currently tucked carefully atop Kaetryn's press. Like Finn, she's on her cot, hugging to her pillow while grinning down at the other Candidate sprawled across her untidy bedding. Although the lights are currently on, several glow baskets are open, attesting to the fact that, recently, there was a blackout of the rolling variety. "I have so much nervous energy, I gotta channel it into something."

Phineas grins as he sits up, one eye closing in a wink to Kaet. "I will teach you to master the fine of loafing," he assures. "But right now? I'm gonna go get some food." Cause his stomach is grumbling and he's way to skinny to wait to eat. Popping to his feet, he leans over and kisses the top of Kaet's head and dashes out before she can get on him for mussing her hair.

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