Who Aignes, Carellos, Kezresan, Phineas
What Turns out, you should ALWAYS bring glows when traverse long tunnels.
When Day 25 of Month 3 of Turn 2718
Where Ancient Tunnels, Fort Weyr


Ancient Tunnels
This tunnel twists and turns, interspersed with columns created when stalagmite met stalactite. The columns consist of compressed layers of interspersed white, brown, and blue, much like the many layers of a candle melted down. Line of sight is broken, and most of the tunnel is hidden in deep shadow that writhes no matter what light source is used. Small paths scatter about, branching out into forks in the road, where darkness roams and direction can be quickly turned about. The use of caution must not be taken for granted. Behind, toward the west is the exit - ahead is a maze of shadows and rock, where dangers may lurk and the promise of return may be slim.

Finn grumbles as he tromps down the hallway with Aignes and Kezresan. "I cannot believe no one stocked the crafts hall with supplies. How much do you want to bet that that is going to get blamed on us, then dumped on us." He's annoyed. Very annoyed, actually. He had been looking forward to doing a bit of pottery. Pausing midway down the hall, he glances back the way they had come, frowning mildly at the twisty turny branchy tunnel. "Are we going the right way?" Before the question can be answered, however, the lights sputter and go out plunging them immediately into pitch dark. "Oh…. oh no…" For a long moment, he is silent before lightly clearing his throat. "So.. Um.. Did anyone bring a flashlight? Glows?" Cause he completely forgot to do that.

"The weaver room would have been stocked if sewing baskets didn't keep running off," Aignes may or may not be blaming some of her other fellow candidates for the missing baskets. Clearly not her since her trunk is basically sixty percent sewing baskets. At least she's found two of the runaways that she's carrying back to their home. Unfortunately, those are the only baskets she has and as those lights begin to flicker she lets out a long "Uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh…." That would be a no, dawg.

"Depends on where we're headed?" Why is Kezresan here? Surely the infirmary is well stocked with supplies, right? Surely no one's gonna let the numbweed and the redwort and the bandages get low? Maybe he's just trying to escape the assignment of gardening. Or maybe he needs garden-y supplies? Either way, he's followed Phineas down into the depths of the Weyr with only a little apprehension. That becomes a helluva lot more pronounced when the lights go out. FREEZE! At least, that's the healer-candidate's immediate response, followed almost immediately by hands-out trying to find the wall. Flashlight? Glows? "I… thought you had them…" Oops?

"/Me/?" The word is choked out in utter disbelief. "You thought /I/ was going to be the responsible one?" Clearly Kezresan has been sampling drugs. "When has /that/ ever happened," Finn sighs. In the wake of the words, he reaches out in the dark, his arm swinging lightly in search of the wall. (Could it bop a nose or two? Potentially, yes). "Okay, it's fine," he sighs. "It's fine. They mostly come on in a few minutes." Mostly. Sometimes? Sometimes it is hours.

Aignes lets out a sharp eep as at least one of those sets of hands gets a bit too close for comfort. She might be as stiff as a wall, but not is definitely not a wall. "Don't one of you have firelizards that could fetch a flashlight? Or a glowbasket?" She may or may not have any idea how difficult a task might be for itty bitty lizard wings. "Mostly? But it could be hours…" Someone's already planning for the worst as Aignes also reaches out for said wall. It will guide them!

"I had assumed," huffs Kezresan, "That you would have been smart enough to put at least one glow in your pocket before coming down the tunnels." NEVERMIND THAT HE IS ALSO SANS GLOWS! Clearly, they all have issues here. "Ack! Sorry Aignes." Because yeah, that was probably Kezresan's hand that got a little too personal there. But s'fine, cause a moment later there's a startled "Ow!" and a defensive swat at the hand that just walloped him in the face. "Stop moving!" The glower can totally be heard in those words. "I do…" have firelizards, "But I don't know how… Aloe's not that smart." And Vera, the blue? "We should probably prepare for the worst." The dire situation is probably causing all sorts of doom and gloom expressions that are, thankfully, hidden in the dark.

Phineas does not have a firelizard. And somehow, in the dark, that fact has him suddenly worrying about the hatching. It is a completely unreasonable fear, and completely unexpected, and leaves him completely flustered. Fortunately, he's distracted both by Kezresan's words and his face smacking into Finn's hand. "HEY!" Stop moving. "Right. Okay." He does, however, move, but only enough to drop his arms back to his side. "Since when have I ever been the smart one," he mutters under his breath. "Wait. What? Worse what? What are we preparing for?" And that panic? heightened just a little cause he does not have snacks on him today. "How much worse?" Again, he reaches out in search of the wall despite the fact that he's been told to stay still.

"My hands were full," Aignes will at least try to justify why she was also not prepared for this exact situation. It's not a strong argument, but it's all she's got! "Should we just like… stop? Right here? Either the power comes on or people will come looking for us." There is definitely a glare for Kez when he admits his firelizards are useless, but thankfully hidden in the dark. "If we're here long enough, Phineas' nose can probably lead us to dinner." Probably.

Kez is definitely rubbing at his nose in the dark. Because ow dude. Ow. He also might be edging toward where he assumes the wall should be, shuffling feet against stone as he scoot-scoots toward the left. A nod towards Aignes' voice. Which of course, NO ONE can see. "What Aignes said," he confirms. "We need to prepare for the fact that we might be down here for hours." But he doesn't sound worried. "I'm sure they'll come looking for us," down the bajillion twisty, turny tunnels of the Weyr, yup. "And yes," belatedly, "I don't think it's a good idea to keep walking — we might end up going deeper."

Feet shuffle in the darkness, one slow drag over the stone and then another. Another. Soon, it grows louder with each step until a long string of profanities is belted out and was that a chair? One will never know, it totally flew away on it's own accord. "Well, if we're banking on that, we probably won't get very far for a little bit. On the bright side, I have cookies with me." Fresh ones! The baker-candidate managed to have just enough free time to get into the kitchens and whip up a batch.

"Did you tell anyone we were coming down here? Cause I didn't." Finn might sound a little paniced. Just a little. Maybe a lot. "And how will they find us? They don't know we are gone!" Course, he starts to flail his arms, but thinks better of it given the dark. Then Aignes is talking about food and he whines low. "I didn't bring snacks. And what if we have to use the bathroom? And what if they don't think we'd be down here?" Cookies? Finn is totally flinging his arms out in search of Carellos. "Where?"

There's a minute of silence before Aignes reluctantly lets out a "Nooo, just you two." Who are with her, so not really much help for the whole 'find me now I'm lost in the dark'. As there's a shuffling down the hallway, she backs into the wall and gives a sigh of relief when the voice is not a zombie familiar. "Carellos? What are you doing down here?" Aside from distributing cookies, clearly. "Does the Weyr often lose power like this?"

Kezresan might be preparing to launch himself at those shuffling noises, until Carellos' swearing announces his presence for him. "Why would I tell someone we're going down into the caverns? Do you tell people when you go to the kitchens? The baths?" Grump. "Don't panic. Three… Four," he amends as Carellos joins them (with cookies!), "missing candidates is bound to be noticed. At the very least," he reasons, "they'll come looking for us if we're not back by curfew." Hours and hours from now. A sigh, and he sags against the wall only to jump forward a moment later with a startled, "It's sticky!" Ugh. Gross.

"I'm over here, Phin, and I'm sure we're not going to be stuck here that long. If it gets too bad, we'll just crawl our way back the way we came. Follow walls or something. I'm just gonna sit here, though, because I'm tired of banging things. With my shins. In the dark." That, and Carellos forgot that the walls aren't a straight line and it'd take him forever to weave in and out of every alcove in this twisted tunnel. Care turns his head towards Aignes direction, crossing his arms over his chest. "Just finished my chores and just wanted to settle down where it's quiet for a while. Caverns are gonna be busy so I wanted to be out of sight. Guess the light is helping a little too much." Sugar and Spice are most definitely not here because there's food to be had! The food is in the kitchens and alas, not in the tunnels. Or on Kezresan's hands. HOPEFULLY. Cause, ew.

"Well," Finn huffs back at Kezresan. "Then why would they come down here looking for us? The weyr is HUGE." And dark. Huge and dark and sticky, apparently. "How would it be sticky?" Course, now he's not about to reach for the wall and comes to a frustrated halt in the middle of the hallway. Course, a moment later he's making his way to Carellos, dropping down to sit on the floor to make patting the baker down for cookies easier. "Kezresan forgot to bring glows," he notes in dry tones.

"Which way was that?" Sure, there is only the way they came and the way they were going but Aignes isn't really sure which of those is which. She also jumps up when Kezresan mentions the wall being mysteriously sticky and starts inspecting her own hands for any suspcious substances. "Why would a wall be sticky?" If she could tell where Finn is, he might be able to feel a suspicious glare on the back of his head. "You're definitely out of sight. And ugh, curfew is in hours." They're gonna die.

The way they came, and the way they were going, and the countless tunnels that forked off of both. Kez? He's all for staying right here until help comes. Except that right here turns out to be gross, so… maybe a few feet further down the line. "I have no idea," comes in answer to Aignes' and Phineas' very important question about wall cleanliness. "It's just the one spot, though…" Maybe he squished a bug? "And they will come looking for us because we're candidates," he adds in a very 'duh' tone of voice. "Excuse me? I forgot to bring glows? I don't see any on you. Or Carellos. Or Aignes — but Aignes' hands are full," so she's got a pass on that. "We're not going to die."

"We're Candidates, they're going to expect us to be off causing trouble somewhere because that's what Candidates do. Instead of sweating this, I'm gonna enjoy the break while it lasts. And enjoy the fact," Carellos points out while blinding reaching into his bag for cookies, "That I haven't touched anythin-Nevermind." Thumbprint cookies have that little bit of jelly on it, don't they? "Still," he says, clearing his throat. "Break time. It's dark, perfect time for a nap."

Phineas is on those cookies as soon as that bag comes out, a low murmur of appreciation sounding as he shoves one in his mouth. Exhaling a breath, he shoots a /look/ up to the ceiling willing the lights to come on. Still, he has cookies to munch and shoves another into his mouth without a second thought. "How long til they send someone to find us, do you think?"
"We're probably just being dramatic," Aignes at least desperately hopes that as she wraps her arms around her knees. "The lights will come on. We'll get dinner. Everything will be alright." Unless something crazy were to happen like the eggs start hatching at right this very minute and then four forgotten candidates just end up lost to the tunnels of time.

"You're definitely being dramatic," agrees Kezresan. "It's been three minutes." Maybe. "We're fine." Maybe. "There's food." Maybe, if cookies count. "And people will come looking for us if we don't turn up in a few hours." Maybe. Really, there are a lot of hypotheticals in this situation. So there's a sigh from the healer, and another attempt at leaning on the wall (which works! No gross, sticky wall this time) and a rougher sound of annoyance. "A nap? In the tunnel?" Snort. "Maybe an hour? We could always start yelling…" but Kez seems a bit dubious about that. "Just hope there're no tunnelsnakes." Dun dun DUUUUUUUN.

"Hey, it's a well known fact that even a thirty minutes of sleep gives the brain a chance to be more effective… in it's brain… stuff." True story, bro. Carellos reaches down and places his hand on Phin's shoulder, now that he can tell that he's there both by the sound of his voice and all those adorable nomming noises he makes while he eats. With his other hand, he reaches for the wall and when he finds there's no questionable stickiness there, he guides himself to it and slides down to the ground with legs outstretched. "Any what?" Scratching. Nails on stone, frantic and loud as it grows closer, slipping through the darkness and the scratching growing only a little quiet. A puffing, hissing noise joins the candidates in the dark. "Um. What was that?"

Phineas looks very guilty in the wake of shoving another cookie into his mouth. Rather then reach for another, he dusts his hands off and clears his throat, silently wishing for milk. "I'm game for nappage," he decides. "Or I was," until tunnelsnakes are mentioned. Now, he's twisting in the dark, certain that he hears something skulking out there. "I'm pretty sure my brain needs more then thirty minutes just to button my coat," he laughs. Leaning against Care, he slants a lopsided smile and sighs. "Keep me out of the coo- What was what?" Yup, cue panic and immediate twisting around to peer into the darkness. Hissing? Not the sound he wants to hear right now. At all. "Whoever is doing that? Not funny."

That scraping sound? Totally not a tunnelsnake. Just Aignes jumping up to her feet in a scramble. "No. No. No. Only thing worst than being lost in the dark would be lost in the dark with tunnelsnakes!" She gives a huge shudder. Thanks for those nightmares, Kez. As for the hissing, she reaches out to swat at where she thinks a certain potter-candidate was nomming. "That's not funny, Finn. You don't make a good tunnelsnake anyways."

"Nails on stone? Talons on stone?" Death and doom on the way to get them? But Kez doesn't seem terribly worried. Or at least, his voice doesn't seem terribly worried (inside? Inside he might be freaking out JUST A LITTLE BIT). "I don't think tunnelsnakes will come near us. We're making way too much noise. Just don't drop too many cookie crumbs. That might attract them?" He doesn't really know, but it sounds good? That hissing definitely gives him a pause, and there might be some shuffle-shuffling as he edges closer to where he believes Care and Phin might be napping sitting. "Aignes? Come here," he offers, reaching in the dark toward where he's PRETTY SURE she's standing. "Safety in numbers." And maybe Kez needs a hand to hold? It's scary in the dark!

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