Fort Weyr - Weyrleaders' Office
Aged by time, this office has lived through the ages of Fort just as its counterparts have. But unlike the Weyrsecond and Junior Weyrwomen offices, this cavern is spacious and formed in a rough semicircle of three conjoined caves that were carved and modified Turns ago. The middle portion acts as a waiting room of sorts, holding only a few modest chairs and a simple tapestry to otherwise brighten up the plain stone walls. There are no windows here and the only light comes from well placed glow baskets.
To the right, the smaller of the two adjoining caverns has been set aside for the Weyrwoman, a large desk situated in the middle and a bookshelf pressed against the wall. A small hearth allows for some warmth in the colder months and another cabinet rests across the room to hold various supplies, as well as several books, reports and records. More tapestries have been hung there, lending some color to room.
On the left, the larger cavern belongs to the Weyrleader's office and the walls here are littered with a vast array of maps, as well as a tapestry hung behind where he would sit. The desk is large and the wood aged, looking old and a bit worn, but well tended too. Shelves and a bookshelf line one wall, crammed with rolled hides, other maps, books, reports and records and all arranged in an organized chaos. A small hearth has been built in here as well and various well placed glow baskets are hung to offer just the right amount of light in this windowless office.
Both offices have stout wooden doors that have been carefully worked into the stone. They can be closed and locked if privacy is needed but are often left open.

There's a steady warmth in the air now as the winter months seem to have finally passed and early spring is gradually making its appearance. Even late into the afternoon, with the sun beginning to drift lower towards the horizon, the winds are warm and the snow continues to melt, leaving the bowls and most of the pathways a soggy mess that will no doubt freeze by nightfall when the temperatures drop with the setting of the sun. Th'ero, however, is unaware of the weather outside. The Weyrleader has been holed up in his office for a good portion of the day and currently he sits behind his desk, several parchments and scrolls spread out before him while a fire in the hearth keeps the stone room comfortable and cozy. In one hand he holds a glass of mulled wine, which he distractedly sips from as he leans heavily back into his chair. He doesn't seem terribly preoccupied, even with the scattered paperwork over his desk. So he's expecting company then? Quite likely, as Velokraeth sent out a summon awhile ago. A polite inquiry, really, to Kainaesyth to send Ha'ze this way whenever the weyrling was free to do so.

The difference the begining of spring has brought to Kainaesyth is marked. His response to the invitation came swiftly, with a polite soon! attached. It takes a bit longer for the weyrling Ha'ze to appear at the weyrleader's doorway, his own response to the summons a bit more reserved than Kainaesyth's. His clothes are brushed and clean, but show signs that the weyrling has been hard at work during the day, with hints of dirt stains still all over the bottoms of his pants. A knock to the doorway, "Sir?"

Th'ero is in no rush this day and when Ha'ze finally makes his way up to the offices, the answer he receives is welcoming enough even when he uses his usual reserved tone. "Come in!" he calls, setting aside his glass of wine in favour of cleaning up his desk in what appears to be a calm manner. Then he'll stand from his seat, gesturing for Ha'ze to come inside and sit himself in one of the spare chairs — if he choses to do so. "Close the door behind you too, if you will." Please and thank you? "Kainaesyth is well? And your training?" He can see those signs of hard work!

Ha'ze eyes Th'ero for a second before turning to close the door behind him. Privacy rarely met something good, except the weyrleader sounds… relaxed? It is enough of a disconnect to leave the weyrling more than a little wary. Forward he steps and after a moment's thought does sit himself into one of the chairs. As he does so he replies to Th'ero's question. "Kainaesyth is well. The healers are sayin' that what ailed him perhaps was a seasonal issue that's fading as spring is comin' again with longer days." Just listen to all those words! Ha'ze isn't quite sure what to do with his hands so he settles for folding them across his chest. "Trainin' is goin' well. Makin' up for lost time as much as we can be."

Th'ero appears to be relaxed but he may very well be anything but relaxed. It is likely all a mask to hide the hesitation and awkwardness on his side of things. If the relaxed nature and somewhat "private" locale for discussion wasn't enough to throw Ha'ze off, the next bit might. "Good! It's reassuring to know the cause now. I'm sure you're working hard to catch up… but at least in the Turns to come you'll know now what to expect…" he points out and therein is not the surprise. It comes with the next breath, as his fingers briefly touch the neck of the wine bottle sitting not far from his glass. "Care for a drink?" He's going to need it! "Not sure if you prefer wine but I've spirits too or water."
Excuse Ha'ze while he just… blinks for a moment. Looks the weyrleader over, glances at the bottles, back to Th'ero. He'll for the moment keep his own counsel on the WEIRD. "No thank you, sir, I'm fine." The weyrling doesn't shift an inch in this confusion, arms staying firmly fixed in front of him.

"You're certain? Alright, then." Th'ero sounds almost surprised by Ha'ze's polite refusal of a drink but he won't push it, save to set an empty glass within reach of the weyrling and keep the bottle within sight. Just in case he changes his mind! The Weyrleader will reclaim his glass just as he does his seat, taking a slow sip before holding the glass over his lap and between his hands, both his elbows supported against the armrests. He looks so calm, so collected! "… I'm sure you're wondering why you're here?" Uh… duh? Th'ero smirks, "You're not in any trouble. We're just here to… talk. M'icha has, I hoped, informed you of the…" Pause. "… nature of these discussions?"

Ha'ze is a very focused individual, to the exclusion of all else at times (all the time) when he's focused on a goal. Lately, getting Kainaesyth caught up with the others has taken over as his obsession and small things like… verbal lessons, are put on a back burner. Not that he doesn't hear them… they just aren't important. So it takes Ha'ze more than a few seconds after Th'ero pauses for him to catch on to what the Weyrleader is saying. The frown between his eyebrows of confusion abruptly lightens as he exhales slowly. "May I take the wine sir?" Now that he's caught on to what exactly he is doing here there is a change of ideas on why the weyrleader is offering said wine.

Th'ero does his best not to smirk or even grimace when Ha'ze catches on. He simply waves a hand towards the wine bottle. Told you so! "Help yourself. Just be sure not to get drunk of your ass or M'icha will skin me alive and leave enough for Nyalle to finish the job," he mutters. Now things must be really surreal? The Weyrleader is doling out sarcastic humour now as though this were nothing but a nice casual discussion about the weather outside. Maybe it's a (very strange) tactic of his? He'll take Ha'ze's query of the wine as a 'yes' as well and after sampling a little more from his glass, Th'ero clears his throat quietly. "How much do you know of the mating habits of dragons? Has M'icha or any of the Assistant Weyrlingmasters at least covered the basics…?"

Ha'ze levels a look at Th'ero which… probably isn't as properly respectful as it ought to be. "I never get drunk." However, at this moment… right, an edge off would be nice. He stands and pours the drink carefully before settling back down and avoiding looking right at Th'ero. It's easier then one would think for the weyrling to slip back into the bland persona he had adopted for years before the incident in the forest and subsequent search. It's hard to tell exactly what Ha'ze is thinking as his expression is smooth and his eyes are fixed on the floor. "The basics sir. Not much detail." Not that Ha'ze would have been listening anyway.

Th'ero quirks a brow. "Never?" He somehow finds that hard to believe but doesn't push it. He didn't drag Ha'ze all the way here to prod him about his drinking habits. Quiet, he will wait while he pours his drink and settles again, nodding to the answer given and not seeming entirely surprised by that either. "… well, then, that's why we're here." Th'ero murmurs and now some of that hesitation creeps into his tone and he'll take a little more wine to fill in the awkward silence that follows until he's mustered up his train of thought. "Is there anything you'd like to… discuss? Before I touch on what I wanted to share?" What?

Ha'ze just keeps his eyes RIGHT on the floor before Th'ero as the wine glass travels once or twice to his lips. Sips only though, no big gulps to hint that he is REALLY discomforted. "No, sir. It… seems straight forward." Which probably means that it isn't.

Th'ero's perfectly fine with Ha'ze keeping his eyes on the floor. The Weyrleader seems to be inspecting the edge of his own wine glass or the wall across the room and only glancing briefly to Ha'ze if he must. "So you know and understand then the expected behaviours of a proddy female, green and gold and how the males generally respond? That Kainaesyth, being almost mature, will take interest soon?" he asks, his voice lowered and almost quiet spoken. This isn't easy for either of them!

"I…. yes. Sir." Maybe if Ha'ze keeps his answers simple the awkard that this is for sure going to be is going to be over sooner rather than later. He licks his lips carefully and goes for another sip of the wine, his hands pressing on the glass a bit more firmly then he would hold a typical glass. "Kai doesn't think much of it." Just throwing that out there.

Th'ero smirks and shakes his head, "You can drop the formality too, Ha'ze." Which may not make things easier! And at last, there is something for him to spring upon and get the discussion rolling until he fumbles it and they're back to awkwardly tip-toeing around the subject. "Not unusual. He's still young yet and every dragon is different. He could be indifferent or he could be the total opposite when he's fully mature," Like Velokraeth! "But when he does start to take interest… you know of the effects, right? On you, as a rider?" And he'll take another long sip of that wine.

Ha'ze shakes his head, like he's disagreeing with the whole droping formality. "Yes, sir," see, no dropping. Wine, lips, sip, and Ha'ze manages to flick a gaze up to Th'ero as he considers lying to get this conversation over with quicker. But Ha'ze has learned at least enough that secrets so rarely stay that way so he sighs slightly and shakes his head. "Not really sir."

Th'ero exhales softly when Ha'ze disagrees but just like with the wine, he won't pressure the weyrling into doing it. They've bigger things to tackle! It's best not to lie with the Weyrleader. If he doesn't see through it, he'll sense something amiss and will try to pry it out of him. Leaning back in his chair, he'll take a moment to settle comfortably (or fidget, really) before he speaks again. "Being in the Weyr, you've likely felt the effects of a gold flight. How they broadcast? The…emotions they stir? Well. Its trebled if not more now that you're a rider. Green or gold, if Kainaesyth wants the female, you'll want her rider. Depending on the strength of his, ah… interest, you could lose yourself entirely to him through your bond or retain some small shred of yourself. You won't know until he chases but it's… best to be prepared." Prepared… how? Th'ero doesn't elaborate quite yet. He'll let Ha'ze absorb that and wait to see if the weyrling speaks up with any questions.

Ha'ze's lips curl downwards, a firm frown now etched on his face. He listens quietly to the explination given by the weyrleader, though it brings him no satisfaction whatsoever. His grip shifts on his glass, turning it slightly, though it doesn't rise to his lips. "Some of the riders are male." Ha'ze isn't stupid, and his statement is almost a question, though he leaves it open for Th'ero to answer… if the weyrleader wants.

Th'ero's mouth quirks into what could be a grimace or perhaps a nervous twitch but he won't sugar coat his words or soften the truth. "Yes, some of those riders will be male. However," he points out, twirling his wine glass idly in one hand and his eyes fixed on it. "With there being as many female green riders as there are male ones, the chances of you winding up with a male rider are… slim. Velokraeth is a — lusty chaser, losing more than he wins but the few greens he's managed to snare have all been female riders." Either Th'ero's figured out a way around this snag or he's just one lucky son-of-a… "You could sway Kainaesyth if your… preferences lie elsewhere but you cannot stop him from chasing and just because he chases doesn't mean he wins… Do you see what I mean?"

"Preferences." Ha'ze mutters the word quietly, though it's likely that Th'ero hears clearly enough with the lack of things to distract. The wine finally makes its way back to Ha'ze's lips as he plays for time. "So there's no tellin' what it might be like." His tone is rather flat, the thought of beinf forced to be with someone leaving a bad taste in Ha'ze's mouth. "What's happenin' if he don't."

Th'ero nods his head again and grimaces. He heard that! "Unfortunately not and that's why we have these lectures and talks so… the shock is lessened a bit. It's not as bad for those who're weyrbred. For those of us who aren't it's a bit much to absorb. A flight, however, doesn't have to be all bad. It's… difficult at times and awkward but among riders its a — accepted thing. You know that a mating flight doesn't involve emotional attachment? It's all primal instinct and nature." Which so doesn't help matters but it's the harsh truth. "What happens if Kainaesyth doesn't catch?" Th'ero asks and… promptly drains the last of his wine. He needs that kick to answer! "You'll be frustrated because he'll be frustrated and disappointed." Cough. "… so most riders will find their significant other or a willing partner and settle things. Some choose other means… You'll have enough control to choose." Even if some riders choose 'not' to have control.

Ha'ze shakes his head slowly, and reaches over to put his glass back on the table nearby. Mostly because his grip had begun to get so tight the glass might actually shatter. Blood in the flight talk PROBABLY wasn't a good thing. "Where…" He coughs and changes his question. "What about Kainaesyth? If he loses?"

No, that wouldn't be a good thing and likely frighten the other weyrlings who haven't had the lecture yet! Th'ero's brow quirks again. Where? The topic changes however and he focuses on answering Ha'ze's spoken questions rather than what is left unsaid. "Depends… but most dragons return to their ledge and curl up in their wallow to recover. Some sulk, others sleep it off… and unfortunately we get stuck with the lingering effects. Which can be ignored with enough focus. If Kainaesyth looses there's no reason why you need to ah… act on anything." So there's that slight upside to flights? Now its his turn to clear his throat. "I will tell you now that green flights have less an impact than golds…"

"So they ain't hurt." Not really a question, more of a comment to himself, as the words are muttered. Ha'ze needs something to do with his fingers so finally decides to latch them together on his lap. He licks his lips and flicks his gaze up again. "Is there a way to be knowin' if they're commin' to be able to be…. avoidin' them?"

Th'ero frowns faintly. Hurt? "Emotionally? No, not really. They'll get over a loss quick enough. Physically, well… there's always a chance for injury. Bad weather at the time of the flight or if the female tends to be a bit rough or the competition is rough… and accidents happen too. Not very common," But it happens and enough that the Weyrleader feels he needs to share that too. "Not always. Sometimes it happens so fast that they catch on to a glowing female and next thing you know it's too late… Other times, they may not be quite as interested and you could persuade them to leave off but it's rare… Nor is it good for them to be held back every time. Kainaesyth will need to chase."

Ha'ze's lips tighten at the thought of his gentle bronze being hurt in something so… silly as a flight. A few moments of silence. "Need to chase?" A real question.

Th'ero's expression turns a touch grim and he will reach for the bottle of wine, holding it up to offer more silently to Ha'ze before pouring himself a glass. "Well, yes…? Mating flights are strictly natural for the dragons. Females rise and in the case of the golds its to further the species by the resulting clutch. Males chase for the same reason: the need to mate with that female."

At least this time Ha'ze knows that when Th'ero offers wine, he sure as heck had better say yes. He reaches out for the wine glass and holds it out to the weyrleader. "And the greens?" His tone stays even. He's actually asking the weyrleader why greens get chased.

Th'ero pours another glass of wine for Ha'ze and then sets the now empty bottle aside. Taking his glass, he takes a slow breath and exhales in a near chuckle. "You know, I wondered the same thing? Turns out that greens could have laid eggs but they're rendered infertile and for good reason! We'd be drowning in eggs otherwise. So greens still feel that urge to rise and mate but no eggs are produced." Thank you, Faranth! "You can ask any Dragonhealer on the subject if you'd prefer a more in-depth reasoning. Bronzes chase greens but they do not catch them as often. Golds…" Ahh, NOW Th'ero is getting to what he truly wanted to discuss with Ha'ze and it shows by the way his tone takes on a seriousness to it. "If Kainaesyth chases a gold, Ha'ze, you know what can happen, right? Be it here in Fort or elsewhere in any of the Weyrs?"

The look that Ha'ze directs at Th'ero is a mixture of 'really?' and 'there is no way' when the weyrleader actually suggests that Ha'ze go learn more about the subject of greens and procreation. An abrupt shake of his head tosses that thought away so he can focus in on the question that Th'ero has just posed. "Yes." His tone is quiet. "We'll all have to be hopin' that never happens."

Th'ero never suggested anything! Not… entirely on purpose! The Weyrleader doesn't even seem to clue in to the way Ha'ze looks at him, simply brushing it off as a reaction to the last set of questions. Apparently, the answer the weyrling gives is amusing because he chuckles dryly. "And yet it did to me?" he drawls, lifting both hands up to spread them out in an almost helpless gesture. "I happened to come to Fort on a whim and before I knew what was happening, Velokraeth chased Zuhth and… when I came to my senses I was Weyrleader of Fort Weyr. I'd only just graduated from weyrlinghood in Half Moon Bay. It can happen, Ha'ze! And it's not just Weyrleader. Kainaesyth can catch a junior gold too. If he happens to catch Kouzevelth, Iaverulth or Rhenesath here well… it just means another strong clutch for Fort. If he catches a foreign junior, it means you've duties as clutch father…" Oh boy!

The THOUGHT that Ha'ze might end up in some kind of leadership role has the weyrling almost violently shaking off the thought. "I'd hope they'd be havin' better judgment then that." For the first time there is a hint of sharpness in his tone, as if he's not quite as unfeeling about this as his demeanor presents itself. But… the question remains, and sure as hell he's not going to ask it another time so. might as well here. "What's a clutch father to be doin?"

Th'ero chuckles again and then sighs, "I still wonder how in Faranth's name Zuhth was swayed to Velokraeth. Maybe Fort needed new blood or there were no other Fortian bronzes the Weyr wanted… who knows? Just — be aware of how things can change when Kainaesyth chases a gold or at least a senior gold." Did he just imply to have a more lax attitude around the juniors? Maybe. "Well, if it's a gold outside of the Weyr, generally the clutch father stays in that Weyr once the eggs are clutched and until they hatch. You aren't stuck there permanently and it depends too on the gold's temperament. So, there is that too…" Temporary relocation? Shells, is there any good from flights?

"Is there any good from flights?" Ha'ze's player didn't totally decide he was thinking the same thing as the weyrleader, nope. It's what Ha'ze is actually thinking. Staying still isn't working very well for Ha'ze's growing agitation so he stands up with that wine glass in hand and decides to walk for a second, not towards the door just… taking a few steps before he turns back to the Weyrleader. His gaze is serious, "I can't be stuck no where for a while."

Th'ero's hesitation in answering should be plenty said right there and for the first time he looks directly at Ha'ze as he struggles to find the right words. "There can be? It doesn't have to be all bad… Depends on your morals, I suppose. Some never enjoy flights mostly for the… aftermath of them. Others, because they have no attachments to any other, don't mind it and if more comes of it then it's of mutual agreement between both riders…" he explains carefully, his words measured and slow spoken. He'll let Ha'ze pace the room and doing his best not to smirk as the weyrling takes after one of HIS bad habits. "You wouldn't be stuck 'no where'. You'd be temporarily housed in another Weyr while Kainaesyth's eggs hardened and could return to Fort for short visits. Usually the rider who's bronze has sired a clutch to a junior gold is treated quite nicely. So'l, bronze Sharuth's rider, was well received in Xanadu when Sharuth caught the then-junior gold Luraoth. Given his own temporary cottage and everything and permitted to fly with Xanadu's Wings if he felt like it." Not all that bad? "Of course, this is all IF Kainaesyth catches a gold! Keep that in mind too."

It's probably a good thing Ha'ze doesn't know that much about Th'ero. He might be unnerved by the similarities he finds. "What if I wasn't there? Would he still be chasin'?" A serious question, as Ha'ze isn't finding any humor in this topic whatsoever.

Th'ero frowns and again he is briefly stumped as he considers Ha'ze's question. His finger taps idly against the edge of one of the arm rests and he speaks quietly. "Even if you're in another part of Fort Weyr, he may still chase. You do not need to be together. However, I don't think I've ever known of a case where a rider hasn't been present — in fact, it's unwise to be elsewhere. Just in case he wins…"

"So you don't know." It's not meant as a challenge, but Ha'ze dark tone spins it in that direction. With that assumption made Ha'ze doesn't bother to ask the next question, the 'why it is unwise'. Instead he crosses his arms again, the wine glass held awkwardly in one hand. "I ain't gonna be tied to Kainaesyth's side. There be places he ain't able to go."

"What don't I know?" Th'ero drawls and while he doesn't take it as a challenge from Ha'ze, he IS curious! His frown deepens, "I'm not saying you have to be tied to his side at all times. I do not shadow Velokraeth all day. You've time before a flight begins to get there — usually the feeding grounds and you MUST be there." He stresses it again, but without saying why and only levelling Ha'ze with a look.

"What'll happen if I ain't there. Say, if'n Kai's here and I'm in the forest." Ha'ze isn't one to keep someone's gaze for every long, and so when Th'ero continues to look at him, eventually the weyrling does look away, instead putting his eyes on a place above and beyond the weyrleader's head.

"If Kainaesyth chases? You'll be in the forests then under the influence of your shared bond during a flight. Vulnerable, for certain but also not entirely focused." Th'ero explains with a grimace. He does not try to gain Ha'ze's attention, letting him look away and above if he must. The Weyrleader will keep his gaze steady. "If he loses, then you end up, in a nutshell, sexually frustrated." He didn't even hesitate this time! "And if he wins, then you're a risk. Riders who win cannot control themselves… I do not know what would happen if you're alone. If you are with someone however and they are not… willing… It's not worth the risk, Ha'ze. It's the same reason why stand-ins so very rarely work and are not… encouraged. At all."

The insinuation that Ha'ze might actually hurt someone while under the influence hardens the frown on Ha'ze's lips for a split second before Ha'ze takes himself to task and masks his emotions. Shoulders are forced to relax as his face smooths out. Slowly, Ha'ze shakes his head, though what inner thought prompts that is left unsaid. "Is there warnin'?"

Th'ero quietly observes Ha'ze's reaction and exhales softly, almost as though relieved when the weyrling relaxes again. "So you understand, then, why you must be within the Weyr and, preferably at the flight itself? If the flight is lost, you can at least return home and… settle things." Is there warning? Th'ero smirks, "Yes and no. Depends on your bronze, Ha'ze. There are times when Velokraeth is clear as day to his intentions and other times he catches me off guard. Always time though…" To get to where he needs to be. "Even if there seems to be no warning… You've time. They've got to blood first."

"Can I be pullin' him aside? Keep him from flyin'?" Ha'ze question is delivered cooly. As if realizing that the wine is still in his hand Ha'ze steps forward and sets t down on a table- probably to avoid breaking that glass if he tenses again.

Th'ero's grim expression should be the answer Ha'ze needs even before the Weyrleader speaks. "No, Ha'ze, you can't and you shouldn't. It isn't fair to him or healthy. Like I said before, you may be able to dissuade him the rare time… but beyond that it is nigh on impossible to stop it and fighting it just — makes it all the worse." He lapses into silence for a moment, his expression thoughtful and softly does he ask a question now for the Weyrling. "… do you have… someone close to you? Serious or not… partner or not… Not that it's any of my business and you do not need to give me a name. Simply yes or no…" How about a 'why'?

Ha'ze is stubborn enough that it's probably easy enough to tell he's not ready to believe the weyrleader from the way his jaw clenches tightly. His gaze is firmly away from Th'ero but it jerks back onto the weyrleader abruptly when he asks that question, as if to see if he really has to answer that. Yes? oh. "No." His tone is slightly sharp.

Th'ero's not going to give up so easily. He's a stubborn man too and he will level Ha'ze with another look. "Ha'ze, believe me when I say it's not worth the grief to fight it. It's hard to absorb and accept the outcomes possible of flights but it doesn't have to be —- all bad." Suddenly Ha'ze's gaze is meeting his again and he blinks, surprised, assuming he struck a nerve but the answer is not what his mind had conjured up. "I meant no offence," he says calmly. "Only that I would discuss what to do if you did have a partner. Even if you don't… I suppose it still applies and I echo Kimmila's words to other Weyrlings: talk. If there's someone you're close to, that you can trust… talk to them." Or go to them. He's implying that without really wanting to touch on it.

"I ain't," but Ha'ze abruptly stops, as if what he had been about to say isn't what he actually means. Silence as Ha'ze looks away again, actually shifting his whole body so as to avoid eye contact again. "There ain't no one what I'd be that close to anyways."

Th'ero doesn't keep his gaze on the Weyrling either and looks down at the surface of his desk while a rather awkward silence settles. "Then you may have it easier than others, not having to deal with the fallout and jealousy of having a significant other or love interest in the picture… and having to work that out."

The exhale of sound is a lot like 'pift'. "May I be goin' sir?" Ha'ze is so done with this conversation that it isn't even funny. His sir is reserved, careful, and it attempts to hide the deep unease that this conversation has settled upon him.

Th'ero normally would allow Ha'ze to escape but there is something in the tone he uses that has the Weyrleader hesitant in letting him escape. "Not yet," he murmurs and after another beat or two of silence, he adds quietly. "Are you alright?" Since this was no easy discussion and he'd be a complete fool not to think it's affected the Weyrling in some way (and not necessarily a good way).

Ha'ze had already taking a step towards the doorway when the weyrleader says no to his request to leave. His back is to Th'ero, so the weyrleader might not see the way his hands ball into fists and then are forced to lay flat again. Finally, as the seconds after Th'ero's question draw onwards, Ha'ze finally turns. "Aye. You said flights don't mean nothin', so they'll be meanin' nothin'. And Kainaesyth's too young still. So, there ain't no reason to be upset about nothing." Except that Ha'ze isn't quite able to hide all the uncertinty that breaks into his voice at that, nor the hint of darkness in his eyes.

Th'ero does miss that little moment Ha'ze has when he turns for the door and is still seated in his chair when the Weyrling turns to face him again. His answer is met with a nod, but the Weyrleader isn't so easily fooled. "We say it means nothing but that doesn't mean it won't mean nothing — not always, anyways. You're uncertain. What troubles you?" Bluntly is it asked and he's well aware of how it may increase the awkwardness if not the tension in the room. It's not his business to pry and yet he has to, a little, if he feels the Weyrling is troubled.

"I'm hopin' Kai decides he ain't interested in this nonsense. People shouldn't be forced to be gettin' close, even just physically to others." Ha'ze grips his arms tightly. There's probably more he isn't sayin, but he's firmly not saying it. A shake of his head as he takes a deep breath and looks down at the ground.

Ahh, so a little bit of light is shed on the conflict! Th'ero grimaces and leans back heavily into his chair, his eyes thoughtful and perhaps a touch sympathetic. "Maybe Kainaesyth won't be as lusty as some bronzes or males. Varmiroth hardly chases. It's not so unusual." But it'll happen, regardless. He smirks, "I know it sounds terrible and… it's an unfortunate aftermath of the bond we share with our dragons. It may seemed forced but it's not. Not entirely. It's… difficult to explain, Ha'ze but — you find ways to cope. To adjust."

"Aye well. That's just the story of all of this ain't it?" Ha'ze's gaze settles on the weyrleader, stillness incarnate for long moments. He hears Th'ero, but he isn't about to act on anything the weyrleader is saying. For now. He'll just have to learn. This time the weyrling doesn't wait for Th'ero to give his okay to leave, he's going to take his unease back to Kainaesyth and maybe… they can talk it out. Like the rest of it. (He really doesn't understand.) Hopefully Th'ero doesn't call him out as he opens the door and leaves it open behind him and just walks away.

"In a sense, yes. Another stage of life, a big change to face." Th'ero explains and when Ha'ze turns to leave and walk out that door, the Weyrleader doesn't stop him. Only the words, "Clear skies!" follow him out. He has his concerns, his doubts and part of him wishes he were better at this. He's supposed to be reassuring them! Not making them all the more conflicted and confused! With a sigh, he'll reach for the last of the wine and try to resume his work until the next Weyrling (or crisis) comes along.