Fort Weyr - Lower Caverns

This volcanic bubble is smaller than the Living Cavern, but no less well crafted. The walls are smooth, with electric lights placed into niches that used to hold glowbaskets. Another hearth burns here, with a pot on always keeping water hot for making tea or cider. Worn but comfortable couches and chairs are arranged by the hearth around a few tables where game boards and a few packages of dragon poker cards are laying.
From this cavern you can get to many other places - the tunnels of Fort Weyr having been dug far back into the caldera where the Dragons make their home.

K'drozen chuckles and says softly, "oh I didn't kill anyone…yet, I just offered to, if something happens." he shakes his head and says, "We should leave it at that." he glances back to the gaurds, "Let just say those in charge where not ammused one bit."

Zap sighs in disappointment, touching the front of K'drozen's shirt flirtatiously. "And here I thought you might be dangerous," she mopes, lower lip sticking out and everything. She glances back at the guards and snorts. "Them? You could give them the slip… if you wanted." The two of them are standing in the lower cavern, it's just about breakfast time, and most people are going about their business. Some men stand at the door, just to make sure K'drozen doesn't go on a killing spree, apprently.

K'drozen says, "I am afraid they would take a rather dim view of that once they catch up with me after." he smriks, "I have to come back after a time. It might be worth it for a couple of candlemarks of piece though." he drops his voice at the last.

Breakfast time it might be, but Edani looks like he's been up for some hours already and at work, by his appearance. Entering from the direction of the infirmary at a brisk walk, he's got dust on his boots and the legs of his jeans, shirt sticking to his back but in the process of drying now that he's inside, though his dark hair curls damply at his temples and back of his neck. As he enters, his brown eyes flick to the guards, over to K'drozen with neither surprise nor curiosity in them, he nods to both rider and young woman as he passes close to where they're talking and begins checking cubbies and shelving purposefully.

"You'll threaten to stab someone, but you're afraid of giving two meatbrains the run-around? What, do they stand over you when you go to bed at night or when you're taking a piss?" an eyebrow arches and Zap catches the corner of her mouth in her teeth. "Pity, though…. I could see where a few hours of peace might be… enjoyable." Her head turns sharply, suspiciously, as a new person comes too close, tense and shifting a foot to give her a more balanced stance. All this in the space of a moment before she lets out a breath and relaxes again.

K'drozen says, "not so afraid of slipping them, but there would be consiquence later." he glances to the young lady and says, "I just have to way the benifits agaisnt the cost you know." he his move to the young man near by giving a slight nod.

While Edani might not seem interested in the rider, nor why he's got two guards as shadows, the young woman's suspiciousness elicits a quirk of a brow and a hint of a smile tugging at his mouth. "Little jumpy, are we?" His voice carries the soft drawl that says he's not from around these parts. K'drozen's nod is returned and he says, "Morning… Weyrling." Said dryly, with a tone almost devoid of expression. The shelf he's looking at is empty and it gets a grunt and a grimace as he moves a few steps over to the next and scans the boxes and books. That he's overheard a snippet of conversation as he entered is evidenced by, "Costs such as… being removed from Fort Weyr, hmm?" Again a touch wryly but he doesn't belabor the mild jibe, instead "Have either of you seen a thick, leatherbound book, yay wide and yay thick?" He makes the motions with his hands to show the general shape.

Zap lifts her chin and gives K'drozen a smug smile. "Well…if you ever decide you're up for a little adventure, I'd be happy to help you out." Edani gets an up and down look as she steps out of K'drozen's comfort zone and takes a sip of her cider. "What's it to you, Pit Stain? What happeed, you forget where the baths are?" No, not polite, is she. "Try the library? If they'll even let you in. You might sweat on the books and ruin them."

K'drozen looks to Edani and says, "That is allways a possiblity. As I said, one should allways way the risk against the gain on anything they do." he eyes the young man, his expression darkened though.

Edani's eyes crinkle at the corners as he laughs outright at that. "Not a thing, Miss, I assure you." He doesn't bother to answer about the baths, while the up-down look is returned as blatantly as the one she gave him, his expression is one of someone who is neither impressed nor disapproving. "Right now a bath would be a waste of time as I'm going right back out." He continues his search, lifting one shoulder in a slight shrug, "It's not one of theirs; it's a ledger." A grim nod is directed K'drozen's way, "Aye."

"A ledger, eh?" Zap glances back at the book she was reading, now laying alone on the couch. She lunges to put her cider mug on a nearby table and then takes two skipping steps backwards to snatch the volume up. "This is?" she asks, holding the leather bound book up. "Full of numbers, fascinating stuff. COuldn't quite make heads or tails of it, but that's alright. All knowledge is worth having, right?" She gives the poor beastcrafter a self-satisfied smile, the cat that got the mouse and then washed it down with milk.

K'drozen shakes his head and watche the pair, moving about again as if to see it he can find anything that needs repairing, after all that is his duty today.

Edani's head turns at the question, dark eyes follow the woman's progress towards the couch - thankfully a short trip or he'd have been right back to his search. As she produces the object of his search, he leans one shoulder against the stone wall of the cave, crosses his arms while a slow smile grows on his mouth at her smug demeanor. "That's right Miss, it is. I hope you learned a little something." You enjoy that mouse, Missy! His eyes flick towards K'drozen then and he tosses him a casual, "Hey. You feel like getting out of this place for awhile?" It's said loud enough for the guards to hear, so he's obviously not worried about asking the question.

Zap shrugs and tosses the book back on the couch. "Well if you don't want it," she says uncaringly and glances sideways at both boys with a little huff. "What are you, some kind of nancy?" she continues to taunt, folding her arms under her breasts. "Planning to skip duties so you can snog like a frothing manbeast in some dark corner?" Not that she didn't already try that.

K'drozen looks to Edani and says, "Sorry thre I got work to do. you should run along and finish yours." he kneels down and examines one of the lege of a table critcally, his eyes following Zap and Edani though. And of cource his gaurd watching him, though probably not as closely as they should.

"What's it to you, Miss, if I do hmm?" Totally unruffled, Edani ignores the taunt; she'll have better luck with teenagers, maybe. His attention goes to K'drozen, lips twist in a harsh smirk at the irony of a weyrling trying to dismiss him, "Aye, Convict, you do have work to do, don't you? The head guard Breshir gave me your name. Fences in the feeding pens need fixing." Indifferently, he finishes, "But if you're wanting to stay in the stuffy caverns all day, I'll find someone else." He takes two strides over to the couch, scoops up the ledger and gives the young woman a mocking salute with it. He seems in no big hurry to leave.

Zap is more of the escalate type rather than the dismissive type. "I believe the gentleman asked you to leave, /apprentice/," she says pointedly, not moving away from her spot beside the couch. Indeed, if anything she develops a more agressive stance. The guards probably never expected to protect anyone from one teenage girl when they should be guarding a grown man, but it might come to that.

K'drozen looks to the apprentice and says, "Unless you are coming from the weyrling masters then you can go, I am not a convict.' he stands looking slightly angry as well, "I may have been striped of my rank to a weyrling but that doesn't give you the right to push me you little punk."

Edani just shakes his head, unperturbed. "I'm afraid he's in no position to ask anything of me, Miss. He lost that right when he was arrested." He looks more amused than annoyed. K'drozen just gets a mild snort. He's no shorter than the younger man, but he's not here looking to make things worse for K'drozen. "Suit yourself," he says with a bored tone. "I withdraw the offer." With that, he heads for a chair, opens his ledger and loses himself in it, working figures and lists and other fascinating stuff.

"He's a weyrling you crack brained imbusil. He's not under arrest, he was busted down, not incarcerated." Zap, apparently, knows a little something about rank. She rolls her eyes in disgust and turns back to K'drozen. "Want me to stab him?" He is, after all, just right there.

K'drozen shakes his head and says, "I don't want anyone around here hurt." he shakes his head in disgust, "Maybe smacked around a bit but not seriously hurt."

Edani might correct the young woman - if indeed he was paying attention to her - but there are two guards watching the 'weyrling' and she can see that with her own two eyes. They're obviously not doing it for their health. So he says nothing. If she wants to deny the obvious, he'll be happy to let her. He'll just let K'dozen fume. Work. Math. Facts and figures. Absorbing stuff!