Who Phineas, Kezresan, Carellos, Aignes
What Down time after the Candidate Excursion.
When Summer, Monaco Bay Weyr.
Where Monaco Bay Weyr, Cove Beach


Monaco Bay Weyr - Cove Beach
Sparkling black sands are gently washed over with crystal blue waters, creating a playful blend of colors that twist and meld under the alternating rays of sun and moon. The cove stretches out from the mouth of the river towards the ocean, mixing saltwater with fresh for an invigorating rush that teems with life.

The coast curves eastward, the waters growing more quiet along the broad expanse of beach before finally meeting a large cove. Here there are few waves, the ocean's movement reduced to little more than slight swells. What might have been an idyllic and peaceful area however, is interrupted by a brilliantly gleaming structure that stands on the edge of the sands.

Large steel poles soar upwards, supporting a staircase that leads to a pair of water slides. The height of the structure is remarkable, standing at a height comparable to that of a small gold dragon. Pipes pump water upward, creating small pools at the entrance of both plastic blue slides. The rush of water moves with the slides, following their twisting course downwards while easing their passenger's journey. Parts of the slides are open and others covered, creating a thrill for each voyager before unceremoniously dumping them into the still waters below. For the safety of all patrons, a large net has been drawn across the mouth of the cove to prevent any accidental drifting away.

Not far from the slides is a small stand that also seems to have been built just recently. A menu is posted on its side and displays a variety of drinks and snacks for beach goers.

Being on solid ground has done wonders for Kezresan. An hour in the shade, with a cool drink and a plate of mild food, and he's looking a lot more himself (and no longer that appalling shade of green). Well enough that he's ventured forth toward the beach and is even (GASP) dragging a surf board along with him. He might have been coerced, bribed, or threatened into it by one unnamed potter-candidate, but regardless… Kez is here. He's got a surfboard, and he's sporting a 'Let's DO THIS THING' face that is probably similar to those worn by gladiators entering the arena. DEATH AND/OR GLORY AWAITS!

Finn is /psyched/ and it shows in the grin on his face as he returns to Kezresan with a board under one arm and a length of fried dough heavily laden with sweetener in hand. "Have you tried these," he urges as he plants the board in the sand and takes another massive bite. "Sooooo good." Shoving the rest in his mouth, he sucks frosting off his thumb before flashing a broader smile. "And you are so ready for this," he laughs. Clearly Kez is ready, it's written all over his face. "They got all kinds of interesting food at that stall," he notes with a nod down the beach. Despite the nod, though, blue eyes are sweeping toward the massively rolling waves, the excitement in his gaze utterly undeniable.

Less psyched is Aignes. She might not have been as useful on the boat, but she did many to gut many a fish today and is currently eating one (grilled, not raw cause she draws a line there). The surf boards are eyed dubiously from her spot over in the shade. "Don't get swept out to sea…" They came here with so many candidates, they should probably go back with the same number. Or more. Searching extra is fine, but losing candidates is probably frowned upon.

Seen them? "Yes." Kezresan has definitely seen that diabetes-on-a-plate masquerading as food. And based on tone of voice and facial expression? Not about to try it for himself anytime soon. That could be due to the recent bout of sea-sickness, or the fact that he's facing a dangerous ocean with nothing but a flimsy board in his hand, or because sugar should only be consumed in small quantities at appropriate times and THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM. "Interesting is highly relative." But his focus is definitely not on food, and very much on the waves, so even his criticism is somewhat lacking. "It is a distinct possibility," he murmurs in return to Aignes, brown eyes torn from the coast to find the weaver-candidate and her grilled fish. He's not being sarcastic. "We might die." That? For Phin. Because clearly, he is going to be joining him in this wild Battle of the Waves. "You first." After he finishes eating that sugared monstrosity.

Phineas flashes a grin at Aignes, pale eyes rolling as he chuckles. "It'll be fine." He's not even a little worried about the whole thing. Heck, he can swim and he's skied his whole life. "We got this," he asides to Kezresan. Die? Finn rolls his eyes at that, his head giving a mild shake before breaks into a run toward the water. First? He'll totally go first. There is not a hint of hesitation in the potter turned candidate. High stepping into the water, he slaps the board down atop a cresting waving, slipping on to it on his belly before paddling his way deeper into the water. With the larger waves cresting far out, Finn keeps going, making a point to note where the other surfers are before rolling up to sitting atop the board. Immediately, he cranes his neck, waving toward Aignes and Kezresan on shore before turning his attention toward the incoming waves. For a few long moments, he's bobbing there waiting patiently before shoving himself forward to meet an appropriate crest. Immediately, he is on his feet, the nose of the board surging upward as the WHOOP leaving his lips echoes over the sand. Spreading his arms to keep his balance, he rides the wave to it's completion, hoping off and scooping it up the moment they make their way back to the beach. "THAT IS SO GOOD." Excited? Well, yes, yes he is and it shows as he twists around to watching the other surfers coming in. "Just as good as skiing."

Aignes is sticking just to the simple grilled meat, even if it does mean picking apart fish with her bare hands and no fork to be seen. As Kez sends the other candidate on first, she narrows her eyes a bit. "Are you making him go first just to make sure it's possible not to die?" He can tell her. She's fairly certain surfing was all Finn's idea any ways and a death trap waiting to happen. But hey, she's not on a boat any more so the day is good!

"No," counters Kez, looking just a touch indignant at such a suggestion. "I'm making him go first because I have medical training and need to be conscious if I am to provide assistance." In other words… yes. He's making sure it's possible not to die. "I'm pretty sure he won't die." Pretty sure. And yup, it was totally Finn's idea. Squinty eyes watch as the aforementioned candidate goes paddling out, one hand lifted to shade his gaze so that progress can be monitored. He watches with critical, careful attention to detail as Phineas not only catches a wave on his first try, but manages to ride it without falling off, injuring himself or killing himself or others. "Huh." The enthusiasm with which he returns is met with a curt nod of his head and a determined look toward the water. "Alright, well…" grimace. And off he goes, marching toward the water with a look that means business. So far, so good. He at least manages the whole paddling-out business. And the paddling forward when a likely wave starts coming his way. But where he utterly fails is, of course, getting on his feet. Or, rather, STAYING on his feet. For one brilliant moment, Kez is standing on that board. And in the next? His weight is tipping backwards, the nose of the board goes flying toward the air and Kez goes flying backwards and crashing beneath the waves. S'ok tho… he can totally swim. But it's the current that washes him up to shore, and for a moment he just glares at the sky, probably hating life.

Don't mind Carellos, he's happily dodging the whole surfing thing and just staying his butt on the sand. Namely, a bench made out of sand! The man cups his hands around his eyes, watching Phineas brave the waves and on occasion, he reaches down to pull a cookie from his satchel by his side. One must always bring snacks to the beach, especially if there's a chance to see Kezresan run across the beach in slow motion like Baywatch!

Phineas's crow of delight as Kezresan gets to his feet is short lived and immediately turns into a chuckle of amusement the moment that it is clear that the healer turned candidate is alright. "You're fine," he snorts. "Walk it off and get back out there." Finn? He's running and paddling it off, completely pumped to get back out there. Paddling out to where he can roll up and sit to watch the approaching waves, Finn leans back on his board, enjoying the sunshine and roll and bump of the waves beneath him. Twisting on the board, he peers toward the shore, checking on the others before belatedly surging forward into an oncoming wave. A little late out of the gate, he gets to his feet and stays there. Unfortunately, he caught the wave late and ends up having to hop off the board before reaching the shoreline. "Premature," he laughs as he snags the board out of the water before the waves can take it.

Aignes may be holding her breath each time someone starts riding a wave. At least the breathholding isn't long with Kez's go of it and the weaver winces at the wipe out. "Well, he stood." And then fell. But Aignes will move her peanut gallery over from the nice shady spot over to Carellos' sandy bench. Don't worry, the cookie stash is safe from her. She's got a whole fish (or 1/3 of the remains of one at this point). "They're gonna be exhausted." She hasn't swam much, but she can take a guess at the amount of activity involved.

There is almost zero chance of Kez running anywhere, slow-mo or otherwise. In fact, for a moment there he's doing nothing except laying in the sand, waves lapping at his prone form, and glaring toward the clouds. And then glaring toward Phineas for his 'walk it off'. Something vaguely disgruntled is muttered beneath his breath (Probably 'you walk it off' as that is about as clever as Kezresan's comebacks are likely to be) before he rolls over and pushes himself to his feet. Thoroughly soaked and now sandy to boot, there's a quick 'I'm fine' hand lifted toward Aignes and Carellos (incase they were worried or something) before he goes jogging down the beach to retrieve his board (OK, perhaps that previous statement on lack of running was in error). This time, Kez does not bother to watch the blond on the board, but he does head back toward the waves with a determined set to his jaw. FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION! He's totally going to conquer this challenge!

When it comes to fishing, Carellos doesn't mind it. Eating it? Well, don't give him a head or it's gonna sing a the dinner table. For now, the general populace can enjoy having the ear worm theme from Chariots of Fire accompany Kezresan on his run back to the water. "I believe in you, Kez!" Care bellows out, chuckling before scooting over on the bench so Aignes can have a bit more room. "Swimming? Sure. Diving. Maybe? Surfing? Leaving that to the professionals and that is surely not me."

Phineas is hot on Kezresan's heels. Although he is careful to paddle his board away from the other candidate as he moves deeper into the water. This time, he keeps his attention on the waves while leaning back into a comfortable sprawl on the board. The first wave coming in? Totally Kezresan's and that wave is a doozy. For Finn's part, he twists around to stretch out on his stomach and ride the bobbing board while watching Kez with a clearly delighted expression. "You got this," he urges.

Aignes catches the 'I'm fine' and gives a nod. She'll let Carellos handle all the encouragement for the whole surfing thing. Being on shore is pretty nice, but when she's not watching the surfers, her attention wanders a bit further up the beach and can't help but notice some rather shiny metal supporting the very blue slides. "What's that?" Of course pointing to the deathtrap innocent slides.

Kezresan does not want a doozy of a wave! He wants a petite, baby wave that looks cute and friendly! This one? DOES NOT LOOK CUTE OR FRIENDLY! "I definitely do not 'got' this," he declares, a stern mutter through clenched teeth that is belied by the fact that he is actually paddling forward as if he MIGHT be attempting to 'get this'. He manages to catch the wave at the peak moment, but rather than jump to his feet, he hops up enough to get his knee and one foot on the board while his hands are still very much death-gripping the sides. But while it might lack finesse and he might lose some cool points (HAHAHAHA Like he had any to begin with?!) he manages to ride that wave right on into the shore. And while he might not whoop for joy? There is definitely a smile that cracks that stern facade for a moment or two. Sure, it's a 'TAKE THAT OCEAN!' sort of triumphant smile, but it's a smile folks!.

Carellos stops mid cookie and actually just holds it in his mouth while he rises to give Kezresan an applause. That expression on his face? It looks a little bit unnerving and creepy. Foreign, even. If Care knows anything, animals that expose their teeth shouldn't be provoked so he'll just keep his comments to himself and enjoy that cookie before a hungry member of wildlife makes an attempt at stealing it. The death trap? Carellos raises a brow in confusion and he slowly twists at the waist to see in the direction Aignes points out. He shoves the remains of the cookie in his mouth while those bright eyes take in the mess of it all. Sure, he saw the slides on the way in, but didn't get that good of a look on them. "Can I get one of those from the kitchens to the barracks?"

"YOU GOT IT!" Phineas' gleeful bellow wafts over the waves, joined with one fist raising in a triumphant air pump. Hey, he's psyched /for/ Kezresan. Clearly. Pushing back up to sitting, he twists at the waist, watching the waves rolling in before choosing his moment. When it comes, Finn meets it head one, paddling out to meet it before he hopping to his feet. Immediately, he positions himself, knees bent, arms out and rides that bad boy to completion. It is in the wake of the stepping off the board and scooping it up that he turns to stare back out at the waves with a broad smile. Surfing? Clearly it's very high on his list of best things to do ever. He does, however, lean over in an attempt to shoulder bump Kezresan (barred teeth and all). "See? You kicked it's ass."

That wave is indeed a monster and Aignes will give a polite golf clap (does pern have golf?) as Kezresan manages to survive it. Not loud enough to draw attention of snarling wild-Kez-imals hopefully. Finn's attempt also gets a bit of a clap as well and then? Then, the waves have lost her attention and it's back to eyeing the slides. "In winter, you'd have to wear ice skates or something. Also, if you were taking cookies from the kitchens to the barracks on one, wouldn't the cookies get soggy?" Important questions over here, truely.

It's not a scary smile! Just a triumphant one. Glee and satisfaction, and definitely some teeth. But it's gone in the wake of Aignes' golf clap (He totally caught that!) and Phineas' shoulder bump. Because this is Kezresan, and he can't be caught enjoying himself for too long. "I don't think the wave has an ass…" but he understands the meaning, at least, and there's a particular gleam in those brown eyes of his that suggests a bit of pride at his accomplishment. Moderate though it might be. A shake of his head and then a sling of his fingers back through his hair to get it out of his face, and he contemplates the rolling waves and deliberates another attempt. "One more," he decides, as though the luxury of trying again is extravagant and selfish. But with a roll of his shoulders and a stubborn set to his jaw once again, Kez heads back into the waves.

"Not if the cookies were made in advance enough and packaged just right. A quick trip won't hurt them. The key is not eating them between locations to let the elements in." As Kez goes back to the water, Carellos returns his attention to the water for just a moment. He opens his mouth to ask a question but decides to shut it. If Kez gets taken out by a wave, then Phin gets to play Baywatch Lifeguard, sans speedos. Care peeks back to Aignes and ponders for a moment. "Bread might have a bit of a harder time unless it's wrapped tightly to keep the temp from dropping too quickly."

"Definately one more," Phin agrees. Following Kezresan into the surf, he hangs back a bit, letting him get the space he needs before wading out far enough that he can slip onto the board and paddle out after Kezresan. Again, he rolls up to sitting, leaning back on the board to glance toward Aignes and Carellos on shore before twisting around to watch Kezresan channel his inner surfer.

"Or you could just eat them in the kitchen and skip the trip all together," Aignes will point out an alternative to that plan right there. Any mention of waves and asses is way over there and ignored. Today is a day of adventure (as poorly as the whole fishing thing might go) and so she does get to her feet, carefully setting the leftover fish down to undoubtably be consumed by some voracious firelizards somewhere. "Do you want to try it?" Not surfing, clearly. She's pointing towards the slides. She might not have on a bathing suit (or even own one), but fishing waders should work, right?

Kez is channeling something, but it might be an inner wild-wher rather than a surfer. Because he's going to attack that wave. A narrow-eyed look for the roll coming their direction, and he paddles forward in an attempt to catch it before it can crest. At least this one isn't a monster of a wave, and after replicating the knee-foot-death-grip thing with success, Kez decides to just go for it and shove himself to his feet. And this time? This time he's up for at least two or three seconds before he loses his balance and sends the board flying out in front of him while he goes over backwards into the water. At least he doesn't look nearly as pissed off when he comes up this time? There might even be a grin, but it's short lived. A quick glance to see where his board has gone, but rather than chase after it he turns to watch Phineas catch his own wave. Death-trap-slides would definitely get a scowl from him, but lucky Aignes, he's too far to hear that offer of attempting it.

Phineas is in his element and loving every moment of it. Watching Kez' progress, he exhales a cheer for him to getting to his feet, his smile broad and easy before he turns his attention back to the waves rolling in. Waiting for his moment, he finally surges forward, jumping to his feet and settling into a bent knee stance as streaks toward the shore. Leaping off at the last moment, he jogs a few paces before turning and gathering up the board to wait for Kez. "Is it crazy to want to try this on snow?" Cause he's totally thinking that using a board rather then skiis would be amazing.

"Just don't try it on the stairs and you should be fine!" Fort has snow so Phineas is in luck. "Maybe we can make a snow version of that one." Wait. She said 'try' it. Carellos blinks for a moment as he's staring at the slide, then those emerald eyes shoot back to Aignes and back to the slide. Meanwhile his hands are slowly raising up to motion between the slide and the two of them and then Kez because he's a medical sort. Wait. The gears are moving and the incredulous look on his face freezes and it's slowly replaced with a look of a different kind. The kind accompanied by a crooked turn of the edges of his mouth. "That sounds like a wonderful idea! Don't you think, Phin?!" Did Phineas hear? Probably not, but if he luffs Care then he'll blindly agree. Because cake. "We can say we're conducting quality control testing."

"Right…" Aignes is not going to make any such claim about quality control. "Or we can just say we're doing as the locals do." Because surely on a nice day like today that children wouldn't let such a slide go un-slide, although the possible deathtrap is relatively vacant at the moment. "I don't think that board would work so well on snow. It's not as smooth as water." Seeing as one object is liquid and the other a mostly solid former liquid. But she nods her head towards the slides. "Come on!" Before she chickens out, Aignes might not be sprinting towards the ladder, but she's certainly boogieing across the black sand.

"Yes." It is crazy. It's followed by a look from Kezresan that totally and completely backs up that word. "You'll break your neck." And maybe he'll fix it for him. Maybe. A little jog and he snags the board from where it's threatening to get washed out to sea, shoving it under his arm before heading toward Care and Aignes on the beach. He's clearly done with conquering the ocean today. That crooked grin on the baker-candidate has Kez looking all sorts of suspicious, a scowl turned toward the pair of beach-sitters before his attention goes to jamming the surfboard into the sand. "Not a chance," he huffs, glancing between slide and candidates. "But have fun?" Don't die.

Phineas has no idea what Care is talking about, but? "Sounds great!" Of course, he agrees! Care wouldn't lead him astray. Course, he slants Kez a glance that clearly asks 'You know what he's talking about?'. "What are we doing," he finally asks as he heads over and plants the board in the sand. And then they're heading across the sand toward a slide that even Finn eyes dubiously. Hey, he's game though. "It'd work on snow," he argues. "I might need to wax it a bit more, like skiis, but I bet it could make it work." And from the look on his face? He is absolutely going to try. "You'll fix it for me," he laughs with a grin slanted toward Kez. "Party pooper." Glancing at Carellos, he flashes a lopesided smile before breaking into a jog to catch up with Aignes.

"You think you're done for the day just because you did a tiny bit of surfing?" Carellos stomps right on over to Kez and… simply crosses his arms across his chest. "Serious question time, if you're a documented healer and you see people participating in a potentially dangerous activity, are you guys supposed to just vacate or should you be present in case of medical necessity?" Carellos tilts his head towards Phineas and Aignes, chewing on his lip before those eyes send their sidelong glance back to Kezresan. "I want my cast to be pink and glittery." Hot pink, specifically. Care gives Kez a hard pat on the back and then he's off to join his fellow candidates.

Aignes is pretty sure that this won't be a complete deathtrap cause what Weyr would just allow a permanent death-machine to occupy a perfectly good beach? She didn't really have much time to think about the whole business while racing to the top of the ladder, but once up there, she turns back to her fellow candidates. "Guys… this is really tall." Is she a bit white? Probably. But going back down would be admitting defeat. She's just not… ready to move yet.

"I also survived a rather horrific boating expedition," notes Kez, entirely serious. "I think I am due some down time." Those crossed arms net crossed arms right back, the healer-candidate putting on his best scowl as Carellos voices his argument. "I am present," he notes with some amount of indignation. "And if any of you fractures something, I will indeed attempt to fix it," he declares, a shallow half-nod toward Phineas, even if he was just teasing. He'll also promptly declare that he 'told you so' while mending that fracture. He's clearly not going anywhere, feet planted firmly in the sand. There is, at least, a promising, "Noted," for that pink and glittery preference. "Good luck!" And he means it. He really does.

The only way Aignes is getting back down is to slide down. That much is clear when Finn steps off the ladder and grins. "Less high when you are on your way down. Get to sliding." Course, in the wake of the words, he's glancing at the slide, his brows twitching mildly. "Wow.. it's a lot higher then it looks," he admits with a light clearing of his throat. Exhaling a breath, he sweeps an arm toward the slide. "After you," is noted to Aignes before he looks back for Carellos. "Come on, Care," he calls down. To Kez he smirks and calls. "We, who are about to die, salute you!"

Care is definitey on his way up and once he's at the top, he glances down over the edge. Heights don't bother him too much, thanks to climbing trees and stuff as a kid. "I'm sure the leadership of Monaco wouldn't allow it to be open to the public if it wasn't safe, so long as we observe the rules." Right, Monaco? "It would be a big liability, they can't be that careless." Or Fort will be Care-less! Get it? There's no shoving on the slide so whenever folks get moving, he'll have his turn. For now, he'll just enjoy the scenic view.

Don't mind Aignes. She's just up her blocking the way and taking massive gulps of air as if that will help her get momentum going. She nods at least with Care's reasoning. It sounds good in theory and so the weaver-candidate puts her feet to motion. Right as she hits the top of the slide, Finn's joke about dying catches her. "Dying?" But too late! Gravity will find a way and down she goes. It's a long way down as you can tell by the AaaaaaAAAAAAAaaaaaaaAAAAAAAaaaaaaaAAAAAaaaaaAAAAA she yells all the way down. There's definitely some flailing (and probably some bruising) before the final splat!!! at the bottom. At least the splat is just a belly flop in deep enough water although she's groaning as she flounders off away from the bottom of the slide until her feet hit the bottom shallow enough for her to stand.

Is Kezresan looking a bit nervous? He might be looking a bit nervous. Only fair, considering those people he's squinting at up on that dangerous deathtrap represent a majority percent of the small handful of folks that the healer-candidate might begrudgingly call friends. Hand lifted to shade his eyes from the glare of the sun, he squints and watches as Aignes takes the plunge, her cry making him cringe and the eventual splash having him on his tip toes as if that might somehow possibly help him see her better. Is she dead? Alive? In need of assistance?! Nope. She's fine. Standing and not screaming in pain, so Kez is gonna relax just a little. But only a little.

Phineas laughs his head off as he watches, and listens to, Aignes' descent. "Yeaaaaaah." Course, it's his turn and there is no way he's backing out now. That being the case, Finn steps forward and launches himself down the slide. Course, before he realizes it, he's screaming just as loudly as Aignes had been. It is in the wake of the SPLASH at the bottom that he emerges with a loud laugh. "We have /got/ to come here again," he decides as he wades toward the edge of the pool. And, while he TOTALLY catches Kezresan's concern? He's way to smart to draw attention to it. Instead, he leans against the edge of the pool, waiting to watch Carellos' descent.

Carellos positions himself on the slide, waiting for the others at the bottom to be clear and out of the way before he comes down. After a quick inspection of his clothing and a tightening of the waist band, he slides down with a loud WOOOOOOOOOOO! Sorry, Kez. Looks like you don't get to have cones of shame unless someone is into that kinda thing. Or sleeping heavy enough with the days fishing excursions. Just as soon as he moves to get out of the water, the escorts arrive and motion for the Candidates to come back their way. Funs over, but at least they got a taste for it! "Time to build our own slide in Fort."

Kezresan will just argue that it's his job as a healer to be concerned with the safety of people who are clearly lacking self-preservation. So he'll stand, and stare, and fret internally while glaring externally, until the last of the group is safe on the beach once more. And then? Then he's going to stomp himself away, muttering a lame excuse about putting the board back and changing into something dry before the return trip to Fort.

Aignes may also have a wedgie as big as Farnath herself, but luckily she has at least some privacy being the only one in the water at the base of the slide and so there's a little shimmy as she frees herself. And finally breath is exhaled right as Finn arrives. "No no no nope no never." She's shaking her head as she and her non-swimsuit waddle off towards the shore and back to the no-fun-zone. "Once was enough." And eventually, eventually she'll dry out and be ready for a trip back home.

With the trip having come to an end, Finn casts a glance back toward the ocean, his lips twitching in a smile. "Definately have to come back here, again," he muses. "And I am so surf-skiing." There is NO TWO WAYS about THAT. Still, he's heading to the dragons with the others a low chuckle offered in response to Aignes. "Awww.. It was fun and you know it," he notes before they off to Fort!

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