Who Riohra Sephany Kassala Inri
What Friends enjoy the sunrise over Fort until Inri inspires panic
When Winter-Spring
Where Fort Weyr - Arch Stone Bridge


Fort Weyr - Arch Stone Bridge

Stretching the span of a deep chasm hundreds of feet below, the bridge connects one cordillera to the next. Engineered by imaginations of historic times, the bridge has stood between these plateaus for ages. Built solidly with a technique lost to those of today, there is evidence that it has become slightly weather worn, but is also indestructible. A dragon span in width, the bridge is constructed out of huge blocks of stone, layered in a fashion that each chuck supports the next and carries the burden load to the base, where it is meted together with the walls of the bowl - there by creating an arch in the design from the living caverns to the administration section of the weyr.

Exposed to the elements, the bridge is often dangerous to navigate. Winds or ice could become a potential threat, which is why the sides of the bridge have been built up with stone guard railings, reaching at least five feet in height. Scenic views aren't necessarily easily accessed for those who are smaller in height, for the rest, the view can be disorienting due to the height but spectacular otherwise. One can view the central and northern bowls from here, as well as get a glimpse of the hatching cavern and the training complex.

It is another cold morning here at Fort, not as cold as it could be as spring is coming but snow is still on the ground. Rukbat hasn't broken over the horizon yet so the world is still cast in shadow. Riohra stands at the entrance of the Weyr not crossing the bridge to the look out ridge just yet. He stands there with his thick hunting cloak over his forester leathers, he has another heavy cloak in hand as he seems to be waiting for someone to join him.

Awake before the sun, dressed warmly with an extra layer of protection and a pair of thick, fur-lined boots and chunky knit scarf, in addition to her traditional clothes and cloak, Sephany is making her way carefully up spiral stairs. A mug of steaming Klah is in hand, clutched close to her body, though it's not likely to stay steaming for long given her destination. Before exiting the relative safety of the indoors, she pauses to pull her hood up over her head and adjust her scarf to cover as much exposed skin as possible. "Good morning!" she greets Rio brightly, smiling despite the chill.

Riohra grins and turns to the young woman and says "Good morning your self, I see I needed not worry about you" he holds up the extra thick cloak. He grins at her and says "So as promised, one spectacular view to happen soon. But we must make a little walk first" He motions over the very narrow bridge.

"I raided one of the other girls closets," explains Sephany with a grin. "She didn't mind, probably." Hopefully. "But the thought is appreciated, and another layer can't hurt." She'll be as round as a pregnant Queen at this rate. "Mm, across this thing," she wonders, eyeing the bridge suspiciously. "Are you sure it's safe?"

Riohra will help her with heavy over coat if she needs it and will nod "As safe as anything, but I have never heard of someone falling." He will smile at her and give her his arm saying "If you are worried you will fall you can hold on to me. I promise I won't anything bad happen to you" his demeanor is calm and relaxed.

Sephany has doubts about the safety of the bridge, and will voice them accordingly. "It's not my falling that I'm worried about. It's the structural integrity of something that doesn't look like it should be spanning such a distance." But she's confident enough to take his arm and let him lead her across, even if she's eyeing the stone warily and maybe testing each step as she goes. "Who builds things like this," she grumps hypothetically, a little cloud of breath scene in the frigid air.

Riohra will chuckle and nod "people who like to risk life and limb probably." The walk is easy going as Riohra moves slowly saying to her "But I have seen worse, fallen trees are far more unstable" Looking back at her as he walks since he has done this a few times says to her "How was your day yesterday?" yup distract her that is a plan.

"Crazy people," mutters Sephany, perhaps questioning her decision to move to Fort in the first place. And then Rio is given a look for his fallen tree comment. "You walk across fallen trees!?" immediately agreeing that this idea is dangerous and should not be considered. "Why ever would you do that? Can't you just… go around?" Distraction is working, even if it was the fallen-tree comment and not necessarily his inquiry of her previous day's history. After a bit of a pause, lips pursed and Klah mug fiercly clutched, she answers. "Working on a commission with my Journeyman. A new wardrobe for one of the brownriders here. I don't know his name."

Riohra nods and grins, as they reach just past the half way mark of the bridge "I could but then I would have to swim, so I would rather not have to get wet in the cold." He nods as he keeps her attention at him saying "well clothes make the man, though I will admit the last time I got some was before I stood with your brother"

"But a fallen tree?" presses Sephany, risking a glance away from where she's stepping to give him a look that clearly says she's concerned about his risk-reward assessments. "Trees can slip or slide… and they are round," she says needlessly. "Please tell me that you at least crawl across, and don't walk upright?" Halfway across at least gives her the courage to lift her mug and take a tentative sip of the still-warm brew, which seems to strengthen her resolve as well stave off the chill. And then another look at Rio. "You need new clothes, then," she decides immediately. "Come see my Journeyman. I'll talk him into giving you a discount."

It is morning but before the light of day has broken over the mountain peaks. On the narrow walking bridge is Riohra gently talking to and guiding the extremely bundled Sephany across towards the look out ledge. He grins at her saying "most times I crawl but sometimes you have to just run a crossed as fast as you can", as they are almost three quarters of the way across walking slowly he will shrug saying "Oh I dont want to take up anyone's time, besides I spend most of my time in these leathers. But I will talk budgeting over with Kassala and see if I can pick up something's."

"Why ever would you want to run across a fallen tree?" this makes no sense to Sephany, who may be questioning her decision to cross a bridge with a man who thinks running over round, decaying, fallen objects is wise. "And please do not say because you are being chased by something scary." Her mug is clutched tight, more as an object of security than anything else. As for his wardrobe? She rolls her eyes and decides, "You can't wear the same clothes day in and day out. They'll tatter. And what will you do if you stain something? Go naked?" Clearly not. "Just a few tunics, that's all you really need. Something simple. And I'm sure she would appreciate variety in your… wardrobe."

Look at that, there's a bundle already at one of the lookout areas, peeking over the high wall to look out over the bowls. Bundled in a heavy cloak with the hood pulled up, it is hard to see who it is exactly until Kassala glances back down the walkway, likely waiting for someone in particular to show up. And there he is! She'd recognize Riohra anywhere's, right?

Riohra grins and shakes his head "No I don't really run from things. better to climb high and wait it out." And there they are safely at the otherside of the bridge where it is wider and more sturdy. "I am sure you are right, and I will make that appointment first thing" He turns turns towards the look out area as he spies Kassala there he will guide Sephany saying "Kassala, this is Sephany. Sephany this is Kassala"

"Then why are you running across… oh forget it," Sephany decides, maybe not wanting to pursue topics of conversation that include FALLING and DEATH given their current circumstances. Which are not as precarious as she may feel that they are. As they progress across the bridge, her confidence is increasing, since nothing has shifted or wobbled beneath her feet just yet. As they seem to reach a destination, she relaxes a bit more. Enough so that she can flash Kassala a bright and welcoming smile, despite the early morning hour. "Good morning! Pleasure to meet you." She even manages to unclamp her arm from around Rio's arm so that she can offer her a proper, gloved, handshake.

Kassala chuckles softly, "Dragging someone else out here to give them a scare?" She asks of Riohra, teasingly so. Introductions made, she offers her hand as well, a quick shake given with her own gloved hand that returns withinn the confines of her nice furred cloak. "If you haven't been here, then you're in for a treat. The view of the weyr is quite breathtaking.."

Riohra will move to stand beside his lady and bend down to give her a quick kiss. He straightens and looks out towards where Rukbat will rise over the mountains soon now. "I dont intend to scare anyone, I just forget people don't live as adventurous as I do." He will turn and smile at Sephany saying "I do apologize if I gave you a fright"

"That is what I have been told," says Sephany of the view. Now that they are past the perilous part of the journey, she looks a lot more excited. Both hands are now employed to wrapping around her mug, and she sips at the rapidly cooling Klah eagerly. Her eyes flash the same direction as Kassala and Rio, early anticipating the coming rise of the sun. "Oh, no, not really," she assures Rio, grabbing at her hood before it can fall backwards as she shakes her head. "You didn't scare me. The stupid bridge maybe did. But it's OK I guess. We didn't die."

Accepting the quick kiss, Kassala smiles at Rio for a moment, forgetting where she's at before snapping out of that little daydream of hers. "No, not everyone has. Not even I.." To Sephany, she chuckles, "Everyone should get a chance to see the sunrise from here at least once a season… " Winter would be her favorite with the new coating of snow that's crisp and clean upon the ground. It will sparkle under the morning sun!

Riohra grins at Kass saying "see I am not the only one who says that" He will stick out his tongue playfully at her and then turn to watch the sun rise. And rise it does, rays of golden and white will cut through the cloudy sky. The light dances down over the snow caped peaks, the fresh powder sparkles and shines with rainbow like qualities. The warmth from the light will wash over them as they stand there watching a new day be born.

"Sunrise is my favorite time," agrees Sephany. "And for some reason, a winter sunrise is just… a little different, you know? Like fire and ice," or something equally dreamy that makes the weaver just a little wistful as she glances out across the fresh fallen snow that coats the Weyr below them. "I must admit… although I feel like I might lose my nose to frostbite, the view is amazing… You definitely don't see this in Igen or Half Moon Bay." A bit of a dreamy sigh as she adjusts her scarf just a bit. As the sun rises, her mug is placed on a stone in a safe location, so that she can clasp her hands together and kind of… bounce in place on her toes. "Oh, oh, oh!" because her delight just cannot be contained.

Leaning into Riohra, Kassala's gaze turns to watch the sun break above the mountain, the way the colors spread out, and slowly spills over the snow. "It's beautiful, that's for certain." She glances aside, "You were at Half Moon Bay? We were there recently. Candidates for the last clutch…" But seeing that they're at Fort, it's easily to pick up that neither impressed. With Sephany's excitement, she can't help but smile, turning back to continue watch the rise of the sun over the weyr.

Riohra wraps his arms around Kassala and grins just enjoying the moment. When the light hits the ice covered star stones it sends rainbows of color over the three standing there. The watch dragon bugles at the rising sun in greeting which echoes across the quiet bowl all over the weyr. The wind off the peaks picks up slightly and sends light sprays of snow that dance gracefully down the side of the mountain.

Sephany has eyes for the sunrise only, drinking it in as if it might be the fuel she needs to survive. A softer "oh…" as the colors blend across that fresh snow there. And then another, high-pitched sound as the sun crests the horizon. It is all silence up here on the bridge, except for the very audible sounds of Sephany's enjoyment, small monosyllabic vowel sounds that alternate between dreamy and excited. She's clearly very much enjoying herself, and not at all concerned with the dangerous location. But she's not completely tuned things out, having caught Kassala's comments about the recent clutch. "Oh! Yes. Riohra told me that he stood with my brother, S'van! And you stood too? How funny! Small world, hm?"

Kassala is wrapped warmly in her fur-lined cloak, leaning into Riohra as he wraps his arms about her. Gaze upon the rising sun as it sends rainbow sparkles across the fresh laywer of snow left behind over the night. A beautiful sight to see before it changes once people get to moving and all. Nodding, she glances to Sephany, drawing her gaze from the view she's seen a few times now, "Wait.. S'van is your brother?" Oh boy! She laughs, "He was fun to hang out with.. certainly a small world." A pause, and she wonders, "Just visiting Fort, or are you here to stay?" Curious, yep.

Riohra is content to watch the sun rise letting the ladies have there conversation. he leans a little on the low wall just relaxing. The light of day has bathed everything in a golden hue, even if people are moving about no one is seen yet from there perch atop Fort.

It's the kind of sunrise that makes you wish cameras were a thing. But they aren't. So Sephany just stares with wide-eyes, as if she could ingrain the image into her brain forever. "Makes me wish I was a painter," she admits a little wistfully. "Althought…" and her eyes light up, and she pulls a little notebook out of a hidden pocket beneath her cloak. The pencil is awkward to use with a glove, but she manages to jot a few notes down nonetheless. It's probably legible to her, anyways. Notes taken, everything gets stuffed back from whence it came and she pulls her cloak tighter, buries her nose into her scarf, and sighs. "Mm hmm!," for Kassala's question, her eyes dancing with amusement even if her grin is hidden. "He is indeed! And I am here to say. I asked to be posted here, under the Journeyman. I wanted something new and different. And this certainly is."

Fort's sunrises are Fort's sunrises; something Inri's been proud of as long as she's considered it her Weyr (in shares), but no longer an individual eye-catching event. It simply is. What often simply isn't is … other people being up here, near where her dragon likes to lurk. Where her now unable to fly dragon has sent her to look in her stead, and Inri has been trying not to be too paranoid after that whole thing where a few turns ago part of the bridge outright collapsed and destroyed a bunch of things on the side she is now walking from. All that is forgotten, though, as she spots — people. Hm! Three whole people, and she recognizes … one of them. "Morning, Riohra," she says, and then just as politely and spiritedly, as if it were a name, "Other people."

Riohra turns to look as his name is called and he will smile there with Kassala in his arms "Morning Ma'am, how are you today?"

A new body on the bridge garners attention, even before she's calling greetings out. Sephany's eyes shift from sunset to arriving goldrider, and she flashes a smile that is hidden by her scarf but does meet her eyes. "Good morning!" just as cheerful as can be, in way too good a mod. "Sephany," she says, offering her name. "Did you come to watch, as well? I had no idea being up here would be so popular. I would have thought most would be afraid of the, well…" and she motions with a bob of her head towards the bridge. Dangerous.

"Some of us remember when it collapsed, too," Inri says brightly, adjusting the scarf around her neck as if this is casual conversation that doesn't scare people. Of course, this is Fort, so honestly: it doesn't, not most people. A good portion of the Weyr reacts to things like that with 'oh,' and if they choose to live here after all this time, that's their prerogative … "Doesn't really stop us, though in my case it's because Kouzevelth can't be up on the ridge that's why I'm here. A proxy."

Riohra will turn his head to look at the gold rider saying "Wait it did what?" he looks down at the bridge they just walked on and says "How long ago was this?" he hasn't really been here a turn but he has never heard about a collapse.

"The bridge… collapsed…" the flat tone of her voice bellies the fear that just shot through Sephany, her already pale face going even more pale, wide eyes going wider. Suddenly, she does not want to be out here anymore, sunrise or no sunrise. Gloved hands shoot out, and she grips the stone as if it might save her (like it might float in the air as the rest of it collapses down below or something). The rest of what Inri says is mostly lost to the weaver, who has suddenly started hyperventilating. Because she's not a Fort native, and maybe she didn't know about the instability of the Weyr before she decided to move here…

"Caved in, technically. It was — a bit ago, a few turns," Inri waves a hand dismissively. She can't remember. Ask her what turn a dragon was shelled, she can tell you. When a cave-in was, that was … it wasn't that long ago, but it was long enough ago that no one is immediately panicked about it. "This area has been completely repaired, not likely to take another hit and we're told the faults aren't active anymore." Hopefully the miners aren't lying. That's something no one counted on. "It was the last time Kayeth rose, right around." So … nearly three turns.

Riohra looks down at the architecture, but mostly he is looking at the red head in his arms who has dozed off in the morning sunlight. He will shrug at the news once it was repaired then it should be fine.." So it is all good then". He is happy and nothing is going to spoil that, he looks over at Sephany to see if she is alright with the new information. "Are you alright dear?" master of the obvious this guy is.

Cave-ins are not better. Because it's still DESTRUCTION of the thing she is standing on right now! Sephany has forgotten about pretty sunrises and crisp, clean snow-covered weyrbowls, and is instead staring at the goldrider in barely contained horror. She does not trust repairs. Nope. Repaired things can break again. "I think… I think maybe I would like to go back… inside now," she decides, her voice slightly muffled by the current gasping and hyperventilation happening over here. And the scarf, wound around her nose and mouth. "Nope." For Rio. Not OK. Definitely not OK.

Inri doesn't look impressed, though it's not with Sephany, it's — "Who posted you here without telling you anything?" Because inside is not better. Inside, if you're concerned about the integrity of the rock structures, is definitely worse, which means that someone left out a lot of details. Like what Fort's luck has generally been like for, oh, say, the last CENTURY. "Your Hall should've made you aware that places built out of old rocky structures often do old rocky things, but — here." A sachet pulled out of her pocket, handed Sephany-wards. It's very elegant fabric, and it's soft, and it smells amazing by the way. Lavender and some other comforting scent. "Breathe that in, rather than the scarf that's not helping you not breathe, trust me."

Riohra watches the exchange between rider and weaver saying "I heard there was a cave in, but not that part of the the outer structure came down I thought it was just like a small cavern collapsed" he gives a shrug and starts to look about the weyr from where they are to see of he can see new remodeling.

Did someone tell Sephany of these things? Maybe. Maybe they did and she chose not to listen. Or maybe they didn't explain in such DETAILS. Or maybe she wasn't listening at all because, well… it was an abstract idea? "Yeah, but… I mean. Igen and Ista… we've never had a cave in…" that she can recall. "And they are big stone structures, too." But then again, perhaps her memory is faulty. She's a teenager, so… "Thank you," and she'll release her grip on the stone to accept the small little sachet, pulling her scarf away from her nose so that she can sniff at it instead. "mm," for the amazing scents. "And.. and.. well… When you think of things happening in the past it just… doesn't seem so real." Maybe.

"It was still in the past," Inri says calmly. The bridge isn't moving, or anything; it wasn't before either, but some people will indeed tell you it was because they are rude, terrible liars who exist to scare people and Inri might arrest them for it sometimes. That's the perk of having two of Thunderbird's higher-ranking riders as your friends: both Ashwin and A'ster will just arrest people when Inri asks them to. "We've been promised that it isn't going anywhere and is safe to walk on. There'd just been a part that separated out the wing offices from the entire rest of the Weyr, for a bit, with the rockfall. It was … annoying, more than anything. It's safe. I didn't mean to be so frightening as all that. Let me show you some of the better parts of the Weyr, sometime?" She's grinning. She's probably thinking skating lessons, and she loves weavers. Must keep them happy.

Riohra grins and still stands there supporting the dozing dragonhealer, "Well I can't imagine the leadership would let people go where it isn't safe." and when Inri backs his claim he just relaxes more. "See nothing to worry about" It probably isn't as reassuring as he wants it to be coming from the thrill seeking hunter but that is all he has got. No point worrying about something that has already been addressed and taken care of.

Rockfalls are annoying. Sephany has the sachet pressed to her nose as Inri says these things, and her grey eyes fix on the goldrider with an unreadable look. Does she believe her? Likely not. But she will nod at her assurance that 'they' have promised it is safe. Whoever 'they' are. "Ok," is what she says, and maybe she feels just a little better, whether it's because the thing she's huffing smells nice, or because her common sense is telling her that if the place was about to get leveled, people probably wouldn't still live here? She at least looks a little intrigued by the idea of seeing other places. "Sure. I would like to get to know my home." That might kill her. Though Rio and Inri may agree, Seph still has a hard time actually believing them. "Well. I think… I'm still going to go inside. I do need to grab some breakfast, before reporting to work."

Everyone did get evacuated while it was still dangerous. Inri was the one with the eggs on the sands at first, and then Kayeth was proddy, but the goldriders and Th'ero even took turns camping with them. "I have a pushy dragon demanding my focus anyway, but it was good to see others enjoying the sunrise — there are quite a few other interesting places to view it from," Inri says, without actually yet naming where. This is because she's going to show them firsthand. "It will likely impress your journeymen, as well, that you're up so early." It impresses her! It's a lonely world being a morning person, though she has morning meetings to get to as well. "I'll see you both — soon, I hope, I have upstart holders to be writing letters to." She seems happy about that too, though. And soon enough: a clutching. Maybe even that day.

Riohra grins and will lift a hand waving far well saying "It was a pleasure seeing you again, and I look forward to seeing the new places here in the Weyr" he will not be leaving as he is quite happy standing there with the sleeping Kassala who has been up all night working in the Dragon Infirmary. He gives Sephany a slight nod as she says she needs to go saying "It was good seeing you again too, maybe next time we meet it wouldn't be so exciting"

Sephany is waffling between accepting the idea that her new home is physically unstable, and panicing that it may collapse RIGHT NOW OMG. But really, acceptance is starting to win out. As Inri announces her imminent departure, Sephany will offer her back the little sachet she had been huffing as if it were oxygen. "Thank you," she says honestly. "And I look forward to it, ma'am." Because she is respectful, or suddenly found her manners. "Thank you, Riohra. It was a wonderful sunrise," even if she had a mild panic attack. "And I don't mind exciting just… maybe not this kind of exciting." With a little nod of her head, Seph will grab her by-now thoroughly chilled Klah off the stone and start making her way carefully back to the living caverns. The going may be slow, but at least she doesn't slip or fall, or freak out again.

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