Candidate Barracks
Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this cavern has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants in comfort. Set into one of the long walls is a natural hearth area, not as large as some but more then enough to warm the cavern. Before it lays an old, well-worn rug that's colors have faded over turns of being un cared for. Mismatched chairs, an old couch, and a few randomly placed floor pillows finish up the sitting type area where candidates can relax after a long day of chores.
Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses with curtains dividing them for privacy, each made up to the standards of the Weyrwoman. The left hand row of cots is made up with coverlets of brown and trimmed in black for male candidates, while the right hand row is made up with a lighter brown coverlet that's trimmed in white for the female candidates.
Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours, while basket of emergency glows are stored in corners around the cavern for use during power outages.

After ‘the talk’ C’rus had walked quickly off that blasted bridge, past others and down into the training area. Once in the training area he bolted running, though not for the weryling barracks but the Candidate Barracks. Where all of this began. Once inside he walks slowly down the row of cots. He pauses briefly looking down at his old cot and continues past it to a corner in the room and just stands there. His face becomes progressively redder as he does his best to try to hang onto all the emotions that were bottled up in that classroom.
Many thoughts roll though his mind. How can he do this? Live this life? Become everything that he hated and fought against for so long? And why does he have to feel so differently from everyone else? Everyone else just sits blithely by and says ok. Why does he have to be so different? Why does he have to be alone?

As that last question rolls through his mind he sinks to his knees holding onto the wall for support. Is it so hard for everyone to see his feelings? Even his friends don’t understand. These people that he has lived with, sweated with, cried with, even bled with for the better part of a turn. His fist hits the wall hard, and it hurts but it’s nothing to what he feels inside.
Several people can be heard laughing and talking coming closer and closer. Who they are isn’t really important, not to C’rus at this moment. Still facing the wall he speaks softly, “Get out.” And then as another burst of emotion takes hold he quickly turns his head, “Get out!” he shouts. Watching the people scurry away. But there is someone else too. A blue dragon that he knows all too well. How long had he been standing there? “All of you.” C’rus adds softly before turning his head back to the wall wanting nothing more than to be alone.
Jaicoureth just stands there. He can’t very well just leave his lifemate. Not like this. He wouldn’t leave anyone like this without trying to offer some comfort, but this isn’t just anyone. This is his C’rus. The conflict roils inside of him. Did he do this? Did he hurt the one that he cares about more than anything in the world?

The blue dragon gently brushes his mind out in love to the rider that is his whole world and begins to sing. «Dreams are like angels. They keep bad at bay. Love is the light scaring darkness away.» He begins tentatively before taking a step forward closer to the one that he loves, «I’m so in love with you. We’ll make love our goal.» Another tentative step forward is taken seemingly without rebuke so the blue grows more bold, «The power of love. A force from above. Cleaning our souls. Flame on burn desire. Love with tongues of fire. Purge the soul. We’ll make love our goal.»

Now the dragon is only a few inches away from his rider and leans down to rest his head against his shoulder, «I’ll protect you from the brown and blue. Keep the bronzers from your door. When the chips are down I’ll be around with my undying, death defying, love for you. Envy will hurt itself. Let your soul be beautiful. Sparkling light, stars, and pearls and a pretty girl.»

Reaching in deeper into his riders mind he takes him into his own mindscape and there the two of them stand looking at one another. The rooftop is peaceful with clouds floating along and stars overhead. Here the dragon can live out his own dreams and be himself. Suddenly light encompasses the blue dragon. A warm orange red light flows across his hide, leaping and flowing, not coming from the outside but inside of the blue, «Love is like an energy. Rushing in, rushing inside of me. Ohhhh!» As the dragon’s voice soars into the sky the light reaches out to gently touch C’rus beckoning him toward the dragon and he is helpless to its pull. He takes a few halting steps toward him and in short order finds himself leaning his head against the dragons shoulder, the light surrounding him, penetrating him and pulling him in deeper and deeper.

«This time we go sublime. Our souls entwined, divine divine. Love is danger. Love is pleasure…» The dragon swings his head so that he can look his dear boy in the face, «Love is /pure/ the only treasure.» For this indeed is Jaicoureth’s dogma. There is nothing more important to him than love. Love for his dear boy, love for his brothers and sister, love for the other dragons of the weyr and love for his friends. Love is indeed like oxygen. Love lifts us up where we belong. All you need is love. Jaicoureth pushes his mind deeper and deeper into his riders, the light glowing brighter and brighter around them. «The power of love. A force from above cleaning our souls. Flame on burn desire. Love with tongues of fire. Heal the soul. We’ll make love our goal.» The dragon ends his song softly. Letting the light dim, but never fade. He now speaks normally to his dear boy, «This is what you have been so afraid of isn’t it? Tell me your fears and we will face them together. You are not alone.»

C’rus is not man used to being understood. He lifts his arm to wipe his tears away. Even inside of the dragon’s mindscape you can cry, “Yes. I’m scared to death to wake up next to someone I don’t know. It matters so much to me.” He says through his sniffles. The dragon gently interrupts him, «My dear boy. Do you think this is something that I want for myself? Why would I ever chase a dragon I didn’t love? They…do not understand.» Indeed how could this dragon ever chase a strange green? Despite what Velokraeth and Varmiroth had intimated to him, he knows what he feels. It would be anathema to him. Only those that he knows and loves. C’rus finds himself to be heartened a little by his lifemates reply but there are so many questions that he has been so scared to ask but needing to know the answers. Jaicoureth speaks once more «You can ask any question of me. It is safe here. In this our special place we will find the answers together.» Some might find the questioning irritating or intrusive, but Jaicoureth knows better. He knows that this man has given up so much to be with him and to protect him until he was ready. C’rus takes a deep breath and asks his first question, “What if you love a green whose rider I don’t?” This is the most obvious initial question he can think of. «Then I will not chase her. I may spend time with her much like you with your friends, but that’s it. There are many ways to express love.» C’rus pauses for a moment. A bit of guilt creeping into his mind. Could he deny the dragon that he loves so much his own love? “You would do that for me? Just like that.” The blue dragon bobs his head amiably, «You’ve done the same for me already. All this time you gave up pursuing the girl you loved for me, and I know how that scared you. There are no secrets anymore. None that need to be kept. And you needn’t feel guilty in asking. I have you. This is all the love that I need. And it is something I know that I can’t lose. So there is always peace.»
At least there is always peace for the dragon, he wishes that he could provide the same to his dear rider. C’rus nods slowly. Another nagging question that he had lived in fear of comes to his mind, “Some greens have male riders. I don’t ever want that to happen to me…” he can’t bear to say any further but it should be sufficient for the moment. «Then it will not.» Jaicoureth firmly replies «You needn’t have any fear at all.» A look of relief crosses C’rus’s face as the dragon makes his answer, “Thank you.”

A moment of silence passes for the pair as C’rus contemplates his last question. The big question. “If I asked Kera to be my wife…weyrmate would you be ok with that?” Jaicorueth had known that was going to be the question before it even left his riders mind and it gives him much pleasure to answer «C’rus…» he says, in a very rare moment of using his riders name, «…there is nothing that would make me happier than to have that happen for you. I wish for you to chase her. She is welcome to share our weyr and her green dragon too….» If he has any ulterior motives in that he keeps them to himself for the present, «She makes you happy, and anyone who makes you happy makes me happy. I will love her along with you. She will be in my care as you are. I’d never let anything happen to her.» Even through the tears, both happy and sad, C’rus can still smile.

(The Power of Love by Frankie Goes to Hollywood.)