Weyrling Barracks
The rounded ceiling of this set of barracks is high enough to accomodate growing dragons. Lining the walls lengthwise are sets of stone couches and cots for their riders. At one end of the room are cabinets holding supplies for bathing and oiling young dragons, as well as the weyrling manuals. Against the opposite wall is a table with scraps of leather and leather-working tools. Tacked up on the wall is a diagram of riding straps.

The dragon had watches his rider march away. He knows his thoughts, and he wants to be there by his side, but there was no room on that bridge. That metaphor is not lost on the creative dragon, who is always searching for meaning. Always wanting to know more about the world that surrounded him. He’s come to understand romantic attachment already and find it to be delightful. It is a joyous extension of friendship and family, and yet his dear boy approaches it with such trepidation and fear.

Jaicoureth had noticed changes that were taking place inside of him. He felt different sometimes when looking at a female dragon, and when he had asked C’rus about this the man had deferred answering the question. By now he had come to trust C’rus to always know the right thing to do, and so he waited. The blue knew from looking into his dear boys mind what the topic was going to be and he found himself looking forward to it, despite his rider’s feelings. At least at the start. From afar Jaicoureth listens intently on every word that was spoken and it just seemed to ‘make sense’ in the end. At least the physical part made sense, but the emotions that went with it…

The intensity of his riders mind, the intensity of his own emotions as he contemplated his future. Their future together. It causes anxiety to creep into his mind. Worry and fear grew stronger. The awkward young adult has never been one to question in class. He’s always felt that the teachers would tell him things when he was ready to know them. He trusted them, and he trusts them still but why would they not address feelings? Must things be so cold, so clinical, so focused on the facts and leave the feelings behind?

He feels the pressure that they are putting on C’rus, and the conflict and pain they are bringing to him. And the gentle blue is rendered slient. They don’t know what they are doing. They can’t know what they are doing. His dear boy is /good/. Whatever he might feel and even if they disagree they don’t know him like he does. But could he confront the teachers that he has grown to respect and love so? He decides that in that moment he cannot, but he can offer his rider support. He lifts his voice in a soft lilting melody «Lost in the darkness. Silence surrounds you. Once there was morning. Now endless night. Deep in your silence please try to hear me. I’ll keep you near me till night passes by. I will find the answer. I’ll never desert you. I promise you this, till the day that I die…» His rider cuts him off sharply and the dragon mentally pulls back. This situation is bad, and for Jaicoureth to believe this takes extreme circumstances.

He must do something more. He must have his question answered. So the shy dragon reaches out to Varmiroth and Velokraeth with his question, «What if I don’t’ love her?» A simple question in his mind. An answer must be easily had, but the answers he receives shake him. Love is only for his rider? How can this be? The chatty dragon falls silent. Maybe they didn’t understand his question, but the courage that the blue had in asking fades and so he responds by saying he doesn’t have an answer and must think further on the issue, and he doesn’t wait in thinking.

Above all things that the dragon believes he believes in love. A world without love is a terror to horrible to contemplate. He can feel the love inside of himself that he feels for his rider. The deep, burning, light making love. And from that core of his being love streams outward to so many others. To his brother Kai, who he loves deeply and shares so much in common with. To his brother Tovi who has been with him so many steps of the way. His sister Rhen who has been so compassionate and loving in return. He loves her so much. How could anyone not? She’s so beautiful. M’icha and his blue that have taught them so much. How could he not love them? They have given of themselves and that must be reciprocated. Kimmila and Varmiroth who have joined them for so many lessons. The human’s sense of humor and the dragons kindness to those who are younger than him. Kayeth who has been so warm and so many others that deserve to have the love they have given returned.

His thoughts drift from people to his home Fort. How could anyone not love Fort? All the history, the glory, and he gets to be a part of it! And how he loves his home. The bowls, the lake, the barracks. He loves every square inch of that place and feels such a kinship with the people and the dragons who live there, even if he hasn’t met them directly. They are all creatures of Fort. Fort is home, and will be home until the day he flies off beyond between.

There are others too who deserve his love and indeed already possess it. And the world in general. The ebb and flow of the seasons. The growth of the spring, the warmth of the summer, the beauty of fall, the passion of winter. All these things speak to him of love. Love /is/ like oxygen. It’s all around and flows in everything that happens. Every moment is a moment to experience it anew. Love simply is.

Does this mean that Varmiroth and Velokraeth don’t love Fort? What would be the point of duty if not done in love? Does this mean that they don’t love /him/? That’s a terrifying thought if there ever was one. He quickly dismisses this from his mind. The fault must be his own. He probably didn’t ask the question right.

This train of thought suddenly shifts into a whole new one. What if he did ask the question right but they didn’t understand it because there is something /wrong/ with him. In looking through his riders mind he knows that C’rus has often pondered the same question. Though others have directly told him there /is/ something wrong with him in the past. What if he chose him because there was something wrong with both of them? No. He affirms immediately after the question leaves his mind. He knows he chose correctly. There is no doubt about that.

So what is he to do then? There are so many questions that seem to have no answer. It’s then that an epiphany of sorts strikes him. I can trust my own decisions! I can live in my beautiful world even if the others don’t experience it the same way. If I love a green I’ll chase her, and if I don’t I won’t. That is my choice. I am free. Perhaps that is the last lesson to learn. To trust your own inner vision, and to live that courageously. Perhaps that is the greatest life lesson of all. And so I choose to dedicate myself to love, in this moment and for all the moments that come after. I will love fiercely and I will be brave. I will protect those that life has given me. Love will be my goal!