Fort Weyr - Arch Stone Bridge
Stretching the span of a deep chasm hundreds of feet below, the bridge connects one cordillera to the next. Engineered by imaginations of historic times, the bridge has stood between these plateaus for ages. Built solidly with a technique lost to those of today, there is evidence that it has become slightly weather worn, but is also indestructible. A dragon span in width, the bridge is constructed out of huge blocks of stone, layered in a fashion that each chuck supports the next and carries the burden load to the base, where it is meted together with the walls of the bowl - there by creating an arch in the design from the living caverns to the administration section of the weyr.
Exposed to the elements, the bridge is often dangerous to navigate. Winds or ice could become a potential threat, which is why the sides of the bridge have been built up with stone guard railings, reaching at least five feet in height. Scenic views aren't necessarily easily accessed for those who are smaller in height, for the rest, the view can be disorienting due to the height but spectacular otherwise. One can view the central and northern bowls from here, as well as get a glimpse of the hatching cavern and the training complex.

There's a hint of warmth in the air… Spring is here! Err — not quite, really but its a start! There's enough "warmth" that the lingering snow is turning slushy, the sun actually feels good on one's back and the Weyr's bowls are turning, slowly, into a quagmire of mud and cold water. Just shy of the lunch hour, Th'ero has come out onto the stone bridge, now cleared of ice and snow and stands with his hands clasped behind his back as he stares out over the bowl below. Its all the Weyrleader can do not to start pacing and he's not alone either. What's brought him up here? Two (unfortunate?) weyrlings are about to find out! M'icha will make the selection, likely at random and then inform them that they're to go meet with the Weyrleader up on the bridge. No pressure, right? "You going to have a few words in this?" Th'ero murmurs quietly to the one already with him.

Kimmila stands beside her Weyrmate and gives him a wry grin. "Maybe. Probably, but I'm hardly experienced…" Given Varmiroth has chased less than 15 times in his entire life, and only won twice.

This is the moment that C'rus has been dreading. And there is no escape. He walks toward his place of doom. He arrives at the specified place and sure enough there is Th'ero and Kimm. He offers them a salute and says nothing. His face is stone, betraying nothing of the chaos he feels inside. He isn't alone though, mentally his lifemate is there with him, and C'rus is most surely broadcasting everything to him. If you have to walk through something like this it's good to never be alone.

Br'enn has a few guesses as to what M'icha might be sending him to the Weyrleader for; there are a number of things they have to cover this week. And maybe Tovihasuth went exploring somewhere he shouldn't have again. Yet the nearly full-grown bronze is now perched upon a ledge somewhere high up above the stone bridge, looking down to watch his lifemate curiously and looking not at all as though he might have just done anything. Therefore, Br'enn is reasonably sure he's safe from a flaming. Approaching Th'ero and Kimmila, he offers up a salute for them and a nod for C'rus. An oddly stone-faced C'rus. Hmmm. Maybe he now has a better inkling of what this could be about. "Afternoon," he greets, standing at ease.

"Some experience is still experience, Wingmate." Th'ero drawls to Kimmila and comes to stand by her side for a moment and gently rest his hand against her back. "I do appreciate your help in this," he adds quietly. Because otherwise it'd be just too awkward and the Weyrlings would learn nothing from the Weyrleader's awkward ramblings. How does one even begin? At the sound of approaching footfalls, Th'ero straightens and then nods his head first to C'rus and then Br'enn. "Afternoon," he greets and then clears his throat, "I know this is a bit of an… odd place… but it's one of the better to ensure privacy and the weather was nice…" So here they are! Because…? There's a moment of hesitation and then he adds, while gesturing to one of the small stone benches for them to sit if they so choose to. "Guess there's no other way to start this than, well, you know why you're here? M'icha's been prepping you for this lecture?" Surely they've known this time would come?

Kimmila smiles at Th'ero, leaning briefly against his hand before she straightens again, returning the salutes. "Afternoon." She looks at Th'ero, and then quirks a little grin at the Weyrlings. "Mating flights." Just in case they didn't know.

C'rus has known that the 'end' was coming for a long time, watching it slowly rumble toward them all. The day is now! The time is here! There is the slightest twitch at the edge of his mouth and his right eye follows suit. To the weyrleaders and Kimm's comments the only response that he allows himself is a nod of his head. He glances sidelong at Br'enn. Poor bastard. He is here too. At least like so many other moments they are in this together.

Well, at least the guess was pretty accurate. Br'enn's brows tick upward a little bit as he takes a seat on one of the benches, glancing over at C'rus and nodding in turn as he sits back, crossing his ankles. Yes, he's in this together with the bluerider - except he knows the two of them have rather different attitudes coming into this whole thing. "Yeah," he replies, trying to be as relaxed as possible to start. "He's been tellin' us it was comin'. Glad we're doin' it this way." And not as a class!

Th'ero can't help but chuckle faintly for Kimmila's straightforwardness but that's why he has her here. "Thanks," he mutters swiftly to her, giving her a brief look before turning his attention back to C'rus and Br'enn. "And, yes… that's how it used to be but we like to uh… keep it to smaller groups." Which doesn't help the awkwardness! "So how much do either of you know about the mating habits of the dragons? Since neither of you ride a female… we'll just gloss over that. Focus more on…" He clears his throat a bit. "What to expect when riding a male dragon." Oh fun.

Kimmila leans back on her heels and looks between the Weyrlings, a wry smile on her lips. "And what you know about the mating habits of humans," she adds.

So many other places C'rus would rather be, so many things he would rather be doing. He is here, and by all accounts attentive. He takes his seat on one of the benches as Th'ero begins and takes in another silent breath. A hand twitch there, a lip twitch there are the only expressions that manage to escape the man who otherwise is sitting straight as an arrow. At the questions his head tilts to the side, much like a canine would if you were asking it a question. He holds the pose for a moment and then tilts it straight again. His shoulders almost imperceptably shrug.

Br'enn raises an eyebrow slightly, chuckling almost imperceptibly at Kimmila's addendum. A quick glance is flicked at C'rus for his silence…but between the other man being quiet or exploding into a tirade, he'll take it. "Know plenty enough about the, ah…human side of things," he replies, clearing his throat a bit. "Dragons, though… Just know the females rise, 'n' the males chase 'em. The one who does the best flyin' wins, eh? Though, ah…" He scratches the side of his chin for a moment, blinking. Why had he never thought about what might come across the link during those times before? "'m guessin' things might get a little interesting up here the process," he surmises, tapping his temple a bit.

Th'ero glances sharply to the side to Kimmila and has to bite back the laugh that threatens to burst out. Nervous laughter but his mouth does twitch briefly at the corners into an amused smile before he schools himself to a neutral expression. Ahem! There's a slight nod given to Br'enn and a lingering look to C'rus' continued silence. "That's the gist of it, yes. Mating among dragons is an instinctual thing and we, as their riders, are a part of it whether we like it or not. It's nothing to be ashamed of and while it's intimidating and perhaps frightening to think of… losing control like that… Among riders it is a natural thing. There's always a green rising at some point, golds are far more infrequent. Your dragons will chase." He pauses for a moment, shifting and subtly stepping closer to Kimmila. "They may try to chase all they can or seldom or very rarely… Every dragon is different. But, as you put it Br'enn… yeah, things get interesting…" And awkward. Th'ero smirks, "Just like green or goldriders, we get sucked into it too. You'll want to be there, you'll desire that female dragon's rider, you will be bonded far more closely to your dragon — literally BECOME him… but… it's on an instinctual level, if that makes any sense? What you feel is an echo of your dragon's instinct to mate. Human emotions do not quite, hmm… factor in. Or shouldn't…" Easier said than done!

Kimmila watches C'rus for a long moment as she listens to what Th'ero says. "Thoughts, C'rus?" she asks, and her tone is surprisingly gentle. "Right. When your dragon chases, you are with them. You feel their lust, the wind over their wings, the burning fire in their blood. It's unavoidable. You can't get away from it, so it's best to just go with it. Fighting it doesn't work."

C'rus lets out a huff of air as Th'ero talks about the logistics of things. He's had the joy of hearing most of this before from the lips of several people. No surprises yet. His lips become a thin line as he presses them closer and closer together, and there is a slight reddening in his complexion. For a moment his eyes glaze, and mentally he is elsewhere. Only for a moment though before he is back to this experience. When Kimm asks him her question he gives a quick shake of his head from side to side. Apparently no thoughts to share with the group.

Br'enn takes all this in quietly, blue gaze trained steadily on Th'ero, then Kimmila - and peripherally, he notes that reddening to C'rus' face. A slight crease forms over his brow as he mulls the facts over, the fingers of one hand tapping slowly on his bicep after he crosses his arms. "So," he starts, looking nowhere in particular, "nothin'…we can really do about it, eh? I mean, I s'pose it makes sense; we choose who we go after 'n' they have to put up with our choices. Seems fair enough we've gotta put up with thiers. 'n' I guess…if y're with someone, y'just gotta agree it doesn't change things, eh?" The crease in his brow deepens slightly. He's going to need to have a talk with Rynn, though she'll be getting this lecture soon too herself, no doubt. "What should we expect if our dragon loses, though?"

"Now's the time to speak up and ask questions C'rus. Keeping your concerns withheld will only serve to hurt yourself AND Jaicoureth in the end," Th'ero warns, giving the blue weyrling a very pointed and level look. Awkwardness aside and as "amused" at times as he may seem, the Weyrleader takes this seriously because, in a way, it IS serious. There's a lot more to it than just sex. "Kimmila's right. Fighting doesn't work. Sometimes you can talk them out of it if they're not entirely interested but most of the time… you simply go along with their choice. And yes, Br'enn, in a sense it is like that. Dragons don't quite work in the same way as humans when it comes to relationships and mating. They don't grasp monogamy or anything of the sort. Mating is mating. Instinct, natural, primal and because of how tightly bonded we are to them, it affects us." Ahh, and thus another good point is brought up! Th'ero glances sidelong to Kimmila and, awkward or not, he takes her hand in his. "If you've got a partner or 'mate, then yes… it's best you discuss things now. Nothing changes. Flights are flights. No matter how much it stings to see your partner win a flight or be won by another, you shouldn't take it out on them. It's no more their fault than if you were in their position. Oddly… it can make you a FAR stronger couple if you have the strength to overcome the jealousy…" he points out and again, there's another sharp look to C'rus. "You should NEVER pick a fight with another rider for the outcome of a flight. And if you lose? Well…" Cough. "You'll be frustrated. Moreso if Tovihasuth loses a gold flight. You'll regain some of your senses and usually it's best to — ah… seek privacy and… well… if you've a partner then…" Reap the benefits. "… you two can settle it. If not…" Self explanatory.

Kimmila nods. "We know this is difficult for you, C'rus, so…" She shrugs, nodding along with Th'ero in agreement. She gives his hand a firm squeeze. "It is something that should be discussed ahead of time. And…it can hurt, if your partner wins. But you have to let it go. You have to get over it, because it's going to happen. Accept the way you feel, but then move past it. It isn't their fault." Then she chuckles. "If you lose, it's frustrating, but it can also be fun. Because then you get the choice, with the lingering emotions. It can be a lot of fun."

C'rus shifts his eyes from Th'ero to Kimmila and then back to somewhere past them. As he is addressed by no less than both of them it is fast becoming past the time where he will be able to escape some sort of response. So he braces himself against the bench as if trying to root himself to the spot. He opens his mouth to speak, and nothing comes out. So he closes his mouth to try to moisturize his dry tongue, "My concerns…are irrelevant….as you have said." he says choosing his words with the utmost of care and keeping as much emotion out of his voice as he is able and having some degree of sucess at it, "I appreciate your concern." And he does, truly, he says with some level of resignation, and perhaps a tinge of hopelessness.

The corner of Br'enn's mouth tilts upward a bit as he watches Th'ero's hand finding Kimmila's. He doesn't remember if he'd ever actually heard that the Weyrleader and the bluerider were together, though he'd heard and observed enough over the past Turn or so to put the pieces together. He nods as Th'ero answers his question, and smirks again for what Kimmila adds. "'Fun', eh? Long as you can find who y're wantin' to be with, after losin'," he supposes. "'n' if y're with another chaser, 'n' y'both lose…I guess the solution's easy then." Another nod, and then he's watching C'rus carefully as the bluerider finally says something. There's a twinge of sympathy for the other man; on some level, he really does understand C'rus' fear. For now, though, he doesn't chime in after his clutchsibling, instead making another observation. "So…I won't know how Tov is until he chases his first, 'n' I won't know how I durin' until it happens." He sighs, rubbing his neck. "Why'll the frustration be worse if he loses a gold?"

Th'ero's brows furrow, "Your concerns are not irrelevant, C'rus. You can speak what is on your mind," So out with it man! He keeps his eyes levelled on the blue weyrling a little longer before it darts to Kimmila. He snorts, "She brings up good points." Though he may not have openly used the word 'fun'. Is the Weyrleader blushing a bit? Yes. Yes, he is. Because though they don't show it, he and Kimmila have been weyrmated for Turns now. "Simply put… yes, it's like that Br'enn. Some riders can even wait on their respective partners to come home if they've lost a flight or even go to them if needed. Some riders who lose who don't wish to, ah… find intimate outlets find a different way to ebb the frustration. Drinking," Though from the way his voice hardens he doesn't approve of this method. "Exercise, focusing on some other task…" Quieting, he'll listen to Br'enn and then nod with a faint grimace, "Sadly, you won't know how Tovihasuth is until he rises and even the first time may vary from the second. Same goes for Jaicoureth, C'rus. What's important is that you're there for them. Velokraeth, when he chooses to chase…" Which is, unfortunately for Th'ero, A LOT. "… varies in his response depending on the female. As for how YOU are during the flight, well… that also varies. Most riders can keep some shred of themselves through the whole experience." He pauses and then exhales, "… or others, like myself, 'black-out' entirely and are only a "shell" — in the sense that I am more Velokraeth than myself." Clearing his throat, he forges on. "Golds broadcast. It's why a gold flight tends to affect the WHOLE Weyr in a way. Stronger than a green's." So stronger reaction!

Kimmila shakes her head. "They're not irrelevant, C'rus. You have to let them out so you can work through them and deal with them." She nods at Br'enn, with a bit of a smile. "Lots of ways to handle it. Just have to see what works best for you. Varmiroth hardly ever chases. He's just not interested. And when he does, he's very easily distracted. So for me…I'm almost all myself the whole time, because he's not real lusty."

The emotions are funny things. C'rus has spent almost all of his adult life trying to work through the feelings of others, and his own remain a mystery to him sometimes. Though in this regard there is nothing but clarity. Fear. And Fear often goes hand in hand with its brother Anger. And he is surely experiencing them both in some strange mix. Though he is managing to hold it mostly inside. Weyrlinghood has built up a certain wall that he finds to be useful, "They are irrelevant when there is no hope for an answer. I appreciate, really appreciate everything that you both have done for me. In this I'm beyond even your help. There is no dragon in shining armor riding in to save me…" he trails off as Jaicoureth once again attempts to communicate with him in his own special mournful tune. C'rus raises a hand to his temple, "No." is his response to the song, "Not now." It breaks off and back to the conversation, "…I will figure things out. As I always have." His dragon is not content to sit and be done with it. From his place not far away his eyes aglow in a yellow flickering light, he reaches out to Varmiroth and Velokraeth with his own burning question. He might not be at the lecture but this affects him deeply, and being the sensitive soul that he is and an awkward young adult besides he reaches out with a single question. A question that causes him no small amount of fear as well, «What if I don't love her?» There is his secret fear.

Br'enn just nods quietly again. Like so much else he's experienced throughout weyrlinghood, it seems this is just one of those things that will remain an unknown in all but academic knowledge until it just happens. But he is going to need to talk with Rynn about things soon - for his peace of mind, if not hers as well. He turns to watch C'rus again as the bluerider answers, reaching out to clap him lightly on the shoulder reassuringly before leaning forward to rest hs forearms on his knees. "So…this is somethin' that could happen any time now, eh? Or is there still some time yet?"

"And how is it that you're beyond help, C'rus?" Th'ero asks and he does not mask the concern that is in his voice as he pins the weyrling under his gaze. His frown deepens, "Save you from what?" He glances sidelong to Kimmila again, his expression shifting slightly and his hand squeezes hers before his attention focuses back on Br'enn. "You'll have a little time yet but it's best to assume they could take interest soon. Again, every dragon is different and it will be just another stage of growth for the two of you to experience. I encourage both of you, if either of you have… partners at this point… to talk to them. Now. Before the first flights happen. So that any misunderstandings can be best avoided and doubly so if your… ah… partner is a non-rider…" he explains, clearing his throat again.

Velokraeth's mind touches to that single question from Jaicoureth's, twining Varmiroth in too, with a wine soaked touch, smooth and honeyed and warm. Mellowing, calming, even if the voice that follows while rich and melodious is rippling with a hint of humour. « Love her? Who is this her? Yours is a male, is he not? I love my rider, there is no other. » For it is true, dragons do not "love" in the same sense as humans. They've an understanding of it, obviously but their love is reserved solely for their riders. Attraction to a female dragon is nothing but primal instinct to rise and mate and further the species.

Kimmila shakes her head again at C'rus. "The answer is you get over it. It's your dragon's needs above your own. Period." She nods in agreement with Th'ero's words. "Even if they're a rider, it's still…you have to talk about it. Work through it." She squeezes Th'ero's hand again and then turns to blink in surprise as none other than Kyzen bolts up the stairs. "Mama! Daddy!" "I'll take him," the bluerider murmurs with a grin, scooping up their son and walking off with him to wait until Th'ero is finished with the lesson.

Varmiroth hesitates in his response, puzzled by the question. « Love is for your rider only, » the blue says quietly. Then his thoughts retreat.

C'rus would have thought that the answer to both of those questions would have been supremely obvious, "I am beyond help because of biology. You can't alter it and neither can I." As much as he might like too, "Waking up next to someone I don't know. Someone that I don't care for. All my life…all of it I've lived by a set of morals that are being turned on their head, and that terrifies me alright…is that what you wanted to hear? I'm afraid." he says with a certain air of finality, "And if you want to rationalize things away by saying it doesn't matter then good for you. I'm happy for you, but I /can't/. It matters to me and if you can't understand that then we have no common point of reference and the conversation is better off ending. There are words that are better unheard and better unsaid…" Emotional sure, angry or disrepectful…no. He certainly appreciates the moral support from his fellow weyrling, but at the moment its all for naught. There is only one being on this planet who can help him and he is wrapped up in his own question. Jaicoureth hesitates in his mind, he too has emotions that are equally inexpelicable to him «I have no answer right now. I will ponder this…» is his response to both Velo and Varm's answer. He is a dragon who ponders things deeply after all and he has more to think about than he has in may a day.

This is where Br'enn and C'rus differ significantly - the morals they've each lived by. Certainly, Br'enn's moral compass has never pointed a bad direction, though when it came to who he woke up next to, in the past…one-nighters were fairly normal, and no attachments were made. Until now. Now, he can sympathize with the bluerider a bit, not relishing the idea of waking up beside a stranger after an event he can't control. However, he's much more focused on making sure Tovihasuth doesn't get stifled by his preferences…and he's confident a talk with Rynn will settle matters in both their minds. For the moment, Br'enn is silent, simply listening to C'rus and Th'ero. Sure, he's concerned about what's to come…but he's a good deal more relaxed about it all - if that's even the right word.

Th'ero tilts his head as he listens politely to C'rus and though his frown deepens and his mouth takes on a concerned sort of edge to it, the Weyrleader is respectful and allows the Weyrling to voice his feelings. There's sympathy there too. "Yes, actually, that is what we want to hear…" he begins, only to go abruptly silent when Kyzen comes up the stairs. "Excuse me," he tells them as he steps forwards shortly after Kimmila to greet their son and murmur something quietly to his weyrmate before seeing them off down the stairs as he turns back to C'rus and Br'enn. Now, where was he? Oh, right. "Of course it matters. We're not saying you have to LIKE it, only that it's just a… necessary thing to accept as much as you can. You can still keep your morals, if you've the strength and ability to do so and overcome jealousy. It's the jealousy that'll drive you mad." he points out and while his gaze settles the heaviest on C'rus, Br'enn is included in that warning too, even if the bronze weyrling may not need such a warning. Or a challenge! "Flights have never been easy for me. I was holderbred before I Impressed and from a very, very strict upbringing. My morals had me appalled at the idea of flights. Velokraeth is… a lusty bronze and chases every flashy hide he comes across. I had to learn to adapt. Does it mean I like it? No. I don't but I have found ways to overcome it. Make it just… that much more bearable. Kimmila and I have our ways and if you're wise, both of you, you'll work it out with anyone you take as a partner or weyrmate. It doesn't have to be an all negative thing…" A silver lining!

The contradiction is what drives C'rus crazy. The rationalization on the part of some and the moments of genuiness on the parts of others. Both telling a different side of the same rather sad story, "If you need to hear me say that I accept it then fine. I accept it." Then there is the contradiction. He can keep his morals how? Hasn't that been the whole point of this lecture to explain to him just how screwed he is? As with so many other things in his life he will have to figure that one out, "Th'ero. I will find the answer, and I will do so with style and grace." There are few people on Pern as tenacious and resolute as C'rus when he sets his mind to something. Jealously is another matter entirely, "I'll find my way through jealously too." That he doesn't have to do alone. If it was another time he might have held more sympathy for Th'ero's plight but he holds none for him tonight. Tonight is about him and him alone…for once, "I'm happy you found your way…"

Br'enn laces his fingers together loosely and absorbs what Th'ero has to say with another slow nod. Is Br'enn himself a lusty man? In his way, so he can appreciate what it is to feel that. Is Tovihasuth lusty? He has no idea, and would actually be very surprised in his bronze turned out to be so. Tov just doesn't strike him that way…though he might be shocked later. Who knows? He does, however, see it as a bit of a challenge, and if there's one thing he's been more inclined to do lately, it's face any challenge that comes his way head-on. "We'll figure it out," he affirms with regard to Rynn and himself, though it's also for C'rus, in a small way. "Ah…thanks for the talk, sir. Better go talk over it with Tov, if we're headin' towards bein' done, here." Overhead, Tov drops from his perch and glides down to the Bowl, anticipating Br'enn's eventually appearance at ground level.

"We weren't looking to hear that you accepted things, only that you understood and will not do something you'd regret when the time comes that they rise in a flight," Th'ero amends, giving C'rus another heavy look and there's something in his tone that changes. A flicker of understanding, of knowledge that wasn't his once but he knows now. He knows of C'rus past, of what he did the last time a flight interfered — and the Weyrleader is going to keep a very close "eye" on the blue weyrling. "See that you do, C'rus, as you risk hurting the one being that matters most to you and possibly others," And that IS a warning. "You and I may have to talk more at a later time." Not now, he will allow him to sort himself out a little more first. To Br'enn, Th'ero relaxes and nods. "You're welcome. Anytime…" Kind of. The Weyrleader shifts on his feet, a touch awkward. "If you've any concerns, either of you, you can always come and talk. Br'enn, I'd advise you think of the consequences too of what will come if Tovihasuth catches a gold, be it within Fort or in another Weyr and to… be prepared to face those too. If you wish, we can discuss that another time." Because Th'ero never had the chance back when he was a freshly minted rider and wound up Weyrleader of Fort when Velokraeth snared Zuhth on the fluke chance that they were visiting oh-so many Turns ago. "Go on then. I believe we've discussed enough for now…"

These people are sharding infuriating. It seems to poor C'rus that there is no answer that will be good enough short of bowing down and accepting with blind faith everything that they say and liking it besides. It may or may not be true, but sadly this is how the man feels, and for now it must be hidden away from expression, and so he doens't let any of it show. He'd wondered for a long time if Th'ero had known about his past, a past he has tried so very hard to run away from…but it seems he is met with it again. At least now he has his answer. The man stands up in a rush, clicks his heels together and offers the weyrleader a salute, "I understand you perfectly sir. And you may, of course speak to me any time you wish. Clear skies to you." As he is dimissed her turns and rigidly moves off away from this situation as fast as his legs can carry him, without looking like he is running of course.

Br'enn rises, looking after C'rus with a slight shake of his head and a small sigh before turning back to Th'ero. The consequences of Tovihasuth catching a gold…well. He's got enough to think about for the moment, focusing more on making sure he speaks to Rynn as soon as he can about all this. But he's now quite keenly aware of another discussion that needs to be had with the Weyrleader. "'m thinking that might be a good talk to have," he says, straightening his jacket with a nod. "Maybe later today, if y'aren't too busy with more of…these." With that, he snaps off another salute to Th'ero. "Clear skies, sir. Be seein' ya later on." With that, Br'enn is off as well, unhurried steps carrying him off to his curious bronze in the Bowl below.

Th'ero nods his head to C'rus, "And to you as well." he murmurs though his concern in watching him leave does not diminish from his expression. Exhaling heavily, he will turn back to Br'enn and offer a faint smile. "That could be arranged, though it may be well after dinner when I'll have a moment to spare. I'll have Velokraeth send word to Tovihasuth." And they'll see if they cannot discuss matters further, bronzerider to bronzerider. "Clear skies, Br'enn." He'll wait until he is gone before he sighs, scrubbing wearily at his face. How many more Weyrlings to go? For now, he too will take a break and walk down those stairs to the administration complex and up another flight of stairs that take him to his ledge and weyr.