For Weyr-Training Complex

The remnants of a historic collapse are apparent here, as the slope face of the bowl has a predominant downward curvature. It's likely long ago, that a cavern larger than any Fort currently has was where the training complex currently is. A probable cave in triggered a fissure on the bowl wall which lead to a great chunk of it dislodging, thus creating the rounded slope.
Yet, many centuries later, all that remains to give evidence is the pocket made into the bowl wall. It seems that the inhabitants of Fort Weyr have made best of the created space. Rock on the ground proper has long since cleared, but pebbles and loose shale are constantly underfoot. Still, the sprig of some green leafed vegetation isn't too out of the ordinary in these parts, as long as it doesn't get trampled by the comings and goings.
It's clear that this area has been designated for the training of young minds, whether human or dragon. Surrounded by rock on all side, it's like a personal weyr bowl for the youngsters to minimize distraction and danger. The candidate barracks have been built across from the Weyrling barracks, so that one group can educate the next. Finally, placed in the center of the two entrances of the opposing barracks, near the rock face, is a statue with a memorial plaque.

These days…well they all seem to blur together into one big pattern. Eat, oil, bath, sleep, eat, bath, oil…eat…there's no particular pattern within that pattern but it's all the same. Once the 'newness' of the youngsters has worn off then exercise gets thrown into the mix. Still though the new pairs of riders haven't really gone much further than the barracks and training grounds and thats of course where we find them on this fine wintery day. It's afternoon sometime and morning naps have been done as well as some afternoon nap time. Awlm's are outdoors watching a few young ones doing exercises and…snowballs. In the exact center of the grounds a snow fort is being set up in preparation of what could be an epic snowball battle. Anique and several of the younger kids who Impressed are building it while their life mates watch on with curiosity.

«I am very full,» Sharuth laments, walking slowly alongside his rider-to-be. «Perhaps I should not have eaten so much? I was /very/ hungry,» the bronze explains privately, as if both asking for forgiveness and trying to explain it away at the same time. Short tail dragging in the snow, Sharuth focuses on walking properly - a feat in itself given the uneven growth between his front legs and his back ones.

"Don't worry about it, Shar," So'l smiles kindly at his lifemate, placing a
hand affectionately on his neck. "You need a lot of food right now. If
you're ravenous, you /should/ eat as much as you feel you need. Sleep an
exercise will help with that full feeling," the brawny young man explains.
"What's that?" he suddenly asks, spying the snow fort construction and the
weyrlings working on it. "Anique?" he asks, both a question and a laugh
tingeing his tone.

Anique's head pops up at the sound of her name. "Oh So'l! You're just in time.
Come help me shore up this side here. I'm not really /good/ at making these
things…" but she's trying? F'rari ( haha?) is there also, his own green
life mate stretched out behind them and napping. He grins crookedly towards
the bronze weyrling. "You can join our team against the others." he gestures
across the grounds where a trio of weyrlings also are hard at work on
another snow fort.

"This looks…a little crazy," So'l chuckles, eyeing the other team's
construction and comparing it against Anique's team's. "Sharuth, why don't
you settle in for a bit of a nap?" he asks, turning to regard his bronze
with a supportive look. «I am not sleepy,» the dragon replies. «I will
stand guard instead.» Moving forward, Sharuth places himself squarely in
front of the fort, blocking the other team's sightlines of 'his' team's
construction. So'l moves to join Anique, crouching to grab some snow and
then compacting it in his hands before adding it to the side. "What are the
rules for this?" he asks, smiling.

Covering a smile as the bronze moves to 'stand guard', Anique packs some more
snow atop the structure. Her own green is lounging nearby as well, deep into
a snow drift and evidently loving the cold as it wraps around her emerald
green hide. "Great! We're sure to win this now." boasts the 14 turn old lad,
impressed to the green behind them. "Rules? Simple ones I suppose. Build the
best fort you can within a candle mark and then it's…snowball fight time."
simple enough!

So'l grins over at his bronze, "Ever the protector, you are, Sharuth." «Of
course,» the dragon replies. «I will let no harm come to you, So'l.» The
former woodcrafter can sense his bronze's determination to stand in the way
of any who might threaten him. It's both heartwarming /and/ concerning all
at the same time. "This is just a game, Sharuth. For fun. Not an actual
battle," So'l smiles over at his new lifemate. «So I should not swipe the
others with my tail upon approach?» "No," So'l snerks, "just act as cover.
No maulings." To Anique and the F'rari, he says, "So…we just throw
snowballs at each other? If we're hit, are we out? How is a winner
determined?" He has many questions, it seems. "Sorry, never really did this
as a kid…"

Anique does give the bronze in the middle a close eye though. "He will move
once this starts, yes? Really wouldn't be too fair if we have a bronze
barrier." she remarks teasingly as she continues to pack snow along the
sides. "Naw…not that firm on the rules." she says on the get hit and out
question. A weak shrug is cast and F'rari shakes his head. "Naw…had plenty
of snowball fights in my youth." cause he's so wise at 14! "They just
basically go until everyone's tired. No real winner or loose I suspect. Just
havin' fun."

"I see," So'l nods, drinking in how it all works. "No wonder my father
wouldn't let me do it, then. He's always so keen on /productivity/ and
/effectiveness/. A fight with no winner doesn't exactly fit that
description," he winks before going quiet. Bending down, he picks up more
snow and does his best to help shore up the structure, distracting himself
in the work. At the mention of having Sharuth remove himself from the fight,
good humor returns and So'l nods. "Alright, that's probably fair. Shar, once
we get started, maybe you should hunker down with Typriaeth?"

«Only if she will /share/ the snow,» the bronze replies, turning his muzzle
to look toward the buried green. «Hello, Typriaeth. Are you sleeping?» he
whuffles, his whirling eyes attempting to peer into her drift.

Anique snorts laughter at So'l's explanation of his father. "Oh I never did
this either but then I grew up in Southern Boll right off the coast…" not
much snow there really. Her breath puffs cheerfully into the afternoon air
as she works. "All in good fun though. nothing wrong with this.

« I am never sleeping! » which draws a groan from Anique. « I will share my
snow with you. » she adds with a welcoming whuff of warm air his direction
as he peers into her snow drift. « We should make this drift bigger though
because you are bigger than I. »

Early afternoon has found several of the newest weyrling pairs outdoors and
enjoying the snow. Two forts are being built across from each other on the
training grounds while AWLM watch from a distance. A safe distance. So'l,
Anique and F'rari ( npc) are on one side and three are across the way at the
other fort.

"A little too warm down there, I imagine," So'l laughs, patting the wall he's
working on. It seems pretty solid at this point so he moves to work on
another section. Scooping up another armful of snow, he works on shoring up
sections that still look a little bit weak. "This should be fun, yes," So'l
agrees, smiling over at Anique. "If you need to use me as cover, I don't
mind," he snerks.

«I do not believe you never sleep,» Sharuth replies, «but it is 'your story
to tell,' as So'l is fond of saying.» The bronze lumbers over to join the
green, putting her directive of making the drift bigger into action. Using
his tail - which is, admittedly, a bit stunted compared to the rest of his
body - he swishes up big swaths of snow before turning to dig even further
into the hole. Soon he is using his head and neck to push the snow over his
body. «Thank you for sharing.»

Typriaeth nudges her 'younger' brother affectionally with her muzzle. Younger
by several minutes! « I don't mind sharing. » she scoots over as the hole
is made big enough for two. « Never sleep isn't really true but according
to Anique she says I 'never sleep'. I, though, think that I sleep exactly
the right amount for what I need. »

Overhearing bits and pieces of the conversation, a snort is heard from Anique.
"Suure, Tie." this gets an outraged comment that's meant for Anique's ears
only. "About done." Anique says out loud towards her fort building
companions. "You do look like you'd make a good shield if I need one." she
grins lopsidedly at the bronze weyrling. He does tower over her by a few
inches and his bulk is bulkier than her bulk.

«And I sleep too much,» Sharuth replies. «There is so much I want to do,»
his eyes whirl with excitement, «but I always feel so tired.» As if to
underscore the point, his jaws open in a gaping yawn before his muzzle
lowers to the ground and wedges into the snow. «I was not sleepy a moment
ago. Now I am,» he comments unsurely.

"You had a big lunch," So'l replies, "and if you're not exercising, you're
bound to get sleepy," he explains warmly. Nodding to Anique - who has
pronounced their fort as just about ready, So'l nods. "Now we make snowballs
in preparation?" Taking up a handful of snow, he begins forming it into a
palm-sized ball of compacted fluff. It's set aside and another is fashioned,
then another and another.

It has been a while since both Abigail and Niumdreoth was at the training
grounds, though here the pair is making her way onwards into the area. The
large brown walking alongside his rider, straps on and wings tucked close
while his tail slowly sways and lashes a few times behind him. A soft warble
of greeting is sent from the brown towards the younger dragons that are
present. « Hello! » Is sent to all, a soft little poke of greeting to them
followed by a vision of a snowy forest at night, under the blanket of a vast
star filled sky. Abigail sends a curious glance towards her dragon before
her attention is sent back towards the few that can be found here, a wave is
sent and she smile. "Afternoon guys." She has on a thick jacket to help keep
her warm, pants and boots as well. Even with the thick jacket on it is a bit
apparent that the brownrider is pregnant to anyone's eyes that might pick up
the difference in her appearance.

A short distance behind Abigail, K'drozen walks slowly into the training
grounds, he glances slowly about as he walks, his expression neutral as he
moves up along side the pregnate rider. Glancing to the weyrlings and there
'forts' he smirks just a bit, but gives them a wave in greating before
mummering "Afternoon Abigail."

Typriaeth's own mind voice comes in waves of sounds, a darkness with hundreds
of twinkling bright lights to encompass and enlighten the mind. « Hello! »
she does so love meeting a new face so her head pops out from the snow drift
she and Sharuth are laying her, her eyes whirling a slow happy color as she
looks towards Niumdreoth.

"Yes! To the snowballs." putting action to words, Anique starts packing up
some snowballs. The appearance of first Abigail then K'drozen is noticed and
the newest greenie is all smiles as she looks over. "Hey guys!"

Sharuth looks up from the drift as well, his golden-bronze head poking up out
of the snow and periscoping to look at Niumdreoth. «Welcome to the snow
battle,» he broadcasts back to the brown, including Typriaeth as well.
«Please do not maul the weyrlings. They will not actually be fighting, it
seems.» Pushing himself up from the snow, Sharuth looks to So'l for
permission to go meet the brown. When his rider-to-be nods, the bronze
bounds on gangly legs towards Niumdreoth. «I am Sharuth and /that/,» he
gestures back to the still-sunken-in-snow green, «is Typriaeth.»

"Abigail!" So'l calls out to the brownrider. "I haven't seen you in a while!"
he grins, waving the woman over. "How are you?" Visibly pregnant, it seems.
So he'd been /right/ after all… Then K'drozen is spotted and So'l is
greeting him as well. "Hello there," he nods, waving in greeting before
smirking at Anique in mid-snowball fashioning. "How many should we make?"

Niumdreoth tilts his head, swirling gaze settling against Sharuth for a
moment. « Snow battles are fun, mauling's not so much. » A soft chuff
escaping him while he settles to a crouch, large head lowering so he can
better look at Sharuth as the young bronze is bounding over. «I am
Niumdreoth, pleasure to meet you both. » His always enjoyed meeting other
dragons and there riders as well. Which of course makes his riders meet
them; there is always a reason behind anything he does.

Abigail glances to K'drozen, a smile seen and she nods to him. "Hello
K'drozen, how are ye?" She asks this while making her way on over towards
where So'l and Anique happen to be. Once there she is smiling once more.
"It's has been a while. Thought I would come drop in and see how ye lot are
doing." A soft chuckle escapes her and she shrugs a touch. "I'm well, tired
but dealing. How are ye So'l, Anique?" Her pale gaze drifts towards the snow
forts and she grins now. "Snowball fight?"

Typriaeth lurches out of the snowdrift as her name is being introduced to the
brown. One needs to ensure she's presentable after all. Her body shudders to
rid any excess snow from her green hide as she then bounces over towards her
brother and the brown. She is always glad to meet new people. « Hullo
Niumdreoth! You're rider has a lump on her stomach. Is she well? »

Anique spares just a glance towards the green as she abandons her cozy snow
drift for now to meet the new dragon! Her gaze takes in Abigails form all
the way now and ohs softly at the noticable pregnancy now. "Congratulations
to you it seems." she says of the impending baby doom. Doom doom doom!

«I am pleasured,» Sharuth responds to Niumdreoth warmly, looking back to
Typriaeth as she comes over to join them. Returning his gaze to the brown,
Sharuth follows up with, «She must be /very/ hungry all the time…just
like me,» he remarks, referring to Abigail's visible baby bump. «Perhaps
she needs lots of sleep and exercise, too?»

"I'm doing really well," So'l grins at Abigail. "Last time I saw you, I was so
anxious about the Hatching. Hard to believe that wasn't so long ago," he
smiles. "Seems like a lifetime ago now," he says, his eyes drifting over to
rest on his bronze. At Anique's vocal focus on the baby - and then Sharuth's
rather embarrassing comment to Niumdreoth - So'l flushes red.

Niumdreoth warbles out while his swirling gaze turns to settle on Typriaeth.
« It is a pleasure to meet you. » At the question about his rider he is
about to offer a answer before he snorts out a laugh, or the dragon version
of one as he hears Sharuth. « No.. She is very fit. She is going to have
her own hatchling. » Well in a sense, but really how else can he explain it
to the little dragons here? Abigail ahs softly and blushes a moment as she
hears Anique, yeah she knows how to blush people, even if she rarely does
it. "Thanks Anique." She nods hearing So'l, offering him a smile. "Aye I can
recall what that seems like rather well. I saw the hatching, it was a good
one for sure." Once Niumdreoth passes on what Sharuth has said Abbey blinks
and soon grins. "It's alright So'l. Yer get to explain that to him though."
She has to with Niumdreoth when Kimmila was in the same position when she
was a weyrling after all.

Anique nudges the snow fort with one foot as if checking the integrity of it.
"Oh..about a dozen snowballs each I would guess." she answers the question
So'l posed several minutes ago. She doesn't flush bright red at Typriaeth's
question regarding Abigail's 'lump' though she does stifle a sigh. The green
has /so/ many questions and guesses on various matters of life it seems! She
can easily guess what So'l will need to explain to Sharuth as certainly
she's go to explain as well. "That'll be fun…" she murmurs good naturedly.

Typriaeth gives a wide exclamation of understanding. « Her own hatchling??
What color will it be? How will she impress when she hatches? »

«A hatchling?» Sharuth raises up on his back legs in surprise, his eyes
whirling with wonder. But no, says So'l through their mental link, it isn't
quite like that. Imagines of tiny, growth-stunted babies swim in his vision
and time seems to fast forward, the child growing into a mature man. «Not a
hatchling, then,» the bronze proclaims to Typriaeth, shaking his muzzle and
falling back to all fours. «A /baby/,» he corrects, looking up at
Niumdreoth with admiration. «You are not jealous of this?»

"Thanks," So'l smiles back at Abigail. He appreciates her understanding of the
situation. "Congratulations from me, too," he nods, eyes flicking again to
Sharuth, good humor floating towards the bronze. "When will the baby come?"
he asks, adding questions on top of questions. "Or is that not polite to
ask? I'm sorry," he says, sounding and looking flustered.

K'drozen crunches though the snow to stand next to Abigail and smiles looking
to the weyrling and listening to Abigail's explination, and chuckles softly,
glad he doesn't have to go though that again himseld. He watching his
wingsecond quietly for a moment before saying softly to the weyrling, "You
all just be careful where you are aimin them snowballs ok?" as he pulls his
flight jacket a bit tighter about himself, glancing to Abigail curiously at
S'ol's last question

Niumdreoth shifts on his paws and soon just settles there upon his stomach
while tilting his head and a flash of amusement is sent to the younger
dragons. « Not in that sense. » This sent to Typriaeth. Once Sharuth
offers his own ideas the large brown rumbles softly. « Yes, that. A baby,
or little person. No, I am not jealous of such things. No reason to be. »

Abigail doesn't have a problem with the situation, she was once in the same
place after all so has a rather good understanding of what might be going
on. "Seems I've given them plenty of questions for ye lot. Sorry about
that." This said with an amused tone. She smiles to So'l and nods. "Thank ye
So'l." As for the question she shakes her head a moment. "No, ye can ask it
nothing wrong with asking. As for when, a while more at least."

Anique snorts a bit of laughter. "The more questions they ask now then the
less they'll have for later?" ventures the newest green rider with a
chagrined smile. "Tie asks questions over everything so either she asks now
or I hear it when I'm trying to get some sleep." now is preferable it seems
according to her expression. More snowballs are made as the conversation
continues and as K'drozen offers his voice she grins his way. "Only targets
we have are each other..well them across the way." one gloved hand gestures
across the field to the other snow fort that has a group of three over there
as well.

Typriaeth seems to pause in thought as she reflects upon the images and
answers given to her from both Shar and Nium. « Interesting. A miniature
rider then. » she muses this over for a moment. She doesn't remark any on
the jealousy angle of all of it though surely Anique is getting an earful
about babies and how she best not think of that yet!

«That is good,» Sharuth replies, pleased with Niumdreoth's answer. Looking
the brown up and down, the bronze seems very impressed with him. «I hope
one day I am as big as you are.» He knows he will grow but right now, he is
somewhat small for a bronze hatchling of his age.

So'l nods slowly, glad his question did not cause offense. "Well, we're all
pretty busy here but if there's anything I can do to…you know, help?
Please let me know?" He offers this warmly, a genuine look flashing in his
eyes. He doesn't know who the father is but really, in a weyr, children are
everyone's responsibility to some degree, right? "Sharuth," he looks over to
his dragon, "you will be big and mighty someday. You'll see," So'l grins
reassuringly. "/Not/ that size means everything, though."

So'l, Anique, and F'rari (NPC) are building a snow fort and talking to Abigail
and K'drozen. Across the way, three other weyrlings are building a similar
fort and fashioning an arsenal of snowballs. It seems that during this
afternoon break, snow wars are about to commence. Typriaeth, Sharuth, and
Niumdreoth are nearby, hunkered in the snow and mentally getting to know one

K'drozen nods to Anique's answer and smiles, "Oh I don't mind if you all hit
me with a few of them, been known to toss a snowball or two in my day." he
glances over towards Abigail though, "Just don't want you all hitting Abi
here." his grin shifts to So'l, "I wouldn't worry to much about her So'l.
She has an entire wing monthering her right now. If she wants it or not."

It's hard to say if Zuvaleyuth is the one who insisted on coming out, or if it
is Dtirae who convinced her lifemate to head to the training grounds. Either
way, the gold pair is making their way from the bowl, the goldrider's hands
tucked neatly into her jacket pockets and Zuvaleyuth walking relatively
close. A rumble of greeting is given to the weyrlings, a gentle croon
extended to her offspring before tapering off and dying down. "Don't break
'em, Zuvaleyuth. Use your smaller words." Comes a disgruntled comment from
Dtirae before she's waving a greeting to Abigail and K'drozen, attention
shifting to the weyrlings building a snow fort. "Shells, weyrlings are
having all the fun. It's been Turns since I've built a snow fort." She
almost sounds jealous! "How's everyone settling?" This is to the weyrlings
before she looks back to Abigail. "And you, how's everythin' holding up?"

Zuvaleyuth's presence, mentally, is not invasive or easily detectable. It is a
gentle trickle of water, like melting snow that slowly becomes larger to
encompass all the minds. « Little ones, » her voice is strained, carefully
held back, « it is a pleasure to see you all about… »

Niumdreoth tilts his head while watching Sharuth, he soon lowers down that
large head of his and noses out at the little bronze lightly. « Of course
you will. Until then.. I'll just give you a little boost up now and then
how's that? » Nium is on the larger end for browns, not the largest out
there but still that's never stopped him from anything. Oh the stories he
could get into telling these lovely little weyrlings, that would have his
rider grumbling and trying to drag him off. The brown turns his swirling
gaze towards Zuvaleyuth whom gets a warm warble of a greeting. « Afternoon.

Abigail chuckles and nods to Anique. "True, but as soon as these questions
are answered more will be brought up I can assure ye on that. Niumdreoth was
always questioning me over something.. Sometimes he still does." A glance is
sent to So'l, whom gets a warm smile. "Thank ye So'l, I'll remember that but
ye stick to the lessons, or else." Or else indeed, she'll get Niumdreoth to
sit on him or something. Abbey chuckles as she hears K'drozen and shakes her
head. "Really, as if a snowball would cause any problems." The new voice
makes her look glance over, a smile and sluate is sent to Dtirae. "Afternoon
Weyrwoman." At the question to her she pauses a moment. "Everything is going
well." A brown firelizard appears from between and settles onto Abbey's
shoulder, a note getting dropped into her hand which is glanced over. A soft
sigh escapes her, she was found, and there is paper work waiting for her, oh
JOY! "If ye'all would excuse me, have fun with the snowball fight." With
that said she is slipping off, Niumdreoth will hang around for a short
while, though mostly sticking to the background until he is called away.

Quite a small crowd is gathering, nearly making Anique's eyes cross! Typriaeth
though is basking in this as if it's her they have all come to see. And why
wouldn't they? After all she's simply be-au-tiful! Am I wrong? Am I? Nope!
Typriaeth bugles a greeting towards Zuvalueyth as if to ensure she's seen as
she /is/ rather smaller than al the other dragons here. Smaller but just as
loud it seems!

Weyrwoman." Anique catches sight of her and offers a polite bob of her head in
greeting, uncertain if she should salute or not…."Settling in
fine…taking advantage of quiet time to…well have a snowball fight!" a
sheepish grin crosses her expression as she explains. Towards K'drozen she
grins. "A little snowball fight never hurt anyone. Just snow!" to prove her
point she tosses the one that's in her hand towards him, roughly chest high.
"And hah..poor Abigail being mothered by the whole wing. One more reason I
am so not ready to have kids. If ever." declares the green rider who really
may not have much choice in the matter any more. As Abigail leaves Anique
waves a gloved hand in her direction. "Have fun!" maybe?

Sharuth's mental touch is like sunbeams streaming through snowy pines. It's
weak at first, tentative like morning rays not quite up to strength. But as
his clutchmother's mind reaches out, it becomes strong and full of warmth.
«It is good to /be/ out. And to see you,» he dips his head towards the
gold, his happiness to see her shining in the link. When Niumdreoth offers
to give him a boost from time to time, the bronze whuffs and nuzzles him
back. «Thank you, Niumdreoth. I like to see things from up high,» he

Abigail is given an empathetic smile and a wave before So'l nods to K'drozen
and says, "Sounds like she's in good hands, then." As Dtirae approaches, the
young weyrling remembers his training and - despite socially knowing the
woman as 'Dtirae' from his days as a woodworker - greets her as "Weyrwoman!"
He's smiling wide and gesturing to the scene about them. "Snowballs and ice
forts. It's a good way to relax /and/ have a little fun." In response to her
question, he says, "M'icha and the others have been really great. This has
all been such an…incredible experience," he chooses the word carefully.
"And how are /you/?"

As'tre and Zeltenith were off amusing themselves, but it seems like most of
the fun has been happening right here! Taking note of the situation,
Zeltenith gets into a stalking pose, choosing a target….. stalk stalk
stalk and then oh look a nice shiny tail! He gathers himself, and just as
As'tre realizes his intent and opens his mouth to say something, he clumsily
jumps for the gold tail. Fortunately, he doesn't land on it, just nearby,
but the intent is clear. "Augh! Sorry. Zeltenith don't do that, especially
to a gold!" he'll have plenty opportunities to chase gold tails when he's an

K'drozen turns as he hears Dtirae's voice "Good afternoon Weyrwoman." bowing
his head slightly in greeting as he snaps off a salute before glancing about
to Anique and nods his expression good natured as he says, "True the
snowball might not, but slipping and sliding around trying to dodge them
could cause issues." he gives a nod to Abigail as she leave, "i will catch
you later Abi." before he responds to So'l. "We do our best, Thuderbirs take
care of our own. You all should make that snowball fight more intresting
though. Try and let your lifemates visualize for you where your targets are.
That way you ahve fun and practice."

Another visitor comes to pay a visit to the weyrlings, their arrival heralded
by the odd waddling gait that is distinctive to Velokraeth and him alone.
The ugly, stunted and misshaped bronze carries himself proudly though, wings
folded tight against his sides, oversized head up and would almost be
sauntering in if his build would allow for such. He rumbles a low but rich
and melodious greeting. « Afternoon, m'lady, younglings! Fine day, isn't
it, to be outdoors? »

And if Velokraeth is there, Th'ero is not far behind and true enough the
Weyrleader steps around his pale bronze, dressed in his thick and heavy
riding gear. Boots crunch over the snow as he approaches, dark eyes scanning
the grounds as he spots many a familiar (yet unfamiliar) face though by the
time he has approached his features have relaxed from a reserved frown to a
faint smile. "Afternoon, Weyrwoman, Wingrider K'drozen, Weyrlings."

"Wonderful to hear, Abigail." Dtirae will look over the brownrider once before
waving a farewell as she departs. Hands are tucked back into her pockets as
she watches Abigail for just a moment before allowing attention to return to
the Weyrlings. As for the lack of saluting? Dtirae says nothing, because she
is not a stickler for the rules and as long as M'icha is not around, she
certainly isn't going to lecture. "That sounds fun, Anique. I would join
you, but, that wouldn't be fair. I'm an expert snowball fighter." Having an
expert on one team and not the other is cheating! Right? Apparently. So'l is
given a nod, grinning. "That's how I felt after a few months as well. I am
pleased you're doing well. I'm… Recovered, so, I can say that I'm doing
well. Thank you for asking." As'tre's apologies are falling on deaf ears,
namely because she is too busy being amused more than anything by his
dragon's antics. Attention is, again, shifting to nod pleasantly for
K'drozen's salute, her smile for the man is pleased.

Zuvaleyuth responds to Typriaeth's bugle with a soft croon. She sees you,
little one, fear not. But it is the bronze that begins to chase her tail
that has her drawing it inwards and a rebuffing chuff is sent in his
direction. « I am not a toy. There are little things for you to chase,
if you search hard enough. » Hopefully, she's not just sent him on a merry
chase! Poor As'tre. It is the arriving Velokraeth that draws Zuvaleyuth's
attention away from the weyrlings, a loving croon is given to her mate. «
My dearest and most noble Velokraeth, you bless us with your presence.
» Dtirae gags, rolling her eyes before she's nodding a greeting to Th'ero.

Typriaeth crouches down low suddenly upon seeing Zeltenith doing the same.
Game? Play? She's all for that…until she sees it's only the gold tail of
her granddam that is the target. Relaxing minutely her tail twitches
momentarily then is still once more. « Not a toy. » she'll agree to the
Gold's words though the tail /is/ eyed as if perhaps she too would like to
pounce on it. Shiney?

As Th'ero joins something must jog in Anique's memory as now she's snapping a
salute towards him and then to Dtirae with an apologetic look towards the
Goldrider for not doing that earlier! Absently she tosses a snowball up and
down in her hand and merely chuckles at Dtirae's claims of how good. "You
can watch and give us pointers then?" asks the greenie weyrling. "Good
Afternoon sir!" is said towards the Weyrleader. Typriaeth croons a greeting
to the pale bronze from her still crouched position, tail flickering
sideways every so often.

Watching the salute unfold with horror, So'l realizes he's gotten the title
right but /not/ the accompanying gesture. Awkwardly performing a belated
salute, he hopes the Weyrwoman will understand that this is all new and it's
taking some getting used to. "I'm very glad to hear that," he says in
response to Dtirae being recovered now. Th'ero's arriving then and So'l has
learned his lesson about the forgotten salute. "Weyrleader," he says with
deference, saluting respectfully. Even though he enjoyed a personal
friendship with the Weyrleader before Candidacy and the Hatching, being a
Weyrling dictates that some things must change…at least for now? So'l
still isn't entirely sure how it all works. "I hope you're well, Th'ero?"

Sharuth cannot help but be amused by his granddam's response to Zeltenith's
antics. Then Typriaeth is staring at that gold tail with what he assumes is
longing and the bronze whuffles in the wintry breeze, twin puffs of breath
streaming from his muzzle. «Not a toy indeed. But still pretty,» he thinks
up to the gold. Velokraeth is on the scene now, stealing Sharuth's attention
and sending him into another fit of dragon-awe. The bronze may not be that
large but compared to Sharuth, he's a giant. «You are amazing,» he offers
with wonder. Ugly or not, Velokraeth is something to behold indeed, at least
to Shar.

Turning once more at the new arrivals, K'drozen snaps off a crisp salute and
says, "Weyrleader." simply before turning back to the weyrlings, "If having
an expert on one time but not the other is unfair, perhaps you all should
ask an expert to join each of the teams then. That way." he looks to Dtirae.
"The weyrwoman could join you all." he smiles just a bit and glances to
Th'ero, perhaps suggesting the weyrleader should be the other 'expert' to

Zeltenith doesn't seem put off in the slightest, moving casually away as if it
doesn't matter to him in the slightest if he got to play with her tail or
not. « It's so pretty, who wouldn't want to go touch it, just once. »
yeah, sure, Zeltenith. Smooth criminal. Prompted by So'l, As'tre hurriedly
salutes to the weyrleaders.

« How kind of you, Zuvaleyuth! You are looking positively radiant as
always! » Velokraeth croons sweetly, craning (and lifting!) his head to
press his blunted muzzle to either side of hers in a gesture of affection if
the gold permits it. Easing back, he then swings his head down and cocks it
to the side to peer curiously at Typriaeth, rumbling to the young green and
his mind bubbling with mirth. « Hello, little one. And I am? But I have
done nothing to warrant such praise. » he goes on to add, extending his
mind to Sharuth, awash with the usual golden wines that make up his
thoughts. Cool, crisp, honeyed and yet with an underlying sharpness, it
mellows for now in a pleasant numbing way.

Th'ero has to fight to keep from placing the palm of his hand to his face and
pinch the bridge of his nose as Velokraeth lays it on thick with Zuvaleyuth,
shooting the Weyrwoman what looks to be a near apologetic glance that soon
turns into a heavier frown and a pointed look and flash flickers in his
eyes. Eyes that dart from rider to gold and that alone should speak volumes
of what the Weyrleader doesn't speak out about. "Good to see you, Dtirae."
he'll murmur, before glancing to So'l, As'tre and Anique as they salute
(even if awkwardly). He returns it and then smiles faintly again. "I am
well, thank you. And how have you been, So'l? Afternoon Anique, As'tre. How
are you both fairing?" K'drozen's salute catches his attention then and
Th'ero returns it, followed by a respectful nod of his head. "Wingrider. All
is well? And what is this of experts?" he asks curiously. The Weyrleader is
no expert in anything remotely fun! In fact, his reaction to the "welcoming"
snowball fight he received upon being newly made Fort's Weyrleader so many
Turns ago was… well, interesting?

Zuvaleyuth's tail remains carefully curled inwards, away from pouncing babies.
Best not to torment them with it flicking about, or, best to keep her tail
in one piece that way. They have sharp teeth, after all. « Oh, thank you,
young bronze whom shares my lineage — » She quickly cuts off there, «
Sharuth. » Back to being restrained, her tone pitched in a manner that
would resemble stress. « Velokraeth is certainly amazing. » Queue more
gagging from Dtirae. « You are far too sweet, Velokraeth. » Zuvaelyuth
returns the gesture of affection, a gentle nuzzle before he eases back. She
will take the role of observant grandmother, settling down with tail tucked
firmly beneath herself and hidden from rowdy children.

Dtirae doesn't mind the lack of saluting, really! They're new to all of this,
they'll have plenty of chances to salute later. "I could give pointers, this
is true. Or, perhaps I'll be my own team." A wink towards Anique follows
before the Weyrwoman grins with a touch of mischief. A nod of thanks is
given to So'l, but she does not attempt to draw his attention further once
it settles on Th'ero. K'drozen's suggestion is met with a chuckle, "we
could. But, you'd have to find someone willing. Besides, perhaps it would be
a better team building exercise if they all played without an expert. Oh! We
should blindfold them all and practice visualization." Poor weyrlings! Their
game may soon turn to a learning experience. That apologetic look from
Th'ero is given a shrug, and then the heavier frown is met with a lift of
her brow. Oh yes. Two can play the facial expression war. She doesn't say
anything, however, to enlighten Th'ero on K'drozen's topic of experts.

But…but game? Anique almost looks crestfallen as the suggestions of
blindfolding and visualization come into the conversation but she quickly
swallows that and simply nods with a pleasant smile plastered to her face.
"An excellent learning chance!" she'll agree. And mostly she really /does/
agree with it..Typriaeth certainly does for her attention shifts towards the
conversation between riders now that the golden tail is out of sight out of
mind. She straightens up to her full height and warbles inquisitively
towards Anique. Anique glances from K'drozen towards Th'ero with a
speculative look on the matter of experts. Perhaps remembering her
interactions with him in the past….she says with a grin. "Perhaps the
Weyrleader could be the judge." it requires less fun perhaps? "Fairing well
indeed, thank you sir." is said in reply to the inquiry towards herself and
As'tre. "Though I'll admit I still have the urge to look over my shoulder
and see who Anique is." is said with a small chuckle on her new name. "It
still all seems unreal but it's a happy unrealness!"

«Yes you have,» Sharuth's mind-voice replies. Images of a young woodworker
almost drowning in the river flash from the young bronze's mind then.
Kimmila and Th'ero are there, too, helping in their own way but it's bronze
Velokraeth who seems to get the credit most. «You saved him. If you had
not, we would not have come together. I thank you,» Sharuth says, lowering
his head in deference imitated from watching So'l. When Zuvaleyuth denotes
their shared lineage, the little bronze says, «I am proud to come from you,
if distantly.»

Wanting to facepalm himself, So'l tries to push past the conversation taking
place nearby. "I'm well, Weyrleader, thank you," he smiles back to Th'ero.
And then Dtirae is suggesting blind snowball fights and suddenly, the notion
of this little game has gotten a /lot/ more fun. "Now /that/ sounds like an
effective bent if I've ever heard one," he smirks at Anique, to whom he was
lamenting the lack of purpose snowball fights inherently possess earlier.
"Would certainly add an element of haste to learning visualization skills,
eh?" Otherwise? Snowball to the face!

K'drozen grins a bit and looks to Th'ero and says softly,"All is well for me,
I was actually just keeping an eye on Abigail, until she left. With her
condidtion her wing riders are taking it in turn to make sure she doesn't
overdue things. As for an expert in what, an expert in snowball fights sir,
I mean out of us you are probably one of the best at tactics right? I mean,
even little games such as this could make for a great lesson in such, using
in this case, non leathel projectiles." Yupe, turn it into something
educational instead of something fun for Th'ero, will that tactic work,
probably not but you can't blame him for trying. He looks to Dtirae and
nods, "I suggested the blind fold just a bit ago, or at least that their
lifemate should visualize for their aim."

Zeltenith at this point decides to go over to see this so-called fort they're
making. « A fort at Fort, how original. » he comments, and reaches to see
if he can push any of it over. « I wonder if we can use this to make models
of places we've been? » he asks As'tre, though loudly enough for the other
dragons in the area to hear. "Don't push over what others made, Zelt. But
maybe….. later we can see about doing that." Pleased with the response,
the bronze moves away from the wall, over towards Sharuth and Typriaeth.
"Heh know what you mean…. at least your names still start with the same
letters, I keep expecting a j and it just gets skipped over to a!" with the
suggestion of the new twist on snowball fights, As'tre nods thoughtfully.
"And if you can't do it right you get hit." he shivers in his coat, frowning
at the snow.

Velokraeth settles back on his boxy, lumpy haunches which just makes his
stunted and twisted forelimbs all the more prominent as he can't quite
master or keep that position for long before giving in and stretching out on
his belly with them crossed and partially tucked against him. « You flatter
me, m'lady. » he drawls sweetly to Zuvaleyuth. « Though I have always
admired your kind hearts. » Velokraeth's attention then turns to Sharuth
and the pale bronze whuffles in surprise at the memory pulled up. He has no
recollection, but a swift cross check to his rider's and it is deemed the
truth. « We do what me must to protect. We would not leave yours to drown.
» he tells the young bronze, humbled if not a bit sheepish. Ahem. « Not so
distant as you may think! Grow strong, son of my son. »

"Blindfolding? Has the Weyrlingmaster begun that stage of training already?"
Th'ero asks, glancing between Dtirae and K'drozen with an expectant look.
Someone is out of the loop! Or he hasn't crashed his office yet and checked
his reports. So where has he been? To Anique, the Weyrleader chuckles
softly. "A judge of what, may I ask? I'm afraid you've all lost me." Not
hard to do! "Ahh, yes. It is tricky to adjust to that. Took me some time to
learn my new name too. Especially since it used to start with a 'K'." he
muses, glancing to As'tre with a look of understanding. "At least it wasn't
jumbled too much?" Now So'l is speaking of visualizations skills but the
Weyrleader is still missing a key. Though non-lethal projectiles tips him
off, followed by K'drozen's explanation. At last! Answers! "How is Abigail
doing? Glad to hear you are all looking out for her well being. So
that's what you are all planning?" Th'ero snorts softly, mouth quirking
into a half-amused smile. "I am no expert at snowball fights. Kimmila would
be better for that, or Abigail as they both deal with archery. I am a
swordsman though I suppose I'd know a few tricks for defence and offence
from being a Guard…" he murmurs, looking thoughtful now.

Zuvaleyuth is rumbling her pleasure for Sharuth's response, quite pleased
indeed. She, however, does not allow all of her attention to settle on just
one. No, all are observed as a proper granddam should. Or, maybe that's just
how the Senior should? Either way, she observes with part of her attention
remaining fixated on her bronze. « Oh, Velokraeth. You are too sweet
and so modest. You are one of the best fliers there are, after all, only the
best will catch the Senior. You really should boast your skill more often.
» Then, she extends to Sharuth, « and you, young one, will grow large and
strong. You should observe Velokraeth. »

Dtirae grins at Anique, "trust me. It may sound boring at first, or not sound
all that fun… But there's nothing more thrilling than learning to see from
your lifemate's eyes. It can be very helpful later on." The woman promises
the greenrider. So'l's enthusiasm is met with a wider grin yet. "It's very
fun, really. I wish we had done this when I was a weyrling. And, it
definitely adds the element of haste. If only there was a way to judge the
winners, that way I could give a reward." A wink to the weyrlings before
she's nodding to K'drozen, "it is a wonderful suggestion, really. But,
now… Th'ero does lack the tactics when it comes to snowball fights.
Swords? You know what's coming, you see it. Snowball fights are more like…
Hunting." The Weyrwoman goes on to explain, very subtly kicking the ground
for a moment. "Snowball fighting is about the element of surprise."
Surprise! Out of nowhere… Or somewhere, if any were paying attention, the
Weyrwoman lobs a snowball right at the Weyrleader before dancing merrily
away to hide behind Zuvaleyuth.

The first shot rings out…so to speak and Anique is quick to scoop up a
snowball and lob it across the way towards the other group of weyrlings who
all holler out foul play. Will blindfolds come into play? Perhaps! But for
now the first stone is cast! Buahaha.

Typriaeth has moved to behind the snow fort so carefully constructed by her
rider's 'team' and she extends a look towards Zeltenith. « No knocking it
down now! » she is watching him! Her tail lashes suddenly to send a wave of
snow towards anyone who is near her!

Sharuth happily nuzzles at Zuvaleyuth, content to hear that he will grow to be
big and strong. «I shall observe him as much as I can,» he notes, «but we
are kept very close here for now.» The 'son of my son' comment draws
Sharuth's eyes back to Velokraeth and whether it's So'l's own adoration of
the bronze or his own (or perhaps a combination of both?), Sharuth stands up
straight and tries to look impressive. «I will make you proud, I promise,»
he thinks back. Only then So'l is conversing with him privately and the
bronze excuses himself to a prime visualization position in the field.
«This will be entertaining!» he sends back to So'l in preparation for the

So'l nods to Dtirae and Th'ero both, "I'll let everyone know what we're doing.
Then we can-" But oops, no. A snowball has been thrown and now Anique has
prematurely started the war with the other weyrlings. "Wait! We're not
ready!" he says, running off to the other side to explain things. He'll
return eventually and then - along with the others - he'll don his blindfold
and fight with only Sharuth's visual assistance.

K'drozen glances to Th'ero and nods, "Anique there was telling me they have
started going though basic visualization training earlier. I would say the
snowball fight might be a great way to train it, almost better then the
maze." he smiles a bit, "As for Abi, we are doing our best to make sure she
doesn't do any lifting heavier then her stack of paperwork." he grins,
"Though with the amount of paperwork Thunderbird wracks up maybe we should
cut back on that." his jaw drops as the snowball suddently explodes against
Th'ero's chest completely not having expected that out of the weyrwoman.

Velokraeth will likewise spread his attention evenly between all the young
dragons, though his focus does tend to drift back to a few particular ones
and, of course, Zuvaleyuth. He'd be a fool of a bronze not to lavish (a lot
of) attention on her. He rumbles and then chuffs, as if clearing his throat
and then laughing, almost nervously so and mentally it's as though he would
be grinning crookedly. Golden wines bubble and ripple with his voice, which
rises and falls in a melodious drawl unlike his rider's harsher tongue. «
Come now, m'lady! You are too kind, too kind! You will feed my ego to
insufferable sizes with your words! And I do boast my skill when the
time is right. » A saucy little look then, if a bronze can even manage thus
to Zuvaleyuth, before he swings his head to Sharuth and Zeltenith both. «
They will both grow large and strong. And observe me? Hmm. Perhaps I could
teach them a trick or two. At least with the ladies, when they are old
enough to understand! » Poor, poor poor So'l and As'tre.

Th'ero nods his head in agreement to Dtirae, his gaze lingering on the
Weyrwoman though his attention drifts again to K'drozen as the Wingrider
goes on to explain, the Weyrleader quite interested with what is offered.
"You may be on to something, K'drozen. Why not? I see no harm that can come
from it and it makes for a clever use of a natural and - for now -
sustaining material. It will combine mental and physical exercise. Perhaps
we will pitch this to M'icha and his assistants, if they didn't already have
something planned of a similar nature." he murmurs with a crooked and small
smile and chuckles. "It's true that Thunderbird does churn out the most
reports. We should see if there is not something more Abigail can do than
dull paperwork though. Has she reached the point that she cannot—" POOF!
Thud! Th'ero grunts as a snowball catches him square in chest and he takes a
moment to gape openly at the retreating Weyrwoman. What in Faranth's name
was that!? Velokraeth begins to chuff — his version of laughter, while the
Weyrleader scowls and rather than storm off, crouches swiftly to gather some
snow and race forwards in an attempt to tag Dtirae before she sets
Zuvaleyuth as her shield. His next snowball though? Is thrown at K'drozen!
"So is this a demonstration?" Th'ero calls with a smirk, though his eyes
flash with what may be amusement.

Zeltenith gets hit by a wave of snow and snorts in surprise, then copies her,
sending a LARGER wave of snow back at her. Take that! His action changes the
area a tiny bit, and this seems to please him a little, and he goes about
trying to see just how much he can change it. It's practically a new place
now! As'tre grins after him, amused by this, and then he looks up just in
time to see Th'ero get hit. Grinning, and while he's distracted by that,
As'tre scoops up a snowball and throws it at him too. Too bad he's looking
at K'drozen at the time!

Zuvaleyuth shines under Sharuth's nuzzling, happy and utterly content. And
once it appears her tail is no longer in danger, she shifts so that she does
not have to lay on it any longer. As the fight breaks out, however, the gold
only chuffs in a mild amusement but does not move overall. Instead,
attention is mainly lavished on Velokraeth and the weyrlings who are not
distracted by their lifemate's antics. « Oh, but your ego can use some
feeding. I quite like it. » Delighted rumbles follow as more laughter from
the gold. « You do have a way with words, and our lineage would be blessed
if they did learn a thing or two. » Poor So'l and As'tre, indeed! The older
dragons are conspiring!

Dtirae is hit by the retaliating snowball from Th'ero, but she does not seem
to mind at all. In fact, the Weyrwoman is laughing with glee. "A
demonstration on how to take advantage of an opponent's distraction! Someone
blindfold the Weyrlings!" From behind Zuvaleyuth, the woman is quick to
build up a supply of snowballs before darting out. And of course, Zuvaleyuth
provides her with visuals on her targets before her assault. The snowballs
fly with no discrimination: everyone is targetted.

Typriaeth remarks towards the older dragons. « I would /swoon/ if such sweet
words were said to me! » if she even knows what it means to swoon! She acks
belatedly as the tide wave of snow from Zel's tail all but buries her.

Ack.?! The Awlm who was lingering in the background is quick to put action to
words and trots over with blindfolds for all the weyrlings. Huh…Anique
dons her blindfold with a quick movement to secure it. "Typrieath! Time for

Typriaeth surges out of the snow pile, wings slightly spread for balance. She
swivels her head around the playing field and… a target is picked out.
Anique's head nods…she had a target and she lets the snowball fly
towards….As'tre! Wait…isn't there team? Perhaps not for snowballs are
flying! The three others across the field are also letting their own
snowballs fly, two at once are headed towards Th'ero and one is heading
straight for Anique!

K'drozen shakse his head as the snowball fight immediately errupts into utter
chaos and shakes his head with a laugh. The brown rider twists as the
snowball is lobed at him but not nearly fast enough as it smacks into his
shoulder. He calls out, "Time! All werylings, Its time for your blindfolds!
Lets get that visulation practice to start." as he speaks though he casually
scoops up a snowball and begins to pack it.

Velokraeth chuffs again, momentarily distracted by the outbreak of a snowball
fight and slyly he is extending his mind to another before refocusing his
attention to Zuvaleyuth. Turning his oversized head to peer up at her, he
'bumps' her neck affectionately and then snorts. « It would be good if they
learned from all of us, m'lady. And are you sure it is my ego you like?
Or is it my— » "Velokraeth!" Th'ero barks loudly over the training ground,
which only has the pale bronze going silent with a mental snicker, smug and
completely unapologetic. Wings flick and he tilts his head, feigning
innocence. What? It's not like the younglings understand! « In time, little
lady. » Velokraeth croons to Typriaeth.

Th'ero grunts again as another snowball catches him, clipping his shoulder and
he swings his head around in time to see who it came from… aha! As'tre!
He's about to fire back, only to hesitate. Wait, are the Weyrlings off
limits? With the Assistant Weyrlingmaster's now wandering out to offer
blindfolds, the Weyrleader won't be such a dirty fighter as to hit them when
they're distracted and so he swings his aim wide, likely trying to catch
Dtirae as the Weyrwoman darts out again only it misses it's mark entirely
and flies off towards the bowls. Th'ero has to duck then, boots slipping and
skidding a bit on the ground as more snowballs fly and he has to take
evasive action.

Here comes the calvary! Varmiroth swoops down with a flurry of snow kicked up
at his landing. Kimmila dismounts like an action movie star sliding off a
runner, one leg thrown over the other and landing heavily, bolting towards
Th'ero's side and skidding down, forming snowballs. "Why does this always
happen to you?" she asks, sitting up to pelt a wnoball at As'tre. No
hesitation from the bluerider.

As'tre sighs. They really gotta get blindfolds? That's not fun at all!
Nevertheless he obediently goes off to get one, wrapping his eyes up. Just
as he's hit with a snowball, which caught him by surprise and he wobbles a
little. Heeeeyyyyy, FOUL! Zeltenith decides to try to throw snowballs too,
but all he manages to do is flick a clump of snow towards Kimmila with his
nose. You kinda need hands for that.

« Oh, yes of course. But, you most of all, dear Velokraeth. » Zuvaleyuth
answers in a sweet, sing-song like tone of voice. For the comment that is
cut off, the gold simply rumbles with amusement. « Not in front of the
young ones. » She must act somewhat like a concerned granddam, right?

Dtirae will cease-fire until the Weyrlings are blindfolded, but there is no
hesitation once there's word that each one has the proper headgear.
Kimmila's arrival is met with a cheer from the Weyrwoman. "Good to see you,
Kimm. Th'ero kinda walked into this one again. It wasn't a trap this time!"
And then, a snowball is thrown at the bluerider and a second to

Perhaps it'll be an extra challenge for the blinded weyrlings? Dodge a
snowball using their life mate's eyes to tell them when they are about to be
hit! Anique is already ducking behind the fort perhaps in anticipation of
snowballs headed her way from the other side? The group of three weyrlings
now becomes four as F'rari, the young green riding weyrling jumps sides!
Laughing a loud, her cheeks growing rosier from the exertion, she tries to
hit F'rari as he crosses the training field but her throw is a bit wide as
she over compensates for the angle that Typriaeth gives her. Hearing
Kimmila's voice joining the party she calls out with a chuckle to her tone.
"Ah, Kimmila. You're just in time to help guard your beloved Weyrmate!"

K'drozen laughs as Kimmila rides in to Th'ero's rescue and calls out, "Hey
give the 'ling a chance to get there blindfolds on before nailing them!" as
he speaks he side armed throws the snowball in Kimmala's direction. Treating
this like a real fight, the brown rider rolls barely ducking Dtiare's
snowball and comes up just behind a small snow bank, looking for another
target. Anique picking that moment to speak up drawn the brown riders
attention and a snowball.

Velokraeth rumbles deep and low in his chest to Zuvaleyuth! « Pardon my sharp
tongue! Perhaps I was a touch out of line? » he drawls, only to warble in
warm and delighted welcome as Varmiroth lands. « Ahh, there you are, little
brother! » he calls to the blue, extending to the gold as well. « Just in
time for yours to join the good fight! »

Th'ero looks up and over as snow is kicked up by Varmiroth's arrival and as
Kimmila approaches, he scoffs. "It's not like I ask for it!" he exclaims.
Oh, but he so does! He makes such a good target. "And I did not just walk
into it! You started it!" he calls back to Dtirae with a smirk and promptly
whips a snowball her way. Stuff it! "I don't need Guarding!" Grumble mutter.
More snow is gathered and then Th'ero is going on the offensive! Since
Kimmila isn't treating the weyrlings as off limits, he aims for a few of
them as well though tries to clip in the arms or legs only and a few spare
ones are chucked at K'drozen for good measure! "No such thing as 'fair' in a
true fight!"

"It's what I do best!" Kimmila calls back to Anique with a crooked grin, much
amused. Packing a few more snowballs she hands one to Th'ero and pelts
another one towards Dtirae. "You kind of do ask for it, wingmate," she
murmurs to Th'ero, grin crooked and wry. Varmiroth shuffles away, out of the
line of fire, and snorts at Velokraeth. « Mine is always ready for a fight,
good or otherwise. »

As'tre is unsure if he's going to enjoy this. If it were the other way around,
there's be no problems what with how often Zeltenith is in his head, but he
has to use the eyes of his own lifemate? All well and good when he was
blindfolded and had to send out the bronze to find items, but being a
target, and for cold stuff? Eghhh. He carefully moves about, and Zeltenith
helpfully turns to look in that direction. It takes a minute or two to
adjust, but then As'tre's moving more surefootedly to join Anique.

Zuvaleyuth rumbles gently in response, « you are, of course, pardoned, dear
sir. Just a touch out of line, but, they will not be young forever. »
Sadness touches her voice for a moment before she extends out to Varmiroth
as Velokraeth extends his greeting out to her. « How good to see you,
Varmiroth. The 'good fight' has been most amusing… My rider seems to deem
it fit that I should be her fort, as it were. »

It is a good lesson on visualization, after all, if you don't want to get hit,
you had best be dodging! "Oh, I may have started it, but you left yourself
entirely open for it!" Dtirae calls as a taunt to the Weyrleader. It does
open her up to that snowball hitting her, however. She gets hit with both
Th'ero and Kimmila's snowballs before she retreats behind her lifemate to
replenish her ammo.

Quickly the pile of pre-made snowballs is being depleted, the blindfolded
weyrling now starts scooping up snow blindly, her head canted upwards as she
tries to get Typriaeth to focus on the whole field in a scanning motion.
It's not easy! Snowball made…tossed and another is made and tossed towards
Kimmila, using both Typriaeth's visual and the sound of Kimmila's voice to
determine direction. As As'tre is seen moving towards her she casts an
unsure smile towards the bronze weyrling. "Ya know…this is a great way to
learn actually. I think I hit a few of them." a hand is gestured towards the
other side. Too bad for her though her attention is so divided that she
misses the snowball headed her way from K'drozen and it splatters against
her chest and neck. "Ack!" she cries out in laughter.

Typriaeth is warbling with an occasional bugle tossed in for good measure. «
Get him! Get her! » her pictures come quickly to Anique's mind as she can't
seem to find just /one/ target for Anique to focus on. « Of course you
know! This means war! » a pause. « Whatever that means. But be prepared!
» really getting into this, Typriaeth rears back to her hind legs and tries
to buffet snow with her wings towards…anyone but the ones she's closest
too are Dtirae and K'drozen!

Velokraeth chuffs again, though he will privately comfort Zuvaleyuth with a
reassuring brush against her mind when the gold is briefly saddened. « They
will grow up into strong, fine young dragons. They are Dremkoth and
Kouzevelth's offspring, after all and they are from us. » To both her and
Varmiroth, the pale bronze adds. « Oh, that I know all to well! Which is
why she is welcomed! And a fine fort you do make, Zuvaleyuth. Splendid!

Th'ero snorts and smirks, "How did I do that? I was having a conversation with
K'drozen!" he points out, only having to duck again as a few more snowballs
are sent and he promptly fires back. A few hit their targets, some go wide.
As'tre and Zeltenith best dodge, because one or two are lobbed his way! "Ha!
Got you!" Th'ero triumphantly calls when the Weyrwoman retreats again. The
Weyrleader begins to track backwards then, moving slow as he tries to
approach Velokraeth as a makeshift shield. "How do I ask for it?" he mutters
at Kimmila, only to find he is out of ammo again and has to crouch to
hastily rebuild his arsenal.

Kimmila gets hit with a few as well before she ducks behind the bronze,
leaning against him as she bends to pack a few more snowballs. "You
just…do," she says with a grin. "Everyone likes to see you smile," she
adds more quietly, before tossing one towards Anique.

K'drozen ducks his head down trying to get behind the dirt as Th'ero wings the
snowballs at him and laughs, "Very true. Never turn your back on an enenmy
the will get you ever time!" he attempts to peak up just in time to catch up
snowball in the face. Spluttering he says, "That is true, we where trying to
set up that game when she attacked unprovoked."

As'tre is standing still as he works on adjusting himself to things, and only
just sees the snowball racing towards himself, from a completely different
angle. Therefore he also sees himself as he tries to dodge at the last
second, and winces as he sees himself get hit even as he also reacts to
getting hit. Well that didn't work too well. Regardless! He tries again,
scooping up snow, then pausing to orient himself…. lobs one at Kimmila.

Zuvaleyuth is getting covered in snow! More so when Typriaeth begins to buffet
the snow with her wings. Another rumble of amusement follows. The private
comforting from the bronze does brighten her mood again, despite her amused
rumbles. « So very true, they will grow fine and strong to serve the Weyr
well. » As for being a fine fort, the gold's laughter fills the mental link
before she slowly begins to withdraw for other connections.

Dtirae's laughter is loud, clearly delighted in being hit? Or, maybe the fact
that the training complex has erupted in a flurry of snowballs causes the
woman to laugh. "I'm being called to attend to something. Keep practicing!"
Is called from behind Zuvaleyuth. The gold rises and… Dumps all the
gathered snow from her body onto the Weyrwoman. "Zuvaleyuth!" The gold
rumbles her amusement louder and then the pair depart.

There's a good amount of give and take here…as Anique gets pelted from
several directions at once as she pops up from behind the fort to lob a few
of her own missiles across the field. And towards Th'ero and Kimmila. Her
head cants sideways a lot as she gets pictures in flashes from Typriaeth.
"…yes..wait…" she mutters directions. "There!" A clear goal
sighted now she has K'drozen in her sights, so to speak, and she whips a
snowball his way before she ducks down behind the Fort. It's a well
constructed one but it /is/ being pelted with snowballs from all angles
nearly so it's slowly showing signs of wear and tear.

Typriaeth is simply having a blast, warbling in triumph as she gets snow upon
the Gold gramma! She back peddles a bit to keep her balance on her hind legs
and tail, sweeping her wings forward again to try to sweep snow upon anyone
she can before she drops down to her stomach and lays in wait, her head
swiveling this way and that as she tries to give Anique a clear view of the

Velokraeth would pout, if dragons could pout, when Zuvaleyuth takes her leave.
« Farewell, m'lady and be well! Perhaps later we can discuss more, if time
permits! » Chuffing, the pale bronze will be amused by her antic of dousing
her rider in snow and he cants his head to where Th'ero is hunkered down by
his crossed forelimbs. That has the Weyrleader looking up and scowling.
"Don't you even dare!" he growls at his lifemate, which has the bronze
snorting. FINE! Spoil sport. « Typriaeth? Zeltenith? » Velokraeth calls to
the weyrling dragons, the others included as well as his tone turns sly and
low. Mischevious! « Be sure to hit him good! Extra points if you snare
Varmiroth's in it, she is a worthy target! » That is shared with the blue,
since it is his rider he's setting up. « We will help you focus. Won't
we, Varmiroth? »

Th'ero grimaces as Dtirae heads out, shaking his head and then turns to peer
at Kimmila. He's certainly not smiling now, his features caught somewhere
between that and a startled look that turns sheepish. Cough. "Right. I'm
sure that's the reason why!" he drawls, gathering a few more snowballs.
"K'drozen's right. Dtirae did start it!" The Weyrleader points out again,
only to whip another snowball at at As'tre before flinching away from the
one meant for Kimmila. Dive, dive! Only he leaves himself open to get hit
cleanly by Anique's snowball! Smack! Shaking his head clear of the snow, he
lets fly two her way in quick succession. One! Two! Take that!

"Well this is one way to get them working with their lifemates," Kimmila says
with a laugh, lobbing a few more snowballs towards the Weyrlings. And
Varmiroth…Varmiroth only swings his head around to look at Velokraeth. «
No. » He's amused, but he isn't going to help anyone hit his rider! He's a

Not even looking towards the weyrling K'drozen doesn't see the snowball from
Anique coming his dirrection, *wham* it catches him square on the side of
the head. With a laugh the brown rider rolls over falling onto his back in
the snow with a feigned death, the hit having caused him to drop his
prepared snowball "She got me!"

Zeltenith warbles right back at Velokraeth, eyes whirling happily. Ok! He
swerves his head so that he's looking directly at Th'ero now, and As'tre
snickers, blindly reaching over to elbow Anique. Oops, he might've elbowed
the wrong part of her, he meant to elbow her side. Well anyway, he jerks his
head in Th'ero's and Kimmila's directions, grinning at her. "Let's go!" and
scooping up a large snowball, forming it four times larger than usual, he
breaks cover and runs forward, using forward motion to launch it at the

It's okay if As'tre accidentally elbows a bit higher than her side or
stomach…she's got plenty of padding with the coat and at least two layers
of shirts on! So it's hardly felt where an elbow shouldn't be. "Didja see
that?" she cajoles happily as she 'sees' the dramatic death of K'drozen
through Typriaeth's eyes. Soon though the green is perking up again with her
tail swishing happily in the snow. She now gives a new target to her
chosen…the pair of riders by the bronze and blue pair of dragons.
"Oy…okay!…oomph." she gets pelted twice in a row with incoming from that
same direction! This mean war donchaknow! Two snowballs are quickly packed
and tossed, then the process repeated as fast as she can in an attempt to
toss as many Th'ero and Kimmi's way as possible! "Go As'tre! You distract
him!" cause that was his intention when he went running forward, right?

Meanwhile the four on the other side see As'tre's running form and all four of
them launch two snowballs each at him!

Velokraeth snorts to Varmiroth! « Oh, you're no fun! That's part of the
challenge! » the bronze retorts, though his tone is still amused. « Plus
it's so not fair if mine is always the lone target! Poor fool. » Poor
Th'ero! He never stands a chance, not with the pale bronze lending 'tips' to
the weyrling dragons. « No, face this way! See the angle? Yes, that's it!
Now throw high! » And so on. No matter how the Weyrleader backs away or
dodges or tries to rush for cover, the snowballs will find him. He's pelted
good and hard in the back and ends up skidding a bit in the snow as his
footing slips, almost falling to his knees as another snowball clips the
back of his head. Oof! "I yield! I yield, shards and shells!" Swearing! How
very Weyrleader-like of him! Holding up his hands in a warding gesture, he
ducks by Kimmila's side again. "Then you be their targets for awhile!"
he tells her with a smirk, only to glance at the snow for a moment. He may
be out of one battle but… why not start another? Grabbing a fistful of
snow, he shuffles closer to his weyrmate. "Wingmate?" he drawls, as if
wanting to speak something to her privately and if she doesn't see what he
really has planned, he'll attempt to stuff all that snow down the front of
her jacket before retreating at a good clip… right for the weyrlings!

Kimmila throws snowball after snowball at the approaching As'tre, and then she
/shrieks/ when Th'ero /betrays/ her like that. With a curse, she bolts after
the Weyrleader, intending to jump on him and tackle him into a snow drift if
she manages to get her hands on him.

As'tre gets pelted by snowballs as well, but he was expecting that, yelping
and running back. He stumbles and trips, rolling behind the fort again, and
this time Zeltenith is the one to go out and about. In revenge, he charges
the other fort, sweeping snow at the 'enemy' with his large, cloaklike
wings. While his attention is over there, As'tre doesn't have a target to
aim at, his line of sight now suddenly the other weyrlings. He can't exactly
throw in that direction or he'd hit his own dragon.

K'drozen pushes up on his elbows breathing hard still looking over towards
Kimmala and Th'ero and just chuckles, "Oh he is so going to get it when she
catches him." shaking his head and starting to brush some of the snow out of
his hair.

"Run!" bellows those weyrling across the way as Zeltenith comes charging over
and sweeps the snow fort into a tumble of snow! It's a funny sight as each
weyrling is still blindfolded and trying to get out of the way, a few of
them winding up on the ground. Oops! Typriaeth bugles a challenge
to…anyone as Anique's snowballs hit with some semblance of accuracy
towards the Weyrleader until he hollers the yield! "Triumph!" she hollers
then laughs as she hears the shriek of outrage first then sees it as
Typriaeth swivels her head towards the scene in question. She resists the
urge to pull off the blindfold and tries to watch it as Th'ero goes booking
towards her and the group of weyrlings around her…with Kimmila in hot
pursuit. The snowball in her hand gets dropped as she jumps up and down to
cry out. "Snow-brawl!!" Several younger weyrlings take heed to the call,
those holdless kids that now are Weyrlings and they come from the front of
Th'ero with intention of tackling him!

come from the front=go towards the front of Th'ero.

Will he ever get it! Th'ero suddenly finds himself being "attacked" from all
angles by weyrlings and he will dodge and weave his way through them,
evading their attempts until one lucky one gets their boot hooked around his
and he goes sprawling backwards with a startled grunt and choked
exclamation. Down he goes, right into the fort As'tre had dived behind and
the Weyrleader begins to struggle, attempting to get back to his feet as
calls of "we got him!" and "we'll hold him down!" are heard. Isn't that so
sweet? Now Kimmila can have her revenge, despite Th'ero's protests and
attempts to fight his way free! "No brawling! That's not part of the deal
for this lesson!" he calls out, half serious but totally failing at keeping
the amusement from his voice. He's almost laughing! If he wasn't worried
about the incoming DOOM from his weyrmate's hands!

And DOOM he will get as Kimmila lands on him, straddles his waist, and begins
shoving snow at as much of him as she can reach. Down his tunic, into his
gloves, even down his pants if he doesn't fight her off first. "I can't
/believe/ you did that!" she's yelling, but there's a grin there, despite
her aghast DEMAND for revenge. She'll even - EVEN - rub snow into his HAIR.
Oh he's done it now.

Doom doom doom doom doom doom…d..ddd…doom!

Zeltenith is proud of the fact that his charge made them scatter, and he
swings more snow at them before trotting back triumphantly. That'll teach
you to mess with As'tre! As for the weyrling, he hears Th'ero and Kimmila
coming, and starts flinging snow in their general direction. Zeltenith isn't
over here yet to lend his eyes, so he's indiscriminately tossing it about

K'drozen pushes slowly up to his feet, laughing as he looks over to the
weyrleader, he glances to the weyrlings and says, "Let that be a lesson for
you all as well, never backstab your weyrmate, they will get you in the

Anique dodges out of the way the best she can as Th'ero goes sprawling into
the fort, thus giving this one the same fate as the one across the field.
Tripping over her own two feet though brings her to a landing straight on
her butt with an oomph. "Ouch!" but she's laughing as she lifts up her
blindfold to watch as Th'ero is pinned down for Kimmila to extract her
revenge. Even the AWLM who are watching this whole thing can't refrain from
laughter. And it was witnessed by many people…Th'ero almost laughed! The
rumors that will come from this will surely be spread by dinner time if not

Typriaeth is amused as she watches, mostly because she's gathering from
Anique's thoughts that this human behavior is funny. « Shall we help the
fallen rider? » is the question posed to all the other dragons from
Typriaeth, her mental image of Th'ero under the others sent along with a
splash of greens and blues intermingled with white stars as amusement colors
her words.

« No, little lady! Let him suffer his fate for his foolishness! » Velokraeth
drawls, his mind rippling and bubbling with laughter as he speaks to all.
Meanwhile, Th'ero puts up a good fight against Kimmila, though not to his
full strength to keep from unintentionally hurting her. Snow goes down his
jacket, his gloves and a bit into his pants before he thrashes away from her
and flings as much snow at her in retaliation, likely sending most of it
flying to As'tre and Anique and the other weyrlings instead. "Alright!
Alright, enough!" he exclaims to her, pushing at her arms and legs and
eventually he will win his freedom and scrabble to his feet again, putting
distance between himself and the others as he's dropped into a defensive
stance. Playful! But on guard. "I think we've had enough of this lesson
today!" he drawls with a smirk, trying to shake some of the snow free of his
clothing and hair and shivering. Ugh, cold! But which lesson does he speak
of? "Enough excitement for one day!" Plus he as to go nurse his pride a bit.
To be tackled by his own weyrmate in the middle of the training grounds! For
shame! Even… if he started it?

Kimmila is victorious, only giving up the chase when Th'ero gets up and gets
away. Panting, the bluerider shivers. "I think so, yes. I need a bath and to
get out of these wet clothes. Fun, though," she adds, flashing the Weyrlings
a grin. "And good practice on the mind link too, I think!"

"So we can take our blindfolds off now?" As'tre asks hopefully. « This was
lots of fun, but As'tre is of the opinion that the snow doesn't stay… is
that true? » Zeltenith asks the older and hopefully wiser dragons. « Where
does it go when it's not here? » As'tre pulls it off before an answer is
really given, and shivers. "I think getting inside and warming up would be a
great idea."

Now completely covered in snow, with snow creeping down her back and
undoubtably in her boots and in her pant legs…Anique gets to her feet
slowly with Typriaeth coming to lend a muzzle for her to lean on. She sends
to all the dragons a wash of thoughts, alive with sparkling colors of blues,
greens and purples in the mix. « Foolishness can get him covered in snow!
» so sayeth the wise one. « Snow leaves? » disappoint reflects in her
tone as the colors surge brighter then dark with her emotions.

Anique certainly hopes they can take off the blindfolds now as the snowball
fighting/brawling seems to be winding down. "I think you can take it off."
she's calling over to As'tre with a grin. "Hot cider sounds good too." she
says with some hopefulness to her words. The cold is really starting to be
felt now!

K'drozen just chuckels and shakes his head slowly as he moves to approach the
weyrleader and his mate, "I think that was probably a good lesson." he looks
to the weyrlings, "And probably tired out the little ones pretty good for
the time being.."

"Take off the blindfolds! The lesson is done." Th'ero agrees as he straightens
and begins to brush as much of the snow off of his riding gear as possible.
His gloves he peels off and shakes them out as best he can, grimacing when
most of the snow simply sticks. Ugh, ugh ugh! And it's all inside his jacket
and… other places too. Sigh. The Weyrleader shoots Kimmila a mock glare
before he snorts, "Yes, yes. Quite the informative lesson." he drawls, "And
one they can practice again on their own time!" The Weyrlings are given a
pointed look then. "You heard K'drozen. Probably best you tend to your
lifemates now and—- there's M'icha." Sure enough, the Weyrlingmaster is
standing by the entrance of the barracks, arms folded over his chest and his
crooked smirk says it all. Time is up! "Off with you all! Clearly you are
beginning to master the visualization part of the bond. And I'm sure some
cider and warm food will be sent." The Weyrleader adds to Anique. Wouldn't
want the Weyrlings catching a cold, after all! Velokraeth is pushing to his
feet, shaking himself off and then stretching out to ease the cramping in
his muscles. Rumbling to Zeltenith, he responds in a mellow but kind voice.
« The snow does not last. It will melt with the changing of the seasons and
become water. When it turns cold again though, it will return. So enjoy it
now! » Or not.

Kimmila looks around at the others and she laughs, pushing fingers through her
hair. "Yes, yes, well done," she says, before she's playfully sticking her
tongue out at Th'ero. "Dry clothes, warm clothes. Don't catch cold!"

At that the Weyrlings start to trickle into the barracks, with their life
mates behind them. Will all free time starting with f fun end up as lessons?
One supposes that answer will only come with time! Perking up with the
thought of hot food and cider, Anique snaps off hasty salutes to the older
riders and is urging on Tie onwards, who's showing signs of fatigue,