Who Phineas, Kezresan, Aignes
What Candidate Excursion: Fishing.
When Summer in Monaco.
Where Ocean - Monaco Bay, weyr coast.


Ocean - Monaco Bay, weyr coast.
The darkling black of the sand merges with the crystal blue of the water, creating a brilliant and playful blend of color that fluctuates by sunlight and moonlight. Gentle rolling waves move ashore, protected against all but the violent sea storms. The cove spreads from the mouth of the river towards the ocean, mixing saltwater with fresh for an invigorating rush that is teeming with life. The weyr dock is located far from the river mouth.

Not too far off Monaco's shores a decent sized fishing boat rides the waves with a surplus of crew on board (although the captain may regret volunteering to teach some of these landlubbers a thing or two by the end of the day). Aignes is one of the perplexed candidates clinging to the side of the vessel with one hand as she tries to navigate to the stern (or is it the bow?), with a net in the other hand. The going… not so easy. At least she's traded in her normal skirts for a pair of waxed canvas waders for the day.

Phineas is dressed in baggy dark brown linen shorts, a white tank top and a light jacket. On his feet? Canvas shoes that are obviously well loved. Finn? Not uncomfortable on the water, a fact made clear when he slides up next to Aignes and grins at her clinging. "You know that just makes it worse, right? You get all the sensation of the boat pitching." Stepping closer, he shifts his own net over his shoulder and reaches out for hers. "Let me take the net, you need to get your legs used to the rolling waves." Finn? He's a sporty cat and completely at ease at the moment. Course, he knows nothing about fishing. Boats though? He can party with the best of them.

Kezresan does not like boats. This ought to be entirely obvious from the way he's scowling and giving off 'don't touch me' vibes. Nevermind the low mutter of "I hate boats" that might come from him at regular intervals. He might also be looking just a little green, which is definitely doing him no favors in the self-confidence department. He might know a thing or two about fishing, but he's a bit preoccupied with trying to look comfortable while simultaneously being entirely uncomfortable. He's near enough, either before or behind, Aignes and Phineas to at least hear a bit of the conversation, but all he really contributes at the moment is another scowl and a very unhappy look. "Why is this necessary?" The boat? The fishing? All of it?

Aignes shoots Phineas a death glare as he practically dances on over to give all that 'helpful' advice and her grip on the side just tightens. "If I let go, I'll fall on my face." And considering how shaky her footing is, that's probably a fact. But since he's offering to take the net, she's more than willing to hand it on over. Kezresan's question causes her to glance over her shoulder. "Fishing is a very important part of the food supply." That may be a direct quote from the Fisher Captain's lecture before they got on the boat this morning.

Glancing back at Kez, Finn regards him for a long moment but wisely refrains from a sympathetic smile. Instead, he pulls a hard candy from his pocket and extends it to the healer-candidate on an open palm. "It'll help with the nausea," he assures. Whether it is taken, or not, Finn glances out toward the water, his face momentarily turning up into the spray off the water. (Course, if it isn't taken, that candy is going in his own mouth.) It's Aignes' glare that takes him aback, a lopsided smile tracing over his lips. "Nah, you'll wobble a bit, but you'll be fine." She might fall, but he is pretty sure she won't actually hurt herself. It is as he slings her net over his shoulder that he adds. "And boats are fun." What's not to love, fresh air, sunshine, hopefully booze of some kind.

"Yes, I understand that part of it," argues Kezresan, who at least finds the distraction of annoyance preferable to that of nausea. "I meant, why is it necessary for us to be out here?" Really, he just wants to get off the boat. He might even find it all fascinating, if he wasn't so worried about losing his breakfast. The candy is eyed dubiously for a moment, but Kez does take it. He's quite willing to try anything it seems, and pops it straight into his mouth. But as grateful as he might be for that assistance, there's still a rather scowly look for the idea that boats are fun. "I'm not having fun," he notes with a grump. "Please let me know when it will get fun."

Aignes is not willing to trust Phineas on that fact and stubbornly clings to the side of the boat. "I think my face would disagree with that," If she fell on it. The boat seems to have plenty of dangerous possible face smashing corners, what with needing something for the seacrafters to store the days catch in. "Boats are dangerous. Folks fall off them all the time." Ignore that being what the dolphins are for. Aignes certainly is. "Fishing can be fun. But on shore." PReferably in a nice little lake with not a wave in sight.

"You'll have fun once you're not feeling sick," Finn assures. Course, it /is/ Kezresan he's talking about, so that might not be as true as he would like. "It's warm, the sun is shining, the breeze is cool, the view is amazing… Focus on those things?" In the wake of the words, he carries the nets down to the far end of the boat and drapes them over a crate before turning and heading back to the others. "And when this is done, we'll be able to swim." Which, really? What could be better? "Here," he adds as he holds out one hand to Aignes. "I won't let you fall. Really," he adds with a lopsided smile that may, or may not, be encouraging.

Peeking over the railing that he's standing at, Kez decides, "I think I'd rather be in the water," in reply for Aignes' argument for the dangers of boats. But he's doggedly determined to make it through this little adventure in one piece, even if it's not nearly as enjoyable as he'd previously thought. A scowl at Phineas, though really that look is somewhat his default right now and should not be taken personally, as he watches him walk about effortlessly. "When will that be, exactly?" The 'not feeling sick' part.

"I don't swim," Aignes is eyeing the water too and is growing a little paler. She stares a bit at the hand Finn holds out, but it does get her further away from the water and she replaces hanging onto the side of the boat for dear life to hanging onto Finn's arm. "If you let me fall, I'm dragging you down with me. Has anybody even caught anything?" That's a question for both of them since they probably won't be turning the boat around without a single fish.

"A whole lot sooner," Finn laughs. "If you stop focusing on it." Not really the sort to take anything personally, Finn's smile remains easy, pale blue eyes sweeping out over the rolling waves. "I'm kind of hoping we have time to try surfboarding before heading back," he admits. He does, however, blink at Aignes' announcement, his brows furrowing mildly. "Really? When summer comes round, we can teach you." With her moving away from the railing, he does his level best to keep her steady, his lips twitching in a reassuring smile. "I'm not going to let you fall," he promises. At the last, he glances over his shoulder and nods. "They have some in the nets." Course, /that/? All the fishermen and nothing to do with the candidates.

"You don't? Or you can't?" The distinction is very important to Kezresan, who looks about ready to launch into a lecture of some sort. At least it helps with that whole 'don't focus on being sick' thing. There's something of a nod for that. Or it could just be the natural roll of the boat in the water. "Sooner we catch stuff, sooner we go back," he agrees, even if there's no way the three candidates are likely to do anything close to hauling their fair share of the fish. But he's willing to try, at least. And tossing nets and hauling nets is at least a distraction. When Aignes accepts the assistance, the healer-candidate pushes away from the rail and makes a valiant attempt to follow suit. He's not going to fall on his face, but he's definitely not looking very graceful. Which is definitely cause for more scowling.

"Both?" Aignes might not see the difference in the distinction since they're both the same for her! "When summer comes around, I'm not going to be on a stupid boat!" She might not be sure of where she'll be come summer, but willingly getting on another boat is not high on her list of things to do. But now that she's at least walking forward (with much assistance), she is eyeing the nets that are out. "I wish I could just use a fishing pole." Sit her in one spot and wait. That's her speed!

Phineas studiously pretends not to notice Kezresan being less then a picture of grace away from the railing. "I'm pretty sure they aren't actually expecting us to catch anything," Finn points out. In the wake of the words, he tilts his chin toward the fishermen pulling in their nets and pretty much ignoring the candidates. Really? With Kexresan dancing on the edge of losing his lunch and Aignes with jello legs? It's not likely they'll be very helpful. Glancing back to Aignes as he guides her down the boat, his lopsided smile immediately returns. "Just go at your own speed. We'll be a lot more help with the unloading of the catch," he assures.

"Why would you get on a boat if you can't swim?!" Never mind that there are dolphins and such, Kez is somewhat astonished and highly disapproving of this decision. It is a little too late to argue this, seeing as Aignes is very much on a boat, and that boat is very much out to sea. "A fishing pole would take too long," he decides, shuffling along with arms half out stretched in expectation of falling into something. Or someone, considering he's taking up more than his fair share of space as he trails Finn and Aignes. A glance for the fishermen who actually know what they are doing, and Kez decides, "That makes sense. Observation, rather than hands-on." And he's perfectly happy with that.

"I wasn't exactly asked about getting on a boat!" Aignes should probably be paying attention to her footing more than arguing with Kez because there was totally a puddle there and she begins to slip. Luckily it's more into Phineas than anywhere else. "There's some big fish out in the deeper water. Fish that wouldn't be up high enough to get caught in the nets." She's still standing by this pole idea. "Or we could just all eat wherry forever and be happy with it." Or cookies in the case of Finn.

Phineas nods his head in response to Kezresan, the smile remaining on his lips as he glances back at the healer-candidate. "They'll probably catch more with us out of their way," he notes with a chuckle. When Aignes starts to slip, Finn shifts, trading out arms for her to cling to so he can loop one arm around her waist. It is a totally innocent gesture, however, coupled with another quiet laugh. "Woah there, steady on." As for the rest, he glances at the nets, the fishermen and the ever increasing barrels of fish. "I think they got things pretty well covered."

"You could have said something about it," is Kezresan's counter argument. "Makes no sense getting on a boat if you can't swim!" But hey, at least bickering with Aignes is a huge distraction from feeling sea sick. His steps are still somewhat timid as he shuffles along, but there's no slipping or tripping on his end of things. Thank Faranth. "Big fish deeper… we're trying to feed the Weyr, here!" 'We'. As if he's doing anything other than watching. "I agree," he huffs, nodding at Phineas. "They can do without our assistance in catching them. We could be better used to gut and clean them."

As innocent as the gesture might be, Aignes is still turning red. Or that might just be the embarassment from slipping. Either way, she's going to try and extricate herself from the arm and instead sit down on the nearest chest that's near the middle of the boat. "If I has said it, the Weyrlingmaster would probably replace all my dragon washing chores with extra special learn to swim lessons in the lake and then I'd actually freeze to death." She may have thought about this and the many ways it could go. And Fort's cold this time of turn. At least drowning in Monaco would be warm.

Phineas lets Aignes go once he's sure she's settled in her sit. If he notices the blush, he's decided not to comment on it. And while he does actually agree with Kezresan on the impracticality of coming on a boat when you can't swim? He offers, "I'm sure enough of us can swim that it won't be a problem, Kez." Mind you, he's going to make sure Aignes stays in the middle, now, but hey. "Come on," he adds as he leaves Aignes where she is and grabs the nets. "Lets give it a go, eh?" Waiting for Kez to make his to them, Finn steps to the railing before casting the net over the side. It is only once it is secured in place that he braces his hands on the wood and leans over to watch the water. "You'd think it would be easier to use two boats with a net drug between them."

Kez will just pick a side of the boat and once more latch onto the railing. At least he's not looking as green as he did before. "That's ridiculous," he scoffs. "They wouldn't make you learn to swim in a frozen lake." But even if he might not catch that subtle 'shut up', he doesn't push the subject further. One hand firmly planted on the rail, Kezresan eyes the net near his reach skeptically before snagging out to grab it. A glance at Finn, a glance at the actual fishermen, and Kez does his best to replicate what he assumes is the 'proper' way to do the thing. "I know nothing about boats," he admits grumpily. "Maybe there's a reason they can't do that?" A net strung between two of them.

"If you rip the net, I'll fix it or something," Aignes is going to be very helpful from her spot as far away from the water as she can manage. Just how will she fix it with no sewing supplies handy is yet to be seen. "And don't fall in!" Just in case they needed a reminder. As for the whole 'why not use two boats?' question, she digs into her pocket and pulls out a pamphlet from the morning. "Sometimes they do use two boats. Or a dragon to drag the other net."

"Must be," Finn decides as he pushes back off the railing and drags a hand through short spikey hair. "I guess it could be dangerous in a storm, but I mean, you could just pull it in or cut it in an emergency?" Not entirely certain, he resolves to ask the captain later. Glancing back at Aignes at her information, his lips twitch in a smile, his chin dipping in a nod. "Now that makes more sense then this." This being the nets they've cast over the side of the boat. At the admonishment not to fall in, he leans back over the railing, his brows waggling playfully before he straightens. "I figured this had to be a torture the candidates thing," he admits as he settles back against the railing in a comfortable lean. "You gonna try surfing," he asks Kezresan curiously.

"How…" but Kez will just let it go, casting a look over his shoulder at Aignes even as he's casting the net off the side of the boat. It's probably not a good combination, and so it should be no surprise that he botches the first attention. With a scowl and a sigh, he sorts himself out and tries again. The second toss has the net doing its thing with success, and once he's secured it in what he hopes is the right way, he twists back to leaning on the rail. His grasp is somewhat tight, and he's not at all relaxed, but he can at least carry a conversation. "A dragon seems a good idea," he admits. "Would rather fly than sail." He won't touch on that torture comment, but there's a look about him that says he might agree on this one. "Surfing?" A thoroughly perplex look. "I… no?" Because Kez? Surf? That might be fun! Can't have that.

Aignes isn't going to answer exactly how she'd fix the nets. Sheer stubbornness probably, but they'll get to that if and when a net actually breaks. Right now, she's doing her own best effort to not fall in, which includes a white-knuckle level grip on her impromptu chest-seat. "There must be some dragons that like fishing…" Although a quick glance doesn't show any terribly close to this particular fishing boat. "Although hopefully a dragon that likes fishing would have the sense to pick a candidate that was a fisher…" And not someone who wouldn't know where to find their sealegs with all the help on Pern. "And surfing?" She sounds about a dubious as ever for that idea.

"Absolutely surfing," Finn notes with a broad smile. "You've got to try with me," he urges. "It looks like it's a great time." At Aignes' dubious remark, he exhales an easy laugh, his shoulders rising and falling in a light shrug. "Well, I am going to do it. No way am I coming all the way to Monaco and not surfing." Particularly since when this is over he's going to have to triple his work load to catch up for lost time. "A dragon that likes fishing might pick someone who wasn't just to have them broaden their horizons. Sides, this is kind of fun," he admits. Course, they are not really fishing for volume as would normally be the case. That being the case, it's a little more relaxed then probably normally is.

"How would a baby dragon even know they like fishing in the first place?" argues Kezresan, more curious than petulant. "That seems very… deep for a creature that is only minutes old," he notes in consideration of those broader horizons. But as he has no idea what makes a dragon chose anyone, he can offer no suggestions in return. So, he just shrugs and turns as though to check the net. Considering he just tossed it in, no surprise that there are no fish yet. "I'll try," he relents. "At least once. I've heard about it, but never seen it done." Surfing. "In principle, it sounds…" Fun, probably. "Interesting."

"How does a baby dragon even know its name?" Aignes shrugs and files fishing away with one of those things she's just going to assume baby dragons either know or don't know. The only thing she really knows about them is that they're strange not-so-little creatures. "This is not fun," She'll remind Finn. "This is torture. One of the few times I'm actively hoping for lunch to come." Nevermind that said lunch would also require cleaning whatever fish got caught.

"Good," Finn laughs with a pleased smile. "We'll have a great time." As for how a dragon knows these things? "I have no idea. How do they make us feel things from the egg? Or see things? I have no idea how, I just know they do." Dragons are strange, clearly. Nodding his agreement with Aignes, he resettles against the railing waiting patiently before even considering checking the net. "I'm starving," he admits. "I'm hungry enough at this point to eat veggies." SHOCK.

A scowl is Kezresan's answer for those hypothetical questions, which is as good as a 'touche' as it's likely to get. He doesn't know the answer. Dragons are indeed weird, and he'd rather not think about the things at least one of those eggs has shown him. So he'll settle on the topic of food. On Phineas being hungry enough to eat vegetables (which definitely gets a look) and Aignes hoping lunch will come. "They might have some hard biscuits… I'd just as soon wait until we're back on land, though." Because Kez? Not really inclined toward eating food right now, even if that green tinge has faded. "Probably going to be gutting and cooking the fish…" which normally he wouldn't mind. Right now? Bleh. "It's not /terrible/," he decides, of the boat. "Still prefer the infirmary."

Aignes looks only slightly surprised as Finn admits his willingness to eat veggies as she cranes her neck to peer down at the nets. "I don't think you're going to catch any sea vegetables though…" Because the settlers probably didn't bring any sea cucumbers with them. And Sea Biscuit may or may not have been an award winning runner. "I think I'd prefer the infirmary too. Or laundry, the kitchens, even the stables…" Literally anything else. ANYTHING

Phineas slants a glance at Kezresan and nods. "We can all wait then. Eat lunch together when we get back to shore." Twisting, he leans way over the edge to peek at his net before twisting back around into a lean. "I miss my kiln," he admits. "Well.. I miss my wheel more." There's just nothing like the feel of clay in your hands. Chuckling at Aignes, he gives a shrug of agreement. "Come on, this is not that bad. The sun is shining, the breeze is crisp, we're /warm/." Personally, Finn /loves/ it, but he's trying not to rub that in. When the net he's leaning on twitches, his smile broadens, his weight shifting as he twists around and goes about the business of hauling it back onto the ship. And, while there might not be a LOT of fish in the net, there is more then enough to suit him just fine. "Well, this is kinda of satisfying," he admits before moving to drag a barrel closer for the fish.

Finn doesn't have to say it. He's practically oozing joy at being on the boat. And Kez? Can't help but be a little sulky about it, given his stomach is still threatening to betray him. Peace talks have been good, but one wrong move and Kez will be hanging off that rail and feeding the fishes. And he's not sure what that 'wrong move' might be. So for now, he just leans against the rail and grasps it with fierce determination not to lose his dignity on this venture. So there's a scowl and a faint huff at the idea of it being 'not that bad'. "The sun is shining, and the breeze is nice," he will concede. "But I like the cold. I like the snow. I like ice. And I like the stables," he grumps at Aignes. The twitching of the net draws his gaze, but after one look down at the roiling waves against the ship, Kez is turning back to grit his teeth and stare toward the horizon instead. Deep breaths, in-out in-out. "Satisfying?" He's perplex now. "But you didn't do anything… the net did all the work."

"I'm just ready to be back on shore!" Food, who needs food? Certainly not Aignes, but at least there is more food back on land. And the whole trying to sit still and not do anything? Can only last so long and so, the weaver-candidate rises from the chest and lurches over towards the guys and their nets. The haul that Finn brings is nudges with one booted foot. "So do we just like, dump them in the box now?" There's the whole issue of trying to grab said fish, which is easier said than done. "He didn't fall in with the net?" She'll count it as a success. Her latest attempt to grab one of the fish? Not so successful.

Phineas laughs in response to Kezresan's observation, pale eyes amused as he glances up. "Net didn't get in the water by itself," he points out. He is having a great time, and it shows despite his efforts not to rub it in. Dropping to one knee, he goes about the business of carefully working the fish out of the net and tossin them into the barrel. "I like all those things, to," he points out. "Barring the stables." He really doesn't care for that, at all. "But this is.. Satisfying," he repeats. "People are going to eat and /we/ had a hand in that. How can that not be satisfying? I think I might actually see if I can come do this again when this is all over." Finn actually enjoyed the whole process. Glancing up at Aignes, he flashes an easy smile, his chin dipping in a nod. "Just be careful removing them from the net?" Drawing a fish out of the net, he tosses it in the barrel while shifting enough that his shoulder is there to be grabbed should she lose balance.

"Fine. You threw the net. But it was the net that caught the fish…" clearly, net-throwing skills had nothing to do with it. But Kezresan drops, one hand firmly on the rail until he's got both knees on the deck, and moves to assist with the fish-tossing. "You just grab them," he offers to Aignes, demonstrating with a swift and probably overzealous grasp on a wriggling fish. "And toss," which comes with a toss of said fish toward the barrel. "Just gotta grab them firmly. Can't be timid about it." Slippery things. He's moderately successful with this task, and it keeps his mind off his stomach, so… winning. "What's wrong with the stables? And don't say the smell," argues Kez. "The stables smell like dust and hay. It's the midden and muck heap that smell badly. The runners are clean." Consideration is given to the idea of people eating because of them. Or at least, that they assisted somewhere along the way. "I suppose it could be satisfying. But I'd rather prefer doing what I was trained to do. That is very satisfying."

Careful is a relative word and while Aignes was finally able to grab one of the fish by the tail, the whole getting it out of the net is another challenge. One that ends with one foot long fish flop flopping it's way across the deck by her feet. "Right. Just grab them firmly." Now he tells her. "I feel like more people would be eating if they had kept us off the boat and had more of an actual crew." Because she's currently like .5 of a fish caught. Compared to a couple buckets of the actual seacrafters. "Most normal people don't actually like dealing with muck heaps. Which is what ninety percent of stables duty ends up." Mucking, mucking and more mucking. Just like weyrlinghood!

Finn glances up at the question, considering a moment before rolling his shoulders in a mild shrug. "The runners," he admits. "Which is silly, I know. But they scare me." Falling silent, he tosses a few more fish into the barrel, bracing himself for the potential to be laughed at. "But I think that's just because I've never really been around them before. They're beautiful, mind you, just.. " He doesn't really know. Dragons? He's fine around Dragons. Runners? He's just never been sure around them. "Mucking isn't bad. It's just a smell," Finn points out. Smells? Just not something that gets to him.

"There is also grooming, feeding, exercising…" for those that have a talent or desire to do so. Kezresan is happy to continue listing what else stables duty might entail, but Phineas' answer draws him up short. A frown, though he's still working to detangle and toss fish (he's gotten three so far!). "Oh," comes as the thoroughly ineloquent response. But at least he's not laughing. He doesn't even look like that might be a threat. "It's not uncommon," he decides. "They are large and potentially dangerous creatures. It's natural for someone unfamiliar with them to be apprehensive. Just grab it." That last bit? Totally for Aignes and the deck-flopping fish that might get away. "And I'd rather muck the stables than clean the latrines." Which, thankfully, doesn't seem to be in the chore rotation. "I think we're here to learn appreciation for the workload," decides Kez, pausing in the work of de-netting fish to glance toward the actual fishermen. "And if that is the case, I suppose it has been successful." He appreciates the sailor's abilities not to get seasick, that's for sure.

"You shouldn't just grab a runner. They can startle easily," Aignes will point out in case Finn would be as impulsive as to try to get over his fear of runners that way. "Maybe ask to work with a pony the next time you pull stable duty. Although they tend to bite…" She might be more familiar with some feisty mountain ponies. And she will try to grab that fish. First with one hand, than with both. Eventually she does get the slippery thing's tail again. Not going to push her luck with the tossing, she instead awkwardly lurches over towards the barrel with the fish flapping about like the fish out of water it is. "And stables aren't the worst chore… I'd still take that over dragon washing in winter." Because that one is just cruel.

"It has been," Finn agrees. Following Kez's glance toward the fishermen, his lips twitch in a faint smile. "I kind of envy them," he admits. "But then, maybe this would get old faster then I think." He's not sure, but he has every intention of finding out one day. "I like it," he adds. "Fishing." It's Kez's response regarding runners that has him looking at him for a long silent moment. He'd expected laughter and it's and it's absence is momentarily suspicious. "Mm. Well, yes," he admits. "Exactly. Eventually, I intend to try to get someone to teach me to ride. Hopefully that will take some of the discomfort out of being around them. They are beautiful, mind you." In the wake of the words, he glances toward Aignes, his lips twitching in a wry smile. "He meant the fish," he points out. Pausing a beat, he glances up at the sails, his smile broadening. "We're coming about, we must be heading in." In the wake of the observation, he nods mildly, tossing another fish in the barrel. "I'll have to do that, ask about the pony," he admits. Dragon Washing? The one chore he hasn't gotten yet. He's not going to jinx that if he can help it.

And Kezresan? Much more likely to swear off boats forever after this. But not fish. He likes fish. A fourth one joins its mates in the barrel, prompting the healer to settle back a bit and take a momentary break. It might be necessary, given he's doing that rail-grasping, deep-breathing thing again. "I think you're too big for a pony," comes in argument, eyeing the string-bean candidate for a moment before he's closing his eyes once again. "And Aignes is right, ponies tend to be…" assholes, "challenging. But there are a few older runners that would do just fine. If you're serious about learning, someone will teach you." Kez is pretty sure about that. "I still cannot comprehend why they made you do that," he declares, eyes flashing in annoyance on Aignes' behalf. "It was ridiculous, even if the dragon couldn't fly. There had to be a better way than making you wash a dragon in a frozen lake." Apparently, Kez is not over it; his healer-y sense of justice is outraged at the risk. At the mention of coming about, there's a quick glance up at the sails, a glance down at the water off the side of the boat (mistake), and a quick tightening of his grasp at the rail. "That means we're done?" If there are still fish in that net, Aignes and Finn will have to handle it; Kez is totes done with fishing and all about hanging on and not throwing up right now.

Twice! Aignes had dragon washing twice. The horror! "At least I'll be prepared for any dragon washing occurrences if I should happen to impress…" Although she still seems a bit dubious about that whole process. Even more dubious about getting the fish in the barrel now that she's there. He puts up a fight, but in he goes. "Finn, you can keep all the boats." She's also going to swear off the boats and any leftover fish in the nets are forgotten as she turns towards the side of the boat again, staring at the shore. "We are turning around!" IT's getting closer and hope is in the sight!

"It means they've either caught what they needed or anxious to get rid of us," Finn assures Kez. Watching his face, he frowns faintly, his chin tilting toward the railing. "You need to stand up and breath, Kez. Get away from the smell as much as you can." In the wake of the words, he makes short work of getting the remaining fish out of the net and into the barrel. He does, however, flash a lopsided smile at Aignes. "Deal. I'll handle the fish and Kez's net. You help him up and over to the railing?" In the wake of the words, he pushes to his feet, gathering up his empty net and setting it with the others. Once it's stowed, he returns to the railing and goes about the business of hauling in Kezresan's net. "Hey, you caught some!" The announcement is made as he tosses the fish laden net on the deck and stoops to start pulling the fish free.

"It's not the smell," counters Kezresan, but he's not going to argue against moving away and standing up. Or moving toward the rail. All of those things sound like good things to him. Hauling himself up and toward the rail, whether Aignes is assisting or not, will be slow and somewhat shuffle-y process, but he makes it well enough. A squint toward the land and a sigh that is definitely relief. "Don't care if they toss us overboard, just want to get off the boat," he decides, closing his eyes and turning his face into the brisk breeze. "Caught some?" a quick squint at Finn and he decides, "The net caught the fish. I didn't do anything." A beat, and he amends with, "Except throw the net into the ocean." Face to the wind, he works on surviving the rest of the trip. Which also involves thinking about something other than the way the boat is rocking beneath him. So, dragons and Impressions it is! "I think," he offers to Aignes, a stubborn furrow between his brows, "if you Impress, you should consider sponge baths. For the dragon. Small tub of water in the barracks, instead of going to the lake." Stupid, frozen lake.

Aignes will definitely assist with getting Kez towards the rail. Maybe two seasick folks can walk just about as well as one or something. "I'd prefer not to be tossed overboard." The whole not being able to swim thing. "But we did catch some fish." Or they did. And she got one into the barrel. Teamwork! So hopefully they won't be sacrificed to the tides. "I think we just need to get on the shore. Not the smell. I've smelled fish before. It this sharding swaying one way, then the next." As for the whole dragon subject she snorts. "If, I'll consider that. But would have needed a lot of sponges to bathe a full grown brown…"

Phineas chuckles in response to Kezresan's insistance that he didn't do anything, his head dipping in an agreeable nod. "Course not. Well, the net you threw caught a nice bunch of fish." As is evidenced by the fish Finn is tossing into the bucket. "I like it," Finn laughs. "It's soothing." The rocking of the ship, that is. It's the last that brings his head up, pale eyes glancing between Aignes and Kez before he just smiles and goes back to emptying the net. When the fish are all in the barrel and the net put away, he pushes to his feet and stretches slowly. "Won't be much longer now," he assures as he steps toward the railing.

"We stayed out of the way of the real fishermen." And so, the trip was a success in Kezresan's mind. "And learned a valuable lesson about… something." He can't think of what, at the moment. The glare toward Phineas that comes when he says the rocking of the boat is soothing is almost entirely based on jealousy. He wants to be able to walk around and not feel like he's about to lose the contents of his stomach several times over. But he knows that blaming Finn is entirely inappropriate, and so is quick to turn that look to the water instead. It's the ocean's fault, of course. "But they don't hatch full grown, and by the time they are full grown it will likely be warm enough that washing in the lake is not going to give you hypothermia or frost bite." A low exhale and he dares a glance for the shore.

"Soothing," Aignes simultaneously scoffs and rolls her eyes. "We learned we'll never have a change of heart, abandon our crafts, and become fishermen. Except for possibly Phineas." But they all know the Common Phineas is a strange and exotic creature. "He can be a potter fisherman. Make clay fish or something." It might be the sun getting to her as she wilts onto the side. "Not much longer now…. eggs will hatch, then back to my workroom."

"I am thinking about it," Finn admits. "Not stepping away from my craft entirely, but fishing.." He really enjoyed it. It's the last, though that inspires a sharp look for Aignes, his head giving a slow shake. "You don't give yourself enough credit, Aignes. Either of you, really. I think, of all of us, the two of you stand the best chance. Your smart, you know something about… well… most things. You're rules oriented and duty driven. What dragon wouldn't that?" It's how he feels about that, and he's not about to pretend otherwise. He does, however, fold his arms over the railing, pale eyes watching the rolling waves with obvious relish.

"You're basing your assessment on qualities that humans value, not dragons," argues Kezresan. "There are plenty of dragonriders that are not rule abiding, that are not duty driven…" a shake of his head stops abruptly, and Kez spends a moment being very still. "We've discussed this already. It's a numbers game. The odds are not in our favor." He's not particularly distraught by it. "And you've just as much chance, or Varmiroth would not have Searched you." A snort, which thankfully does not make his stomach tumble in any sort of direction, and he focuses on the idea of giving up a craft. "I think it would get old. Monotonous. There's no creativity in fishing," he points out. "Long term, at least," he amends.

"He could make the clay fish into bowls and serve fish stew out of it…" Aignes perks up as the shore keeps getting closer and closer. The dock is even in sight now. "And there's more candidates then eggs. It's not something that I can control… so its easier to assume it won't happen than want something and it doesn't." a thought that might be all too familiar around the candidate barracks these days.

Phineas considers for a long moment. "A clay pot for baking fish that happens to be shaped like a fish would be cute. I'll have to see what I can do. It might get boring," he admits. "But you have the sea to keep you entertained." And clearly Finn is smitten with the rolling waves. As they speak the ship comes into dock, the crew laying out the gangplank before going about the business of unloading the barrels of fish. On the shore, their escorts are waiting patiently and Finn nods toward the trio of dragons. "You're right. I'm just hopeful for you both. We're here, lets go?"

Kezresan is beyond talking at this point. Well, he probably could talk, but perhaps a bit of those social conventions that always seem to allude him have him clamping his mouth shut rather than offering anything which he might regret later. Far safer that way. But there might be a nod of his head for the fish-shaped-fish-baking pots. Agreement or simple acknowledgement? Who knows. As the boat reaches the dock, Kez is booking it just as fast as his unsteady legs can manage, an audible sigh of relief coming once his boots hit solid ground once again. If there are barrels to move or fish to gut, he'll totally help. Once he's no longer green.

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