Fort Weyr - Administration Complex
A long and narrow staircase leads the way up the mountainside, pausing at the large weyrs of several golds, passing by the one that used to be Moreta's so many Turns ago, before leading up to the Senior Queen's weyr, and finally ending at the Weyrleader's weyr. This is one of the more frequently travelled areas of the weyr, with messengers running back and forth as well as the occasional visiting dignitary.

It's early morning a day or two after the weyrlings' dinner dance, and while it is icy cold outside still there is no actual storm coming down. Actually, as a matter of fact, there is sun — a bright, almost painful winter sun that hits where snow has fallen and causes unpleasant glare. Kouzevelth is enjoying every single moment of this weather, the early-riser gold edging just to the very tip of her ledge and letting her front paws and tip of very, very long tail both hang off the side. Inri steps out to join her, a towel wrapped about her head and nightgown and bathrobe still on. She's barefoot, too — not that cold has ever really bothered her, and her ledge isn't icy.

Even newly-minted sergeants have to take patrols, and by virtue of being the newest new guy Alister has pulled the dawn shift. Being a sergeant still has its perks, though, so he's had his pick of routes; this morning it brings him up the stairs toward the queens' weyrs. Nearing Inri's ledge, seeing Inri present, he shifts his shoulders to more firmly seat his uniform jacket across his shoulders, and salutes her neatly. (The bright, roguish grin kind of ruins it, though).

"You," Inri calls from her ledge, and there's a little bit of a laugh to her voice. Her dragon lifts her intimidating head and fills most of the sky view; Kouzevelth is, possibly unfortunately for Alister, enormous. She might be Pern's longest dragon if you count her tail, and she is definitely Fort's most sizeable — though she is also a series of odd angles and long bits that doesn't make her look as properly maternal and regal as Kayeth. "You can come over here, if you want."

"I think I can spare the time," Alistair answers, dropping his hand and sauntering up to Inri's ledge properly. "She good for company?" he asks with a tip of his head toward Kouzevelth's head. "Don't want to disturb you if she isn't."

Inri actually looks confused for a moment, as if she has forgotten about Kouzevelth's presence as anything but a piece of the ledge itself. "Wh—oh! Yes, always. She adores people, actually." In … her way. She adores people quite a lot more when she's egg-heavy or has a clutch on the sands, but she doesn't even remotely object to people on a daily basis. "You may have to let her smell you and then deign to rub her snout, though. If that's something you'd be comfortable with." Pointy, large, orange snout.

"Not something I've ever had a reason to do before now," Alister eyes the gold for a moment, then moves in to allow her to check him out; he has to be vetted, of course he does. "But might as well be something I get used to, since I've got no plans to," go back to the land of fish-smell, "leave the weyr any time soon."

"Okay then," Inri laughs and goes to sit on Kouzevelth's forepaw — the one not currently supporting the dragon's chin — and crosses one leg over the other unthinkingly. Alister is a child and will not be distracted by her showing leg, because he is a baby. "Draconic introduction trial by fire, because I think she's usually one of the most physically intimidating. Her and Velokraeth, but he's — not just because of the size." Kouzevelth's odd angles all come from Velokraeth, as does her awkwardness, and while nobody would call her beautiful nobody quite goes for ugly, either. Unlike poor Velokraeth, who Inri thinks is utterly beautiful.

Sorry, Inri, Alister totally isn't a baby anymore, thanks. Which is why his eye gets caught by the flash of leg, and he follows it — then snaps his eyes back to Inri's face; from there to Kouzevelth's head. "I'm pretty sure 'yo, dragon' isn't appropriate, but is there any way she'd prefer to be addressed?" He held out his hand like a man approaching an unfamiliar canine.

Kouzevelth lets out a puff of air that could probably be considered a snort; most of the air wafts right into Alister's face. "Um," Inri giggles, because who wouldn't, "Zel, if you can't handle remembering Kouzevelth. K-o-u-z-e-v-e-l-t-h in case you were actually curious." As opposed to being expected to write it. That's actually her job — dragon lineage records is part of her job, and so she has gone from being the person who can't even remember the Senior Weyrwoman's dragon's name to being able to spell the name of every draconic resident of Fort who has hatched since her graduation from weyrlinghood.

"—at least it's not fish," should be an undertone but isn't; it's tossed as an aside to Inri as Alister leeeans back on his heels slightly. "Well met, Zel," he pronounces, grin creeping back into place. "Gimme a few weeks to manage that mouthful, won't you?"

Inri could provide some more intense mouthfuls than 'Kouzevelth,' but is kind enough to not do so. Most of the leadership dragons aren't too difficult. The dragon, on the other hand, seems to have accepted Alister as is. "So you're totally done with the fish hold, huh? Why'd you pick here?" It's surely a totally different reason than why Inri ended up at Fort, let alone staying.

"There were positions available," is the Official Answer, and it's nearly entirely true; just not the entirety of the truth. "Besides, there was the golden guarantee that I'd know at least one person once I got here." That being the goldrider he was currently chatting up. Alister, while not his brother, couldn't help but understand the, uh. Appeal.

And yet what Inri is seeing is Ex's Kid Brother, even if perhaps Ex's Point Of View got absorbed by said kid brother. Hopefully not all of them, considering how the whole 'ex' thing happened in the first place. "Yes, there — were, I suppose," is tinged with a little bit of sadness, still; she shrugs, sighs. "And I must admit that I prefer it, but I'm not sure exactly why you would pick here — I mean. Okay. You picked here because it's a Weyr, it's big, you knew someone — but why did you leave."

"I hate fish."

"… That is," Inri is trying to speak, but she is also laughing, and is doubled over a little, wet hair falling into her face, "an incredibly good reason to escape Breakwater. Though I can't imagine actually hating fish, I mean, I like to eat it. Kouzevelth likes to eat it too, but she has some trouble catching fish, these days." It's something about the size. "I'll make sure not to have you over for the fish soup."

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