Fort Weyr - Guard Area

Just off the main bustle of the Southwestern Bowl is a large field dedicated solely to the intense training regimen of the Fort Guard contingent. Your average Weyrfolk isn't allowed past the corded off entrance for safety reasons but for the Guards that train here, much awaits their perusal.
To the west, rows of targets are set up for archery practice. Long bow and crossbow alike are used here thoughthe crossbow is certainly more travel friendly.
What lies directly before is an open area of packed earth for the one on one contests of skill, and training for the Guard members. The sight of many bumps and bruises, the expanse of dirt is often dreaded depending on who your next match is against. Skirting the back of this area is a beaten track heading to the north, where another field has been set aside for the purposes of emergency response training, in cohoots with the guards.
And finally over to the East is the dummies for exacting some more.. deadly force upon with out endangering your fellows. There's also a table with the first aid kit and a few skins of water for when a break is necessary to keep running at optimun efficiency.

K'drozen smirks and says, "I didn't think you wehre going to use them, or abuse them. Sir." he says, "They are my property though and as such I am concerned with what happened to them." he smirk at the reinstatement comment, his expression show plainly that he doesn't think that that is going to happen. "You could tell those two they could watch me from inside though. Not like I am going anywhere, they shouldn't have to freeze because I am doing my required exersizes out here."

M'lo snorts. "Men," he asks the guards. "Did you not dress warmly enough?" "We're fine, sir!" One of them answers, and the other holds up a little thermos of something steaming. "They're fine where they are," M'lo says blandly to K'drozen. "And I figured you might be concerned, which is why I'm taking the time out of my very busy schedule to tell you. You're /welcome/." He shakes his head a little.
K'drozen nods his head slowly and says, "You don't need to take time out of your schedule for me. I am no one around here." he glances to the gaurds and shrugs, "If they want to stand in the snow it is there business, I am not going anywhere for now." he streches a bit and says, "Even been helping the archivist file his books…."

"Nobodies don't impress dragons," M'lo says flatly. "And whether you believe it or not, we take care of our dragons, even if that means putting up with stubborn, ungrateful, suspicious lunatics like you." He nods shortly. "Good to hear you haven't been completely idle."

K'drozen stands a short distance from M'lo speaking softly as the snow fall from the midafternoon sky, near by a pair of burly gaurds stand watching him warily as if they expect him to jump at and attack the weyrsecond any moment. He says, "exactly my point there, as long as you all consider me a lunitic, I aint going no where." he shrugs, "I said what I said, nothing can take that back. Yes i was pissed off, Yes I am still pissed off, I still think she doesnt have proper backup. If you all had sent a fortian rider with her that she had trained with….." he shakes his head an takes a deep breath. "I am droping it…"

"And just /who do you think you are/," M'lo demands softly, "To decide who is and isn't qualified? Who are /you/, to question command decisions? Who are /you/, to question your weyrmate's good judgement? From what I know of her, and what I know of you, it's /quite/ obvious that she's much more intelligent and competant than you are. I have no idea what she must see in you, but it surely isn't an equal." Yes, M'lo is about up to /here/ with this.

Ever since that day in Xanadu and the day after where the punishment was handed down, Th'ero has seemingly been avoiding the guard area and weyrling barracks when he was within Fort Weyr. His duties otherwise and the growing concerns regarding the whole fugitive and renegade bands have kept the Weyrleader quite busy. But on this cold day, the bronzerider has finally set aside sometime and possibly enough of his lingering anger over the whole situation involving a certain brownrider's reaction to pay a visit. He's not alone either as he strides down to the guard area, dressed in his heavier riding gear with the fur lined collar pulled up close to his chin. It will come as no surprise to most that he's brought her along again and for very good reason. His mood, as usual, is neutral and aloof, if not as cold as the wintry air about them and his dark eyes shift to take note of the guards nearby, yet linger longest on his Weyrsecond. Snippets of the conversation have reached him and now Th'ero frowns heavily, dark eyes shifting to take in K'drozen now as he glances between the two brownriders. "I trust all is well?" he asks, in his usual murmuring and drawling tone though there's just a bit of an edge to it.

Kimmila walks alongside the Fortian Weyrleader, bundled up in her own heavier riding gear, fur lined hood up over her hair and hands in her pockets. Green eyes shift from one man to the next, nodding her greetings before her gaze settles on K'drozen, scrutinizing but saying nothing. For the moment.

K'drozen doesn't even seem to be slightly phased by M'lo' word and says, "I am someone that knows her very well M'lo, better then you likely ever will, oh I trust Jaye much further then you will ever know. But in a dangerous situation like you sent her into, you should have someone with you that you have worked with, who can anticipate what you will do if things go wrong, which can and will happen." he crosses his arms across his chest, "As I said, if someone she had trained with had gone with her…" he just shakes his head, "And no I am not saying I should have gone. But tell me the truth M'lo, would you trust another fortian rider with her better over a rider from Xanadu?" he freezes though as Th'ero arrives stiffening in his stance but not saying anything to the weyrleader as of yet.

"That depends on a great many factors," M'lo says sternly. "All of which were considered. We're not stupid, as eager to believe that as you are." He curls his lip in disgust and shakes his head. Then he turns to see the newcomers and nods. "Th'ero, Kimmila," he greets them. "If not well, then at least contained. I was just assurig K'drozen that no one is selling his precious knives to the highest bidder, and double-checking his stubborn insanity. Unfortunately, he appears not to have budged on his belief that he knows better than everyone else."

Not the best of conversations to walk into and Th'ero's features harden, lips pressing into a thin line as he takes a deep breath. Eyes flash, hands clench at his side and it's obvious that the Weyrleader is struggling already to contain himself, temper wise as some of K'drozen's last overheard words rankle him. For now though, the brownrider is safe and Th'ero's attention turns back to M'lo. "Ahh, I see." he drawls with the faintest of smirks and a slight nod given to the Weyrsecond and then his focus turns back to the other brownrider. So much for being safe? "M'lo has been telling you the truth. Your knives are safely stored away and will be returned to you when you are reinstated as a Wingrider." As for the rest, Th'ero bites his tongue though it takes great effort to do so. He is not about to needle K'drozen into another argument over the matter and so there is an awkward tension building at least with the Weyrleader.

Kimmila snorts softly. "K'drozen, have you even met Ers'lan? I'm as suspicious as they come, and I would go into a dangerous situation with him at my back. How about you not judge someone as unworthy before you've even met them? Xanadu trains its riders just as well as Fort does, not to mention the additional experience that Ers'lan brought to the table. Besides," she adds, shifting back onto her heels, breath fogging in the air, "Jaye /volunteered/ to go. I don't think that's gotten through your skull yet. No one forced this on her. So if you have anger at the situation, you'd best direct it at her, because this was her choice."

K'drozen smirks and says, "If not agreeing with every one of you all descisions is insanity, then yes I am insane." he look dirrectly to M'lo, "But that must make alot of folks out there insane, Do I think you thought this out well, no. Expecially knowing Jaye, she will take risks if she thinks she might get just that little bit of extra info." he rubs his eyes, "And with out someone there to know what to watch for in her…" he looks to the weyrleader and nods slowly. before answering Kimmila by saying, 'Oh is that his name. No I have never met him, I wasn't even to be informd she was going anywhere." he shrugs, "It doesn't matter anyways, none of this matters."

"Notice," M'lo says coolly to Th'ero and Kimmila, "How K'drozen just completely ignores what we're trying to tell him, refuses to acknowledge logic, good sense, and his own failings, and instead admits that he doesn't trust his weyrmate's judgement. I wonder how angry she'll be to find out that he thinks her an incompetant hot-headed fool?" He turns his back to the other brownrider, dismissing him, done with this conversation. "I don't now about you two, but I would /love/ a mug of hot spiced cider. Shennanigan's? I'm buying." He grins at them.

Th'ero drops his gaze from both K'drozen and M'lo as he turns his head just a fraction to look to his side as Kimmila speaks up. What the bluerider says by her opinion must agree with the Weyrleader as he does not stop her or chide her by asking her to back off. "I'm well aware of K'drozen's attitude, M'lo. There is no need to reiterate it to me." He says stiffly, glancing sharply towards his Weyrsecond. Regardless of how he may feel towards K'drozen, he doesn't seem in the mood to have the two at each other's throats and so comes the response - a not-so subtle warning from Weyrleader to Weyrsecond to back down. Just a little. "Doesn't matter?" Th'ero turns to glance sharply at K'drozen now and with a disapproving frown. "This unfortunately does matter. While I can understand your upset over the situation, you still have a lot to answer for for your previous actions. You cannot simply brush it off as nothing and expect to resume your former status anytime soon." He points out sternly. To the offer from M'lo, Th'ero takes a long deep breath and exhales heavily. "It's tempting…" The Weyrleader finally ventures to reply, which really is no answer at all.

Kimmila arches a brow at K'drozen and then snorts a little bit. "You need to learn to trust your Weyrmate to watch her own back. I'm sure she would not have gone if she weren't confident in Ers'lan's abilities." She glances to M'lo with a little frown, and then to Th'ero. "It is tempting," she agrees, also giving a non-answer.

K'drozen shrugs his shoulds and says, "I don't exect it to be brush off ever sir." his expression clearly states he sees this as a perminate situation he crosses his arms though and says softly, 'You all should be in drinking something warm. As I told thoes two." he motions his head towards the pair of guards near by. "I am not going anywhere. i am doing everything the weyrling masters are asking me of." he looks to Th'ero and says, "And I was told by the weyrwomen that people would be told to stop coming over here and bringing this up over and over agian. I am well aware it isn't going away. I am being punish for what I said. It should be left at that. Not having people keep coming her and trying to provoke me into popin them one."

"I was doing it more for /his/ benefit than yours," M'lo murmurs with a little apologetic grin. He nods, quite willing to follow Th'ero's unworded warning to back down. When they hedge around accepting his invitation, he simply decides to take it as one. "Great!" he says enthusiastically, and rubs his hands briskly together. It's /cold/ out there. He moves towards them, toward the entrance to the caverns. "We can catch up on a few things, we three. It's been a while since we just chatted, hasn't it?" He beams at them. "I think it's important to remind ourselves sometimes what all this work is /for/, after all. Family, friends, loyalty, all that warm-fuzzy stuff." He just rolls his eyes at K'drozen's words. "For the record, /you're/ the one who brought it up." And seriously, he's really ready to go get that drink, now.

Th'ero regards K'drozen with a long, lingering look that is cold and neutral, hard to read beyond the heavy and slightly thoughtful frown. "The guards know their duty," he replies dryly. "It is good to see you are concerned of their well being. But they are not yours to command, in the end." Then he smirks and snorts softly, "Of course. I am not here to heckle you, K'drozen." Why is the Weyrleader there then? To check up on the delinquent brownrider? Th'ero doesn't seem bothered by the cold, though he has his arms crossed tightly over his chest and his gloved hands tucked up under them but that is also a common stance for him. "It has been awhile, I believe." Though at the mention of warm-fuzzy stuff, the Weyrleader almost grimaces. Not his usual cup of tea. "Perhaps. It would be of some good to unwind a little I think." He murmurs and then shoots M'lo another narrowed and pointed look. "That's enough," Th'ero almost growls his voice drops so low. "K'drozen, perhaps it's best if you sought out Melze for your training unless you have been ordered to other duties for this day." Time to break up this little gathering, it seems.

Kimmila rocks back onto her heels and frowns at K'drozen, before she shrugs. Eyes flick to M'lo, and then to Th'ero. "Drinks it is, then, see ya around, K'drozen." And she turns to head back towards the caverns.

K'drozen nod his head and says, "I will do that sir, or seek out one of her seconds if she is busy." though he does not meet Th'ero's eyes, his stance and expresion a mask of varrious waring emotions at this point, he does say, "I am concerned for everyone well bein around here." as he turns his back to the group and begins to head out towards the bowl.

Th'ero nods his head briskly to K'drozen and then gives the brownrider a rather suspicious look for his departing comment. For a moment, the Weyrleader's temper bristles, old anger and frustration rising for a moment and a sharp retort ready… only to then swiftly bite it back again. He took that comment as a personal jab, it seems and perhaps the timing for drinks and a brief separation are best done now. So while K'drozen heads out towards the bowl, Th'ero turns to follow Kimmila, catching up to the Western bluerider's side as they head off together to join M'lo at Shenagigan's for the offer of warm drinks and some good natured catching up.

It will be several hours before the Weyrleader parts ways with his Weyrsecond, though his weyrmate remains at his side. Despite having consumed a few drinks, he seems hardly affected by them and any buzz he may have had is likely swiftly cured by a brisk walk in the cold winter air as he returns to the guard area and then quietly waits by the entranceway leading to the inner buildings and barracks, as well as the prison cells. He's by far not entirely relaxed, but neither does the man look ready to fight or really in any anger. Just silent and thoughtful and nothing more and hardly a threat.

Kimmila is a little tipsy but in good spirits as she walks alongside Th'ero, her hands deep in her pockets. As they enter the prison, she lifts her voice and calls in a sing-song tone, "Oh, K'drooooozennnn!" And then laughs. Yup. Tipsy.

K'drozen makes his way back into the gaurd area, the massive skeletal form of Rhyrith following dirrectly behind no straps can be seen on his hide. his expression one of tired resignation as he moves towards his cell, he movements those of one who has just put in a grulling workout, and he appears to be slightly wet, if the coat of frost forming on his outer garments is any indication. He closes his eyes and mutters softly to himself as he hears Kimmila, before he sees Th'ero and says softly, "over here." His ever present gaurd following a short distance behind.

Th'ero tilts his head down slightly to regard Kimmila with a somewhat suspicious look, studying her for a few moments as if to gauge whether or not the bluerider truly is tipsy or is simply playing the part. If he disapproves, he hides it well and only places a steady and firm hand to her shoulder when Rhyrith arrives and with K'drozen not far off. That hand then moves to gently take her by the arm, just above the elbow as if to link with her as they step forwards to meet the brownrider."I apologize for having to catch you right after your duties, so I will not keep you long." He murmurs lowly, eyeing the state of the other rider's coat and clothing. "And it would seem as though you were put through your paces well enough," he adds dryly. "So I'll be blunt." When is he not? Letting silence settle then to grow, almost uncomfortably as he gathers his thoughts, it's broken as Th'ero takes a deep and steadying breath. "I'm well aware of your opinion on the situation concerning your weyrmate. You've made that clear enough and I am not here to heckle you to death over the matter or what was exchanged between us. /However/," Of course there is a catch. "I am curious to know if you understand why the punishments you received were given. So far, aside from some verbal complaints, you are adhering to what was imposed on you." In simpler terms: the Weyrleader has noted /some/ good behavior on K'drozen's part. "But I am still disinclined to trust you, yet. Hence why you remain here." And he sweeps one hand out to cover the guard area. "So tell me, K'drozen. Do you wish to be a Wingrider again?"

Kimmila glances up at Th'ero with a crooked grin, and it is difficult to tell if she's really that far gone, or just feels like playing it up a little bit. Letting her elbow be taken, she walks when he walks and stops when he stops, eyes flicking over K'drozen's attire. And she looks at Th'ero. Then back to K'drozen. And for once the bluerider is silent, saying nothing.

K'drozen stops and looks to the weyrleader and says, "We will likely never agree on the situation concerning my weyrmate.." his eyes flick to Kimmila then back to the weyrleader and says, "I won't ever say I agree with the the backup she was sent with, not with out them having at least trained together, and expecially not with Mae distracted on the sands. I don't know what you would have done in my shoes. I know in my anger I went to far in my threats…..' he takes a deep breath and shivers a bit. "I do care about the folks around her and do want to serve them. It was my worry over my weyrmates safety that pushed me over the edge. I am doing what is asked of me to regain my position though when I get…." he seems to search for the right word, "pushed….I guess you could call it, like, M'lo and others seem to enjoy doing on this…."

Th'ero straightens a little, posture tense as his shoulders roll back and the Weyrleader stands to full height. It gives him just a few inches on the brownrider, but it's the effect the bronzerider is going for as he stares down at K'drozen. "No, we will likely never agree on that." He says coldly, but accepts it as close to an apology as he's likely ever going to get from the other man. "And I am sure you have had your wrong doing and misjudgment crammed down your throat enough over the last sevendays so I will save you the torture of another round." Though really, he seems tempted to but restrains himself. "You will have to learn to grow a tougher skin then." Th'ero remarks with little sympathy it seems for that excuse. "Regardless of what they say, they are your fellow riders. Unfortunately, your actions mean you will have to suffer some backlash though if any of it goes beyond gossip or verbal, you're to inform me directly." He says firmly, grimacing. "As for your position… Prove to me that you can be loyal to Fort as you are loyal to Jaye and perhaps I'll see to it that you are tapped back to Thunderbird. Permitting, of course, that Wingleader Nishka is also in agreement to allow you back. Do you understand the seriousness?" Th'ero has basically laid it out as: behave and you get your life back. Step out of line and he will make it difficult.

K'drozen says softly, "i understand completely the seriousness of this." he motions about him and says, "i am well aware that this is my home for the forseeable future." he nods his head towards the prison. "i will continue to do my work to the best of my abilities, I have never shrinked my duties even once."

Th'ero exhales heavily, letting some of the tension go as he waited on K'drozen's response and no longer does the Weyrleader loom so much over the brownrider. "It's not so much the work you do," he stresses, "Though it is good to see you put effort into your duties. Its true you have no shirked them since returning to Fort. But I need to have more then that before I can in good conscious restore your rank. Right now, I cannot trust that you will not simply usurp my orders again or that of your Wingleader's or any higher ranked Fortian rider." He shakes his head then and his dark brown eyes drift out to the guard area again, his frown deepening for a moment. "I am not a cruel man, K'drozen. Keep on the path you are now and perhaps I can forgive enough to see that /some/ of the restrictions are lifted. Remain diligent with your work and give me no reason to doubt you've change and perhaps you will see your rank restored earlier then expected." Then he gives him a side long glance, lips quirking up into a faint half-smile that still seems a shade too grim. "And perhaps I will speak to Weyrwoman Thea when we receive reports on the situation and see that you cannot learn some of the details. /Which/," And he points a gloved finger at K'drozen, not anywhere near the brownrider's personal space but simply as emphasis to his statement. "You will keep to yourself. Consider it a test… within a much larger test. Fail it and you may never see yourself reinstated as a full Wingrider for the rest of the Turn. Understood?"

K'drozen smirks show that he doesn't actually expect to see that restoration period, though perhaps not from his current actions but how others have been treating him since his return and says, "I won't reveal anything concerning jaye. you need not worry about that, even when I was still at Xanadu before being forced back here, I never once mentioned her to another soul, I just kept my ear to the ground for rumors. you might be suprised what folks would say to a rider that no longer wears a weyr knot…"

It will all depend on K'drozen's behavior, really. Push too much and he'll remain as he is now. Improve, even if a little at a time and the Weyrleader and Weyrwoman may be a touch more forgiving. "Yes, I do have to worry about that," Th'ero states sternly, "You've not proven to me otherwise that you are loyal or respectful enough to not do something reckless or foolish concerning your weyrmate." The last is said rather flatly, though there is a brief look of understanding in the bronzerider eyes. At his last comment, concerning what one can learn while knotless, the Weyrleader only smirks and his expression takes on an all too knowing and familiar look. "Oh, I have an idea." Th'ero drawls with just a hint of sarcasm and a darker edge. Less noticeably is how one hand starts to lift towards his side but falls back as he catches himself before the gesture is completed.

Kimmila rocks back a bit on her heels, eyes flicking to Th'ero. She notices that gesture and frowns, but makes no other mention of it and looks back to K'drozen.

K'drozen says, "I am here now sir, I am doing what is asked, that is all I can do." he says, "I can't gaurentee what the future will hold, none can. All I ask if keep those that are coming in here trying to pick a fight at bay. I know I ahve a temper I need to work on it, taunting me with it isn't helping." his stance thoguh shows that he doesn't show the weyrleader as taunting him at this point, it is just one of weariness.

Th'ero holds up one of his hands in a placating manner towards K'drozen and for a moment the Weyrleader's coldness does thaw a little that he actually does seem sorry for the brownrider. It lasts as long as it takes for a man to blink and then the neutral mask is back in place. "And as I said before, you will have to learn to grow a thicker skin." He states again, firmly. "But I have heard your complaint and I will speak with Captain Breshir on keeping a tighter restriction on who can come to speak with you. I will also put word in with the Wingleaders to pass to their riders that you are not to be disturbed. I cannot, however, control everyone in the Weyr. The moment you leave the guard area, you are subjected to their opinions. You will have to learn to tune out their words, I'm afraid." And that's a lesson Th'ero knows all too well. Stepping closer to Kimmila's side, his hand seems to grip her arm tightly for a moment, a cryptic squeeze perhaps to snare her attention. "I believe I have taken enough of your time, so I will leave you to your rest, K'drozen. Just remember what I have said and offered." Then with a brisk nod, he also dismisses the brownrider before turning away, the Western bluerider's arm still firmly gripped as thought he seems ready to leader her away with him, provided she's willing.

Kimmila starts to say something and then stops herself, glancing at Th'ero and nodding a bit. "Sleep well," she says to the brownrider with a little smile, before she's turning with Th'ero and walking alongside him. Though she does try to tug her arm from his grip, but only so she can slip her arm through his instead, linked at the elbows.

K'drozen nods to Kimmila and says softly, "You as well.' before turning to enter his cell actually pullin and making sure it latches behind him before the gaurds can even get to it.

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