Who Kimmila, Phineas, Nyalle
What Finn gets to visit the rest of the eggs.
When Winter.
Where Fort Weyr, Northeast Bowl


Fort Weyr - Northeast Bowl
// The northern end of the bowl can be an intimidating area, being that Fort is the largest weyr. The far north wall contains the gigantic opening to the hatching caverns, and to the west of that can be seen the sprawling ledges and carved stair cases that mark the way to the administration complex and the training grounds were candidates and weyrlings can often be found. The west cliff wall towers up, dotted here and there by darker openings that mark individual weyrs before it tapers to a point at Tooth Crag.//

While Finn enjoys kitchen duty? There comes a time when the bakers, in order to save some goodies for the rest of the weyr, are simply forced to send him away. Course, he's gotten to be a pretty decent hand at frosting things. But, when half of what you frost goes in your mouth? Not the height of productive. So it is that Finn is heading back to the barracks, gloved hands shoved deep into the pockets of his coat, his head ducked down to keep the scarf snug over his face. It's only spotting Kimmila that has his steps slowing, one brow arching mildly as he does a slow turn in search of Varmiroth. "Where's your better half?"

Kimmila is overseeing the unloading of a delivery brown pair of dragons, their crates and bags loaded into hand carts and trucked into the training complex. She turns as Phineas approaches and smiles. "The lower caverns. How're you?"

Phineas pauses and blinks, his brows furrowing as he tugs one hand from his pocket to brush over the back of his neck. "Varmiroth is in the lower caverns? Huh. I wouldn't have thought he could fit." That fact that he's teasing? Clear in the wry smile that traces over his lips as he steps closer. "I'm.. Alright? Getting through it all slowly but surely." Glancing at the crates and bags being unloaded, he tilts his head, nodding toward them mildly. "Need a hand?" Not something he would have offered before this all started.

Kimmila blinks, and then laughs. "Oh, I thought you meant Th'ero. Varmiroth is on the Star Stones, keeping Wiyaneth company." The old, old queen is usually up there, conversing with whoever decides to visit with her. "And he /can/ fit into some of the caverns." Just sayin'. "Just getting through it, huh? That engaging?" She shrugs, nodding to the workers who are doing the, well…the work. "If you want."

Phineas exhales a quiet laugh, his brows rising and falling in a playful twitch. "Nah, but good to know." It's the question that has him giving a slow shake of his head. "It's fine. Doing a lot of things I never expected to be doing," he admits. "So far, Nanny duty is the best," he adds as he steps over and starts unloading boxes and bags into the handcarts. "Just getting to the point where I'm antsy, you know?"

Kimmila looks a bit surprised. "Nanny, really? Most people hate that duty. And for you, I'd think kitchens. All that sweetner?"

Phineas laughs quietly, glancing up in the wake of setting a box on a cart. "I love the kids," he admits. "We have a good time. Kitchen is good, but Rickard is on to me, keeps a close eye on the sweetner."

Kimmila laughs again, stepping aside as a worker shuffles by with a crate. "That's good, then. Been around kids much before this?" Then she snorts. "Rickard is a hard-ass, for sure. But…it works." She can't argue with that, since they eat pretty darn well at the weyr.

"Just my sisters," Phineas admits as he glances up again. "Fortunately, the twins get to hang out with us when I'm there. They're still small enough for that." Turning back to the crates, he takes the time to load up another handcart before adding a sack to the top of the stack. "Rickard is alright. He yells alot, but if he doesn't smell fear, you're alright." Finn? Not real big on fear.

Kimmila laughs again, pushing hair away from her face. "I'll remember that the next time I need to request something special from the kitchens," she teases. "Or maybe I'll just have you fetch it for me."

Phineas snorts as he glances up, stepping out of the way as the handcart is moved. "Thanks, you're a gem." Exhaling a low snort, he steps over to grab the next cart and pull it into place before moving to start loading it up. "On the upside, the opportunity to snag cookies right out of the oven is not something I'd pass up readily."

Kimmila smirks. "See? It's a win-win. I get what I want, and you get the excuse to get what I want."

Phineas slants a glance at Kimmila, his lips twitching in a lopsided smile. "You get to be lazy. I get to dodge irrate bakers armed with rolling pins? Sounds fair." Chuckling, he loads up the last cart for the workers, rubbing gloved hands together as he steps back as the last of the boxes are whisked away. "No offense, but I'm looking forward to this being over."

Kimmila nods. "Totally fair. No one said Candidacy would be easy." Then her brows lift. "Oh? Excited about the possibility of impressing?"

Phineas exhales a breath as he shoves gloved hands into his pockets. "I'd be lieing to say no to that," he admits. "I tried not to think about it for a long while, but it keeps creeping in to my head."

Kimmila nods with an understanding smile. "It's tough, the not knowing. The waiting. I remember."

Phineas considers for a long moment before raising one shoulder in a slow shrug. "It is. I think it's more trying to resist thinking about it? Like.. I'm not a kid, you know? I feel like it's woefully childish to be getting excited about something that is completely out of my control."

Kimmila shakes her head. "I don't think that's childish at all. I mean…most people /do/ dream of one day being a dragonrider. It's okay to let yourself get a little excited about the possibility. Have you had a chance to touch any of the eggs yet?"

Phineas slants a glance at Kimmila's face, his expression wry. "We both know I'm excited about it." At the last, he gives a half shake of his head. "Two of them? R'hra didn't have us stay very long on the sands." he admits. "It was… It was something else. I didn't expect all of that just from a touch."

Kimmila smiles and tilts her head towards the sands. "Want to go see if you can touch any others?"

Phineas tilts his head, surprised at the question. "Actually.. yeah," he admits. "I'd like that. I mean, we should probably get to meet most of them?"

Kimmila nods. "Definitely. You want to touch as many of them as possible, so they recognize you when they hatch. C'mon, let's go see if Kayeth is awake and feels up to it."

Nyalle is sitting on the raised dais reading hides while Kayeth lays near the back wall, relaxed and watching her uncovered clutch of eggs. The queen looks like she's in a good mood.

Phineas slips in behind Kimmila immediately offering a lopesided smile and a formal bow to Kayeth and Nyalle. Fortunately, with the queen in a good mood, his smile immediately grows broader as he glances over at Kimmila.

Kimmila gestures him forward, at the same time Nyalle beckons. "Come on in, it's okay."

Phineas clears his throat as he moves forward, pale blue eyes slanting a smile toward Nyalle. "Thank you." Pausing a beat, he hesitates a moment before tugging off his gloves and shoving them in his pockets. "Do I just… go touch them?"

Hasn't he done this before? "Yes," Nyalle says, "Just be gentle. Soft touches." Kayeth lifts her head to observe the Candidate, but doesn't seem upset.

Phineas has! but nerves are totally a thing when surrounded by women and a big old Queen. Nodding, Finn ventures closer, drawing in a slow breath while reaching out to gently touch A land Overrun Egg.

« Potions in the Blood seep into your thoughts, and the first thing you notice is a feeling of discomfort. It's not pain, really, but a general unease. A sort of deep-seeded anxiety, an "otherness". Things are just not quite right. Not how they should be. Your hearing is ever so slightly distorted. So is your vision. Your hand against the egg's shell seems different, somehow, even though your eyes are telling you it's your hand and it hasn't changed. Yet something is…different. Off-kilter. Not quite right. Something within you has changed, altering all of your perceptions of the outside world. Within the egg's shell all you sense is a similar "otherness". »
Phineas lowers his head as he lets the sensations wash over him, the people watching forgotten for the moment. It's the otherness that inspires his head to tilt mildly, his lips twitching in a wry smile as he smooths his fingers over A Land Overrun. "I feel that way /all/ the time," he whispers with a quiet laugh.

« Potions in the Blood continue to give you that odd, "otherness" sensation. There is definitely something different with your vision. It's sharper, and more clear. You look around the caverns and see colors you've never seen before. Your heart rate slows. You flex your hand and feel unusual strength. Of course it's all in your head, right? The growing dragon inside of the egg is impassive to your reactions, distant and simply there. »

Phineas takes his time in sweeping the cavern with his gaze, the new colors and sharper images taken in before he looks back at the egg and nods. The dragon might be impassive, but Finn? He's taking it all in while smoothing his palm over the surface of the egg.

« Potions in the Blood begin to recede, just as you might have been getting used to these new sensations and senses. You feel your vision returning to normal, your heart rate picking up again, and your perceived strength being sapped from your body. The dragon within the shell retreats from your mind, but not before giving you a parting gift - a sharp pain in your upper right arm, which can linger long after the touching. »

Phineas feels the new sensations receding and sighs. The sigh, however, is interupted with a startled gasp and a wry laugh at the pain in his arm. "Ow…" Leaning in he murmurs in hushed tones to the dragon. "I would have remembered without that, you know." Still, his tones are light as he withdraws his hand and moves over to Spice is Life Egg.

« The Awakened One slowly grows to awareness within your mind. It's there, right there. Already that budding consciousness knows that it's first training is how to learn. And the first lesson of all it will know of is the basic trust that it COULD learn. In all the touches, all the candidates it's felt, it's shocking to find how many of you all do not believe they can learn, and how many more believe learning to be difficult. This budding life knows that every experience carries its own lesson and it will learn. Will you now? With that challenge, that awareness disappears from your mind, leaving you alone. »

« The Awakened One is quicker now to take hold in your mind, it's consciousness still curious, still learning. Surely by now, you wish to attempt an understanding of the dragon within? But can you without really seeing it? Without truly being bonded to it? It is to attempt seeing Truth without knowing Falsehood. It is the attempt to see the Light without knowing Darkness. It cannot be. At least not right now. It has much to think upon, and so, it pulls away, leaving you to your own thoughts. »

Again, Finn finds himself joined by the awareness within, the sensation, the depth of thought inspiring a wry smile to tracing over his lips. It is only when that questing presence slips away that he glances up, exhaling a breath as he lets his palm rest flat in hopes of luring the resident of Spice is Life to returning.

« The Awakened One is there with barely a divide between you, growing stronger, making the connection deeper yet. The sands are no more, only you and it in a black world of possibilities. It has come to realize that a world is supported by four things; the learning of the wise, the justice of the great, the prayers of the righteous and the valor of the brave. And yet, it knows as well, that surely, all those are nothing without a ruler who knows the art of ruling. Do you not agree? And as quickly as it came, that presence is gone again. »

Phineas steps over and rests his fingers tenatively on Home Sweet Hive egg.

« Unnatural Predator enters your mind with quiet ease and perhaps so unsettling with how seamless the transition is. One moment you are on the sands, staring at its shell and then it's as though you're there. Gloom hangs heavy in a barren landscape, a ground level fog making it difficult to discern many details. Nothing moves, though there's the faint impression that there is water here, as the odd material that makes this 'landscape' appears damp and the dry heat you once felt is now almost oppressively humid. Is it curiosity that lures you forwards? Or the instinct that standing still is unwise? Regardless of the case, be you the adventurous type or not, there is definitely a presence lurking on the fringes of your awareness but it prefers to watch and observe… for now. »

Phineas exhales a shallow breath almost immediately, his fingers curling for a moment before he forces them to relax and rest against the shell of Home Sweet Hive Egg. Still, he can't help glancing over his shoulder, lightly clearing his throat as his gaze sweeps the sand before returning.

« Unnatural Predator draws you back right where you'd left off, as if you'd never even escaped. Now you are drawn deeper and deeper into the recesses of the peculiar maze it has constructed. Disorientating, but that's not the focus here. It's relying on your ingrained sense of exploration. Still the adventurous type? Or are you starting to feel the warning calls that prey must feel when they're about to cross that invisible point of no return? It feels no threat from you, though the feeling may not be mutual by this point. Life's goals are simple, are they not? Eliminate threats and propagate the species. Basic instincts can benefit all… and by now you may be fighting the urge to turn tail and run from whatever lurks in the depths. »

For a moment, Finn presses his lips, his nostrils flairing as he takes a few breaths and keeps his palm resting lightly against the shell. After a moment, he affords a slow nod, agreeing with something before smoothing his hand over the shell.

« Unnatural Predator would coldly admire your ambitious and reckless nature… if it could feel. Emotions are as alien to it as it is to you, but there is one thing it does understand; instinct and drive. You're overwhelmed with the sense that something is following you and closing in. That nagging, pit in your stomach, hair raising sensation of wrong and run but it's too late. Suddenly you feel some invisible force clamp down over your face, smothering you and cutting off your air supply. The more you struggle against it, the tighter it's possessive grip becomes. Don't fight it now! Be proud that you'll sacrifice yourself for the future progeny! What else is there worth in life? Just when panic may begin to set it, it releases you and you're forcefully shoved back to reality. The shell beneath you is silent and slumbering… and awaiting the next victim. »

Phineas's eyes snap open at the sensation of losing breath. Still, he stubbornly keeps his hand in place. Even when his lungs are burning for a breath that will not come, his hand remains. It is only when the sensation halts and the presence withdraws that he sucks in a sharp breath and gently, and carefully, moves over to brush his fingers over the shell of Look Around You, Now Back to Me Egg.

« Hello, Candidate. Look at those eggs, now back to me. Now back at those eggs, now back to me. Sadly, those aren't me. But if they stopped being buried in the sand and laid there proudly they could look like me. Look down, back up. Where are you? You're on the Sands. With the egg those other eggs wish they looked like. What's in your hand? Back at me. I have it. It's an oyster with two tickets to that thing you love. Look again. The tickets are now diamonds. Anything is possible when your egg looks like me and not those other eggs. I'm on a runner. (Brief whistling interlude) »

Phineas exhales a quiet laugh almost immediately. Giving the location, that sound carries further then he had intended it to. Still, he gives that less then a moment of thought before he finds himself whistling while touching the very self-assured Look Around You, Now back to Me Egg.

« Hello, Candidate. How are you? Fantastic. Do those eggs look like me? No. Can they look like me? No. Do you like the look and the smell of adventure? Do you want an egg that looks like it can bake you a gourmet cake in the dream kitchen it built you with its own hands? Of course you do. Swan dive! Into the best night of your life. So, Candidate, do those eggs look like they can do all that? You tell me. (Brief whistling interlude) »

"Of course I do," Finn allows. Being bribbed with cake by an egg? He's perfectly okay with that. Unaware of the fact that he answered out loud, his lips twitch in a broad smile before he's right back to whistling along with the egg's interlude.

« Hello, Candidate. Did you know other Candidates prefer me one bajillion times more than all those other eggs? Did you know that I'm riding this runner backwards? Hee-yah! (Brief whistling interlude) »

Phineas nods his head in a gesture that is definately assent. Whatever has been suggested? He apparently finds himself believing it entirely. It's the last that though, that has him smiling wryly, his head giving a mild shake. "Hee-yah." Even as he withdraws his hand, though, he catches himself whistling and lightly clears his throat as he draws back and offers Kayeth and Nyalle another formal bow. "Thank you very much for allowing me to visit."

Kayeth rumbles politely and then moves forward eagerly, checking over all the eggs he touched. Nyalle just waves from where she's reading, and Kimmila still waits in the tunnel.

Phineas watches Kayeth for a moment, returning Nyalle's wave before turning on his heel and stepping off the sands. Slanting a glance at Kimmila, his lips twitch in a wry smile, his head shaking as he tugs his gloves out of his coat pocket. "There are some characters out there."

Kimmila grins as she leads him back towards the cooler air. "Oh yeah? Like what?"

Phineas glances over his shoulder, his expression wry. "Well, one of them is promising cake and riding runners. Another bites, another really enjoys hunting…" Pausing a beat, he tugs his gloves on and thinks for a moment. "One though? One is definately going to be challenge. All rules and order and justice…"

Kimmila laughs, peering back towards the sands. "That's quite the group. I feel bad for our Weyrlingmaster staff." Even though she's kind of a part of it, sometimes. "Which one felt the best to you?"

For Finn, the king of chaos, the sultan of spontaneous? Rules and order and justice are completely foreign concepts. Things to be challenged and gotten around. Still, it's the egg that sticks out most firmly to him. It is only belatedly that he registers Kimmila's question and blinks once. "Well, one was offering cake, so.. Yeah." Which is not entirely honest, given he keeps coming back to the other.

Kimmila eyes the Candidate with a knowing smirk, but she doesn't press him. This is big stuff, after all! "Well, I need to get back to making sure the deliveries are put away properly. Have to have all the supplies laid in and ready for after the Hatching."

Phineas is distracted and just barely nods before he catches himself. "Oh, right. Yes. Thank you for this, Kimmila." Stepping toward the door, he pauses a beat and glances over his shoulder. "If you need help, send for me." He can lift things.

Kimmila smiles. "Will do! Take care, Phineas."
Phineas raises a hand in farewell before heading back to the barracks.

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