Who Sephany Eiram
What Eiram and Sephany Meet
When Winter-Spring
Where Fort Weyr - Living Caverns


Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.

Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Dinner time sees the Living Caverns at one of its busiest, the press of people creating a loud and bustling atmosphere as resident and 'rider alike make way for food and companionship. Sephany has already secured a plate and a seat, tucking herself away from the biggest press of people, but not so far away as to be 'hiding' or any such thing. Just… kinda there. Off to the side, Observing those that come and go with curious eyes. She's nibbling a bit of cheese, if just for something to do. There's a bit of a pinkness to her cheeks and nose, and her cloak is still wrapped tightly around her, suggesting she may have been out in the cold not that long ago.

Visiting up from Harper hall is a young lad who looks about 10 turns old with a mop of touseled dark curly hair on his head. The boy is sitting with a greenrider who looks to be a dragonhealer by her badge. The pair have been in animated conversation for some time as they eat dinner together. Finally with a kiss on the top of his head the woman rises, gives his hair a tousle which the boy bats away but still holding a smile on his lips. "Don't eat too much desert Eiram, I best get to my shift." "Yeah yeah…" He says waving a dismissive hand, "I am not really that hungry.." Though as soon as the woman departs his gaze turns towards the table of deserts.

Sephany tips her head, grey eyes unashamed as she peeks over at the kiss and tasseled hair, which brings a faint smile to her lips. Her bit of cheese is finished, and she pauses before reaching towards her meager plate of snacks, grabbing a piece of redfruit next. As the greenrider departs, and gazes turn towards desserts, she grins a bit wider. "If you go," she says, scooting down a little to be heard, "grab me some cookies OK? The ones with sugar on top were very good today." Judging by the crumbs on her plate, she's likely had one or two already.

At the words from the weaver, Eiram looks up and can't help but grin. "I will." He assures her, but stays sitting for a minute more, before casually glancing the way his mother left and seeing she has surely departed before he rises with his plate and heads over to the table. A couple pastries, a little custard tart and about four of the sugared cookies are placed then he gets shood off by the baker. He gives her a sweet smile, grabs one more cookie before darting back to the table. This time he sits a bit closer to the weaver and places the plate between them. "There you go." He says in triumph before offering his hand in greeting, "Eiram, Harper Apprentice extroadinaire!"

There is bright amusement in her grey eyes; Sephany watching with unhidden interest as mothers depart and dessert tables are raided. Upon his return, she puts down the half-eating piece of redfruit and makes a move towards the cookies, only to turn it into a small handshake instead. Her fingers are delicate and cool, but her touch is firm and purposeful. "Sephany. Weaver apprentice," she returns, flashing a smile his direction. And now she'll go for a cookie, picking it up only to place it on her plate and begin breaking into smaller chunks. "Extraordinaire, hm? Just what makes you extraordinary? You look rather like all the other Harper apprentices, if a bit shorter."

For his part his hands are a little calloused, more than perhaps even a harper can account for. "Well just way till you get to know me." He says in response to her questions. "The short helps really. I used to hate it, but there are things you can get away with when you look like a youngling." He says in an almost conspiratorial tone. He grabs up a pastry and starts to break up the crust from it and takes little bites. "What do you like to make?"

"Oh?" says Sephany, one elbow going down on the table so that she can cup her chin in her palm, the other hand breaking off small pieces of her cookie before lifting them to eat. "Do tell," for the things that being short help you get away with. "And I have found that 'sweet and innocent' can have the same sort of benefits." A little bit of the sugar cooking is lifted, poised as though she might take a bite, though it's slow in coming. "Hmm. I don't really make much yet. I help my Journeyman with his projects. But someday, I'd like to design dresses."

"I bet it does. Always the quiet ones that are up to no good, eh?" Eiram responds before taking another bite of his pastry. "Yeah, right now mostly lessons. Learning the histories and common songs. Learning to make simple instruments and stuff. That is what I hope to do anyway." He says as he grabs up another pastry. "Which I guess is the harper equivalent of designing dresses, eh?"

"That has been my experience," says Sephany with a grin. A bit of cookie vanishes, and she chews silently as she listens. "Mm." and her hand drops from her chin as she sits up a bit straighter once more. " Histories and songs. The songs part sounds fascinating, at least. History bores me to tears," she confesses. "Are you going to be a musician?" she wonders, poking at another piece of cookie without lifting it. "And I suppose it is. To be honest, I had no idea all that went into clothing. I thought it just kind of happened. I certainly know better, now."

"The sailors down at the hold where I grew up appreciated having a little scamp who could climb the rigging too." Words that may explain the calousness of his hands at least. "The histories can be a bit long winded at times for sure. Our teacher isn't so bad. Apparently we got to know the histories of the places we may end up serving so we don't offend them." He gives a shrug at that then nods, "Thats my hope, to sing and play. My da mostly does percussion but thinking of doing stringed instruments myself."

"Ah," though it's unclear if Sephany is in agreement or just acknowledging the climbing of rigging. The piece of cookie in her fingers seems to be more for show, at this point, as it never lifts beyond the plate. "You could become a singing sailor, if you're so inclined," she teases a little, amused. "And I have found that the proper tutor can make all the difference on whether or not one enjoys their lessons." And now the cookie is abandoned completely, a little brush of her fingers clearing them of crumbs and sugar. "Is being a Harper a family thing?"

"I might at that. It was a close thing choosing between them, but figure I could be both if I went and got my training up here." Eiram says as he reaches for a cookie to try out. "Oh yeah, there are some dry teachers up there as well. The law class…" He rolls his eyes back and makes a snoring noise before smiling again, "Not really. I mean Da is, but his Da was a Healer…but if I remember correctly HIS Ma was a weaver. My Ma's side is holders down at Rubicon River." He gives of his lineage, "What of you?"

Sephany tips her head, acknowledging the sense to the order of things. Harper first. Then sailor if it works. "I think I'd find law fascinating," she admits. "It's like arguing but more subtle." Right? Sure. Her grey eyes fix conversationally on the apprentice across from her, though there are no 'hmms' or 'yeahs' to indicate active listening. She is simply… listening. "My family is not nearly as exciting," she decides. "My mother is a baker in Igen. My father is a handman in Ista. I have a few sisters who are in the crafts, and my brother just Impressed a bronze. But we're otherwise rather… boring."

"Your Ma is a baker? Now that has to be pretty awesome..well depending iffin she let you eat her wares. " Eiram responds with a brightness in his tone. "I got a few riders in my family too. Da is a bronzerider and Ma a green, couple of my aunts and cousins..and..shard it I am starting to sound like my history teacher when he talks Hold lineages. Well here we are, doing our own things, being ourselves, yeah?" He finally says with a grin and holds up the cookie as if to toast it like a glass of wine. "May we live interesting lives!"

"She would," let Sephany eat her wares, "But she didn't really make sweets. More bread. Rolls… but she'd make these delicious cheezy-things with meat in them. Fantastic." And there's a small note of longing in her voice. She doesn't appear at all bored by the lineage lesson, though it could just be out of politeness. "As far as I am aware, S'van is the only one in my family who has ever been Searched or Impressed," she notes. "So this is a very new thing for my family. I plan to abuse him sorely once he is released to Between," she admits with a gleam in her eye. As for leading interesting lives? She's game! "May we, indeed!" she agrees. "I've never lived anywhere it snowed before I moved here. And I only just got here about a sevenday ago!"

"Oh yeah, its great when they can between. Having a family of riders means I can go anywhere! I am still posted at the hall, but come up here a couple times a sevenday for dinner with one of the parents and they get me back before lights out." Eiram says with a bright look in his eyes, "The snow is great, yeah its cold and all, but you can have so much fun in it. I love making snow men and dragons and having snowball fights. I loved living down south too, but winter around here is the greatest.

"It will be nice," admits Sephany, "to have instant travel. I am rather tired of sitting on a wagon or a ship; I get sea sick." So, no sailing future for her. "But I expect he will be busy with his own duties, whatever those may be." The mention of fun times in the snow have her eyes going towards the weyrbowl exit. "It is taking time to adjust. I still feel cold, even inside," she explains. "But I am excited to enjoy the seasons fully." A small pause before, "Where did you live, down south?"

"Well there are some tricks to ship travel that most people who get sick don't do. Stay on deck and keep eyes on the horizon or turned to the breeze, but even them some people get all wibbly inside." He looks thoughtful for a moment, "I could probably talk Odryth into it if you do want to go for a ride." He responds before motioning to the hearth seats, "Them there are the best seats for getting warm, taking the boots off and putting the feet right up to it with a warm cub of KLah..that should fix ya right up!" He says with a firm nod, "I often do my homework there, hard to work wood with trembling fingers." To the matter of his 'other' home, "Rubicon River Hold, its at the mouth of the river the leads down to the Sea of Azov and Xanadu weyr. Right on the cliffs, but there is an underground cavern where the boats more in. Its amazing to see really.

"Mm," for the tips and tricks of ship travel. "I think I will just stick to land or dragon," decides Sephany, not unkindly. "Though I don't think there is much travel for the near future." The offer of a dragonride is met with a bit of hesitation, but then a small smile. "Thank you." Grey eyes turn towards the fire, assessing the area. Her fingers pull her cloak a little closer, and she tucks her hands in her lap. "I will remember that. It looks like a nice place to curl up with a book." And then a small 'ah,' for his other home. "I grew up in Igen, mostly. A little in Ista. And S'van is at Half Moon Bay. I've never been to Xanadu, though. Or anywhere on the Southern continent. Maybe someday. When I'm a famous journeyman with designs highly coveted around Pern." Of course she's teasing about that.

At the hesitation Eiram smiles, "He is steady as can be and perhaps more protective than even my parents, thats my Da's bronze. Now Ma's dragon…she is not for the faint hearted. I swear she is just a little nuts..but its amusing at times too." He laughs at that as he breaks apart the cookie and takes a bite listening to where she has been. "And then I can say I shared cookies with you once and people will be amazed!"

Steady. Steady is good. "I've seen some greens fly," admits Sephany. "Like giant, winged felines in the sky, twisting very which way." Not fun, for motion sick weavers. With a slide of her fingers, she pushes the plate towards him, abandoning the rest of her cookies. "Well. Now you can say that, not only did you share a cookie with me, but that I even gave you the rest," she tells him as she stands, grinning. "But until that blissful day of worldwide fame, I had best remember that I am only human. And right now, a hot bath is sounding very pleasant indeed." An incline of her head, a playful smile on her lips as she bids him farewell with a quick, "It was nice to meet you, Eiram. Thank you for the pleasant conversation and the cookies."

"She is like a feline in the sky after they have been on the herbs…" Eiram says with some agreement and a little shake of his shoulders. As she rises from his seat he rises as well and extends a hand to her. "My fellow harpers thank you as they will not go to waste." He says with a bow of his head. "I will talk to my Da about the ride if ever you want it. Keep warm Sephany." He says and then turns to wrap up the remaining deserts in a napkin and heads for the exit.

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