Fort Weyr - Weyrling Barracks
The rounded ceiling of this set of barracks is high enough to accomodate growing dragons. Lining the walls lengthwise are sets of stone couches and cots for their riders. At one end of the room are cabinets holding supplies for bathing and oiling young dragons, as well as the weyrling manuals. Against the opposite wall is a table with scraps of leather and leather-working tools. Tacked up on the wall is a diagram of riding straps.

C'rus has been looking forward to this day since he heard about it being proposed. Not so much for the formal dinner, or the dance..though both those things are appealing but because he gets to spend time with Kera. The time is coming, and is indeed nearly here, when he will be able to spend all the time with her that he wants, or she allows. Which ever is the case. Whatever challenges that may lay inbetween now and then pale in comparison to that. The weather has turned more decent now that winter is begining to let up, and C'rus is all dressed up in his finest clothes. Or at least the finest clothes he could find in the storage spaces. Just an old enough style to satisfy his taste, and not look stupid. Jaicoureth is sitting on the couch studying his rider. The dragon has no eye for fashion either but he does like fancy looking or unique looking things. Much like the lady he met the other day with the tall shoes. « You look very blue. I like the color. » Jaicoureth says, obviously more than a little biased. « I'm pleased you are so happy but don't understand why I can't come. » C'rus smiles to his lifemate and shrugs, "You wouldn't really fit in the living cavern. Besides you get to spend your time with your brothers and Moncerath. She'll be here too you know. If you don't remember her check my memory and it will jog yours. You enjoyed meeting her before." he points out. Jaicoureth seems to aquiesce at this.

It's for similar reasons Br'enn has been looking forward to today…though he seems to be fussing around with his outfit a little more than others might. It would help if he knew what Rynn was planning to wear, though he honestly prefers being surprised by her. He doesn't have the keenest fashion sense, simply going by what he's been told looks good on him by various people, though he does have a defining highlight to his intended outfit. He's just not settling on what looks good underneath that upper layer. At the moment, he's trying to judge from a selection of long-sleeved white shirts. His current choice has somewhat loose sleeves and a lace-closure neck…and doesn't look quite right with the cavalier vest he puts on over it. Not bad…but not good either. Tovihasuth is watching curiously, faceted green eyes trained steadily on his lifemate. « Why can't you just wear your normal clothes? » the bronze wants to know. « You look fine in those… » "'cause this isn't a normal time, Tov," he mutters, glancing over at C'rus and double-taking as he scrutinizes the other man's outfit. "Been to many of these?" he asks, pulling the vest off yet again after deciding that this particular shirt is a no-go.

C'rus doesn't have the keenest fashion sense either, "Not really. This will pretty much be my first time caring about it. They would have them at the hall sometimes, but I'd always just slip in, eat and slip out. No sense in making anything more than a political appearance." Of course he never had a date before. If the other folks at the hall could see him now they'd be quite surprised. Jaicoureth might not have a complete grasp on all things swirling around about this evening, but he has some of the rudimentary basics. « They are preening, brother. They wish to look good. The Weyrwoman has said they must and so they do. I believe this is some sort of human ritual. The males and the females gather in one spot and spin around each other. It is very social. It will be good for them. » Some human behavior eludes him, but some of it makes sense. Looking good makes sense. « Some day I will get coverings like these. » he adds. Because you know whats good for the goose…

Br'enn gives a dry chuckle, nodding a little before stripping off his current shirt and deliberating a bit before swooping up another one to try. "Wish we could get away with doin' that," he grumbles. "Well…maybe I don't mean that. S'pose there're enough reasons this'll be a good thing." A shirt with a button-up collar is donned, tucked in, the top few buttons left undone. Then the vest is fastened over it, and Br'enn examines himself - partly through Tovihasuth's eyes. « Spin each other? » Tovihasuth likes this idea. « So it should be fun, then! They don't have enough of that; there's always so much work. » Then he blinks over at Jaicoureth. « Do they even make coverings like these for us? » A look at himself, then back to his brother. « Why would we want to cover ourselves up anyway? We look fine! » Who would want to cover up his and Jaicoureth's particular brand of shiny, anyway? Br'enn, huffing a bit as his lifemate gets distracted, holds his arms out and turns to C'rus a bit. "Whaddya think of this one?" he questions the other man, one brow arched. He flicks a finger at his collar. "Not sure about this part…"

Br'enn asking C'rus about how something looks in the fashion sense is most surely the blind leading the blind, "I think bigger is better. Women like that sort of thing I think. Makes you stand out." Because flashy equals fashion right? C'rus thinks so, "Yeah…there are pleanty of reasons to go to this thing." He is partially listening to the conversation that the dragons are having, but mostly focused on himself. Jaicoureth bobs his head, his eyes remaining a pleasant shade of green. « Yes. They spin around with a female. They seem to enjoy this. So I think it will be fun for them. Though my dear boy has many antsy feelings… » The dragon says outing his rider once more. « We do look fine, but what is wrong with enhancement? » he asks his brother. « I will dance too. I'm not going to get left behind in this. There will be music and fun. »

Frowning a bit at C'rus' suggestion that bigger is better, Br'enn looks down at himself again and gives a short 'hmm' in thought. "Think I'm big enough without gettin' too…flashy," he surmises, once more deciding that this particular shirt isn't going to do and taking off the vest again. At the affirmation of plenty of reasons to go, the bronze weyrling ventures a little smirk. "Y'got yours, I got mine," he says, nodding. "Lookin' forward to meetin' Kera." Because any woman who would willingly attach to C'rus is extremely intriguing, in his mind. « Mine is the same, » Tovihasuth observes, outing his rider in turn. « He's just happy he gets to spend some more time with Mazzolyth's…though the spinning part makes him nervous still. » He knows about the spinning; Rynn's been working with Br'enn on it! Another curious glance is given the blue. « How do we dance? » It's a puzzle he thinks might be worthwhile to figure out.

C'rus is fine with what he is wearing and so he isn't going to get too worried about what other people are wearing, even if it is Br'enn. "I think we'll be alright no matter what." After all Rynn and Kera have both seem them looking probably not their best and haven't run away yet, "She's wonderful. I'm sure you will like her. She's beautiful and smart, just amazing." Is C'rus's thoughts on that. « Yes. My dear boy is the same. His feelings are really strong when they concern Kera. » Which the dragon, for as possessive as he once was, is surprisingly placid about. « I'll show you when we get there. » Jaicoureth says to Tovi. In the end, it's a lot of wiggling back and forth and if they manage to fly into the sky then the real dance begins.

"Yeah, you're prob'ly right," is conceded, briefly muffled as Br'enn swaps out his shirt again - this time, for one with more fitted, cuffed sleeves, dark buttons set with blue stones, and a mandarin-type collar. He holds it up, inspecting it dubiously, and proceeds to pull it on. "Seems we've got pretty similar tastes in women, on that count," he observes with a chuckle, again slightly muffled as the shirt is pulled on. « Br'enn's are too, when it comes to Rynn, » Tovihasuth says, lingering on the brownrider's name for a moment as if it's a curious thing to say. He seems pleased with the idea of learning how to 'dance' from Jaicoureth, although… « I think I might be too big. » To do it without looking funny. Tovihasuth has suddenly become aware of his own size in the past sevenday. « But I'll try anyway! »

C'rus nods his head in agreement with his clutchsibling, "We do have wonderful women." he agrees. C'rus couldn't say enough nice things about Rynn, and even though he certainly doesn't feel in any way romantic for her, she has been the most understanding person that he has met since coming to Fort, "And they seem to get along well which is an extra added bonus." It would suck if Rynn and Kera hated each other, but thankfully that isn't the case. « It must be terribly normal for them. I am unconcerned about this. Friendship is important for them as it is for us. » And perhaps more than friendship. The blue surveys his brother. He hasn't exactly been the paragon of graceful, but he thinks that Tovi can pull it off. « It's alright. It's just for fun anyway. It's not like its a lesson. » Looking silly is okay, especially with just family and friends.

Br'enn finishes tucking his shirt in and fastening all that needs to be fastened, straightening and grimacing a bit at the feel of the collar. He's not used to having anything stiffer than a scarf around his neck, really. He lets a grin slip for C'rus' agreement, adjusting his cuffs and then silently asking Tovihasuth to look his way so that he can see himself. Dragons are way better than mirrors! Or more fun, anyway. "That's good," he notes…and then pauses, looking a bit amused. "Enough to get to talkin' about us, y'think?" Much as Br'enn and C'rus are talking about them right now. « I know… » Tovihasuth replies. That it's not a lesson is beside the point; he's fine with messing up, so long as he can fix it! So how will he know if he is messing up? Maybe he'll figure it out.

« You just have to do what you feel and go with the emotion of it. » Jaicoureth encourages his brother. Which is pretty much Jai's answer to everything, because you just have to feel things out and those feelings won't be wrong because they are part of you. C'rus is done with his 'preening' as Jaicoureth called it. Now its just a matter of sitting and waiting a short time until the whole thing gets rolling, and then not being so nervous that he screws it up, "It wouldn't shock me. I mean that's what women do, right? They talk about us?" C'rus's experience with women is exactly ziltch outside of his experience with Kera and most of that has been interrupted with candidacy and then werylinghood, "I'm sure they'd only say nice things….right?"

Is Br'enn done 'preening'? It seems he just might be. "Huh," is his initial evaluation of himself after he pulls the vest on over the latest shirt. This one…just seems to look right. "That'll do." Satisfied, he piles the rest of the shirts together on his cot, intending to take care of them later as he props a booted foot on a corner of the thing. "Well…" he drawls, scratching at the side of his chin a bit, "Seems like it might be. And I'm hopin' they would… Haven't had any complaints…" Which he's sure Rynn would voice, if she had any. Right? Tovihasuth gives an approving snort, warm air billowing over his rider. « I like that one. It looks right. » Blinking over at Jaicoureth, the bronze rumbles. « I think they'll both make the people they go with happy. They look different…but it's a good sort of different! »

Kera has had a few complaints from time to time, but C'rus is a hard person to get along with so that shouldn't be terribly shocking. Though she's still coming and here with him and that has to say something? C'rus hopes so, "Well…looks like the time might be here. Lets go do this thing and make sure that we don't collectively blow it." Lovely pep talk. Jaicoureth is also a bit nervouscited and hops down off of his couch to follow his rider out. « We get to go have fun now. Let's go Tovi. » And the pair head for the door.