Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.

Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

For the Weyrling's formal dinner and dance, the cavern has been transformed. Tables have been moved and removed, and what is left behind is a cross in the center of the room. Four long tables intersect at a central point, upon which a low but elaborate centerpiece is set. The tables are decked out in white linen with black detailing, and the good Fortian silver and place settings are being used, each one with a small Fort emblem embossed or etched into them. Clearly the weyrwoman has gone all out for these settings, as the silverware is real silver and the plates are porcelain. Lighting comes from the windows and candles in silver holders set along the table, as well as glow sconces placed strategically throughout the cavern. Ambiance. Soft, formal, proper. The other part of the cavern has been cleared for the dance. Harpers will assemble on the raised dais which usually hosts the leadership table, and the floor in front is clear and smooth.

Nyalle stands at the door in a dark gown of metallic bronze and black, Thys' autumn themed jewelry set adoring her throat and ears. Her dark hair is piled elaborately atop her head and held with copper clasps and she stands poised and regal, greeting everyone as the enter with a curtsey and a smile, inviting them to please take their seats. Name tags are placed above each place setting, and the weyrwoman took great pains in the seating chart, so that no one is seated beside someone they dislike or might cause an issue. While the sun sets outside, the combination of glow and candlelight give the cavern a subtle shimmer and an air of sophistication and calmness.

Th'ero has taken his place next to Nyalle's side for the beginning of this formal affair, as it ought to be for a Weyrleader and Weyrwoman. He's dressed in his finer clothes, black with bronze and copper fastenings on his vest and some subtle embroidery along the cuffs of his sleeves and the neckline of his tunic. He's even tried to tame the wild mess of curls of his hair though that's a losing battle. With his hands clasped behind his back, he stands with his shoulders back, posture proper (and probably quite stiff). "Almost time," he murmurs quietly to Nyalle, before they're beset by their guests!

Inri's actually downplaying the jewelry this round, rather than being dressed in some elaborate set. Instead it's just a single sparkling choker and a couple of matching rings, a dangling bangle bracelet, and a swingy little black dress. Her hair's in an updo that is about as fancy as her jewelry isn't, with a few tiny curls flying loose in front. "It is so," she says softly as she steps up beside her Senior, "absolutely beautiful in here."

Alister is fresh-faced and fresh-shaved and freshly promoted; his uniform tonight is stylish, above and beyond the usual well-tailored, crisp and party-appropriate while still being understated. His smile, however, is anything but: whether on-duty or off it is present, and therefore in full force tonight; not only does the weyr not smell like fish, the living caverns are, in fact, actually really pretty.

Abigail isn't one to normally wear dresses, and in fact if any didn't know her somewhat they may not think this was the same person. The brownrider is wearing a dark hunters green dress that has gold trim, the sleeves are long and gather a bit about her wrists to keep them from the floor, a bodice wraps around her and ties along the front with a bit of slender brown cord, the skirts of the dress are not that flowing, just enough to add a bit of a swirl as she walks, and they hide the pair shoes upon her feet. Her hair is left down, red curls falling about her neck slightly save for a few that are pinned back with golden hair pins to the hair from her face. Around her neck rests a silver torque that has a dragon head on either end, another smaller torque rests wrapped around her right wrist. Her knot is settled upon her shoulder slightly hidden at times because of her hair but there all the same. There is a slight pause as the WIngleader glances over to Ha'ze before moving on into the cavern. "It's not that bad." She offers with a soft amused murmur to the bronze weyrling. Her gaze turns to both Nyalle and Th'ero offers both a polite half bow. "Weyrleader, Weyrwoman." She offers with a polite tone. Well it is a formal dance.. thing.. right?

It seems the first of the guests might be arriving! C'rus and Kera make their way into the living cavern together. When she had landed and he saw her his mouth had in the very literal sense dropped open. She was absolutely beautiful, and after recovering his powers of speech he told her so several times, because one just does't do it dangit. Jaicoureth too had been pleased to see Moncerath, not having seen her since he was relatively little. The blue dragon's mind had buzzed in his riders about how much fun he would have tonight he went off to chat and if he has his way get a little dancing in of his own. Which mostly comes out to waddling and wiggling, unless he can tempt her into the air and really show off. Back in the Living Cavern C'rus offers a wide smile to Th'ero, Nyalle and Inri as they come in, "Weyrwomen and Weyrleader…" he greets. He simply could not be happier.

Nyalle turns to nod to Th'ero with a wide and warm smile, excited and nervous as she fidgets with her gown. "Thank you, Inri," she murmurs to her junior, flushing with the praise. She is proud, no doubt about it. She looks back as people begin to arrive, lifting her skirt to curtsey to each. "Good evening. Welcome, thank you for coming. Please, find your name and have a seat at the table."

Br'enn comes along not far behind C'rus and Kera, a suitable shirt finally picked out to complement the deep sapphire and black cavalier vest he wears. He'd almost be completely clean-cut were it not for the shadow of stubble that perpetually clings to his jaw, and even that has been shaved down to a rather sharp look for the bronze weyrling. Rynn is on his arm, her petite form wrapped in a dress a deep shade of red…and he wouldn't even know where to begin to describe the sort it is, but he's doing his best not to stare at her the whole time. There's a point to all this, after all! Whatever it is, it works. Standing tall beside the brownrider (which further accentuates the over a foot of difference in height between them), they come to the entrance, bowing to Nyalle and Th'ero and offering the same greeting C'rus does. Glancing around, he's a bit taken aback. The space looks completely different. "Looks really nice," he notes honestly. If he's supposed to put it another way…it doesn't occur to him.

In a completely astonishing turn of events, Zhirayr is dressed in … black, black, and a little bit of black, tonight. Yep. As usual. He did at least get a nicely-tailored outfit in fine fabrics, but there's still not a touch of color to be seen on the Assistant Steward tonight. He's still in lurk-around-the-corners-and-make-sure-nothing's-going-wrong mode, but sooner or later he's bound to mingle.

Arriving alongside a very dapper looking Ralik, Thys waits for those already here and ahead of herself and her date to say their hellos to the Weyrleaders, holding back just a little to whisper in Ralik's ear. She's swapped her typical casual clothing for a russet-coloured dress, well-tailored, well-cut, and ideal for dancing, with the warm shade complemented by the copper flower clip in her short hair and the glass flower pendant on a copper chain around her neck. When there's space for them to move forward she gives her partner for the evening a little nudge, then leads them up to Nyalle and Th'ero to curtsey to them. "Weyrwoman Nyalle, Weyrleader Th'ero, good evening." She's got a big grin for them both when she straightens up, before introducing the man by her side. "This is Glasscraft Journeyman Ralik."

Kimmila is here as well, the bluerider wrapped up in a sapphire gown, looking quite fancy and pleased. She stands behind her chair while her date does his duties at the entrance.

Discomfort is all over the bronze weyrling as he walks in. Rolled eyes meet Abigail's comment about it being NOT THAT BAD, as he whispers back, "Aye, untill I step on your toes havin' to dance." His eyes brush across everyone gathered around, and then down to himself. The weyrlingmasters had made it perfectly clear he was to wear exactly the clothes that had been given to him, and the starchyness makes his walking only that much more stiff. "Well. At least we be fittin' in." Nyalle's direction to find his name has Ha'ze jerking his head sideways, "I think I see ours over there." He doesn't… quite drag. But there might be tugging. On Abigail. Sit, and no more socializing.

Th'ero dips his head politely to Inri and smiles to her, before giving Nyalle a reassuring look. Try to relax! It'll all go smoothly. Hopefully. Right? He begins to add his voice in too for the greetings, "Good evening and welcome." He sounds genuine too, no matter how many times he repeats himself. "Evening to you too, C'rus and… ah, welcome Kera! Fort Weyr's duties to Xanadu and her queens. Glad to see you could make it tonight." Now the Weyrling's are arriving and Th'ero can't help but let his smile broaden just a little more. "Good evening," he returns to each who come up to properly extend the same. "Well met, Journeyman Ralik and welcome!" There is so much to say and so little time! Th'ero doesn't mean to keep things brief, only that his attention is drawn to so many.

Ralik isn't entirely certain if he's meant to bow or anything in this particular instance, so he only bows his head slightly in a polite gesture and then offers his hand, "Weyrwoman, Weyrleader. A pleasure to meet the both of you." While Ralik is very much well-polished for the evening, his scarf and jacket shed by the door, he manages not to look uncomfortable with a style of dress he's really not used to. He won't linger too long with the leaders of the Weyr if only because they are in the unenviable position of having to greet and meet pretty much everyone who comes in today. He'll step away with Thys afterwards, so long as she doesn't much mind, and will cast alook around to see if he can find his brother amongst all these dandied up people. Hrm.

Nyalle continues with her greetings, smiling, nodding, curtseying, complimenting outfits. "Ah! Journeyman Ralik, it's a pleasure. Welcome to our little dinner and dance, I do hope you enjoy yourself." And so forth, with everyone as they enter. The Harpers play a gentle tune in the background, slow and steady. Not an invitation to dance though, and one Weyrling who steps onto the floor is gently reminded that they are to have dinner first. /Then/ dancing.

The Weyrhealer is here because it's proper for her to be; she's not that fantastic at parties, and so Mirinda enters and quietly takes her seat, doing nothing but smiling politely at people on her way there. Her clothing is somewhat uncharacteristic, much like Abigail's; she is wearing a floor-length navy blue gown with a tightly-laced bodice. It seems someone's talked her into finally showing a bit of skin, and it seems as if she's trying not to focus on it. More of her attention is being given to watching everyone else from where she's perched.

Hopefully, having an extra person attached to the hip wasn't a condition of entry. R'yal is by himself as he makes his way into the living cavern, pausing for just a moment to peer around people entering in front of him. Wide eyes take in the change in the cavern, though at least he refrains from making any noises of appreciation for it all. Instead he waits his turn, giving a polite little bow. "Good evening Weyrwoman, Weyrleader." He too is certainly dressed the part, even if he tugs a bit self-consciously at his clothing now and again to make sure everything is straight and wrinkle-free. He passes that threshold though and on toward the tables, giving a quick scan for names in the process. He'll find where he's supposed to be eventually. Though he does at least spot Ralik after a moment or so, giving his brother an odd looking over before heading toward him and Thys. "What in the word did you do to my brother, Thys? He's…he's clean."

Abigail casts a look over to Ha'ze and looks amused as she is hurried along, which means she does no hurry a long. Nope she takes her sweet time heading on towards that place where there names are to be found. "Honestly, I bet yer not that bad Ha'ze." She offers with a soft tone.

Kera wasn't sure she'ld make it in time. There were all those pumpkin guts, the enthusiastic flinging of said pumpkin inner bits all in her hair. It just HAD to be washed. Besides, aren't you supposed to be fashionably late to fancy outings? Admiring C'rus duds, she leaves Moncerath to mingle with the young blue and other Fortian dragons. Eyeing the drastic change in the cavern when she and C'rus enter, she tilts her head to whisper something to to her date. "Hmm, perhaps I shouldn't have work my boots afterall." And then they are in front of the bigwigs, er bigknots. Smiling to Th'ero and Nyalle "Xanadu's duties to Fort and her queen. Good to see you both again Weyrleder, Weyrwoman." Hopefully not humiliating her weyr too badly in the greeting. Then drifting on with C'rus as they are instructed to find their seats. Kera waves to and offers other greetings to those she recognizes.


Thys is more than happy to follow Ralik's lead away from the Weyrleaders and into the living caverns, slipping her arm back through his if he'll allow it, with a coy look to him as she does so. "It looks beautiful, doesn't it?" The caverns, the tables, the silver and settings - all of it. Then there's R'yal! Thys laughs at what's said, taking a little step back from Ralik's side to look at him in full. "He cleans up well, doesn't he?" She winks at her fellow weyrling, then notices his lack of a partner for the evening. "Flying solo, Rav?"

"I think I'd stopped steppin' on toes by the end." Sarcasm washes over Ha'ze's words as he glances over at Abigail. He knows what she is doing. "Of course, the fact Nyalle had us practicin' for hours might have somethin' to do with that." He cuts a glance over to where the weyrwoman stands and then back to Abigail. Just a few more steps and he can put himself into a chair and pretend to not exist for a while. Unless someone talks to him. Please, by all that is holy, let no one talk to him other then Abigail. Shut up Kainaesyth, it's too…. any time of the day to be social. A slight cough as he brushes away Kai's encouragement towards social, "You're lookin' good Wingleader."

"Little?" That'd be an amused D'ani in Nyalle's ear, having snuck up behind the Weyrleaders. He flicks Inri an easy wink coupled with a grin. The Weyrsecond is… not dressed in formal black, but at least his shirtsleeves aren't rolled up tonight. He's close though? Charcoal grey shirt, coat and trous. Oh wait - shoes, black. "The caverns look very nice," he says casually of the quite formal setting.

C'rus wouldn't even have noticed the boots had she not mentioned it, but C'rus has no problems with it since he has the fashion sense of a small canine, "I think they look lovely." he says softly back to her after she greets Nyalle, Th'ero and Inri. He too wanders after her toward the seats with the nametags in front of them. The hall looks amazing and he couldn't imagine a more fancy experience if he tried, "I'm so glad you could come. I couldn't imagine going with anyone else." he says to his date.

Alister doesn't quite do drifting, and he doesn't quite make rounds, but he is — always moving, always keeping an eye out; there aren't many familiar faces given his general all-around brand-spanking newness, but there are some. Well, one, really, there's the one, and when he catches sight of it his expression brightens and he changes his trajectory. Toward the Weyrleader, Werywoman and … junior goldrider, who is the one who he flashes an assessing eyebrow-raise and grin at before he turns to the weyrs' leaders and says, "Sir, ma'am. Great turn out."

"Oh, this is little," Inri laughs, shooting D'ani a smile, "compared to some others. It could have been much bigger." Technically, the hatching feasts are bigger, but definitely less fancy. Not that Inri isn't basking in the fancy. "You look excellent, Weyrsecond. And you —" That's addressed at Alister, who she's actually managed to register at this point. And hopefully place correctly: "Have come a very long way to stand here and look like you fit in, huh?"

With a quiet tread, Br'enn leads Rynn on to the table where their names are placed, pulling out her chair and making sure she's seated before finding his own. Blue eyes scan the room intently, taking note of who is here and with whom and giving his clutchmates a nod as he make eye contact, however fleeting. There's also an inclination of his head to Inri, and then he glances over to C'rus and Kera nearby, doing the same and offering the visiting greenrider a smile. "Evenin'."

Nyalle jumps a bit, head turning to look at D'ani, and then she smiles widely at the Weyrsecond, a blush touching her cheeks. "It was nothing…" It was a lot, actually. "Thank you, though. You look well, D'ani. I believe that's everyone?" she says, peering at the entrance and then turning to look around the room. "Shall we move to our seats?" she asks, extending her arm towards Th'ero. Alister's remark has her pausing though, giving him a warm smile. "Of course it is." The Weyrlings kind of had to be here. One great way to assure a good turnout in an event - make it mandatory.

"D'ani!" Th'ero greets his close Weyrsecond, turning a bit to properly clasp him on the shoulder should he allow it. "Good to see you. And it is, isn't it? Nyalle here can work wonders!" he murmurs in gentle praise to the Weyrwoman and then resumes his polite greetings to the arriving guests, of all ranks and positions! "Thank you, Sergeant." he murmurs to Alister after a quick glance to his knot. "Ahh, I believe so, Nyalle. If not, well… there are some who are always a touch fashionably late." Can't be helped! Taking her offered arm, he dips his head to those still mingling close by. "Let's all go claim our seats. Make yourselves comfortable and enjoy the evening." Th'ero will then begin to slowly lead the Weyrwoman to the tables and where their seats await, moving at a sedate pace. There will be more greetings, after all and small talk on the fly!

Abigail is doing nothing, nothing but talking as they walk along, taking her time. See? Her gaze drifts over the room, rather enjoying the new sights for a bit before she lets her attention turn over to Ha'ze once more. "Come now, ye don't think this place is that bad now do ye?" She questions while lifting her head a touch once they have finally made it to their seats. At the comment to herself she smiles to him. "Thank ye Ha'ze." There is a bit of amusement seen as she sits down upon her chair and smoothes out her dress skirts a bit. "Ye clean up rather nicely yerself I have ta say."

Ralik makes a flippant gesture in R'yal's direction in response to his jibe, "Hey, I clean up all the time, shortie." He catches onto the fact that his brother seems dateless when Thys mentions it, looking around after a second only to shrug one shoulder and smirk, "Eh, worst things have happened than going to a dance alone, right? You can keep me company when my date has to play diplomatic with other dancers." He gives Thys a light, teasing nudge when he says that, then motions with his free hand towards the tables and the like, "You can sit with us, too, so long as it's alright with Thys here."

His duty done, Alister nods again to the departing leadership pair, and adds an, "I have, haven't I?" to Inri; his smile tips higher on the right side than the left, and he offers her his arm. "Breakwater has its charms, don't get me wrong, but it can't compare to Fort." As she should well know.

"I ain't comfortable around large groups." It's an understantement. Ha'ze's droll tone hints at the understatement at his words. He does, at least, push in Abigail's chair under her before he claims his own. There he relaxes a little bit, someone was smart enough to put his chair facing a wall (and if they didn't then I just decided they DID) which limits people walking behind him. "When the weyrwoman fixes her mind on somethin' it seems like it's gettin' done." Conversation topics are abruptly searched for as he looks around, "It's… lookin' different in here."

R'yal does look a touch embarrassed for a moment, averting his eyes toward the tables. "I don't really know anyone well enough to…you know. Ask them to come along. It'd be a little weird to just take in a perfect stranger." He does at least start to gravitate toward the tables, waving his hand toward them. "My name is next to Thys, so that won't be a problem.." There's a laugh though when he pulls out his chair to settle into it, tossing a glance back at Ralik. "Maybe you do, but I sure haven't seen it before. Usually you're all..gross..from being around all the melting glass. In a good way, though. Really."

Ha'ze's chair's location might limit the number of people walking right behind him in his personal space, but apparently it hasn't ruled everybody out, because this would be approximately the point when Zhirayr shows up in his blind spot to point out "That's because it is different in here." Dryly. So dryly. You might want a drink, everyone who hears him say that.

"It's classy-big," D'ani corrects both goldriders, cheekily. "Silver and linen. Candlelight. Beautiful ladies. Fancy." He starts to give the Weyrleader a flippant, two-fingered salute, then oh yeahs under his breath. The weyrlings are here - better be a good example, eh? The salute is modified to a proper one. "Th'ero," he says, brown eyes laughing at the enthusiasm the man shows him. It's been all of… hours(?) since they saw each other last. "Thank you. You both look stunning." He smiles to first Nyalle and then Inri, but it's clear that his eyes linger longer on the junior than the senior, though the compliment was in earnest to both. His arm is offered quite properly to Inri. He'll lead her to her place, hold her chair out for her and help seat her.

Abigail nods a moment as she hears Ha'ze. "Nothing wrong with that." She has gotten use to such groups of people though, it did take a bit of time. "Well, it is a formal ball.. Weyr's do tend to have them from time to time so it is good for you all to get use to them." There is a slight pause. "Especially ye." Seeing how his a bronze rider now, never know what could happen in the future after all. A glance is sent over to the new voice and she peers at Zhirayr. "Why hello Zhirayr… So… very black there." She smirks a touch. "Didn't find another color to add to it?" Someone give him a mask and a sword!

Kera grins to C'rus assurance that her foorwear is fine "Somehow I think you're biased though." Chuckling a bit, they get to their seats "Hello." is offered to those they are seated nearest too. So many pretty dresses and snazzy new outfits. The Xanadu greeny chuckles from time to time over little bits of other conversations she overhears, some including shocked surprise at how their fellow weyrlings can clean up when they wish to.

And a horse.

"I'm glad your name is beside ours," Thys says to R'yal, reaching out to fondly squeeze his arm. "And you didn't have to bring a date, I don't think it was mandatory." She grins reassuringly, then rolls her eyes at Ralik at his nudging. "I'm sure I'll get a dance from Rav too, won't I? Because once we've eaten, I don't know if I intend to stop dancing at all until I drop… and you're both on my dance card."

C'rus after finding his place alongside Kera he looks over, quite pleased to see Br'enn and Rynn nearby. He does remember that Kera hasn't had the chance yet to meet Br'enn and so makes sure the two get a proper introduction, "Kera. I'd like to introduce you to my clutchmate Br'enn, and Br'enn this is Kera. She's a Senior Apprentice healer and rides that lovely green that you saw outside." He grins at Kera's comment about him being biased, "I confess I am very biased. Though I suppose it comes with the territory."

Ha'ze jumps. He can't help it. When someone all in black ABRUPTLY APPEARS behind someone already ill-at-ease it is to be expected. Relaxation comes sooner rather than later though, when Ha'ze is able to match the voice with a familiar face. "Sir." Ha'ze nods shifting his chair so that Zhirayr isn't right behind him any more. A curve of a frown arches between his eyebrows as he returns his gaze to Abigail. "Why especially me?"

"Because you're doomed to attend a lot of them," says Zhirayr the never-a-rider, all too cheerfully. Nyalle, however, gets a voice that actually matches his solemn expression: "I found a great deal of color, actually. I just didn't feel a need to put it on me." He gestures at some of the pretty sparkly colors filling the room. He helped!

No complaints at all from Inri, who is all smiles at her very polite and proper escort. "Aren't you sweet," she says as she follows, quick smiles offered toward Abigail and Ha'ze and Zhirayr, as well as a departing grin for little Alister who stopped being little at some point and might be taller than she is now. D'ani, however, remains the focus of her attention — on top of looking good and being a darling, he pushed in her chair.

"Well, at least I know R'yal's not likely to try something," Ralik says with no small amount of amusement in his voice, though he proceeds to roll his eyes and wave his brother off when he tries to goad him like that. Soon, R'yal. SOON. He will head over towards the table after that, walking along with Thys and taking a moment to pull her chair out for her, "If you do drop, I promise I'll be a proper sort and carry you back to the barracks. I'll even take a bit of a lashing from the golden lady for it, I swear." Bwaha. Once Thys has taken her seat, Ralik will settle into his own beside her, glad to be sitting down if only so he can actually look around without feel a touch self-conscious in his abnormally formal duds.

Nyalle smiles very warmly at D'ani for his compliment before she lets Th'ero lead her back to her chair and the Senior stands behind it, making a gesture with her hands. "If everyone could please find their seats and be seated…"

Abigail is about to say something before pausing as she hears Zhirayr and lifts a brow. "So cheerful." She offers with a shake of her head. "Don't go telling him that his doomed for such things." This said with a murmur to the non-black-rider. "Aye, such colors and so ye felt the need to wear black to stand out or hide I wonder?" This questioned with a curious tone. As for Ha'ze she looks over to him. "Being a bronze rider means ther are certain things ye have to account for." like such things as /these/. The smile is caught from Inri and she offers a nod and smile back to her.

Ralik earns a thigh-bap for his teasing, though Thys still can't help but laugh at him as she slips into the chair he pulls out for her. "You're terrible," she snorts, amused - even more amused to find herself seated in the middle of the two brothers. "It's like this was planned, or something." There's playful sarcasm in her tone as she looks from R'yal to Ralik, grinning from one to the other. "I wonder what they'll serve? I've got to admit, I'm kind of hungry right now."

Mirinda stops leaning over the edge of her seat and facing the room and moves to actually sit in it; for all that she's not got many people to talk to, she can appreciate the fact that she's at a nice dinner and someone else is watching her child. Someone else is watching her child and she gets to eat.

As people are seated Nyalle remains standing, waiting. And once they are all settled she smiles warmly. "Thank you all so much for coming." Even if you were forced. "This evening is a celebration not only of etiquette, fine food and dancing, but also in how far the Weyrlings have come. You are not far from graduation, so this night is meant to be a time to relax, reflect, and enjoy." Then she sits, letting Th'ero say his piece before the drudges arrive, each one dressed in a fresh, new tunic, to deliver the first course - winter squash soup and loaves of bread with fresh churned butter. Drinks are also served. Water, juice, and wine. Weyrlings are even allowed one glass of wine!

Kera looks to Br'enn as C'rus introduces them, head tipping slightly in greeting. "Hello, C'rus has mentioned you a time or two. Nice to meet you." And then they are taking their seats and Kera looks to C'rus curiously, speaking a bit softer "Fort certainly goes all out for when they do something." A quick flutter of her fingers as she gestures towards the cavern and the table alignment. She grows quiet as the Weyrwoman's voice rings out again.

"I don't intend to be stickin' around when that kind of thing is happenin'." Ha'ze lifts an eyebrow upwards at Abigail, having finally caught her gist.

Th'ero's enthusiasm may be half because he got into some ale before this event and half genuine. A few hours or not, he can show some happiness right? Another grin is given to D'ani and then he is back to focusing on leading Nyalle to her seat. Wouldn't do if he walked her into someone's chair or into the corner of a table! They arrive safely however and he stands by his chair, a warm smile fixed to his features as he waits on their guests to settle and the sound of conversation to lower before he listens politely to Nyalle's speech. His is also short and sweet, adding to the Werywoman's warm words and welcoming all to the evening of celebration. He speaks of how proud they are in seeing the Weyrlings grow during their training and are pleased to see how many have come tonight. There are words of thanks and then Th'ero will encourage all to enjoy the food, the drinks and the dancing to come later! He won't forget his manners either, seeing Nyalle seated first before he takes his seat.

C'rus has said only nice things about Br'enn, he promises. He nods his head in agreement with Kera, "Yes they do. I've noticed that as something of a trend.." he says getting quiet when Nyalle and Th'ero speak but then continuing after it is clear they are done and the food is being passed out, "Doesn't Xanadu?" he asks, more than a little bit curiously. He never really attended any formal events, he always confined himself to the infirmary. As the first course is delivered he makes sure to grab some of the juice, not the wine, even if he is allowed. He's never been a drinker, "The food looks wonderful."

"And where do you intend to go? Your dragon is not likely to enjoy the idea of you skipping out of all a bronzerider's duties, you know." Yes, Zhirayr did throw the emphasis in there to be purposefully annoying. Yep. He's seated illegally in someone else's seat — but hey, it's not like whoever it was had actually shown up on time.

Abigail :watches Ha'ze a few moments. "Aye… I know." This said with a soft tone. Pondering what else to say on the matter before Zhirayr is off once more. She sends him a slightly pointed look. "Why thank ye so much for yer insight on a matter. That no one asked ye ta join in." She points out with a soft matter oh fact like tone. "Why don't ye try the wine Zhiaryr?" Hint hint.. Though she doesn't think he'll take the hint.

D'ani won't complain about having a warm welcome, not at all. His subdued mirth is quite properly… er… subdued because it would be awful if he distracted the Weyrleader into winding up dragging Nyalle to the floor in a dizzy sprawl. Before he pulls out Inri's chair, he listens to the Weyrleaders speak, his eyes drifting over the ranks of weyrlings with approval. He seats himself beside Inri, brown eyes find Kimmila and he grins at her, thumbs up for her appearance. It's the best he can do amidst the sound of wood scaping across stone and the chatter generated by people getting seated. The trays arriving over their heads, the hands reaching for goblets to pour wine ensure he sits very still so as not to get smacked upside the head, but it doesn't stop him from fidgeting with his napkin and the silverware on it. "What's new with you these days, Inri?" Because he's sharing office space with her but rarely in it…

Kimmila returns D'ani's smile warmly as she sits beside Th'ero, murmuring softly to him as they begin to enjoy their first course.

Kera nods agreeably to C'rus "They do. But I suppose I'm more used to the surroundings even when the place is all dressed up. But it always seems that Fortians are never satisfied and strive to one up themselves with each event I attend." Don't even get her started on the Tunnel of Light from some turns back. A hint of a shrug lifts her shoulders, fingers absentmindedly reaching to adjust her necklace or bracelet just so. As spiffy dress drudges arrive with the first coarse, she keeps her movements to a minimum til they move away. Kimmila is spotted and the woman is sent a quick wave.

Seeing as there's likely to be a great deal of food, conversation, and dancing to come up, it's likely easy to lose track of people. Thys and Ralik are two of those people. While Thys will likely be taken about the dance floor a few times, definitely until she drops, Ralik will most likely just dance with her (and maybe his brother, because why not). For the most part, however, the amusing couple largely stay in the background, chatting and eating and dancing as they please.

Whereas Inri is most always in it, unless she's messing with the inventories in person — but she is definitely an office-sticker, and that's why her side is just as pretty as it is. Not that she hasn't often slipped D'ani things like nice pens. "Well, apparently," with a hand-wave at the new guard sergeant, "little kids from when I was a teenager are now adults following me to the Weyr. Other than that, nothing you don't really know about except this bracelet." She extends her arm, just in case he's curious.

C'rus 's eyes are drawn to the fiddling fingers and he grins widely as he sees the pendant that he bought her around her neck. He does look extremely class with the beautiful dress that she is wearing, "I love seeing you wear that." he says to her softly, so as not to disturb the others around them that might be and because what he is about to say could be classified as super sappy, but it is the honest to goodness truth in his eyes, "As beautiful as the hall is…it doesn't compare to you." And then he quickly looks away, specifically down toward the food that being delivered.

Ha'ze casts a cool glance onto Zhirayr. "Maybe. And maybe not. Kainaesyth is fairly laid back." Of course, Ha'ze hasn't done the whole dragon-lust thing, so. Ha'ze catches Abigail's hint, and reaches forward towards the wine and pours some for Abigail.

"He's still just a kid," Zhirayr points out, not unkindly, and claps Ha'ze on the shoulder. "I should also probably find my own place, because that smells excellent and has all day." Abigail gets a polite nod, and then Zhirayr vanishes into the shadows again, looking and looking for his name — or rather, where the route is to the table that he already knows has his name on it. And he ends up stopped dead for a moment, there, causing drudges to swallow curses as they have to navigate around him, because of course he's sitting right next to the Weyrhealer. Of course he is. It's not like Nyalle would have known a reason not to sit him next to her. "Mirinda," he manages to murmur once he finally pushes himself into his seat beside her, "you're looking lovely this evening. How's the bread?"

"Indeed.. So no reason to fill his head with thoughts that he will get stuck in going to things like this for ever now aye?" Abigail offers more as a comment then actual question. She curiously looks to Zhirayr and nods, a soft smile seen. "I do hope ye have a good evening." A curious look is sent back to Ha'ze and she smiles as he pours the wine. "Thanks."

Aw, she has?? No doubt that's why D'ani finds a picture added to the wall here and there behind his desk, right? Perhaps a rugged mountain landscape or something? Because if it were to be left up to the weyrsecond to decorate, there'd be a clutter of bits and iron tongs, cauldrons and steel scalpels (animal healing tools) leaving his side of the office downright scary in a torture-chamber sort of way. But pens - for him to sign his life away on the never-ending documents and reports they get to read. No excuses for late paperwork, is there? "While time stands still for some, others are not so lucky?" he quips of the guard, flicking him an inquisitive look. As he eases to one side so the steaming bowl of soup may be placed, he also peers at the bracelet. Of course he's curious. With a smile that crinkles the corners of his eyes, "I didn't know you wore jewelry. Tell me about that one." Because there's surely a story there, right?

If anything, it was probably an attempt to get Mirinda to talk to people by way of seating her next to someone who would, without any doubt, talk to her. And that worked: since Zhirayr is speaking to her, she's actually going to engage because if there's one thing she isn't, it's rude. "Thank you, Steward," assistant, whatever, "the bread is mostly gone, which can speak to its favor in my case." She likes bread. And soup, mostly also gone.

Kera looks back to her date and, seeming confused for a few seconds til she catches up and realzies he's speaking about the jewelry she's wearing. Blushing at the compliment he adds "Thank you. I don't have oppurtunity to wear it very often." Best not wear your nice thing every day. A few small bites of the soup is taken as she chats with those around her softly. A look up and down the tables, leaning forward and back to scan the other sections then back to her date "Where's your friend, S'ai, sitting?"

Some of the conversation between Zhirayr and Abigail is going to go right over Ha'ze's head, and probably rightly so. Else he might end up blushing a bit. There's probably a lot about Kainaesyth's color that Ha'ze hasn't quite grasped yet. And doesn't intend to grasp as much as possible. Food has been set before the pair and Ha'ze, as one who knows the cost of a lost meal, digs right in… only to remember a split second AFTER eating the manners that Nyalle had drilled into their head. He casts a look over to the weyrwoman as he fumbles to put the napkin on his lap. Chew, swallow, don't talk with mouth full. "How is it?" To Abigail he speaks.

Nyalle sits and watches, occasionally talking to Mr'az or Th'ero, one on either side of her. She looks down the table and there is no denying the /pride/ and happiness in her gaze. She is more relaxed here, in this formal atmosphere, than she ever is during more casual events. She spies Ha'ze's fumble and smiles warmly at him, nodding her head in approval at his correction.

"You're welcome to share some of mine, then," Zhirayr offers gamely. Gentlemanly. Maybe a touch smitten. Maybe slightly doomed. Thanks so much, Nyalle. "There does seem to be plenty for the table, if not for each individual, after all. How is your daughter?" Small talk kills, doesn't it.

No problem, Zhir.
We're killing Zhirayr now?
Zhirayr hopes not.

C'rus catches just the end of the blush as he had focused his attention back on his food. Though he does breath a sigh of relief that she appreicated the compliment. All this is still so terribly new for him and he has always had the tendancy of overdo things, "I'm not sure…" he says as he glances around trying to see if he can find S'ai at one of the tables somewhere, "I don't see him…" Which doesn't mean he isn't here, "Our lesson schedules haven't matched up lately. I haven't seen much of him I'm afraid." he says letting his eyes roll over the group and he grins to Nyalle, pleased to see her both relaxed and happy next to M'raz. His attention then flows naturally back to Kera, "What was the festival like today?" He continues to politely listen and work on his dinner at the same time.

"He looks like an actual adult," is Inri's continued commentary on Alister — though that's where it stops for the time being because instead she can talk about her bracelet. Which is not that interesting a story, but that doesn't stop her from telling it — something about how she found the stones, and managed to talk a smith (maybe it was Tashryn) into setting it into something nice for her. It's a found object bracelet but actually very attractive, and she's proud of it. And enjoying that pride just about as much as she's enjoying stirring the soup: "Doesn't this smell lovely? I appreciate Nyalle's love of dinner parties."

Abigail glances after Zhirayr a few moments before she looks back to Ha'ze and offers him a soft smile and nods before she picks up a bit of bread while she eats her soup. Good soup! "It's not bad… Though I rather like simple thing. Campfire fish and the like ye know?" This questioned with an amused tone to Ha'ze.

"Aye, simple. But the food is good." Ha'ze will just point that out as he takes more food into his mouth. Glancing over at Abigail's plate he reluctantly slows down on his progression through the food to match her pace a bit. "I think we're suppose to dance after." Ew.

Ah, the wonders of formal dinners and gatherings! It's so easy to be swept up into conversation or even one's meal! Which is exactly what happened to Th'ero, though his concentration has likely been pulled away for other reasons too. Distracted Weyrleader is distracted! "The food has been delicious!" he praises to Nyalle. Not to mention plentiful! Leaning over, he will gently touch Kimmila's arm. "Enjoying yourself?" he murmurs quietly.

It's not really small talk when it's about someone's child, is it? Mirinda is certainly able to talk about her daughter like it's actually an interesting topic. "She's still very happy here, almost deliriously, I hadn't realized how much she hadn't liked it at Landing." Probably neither had the very young girl, who never really stopped to think about that kind of thing. "Mass infections and all, she's got no interest in ever going back." Mirinda totally steals some of Zhirayr's bread.

Kimmila smiles over at Th'ero, nodding between bites of soup. "I am! I hope we're not too full to dance, afterwards…" She's already eying folks that have received their second course.

"I'm sure he does," muses D'ani, explaining his prior comment to Inri, "while you still look like a youngun." Okay, it's an exaggeration and he winces right afterwards. Real smooth, D'ani! She's not looking elderly anyway! "It tastes even better if the spoon actually enters your mouth," he teases quietly. His attention on the bracelet is genuine and between bites of his soup, he'll ask her for the names of the stones and where she found them. It helps him not to shift restlessly and he is enjoying himself because he is hungry and in excellent company.

Is it really theft when it's been more-or-less freely offered? Even if it is really good bread and very tasty soup that is even better when alternated with the bread, bite for bite? "The one thing about quarantine that never gets advertised in advance is how boring it is, I've always thought," he remarks idly.

"Can I get you anything, Weyrwoman?" Mr'az offers in a lowered voice to Nyalle but there's amusement hidden there and though he keeps his smile small, his eyes are bright with good humour. Surely the wine isn't already getting to his head? Or has it just been a long time since the bronzerider could enjoy himself, even at a formal event like this?

"I don't think the dancing is that bad." Wasn't Abigail against this becasue she didn't want to dance just the other day? Well yes but that was then, and this is now after all. As for her food she just goes about eating it slow like, no reason to get to full and then have to dance right? "Though when the dance done it's closer for this to be over ye know?" She wouldn't mind that idea actually, but knows that even after the dance people will want to talk an all that fun stuff.

Kera looks about for another moment til C'rus confirms he doesn't see the young man either. Sipping some juice an amused eyeroll is partial answer to C'rus's inquiry. "Messy, but fun." Briefly, she explains about the pumpkins, and topping, scooping and carving. Kera doesn't leave out how enthusiastic some of the kids were, flinging pumpkin inner bits all around, including her hair. "So I wasn't about to show up here with 'that'mess in my hair, so I was a bit late in showing up." thankfully not too late though. And soon her soup bowl is swept away and replaced with the next dish of fish. Oh, the cook must know she loves seafood. Hearing the word quarantine, her perks up and peeks around. Not again!

Th'ero laughs and grins to Kimmila, "I've been pacing myself concerning the food so I'll be fine for dancing!" he drawls. What about her? He'll see her glance out to the other tables and so does he and he chuckles. "Seems that they're all enjoying themselves," he murmurs quietly to her as he pushes yet another empty plate aside to be collected by the drudges.

It's not quiet in the Living Cavern right now, what with so many people in here…and suffice to say, Br'enn has had a good reason to be distracted, considering who's next to him. It might not have been the best etiquette (which is what they're focusing on right now, yes?), but it wasn't really intentional. He did, of course, answer Kera somewhere back along the line, and then food came. Really good food; Br'enn can't recall eating this well…ever, really. Add another reason to the list of why this evening actually is a Good Thing. And now, the word 'dance' is being thrown around, and he shifts a bit. But the second course is coming, so they don't have to deal with that quite yet. It's going to take a bit for him to get worked up to it, even after all Rynn's help and in spite of the fact that the first dance will probably be with her.

Abigail gets an abrupt sprised LOOK from Ha'ze. Just like he's checking to make sure no one has replaced the woman with someone else. No? Still Abigail. He tries to erase that look. "I guess it isn't so bad. Though I'm sure they're gonna be lookin' to be tellin' us what we ain't done right after." It's easier to do all of this if Ha'ze pretends it is just another lesson. Abigail's slowness is also sadness, as Ha'ze leaves that last bite on the table until she's done with round one and round two can come.

Actual eating. Inri can do actual eating. She'll even finish the soup off quickly and be ready for her second course right around when everyone else is. "The spoon doesn't taste as good as the soup," she protests, though the real silver can't possibly taste bad. "I don't usually find nice things like these around, but next time I do I'll have them made into cufflinks, maybe you'll keep up keeping your sleeves rolled down." At least she's grinning at him?

C'rus would have liked to have seen that, but another time perhaps. This moment is something he is more interested in. As the fish appears he smiles as well, the second course appears to be even more excellent than the first, "I do love fish." he says. His ears also catch the word and he can tell by the way she is looking around that Kera did too, "We aren't going to start that mess again are we?" he asks. The first time was bad enough.

Nyalle smiles happily over at Mr'az, shaking her head. "No, I'm fine. Just fine. Are you enjoying yourself?" she asks quietly.

Kimmila flashes Th'ero a wide grin. "Good. Because I intend to /dance/ tonight. And it seems like they are, yes. I'm pleased with how well everyone is behaving…"

Kera did not here the Q word, she refuses to hear it this evening. Catching C'rus's eye when he seems to be on the lookout for it as well, she chuckles "We're probably hallucinating. Occupational Hazard and all that." She gestures airily with her fork. As her gaze drifts aroud the tables, she'll offers polite tips of her head and smiles before returning to the conversation imediately around her.

Healers do tend to hallucinate a bit when it comes to things like that, especially after the scare that was had recently. C'rus continues to make quick, but polite work of his fish. He's going to try to be extra sociable now. He glances across the table to Inri who he doesn't know all that well, and D'ani and any others sitting by them, and back at Kera, "Kera have you ever had the pleasure of meeting weyrwoman Inri or weyrsecond D'ani?"

Mirinda's not going to focus too hard on it either, except to say, "Many things in life you don't expect to be are boring," and keep eating. Soup, bread, and not talking about work. It is a party, after all.

Mr'az smiles back as he leans into his chair comfortably. "I am! Seems that everyone is as well. Behaving too," he muses with a soft chuckle. "You will be dancing later, I hope?" Silly question to ask Nyalle but he does so anyways!

Th'ero gives Kimmila a sidelong look and then murmurs low by her ear, "Now, don't go and jinx us, Wingmate! It's true though… the evening has been going smoothly." What was that about jinxes? Lifting his head back, he laughs again. "So I best be ready to dance too then, is that it?"

Nyalle grins widely at Mr'az, nodding her head. "Of course! Th'ero and I will start, as is proper, and then I hope to dance quite a bit with you."

Kimmila grins crookedly at Th'ero. "If you want to dance with me, then yes. If you don't, I'm sure I could find some dancing partners. C'rus maybe, if he wore protection."

It turns out — eventually, while Zhirayr is busy cursing himself for bringing up work-related information for her, since it isn't like he wants to talk about work either — that the fish is excellent, so is the rest of the food, and Zhirayr isn't going to need to terrify any drudges for shoddy workmanship over this feast, at least not so far. "Were you interested in dancing tonight?" he asks Mirinda, in a last-ditch effort to actually talk to her.

The mention of quarantine isn't lost on Br'enn, either, and he glances over at C'rus to see what reaction the Healer-weyrling might have. No surprise that it doesn't go unheard. However, the reaction is thankfully minimal, and the bronze weyrling goes back to working at his fish, which is polished off fairly quickly. It's light fare compared to the upcoming steak, after all. And Br'enn isn't a small guy.

Kera looks to the weyrwoman and other rider C'rus introduces with a gentle shake of her head "No, I don't think we've met before. Nice to meet you Weyrwoman Inri. And you Weyrsecond D'ani." offered by way of greeting to the older riders. A few bites of fish somehow disappear from her plate along the way.

Abigail is still herself, just getting into the mood of the ball perhaps? Yes perhaps, maybe it is the dresses fault. Can someone blame of a dress? Though she may have taken her time, look ha'ze can have his second course as she gets her own along with the other others they are sitting near. "Oh… Possible, but don't worry about it. Ther just tell ye where to place hands and feet for the next dance and so forth." At least that's we she recalls from those dear lovely lessons.

Inri would be okay with Abigail blaming the dress. It's always the fault of clothes. "Hello," she tells Kera, smiling politely; she even sets her spoon down to wave. "I remember seeing you at the hatching, but no, I don't think we've spoken." Inri was not speaking to anyone, in fact, she was too busy updating lineage records. But she was most certainly there!

It's probably a good thing that Abigail is still herself. "I'm not sure I should be goin' to dances." It's muttered under his breath before he take a deeper one himself and flashes a smile over at the wingleader. "Well. If… you want to be dancin'. Just… let me know when you're done eatin'."

C'rus glances over to Br'enn and offers both he and Rynn a smile as he glances back to Kera who has finished the job of introducing herself. He only just barely catches Kimm's comments about him and it causes him to blink. He had to have heard that wrong. So he refocuses his attention on where it should be, "They have both been very helpful to met at various points.." he speaks up to Kera saying nice things about the weyrwoman and the weyrsecond.

"Of course I want to dance with you," Th'ero amends, only to give her a look for that final comment and though he does his best to keep it subtle, he does try to nudge her arm with his elbow. "What'd I say about behaving?" he drawls in a lowered voice and a faint grin. Chuckling, he shakes his head. "I'll be your partner, Wingmate for as long as I can manage." Not through any failure on his stamina or ability! As Weyrleader, he may have to politely accept a few dances! Just how things work.

"I was hoping you would say that," Mr'az grins to Nyalle and slowly reaches out to rest his hand over hers. "Are you pleased with how the evening is going so far?" The one that she organized!

"I considered it," Mirinda tells Zhirayr with a slightly sly smile. "I do actually enjoy dancing." It's the socializing aspect of parties that makes her — nervous because she doesn't know people, more than anything, and this is a nicely formal party that isn't providing the discomfort that other Weyr gatherings have. Assigned seats and all. Bless the Weyrwoman.

Zhirayr swallows the same morsel of fish twice, which is quite the achievement really, and manages not to choke on it (entirely) despite that. It's her smile. Yep. "Was there anyone in particular you were looking forward to dancing with?" he asks, in a complete failure of his customary calm. (See: earlier conversation with Ha'ze.) There is nothing whatsoever in his current words or actions demonstrating his infamous ability to keep his feet, either, so apparently that doesn't hold true when in verbal situations.

Now that the trays and arms going past his head with hot things, wet things and glass things has slowed, D'ani can get a look at those weyrling tables - just a half-step down below the head table - more clearly and see who Inri's speaking to. Ahh there's C'rus and a young woman looking at them. He smiles warmly at Kera, "Hello. Just call me D'ani. And welcome to Fort, ah…" He wasn't paying attention! He seeks help from C'rus, "This is your young lady?" Hopefully it is and he hasn't stuck his foot in his mouth! Back to Kera, "I hope you're enjoying yourself." If Inri gets a miniscule jab of his elbow right after that cufflink remark, it's just the close proximity, right? Because he levels a look sidelong at her and murmurs with a subtly-challenging smile, "You'll have to drag me to more formal events in that case."

Abigail looks over to Ha'ze curious like now. "Why shouldn't ye be dancing?" This questioned with a curious tone, there is a bit of amusement seen though and she chuckles. "Aye… One dance at least when everyone is off dancing as well." Better to blend in that way right? Well of course.

That is a challenge, and it's actually one meant for Inri and Nyalle, even if Inri was the only one receiving it. Because that just means there has to be more formal events, right? "Okay, well. Lady Holder's birthday is next on the formal event circuit, I think, so you'll go with me to that?" Did Inri just ask him out, and did she just do so in front of a small audience? Maybe. And maybe she's not giving anything away because she's drinking wine now.

Kera works to hide her surpsie that the Inri would recall her at all from the prior hatching. "Hard to stop and chat with all that chaos happening, expecially for such a strong clutch." Gaze slips to D'ani, nodding with a little smile "D'ani then. Yes. It's been a nice evening so far. I'm Kera, Moncerath's rider." The greeny doesn't notice any side jabs directed D'ani's way, probably. Her attention slips back to those nearest her, trying to remember her own formal lessons and not embarrass herself, or C'rus. She does chuckle at something her date says "Ahh, so they're the main ones keeping you out of trouble?"

"Well," Mirinda is trying to be polite, but she's also stuck being honest: "no," but: "I hadn't really considered it." As opposed to that being a direct snub; it's not personal, it's just that she hadn't been thinking about that particular aspect of formal evening. That, and she has never been much of a romantic type. "And so that isn't —" Isn't the sentence she doesn't finish.

C'rus gives a nod to D'ani when he asks if this is his young lady. He would say more but Kera already did a wonderful job of introducing himself. He does grin widely though when he hears Inri ask D'ani her question. Isn't that just lovely! C'rus shakes his head to Kera, "I don't know if they are the main ones, but they've had their moments…" he says with a wink, "I do have a tendancy to get into trouble…" Though throughout weyrlinghood he has actually acted quite admirably. With all the talk of dancing though he can't help but ask, "Would you like to dance as well after dinner? I've been praticing." He no longer completely stinks.

"Isn't what?" Zhirayr presses, absently refilling her wineglass. (And then his own.) It's not like he's going to let something so potentially juicy-or-heartbreaking go by without challenging it, after all!

Nono, D'ani meant that for Inri only. Only… she may enlist the Weyrwoman's help if she'd like…to. Not that… she seems to need it. She's doing just fine on her own! Wow - she didn't miss a beat, did she?! "Cufflinks first!" D'ani bats the ball back to Inri's court. Yeah, he's doomed. But still. He's not suffering too badly here. Nyalle has outdone herself. And there's wine. Which means no more elbowing Inri because she's sipping it and there might be an accident to mar her nice dress. He lifts his glass, silently saluting the weyrlings and drinks.

Nyalle smiles over at Mr'az and nods. "I am, very much," she says, her smile growing with pride and affection for Fort and for the people who are here. The pair continue to talk and in no time, Nyalle and Th'ero are opening the dance floor with the first dance, before she mingles with the crowd and generally has a wonderful time.

Br'enn chuckles lightly as he picks up on C'rus' comment about dancing to Kera. "'s right, he has," the bronze weyrling says, gesturing with his fork toward the bluerider. "A few of us've had to. Practice, I mean. Don't think we'll be crushin' anyone's toes now." A wink is cast at Rynn before he returns his attention to his food, and then to Nyalle and Th'ero as they move to the dance floor. He might just be studying their feet a little bit.

Kera flashes a grin when C'rus admits Inri and D'ani probably kept him out of at least some trouble. She sips from her glass, nodding to the blueling when she sets it back down "That would be nice." Loweringher voice a bit so it doesn't echo away too far "Might as well take this new dress for a turn around the floor at some point." C'rus toes however will probbly have their own complaint by the end of the evening. She's still wearing combat boots, even if she is dressed up. Kera grins to Br'enn "One of the hazards of weyrlinghood, Pernwide, having to learn how to dance properly and keep injuries to a minimum." Toes not counting most likely.

At least Inri's dress is black. Just in case of any potential accidents. That, and Zhirayr's here — he's never going to shake the reputation of savior from wine incidents. "Cufflinks will absolutely happen, then, if it means I get to make you dress up more." Obviously, Inri approves of the idea, both because she thinks that D'ani looks good dressed up and because she thinks everyone should enjoy formal events.

"A rejection," Mirinda replies carefully, sipping her glass of water and not taking this conversation too seriously at all, "if what you were saying was meant to be an invitation. But I would also hate to presume." She's not looking directly at him, though she is looking at him at all — it's not awkwardness, it's focusing on her food.

C'rus laughs as Br'enn confirms that she will be fairly safe. And she should be provided she doesn't want to try any fancy dancing. They haven't had the fancy dancing class yet, "I'd really like that." He glances down at her feet at the boots and then looks back up, "You look like you came prepared to dance with a weyrling." he says with admiration. Good no need to worry now, though he might have to worry about himself, "Br'enn are you and Rynna gonna dance too?" he asks.

Yes, 'fancy dancing' would be BAD just now. "Oh, I think we're gonna have to," Br'enn replies with a nod to C'rus before looking over at Rynn and snatching up her hand with a grin. "Gotta make sure all that practicin' wasn't for nothin', eh?" Dessert can wait; he's got an excuse to put arms around Rynn that isn't going to get the in trouble to exercise for the moment. And of course, he hasn't forgotten about asking Nyalle, Inri, and Thys to dance.

Kera set her fork down after one more bite of the fish and grins to Br'enn and Rynn as it seems they will be dancing as well. "Would be a shame to not make use of the lessons." C'rus's words get a chuckle "Let's just say I came prepared." Unless you are talking about pulling out a surprise pair of ankle killer shoes. Cause she didn't do prepare for that one. Other conversations nearby are followed, but she doesn't intrude.

D'ani just chuckles at Inri and bites his tongue. There isn't a gold glowing brightly enough nor the quantity wine to make him say the words that flash through his mind. Instead he says mildly, "If you must." And then grins wickedly at her, leaving her to guess. His next course is half-eaten and it's very tasty. Did he use the wrong fork? Not that he did more than hesitate before picking it up. He might not enjoy having to dress up, but he can dance - enjoys it even! Besides Inri's here. So he'll likely hang around instead of slipping away early. Social obligations, he can do those too and uh, those are..okay. He just doesn't shine doing them like Nyalle does.

Inri probably didn't let D'ani use the wrong fork. She saved him. That's part of her job, right? "I think I must," she says with a grin of her own. No golds glowing here at all, no sir. Not yet. (Not that hers has ever followed any sort of schedule, but she's also never risen entirely out of nowhere.) "Simply because you've offered me the opportunity." Inri is there and will stay there as long as D'ani does; they can do 'social obligations' as a pair.

"It would be a dreadful shame not to make use of the lessons. Especially since we all worked so hard on them." And C'rus in particular since he knew that the lessons would be culminating in this event, and he did not want to embarass himself or Kera, "My dear you think of everything." C'rus responds with a wink to her. And no he doesn't have any ankle killing shoes. Not unless he trips and somehow takes her with him, which he'll do his best to ensure does /not/ happen. "Just say the word when you are ready.." he says, not wanting to hurry her through her meal.

Kera watches the first pairs take to the dance floor, "Hardly. You'll be lucky if I remember all the right steps." is the retort that jumps out when C'rus speaks of 'her' remembering everything. Nodding to C'rus "I'm ready." she takes one last sip from her glass before rising from the table with C'rus. Her gaze drifts around to admire the other dresses, what she can see of them, as they head towards the dance area.

Zhirayr looks a little relieved. Not, of course, that Mirinda is looking at him. Of course. "I might have to ask you to dance, then. Later. After dessert." Because there's no sense in dancing before the food is done… right?

Mirinda says, "I might even say yes," with a smile that's actually directed entirelly at Zhirayr, now. Small and subtle, not overly emotional in any direction, but most certainly there. "What is dessert, or do I need to be patient?"

C'rus gets himself to his feet and offers Kera his hand so that he can lead her out to the dance floor, which seems to be getting more and more populated now that folks have worked their way through the dinner. There are indeed many wonderful outfits to be seen on so many people, but C'rus has only eyes for one, "I'm not worried in the least. I trust completely." With his toes and everything!

Kera looks as one dress in particular catches her eye. Not really the dressy girly type, but even she can appreciate a pretty outfit. Stepping carefully, she forces her eyes to stay up, even if she wants to keep track of where her feet go. Grinning at C'rus's pronouncement of trust "Glad you do, cause I'm not sure I trust my feet. I've known them longer, I know the damage they can do." Kera works to not snicker outright.

"Creme brulee," Zhirayr answers, and adds a justifiably-smug "with fresh berries." Because obviously he grew them all himself. For everyone. In his spare time. Yep. Of course. "But I suppose I could have made you wait."

"I at least have to wait to get dessert." Not that it turns out Mirinda has to wait very long, as she's eating through her courses with the kind of enthusiasm that comes from someone who works ten hour days and is a single parent suddenly getting offered a night off and a multiple course meal.

As C'rus and Kera reach the dance floor C'rus tries to remember exactly how the training went and so he reaches his hands out ready to get into position to dance with Kera. He takes a deep breath now that he has her a bit away from the table he can speak a bit more freely, "Kera…" he says softly as he tries to find the right words, "Ok…" he says as he momentarily lost his train of thought, "Umm..I just wanted to let you know that us weyrlings are free to date now. The word came down earlier today. So we'd no longer be in trouble for dating. I know you've been keeping away to keep me out of trouble. And I want to thank you for that." Even if it was terribly difficult for him, "I mean you know I love you, and I was wondering if you wanted to make our relationship official…" C'rus then shuts up and does his best not to hold his breath, though the nerves are killing him.

Kera cants her head up to C'rus when he starts then stops. Obviously something is buzzing around his brain, so she waits patiently til it finds its way out. Smiling she nods at certain points he makes. His questions doesn't really come as a surprise, and she draws out her answer, making the blueling sweat it out while she 'thinks' about it. Her contemplative expression cracks with a grin and she nods "I think there is a definite possibility of that. We do need to speak about a few things, to cut down on future misunderstanding." And maybe have to revisit a past one or two. Going quiet a moment as she nods to a passing couple on the floor, she steps along, not mistepping at all. "But for the evening there's food and dancing." That sounds like a full evening if ya ask her.

"You won't be waiting for long at this rate," Zhirayr laughs wryly — still in the midst of his cheese course. "Let me guess — you haven't had time for a meal this good in a while, between work and your daughter?"

Rynn's social side begins to sparkle a bit more as the huntress turned weyrling heads off the dance floor for a beverage. She is probably buzzing from a dance with that special someone, her cheeks a lovely rouge and lips a rosy hue, with a smile like a crescent moon. While Br'enn shakes his groove thing out on the floor, she's left to her own devices and that means dessert. Her slinky red dress frills at the bottom as it bounces with each nearly tip toed step. Hearing Zhirayr's creme brulee, she's stopped at the table where the tall, lanky, pale man sits with Mirinda. Bowing her head to the two at the table Rynn smiles and asks politely "Mind if I add my dessert to be delivered to this table? You don't have to have it with me or anything, it's just that all the other nearby spots are pretty packed." A wink is sent towards Br'enn, the same for C'rus and Kera when they pass. She may have dropped in on a personal conversation, or heart to heart or something, and if so it'd be a perfect time for someone to scoop her up and save her. Otherwise, she's in a fairly silly and talkative mood at the moment.

It isn't the straight up yes that C'rus was hoping for, but it certainly wasn't a no, and that smile tells him that there is little to fear, "We can talk about anything you like." C'rus is something of a planner as well, "But for tonight we'll just enjoy the dancing." And so the pair of them continue to dance and snack and have a good time.

"Not so much, no," Mirinda can confirm, nibbling at the remainder of her food. And then there's company in the form of a brownrider, so Rynn gets a more sociable smile from the Weyrhealer. "No, no — I mean, no, I don't mind, sit down, weyrling, you're quite welcome. Guests of honor and all." It's the other way around: there was a chance it was getting into a very personal conversation and so Rynn's arrival has saved Mirinda.

Br'enn has absolutely no intention of being on the floor more than he needs to be. Promised to be. Unless he's persuaded to be. So it's safe to say he's off there pretty quickly, nowhere near confident enough to be shaking any sort of thing without backup just yet. Making his way back to the tables, he sends a smirk to C'rus and Kera in passing. It's probably a guess that, while everything remains formal, places being kept at tables are probably not being so very well held to anymore, so overhearing Rynn having her dessert ordered over here isn't too surprising. He slips up to the table as well, beside Rynn, inclining his head to the pair sitting there. "Evenin' Weyrhealer, sir," he greets before casting a smile down at the petite brownrider. "Done out there? 'm hearin' dessert is somethin'…I don't think I've actually even heard of before." Color the bronzer a bit intrigued.

"Ah — no —" Okay, so maybe Zhirayr does look a little bit like he's dropped his toothpaste, but that's the only thing he says crestfallenly before rallying. He'll get other chances to talk to Mirinda alone! Surely! Maybe he'll even take them! "Of course you're welcome to join us, weyrling. Rynn, isn't it?" Or maybe it's just three servings of creme brulee with fresh berries.

Rynn may have overstated exactly what Br'enn was doing out on the dance floor. He's coordinated enough to handle business, but groove things might have gone a little too far. Either way, a smirk and raised brow settles on Mirinda- did it seem like she was intruding? Rynn hopes not, but she's not the best at reading people and there were a lot of no's to start. Fortunately the two seem rather friendly despite her crashing their convo, and so a salute will greet them with gratitude. "Thanks n'yes. Rynn it is. I believe we met some time ago. Zhirayr correct?" In an instance the dessert Rynn sent off for arrives, as did the extra she asked the dredge to bring just in case Br'enn was ready too. A successful summoning and her favorite bronzer heads over with perfect timing "Perfect timing for a little dessert break don't you think darling? I could go for another to dance it off later. I was just making friends, though I haven't introduced m'self properly. Rynn, Fortian Weyrling and brown Mazzolyth's." She offers to Mirinda another smile to Kera and C'rus *nerd4life*

Mirinda is always polite, whether or not she wants to be — though in this case she has absolutely no issue with anything unfolding in front of her. Company is lovely. Getting to know people is what others keep bugging her to do, and it's not that she doesn't want friends, it's just that she's not always that good at it … "A pleasure. I'm Mirinda, senior journeyman Healer, I'm sort of running the infirmary here." Sort of because elderly master Emery is still around, but Mirinda is essentially doing everything that 'running' entails, and so the title of Weyrhealer is most often attributed to her.

Enough that it's what Br'enn has heard Mirinda called as well! "Br'enn, bronze Tovihasuth's," he introduces himself to Zhirayr and the Healer. "Pleased to meet ya, too." He gives a half bow to them both before glancing over at the dessert - enough for him as well! - and smiling down at Rynn again, giving her a squeeze about the waist for that consideration. "Yep, perfect timin'," he agrees. "'n' we could go back out there later. Or for a walk. Up to you." He'd prefer the walk. For a couple of reasons.

But first, of course, everybody is going to have to eat their caramelized custards, and all the berries, and oh! the deliciousness. Don't even ask how many firelizards they had to train in order to get the crusts seared just right. Just… don't. Zhirayr does a frankly terrible job at savoring his dessert, a slightly-less-terrible job small-talking his way through it, and then he leans over to Mirinda and murmurs his request for a dance, once they're both done — and leads her out to the floor, where he performs with at best eighty percent of his customary grace. Maybe she won't notice…?

Rynn would be happy to hear that which is going on in Mirinda's mind, because it definitely makes them peas in a pod. "Well met Senior Journeyman Healer Mirinda" Yep formal formalities like that are definitely in Rynn's repertoire, especially when she's a little nervous. "Pleasure is all mine. I guess it's a good thing we haven't met before yet. Once Mazz comes out of hibernation I imagine you'll wind up seeing me in there from time to time. So thanks in advance for all that you do." The conversation is good, the dessert is delicious and it's been a pretty magical night all in all. Rynn's sweet treat doesn't last long either and in the blink of an eye the party mode shifts, people get in a few more dances and crowds seem to be dispersing slightly. Then… there was Br'enn. She falls in to those blue eyes, something she hasn't let herself do in awhile now and the offer to take a walk couldn't be more perfect. "A walk would be lovely. Shall we go now?" Waves are sent to those she knows, head bobbles to those just met and smiles all around. Rynn wastes no time saying her goodbyes, linking arms with Br'enn and ready when he is.

Creme brulee. Br'enn is going to remember this stuff; it's really good. The things one just doesn't get when out in the woods! He gives a nod to Mirinda and Zhirayr as they head for the dance floor, and finishes off his dessert in short order. That Rynn opts for the walk doesn't surprise him, though he's relieved all the same. "Now's perfect," he answers, standing and pulling her along with him, a hand covering the one linked through his arm as they head for the exit, retrieving protection against the evening chill along the way. Formalities: survived!