Fort Weyr - Training Complex
The remnants of a historic collapse are apparent here, as the slope face of the bowl has a predominant downward curvature. It's likely long ago, that a cavern larger than any Fort currently has was where the training complex currently is. A probable cave in triggered a fissure on the bowl wall which lead to a great chunk of it dislodging, thus creating the rounded slope.
Yet, many centuries later, all that remains to give evidence is the pocket made into the bowl wall. It seems that the inhabitants of Fort Weyr have made best of the created space. Rock on the ground proper has long since cleared, but pebbles and loose shale are constantly underfoot. Still, the sprig of some green leafed vegetation isn't too out of the ordinary in these parts, as long as it doesn't get trampled by the comings and goings.
It's clear that this area has been designated for the training of young minds, whether human or dragon. Surrounded by rock on all side, it's like a personal weyr bowl for the youngsters to minimize distraction and danger. The candidate barracks have been built across from the Weyrling barracks, so that one group can educate the next. Finally, placed in the center of the two entrances of the opposing barracks, near the rock face, is a statue with a memorial plaque.

A cool breeze drags wisps of clouds across the sky, leaving the morning clear but so very cold. Despite the mild day and rains a few days ago with the Hatching, winter has returned in full force. The training grounds are covered in snow, though most of it has been cleared and pushed to the sides in drifts. It's a few candlemarks shy of breakfast and the weyrlings should be waking and already well through feeding and oiling. The Assistant Weyrlingmasters watch over it all, until they're ushered outside with little explanation other than to go. For there, waiting for them, is M'icha. The Weyrlingmaster is leaning against one of Aycheth's forelegs, with the blue stretched out and facing the entrance to the barracks some distance away. His cane is propped over his legs and the bluerider is waiting patiently, a faint smirk already quirking his mouth up. Are they being timed?

« Go where? » asked the puzzled little green of her lifemate, Anique. The question is, for once, held on a private thread as the pair waddles out into the open air. Well, Typriaeth waddles and Anique walks. The green lets out a contented burp from her breakfast but after the oiling she's still very much awake with sleep only a faint whisper of hope for Anique who is quite sleepy herself. That sleepiness is mainly because Typriaeth was up and asking questions. Lots of them. Still though she grabs an older jacket from her chest of items at the foot of her cot and is pulling it on as they step outside to whatever it is that needs to be doing. Quickly upon coming /out/ then Tyrpiaeth is booking across the grounds or at least starting too. "Wait!" calls out Anique in an attempt to stop the green before she's too far away.

Zeltenith is of course the first one out the door as soon as he could, with an apprehensive As'tre following behind. He pauses at the door as he stares at the snow then ducks back in and grabs his coat, but he hurries out as soon as he snatches it, struggling to put it on before the bronze gets too far. "Zeltenith get back here!"

Aycheth turns his dark blue head to watch as first Typriaeth bolts and then Zeltenith shortly afterwards and rumbles low and deep in his chest, wings flicking in an almost irritable manner. "Oh, lay off 'em for a bit, Aycheth." M'icha grumbles, giving his blue a firm thump to the leg before pushing off and grimacing as he shifts his weight onto the cane. "Alright, Weyrlings!" he calls out, breath pluming white in the cold air. More are pouring out from the barracks, including the four youths from the raiding some months ago. "Come gather by me, if you will? Anique, As'tre! Rein them in!" he barks, giving them each a lingering look that says: now rather than later. "Don't got all mornin' and they'll be gettin' sleepy soon enough."

Anique winces a bit but calls out with a mental call towards the green who stops in her tracks and slowly turns her small head to peer towards Anique then to M'icha. To Anique's side she prods, offering a quick warble in greeting towards M'icha. "What? No, he does't have three legs." Anique blurts out in complete surprise at the question posed to her. "Sorry sir!" she is also quick to add to the three-legged….er, the one walking with the cane. Together they move to where he is though the green's neck snakes out to peer closely to the wooden cane.

As'tre reaches out to grab a bronze tail right before the inquisitive bronze goes nosedeep into a snowdrift, sighing at him. He does so anyway, then snorts in surprise. The dusted white nose comes out, Zeltenith looks at M'icha, then sulkily comes back, lounging next to Typriath. « That white stuff is cold! Don't stick your nose in it. » he informs her. He just found that out! "Sorry, sir." As'tre blushes.

If M'icha were a cruel man, he'd tap Typriaeth's muzzle with his cane for her curiosity. But he is not, though his behavior often has some weyrlings wondering… All the Weyrlingmaster does is keep his cane by his side, peering at the young green as she investigates. "No need for the apology. They're young and they're gonna ask a lot of things. Most of it innocent and… pointless. Up to you lot to correct 'em till they grasp things." he points out, giving Anique another look before giving the approaching As'tre and Zeltenith the same lingering stare treatment. "Try to keep 'em focused." M'icha warns before taking a deep breath once everyone has settled. "So you've all but mastered the joys of feeding, food preparation, oiling and all the stuff between when it comes to the basics of basics. Now we're gonna add in some simple exercises to your next day or so. Wing stretches, limb stretches and all expected to be done everyday from now on! They're gonna have to start now, to build up their strength and since you lot are all but confined here for the next while… it'll be something to do." Cue a toothy grin as he's then looking back to Aycheth. "Any questions 'fore I get Aycheth here to demonstrate?"

Anique resists the urge to squirm beneath the lingering stare of M'icha. So much for being too old to learn new things, which was always her reasoning against apprenticing somewhere. Shoving her hands in her pockets they come out a mere moment later, her eyes unfocused as she no doubts answers another question. Quickly shaking her head in an attempt to focus on M'icha, which brings /more/ mental nudging and prodding from the green, she finally does hear what they'll be doing now. Typriaeth's curiosity is appeased for now though she remarks off handedly to her bronze brother. « Anique says it is called snow and it is supposed to be cold. » "No questions, sir." Anique says towards the Weyrlingmaster.

As'tre shakes his head. "None from me either…. hey Zeltenith, something new to do!" this gets the bronze's attention, and he turns to staaaaaaare at M'icha and then Aycheth. He snorts again, blowing some of the snow off his snout. « Wing stretches? » He opens his wings up, staring at them in fascination and almost clouting the green. As'tre's going to spend the first turn or so apologizing isn't he. "Shhhh pay attention!"

Aycheth snorts sharply at Zeltenith as the bronze opens his wings and all but clouts his green sister. « Do you mind? » the blue retorts in a tone that is steel and rigid. « I will lead the demonstrations, thank you! Now. Fold your wings and watch me and listen to mine. » The dark blue has pulled himself to his feet now, shaking to dislodge the snow stuck to his belly and flanks. M'icha peers at the weyrlings, only to snort as well though he seems amused. "No questions? Really? Not even about what kind of exercises or what to watch for as far as strain and injuries?" he drawls, only to smirk and frown at them. "Best wake up! Time to start using these!" He lifts a gloved hand to tap his fingers against the side of his head. "You're gonna need them in the next coming days! We're not gonna feed you all the answers, lots you're gonna discover on your own. Aycheth will show them the basic wing stretches. Meanwhile, I ask you — why do you think this is done? Why it is so key that you both remain fit?" Tests already? Groan. Aycheth flares his wings open wide, swivelling them slowly to show the young dragons exactly how they should move their wings, followed by a few simple exercises as he flaps his wings. See? Simple. « Now you try but give yourself space! And do not rush. I am watching! » Creepy?

Typriaeth ducks and quickly too, warbling towards Zeltenith but otherwise seems unphased by the near clout to the head. Her eyes are whirling slowly, a pleasant green and blue mingle of colors as Anique leans against her to listen. And listen closely she does though she ducks her head a bit as if embarrassed she hadn't thought of any inquiries. "Pardon sir but I assumed those kind of questions would simply be covered in the demonstration." she says quickly. "Back up a bit, Tie." she murmurs to the green who obligies with a disgruntled snort. « It's not Tie it's Typriaeth! » she insists. "Their wings are so valuable in so much that we do." like flying. "So it only makes sense that they should be stretched properly and all the time to ensure they…stay strong." she casts an uncertain look towards Typriaeth's wings as the young green starts to copy the older, darker blue. "HEr wings seem so very fragile though…." she ducks to avoid a wing to the head.

Zeltenith sulks and closes his wings as told to do by the blue, then turns away to look towards the middle of the bowl. As'tre nudges him repeatedly, gesturing to Aycheth. WATCH. With a grumble, he turns to watch. Yeah, ok, that's nice. And now he's being told to open his wings again? Hmmph, make up your mind. As'tre shrugs, thinking about the question, and nodding at Anique. "Zeltenith's are rather large… I guess that's good, then? And if you don't exercise, you won't be able to do as much. I had to keep fit to be able to ride my runner…" who now probably has to be sold or given away, woe… "…because if I got out of practice it would make it that much harder to get back and do what needs to be done."

"You're both right! Their wings are invaluable and so these exercises, though boring and dull are essential." M'icha intones with a crooked smile that doesn't quite reach his eyes. So is he pleased? He doesn't outwardly show it, but no reprimand comes crashing on their heads, only his head nodding in agreement as his boots crunch over the snow, followed by the thunk of his cane as he begins to hobble forwards. Sharp eyes inspect both Typriaeth's and Zeltenith's wings as the young dragons stretch them, mouth drawn in a thin and thoughtful line. "Dragon wings are fragile," he murmurs, half-answering Anique's remark before snorting softly to As'tre. "And yes, just like losing your riding fitness, a dragon who doesn't keep up with regular exercises will also grow out of shape and the next time you fly…" Need he say more? M'icha pauses again to face the group, while Aycheth leads the last of the exercises before settling back on his haunches. « Good. Good. Watch your speed! You are not strong enough yet for that pace. » The Weyrlingmaster goes on to add: "We'll be increasing the amount of exercises later, as your lifemates grow but they'll be part of your routine from now on. Have 'em do a few repetitions and then we'll call it that for a day. You may let them explore until they grow sleepy. As for you though, we're going to have a bit of a talk." Oh… joy.

With a warble, Typriaeth lifts her head and bugles how pleased she is for the whole world to hear. She lets her wings go up and out and up and out…clearly enjoying herself she nearly balks when Anique insists quietly she not /over/ do it. With the number of repetitions done she lowers her wings to fold them tightly against her back. « Play!» Which means explore in Typriaethese. She lurches forward into a snow drift, taking a giant bite out of it then shaking her head quickly at the sudden cold. Anique stifles an amused look upon watching this all but too quickly she looks back towards M'icha with a curious look as she waits to see what this talk will be about.

Zeltenith of course tries to pump his wings faster than demonstrated as soon as the blue says otherwise, but subsides at a mental command by As'tre. The weyrling has a stern look on his face as he tries his best to rein in the bronze mentally. He knows you're not supposed to overexercise first starting out. When given permission to go explore, Zeltenith immediately closes his wings and is off like a shot. He's going to find EVERY single nook and cranny he can! Almost tripping over his own feet in his haste, he lumbers off, tail lifted excitedly. He won't get far fortunately. As'tre stays behind, watching after him, then looks over at M'icha. Yessir.

M'icha almost lifts his hand up to place the palm of it against his face when Typriaeth's first thing to do when given freedom is to eat snow and Zeltenith takes off like a shot. This bodes well! Aycheth keeps his head raised high, watching as all the young dragons drift about the grounds and while the Weyrlingmaster is seemingly distracted, the dark blue IS watching and will inform him. Total spoil sport, Aycheth is! "So I'm not gonna bore you guys either with some dry lecture, since right now I want you mostly to focus on your lifemates. Just as your exercises are crucial, so is your bond with them. And that's exactly what we're focusing on mostly for the next few days while they grow strong enough for the tougher stuff." M'icha drawls, shifting his weight again to lean heavily on his cane as he gives each weyrling a look. Are you paying attention? "This is a time too when you'll all be bonding as a group. So you're gonna have to learn to suck it up and get along or suffer. Stuff your differences, in other words and we'll do just fine. Past is past, your lives for the next Turn or so is this." He gestures to the training grounds and smirks. "Any questions?"

Anique is paying attention with only little sneaky sneak looks towards Typriaeth to ensure she's not off too far or eating yellow snow. Since she didn't ask anything the last time the floor was opened for questions, /this/ time she thinks of one quickly. "For bonding…what can we do to strengthen the bonds?" "And any problems I have with anyone before…well I guess this is practically like starting everything all over again..sort of. I say let the past be the past and everyone in my book gets a clean slate with me." she'd rather not suffer thank you very much. "Will there be like trust building exercises with the class? Like standing on a ledge an falling back so they catch you sort of thing?"

As'tre grimaces and sighs, looking around. Here? Just…. this? Zeltenith certainly won't like that, and he's not too happy with it either. Too late to run away from the Weyr, huh? "For a whole turn? Just here?" he asks, looking over at the bronze who is bumping his nose gently at the wall of the bowl.

M'icha nods his head towards Anique, smiling faint and crookedly for the green weyrling's remarks. "Exactly! As for bonding, well. That's part of why you'll be spending so much time here to focus on 'em. And we'll be giving you lessons and exercises. In fact, I believe Kimmila may be lending a hand again. Last groups we've done obstacle courses that start simple but increase in difficulty. You will learn to trust your bond and your lifemate unconditionally. It needs to be set before we move on…" he states, only to shoot As'tre a look. One that lingers and stares. "No! Shards, no. The whole Turn here? We'd go mad!" The Weyrlingmaster exclaims with a scoff. "And where do you think your later training takes place?" Hmm? "No, we start here. Training grounds only. No visitors for the next few days. When they're strong enough and you've gained some control of your bonds, then we start letting the leash run a little longer. We'll be using the bowls and the lakes and you lot as riders will of course need to go into parts of the Weyr for yer own business. Food, bathing, research…" He waves a hand dismissively. "All of that."

"They'll be able to walk to the lake for baths?" inquires Anique quickly, looking away from Typriaeth who's crouched down low and no doubt stalking something on the ground. "And..we can have visitors soon?" a trace of wistfulness is heard in her tone though she does perk up a bit at the mention of Kimmila lending a hand. "Later on during training do we perhaps get older, more experienced riders to shadow a bit and to learn from? Like mentors?"

As'tre relaxes. Ok, because if they WERE going to be staying here for a whole Turn, and just here, he might not be able to handle it either, let alone a quickly growing dragon! "That's good to hear. All right, I think that's a great idea, I'll get right onto it…. ah, no!" he suddenly turns to look at Zeltenith and runs over, helping him dislodge one of his teeth that got stuck in a crack. The bronze's tail thrashes a bit until he's free, then bumps him in the shoulder gratefully. "I don't think biting it was a good idea… Now please…. I need to listen. Sorry, sir!" he calls over.

"They'll have to use the lake eventually. The pool we have here they will quickly outgrow!" M'icha replies with another crooked smile, one that fades as he picks up on that wistfulness and he fixes Anique with a frown. "Soon, but not quite yet. As I said, it's more important that you focus on her," He points to the stalking form of Typriaeth. "And your training. We limit outside influence for a reason at this crucial point. Won't last forever, but just be aware that any visiting should be kept brief and to watch for anything that may trigger an accidental broadcast of your deepest thoughts…" He fixes her with a look then. She knows the rules, right? "And yes, there is a time when you will all be shadowing the other riders. You will be doing sweeps and patrols, as well as shadowing riders in all the Wings. But that is not for some time. Right now —-" M'icha drifts off, straightening as his eyes are suddenly finding and fixing on As'tre and Zeltenith and barely keeping from rolling his eyes, he calls back. "What'd I say about keeping 'em in line! Check his teeth, make sure he hasn't gone and chipped one!"
« Why on Pern would you chew that? That is not even the correct stone to be chewing. » Aycheth extends his mind to the young bronze, linking Typriaeth in as well. She may as well learn that it's wrong!

Anique's head bobs quickly in assurance. She knows the rules, she's aware! What's another year of waiting for her green…which she tosses a fond look over towards. It's hard to go so long without a look or gentle thought to the green. "I was just wondering. I would like her to meet a friend of mine but naturally that can wait however long it needs to wait!" she's quite amiable over this really. As far as baths go she does nod a bit in understanding that soon enough they'll make their way to the lake. That's a good thing. "Right now…we learn…oh! Is he okay?" she calls out in concern to the pair. Typriaeth croons a worried sound over towards the bronze, offering up a sooth touch from her mind…the blackness of her mind with hundreds upon hundreds of white, twinkling lights rolling from her towards the bronze on comfort.
« Food is chewed. Stone is licked. » to which she puts action to words and licks a part of the bowl wall.

As'tre checks his mouth carefully, then shakes his head. "Nothing broken! He just got stuck." chastened by both the weyrlingmaster and his own lifemate, the bronze slinks back over, done for now. As the blue asks the question though, he considers it deeply. « It was in my way. » he finally replies, curling up. As'tre sits down next to him, patting him reassuringly. He was paying attention too, of course. Lake, yes. Zeltenith picks up on that and perks, swinging his head over to see where the lake is. « Can we go there now? »

"It won't be long before you can bring Typriaeth out to visit friends. It will be good for her to socialize, after all. Just for the next few sevendays it's all about you two. Small steps forwards!" M'icha drawls, no longer fixing Anique with so heavy a frown or lingering look. "Shardin' lucky is what you are, As'tre! Try to keep him from chewing stone, hmm? Now that that's settled. Anything more you wish to ask? No pressin' questions or concerns?" he muses with just a hint of sarcasm. Anything? Anyone? Aycheth exhales gustily and rumbles towards Typriaeth. « Stop that! Stone is not licked. We leave stone alone! All except firestone. THAT is chewed but you are not old enough for that yet. » To Zeltenith, the dark blue snorts and rustles his wings. « Absolutely not! You are to bath in the pool for now. None of you have the strength yet to walk to the lake. Soon, thought. We will let you walk further every day but not now! »

« How can I know how it tastes if I do not lick it? » inquires Typriaeth, unruffled by the blue's exclamation. She does though pull her tongue back into her mouth and lumber/waddles ungracefully back to Anique. A giant yawn escapes her. « So much to see. I should nap now. » this brings a grin to Anique's expression. "Sure but for how long…" ah, that's the question for the little social butterfly Typriaeth certainly doesn't like to sleep for long! Though luckily at this age she really needs sleep so while it may not be long she tends to sleep more often than the others. "Small steps…okay!" Anique readily agrees with M'icha. She too then yawns suddenly. "I have a ton of questions but right now…I can't seem to remember any of them!" she says honestly.

Zeltenith looks over at Typriaeth as she yawns, and it's contagious, because he does soon after, curling up even more. As'tre blinks and shrugs, looking over. "Small steps, huh… yeah. It's hard to keep pulling back on him but I'll do my best!"

M'icha sees the signs and grimaces, making small shoo'ing gestures with his hands. "Which means you best get back to the barracks," he tells Anique, though he extends it to As'tre as well. "See that you do! But that's part of your learning as well. Why we want you to focus on the bond for now. Learn a bit about each other. Go on then, you two. All of you! Let 'em sleep a bit and when they wake, repeat it all. Those of you not too sleepy, go get some food or tend to yourselves once they're settled. We'll get you started on the challenging stuff in the next day or so." He grins a little at this but a grin from the Weyrlingmaster can mean many things! Aycheth only rumbles. « You can smell it. » he tells Typriaeth and then to her and Zeltenith both, he adds in a gentler tone. « You both did well with your first exercises. You will grow fast and we will move on with the training. There is much you will see and do! » Just not now. Darn!

Anique and Typriaeth disappear into the barracks to sleep while they can! Typriaeth certainly is tired for she doesn't protests that to smell means she also needs to taste. She'll save that argument for later. Now she is tired and Anique is to take advantage of that and sleep while she can!

As'tre chivvies Zeltenith up on his feet despite his audible complaints, and he slowly slinks off to the barracks. Why couldn't he sleep OUTSIDE, he doesn't want to go back in there! Oh FINE.