Fort Weyr - Weyrling Barracks
The rounded ceiling of this set of barracks is high enough to accomodate growing dragons. Lining the walls lengthwise are sets of stone couches and cots for their riders. At one end of the room are cabinets holding supplies for bathing and oiling young dragons, as well as the weyrling manuals. Against the opposite wall is a table with scraps of leather and leather-working tools. Tacked up on the wall is a diagram of riding straps.

It is early in the morning, very early as a matter of fact. The Weyrlings aren't even supposed to be awake for roughly another hour. And Faranth knows they need their sleep. After all, it was only the day before that they impressed. Sleep is a wonderful thing, and a thing that Lana had planned to happily indulge him. But it seemed that not everyone shared her plans. Rauskazeth, her darling brown dragon, was waking long before she would have liked him to. Over the night he had made his way over to one of his siblings, Typriaeth, and cuddled up with her. Well now he is waking up and not very thrilled to find himself with her. No, not just with her, but practically under her. As soon as he is aware of this situation Rauskazeth exclaims, «get off me, you great green lump!» It is sent both to Typriaeth and Lana, who bolts upright in her cot at the sudden words.

Despite the early morning hatching the day before…Anique is /tired/! She stayed at the hatching feast before returning to Typiraeth's side who woke early. The rest of the day was pretty much spent in a daze and she fell into bed really late because the green refused to go to sleep. So now Anique is sprawled on her cot, three fire lizards atop her and Typiraeth finally got to sleep in the wee hours of the morning though not until insisting that some of her siblings curl up with her. One wing spread over Rauskazeth, the green is happy snoring until…. « What? I'm awake! Sleeping I was not! » she insists even as she lurches awkawardly to her feet. « I am not a lump either! » she informs the brown, her words echoey as if coming from the depths of a cave.

A groan leaves Lana once she manages to wrap her head around what's going on. He's getting into a fight, he's starting a fight over something that sounds, for a lack of a better word, stupid. Catching wind of his bonded's train of thought Rauskazeth lets out a snort at this but does not say anything about it. Instead he turns his attention back over to his sister. His mindvoice sounds as if it is carried on a warm summer breeze and the scent of fresh leafs will enter the green's mind as he scoffs, «if you were not sleeping then I'm a purple firelizard. And you're the lumpiest green I've ever seen!» He stands up and spreads his wings out at this, as if to emphasize his point. Over on her cot Lana groans before rolling over, hoping that she will somehow manage to fall back to sleep.

A hurt tone affects the young green as suddenly she lets out a creel of unhappiness. « I am not lumpy! » she insists unhappily in a tone that surely will be heard by every creature within the barracks. Now /this/ wakes up Anique with a sudden starts. "Tie…" she says sleepily and having no idea what's going on! A fist knuckle rubs into both eyes. "Lana?" she calls out. "What is going on?" there's no accusation in her tone though, she's simply asking the first person she sees awake.

Lana groans and, finally accepting that she won't be able to go back to sleep, sits up. Just in time for Anique to get up and ask her what's going on. A sigh leaves her girl and she turns around in her cot to face her. Well, sort of face her, as she subconsciously turns her head so it's harder to see the bandaged side of her face. Her voice is a deadpan as she responds, "Rauskazeth won't accept that he is wrong." This is followed by an annoyed huff from the brown. His voice travels to both his rider and Typriaeth as he snaps, «I am not wrong! She might not look lumpy but she certainly feels like a giant mound! You try sleeping with her.»

Anique blinks a few times as suddenly she's seeing and hearing double as Typriaeth is speaking to her also at the top of her mental voice and is quite distressed. Quickly Angelique…Anique moves to cradle the green head against her chest. "Shh, it's okay. I don't think you are a lump." and other soothing words until Typriaeth calms down enough to stop projecting stress to every other young dragon within the area. "C'mon…lets get these two fed then. Perhaps that'll help sooth any ruffled feathers." suggests Anique. "How're you feeling today? Will a healer need to check on you?" she sounds concerned about the other girl's welfare, a feeling that could be surprising perhaps considering they've not been very close in the past.

As Anique gets up so does Lana, heading over to her dragon and crouching down, putting her hand on his shoulder. She shakes her head and mentally tries to pull him away from saying more. For a moment it looks like she failed when he glances back at his sister and lets out another snort, only for his head to snap up to look at Anique at the mention of food. A small grin crosses Lana's face as she says, "yeah, I think that will help." This is followed by a quick laugh as she murmurs to her dragon, "no, we aren't going to hunt it. That doesn't happen until you're older." She begins shaking her head as she adds, "no, you aren't ready, I don't care what you say, you're not." Rauskazeth lets out an annoyed huff before thrashing his tail in annoyance and starting to walk toward the feeding area. Then there's Anique's question which makes the smile fade from her face. "I, well, I'm not sure. I really don't want to go to a healer much but it's starting to hurt around my eye."

Anique wrinkles up her nose. "Don't be stubborn Pol….Lana." she corrects herself quickly with a chagrined look. It takes some time to get used to new names. At Typriaeth's urging she's moving to the barrels where food is already chopped up. "After today I heard we have to cut this up ourselves." she remarks as a piece goes into Typ's waiting maw. "Chew!" is said sternly to the green. Her tail whips about behind her happily as the hunger begins to abate. « Hunting will be fun when we can. » remarks Typriaeth towards her brown clutch mate excitedly.

Lana can't help but sigh when Anique tells her not to be stubborn. "I know I shouldn't," she admits, "but the more I go there the bigger of a risk that someone will notice there is." Not to mention that she can't help but fear that she'll get some sort of bad news. Upon reaching the barrels and her fellow Weyrling saying that they will have to cut up the meat themselves tomorrow she winces before saying, "that is just… ew." With that she starts to feed Rauskazeth, who manages to eat like a machine. Lana narrows her eyes at her dragon, mentally encouraging him to slow down. At his clutchsibling's words Rauskazeth replies, « it will, I don't see why we need to wait now. What do you say about trying to go and hunt on our own later? Just us, we can catch some wherries or something, it will be great! » The words are spoken only to Typriaeth, hiding it from Lana while her mind is on other things, like making sure he doesn't choke and worrying about her appearance.

Anique pauses in her feeding to give Lana a stern look. "And the greater the risk you have to increase the injury. Whatever it looks like under that bandage…it won't matter to anyone." her tone softens a bit. At the nudge from the green muzzle Anique laughs out loud. "Ok okay…I am hurrying." more bits are fed. "It won't be too bad you know." she says of cutting up their own food. The green's wedge-shaped head swivels suddenly to peer intently towards Rauskazeth. « Oh no..that doesn't sound fun and surely is much too messy. I like my food like this. » insists the green, still overly projecting so that Anique's brow furrow briefly at her green, having only have heard half the conversation.

Lana is silent about the risk of the increase to the injury and it not mattering to anyone at first, instead quietly feeding her dragon. But finally she manages to bring herself to say, "maybe you won't but it's not the same for everyone. I've never been overly smart, a really good leader, particularly talented, or even very nice. But I was pretty. I was always pretty Polana, beautiful Polana. It was how I got most of my dresses and marks, gifts. I'm not going to even imagine that they liked me for me, they liked me because I was pretty. Eye candy, if you will. And now? I don't know for sure what it will look like, the healers said the damage depends partly on if it gets infected, but I definitely won't be winning any beauty awards." As his rider speaks Rauskazeth stops eating to step forward with a small creel and nudge her hand. A soft smile crosses Lana's face as she whispers, "it's not your fault." Despite her words his eyes continue to whirl the purple of worry for a moment. "Go on," she murmurs, "get back to whatever you were saying to your sister." Surprise crosses him for a moment, he didn't realize that she had noticed he was talking to her at all. Looks like he isn't as sneaky as he thought. While he does heed his rider's words and go back to talking to Typriaeth there is unease in his voice as he comments, « you'll have to hunt eventually, better sooner than later. And this way will be much more fun. »

Anique shakes her head towards Lana. "Whatever happens from now on…nothing in the past matters. You.." Anique pauses then shrugs and plugs in. "…were a bit of a brat and listened to authority badly. Now…well now you have a chance to move foreword and become Polana, brown rider. Looks still won't matter. /I/ never cared for what you looked like before and now your looks still won't matter to me. Actions speak louder than words to me. And to a few other people as well." she spares a sideways glance to her green, who's finally gotten her fill and is waddling back to the couch. « Nope. I need to be oiled. I itch…owwwww! » amnd for now that'll be the only thing on her mind as Ang hurries over towards the barrels of oil. "Here, Tie." she calls in which she gets an annoyed huff. « It's Typriaeth! Not Tie ».

Lana is silent much longer this time, watching at Rauskazeth announces that he is full and bounds after his green sister, or at least does his best to bound with his stomach so full. Finally she whispers, "thanks." With that she that she heads over to the oil herself, mentally calling for her dragon. Her dragon who completely ignores her at first. « Oh, so hunting, something that is completely natural, is gross but getting rubbed with oil is good? You make less than no sense. »

« Not gross…dirty.» insists Typriaeth as she sprawls gracelessly on the floor in order to be oiled. Evidently she's directing Anique quietly where each troublesome spot is for her hands move to various spots and scritch. "You're welcome" was murmured towards Lana, the dragon conversation completely ignored for now. "Typriaeth is amused." she finally mentions to Lana. "She says that Rauskazeth is so 'typical' for male." Anique chuckles at that. "As if she should know how males are!"

An amused snort leaves Rauskazeth as Typriaeth sprawls out on the floor. « Never let it be said that you are too graceful, » he calls to her. « With the way you flop around you'd probably alert your prey before you could even stand a chance of catching it. » With that he sits down, taking great care to move gently to prove a point to the green. As she sits down and begins to spread oil across his flank Lana snorts before replying, "well, her siblings are the only males she really knows so far, so I guess he would seem typical. Not much to prepare him to after all."

« Don't be mean. » cajoles out Typriaeth in a rumbly, amused tone. « I am graceful in all that I do! » even when she is not. «Right there….no..over…» this last is no doubt said towards Anique. The new green weyrling is listening to her green's side of the conversation with amusement. "It would appear she's doing this only to annoy him." she remarks of the green's sprawling on the floor. "That and evidently it's comfortable." is added hastily at an unheard remark.

A draconic laugh leaves Rauskazeth, one that is sent to Typriaeth. Mirth is in his voice as he exclaims, « yeah right! No one is graceful in all that they do, especially not you. » He pauses before adding, « and I'm not being mean. Just honest. » Lana lets out a laugh at Anique's words, before she comments, "one day old and already pushing each others buttons. This Weyrlinghood is going to be… fun."

« Honesty means truth. » comes the thoughtful reply of Typriaeth. « However I will still like you because you are too young to know any better! » Anique stifles a smirk at the exchange. "Typriaeth is too vain I think to believe that Rauskazeth means what he says." she remarks. "I don't know about you but I am starved.." she looks around as she oils up the green who relishes in the attention, lumbering to her feet eventually so that /all/ of her can be oiled.