Fort Weyr - Candidate Barracks
Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this cavern has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants in comfort. Set into one of the long walls is a natural hearth area, not as large as some but more then enough to warm the cavern. Before it lays an old, well-worn rug that's colors have faded over turns of being un cared for. Mismatched chairs, an old couch, and a few randomly placed floor pillows finish up the sitting type area where candidates can relax after a long day of chores.
Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses with curtains dividing them for privacy, each made up to the standards of the Weyrwoman. The left hand row of cots is made up with coverlets of brown and trimmed in black for male candidates, while the right hand row is made up with a lighter brown coverlet that's trimmed in white for the female candidates.
Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours, while basket of emergency glows are stored in corners around the cavern for use during power outages.

It's early morning, just before breakfast and outside it is anything but the typical winter day. It's mild and enough that it is raining. Pouring rain to be exact, which makes a great mess of the ground but with most of the Weyr still just rousing, few have had the pleasure of venturing outside — yet. Many will soon be discovering that surprise, though it will pale in comparison to the next that follows: humming! It starts low, just one voice, joined by another and then another until the Weyr's walls are literally vibrating with it. Nothing quite like the dragon's welcoming song as a personal alarm clock! A bit shy of the hour but an alarm all the same! Which means that within minutes, M'icha is limp-shuffling his way into the barracks, leaning heavily on his cane and even using it to smack the edge of one cot. As if there needs to be more noise! "Alright Candidates! Get UP! Get your behind's in gear! You all knew this was coming! Now get going. Robes on, sandals on, line up! Wait for our signal!" The Weyrlingmaster will clap his hands together to for added effect before making shooing motions, just as the Assistant Weyrlingmasters arrive. Go, go, go!

Zaala is on her cot, brushing her hair methodically, still in her sweat pants and her night tee. She's pulling the blond hair over her shoulder, half asleep still as if adjusting to these early mornings wasn't going to happen. She's yawning at this point, between every couple of brushes through the length of her hair, eyes darting toward empty cots of those who already snuck out, being early birds. Her eyes widen though at the Weyrlingmaster's call, brows standing up, her brush stalling in mid-air. It does take a few minutes to register, in fact, it takes the little blue humming to startle her. Okay, one thing after the next… She's clumsy as her hands start to give a shake, rummaging around for her robe.

Polana is anxious as ever, not that there's been a moment where she wasn't anxious after the sinking ship fiasco. But for now she feels okay. Get up, get breakfast, everything will be safe and normal. Only not. That tell-tale humming followed by the weyrlingmaster yelling for them to go. With a surprised yelp she hurriedly pulls her robes and sandals on before getting in line. It's now or never.

Borodin didn't need more noise. He didn't need a headache, either. Ow. Robe. Sandals. His head. Needed or not, here comes the headache. Also, robes don't have pockets to shove his hands into, but he lurches toward the line anyhow.

Solan rouses prior to any cot-cane-tapping, smiling a morning greeting at the man before sweeping his legs over the side and standing. As instructed, he's switching into his Candidate's robes, stuffing his feet into sandals, and then checking himself to make sure no stray bits of food make it onto the sands with him. "Well then," he says, striding into the common area, "looks like this is finally happening, eh?" Stepping into line, he's groggily smiling at the other candidates.

Xavier popped up and out of his cot humming along with the sound by accident like he was still sleeping. He grabs the robe hung with care at the end of his cot and popped into it. Looking for Solan and Polana, "Solan, Polana you guys ready to go?" He has a broad smile and flashes each of them a thumbs up showing his readyness to go.

Angelique is sprawled out across her cot, taking full advantage of having no where to be before breakfast /and/ not duties that mean she needs to help with said breakfast. The sound of the pouring rain is a soothing one that helps keep the assistant head woman turned candidate stay asleep. Upon her are three fire lizards who think she's just simply the best bed ever! Humming though…there's a sound that penetrates her sleep as suddenly the brown, bronze and blue all jump up and then land on the foot of her cot to add their own voices to the humming outside. "Oy!" Angelique snaps away and nearly rolls off her bed as M'icha shuffles in and bangs on things with the cane. Up she goes as she starts to hastily go through the motions of undressing and replacing clothes with that simple white robe.

Jastre was up early, because despite what he said earlier, he was nervous about it. And they said 'soon' which means…. this is soon. His own green firelizard joins in with the others humming, and he comes in from washing. He finished just in time! "Now?" he asks, flailing a little, then scrambles into robes and sandals, moving to the entrance. He just sighs at the weather outside. Well at least the sands will be warm.

Valene was asleep, or at least attempting to wake up, the girl slumped over somewhat in a half-seated position, legs akimbo on her cot as she blearily rubs the sleep from her eyes. But with the thrum that resounds through the Weyr, Val snaps to full alertness, scrambling for the edge of the cot, and all but tumbling off it. "Oh shells," she yelps, thumping onto the floor and making a mad dash for her clothing. "Robe, robe, gotta put this thing on." And she'll do just that, pretty much moving methodically through the motions. Her hands smooth down the fabric, breath whooshing out in a nervous gulp.

M'icha hobbles his way through the rushing candidates until he's standing by the entrance, while his Assistants move through and begin correcting things. Fix that robe, tie back your hair, put that away… and so on before they're ushered forwards. The Weyrlingmaster regards them all with a smirk, but there's a bit of pride there. A teeny tiny bit. "Remember to breath! You're all a good lot of kids. Keep your head and wits about ya out there and you'll be fine." Shifting his weight on his cane, his eyes quickly scan the ranks, hand lifting to do a quick headcount. One, two, three… and onwards until he's satisfied that they are all present. Nods from his Assistants tell him all is set and with a crooked grin, he begins to list off names. "Time to move out! Solan, if you'll lead the pack? Xavier, Polana, Zaala, Jastre, Angelique, Valene, if you'll follow please? Marin, Iskim, Ennrian and Firarrion next…" And on the list goes, as M'icha waves them through the secret exit and shortcut.

Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands
The sands. The most prominant and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

It's early in the day, now; just before breakfast, almost in order to offer up a parallel to Kouzevelth's first clutching. In order to maximize inconvenience, it is also pouring rain outside — that's right, rain, it's far too mild a day out for snow! The gold's humming permeates the entire Weyr, almost out of nowhere, with no preamble, startling even her own lifemate as she offered no prior warning — at least not to Inri. Dremkoth, it is likely, knew a few moments before the humming began that Kouzevelth was confident today would be the day. The eggs are at least vibrating, if not outright wobbling about, the minds inside having woken and finished their final preparations to shell and find their futures. Inri appears excited-but-nervous as her dragon hovers over the slighly-shaking eggs, and it's possible that she's grappling for the Weyrsecond's hand in said nervous excitement.

Dremkoth knew. For the past few days he's been hovering over those eggs almost as much as Kouzevelth has repeatedly been asking when are they are coming ouuuuuut? Ever so anxiously. His throat vibrates in a hum to welcome them and he's too busy to even bespeak his rider and tell him to get his butt down here.

All Become Flawless Egg twitches, the reddish hues along its shell appearing to stir as if alive. Surely that is an illusion? It must be, as after only the subtlest of movements, one lone rocking motion side to side, it goes still again.

D'ani? Enters at a run and yes, he's dressed. He's been up since before dawn as is his in-grained habit. His boots and the legs of his jeans are mud-splattered but he's oblivious to that. He's slung the strap to a skin of wine over his shoulder and holds several gobbles the hand that steadies that skin to his side. He skids to a stop beside Inri, breathless just as his hand is grabbed for and he squeezes hers reassuringly. "They'll be fine." The eggs, dam and sire. But what of the Candidates? He looks their way. Only time will tell!

Polana knew that it wouldn't be all that simple. Nooooooo, it has to be raining during the hatching. But she doesn't care, and instead of looking annoyed stands proudly with a grin on her face.

Solan leads the Candidates out onto the sands, a determined smile on his face even as pre-hatching jitters and anxieties race through his mind. Borodin, Zaala, Polana, Angelique, Jastre, Valene, Xavier and the rest are all there, too, each facing their own fears, promises, and hopes as they stride out to bow - each in turn - to both Kouzevelth and Dremkoth, the deepest of respect communicated in the gresture.

Into a Billion Pieces Egg jerks and wobbles, twitches and rocks as it bursts with life only to… go completely still again. Not time, no where near time yet!

Kimmila slips onto the sands and stands near the edges, watching and waiting from this prime viewing spot. Doesn't hurt either that she's got Th'ero with her, both Weyrleader and weyrmate dressed and looking awake while their lifemates settle in the ledges above. Seems they weren't dragged from their bed at least.

Xavier follows in behind his friend Solan. "Solan, I would be honoured if you stood next to me on the sands." He watches as eggs are wiggling and moving a smile moving onto his face.

Borodin might be trying to communicate 'don't eat me' instead, but that's okay. He's definitely still bowing, near the back of the group of candidates and then following the rest onto the sands. They're certainly here. It's a start, right?

Jastre follows the others in, looking nervous, and when he finishes bowing, he looks towards the eggs and gulps. Touching them is one thing, but now they're going to hatch…. into THINGS. Well ok, those things are dragons, but… eggs suddenly becoming dragons, how do. He looks towards the other candidates and fidgets, wanting to hide behind one or three for some reason. No, that's stupid.

Dtirae is following the others out onto the Sands, awake, wide awake. She's dressed in rather casual clothing. A nod to Th'ero and Kimmila as she passes and makes her way a little further in but entirely out of the way. She's here as a silent support, of sorts. Zuvaleyuth is humming her own welcome to the weyrlings.

M'icha chases… err, lovingly guides the Candidates out onto the sands and once they've moved off to form their little semi-circle, the Weyrlingmaster will hobble his way over to the sidelines with his Assistants, crossing his arm loosely over his chest as he smirks, waiting for the real fun to begin.

Polana pauses after her bow before moving to stand beside Solan and Xavier. She came in directly after them, yes, so it makes the most sense. But she also wants to be by them for this. Her voice is a light whisper as she says, "good luck."

Inri shoots another nervous smile at D'ani once he settles, and says only, "Breathe." Advice she should really be taking herself! Kouzevelth keeps her humming going, nuzzling Dremkoth lightly — even if mentally she is also reaching out to Zuvaleyuth and Wiyaneth, hunting reassurance and understanding minds for her excitement.

All Become Flawless Egg gives a sudden lurching rock that almost threatens to send it tumbling from the safety of its wallow in the sands. It moves at a steady pace now, back and forth like a metronome keeping time. Back, forth and end to tip. The reddish hues do seem to swirl and dance on their own under the light as the egg moves, soon to be marred by cracks as the shell begins to give way.

Angelique steps in somewhere in the middle of the line of candidates as they file out and into the Sands themselves. Her sandals on but loose she hop steps a bit as she attempts to tighten the wayward strap. Once that's settled, mostly for it's still a bit loose, she checks her hair is in it's braid and then she can settle down her nerves and look to the eggs. Her eyes widen just a bit as she sees a couple of them moving..or she thinks they were moving. The Billion Pieces egg gets stared at hard to see if it did move or was a trick of the light.

Deadly Heart of a Secret World Egg is taking it easy. While others might be more notable, more flamboyant in their wobbling, the egg with the electric blue shell is just shaking a little bit. One would have to be looking directly at it and watch it for a little while to note that it, or the creature inside, is moving — but, truly, it is.

Zaala breaks from the group after the bow, deciding to forge ahead on her own? No, she looks back to see where Borodin and Jastre got to, at least one of them if not both she could stand near. Maybe Xavier too, either of the three can certainly take a hit from an excited hatchling if that was the case. She waits up to see if one would join her, though her gaze cannot help but zip over toward those wobbling eggs. Seeing Xavier pair up with Solan, she calls out, "Good luck you two!" She scoots over toward the aforementioned fellows, attention drawn then toward the action.

Solan turns, post-bow, to offer his fellow handyman a wide grin. "That would mean a lot to me, Xavier," he says, clasping his friend on the shoulder. "Good luck everyone," he smiles around the semi-circle, giving Polana in particular a supportive look. However this turns out, it /will/ be alright. She'll see. Turning to face the eggs, the woodworker steels himself and waits.

Th'ero follows Kimmila onto the sands, nodding his head respectfully to Dtriae as she passes by. The Weyrleader then looks out over the sands, stepping closer to his weyrmate's side and even reaching for her hand to grasp it with a gentle squeeze. "Fitting that it's the beginning of the day, wouldn't you agree?" he murmurs, only to fall silent again as the eggs begin to rock.

Borodin shuffles toward Zaala when he sees her looking, giving her a nod. "Uhm. Yeah." He glances to the eggs, then back to her. "Uh. … good luck?" And…. "We should, uh, get to… a place. And stand."

Into a Billion Pieces Egg does not disappoint this time as it stirs to life again and begins to rock with gusto! Back and forth, side to side, it all but rolls about in it's wallow as the shell begins to crack but stubbornly hold together. Not yet but soon!

Kimmila gives Th'ero's hand a squeeze and grins at him. "Better than the end of the night. Though I'm not sure when we last had a brunch hatching feast…lots of early drinking today, I think."

Valene takes her place, having followed — and preceded— her fellow candidates out onto the sands and goes through the motions with the rest,feet shuffling slightly over the sands immediately after her bow as she moves towards a few of the other candidates she knows best. "Here goes," her breath whooshes out in another gusty sort of sigh, eyes flickering towards the moving eggs. "G'luck" she calls out, well-wishes meant for her compatriots.

Xavier smiles his eyes watering up a bit from the gesture from his friend before wiping it away and looking out at the eggs with a determined look his eyes searching till he sees the first crack in a egg. He points at it. "Solan, polana look."

Polana returns Solan's grin and… is that a tear in her eye? No, it must be a trick of the light. Just like the egg wobbles. Eggs that she turns around to look at at Xavier's prompting. A gasp leaves her at the first crack. This is it, this is really it!

Zaala agrees with Borodin, nodding, "Yeah…we should… I don't think being here works…" Cause that's nearly back the way they came. She considers the way the rest of the group is fanning out and points toward Valene and Angelique, "Over there? Maybe?" Because placement is very important on the sands, right?!

All Become Flawless Egg begins to crumble under the pressure of it's rhythmic movements, the shell splitting lengthwise to sever the sinister looking red from the small figure standing before it. Then the pieces shatter, falling away as a dark and wet, bulky and awkward hatchling tumbles from it. The brown attempts to land on his feet, but gangly and not at all coordinated, he winds up sprawling into the sand on his side with a grunt and then low creel of frustration.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Show the World Our Desire Brown Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Dark bistre-like hues hold dominion over his small but no less formidable frame, for he is built to be as powerful and stealthy as they come for his kind and while not the most handsome, he makes up for it by far in the hidden qualities of his strength and stamina. Softened and rounded eyeridges and stubby headknobs lend an unusual contrast to his blunt nose and broad, wide and thick jowled head and stand out even more to the eye from the faint patch of rusty and cinnamon brown that marks the left side. His neck is short and thick, leading into a deep, well muscled chest and lean, long body. Thick, muscular and stocky flanks give him an almost unbalanced look with his lean and toned forelimbs, but the proportions work and his lumbering gait is unaffected, if not lending to the illusion that he is prowling when in motion. Long of tail, broad and wide of wing, those complete him and are neither too much or too little given his size and frame of build. Russet browns dust his smoothed neckridges, breaking some of the monotony of the rest of his dark brown hide and when he spreads his wings, the sails both from the top and underside boast a hint of copper and saffron, ghostly pale and often viewed only in the strongest of light, shimmering like the distant stars in a deep night sky.

Show the World Our Desire Brown Hatchling pulls himself to his feet and shakes off the worst of the sand now sticking to his wet hide. Well, that was not the entrance he wanted! Pride bruised, wings flick open, the gesture almost done in irritation or to brush off his tumble into the world before folding to hang loose at his sides. He turns his large head to scan the sands, red whirling eyes fixating first on his dam and sire, then to the eggs and at last to the line of white robed Candidates. Is that where he is supposed to go? His head lowers, chest expanding as he takes a deep breath that exhales as a low, rumbling growl that is lost in the din of the humming. He prowls forwards, gait not entirely graceful or fast as he still attempts to figure out how his gangly awkward limbs are supposed to work less he wishes to sprawl into the sands again.

Jastre is suddenly alone, and gravitates towards the other candidates, hovering in the vague vicinity of Zaala as he keeps his gaze on the eggs. They're MOVING. "Uh, yeah, good luck. Yeah." he sneaks a glance to see how they're handling it, but thankfully he's not the only one that's nervous. And then an egg hatches! Oh dang. It's really happening. He stares at the brown, fidgeting. He's gonna get out of its way if it mounts a charge, those claws and teeth look dangerous.

Borodin nods. "Uhm. Yeah," he says to Zaala, and starts toward where she points. "Let's, uhm… oh." Hatchling! Borodin stops to stare for a moment before continuing into place. This spot'll do? He hopes? He glances back to Zaala to see if she's followed.

Angelique tugs with some nervousness on the tail of her braid, keeping it looped over one shoulder. A glance is spared around her to see where everyone is ranged and she gives a finger wave towards Zaala and Borodin. Come stand over here! Then just as quick her attention is whisked away to watch the brown as he gets to his feet.

Xavier sees the brown hatchling on the sands and smiles at it as it comes onto the sands, "Welcome to the world beyond your egg little brown." He keeps eyes on it and makes sure not to get in it's way should it charge.

Th'ero chuckles dryly. "Not for me. I'll have a glass of wine, but I'll leave it in your hands to keep me from over indulging?" he muses to Kimmila, only to blink as the first egg hatches. "A brown. Sturdy looking one too and up fast. Good sign!" The Weyrleader casts a quick glance then towards sire and dam, as well as their riders and the Weyrwoman not so far off. Here we go?

Solan does, indeed, look. Cracks in the shell. Wobbles extreme and then - Shards! Suddenly the brown hatchling is free and stumbling about, looking around. "Wow," Solan breathes, his smile widening immensely. Cognizant that, you know, they could actually be attacked, he stands his ground but keeps a watchful eye both for himself and his friends.

Into a Billion Pieces Egg twists and swivels, rocks and shivers until at last the shell gives way! POP! It bursts in a shower of shards, most of which just tumble away to scatter into the sands while the hatchling within it makes it's wobbly and disorientated escape. Freedom!

Polana has been trying to force herself to be calm. However, the moment the first egg hatches to reveal a brown she can't help but gasp. And squint slightly. "Well," she whispers, "those rumors about hatchlings being incredibly cute are false. He's all klutzy and… tiny-dragon like."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< The Puzzle Solver Blue Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Patchwork shades of blue color this dragons hide, with no distinct pattern that can be worked out. It as if someone took the pieces of a variety of puzzles and mashed them all together and called it good. Bright blues are settled beside patches of darker blues, while some blues almost seem to blend together. While his coloring may not be the prettiest, this lithe blue is small, slim, and delicate looking. His wings appear almost too small while his tail is a touch too long. The Puzzle Solver Blue Hatchling wastes no time in finding his lifemate among those on the sands, stumbling into the quiet boy from the group of holdless children, Iskim. "Me? S'ki? Okay, Jadzeth. We'll get you something to eat."

With a triumphant cry the The Puzzle Solver Blue Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Show the World Our Desire Brown Hatchling is gaining momentum now, prowling and lumbering forwards in his awkward gait and as he approaches the line of Candidates he begins to slow. A few are passed by with barely a glance, others inspected from a distance but similarly dismissed. His tail twitches and lashes back and forth in growing irritation and impatience. One Candidate is roughly nudged aside, the other beside them pushed forwards by his shoulder as he barges through them, neither of them satisfactory but very much in his way. He does not find what he seeks through that path either and he creels and growls in heated frustration. This is impossible! Whirling around, he begins to prowl his way hurriedly down the lines again.

Zaala takes a few steps that way, reaching out to grab Jastre by the fabric of his robe if he's too busy gawking at eggs. "This way," she says in a convincing tone, bobbing her head to hang over toward Borodin and the other two gals. It's a quick few strides before they stop. Just, at least they're not in the back or alone. A good cluster of white robes. Angelique gets a finger wave too, missing the hatching of the blue, "Oh look, a blue now too." She's supposed to say something interesting here, right? Foot dance shuffle, stop, friends around her. Okay, she's comfortable now. A deep breath, a look back at the galleries, and then straight forward.

D'ani is breathing. Too fast but that's better than nothing? The wineskin? Forgotten. As hare the goblets in his other hand. Dremkoth whuffs at Borodin. Something about this one interests him. But he withdraws his muzzle at Kouzevelth's nuzzle. Alriiiight, alriiight! He'll leave them be. Hmph!

Xavier sees the brown is on the move. "come on Solan let's get closer and see if we are more his type." He moves closer to the brown not quiet in front of it but much closer to it.

Timeless Struggle of Mankind Egg shivers, a barely noticeable movement that sends a brief ripple through the sands its nestled in. Then it goes still, stirring faintly as time marches on. The struggle has yet to begin but it is rapidly approaching now!

Polana definitely feels nervous. That brown is barging through the candidates, not to mention growling! At Xavier's worlds she shakes her head before exclaiming, "no! That might end up getting you mauled!"

Angelique can't help but wince a bit as the brown can't find who he's seeking. "Ooh, congrats to the first one!" she breaths out as the blue finds one of the hoodless children. She casts a look over as Xavier tries to get Solan closer. "Be careful, he'll push you over if he doesn't want you." she warns them. She herself is staying in place, shuffling a bit from side to side as the heat creeps through the soles of the sandals.

Deadly Heart of a Secret World Egg is (unlike, some might say, its sire) aware of the passage of time, and has been moving a bit more steadily as said time goes on. The hesitant shake turned into a true wobble, and now — finally — as it vibrates a little more, frenzied activity bubbling below the shell, there is a true crack. A nice long crack around the middle that isn't really emitting a glow, but if you look at it just right? It sure might seem like it. Regardless, the egg is definitely moving to the point of rhythmic pulsation, an echo of a speedy heartbeat.

Jastre gets tugged on and he retreats closer to Zaala. The blue is watched until he Impresses, rather quickly, and blinks, murmuring congratulations. Then since the brown is still taking his sweet time, he focuses on him. None of the other eggs have hatched yet, after all.

Inri is at least being entertained by the antics of Kouzevelth and Dremkoth, the gold settling down and just enjoying the Impression of her children. As they hatch and move off to find their lifemates, she offers encouraging croons for each one as they emerge from the shell. The weyrwoman's nervousness is slowly abating, enough that she can call over to Th'ero, "Mimosas, I think."

Valene's head turns towards the sound of hatching eggs,catching sight of first the brown, and then the blue. "They're really here," she muses in surprise to whoever might be closest to her. "Seems different being down here and seeing it rather than up there," a wave towards the galleries,and then she studies the brown a bit longer. "He's kinda muscley for a new hatched dragon, you think? Even if he's not huge or anything." Her gaze tracks his progress. "Wonder who he'll choose."

Borodin bobbles his head to Angelique as he nears her. "Uh. Hi." Not that he didn't see her mere moments before, back in the barracks, but… his eyes dart to the brown charging around the line, getting ready to flail out of the way - and thus, surprised by the much larger dragon investigating him. "Iahglble?" he asks Dremkoth. Then stares. Blink. Blink.

Solan can't believe how intense this has all gotten. 10 minutes ago he was sleeping peacefully in his bed and now hatchlings are prowling the sands looking for their life partners. Quelling his own anxieties, the young man nods in line with Polana and Angelique's warnings. "We should stay put, Xavier," he offers kindly. "Let them come to us. Safer that way."

Timeless Struggle of Mankind Egg shivers again and begins to rock, then twitch from side to side as if pulled from one end to the other. It rolls in it's wallow, swivelling around and then reversing course as if two forces were struggling between themselves. All that pressure and movement begins to show in the fine cracks splintering the shell.

Xavier as he moves closer to the brown on the sands with a smile as the blue impressed. He sees the egg he was keeping a egg on crack. The Deadly heart of a secret world egg has a crack for sure and Xavier is excited to see what will happen when it hatches.

Polana nods frantically when Solan agrees with her. But it seems her words have fallen on deaf ears, her friend keeps moving. But that won't stop her from trying, "Xavier," she hisses, "come back here!"

Freefall Through the Universe Egg quakes as if there were a great force attempting to force through the dark stone encircling the egg. Surely, that's impossible, right?! Well, not entirely. There is a dragon within it, afterall. Yet, it does not appear to be time for the dragon to show itself. Not just yet. All movement ceases and it appears as if nothing truly happened. Was it just an illusion?

Zaala looks at those around her, "Be ready for that one if he comes our way," she licks her lip and draws forward her ponytail, fingers twisting the strands nervously as she remembers to breathe. Out of the corner of her eye she notices Borodin catching the attention of
Dremkoth, a nervous giggle interrupting her worry about the brown, "You must smell good or something Borodin." A wink to him, as her attention swings toward Xavier and the talk of him interferring with the brown.

Jastre nods at the words of the others. "Yeah…. getting in their way is a good way to get hurt, I don't think anyone wants that to happen I'm sure. Hmm…. this one's taking his time isn't he?" Borodin is smirked at when Zaala says her piece. "Maybe you smell like wine."

Angelique doesn't let her eyes linger too long on any particular egg for it seems they are all shifted a bit from the last time she was here. Once she does turn her head and peer briefly into the stands around them as if trying to find a particular face. It's hard though and soon enough her attention returns to the Brown to watch him looking through the choices presented to him. Twiiist goes the lock of hair around one finger, the braid slowly but surely coming undone behind her. It holds for now though but it's definitely looser than before.

Deadly Heart of a Secret World Egg will wait no longer. It has something to prove, and someone to reveal — as the flame of life inside it leans back and forth inside, rolling the egg to the side until it flips over entirely, normal bottom-end up. The actual hatching is as much of a fanfare as everything about this egg.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Stalker Girlfriend Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Flashy. That's what this sassy little miss is. She has pizzazz and knows it; she's not afraid to flaunt it, either. There's an iridescent quality to her hide that ripples and twists in a moire of light versus dark. The contrast is startling, eye-catching as if shadows are there, yet at the same time swallowed in brilliance. The hues wrapping her sleek body appear to vibrate with electric energy, ribbons of neon green that begin at her perky muzzletip part to bypass her wide-set eyes, the light dancing in curlicues over the arboreal dusk of her graceful neck, creating exuberant arabesques as they race over the rest of her lithe form. Though eclipsed, the shade of hunter on her neckridges twinkle with a subtle astral fire all the way to the tip of her serpentine tail, which provides balance for her long, delicate wings. While they are large enough to easily take this lady to the heavens, they seem fragile and almost gossamer save for the wingbones that support the nebulous webbing between them. Viridian trembles along her spars giving the illusion that she is primed and ready to zip skyward without notice. A flare of emerald forms an ethereal curtain across the midnight sky of her wingsails, shifting and glimmering ghostly opalescent, amongst which glints of iridescent peacock and the shimmer of green-gold roil cloud-like to veil distant stars. Bright lime flames lick across the teal-indigo of her trimly-muscled shoulders, haunches and lean flanks, fading to an auroral flush of pale jade on the underside of her taut belly and the inside of limbs descending into moonless pre-dawn, where talons are tipped by sharp, jet-black claws.

Stalker Girlfriend Green Hatchling looks around, tossing a bit of shell off a shaken leg in an irritable fashion. The impression of her brother is happening right beside her, but she pays him no heed — it's of no import to //this particular dragon. Assessing her surroundings, she pulls herself to her feet and immediately starts at a trot, inspecting each candidate as she passes them by, wings pinned behind her, snout forward. Hello. Is it you? No, not you. Not you either. She's got a lot of work cut out for her, finding the right one.//

Kimmila frowns as well, cupping a hand to her lips. "Xavier! Don't move after the dragons, let them come to you!" Muttering aside to Th'ero, "Boy is going to get gored…"

Xavier stops hearing both of his friends ask for him to come back he does so. Being careful not to get in the way of anyone or any dragon.
Borodin makes little darty-eyes at Zaala and Jastre. "I, uh, don't think… I mean… I didn't, uh, I've been doing candidate stuff, not… uh…" Wine, wine. What's he complaining about?

Polana lets out a relieved sigh when Xavier finally heeds their advice and comes back. With that hassle done with she turns her gaze back to the sands, and just in time to see another egg hatch. A small smile crosses her face at the sight of the green.

Solan watches Xavier move ever closer and is about to physically reach for him when the man decides to back up. Patting him briefly on the back again, Solan watches in wonder as another egg breaks apart, this time heralding the entrance of a green into the world. Immediately, his thoughts starting whirling and he turns towards Angelique. "A green!" he grins at her before turning back to Polana and doing the same.

Show the World Our Desire Brown Hatchling is now driven by his emotions of impatience and frustration as he continues to seek and does not find. Down the line he goes again, peering close at a few Candidates only to snarl and huff indignantly. Not at all what he seeks! Wings fidget at his side, unfurling only to tuck up again as he comes to another hurried pause to stare down a group Candidates at the far end of the line. Impatience and frustration give way to intrigue as he settles back on his haunches. Not to rest, but in preparation to spring as something has caught his attention now. Yes! Something over there! He lunges, excitement overruling his better judgement as he comes bearing down in a tangle of gangly limbs towards that cluster of Candidates and immediately swings his bulk to place himself between his chosen and them. In the course of this, his over exuberance has him pawing at her for balance, talons accidentally clawing her face while a good buffet from his wing will send her tumbling backwards and he partially overtop with her.
With a triumphant cry it seems that the Show the World Our Desire Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Dremkoth is calm but curious now. He stops looming and seems thrilled and excited as he cants his muzzle first down at those wobbling eggs and then the white-robed ones who are here to hoping to impress them. Are they good enough for HIS babies? He's still not quuuuite sure.

Xavier was surprised to see the egg he had been keeping an eye on suddenly hatched and was a green. "I guess I was wrong about that one." He nods to Solan. "I wasn't going to get in the way, just closer."

Jastre raises an eyebrow at Borodin as he seems to react suspiciously to his innocent statement, and snickers. At the sudden movement of the brown, though, he jerks his attention back away to see him heading for…. someone. Who is it? And oh my gosh suddenly there's a green, when did she get here? And she's headed this way!

Freefall Through the Universe Egg begins to shiver and shake once again, but this time there is more effort behind the movements. Is something finally breaking free? It appears so! How exciting. The thinnest of lines begins to trail downwards from the tip of the shell to the very bottom. Smaller cracks begin to form, branching away from that initial crack but nothing further.

Valene is close enough to the trio of Borodin, Jastre and Zaala to put in her own opinion. "At least you don't smell like fish or meat do you? Could be worse." Because if the young man smelled like food, he could get nibbled on a little, couldn't he? The hatching of the green and the choosing of the brown dragonet catch at Val's attention for a moment, and she peers a little closer. "He picked, but um … ow, did he just maul her?"

Zaala laughs at Borodin's fluster, "I'm sure it's a compliment Boro," she winks at him, turning to see rather belatedly, the hatching of a green. However, it's the bowling over of a candidate that really captures her attention, because someone just went down and impressed to that rogue of a brown. She watches to see whose going to come up from underneath that pile of dragon hide.
Solan nods quickly to Xavier before his eyes fall on the brown again. It would seem the creature is having trouble deciding until, you know, it actually happens. He, too, watches with both concern and support for whoever Impressed and lived to tell the tale.

Angelique cringes, again, as her eyes trail along with the brown to see him get entangled up with one who is likely the one he's chosen. "Picky thing…" she murmurs to those near her. Solan's grin is met and matched then she's… "Ooh, she's beautiful!" the newly hatched green is spotted and Angelique can't help but stare a bit.

Borodin blinks. "Uh… no," he says to Valene, and tries to wait until people have looked away to lean his head down and take a sniff. Juuuust to make sure. If it were possible to be surreptitious about it, he would be, but with this many people watching… yeah, probably not possible. …but hey, maybe the distraction that brown's making will help. After a moment, Borodin joins the others watching.

Polana has been worried all this time, and it turns out that worry was not for nothing. At the sight of the brown charging her she mentally braces herself for the worst, and it comes. A small shriek leaves Polana as she falls to the ground beneath the brown, the right side of her face on fire. But suddenly it matters not. She freezes under the brown, before finally letting out a choked whisper of, "Rauskazeth?" As the brown, Rauskazeth, gets off her and nudges her she sits up, a grin on her face. Of course this is followed by a small whimper and her hand moves to block the injured side of her face, blocking whatever happened from view. As she shakily gets to her feet Polana, now Lana, calls out, "h-his name is Rauskazeth!"

Xavier dodges the brown to see it charge down Polana. "Polana!?!" His face a look of shock and worry before she announces the name of the brown. "Congrats Polana!" His faces turns to a bright smile.

Cell Your Sole Egg buzzes and vibrates, joining in on the humming. Once. Twice. Hello? Anyone there? No? Back to slumbering it goes then. Couldn't have been all that important!

Th'ero frowns heavily after catching the tail end of Xavier's stunt and shoots Kimmila a grateful look. "They'll keep him in line." he mutters back and sure enough things appear to have settled but not for very long. Then the brown is making his pick and the Weyrleader scowls, gripping Kimmila's hand tightly as he tenses, concerned. "Is… that who I think it is?". Yes, yes it was. "Oh, sweet Faranth…" Mutter, mutter. There is a relieved sigh though when Polana gets up and calls out the browns name.

Solan whoops with joy as he sees Polana come up both a) alive and b) apparently Impressed to the brown! "Oh Polana, see? I knew you'd do it," he grins at the young woman, his chest swelling with pride for her. But there are other eggs moving out there and another hatchling, yet, and so the woodcrafter focuses on watching carefully to avoid any potential mauling.

Kimmila flinches when the brown tumbles, and she nods. "Polana." And with a hand wave, she sends a Healer over to check on the girl, once she's able to divert a little attention from her new lifemate.

A Device Like None Other Egg begins to tremble, a slow, rhythmic thudding sounding within. It's as if the creature inside is locked in a battle with its shell, and is slowly, methodically working its way out.

M'icha is sending his Assistants forwards to welcome the first pair to Impress and they are just leading the blue and his new rider back towards the sidelines when the brown goes and Impresses … and takes his chosen Candidate down. "Shard it all!" the bluerider grumbles, though he's already hobbling over as quick as his stiff leg will allow. "Rauskazeth is it? Come with me then, you too." he'll murmur and noting how Lana hides her face he will step in beside her as he works quick to usher her and her new lifemate away. "You alright, girl?" he'll mutter by her ear. "Lets get him fed… and you patched up."

Jastre blinks. That's a surprise. "Polana? Er, you okay?" he asks her, but she's Impressed now, so she must be. A dragon wouldn't hurt his rider, after all, not anymore. "Congratulations!" he shifts a step closer to Zaala. Well, that's one injury and two Impressions so far…. hopefully there's not more. Injuries, that is. The egg he liked best is moving now, however, and then there's that green still and other eggs hatching and oh man he needs about ten more eyes.

Angelique looks away briefly from the green to see who. "Polana…" a curious look crosses her expression briefly. "…settle…a bit…" she murmurs to herself before she calls out. "Congratulations!" she means it too because it is exciting indeed to see the brown find just the right one for him. Twisting the braid loose some more as it goes around and around one finger she looks ounce more to where the eggs rock and roll and the green is…what /is/ the green doing? She quickly looks for the green with the ribbons of neon.

Stalker Girlfriend Green Hatchling hears voices, and they are calling her beautiful. That's better. Holding her head up high, the green continues to walk her walk of inspection — taking a look at Firarrion curiously before passing him by. Won't do. She needs someone with just a bit more flair. Tail beginning to sway slightly more, she picks up the pace and is kind enough not to actually crash into anyone as she does so. None of them are quite right, but she is certainly not running out of energy if anything, the little green picks up the pace with a high-stepping strut.

Valene offers a wry grin at Borodin then. "So why worry then. If you don't smell like food, maybe Dremkoth just thought you smelled nice and left it at that." she shrugs, and darts her gaze around,looking for the dragonets. "Where's that green? I sure as shells don't want 'em coming at me like that brown did to …. Polana was it?" She blinks and then applauds. "Oh, he chose her, did he?" Hope he didn't make too much of a mess of her as he did so."

Borodin's watching when the new brown's rider emerges, and for a moment, he stares at her… aaaaand sigh. Yep. He was definitely breathing, because otherwise he couldn't have sighed anywhere near that much. He gives his head a small shake, looking back to the other eggs and then glancing to Valene. "I'm, uh. I'm not worried." Nope. Not him.

Inri's mouth falls open as a) Polana Impresses at all, something she had allowed because Kouzevelth insisted on the presence of every candidate and that's all, after what passed between them, and b) Polana's lifemate mangles her face like that. "That was —" she starts, and then shuts her mouth. D'ani and Dremkoth noticed; she doesn't need to actually point it out or finish exactly what that was. Kouzevelth has no criticism; she is simply continuing to encourage her young. There you go. Over there.

Xavier smiles at Polana and Solan. One of his friends impressed and he could only hope it would happen to Solan and himself as well. "That's sure is a nice green."

Zaala's brows spring up, "Wow, Polana!" There's some astonishment there, "She's tough." And now she has a rough brown to contend with. There's a grin as she looks between those clustered near her, "I hope she's okay, but…. she will be. She's got Rauskazeth now." A look toward Jastre side stepping toward her, nudging him with a grin, eyes back on the hatching.

Timeless Struggle of Mankind Egg gives one final lurching twist before the force is too great and the shell cracks and crumbles apart to release the one trapped so long inside of it.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< The Answer to the Question Brown Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Dignified is this dragon, a deep brown that's in an almost a shade of red. Wings flare in a regal way, almost as if they were a cloak of fine silk. He is not a large brown, nor is he the smallest. He is simply average in size. The Answer to the Question Brown already knows what he seeks and wastes no time with silliness! He walks right up to the girl, one of the holdless children and encloses her within his wings. "Oh! Devinth? Yes, of course we'll get you some food." The girl, Marin, is positively grinning.

With a triumphant cry the The Answer to the Question Brown Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Polana shoots her fellow candidates, former fellow candidates a grin before whispering, "thanks. And it's Lana now." Then M'icha shows up and she whispers in responce, "not sure, but I just want to make sure he is." With that she follows him, Rauskazeth prowling along behind her.

Borodin glances to Zaala, and frowns. "Well. Uhm… the healers will… look at her." It's just a little mutter, though, and a flick of his eyes to Polana as she's guided away.

Angelique slide..shuffle. Angelique scouts a bit sideways, perhaps to get a better view of the green as she moves. "Not just nice green. She's strutting…look it." oh yes, Ange may be smitten a bit. Her focus remains on the green though out of the corner of her eyes she'll notice other eggs moving…and even a brown hatching but nothing completely registers in her mind. Not yet.

Solan nods again to Xavier, "And I'm hoping it thinks one of us is /just/ as nice." He knows his friend wants to Impress and hopes that it will come to pass. Eyes watching the stalking green, he's about to say something else when another egg explodes. This time it's another brown, though it's quickly Impressed and being led away. "Two browns very nice," he says, wondering what will come next.

Zaala's attention drifts toward the green that Angelique is commenting on, smirking, "So she is." Though it's not long before her attention gets stolen by Borodin, nodding, "I hope so. At least she'll always remember the impact of impression?" A weak smile, shaking her head softly.

Jastre watches dragons and their new riders leave the sands before he snaps his attention back at the sound of yet another egg hatching. Another brown appears, and then makes his choice before he can even register the fact. There's a pause, and then he calls over another congratulations. "It's going by so…. fast." except that green is still wandering about, and he watches her carefully.

Xavier nods his head to Solan watching another brown hatch and impress being lead away. His eyes kept on the green. "Bright little one eh Solan? Kinda like po.. Lana."

Cell Your Sole Egg vibrates as though rung from from its centre, pulsing in quick succession. Ring, ring, ring! And if that weren't enough, it begins to rock now too, shimming a bit in the sand while cracks begin to form over its once smooth shell.

Valene misses the hatching and impression of the second brown as she glances towards Borodin. "Well, I'm glad you're not worried. I'm not worried either." What is there to worry about after all, as long as someone dodges a dragon quick enough, they can keep their face intact, right?" The girl lets out a long breath again and glances around. "Where's that green anyway?"

Borodin frowns. "That's, uhm…" Not how he'd want to remember something like this? "…kinda…" he trails off, looking to the eggs yet unhatched, and just nods slightly to Valene.

Freefall Through the Universe Egg shivers yet again, but this time? This time it does not still. The egg does not burst away, leaving glory behind. No, the egg splinters and breaks, and each new crack breaks off a piece that falls away onto the sands. And when the structural damage is enough, a wing is the first to break through, and then the rest of the body follows. From the confines of this egg comes a slimy, wet bronze hatchling soaked from the nutrients that were once life sustaining. Wings flare, wiggled out in an attempt to dry before they fall limply beside him.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< The Star of Destiny Bronze Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Plucked from the very night skies themselves, it is as though he is in a constant flux between molten and cooled bronze over a frame that is built for strength, with the heat and fire trapped closest to the center of him. Bright copper-colored bronze, an almost fiery orange-bronze in some lights, make up the primary and dominant hue and most prevalent along his deep set chest before it sweeps up over his wings and the curve of his lean, athletic sides to disappear in a gradual fade as it trails back towards his hips and tail. Darkness takes hold over his tapered and wedged shaped head where a truer rich bronze gradually cools to an antiqued shade along his boxy and squared muzzle and out over the crest of his ghostly tints of green and blue reflecting in the light as if weathered by time and travel. It extends out over the crest of his thick and heavy muscled neck and curved ridges, down over his back and out along the back of his wings and long tail in an ever shifting dance between pure, burnished bronze and the darkness that creeps in along the very edges, cool and cold compared to the heat captured in the rest of his frame. Even his limbs, stocky but proportionally short carry that same darkening effect and his talons deepest of all, the only hint of a true nightscape caught in their near ebony sheen. Wings are large and large enough to almost be considered cloak-like — clearly a trait inherited from his dam, with the sails carrying a fading likeness of the copper and orange-bronze before disappearing along the illusioned weathered and battered edges.

The Star of Destiny Bronze Hatchling looks a little startled for a moment. What are these things? The wings are carefully examined and then flexed, but they lose his focus after a moment. The rest of the Sands draw his attention with a wild delight. What's this? Oh, what is that?! Away from his egg he wanders, with baby steps that are unstable. Oops! Down he goes, nose into the hot sand. His head shakes with a soft grunt, eyes whirling a shade of displeasure. This isn't going how he expected it to.

Xavier smiles as the first bronze of the group hatches. "Look Solan a bronze. Sure is a big winged guy eh?"

Jastre is alerted by /yet another/ egg hatching, and this time he takes a step to the side, shifting his feet and accidentally bumping into Zaala with a hasty apology. A bronze! "I bet he'll have no problem learning to fly, hmm?" he comments, then looks to see where that green went off to. Make that 12 more eyes, he's got two dragons to watch now.

Zaala bites her lip as the girls beside and around her speak of the green, yet her attention has derailed toward the entrance of the bronze. She inhales a breath, her hazel eyes bouncing between Jastre, Borodin, Xavier and Solan. The other boys, none of them matter, it's those four she would've bet on if she had the marks for it. She says nothing, too caught up in yanking on her hair with her nerves building. Then a bump from Jastre, which earns a smirk and a response to his remark, "I bet not and he'll need a good partner to help him through it."

Solan can't help but whistle in amazement as the bronze comes from his shell. "Magnificent," he breathes, even as the hatchling goes down into the sand. "It's alright," he smiles at it, his smile wide and supportive. Standing tall, Solan keeps his eyes on the bronze even as glimpses of dreams past and present flit in his mind.

Th'ero's eyes follow the retreating form of M'icha and Lana, with Rauskazeth following along beside her. The Weyrleader exhales heavily then, noting the hurried steps of a Healer to catch up as well once flagged by Kimmila. "We'll have to get a report on her later," he mutters to her, only to have his attention drawn away as more eggs Hatch. The Assistant Weyrlingmasters are now moving forwards in the absence of the Weyrlingmaster to lead the pairs off the sands.

Angelique finally sees something else besides the green for a brief moment. "Oooh, he's handsome." she says of the bronze just before he tumbles muzzle first into the sands. "Ouch." still with a lock of hair around one finger she once more tries to see exactly where the green is. Shuffle…slide. Another inch sideways and she's nearly bumping into Borodin.

Stalker Girlfriend Green Hatchling can't be kept up with easily, can she? Hopping about the sands the way she is, making sure everyone knows how lovely she is before she finds the one who can keep pace, or at least come the closest. Her speed is unmatched by the other hatchlings when it comes to actually moving, though her decision making seems slow in comparison. Candidates she has passed by once already or haven't looked over are still undergoing inspection, and then she stops dead in her tracks and turns back to somewhere she'd already been. There had been a voice calling out to her, all along, complimenting her and making her feel just as needed and yearned for as was proper. At a true bolt, she launches herself toward Angelique and stops just shy of collision, curling up at the young woman's feet.
With a triumphant cry it seems that the Stalker Girlfriend Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Borodin watches as the bronze hatches, but after a small smile at the stumble he looks away again. "I, uh… most dragons do figure it out. Or, uh, they'd be…" whers? "…weird." He glances to Angelique, and takes a side-shuffle away. Or starts to, anyhow.

Valene doesn't miss the hatching of the bronze, and she looks towards him before turning a little to study all of the male candidates. "Well, he'd be a fine partner for someone," she remarks, "although who…" a shrug, she's really not that interested overall. Wrong plumbing, see. And that green, has she picked? Val cranes her neck to get a good look.

Angelique shuffle…slid…blink. Indeed she was hard to keep track for she flitted about so quickly upon the sands but suddenly she is HERE and…the world simply drops off as Angelique becomes Anique for all time and she sinks down to the green curled up at her feet. "Oh Typriaeth! I'm so hungry…we're hungry. Lets eat! C'mon." she urges the green to her feet once the world stops spinning and the fires that engulf her inside dwindle down to a low murmur of flame and light. "We're found..together. Never alone." she murmurs happily. "I'm your Anique!" one last thing is said in joy.

Jastre blinks as the green makes a decision! She was indeed hard to keep track of, and fortunately this time there isn't another mauling. Maybe the one was just a fluke. It's probably…. not common for that to happen? Hopefully. "Heh well he does seem a little clumsy on his feet, so maybe…." now who did that green go to? One of the girls, and it's…

A Device Like None Other Egg begins to tremble, a slow, rhythmic thudding sounding within. It's as if the creature inside is locked in a battle with its shell, and is slowly, methodically working its way out.

Zaala side steps a little away from the cluster, since the green doubled back and came for one of their numbers. She has a feeling who as the green stops shy of the former assistant headwoman's feet, nudging Jastre, "Look there… I think Angelique just impressed…" And then confirmation when the name comes out. "Oh! Congratulations Angelique," her lips turn up, "Job opening!" Though it was likely a job opening which started when candidacy did.

D'ani nods absently to Inri. He saw… Polana impress. And Angelique. Beyond that in the chaos he missed what happened when Polana went down with the little brown. At last though, he recalls the wine skin and extends a goblet to Inri. "Some wine?"

The Star of Destiny Bronze Hatchling remains on the ground, not entirely helpless but certainly not willing to give this walking thing another go. A moment passes, and then, finally he stands on wobbly legs that slowly begin to grow a little stronger. There, that wasn't so hard. A triumphant sound escapes the young hatchling before he realizes those robed figures are right //there. He makes his way closer, examining each one carefully. Nope, nope. These are not quite right, they're not what he seeks. His quest continues as he passes by a few boys.//

Borodin stares, instead, watching as Angelique is found by her dragon. "…uhm… con…gratulations…" he says. Still no pockets for his hands, but he does smile at Anique's back.

Xavier claps as he sees and hears Anique impress. "Congrats Anique. You will make a great pair." He smiles at her before his eyes turn back to the bronze on the sands and the egg that is still rocking trying to free it's self.

Jastre grins. "Anique! Congrats, guess we won't get to finish that game in the barracks after all, huh." he calls over, then turns to stare at the bronze…. who is coming closer. He takes a deep breath, standing his ground, though he's ready to move out of the way if he has to.

Solan flicks his eyes towards the suddenly-moving green and feels his heart thump with joy as Angelique is chosen. He grins her way - though she may not see it - before again turning back to gaze on that bronze. "He's really something, isn't he, Xavier?" And then the bronze is up and moving along, searching. Standing firm, he looks upon that magnificence with unabashed awe. He only hopes - should it come his way - that it won't pass him by.

Inri looks a bit relieved as D'ani offers — "That would be lovely, thank you," she chirps at her dear friend (oh isn't she STILL grateful Dremkoth caught) and accepts the goblet, taking a slow sip. Mimosas later. Calming early-day drink, now. "And now we're down an assistant headwoman. At least Zhirayr's competent," and not scary, like Headwoman Talica, implied.

When I Woke Up Egg trembles in its wallow, barely perceptible but there as if slowly powering up for the biggest finale it will ever know! A little twitch, a hiccup more like and then it grows still again.

An Assistant Weyrlingmaster steps forwards to greet Anique and her new lifemate, smiling broad and warmly. "Congratulations, she's a fine little one. Come along now, follow us. Time to get you settled with the others." And off they go to the sidelines, where the Weyrlingmaster is now lingering close by.

Valene hollers out her share of congratulations as Angelique Impresses the green. "She's a pretty one!" she calls out, daring a glimpse to see where the bronze has ended up and who he might choose. So few eggs left now. "How many.. just three."

Xavier nods, "aye, the bronze is a great looking one. I'm sure he's bound to come our way and give us a look over." Looks like no more adventuring after the young dragons for Xavier after he saw Lana get cut.

A Device Like None Other Egg finally breaks, spilling a tangle of limbs and wings onto the sands.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Follow Me Into the Sunlight Bronze Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Polished and gleaming, even newly hatched this young dragon's hide shimmers with metallic hues of bronze, copper and gold. Like a masterfully crafted bronze statue, his hide gleams with the sun's brilliance. It is as if Rukbat rose one chilly Fortian morning and bathed the forest in its golden glow, molding a dragon from sunlight, earth, wood and stone to form the gleaming bronze dragonet that stands before you. Swirls of copper, burnished bronze and yellow gold swirl subtly across his muzzle, the curves and arcs of their pattern reminiscent of a water droplet's path or the grains of wood on a highly polished carving. Subtly textured, the color is brilliant and gleaming as it swirls down across his shoulders, the darkness pooling in the dips while the brilliant bronze and golden hues stand out on the high points of his hide. His legs and wings are ungainly in youth, longer than most and a bit unwieldy. Sails capture a pattern of dappled sunspots through the high forest canopy, shifting with invisible breezes. His tail is short for now, in comparison to the rest of him, but this bronze is already large and promises great growth and nobility as he matures.

Follow Me Into the Sunlight Bronze Hatchling shakes out his wings as he stands there, head down, lanky legs shivering a bit before he leans first this way and then that, head tilting up as he streeeeeeetches. Those legs must have /killed/, being squeezed into that tiny little egg. Wings stretch next, and he crooks in delight at the untangling of muscles that have never known the sensation of freedom. And what freedom it is! Time to set out and explore. Only his first step he wobbles and trips, down onto his front knees like a long-legged calf before scrambling up again. Right then. No one saw that.

Zaala's eyes slip away from watching the former assistant headwoman dart off with her new life and new lifemate, turning toward the remaining eggs and then to Valene, "Those two we can't impress huh…" she notes with a smirk, shuffling well away from the boys to hang by Valene. No mauling the girls to get to the right candidate now. At least, not these two. Her eyes are on all four of her friends, hoping two at least will end up as bronzeriders.

Xavier nudges Solan as another bronze hatches. "Look Solan now there are two bronzes." He knows his friend can count. He looks at the nearly golden bronze with a smile as he topples forward onto his knees before standing again. "Quick on his feet and got legs like a runner."

Borodin brings his eyes away from Anique to find another bronze hatched. He spends a moment looking between the two of them. Those are… right. Okay. Yes. Those are two. He… wasn't sure, at first. Seeing double? Maybe. It's that headache talking.

D'ani pours for Inri and steps to where Dtirae and Th'ero are. He's got three more empty goblets in his fingers and these are offered to them solemnly. "Wine?" Of course he's keeping an eye on the sands too. And the proud papa Dremkoth nuzzles Kouzevelth as the last two dragonets hatch. His thrumming is loud enough that he should pop. Or something.

Solan sees another egg suddenly breaking apart, releasing a bronze of unquestionable beauty. "Xavier," the woodcrafter grins excitedly, "Xavier, look at that one!" Gesturing towards the bronze and gold dappled dragonet, his grin widens to the point of almost breaking his jaw. "Two indeed, my friend," he nods back.

Dtirae nods in acceptance to D'ani's question. "Thank you." Her gaze,however, does not stray away from the Hatching. She is a silent sentinel, with lips pressed into a thin line and no visible expression.

Jastre stiffens as another egg hatches into a bronze, and he catches his breath, glancing at the other boys and then at both the bronzes. This one's a little shaky on his feet too, but they just hatched, so…. His gaze darts from one to the other. This one at least is back up on his feet again, that bodes well. Finally expelling the breath he took, he tries to relax…. yeah, ahaha, sure. Relax.

The Star of Destiny Bronze Hatchling reacts as if he was hit with a sudden inspiration, a sudden understanding! Of course! How could he have been so foolish. His chest puffs with a sort of pride as he strides forward just so, full of himself and utterly sure. He makes his way closer to that one, stubbornly moving others aside. Ahem, this one is his. Thank you very much. With the others gone, he settles in front of his messy, pale-green eyed, messy haired former handyman.
With a triumphant cry it seems that the The Star of Destiny Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Th'ero has fallen silent again, distracted by the rush of the hatching as more eggs hatch and hatchlings stumble to find their lifemates. Turning to Kimmila, he murmurs softly. "And there goes our Assistant Headwoman too. Good for her!" A faint smile follows, before the Weyrleader's attention is drawn to the hatching of two more and two bronzes at that. "Ahh, I was wondering…" he muses, only to glance towards D'ani as he approaches. "Fine Hatching, isn't it? And yes, I will take a glass, thank you." Might as well get started? Even if he promised only one glass.

Jastre is suddenly elsewhere, here, there and everywhere, and the sudden shock of it, the difference between what he sees and where he is is the first sign of what's up. Once his head's spinning, then there's…. something ELSE. A voice, sounding… oh my gosh. It's a dragon! No, not just a dragon, it's… "Zeltenith! Ah, yes, you're hungry, let's go find you something…. I have a…" a dragon? Nah, more like he has him. So As'tre hurriedly looks about. Where's that nice-scented something or other? "Guess I'm not leaving after all." he mutters in a daze.

Zaala's gaze settles on the bronze that approaches her friend, the cowboy, the traveller, the handy-man. She watches with approval in her eyes as the bronze, named Zeltenith, finds Jastre. There's a small clap from Zaala as her hands come together in awe, "Congrats Jastre! You're stuck here now, as I said you could be." A told you so moment. Pleased, she looks toward the other bronze, eager to see which boy will attract his attention.

Follow Me Into the Sunlight Bronze Hatchling almost stops to stretch /again/, because it feels so good, but he's feeling another pull now. Two different ones, and one can only be satisfied after the other has been tended to. So he stands, head lifted and neck arched proudly, to peer across the sands at the Candidates. Keen eyes gaze at them as he stands motionless for a moment, and then he begins to move forward - this time without falling. He's awkward, sure, but he's not bumbling at least.

D'ani hands two glasses to Dtirae and one to Th'ero and pours into all three. Re-corking the wineskin, he takes one of the glasses from Dtirae, turns back to the sands and lifts it in a toast to Kouzevelth and Dremkoth. "It sure is!" he answers Th'ero, pride evident in his tone. Hey - he can have a swelled head just this once, right?

Xavier smiles and claps for the new pair. More of his friends impressing leaving the beautiful bronze on the sands and another with As'tre. He still can't take his eyes off the bronze on the sands with his golden hue. "Simply amazing." Watching the bronze start to walk.

M'icha has left one of his assistants in charge of watching over the new pairs while he steps (or is it hobbles?) towards Jastre — As'tre now — and grins crookedly. "Heh. Knew you had it in ya, boy! Come on. Get Zeltenith back here and point him towards the food. Lets get you settled in with the others." Gesturing, he will follow them off the sands again, switching spots once more with the Assistants.

Solan watches with anticipation as the first bronze finds its destined partner. Moving out of the way - and quite quickly so as not to be /pushed/ or worse - he grins as Jastre becomes the next to Impress. "Congratulations," he warmly offers before returning his eyes to the other bronze. It's moving again but where will he stop? And more importantly, with whom? "Amazing doesn't even come close," he replies to Xavier.

Valene lets out a whoop. "A bronze for Jastre!" she cheers for the candidate — now weyrling — she borrowed blankets with and 'herdbeasted' across the snowy bowl with. "Way togo." And the second bronze is regarded, studied,and wondered about.

Cell Your Sole Egg will ceaselessly ring… that is rock away as the cracks grow thicker and expand further until at last the shell snaps apart and from the eye-piercing wreckage of it stumbles an almost as blinding hatchling in its wake.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Don't Text and Drive Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Radioactive green, bright and unsightly. This green isn't entirely pretty, either. Extra hide appears to be hanging off in some places, making her wiggle with the slightest of movements. Her proportions, however, are quite spot on with wings that are not too large or overly small, nor is her tail longer than it should be. Her limbs are proportioned and her maw is satisfactory. One should hope that she will, eventually, grow into the extra skin. The Don't Text and Drive Green Hatchling stumbles forward, tripping and falling into the sand. A pitiful sound follows before there's a gasp from the gathered candidates. "Oh! Oh, Kedizeth!" One of the holdless boys runs over, the one named Firarrion. "I'm sorry I didn't come sooner. F'rari, you said? Well, I guess that works. Let's get you something to eat."

With a triumphant cry the Don't Text and Drive Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

As'tre beams at M'icha. "Yessir!" he tells him cheerfully, getting bumped impatiently by the bronze. He wraps his arm around his neck and helps him off since he might have trouble getting there.

Borodin only has to keep track of one bronze now, because Jastre…. "Uhm. Good luck!" Borodin calls after him. "You, uhm. Don't start with firebreathing." A small laugh. Not that As'tre has attention to pay for him anymore… which, really, is as it should be.

When I Woke Up Egg slowly gets into the action, giving a few almost groggy and stuttering rocking motions before wobbling with a far steadier rhythm. It keeps up the pace too, fine cracks appearing and then widening with each movement.

Inri is just beaming. She is radiating pleased, as is Kouzevelth — there is nothing but excitement and happiness here, even if she didn't ever manage to get Ezra on the sands. He has more important things in his future now, anyway. "Lovely, all of them," she says, and raises her glass again as As'tre meets his lifemate.

Follow Me Into the Sunlight Bronze Hatchling continues to move forward, each leg lifted and placed slowly on the sand. His movements are steady, slow, stately…until he suddenly /springs/ forward with a sudden lunge, almost hopping for a few steps before he stills again, frozen. Then, more slow prowling, shaking out his wings as he approaches a group of Candidates. Here, somewhere, is his own. He can sense it, he can taste it. A memory flashes in his brain and he swings his head around, his chosen one in his sights now as he steps forward to put his muzzle against the young man's chest. And thus, claimed.
With a triumphant cry it seems that the Follow Me Into the Sunlight Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Th'ero lifts his glass in toast to D'ani, though the gesture is extended to Dremkoth, Kouzevelth and Inri as well. Of course the Weyrsecond should be proud! "Did the one bronze go to Jastre?" The Weyrleader asks, only to blink as the second also makes his choice. At that, he grins and giving Kimmila an nudge to her side, there is obvious amusement flashing in his eyes. Taking a sip of his wine, he then passes the glass to his weyrmate as he glances back out over the sands, noting a few more of the pairs. "Did… I just see one of those kids Impress?" How out of the loop is he?

Dtirae takes both glasses without a protest, holding them and looking much like a statue until her gaze finally turns away towards the bronzerider with a soft chuckle. "Thank you, D'ani." The second glass is handed over without a protest before she lifts her wine to take a sip. The bronze is eyed, looking to see who he's gone to.

Kimmila grins back at Th'ero, chuckling as she shakes her head. "Very nice clutch," she murmurs. "I…think so?" she asks. "Hmm. Well, the dragons know."

Solan watches as the sole remaining bronze starts coming his way. And then, all of a sudden, it's THERE and pushing his nose against his chest. Completely unconscious of the gesture, Solan is reaching out to hug his hatchling's neck and grin wider than he ever has before. "Sharuth!" he says out loud, beaming. "We are going to do amazing things together," the former woodworker - now named S'ol - laughs in the afterglow of Impression. "But first, I think we /both/ need to fill our bellies."

Xavier smiles at his friend turned rider. Solan having his dragon now he could only hope this last egg had his lifemate in it. He fell great pride that his friends had impressed. He knew they would and that they would go far.

D'ani will grin and offer to top off Th'ero's glass since he's sharing with Kimmila before he heads back to Inri and gently clink glasses with hers. "To a lovely first clutch," he says and offers her a cheek-kiss, "Congratulations, my good friend!" Gallant, mannered. He tries.

When I Woke Up Egg is really moving it now, almost frantic in the speed of its rocking and pieces of the shell begin to ping off. One, two, three… and then a good split down the center has the halves shattering apart enough for the hatchling within to squirm and wriggle its way free and flop down to rest. Phew!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Five More Minutes Blue Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This hatching is a lulling shade of blue, dull, unexciting, uneventful. If dull lecture's had a color, this would be the color used to describe them. How boring he is! And tiny! He is not a graceful tiny, either. He is boxy, angled and awkward in such a way that it's a wonder that he manages to walk without tripping. The Five More Minutes Blue practically drags himself forward, hind legs barely lifting while forelegs drag him forward even more slowly. Luckily, he seems to gain energy after a moment and surges forward before promptly dropping at the feet of a holdless child named Ennrian. "N'an? That's… A really boring name, Zleeth. Come on. Get up. You can't just sleep here all day." And with a nudge, the pair finally get moving.

With a triumphant cry the Five More Minutes Blue Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Valene cheers for the second bronze Impression. And then suddenly, it's all over,and that last little blue was making his choice,and … "Shells, I'm STARVED." It's eating time. Or something. "Gonna get off the sands and eat a lot."

M'icha steps forwards again after his Assistants have returned and he too grins to S'ol as he approaches him and his new lifemate. "Congratulations! If you'll just follow me? We'll get Sharuth and you settled in with some food." He'll hobble off then, pausing to be certain they follow before leading them to where they need to go.

Xavier noticed the blue hatch and impress leaving him on the sands without a lifemate but still a smile on his face for his friends that did impress.

Inri thinks he does well, too! "And to many more, whether they're between us or not." She offers a similar affectionate cheek-kiss, still gleaming as she takes her next sip of wine and — oh. Well. They're all gone, aren't they? After she shoots another beam at Dremkoth and Kouzevelth — well done, you two! — she draws herself up and raises her voice slightly, glancing around to those who were left behind.
"Those of you who are still here," she says in a projected-but-gentle tone, "may not have found your lifemates today, but you are of course welcome to come back and try again on Fort's sands. You're all welcome to stay here as long as you want, making Fort your home or just extending your visit — rides home will be provided at any point to anyone who wishes to leave. There's also going to be a celebratory fe—brunch," the weyrwoman corrects, "in the living caverns that we do hope you all attend." And that's the unhappy part done, though Inri is trying to put on as cheerful as possible a face. No sad news on Hatching day!

Borodin looks to Solan. "Uhm." He waves. And then he looks around the sands again, blinking as he finds them… mostly full of sand. "Oh." He glances after the last few people being led off, then looks back. The sands aren't entirely empty, though. There's the riders who aren't new, and- he bobbles his head to Inri, then catches a glimpse of Zaala leaving the sands and frowns slightly before heading after her.

Xavier nods his head and bows to the riders and dragons once more. "Thank you for having me as a candidate and I will be staying here at my home in Fort Weyr. It would be my pleasure to return to my duties as a handyman."