Fort Weyr - Candidate Barracks

There's something about knowing that your life is going to change forever very soon that forces you to think. All this time Polana has been doing a pretty good job of a avoiding things that might not be that pleasant, things that she fears, things that summon all sorts of emotions. Well, thinking about them at least. It just so happens that the hatching is one of those things. The hatching that will be soon, where she might impress. Where she might not impress. But no matter what happens someone will impress, which means that Fort Weyr will never be the same. And soon, it will all happen soon. Despite her best attemts to remain calm it would seem that the anxiety is finally beginning to get to her. For, instead of getting ready to go to bed like she is supposed to be, she is nervously pacing around the common area of the candidate barracks.

And she isn't alone. The dragon healers have indicated that the Hatching could be any day now and with little warning. They could go to sleep tonight only to wake an hour later, summoned in their robes to Stand in the Sands. It's a sobering thought as the team building and revelry that have come from living with these people potentially comes to a close. Solan sits in the common area and spies the pacing Polana, feeling as if he's doing very much the same, only mentally. The young woman is given a nod and slight smile; they should be sleeping but sleep comes hard these nights. "A mark for your thoughts, Pol."

Todays busy work in the form of chores for Angelique was the stores. Something familiar for certain though there isn't much to do within them today. So after that task is done she finds herself with some free time that she uses to pull out her playset received as a gift so many months ago. So she perches it on a table in front of the hearth and…plays! Miniature figurines of the Weyrleader, Kimmila, Solan and Angelique are all pulled out and placed around the table, a raft in between. The pacing of Polana though draws her gaze upwards from the set up of the people to watch the movement. "Trying to wear a hole in the floor?" she asks idly on the heels of Solan's question posed towards the other candidate.

In her anxious pacing Polana has completely failed to notice Solan. Which is probably enough to show that she is deep in thought, considering that he is one of the few people she absolutely knows she can call a friend. She gives a small jump at his words, surprised by his presence, and turns around to face him. That's also when she notices Angelique. Looks like someone's certainly oblivious today. It is to Angelique that she speaks to first, snorting before responding, "if I wanted to do that I would have an axe." Then to Solan she responds, "I'm afraid they wouldn't be very intersting. Nervousness, fear, excitement, worry. All pooling together to make pace-worthy anxiety." A sly smile crosses her face before she adds, "not a worth while purchase, huh?"

"Definitely worth a mark or two," Solan gently smiles back. "I'd say we're all pretty much feeling that right now. But at least we can share in it together, right?" His eyes flick to Angelique as the play set is brought out and grim brown eyes suddenly light up with a flash of exuberance. "I forgot you'd brought that with you!" He motions with his hands for the woman to bring the set over to the main table so both of them can play. "Who are you going to be, Angelique?" Grinning over at Polana, he asks, "Wanna play?"

"Oh right." drawls Angelique with little amusement in her tone. "You got the direct route of destroying property." her attention shifts back to Solan with a smile blooming. "I did…c'mon. Grab someone." that doesn't sound silly at all does it? "I claim..Th'ero." that'll be fun. "C'mon over and play Pol. Get your mind off of…things."

She can't help but smile back at Solan at his words. Polana is not psychic, she doesn't know what will happen at the hatching, who will impress, who will be left behind. But she does know that if she does impress she wants him to as well. Because, quite frankly, she doesn't want to lose him. But no, she shouldn't think about that, it's too early to think about that. All it will do is cause more anxiety, and she needs less of that. So, shaking herself out of the thoughtfull silence she had fallen into, she tells Solan and Angelique, "sure!" As she moves over to the table she jokingly comments to Angelique, "always go direct fir destruction, sneaky is for all-out war." She then pauses for a moment to look at the pieces before adding, "and Kimmila, I think I'll choose Kimmila. Anyway, what do we do?"

Nor psychic is Solan, though the young woodcrafter has definitely come to appreciate Polana on a level that many perhaps never will. He's proud to Stand with her; proud to Stand with all of them, really. For whether they Impress or not, he's enjoyed getting to know them and looks forward to maintaining those friends regardless of the Hatching's outcome. "Oooh, I played her last time! She's fun," Solan beams at Polana. As Angelique picks up Th'ero, his only choice is to either play himself - a prospect he'd rather avoid - or pick up one of the bovines. Thinking it over, he in fact picks up all three and drops them straight into the 'water' of the bending river. Deepening his voice and making it sound all voice-overy, he says, "After a fierce storm, Rancher Lester's herdbeasts have wandered too far from home. The river has swelled and they're caught midstream, unable to swim for either side. Time is slipping away as these poor beasts face imminent death. Fortunately, two dragons and their riders have been spotted sweeping the area."

The Playset is a wooden one with many pieces to it. The base of it is a basic river scene - water, trees, grassy banks, the works. To go with the landscape are many smaller figures. There are four wooden cattle, a little raft (made by Solan because they couldn't find a raft in Fort Hold), two dragons, blue and bronze, a frowning rider wielding a sword, a young man holding a hammer, and two other women, one presumably Kimmila and the other Angelique. There's even a tiny backpack that, when picked up, is full of lead pellets to make it extremely heavy.

With Th'ero in hand he stomps over to survey the scene. "Shardit…did Solan fall into the water again? Kimmi? What is that weyrmate of mine." drawls Angelique in a deeper voice to represent the Weyrleader. Towards Polana she resumes her normal voice. "It was gifted to is a representation of a cattle rescue gone wrong." explains she.

Jastre comes into the barracks shivering and with a grimace on his face at the weather outside, only to be diverted from his thoughts by the setup in the area. He raises his eyebrows as he comes closer, glancing at his fellow candidates before turning his attention to the playset. "Huh…. playing kids' games, are we?" he jokes, staying back to watch. He's never seen one like that before, though.

Polana grins back at Solan, an ease showing on her face that is rarely there with other people. She curiously watches as he sets the scene and Angelique quickly jumps in, playing Th'ero as Th'ero. Suddenly it clicks in her mind, this is a sort of little game, the kind she would play as a Weyrbrat. A small smile crosses her face. Well, it certainly isn't anxiety-ridden! At Angelique's explaination she gives a small chuckle before commenting, "herdbeasts are troublesome creatures." She then picks up her Kimmila piece and moves it to stand by Th'ero's piece. Her voice falls into her very best Kimmila voice impression as she says, "nah, hid all his stuff in the weyr lake, made him swim for it again." Polana is about to move her forward toward the river when Jastre's voice reaches her ears. A laugh leaves her before she exclaims, "aww, you're just jealous that we got started without you!"

Solan can't help but laugh as Ange-Th'ero asks about the woodworker drowning again. Thankfully, the unused Solan figure is actually sitting off to the side, not yet in play. Angelique's little figure, though, is soon picked up and Solan talks in a crude imitation of the young woman's voice as he waddles her onto the scene. "I think I saw him fixing a fence. All he ever does is pound and drown, pound and drown. Oh no! The cattle!" Jastre is given a wide smile as he enters and then Angelique is explaining the playset. "The rescue went /very/ wrong." More on the subject isn't said at the moment as he shifts back to his voice-over voice: "The bovines are scared; more scared than they've ever been before. And while they try to walk on solid ground that's no longer there, they only succeed in taking in water from their plaintively mooing mouths."

"If he drowns then you have to STand on the sands for him. In his robes!" booms the 'Th'ero' voice as portrayed by Angelique. This is said to the Kimmila figurine. To the Angelique one he gives a laugh. "Oh hahaha, you are always so witty there young woman. Go do some paperwork on all this!" Angelique casts a crooked grin towards Jastre. "You can play one of the dragons."

"Oh wonderful I've always wanted to be a dragon." Jastre deadpans. "Forget Impressing, I'm going to teach myself to breathe fire, that's the first step in the transformation." he pauses, looking over, then taps the bronze and smirks. "Sure why not. Er… what do I do exactly?"

When Solan starts imitating Angelique talking himself Polana completely loses it. She bursts out laughing, leaning forward and her face starting to turn red from a lack of oxygen. She begins to pull herself together when Solan does his voice over, only to fall apart again when 'Th'ero' speaks. Gasping for air Polana manages to make 'Kimmila' say, "oh, but I don't think Vair would like that very much!" Then to Jastre she calls, "good, you can be our emergency transport from now on."

Twin flitter-bursts herald the arrival of both a bronze /and/ green firelizard. The pair swoops down to land on either of Solan's shoulders and chitter at him with excitement before launching up and disappearing into *between* again. "Awww," Solan grumbles, "they need some last minute help with fixing one of the feast tables. Apparently, a leg broke off. I'll be back as quickly as I can, though?" His look is apologetic before his smile turns encouraging. "Angelique, wanna take over the voice overs?" Grinning at his three new friends, he rises from the table, sets the Angelique figure off to the side - miming her running away to do paperwork - and then slips out of the room.

Angelique laughs a bit with a shake of her head. "I'll stick with just the one." she says as Solan runs out to mend something. "Now now…no threading anyone!" booms 'Th'ero'. "Work together. Get those cattle before they fall into the rive!"

Jastre tilts his head as people go off. "'Work together'? There's just the two of us left and I have no idea what to do." he snickers, then sighs and looks at Polana. "Just the two of us here I guess…." he looks at the board again and shrugs.

Jastre tilts his head as people go off. "'Work together'? There's just the three of us left and I have no idea what to do." he snickers, then sighs and looks at the girls. "Just the three of us here I guess…." he looks at the board again and shrugs.

Polana makes 'Kimmila' let out a little huff before exclaiming, "look here, Weyrleader! I don't care how many golds you catch, you're not going to lounge around ordering us around while herdbeasts drown." She then movies 'Kimmila' toward the water while saying in a blank 'voiceover' voice, "Kimmila gestures for Th'ero to follow." Polana then switches back to her normal voice to whisper in a thoughrougly creepy voice, "yes, are alone with us, now our horrible plan can commence!" Despite the strangeness to grin on her face shows that she is joking.

Angelique chuckles a bit, moving around the Th'ero piece some more but not barking out orders any more. Her trio of fire lizards have gathered around her also to watch, chirping what is likely their own advice on how to play. "They say any day now…you guys ready?" she asks.

Jastre shrugs, "More or less." he says, losing interest in the game. Sorry, girls. Well… actually he makes the bronze dragon 'eat' one of the herdbeasts to save it from drowning. Such a nice dragon. "Worrying about it won't change anything, it'll just stress you out."

Polana moves Kimmila over to the water where she makes her begin to try and pull a herdbeast out. However, before she can try and make her say anything Angelique is asking her question. A frown crosses her face and she is silent for the time being, waiting to see what Jastre says. Once he has spoken she shrugs before saying, "change it or not I can't help but worry just a bit. That something will go wrong, that I'll be left standing, that it'll be in the middle of the night and I'll sleep right through it. Odd, considering I was pretty confident until a little while after the sea trip gone wrong."

"I doubt anyone would be able to sleep through the ruckus that will surely be this room once it is actually time." Angelique assures. She's still moving the pieces around a bit but it's a half-hearted attempt at best now. "If you are left standing though it isn't nessarrily wrong it just means that the dragon /you/ are meant for isn't within those eggs. I believe if the dragons saw something special in you to search you then you are destined to find your life mate…sometime. Somewhere. Maybe not here." a shoulder lifts in a shrug. "If mine isn't out there then I plan just to return to my assistant head woman duties."

Jastre nods in agreement with Angelique. "Yeah, and I doubt they'd just let us sleep even if we did. As for whether or not I'll be left on the sands, well, I was planning on leaving after the Hatching anyway. It's just too damn cold to be this far north….heh."

She nods at Angelique's words, understanding that they do make sense. However, when you're worried about something as big as a hatching making sense doesn't always matter though. But Polana refuses to let herself melt into a steaming pot of worry. Instead she lets out a small, forced, nervous laugh before saying, "you're probably right." She then pauses before continuing, "and, I'm, well… I'm not completely sure what I'll do if I fail to impress. I could always go back to being a Messenger but… it just wouldn't be the same, you know? Not after seeing everything that's out there. Maybe I'll try for an apprenticeship in harpercraft, or dolphincraft."

Angelique nods, casting a thoughtful look towards Polana a moment. "Perhaps that's the reason /for/ those excursions." she says quietly. "To realize how much else there /is/ out there." towards Jastre she remarks. "And if you find your life mate out there…suppose your travels will have to wait, eh?"

"Well if that happens I won't have much of a choice now, would it." Jastre laughs, shaking his head. "Well we'll just have to see what happens, any day now they said, so…." shrug.

A small smile crosses Polana's face as she says, "I think you're right, Angelique. I never thought I'd say this but I think I might miss candidacy when all is said and done." That is when a yawn leaves her, for it is rather late by now. Polana stands up, stretches, and adds, "I think I should be going to bed now. Goodnight." With tht she turns around, a little calmer and a whole lot more prepared.