Fort Weyr - Tir Na nOg
Located in the administration complex, this ledge is reached by walking up stone stairs carved into the bowl wall, passing several other ledges before reaching the wide tongue of stone that shapes this one. Worn smooth by centuries of time, wind, rain and dragon hide, its finish is almost glossy, shimmering with minerals deep within the basalt. The ledge transitions into a massive cave that shelters the queen's wallow, and from there there is a sturdy wooden door that leads to the inner weyr.
Step inside, and you'll find that, as with any of Fort's leadership weyrs, this one is spacious and well appointed. Already furnished with fine hardwood furnishings, the new occupant is of course welcome to alter things. A sitting area cozies up to the large fireplace, stones from the mountains creating the facade and the hearth. There is a small kitchenette with simple storage and workspace, and further back is a nook that could easily be used as an office, complete with a rod for hanging a curtain. The far back of the cave has a small hallway, through which the modest bedroom and precious bathing chamber are located, the bath carved into the floor itself with running hot and cold water.
All that being said, this weyr is /cramped/. Not that it's full of furniture, but it's full of /stuff/. There's a bookshelf overflowing with old books and records, half of them nearly disintegrated and most of them being based in poetry. Shelves are crammed full of knick-knacks and various other *things*, stuff piled upon stuff piled upon stuff. No doubt there are treasures hidden within, but it'll take a lot of time to sort through it all and find things worth keeping. Might be easier just to chuck the lot.

The Hatching of Rhenesath and Mokusoth's eggs is two days past now, the weyrlings are flourishing, and all is good with the Weyr. A letter is sent to Z'an before he can depart, on official, headed parchment, wrapped in a ribbon of Fort's colours. Penned in a legible, if somewhat loopy handwriting is an invitation to afternoon tea, inviting the brownrider to join Thys in her weyr. At the time of the proposed meeting, Thys has everything set up - a table laden with sandwiches and other light afternoon snacks, with a pot of water boiling ready to make drinks up. The door is open, and Rhenesath is on the ledge, and she will pass on a message to Mokusoth that his rider is to go right in when he arrives.

Unfolding the parchment once again and for just a second, Z'an nods, a dawn of a smile curling the edge of his lips. An official invitation. Now is the time to make a last good impression. Everything went very well so far and with promising new riders, Fort Weyr has been home for lots of marvels for him and his big old brown. Damn. Where is a mirror when you need one? Shrugging it off, the brownrider, clears his throat and enters the weyr. "Thys?" It's always polite to warn even though Rhenesath undoubtedly announced his arrival way before he stepped in. Quickly hiding something against a wall, he takes more steps inside. "I hope I'm not late…?"

"No, not at all! Right on time, come on in," Thys says cheerfully, talking from the little kitchenette where she's putting the finishing touches on a few more delicacies to be added to the table. Finishing touches, as in setting them on plates - everything looks far too clean for her to have made any of the spread up here. She carries them through to the living area where the table for two is set up, and greets Z'an properly with a half-bow while ensuring her plate-laden hands are kept upright. "Come have a seat! Can I offer you a drink? Tea, klah, wine… champagne?"

Z'an tilts his head this way and that, exploring. His smile does widen slightly as he finally lays his eyes on Thys and everything she's made. Wow. Impressive. His surprise is shaken a bit by a dip of his head, answering her bow. "Mokusoth was right. Your weyr smells delicious." And here he dips his head again, taking the offered seat. Now what to choose? The letter talked about afternoon tea but since she mentioned it. "Mmm…I think champagne would be awesome and simply appropriate since the Hatching was such a success."

Thys sets the plates down, and grins brightly. "Oh, good choice. Not my usual tipple, but yes, this is a celebration, isn't it? I'll just go get it." Away she goes to the kitchenette again, returning with a bucket and a bottle of champagne chilling nicely amongst ice chips. Once it's set down, she takes a cloth to wrap around the bottle when it's pulled from the ice, then holds it out towards Z'an to open. "Would you do the honours? I'll get the glasses ready." And indeed, they're already on the table, so she just sets them closer to the brownrider. "I thought it might be nice if we had a little catch-up, before you went back home."

Z'an is not known for being the stressed kind, always taking life on the bright and sometimes…careless side, but for the moment he entered Thys's weyr, he seems to relax a bit more. It's one thing to be on the sands as candidate but another to be there as clutch daddy. The closeness of the bottle makes him perk again and he reacts quickly, grabbing it. "It's a very kind attention, Thys and to be honest…." his voice struggling a bit as he works on popping the champagne open carefully. "….I didn't want to go back without at least saying goodbye…" *POP* The cork flies, soon followed by the cascading bubbling beverage. He reaches as fast as he can, filling the glasses.

Hopefully there's not too much spilled! Though Thys doesn't seem bothered if any ends up on the floor. If there's any on the table, she just dabs at it with a cloth, and that's that. "About you going," she says, settling comfortably in her seat, and picking up her glass when it's full to hold it out in cheers to Z'an. "Are you sure you wouldn't want to stay a while, Z'an? What could tempt you to extend your time here?"

If some does actually reach the table, none goes on the floor for Z'an did manage to get the glasses full before it happens. Maybe not his first champagne opening here but not his best one either. Offering the brightest of his smile he carefully makes his glass chime against the goldrider's. A deep pleased sigh escapes his lips as he falls back on his seat, enjoying the first sip. So many things can tempt him to stay but oddly he never thought about it until she asked him. "You don't want me to leave?" Not minding the idea at all by the way his eyes sparkle. Harper trick?

"It would seem that's what I'm suggesting, by asking you to stay." Thys may not be a Harper by trade, but being a weyrwoman does mean she's had more Harper training than most. Especially in diplomatic responses! She smiles over at him, while raising her glass to her lips to take a sip. "Please, help yourself to food." She starts digging in herself, selecting a few choice items to add to her plate. Sandwiches, mostly. "Now. Stop playing the Harper by answering my questions with a question, and tell me straight. What would make you stay longer in Fort, Z'an?"

Z'an leans just closer enough to grab a sandwich, his glass still in his other hand. Having some manners, he keeps silence when having his first bite, that allowed time used to look at goldrider more closely. Goldrider indeed. He almost forgot about that, having a match here in the art of diplomacy. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to…be that obvious?" A light chuckle punctuate his speech but his following words come out more seriously. She does seem to want a straight answer so. "You. You would make me consider staying longer." There. But then, he's not that naive. "A bit presumptuous from me, I'm aware. Considering I…don't really know much about you…" Not that he wouldn't mind knowing more. More like the contrary in fact.

Well, that wasn't an answer Thys was expecting. She cants her head slightly, looking at Z'an with a curious expression. "Me? Like you said, you hardly know me - despite the fact that we've slept together." That's shrugged away with a smirk and a laugh, and she takes a moment to ponder as she nibbles on a sandwich. After that bite's washed down with a mouthful of champagne, she grins. "And what is it that you'd be expecting of me, Z'an, if you were to stay longer?"

The flight. That is something he will remember for the rest of his life for sure. And so will Mokusoth. Eyes going distant for a second, memories rushing through his mind, it takes him a shake of his head to come out of his reverie. Being always overconfident, Z'an did not expect Thys's answer as well. He's grown up (a bit) but then, what did he expect? That she'd fall for him in a blink and with a charming smile? Realizing his boldness and rather stupidity, he hides his embarrass with a light chuckle again. His glass dies in a one long sip and as he puts it down on the table, he grins at her. "Why not becoming friends?" He's a man that's a fact, which makes friendship with such an attractive woman as her almost impossible without avoiding thoughts….but he can also be a gentleman.

"Oh, I'd say that's a given." Thys grins, standing up to pour him another glass of champagne. "Trust me, Z'an, if I hadn't considered you a friend already, you'd hardly have been invited for tea this afternoon. Nor would you have been allowed on the Sands with me. But, that said… I'd be willing to explore our friendship a little more. There's always something useful to learn from a Harper, after all." She winks at him, taking her seat once his glass is properly full. "How do you find the sandwiches?"

"And for all of that you'd find me forever grateful Lady Thys." Z'an winks right back, one dip of his head thanking her for that refill. "Now I didn't forget about the lesson I still owe you. I grant you that there are many useful things to learn from a Harper but for a start, music could be nice." After a sip, he grabs a sandwich again. "They're really delicious. You're an excellent cook. A beautiful and excellent cook…" Okay….he just can't help it. This one is hopeless.

Thys laughs. "Oh, no, sorry, I didn't make these - the kitchens did. I'm a dreadful cook. You're lucky I didn't burn the water I was boiling for tea." She rolls her dark eyes, and shakes her head. "I can't cook at all, but I'll be sure to pass your compliments to the chefs." Grinning, she takes a bite of a sandwich, then continues. "Though I'll keep the beautiful one for myself, if you don't mind? And yes, guitar lessons! I'd completely forgot about those."

With her laughter echoing in the room, Z'an adds his low one, stretching his shoulders some. "Even the most magnificent gems have minor flaws." A wink is sent her way. "And you definitely should take the beautiful for yourself for…I didn't meet the chefs." Just as the word guitar pops in, he swiftly stands up, walking slightly away to retrieve what he left hidden until now : A dark wooden guitar with fancy blinding in a form of two entwined firelizards. One brown and one gold. "Before your first lesson, you should possess a proper instrument…" He declares, handing her the guitar before sitting down again. Discreetly closer to her.

"You're right, an instrument of my own would be a good idea…" Thys admires the guitar when it's brought to her, holding it in her lap and stroking fingers over its strings. "This one's beautiful." Her fingers run admiringly over the firelizards, and she smiles in appreciation of the craftsmanship. "But it's so fancy for a beginning; I had thought of getting myself something more simple to start with. Yours, however," she looks from the guitar, up to Z'an, clearly assuming this to belong to him, "is spectacular."

Z'an raises a finger, the move failing to hide his broad smile but, of course, it was on purpose. "Yours. Not mine anymore. And it's perfect to begin with…" He pauses there, watching her reaction with a smirk. After a short moment, he straightens, his face and manners becoming a tad less playful. "It's a present, Thys. To thank you for everything. Your kindness, your hospitality…" A grin can't stay at bay as he follows. "…your patience for bearing with a silly me sometimes. These past few months have been a delight. Really. And…I hope the following will be even more…delightful I mean. And it may turns into years depending on your progress. A teacher can't just leave his student, right?"

"For me?!" That's a surprise to Thys, and she blinks at Z'an as she lets it sink in. "Oh. Why, thank you very much, Z'an, it's incredibly kind of you… especially considering I was only doing my duty to you, as the rider of the clutchsire." She gently strums across the strings again, smiling at the sweet sound they make. "I love it. I really do. It's beautiful. Thank you, ever so much." There's a big grin on her face when she looks up at the brownrider - a grin and a whole lot of blushing, too. "Will Half Moon be willing to let you go for that long?"

With an exaggerate sweep of an arm, Z'an grabs his glass again and sips, obviously very pleased with himself. Of course he did plan on giving it to her before leaving. But now, with each seconds, him leaving is less and less something he wants. "I hope I will become more than just the rider of the clutchsire. Or at least one you will remember." She's a goldrider after all and prone to see some passing in her life. "Half Moon will have to share me, I'd say. So, you like it, really? I'm glad. The carving has been added recently but I like the way it blends."

"I don't share my toys well," Thys teases, taking a hand off the guitar so she can sip some of her champagne. "But honestly though, Z'an, this is a wonderful surprise and I'm absolutely looking forward to our lessons together. Can we set up a schedule? I don't want to cause an inter-Weyr incident by keeping you here - surely your wing must need you? But you let me know when's a good time for you to fit something into your schedule, and I can work it into mine, and… well, I think it'll all work out rather wonderfully."

Z'an's smile slightly changes into a smirk at her teasing. "A regular schedule is indeed one of they keys to success." He replies in a theatrical sort of way. "And I'm sure we can work something out not to ruin the diplomatic relation between our respective Weyrs. I already can see my wing enduring some of Fort's winter and high ground. And, of course, you're more than welcome to visit us. The ocean can be a nice background."

"Strangely enough, I've never been much of an ocean person… though I'm sure I can make an exception, every once in a while." Thys grins, drains what's left in her champagne glass, then sets it back down so she's got two hands free. "Now, how about you teach me how to strum a chord?"

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