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Fort Weyr - Guard Area

Just off the main bustle of the Southwestern Bowl is a large field dedicated solely to the intense training regimen of the Fort Guard contingent. Your average Weyrfolk isn't allowed past the corded off entrance for safety reasons but for the Guards that train here, much awaits their perusal.

To the west, rows of targets are set up for archery practice. Long bow and crossbow alike are used here thoughthe crossbow is certainly more travel friendly.

What lies directly before is an open area of packed earth for the one on one contests of skill, and training for the Guard members. The sight of many bumps and bruises, the expanse of dirt is often dreaded depending on who your next match is against. Skirting the back of this area is a beaten track heading to the north, where another field has been set aside for the purposes of emergency response training, in cohoots with the guards.

And finally over to the East is the dummies for exacting some more.. deadly force upon with out endangering your fellows. There's also a table with the first aid kit and a few skins of water for when a break is necessary to keep running at optimun efficiency.

K'drozen shrugs, "Alive maybe, well." he glances about, "not likely. Also not likely to be for a long while yet, as I understand it at this point I am not actually allowed to actually be werymated." he smirek and shrugs

The Weyrwoman enters without much fanfare though her expression is none too p leased so it's likely most have simply been scrambling out of her way the moment she enters their sights. Lips are pressed in a thin line, hands are at her sides but they are far from relaxed. Dtirae is far from happy.

P'rius snorts, "I won't talk about how Wyn and I skirted those rules at the time. Even if you're not allowed to have relations, you still love her." He glances over as Dtirae enters and stands quickly, offering her a salute, "Weyrwoman, ma'am. I was just trying to talk to him a bit. I can leave if you need me to."

K'drozen looks up as the weyrwoman arrives and sits up a bit straiter perhaps though he doesn't salute from his spot sitting in the cell. His expression dark, not looking at all the image of a fort rider, actually appearing rather ratty at the moment, looking more like a holdless, having gone from rough camping at the search camp over at Xanadu to here in a cell with not stops between.

Dtirae glances to P'rius and nods once, "you're free to stay if you want." Grey eyes are then finding K'drozen and the woman narrows her eyes. "Demoting you to Weyrling is a light punishment for the charges you're facing. I'm of the mind to have you removed from my Weyr, regardless if you have family or not. You threatened my Weyrleader and therefore you threatened my Weyr." It is likely that both Zuvaleyuth and Dtirae are in complete agreement for this statement, neither pleased at the situation. "Insubordination is what you've done. Threatening a Weyrleader and not following his orders, then not returning when expected. Not to mention, your idiotic search has the potential of turning a once safe operation into something deadly for your weyrmate. My clutchmate and my rider who I trust completely and would never send into danger. Do you know that you could cost her life? Her lifemate's life? Give me one good reason I shouldn't exile you from my Weyr? Family isn't good enough at this point." Grey eyes narrow once again, lips curling into a sneer and clearly there is more to say but the question remains in the air for him to answer.

P'rius' eyes bug out, "You know… I think I have a need to be elsewhere. Now." Back away slowly. Don't turn your back. Don't make any sudden movements and maybe she wont' give chase.

K'drozen looks to Dtirea and says, "That is a very good question, I don't see any reason why you and yours are wanting me to be here." he looks her in the eyes, "I trust Jaye completely. I do not trust the rider you sent her with. Sending her in with out someone she has trained with, who knows here and how she will react. And while her dragon is dstracted on the sands." he look to the weyrwomen, "Yes i told your werylearder that is she is injured from this there will be consiquence, yes my anger at it may have been over the top." he shakes his head, "I never left my post at xanadu search camp, where I was publicly involved in the search for the reneged Laris. I never once mentioned her name to anyone though I did keep my ear to the ground for clues and mummerings."

"If you don't feel any loyalty to the Weyr you live in, the Weyr your lifemate finds shelter in. You are more than welcome to leave. Your ties are clearly trivial and unimportant for you to consider loyalty to the home that houses you." Dtirae starts again, that sneer in place once again. "You don't need to trust him, you just need to let him do his damn job. The details aren't important to you. You should be doing your duty to your lifemate first, your Weyr second, and all others third. There should be nothing that comes before your lifemate. But here you are, risking his safety by forcing Zuvaleyuth to ground him in order to keep your idiocies in check." She bristles more, arms folding across her chest. "He's your shardin' Weyrleader too, dammit, and if you can't accept that you can get the shells out of my Weyr. I don't need riders who can't respect leadership and I don't need self-righteous pricks who think they know better than to consider their lifemate first. Trust the leaders know what they're doing. Trust your weyrmate, who volunteered to do what she can. And if you can't, then you best hold your tongue. Or, like I said: don't let the door hit your ass on the way out." A breath is drawn, held in for a moment before she releases it. "You have two options at this very moment. Shut the shards up and stop justifyin' your shit, agree to attend Weyrlinghood so you can learn to listen to orders or leave. Best you think on this, seein' as you don't seem to make the best decisions on the fly."

P'rius is so gone. Yup.

K'drozen smirks and says, "I do think my my lifemate first, my family second." he looks into the weyrwomens eyes and says, 'The details are important." he looks up to her and says, "I will not say anything more on it though, if people stop coming and questioning me on it."

Dtirae bites her tongue for a moment, commentary kept to herself before she rolls her eyes upwards. "And you're not getting any details, certainly not now. Perhaps if you had remained rational and spoke with me, I would have given things you needed to know. Nothing more and nothing less, but with you inability to control yourself You're getting nothing until she gets back. Weyrling training will start at the beginning for you, aside from feeding your lifemate. You will be given chores as all the other Weyrlings are and your lessons will be tailored around respect and how Weyrs work, seeing as you are lacking in that knowledge as well." There's a pause, to consider his words before she nods. "No one will question you any further. You'll remain detained in the cell rather the barracks. Rhyrith is free to fly for hunting and returning to his ledge to sleep. You are not to leave the Weyr, at al, no exceptions. You will have a guard with you at all time of the day. If you need to speak with me, then ask your guard and we will arrange for a meeting."

K'drozen nods his expression staying serious and says, "As you say ma'am." staying silently other then that remaining seated at the back of his cell.

With the acknowledgement given, the Weyrwoman turns to leave but not without speaking to the guards. It doesn't take long for one to be posted at the cell of the brownrider and shifts are planned out for watching the man. Once all is said and done, Dtirae departs.

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