Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

It's late winter afternoon at Fort Weyr, Rukbat is descending in the icy skies, causing the already freezing temperatures to drop further. The rocks of the mountains surrounding the bowl stand out in sharp relief, brought by the clarity of the air. It's going to be a spectacular sunset, only D'ani won't be out there to witness it. He's been out shadowing Thunderbird wing on their sweeps to both stretch Dremkoth's wings and keep himself sharp and he's had as much cold as he can take for one day. He's currently seated in one of the chairs tucked in a corner by the heath with a book and a steaming mug of klah, cheeks still reddened, hair still pressed to his scalp by his helmet, which lies in the pile of heaped flight jacket, goggles and gloves beside his chair.

Ezra walks down the stairs from the kitchens, a mug of klah in one hand and a thick sandwich in the other. Jacket unbuttoned and knot fastened upon his shoulder, the young cotholder looks around and then grins widely when he spots his friend, moving over towards him. "D'ani!"

C'rus has been spending this frosty winter day doing a good many things. The life of a weyrling is filled with all sorts of tasks. There's the oiling, exercises, lessons, and now the occasional practice of betweening. Always under the close supervision of one of the weyrling staff of course. There is one task that is no longer required though…mucking, and this weryling is grateful for that. Now is time to take a break though so he walks into the living cavern and removes his hat and scarf, and takes a gander around the cavern to see who is here and what they are up too. Ezra he knows and he offers the young man a wave, and there is also D'ani who he hasn't bumped into all that often since he impressed. To him he offers a polite salute.

D'ani's been around, though bumping into people has been, up until recently, been prohibited by the healers. He hasn't back in the air all that long, even though the stab to leg happened months ago. The wound went deep, infection set in, hence healing went more slowly than they'd have liked. He's lurked in the back of lessons, observing quietly, likely slipped away before being noticed. Though he has yet to join them and M'icha in the skies for those flights they've had, but he's received same copies of their progress reports that the Weyrleader, Weyrwoman and wingleaders get. So he's aware of what point in training they're at. He glances up randomly from his book, spots C'rus first and though his mouth pulls wryly at the salute, he returns it promptly before smiling warmly to dispel formalities that he'd honestly rather forgo. Ezra's voice is a familiar one and his eyes swing towards the source. His eyes light up to see his friend and his smile grows. "Ezra! What brings you to Fort Weyr? How fares Stonehaven?"

Ezra claps his friend on the shoulder with a grin as he slides into the chair beside him, mindful of his riding gear. "I've been trying to find you," he replies, though if that's his only reason for visiting…it's doubtful. "Stonehaven is good. Digging out from winter, but things are promising. How've you been? Leg alright? Hey, C'rus," he says with a smile.

C'rus makes his way over to the pair of them and smiles, "Hi Ezra…Weyrsecond." he says with a nod to D'ani, "I'll be glad too when the winter is fully behind us and I know Jaicoureth will be as well. He's not be a huge fan. Spring will most surely be welcomed." He can't think of a single person who isn't ready to be done at this point, "Hopefully you both are doing well this evening?"

"Me?" D'ani feigns alarm and innocence all in one go as Ezra announces he's been looking for him. "Whatever it is, I didn't do it, I swear!" Oh he can imagine the cotholder has reasons to be at Fort Weyr. Stonehaven is still being restored, after all. "D'ani, please C'rus." He says with a faint grimace at hearing his title used, followed by another smile for the weyrling. "We're not on duty officially at the moment, you know?" His klah is lifted, sipped. "It'll be nice when the snow melts," he agrees with the both of them. He closes the book, a text on cattle healing, by the cover (it's a bit on the gory side - a surgery of some sort) and keeps his finger in place. "I'm well enough to ride again," he replies - again to the both of them, ruefully stretching out his previously-injured leg a bit right afterwards. It's going to need that for awhile, apparently. "How're you two doing?"

Ezra snorts, punching his friend lightly in the shoulder. "You haven't done anything /yet/, but you will." He glances sidelong at C'rus, hesitating. "Can you keep secrets, bluerider?" the cotholder asks quietly. Fingers tap a bit nervously on the table, as he waits for that promise before he says anything further.
You paged Ezra with 'I meant more like… still growing? Does that work?'.

"I think so. Mindhealer and all that…" C'rus replies to the cotholder, "…call it a professional responsibility." C'rus smiles gratefully to D'ani, he never was one for titles and all that, "Thanks D'ani." he replies, "I can't complain too much. No more mucking dragon dung for me, and soon enough we'll have a lovely party it sounds like. I'm sure the weyrwoman will outdo herself this time around."

"Oh AM I." D'ani levels a curious look sidelong at his friend. Brown eyes flick back to C'rus and he grins. He can relate to that, but then growing up in the informal and laid-back western isles will do that to a person. His gaze flicks back to Erza, doubly curious now, "The question is, can Jaicoureth keep a secret," he asides on the heels of C'rus' assurance. He waits to hear what his friend will say and while doing that, he responds to the weyrling's small talk with an amused smirk, "That's a major milestone right there. But I'm sure M'icha will fill that extra time with something else." As for that dance, there's an easy nod, "She's got formal down pat. I'm sure it'll be nice." No comments about whether he has a date. None! In fact, he changes the subject with a humorous poke at Ezra's shoulder, "What are you up to man? Out with it!"

Ezra glances around again and then leans forward, and though he's speaking mostly to D'ani, C'rus is included as well. "I'm going to ask…someone," pointed look to D'ani, he knows who, "to marry me. And I want you," D'ani, "to be my other groomsman." Then he grins, but it's strained. Nervous! He's fidgeting already.

C'rus takes a brief moment to consider what D'ani asks about his dragon, "Actually he can't keep a secret to save his life, or mine. He's rather chatty. Especially with any big bits of news that he can gather…" C'rus says before nodding about M'icha, "Yes. I have little doubt there will be pleanty to fill the time. Though we are closer to the end than we are to the begining…" A certain weyrling is certainly looking forward to the freedom that graduation brings. A wide smile creases his face when Ezra makes his annoucement, "That is wonderful!" he says, "Marriage is wonderful…" And he has a guess about who might be the lucky lady too.

D'ani returns Ezra's pointed look. Yeah, he knows exactly of whom Ezra is referring. "Sure," he says immediately and easily of being a part of the ceremony. Then his brow furrows in puzzlement, "But why's it a secret?" The nervousness is noted, expected and grinned at, but for now he doesn't tease. Oh, that'll come, never fear! There's a 'see?' look aimed at Ezra and headtilt towards C'rus at the possibility of Jaicoureth spreading the news. At…least he mentioned no names? Whiiiich could totally backfire if the young lady in question hears of it and hasn't been informed it's her. Speaking of which, "Have you proposed to her yet?" C'rus enthuses and well, D'ani has no personal opinions of his own, never having married or weyrmated, but he's heard plenty! "…sometimes it's wonderful," he allows. Good… luck Ez?

Ezra shakes his head quickly. "No. No, I haven't, so…I mean…I assume she'll say yes, but…this is all still a secret, right?" He eyes C'rus. Right? Then he looks back at D'ani, shifting uneasily. "You're happy, right? You think it's a good idea?" Sometimes it's wonderful? He doesn't want to hear /that/.

C'rus gives his head a quick nod to reassure Ezra, "I won't say anything. Jaicoureth probably will find it very interesting. He likes learning about relationships, but I don't think it would go much further than Tovi, Kai or Mazz. No non-weyrling dragons would probably be included so you are probably safe." he says with a grin and then shrugs, "I'll ask him to keep it quiet." For what its worth. More reassurance seems needed here, "Marriage is wonderful when both people love each other and are willing to work on it. I'd bet you fall into that category." he says grinning. He hasn't known Ezra long but he'd just assume, "And maybe someday if I'm lucky you'll give me tips."

D'ani reaches for Ezra, aiming his hand for his friend's shoulder, squeezing it reassuringly. His smile is as warm as it's been all evening. Firmly, "Of course I am! Have I ever lied to you?" The squeeze ends in a gentle shake. "I don't know L- your intended well. You do though, right? That's all that matters." He just looks confused about C'rus' last comment. "Ah, dragonriders don't marry," he notes in an aside before redirecting his attention on Ezra, ""Sometimes it is wonderful, yeah. Just be aware of that going in and keep your expectations real. You'll do fine." He withdraws his hand, settles back into his chair, "I guess then, if you haven't popped the question, then you don't have a date in mind for the wedding. Have you… bought a ring yet? Dremkoth and I can take you to Ierne's shops if you'd like."

Ezra leans against D'ani's hand, giving him a relieved look. His opinion matters /so/ much. "You've never lied to me. And yes, I know her well. And I can't think of anyone…else. Ever. She's perfect for me. For Stonehavne. No, no date, I mean…Raya and I were thinking fall…" Yeah, the brothers have kind of started planning. "No ring yet either. I'm…Raya had the idea of taking her out to a crafter's fair and just casually look at jewelry and see what she likes. So…she's not looking for /her/ ring but so I know that when I pick something that she'll like it." He clears his throat, looking at C'rus, and nods. "Yeah, riders don't marry." Back to D'ani. "So maybe once I know what I'm looking for, we can go find a ring?" He looks almost aglow with the idea, hanging out all day with his best friend and picking out a ring.

C'rus looks down a bit sadly as they both make their separate pronoucements, "I know…" he says softly. If he had more to say he keeps it to himself. He lifts his head back up to listen as Ezra talks about all the preparations that will have to be done and it sounds like a major production to be sure, "Fall is a good season. The weather should be fairly mild if you are lucky…"

D'ani 's smile widens. "There you go then," he says to his friend. "Perfect is a rarity." His mouth tugs to one side as he says it, brown eyes darken slightly. He nods to the rest, perhaps a touch somberly now but still with interest and focus on what Ezra says. "Sure we can," he says easily of finding the ring together, the warmth fading to a touch of concern at the tone C'rus uses to express his understanding of how things work. The weyrling may not go into detail, and D'ani doesn't ask, but he can guess. How many candidates and weyrlings has the weyrsecond reassured over the turns? Quite a few! "They weyrmate though," he says lamely. "It's close…" He eases himself up from his chair, leg stiff, apparently. "Thing's'll work out for you both," he says gently. Or they won't but he's not going to say that. Instead, he says, "Congratulations, Ezra!" He means it! "Keep me informed eh?" Because he'll have things to plan for his best friend, of course! Not that he's saying that out loud either. It'll be a surprise? "I'll see you in the skies," he says with a lopsided grin at C'rus and then adds, "Excuse me, will you? I'm late for a meeting. Good seeing you Ezra." He and his book head off towards the offices - he'll return for his gear later.

Ezra reaches over to gently grip D'ani's shoulder, and there's guilt briefly in Ezra's eyes. He nods. "Yeah, I will," he promises. "Thanks, D'ani." Watching his friend go, he's still a bit concerned, looking back to C'rus. "Yeah, dragonriders can weyrmate and that can still be a life-long commitment. I mean, look at Kimmila and Th'ero. It's just not…marriage."

C'rus nods to the reassurance that D'ani offers before he begins to head off toward his meeting, "You will most certainly see me in the skies. I hope that your meeting goes well. Have a really good night." He offers the fellow rider a wave before he looks back to Ezra and smiles. Here the holder is turning to reassure him, "I know.." he says again, he really does, "Just color me a bit envious is all…"