Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.

Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

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Sometime between breakfast and lunch, the rush of one ended and the surge for the other not yet begun, one assumes the living cavern slows down at least somewhat, so that there are empty chairs and tables scattered among the few that linger this time of day. Being neither a table nor a chair, it's safe to assume that Tivaly is one of the lingerers, just now sitting by herself with a plate of biscuits-and-jam off to one side and a dog-eared and much-abused book open in front of her. That's not to say she's engrossed, just that it's there and she's there. Currently, there's a minor drama unfolding at the next table over where a girl of fourteen has recently dissolved in tears to the tune of "and and and *hiccough* she knows how much I like him and she's supposed to be my friend." And Tivaly is watching this like it's bad theater: interesting enough, but not something she'd pay to see if given the choice.

No stranger to the up and down of the activity of the Weyr's living caverns, Rayathess has lingered elsewhere (probably the library again) until he's certain the crowds have diminished. Entering, he pauses long enough to kick the snow from his boots off to the side and then stride forwards, seeking nourishment as so many others have. He won't take long to fill a plate, grab a mug of something warm and then stride back towards the tables. He's distracted by the drama table and promptly gives them a bit of a berth which… lands him at the table Tivaly is sitting at. Just as he sets his stuff down, he realizes he's not alone and with a slight start, he clear his throat. "Oh, uh… sorry," he mutters, "Didn't see you sitting there." Pause. "Mind some company?" Since he's already helped himself?

Kimmila tromps in from the bowl, stomping mud and snow from her boots as she shakes out her jacket right after Rayathess enters. She doesn't get food though, just a mug of klah, snorting at the drama table and rolling her eyes. "If you want him, go get him. But really, shouldn't you be focusing on your Harper lessons?" With that, she slides into a chair across from Rayathess. "Harper, I've got a question for you, if you've got a moment." Tivaly is noticed, studied, and given a nod of greeting.

The drama continues according to the script, with girlfriends assuring the wounded little lamb that she's sooooo much prettier, smarter, et cetera, and the hiccoughs gradually subsiding into sniffs and a growing resentment toward whoever this girl is, but Tivaly's only getting the Cliff Notes now, her focus resettling on an interloper at her very own table. Amusement pulls at the corner of her mouth, though she says nothing while he sits, seemingly oblivious, and waits for Rayathess to notice her noticing him. "It would be awfully awkward at this point if I did mind, wouldn't it." Which can probably be interpreted as a 'by all means,' since she says no more about it, now looking up toward Kimmila's arrival with a similar nod, waiting for some new drama to unfold, perhaps?

"Not really? Wouldn't be the first time I'm told to sod off…" Rayathess drawls with a small smirk that gradually eases more into a casual smile. There's familiarity in the way he speaks to Tivaly, as both Apprentices of the same Craft they've likely crossed paths on more than one occasion. "Thanks though, for letting me stay. So, what's up with those ones?" He jerks his chin subtly towards the Unfolding Drama and is careful to keep his voice lowered less one of the girls overhears him. "Ahh, morning Kimmila." His head turns to face the bluerider and he blinks. A question? "… I can do my best to answer?" No strict formality here! Either Rayathess is lax in that behaviour or he's familiar with the rider in question too that he feels 'safe' enough to let a few things slide.

Kimmila glances at Tivaly again, she sips her klah and digs a few folded hides from the inner pocket of her coat, laying them down in front of Rayathess. "Land dispute between two cotholds. One says the land has always been theirs, the fences are theirs, they've worked it for generations. The other cothold says it's theirs, and has an old map to prove it, and he wants it back. Wants the other guy to move all his fences too, and also take ownership of the crops that are planted there, because it's on his land, even though the other guy did all the work."

The roll of her eyes and flip of her fingers is all the explanation Tivaly has for the teenage drama, waving it off in favor of the more important matter that Kimmila has brought to the table. Barely here a day herself, the newly posted (and considerably junior) apprentice doesn't seem likely to stick her foot into the question unless expressly invited, but her head tilts and her eyes narrow enough to show that she's giving the rider's matter some thought - even if those thoughts are kept to herself. The ball is in Rayathess's(sssssss) court.

Oh, no. Noooo, he's not going in this alone! Can't a man get some lunch (brunch?) in peace around here? Rayathess has just taken a few bites of food and he takes his time in swallowing the mouthful as he listens with a thoughtful frown etched on his features. "Has anyone pulled up the records? Maps are one thing…" he mumbles and from the sounds of his tone he's hinting at 'forgery' or 'improperly charted'. "The map even official?" Hardly touching on the 'meat' of the subject, he reaches out for those hides but promptly slides them to Tivaly first. "What do you think? You're studying law too. Thoughts?" Aside from 'hey, shouldn't they go get a Journeyman?'. Rayathess' eyes dart between the young Apprentice and Kimmila, but it's to the bluerider his next question is directed. "What I want to know is why the dispute just came up now. If the claims of the one saying he's 'worked it for generations' is true… What's taken the neighbour so long to notice?"

Kimmila smirks at Rayathess. "I just got here and saw you." First Harper she sees gets the question, apparently. "I haven't pulled anything. As for why…I'd like to know that too. The one guy says he just found the map and wants what's his. I think he saw the crops being planted, the work being done, and wants the land now that the work is finished. He's a lazy sot."

'Me?' is the expression Tivaly wears before one-shouldering her way through a shrug, letting Kimmila offer further explanation before she contributes. "If neither claim can be sufficiently proven, they could split the difference. After the harvest, though." As for the map, she turns a smirk down at the book she had previously been pretending to read, dog-earing a page and closing it with a darkly amused murmur of, "Terribly convenient timing, isn't it." She also nudges her plate with its remaining two biscuits-and-jam toward Rayathess, in case he needs to supplement the meal he's not being permitted to eat.

Rayathess's frown deepens when Kimmila shares further information and the next muttering under his breath sounds suspiciously like a curse word. "So," he'll begin to drawl while Tivaly dog ears her book and closes it. "We've a hard working cot holder and then his lazy sot of a neighbour who, as Tivaly put it, has some terribly convenient timing with that map of his." he adds and then eyes the offering of the two biscuits. Tempting! But he'll shake his head a little and tilt his head for her to enjoy them herself. He has food and he will get back to it right after he adds: "I agree though. Without sufficient proof, neither side can be judged one way or another so a compromise will have to be sought. Which is why the records…" Would be important.

Kimmila sips her klah, tapping her fingers onto the table top. "So I need to go to the Hall and get these records, if they can be found. Maps, titles, what-have you. Makes sense, but it's an interesting problem isn't it? I hope that lazy bastard doesn't get that land. Wouldn't be right." Wouldn't be /fair/.

It wouldn't be right, "But it would be. Legally speaking, the land belongs to whom the land belongs, not to the least lazy or most deserving." Tivaly doesn't even bother to try to take the edge off this statement of fact with an apologetic smile or a regretful tone, just says it plainly and firmly: the law is the law is the law. And biscuits are biscuits, even if neither Harper has tackled these ones in particular yet. With a quick 'you sure?' look toward Rayathess, she shrugs and starts one, making a crumby mess that she holds over her plate, an unpretty posture but better than a biscuity decolletage.

Rayathess nods his head and his reply to Kimmila is delayed on the account of his mouth being full of food again and he takes his time in washing it down with some of his drink. "I'm sure the Master Archivist would be able to advise you of where to look. May even luck out if he has Apprentices on hand to help…" Nothing like extra hands and eyes, right? There's a smirk, but Tivaly answers it better than he ever could and he dips his head appreciatively to the younger Apprentice. Nicely covered! "That's why we Harpers look at the whole story and don't truly take sides. If they bring their claims to Fort Hold, I don't count that their case will be reviewed." And followed by the law. "Probably not the answer they want to hear though, huh?" he muses with a faint snort.

Kimmila grins. "That's why I'm not a Harper." She laughs. "No, not the answer they'll want to hear at all, but it's the right one." She pushes to her feet. "Alright," taking the hides back and refolding them. "I'm off to the Hall then. Either of you need a ride there s'long as I'm going?"

That they don't take sides has an addendum: "At least not out loud." Tivaly again fails to show any empathy for the people involved, ignoring the fact that it's not the answer they want to hear in favor of chewing through a bite of biscuit, watching between Kimmila and Rayathess while they sympathize with the men in question. "Thank you, no," for Kimmila's offer, with a hand laid on top of the book next to her like she plans to go right back to that just as soon as this conversation draws to its close.

"Being a Harper has it's perks," Rayathess muses with another smirk and what looks to be a moment of amusement flashing in his eyes as he glances sidelong to Tivaly. Definitely has perks, but likely a few downsides to go with it! Her comment earns a snort of muffled laughter and a slightly incredulous look to his fellow Apprentice but he says nothing. Instead he drains the rest of his drink, hastily clears off a few more bites of his plate and pushes his chair back. "I'll take you up on that offer, Kimmila, thank you. Do you think Varmiroth would mind carrying a Journeyman as well?" Should he have asked that first? "Good luck with the rest of your day, Tivaly." he murmurs as he stands, refastening his jacket in preparation of heading back outdoors.

Kimmila grins at Tivaly. "I'd hope you have your own opinions, regardless." She nods to Rayathess, grinning. "Nah, he won't mind at all. I'll meet you in the bowl." And out she goes.

The dip of Tivaly's head passes for 'same to you.' Now then, back to her 'reading' (i.e., watching people do weird stuff out in public with no shame whatsoever).