Warning: Innuendo

Fort Weyr - Flower Gardens

This fairly small portion of garden has been dedicated to the art of flower-growing, with everything seeming to radiate outward from the small fountain that's been erected in the very center. Flowing outward, like the rays of Rukbat, are paved paths that are lined with various things — from bulb-grown flowers to flowering shrubs. Any rhyme or reason is for the gardeners to discern; it is, to the most casual observer, a place where flowers appear to randomly erupt in vivid bursts of color through the year.
Carnation pinks, daisy whites, and rose reds typically dominate … but, from time to time, seemingly exotic flares of daffodil yellow and iris blue and orchid purple may make a memorable appearance. Pansies and other such flowers also peek their heads out from time to time, if only to add unexpected glimpses of color where green and brown dominate. The air is thick with the perfumes of flowers as they bloom, the commingling of scents being potent but not overwhelmingly so.

Around the stone fountain in the middle are a few low benches, with everything appearing to have been made with an eye for the abstract. The fountain itself is a thing made of stone and overlaid with broken bits of tile and glass to make an eyecatching mosaic in a rainbow of hues; the benches are sturdy, made of well-treated wood that's been carved with stylized floral patterns and stained a rainbow of hues to reflect as much.

Time off is few and far between for Inyri, for some strange reason; it's not often that one sees her at the Weyr proper when she's not either getting breakfast or sleeping. Then again, anyone who asks her gets told that's her choice — she prefers to practically live at the Gemstone, which has led to the belief that she actually /does/ live there. She doesn't, and on this particular evening, just after getting worn out by the drunks celebrating Turnover, she's taken to settling someplace different than usual to take said time off. Perched on a bench, she has a small container of what appears to be dried fish and appears to be trying to train a very small firelizard. "I know, you're probably too young to get it, but can you maybe just /try/ standing on your hind legs? Just a little? Follow the fish —" Dangling it above his head just high enough, Inyri does convince two-day-old Liechten up on his haunches.

Akyla's casual meander through the gardens is a surprising one — after all, with Turnover celebrations in full swing, it's possible the woman's company might be a sought after thing, at least for a drink and some dancing — but nonetheless, she is here, prowling though the walkways towards the fountain and the benches. "Well," comes a rather dry comment from the brunette greenrider, she coming to a stop nearest the bench where Inyri sits. "I hope you're happy, Ystwyth," her comment is directed aloud, meant for the unpresent dragon. "I don't know why you /had/ to drag me out of the party, and the very warm lap of a very willing bronzerider, I might add, to look for flowers when it's the middle of the sharding winter, I'll never know." There's a soft cheep from the greenrider's shoulder, her little gold curled around her neck, and the 'rider lifts slim fingers to stroke the tiny headknobs, spotting the barmaid. "Ah, Inyri. How's he doing?" She nods briefly, the tilt of her chin indicating towards the little bronze.

Miki shuffles through the gardens, hands stuffed in pocket and a slight frown on her face. "Just wait, I'll kick him out today, I swear. And you too, Sohnyuoth." The AWLM seems not at all thrilled as she glances up to a green the circles lazily overhead, though it isn't long before said dragon is disappearing. The tiny woman sticks her tongue out at the departing form. Its' then that clear blue eyes fall on both Inyri and Akyla, and that bad mood seems to be disappearing quickly at the potential for company. "Ah, cute flit." Lips curl up in a smile as she eyes the little bronze before giving a nod of her head in greeting to Inyri. "Could be a bit before he gets trained. Though some are pretty smart." Gaze flicks over to Akyla then, a sympathetic smile for her previous words, "It looks like I'm not the only one whose got a lifemate that's dragged her away from a party. Maybe you can bring some flowers back for that bronzer?" A giggle is added to the words.

"Oh, I don't think he's learning so much as that if I keep doing this and making him want the food, he might start associating the words with the action —" Not that Inyri really knows, and her slightly clueless expression gives that away. "If it's anything like training dogs. I hope your party wasn't as outrageous as the one I was at," she adds, though it's unclear /which/ greenrider she's speaking to; they're both getting cheerful enough looks. "I actually took my time off and I don't generally do that unless forced! Brought some of the product with me, though —" A wineflask is carefully and deftly picked up from underneath the bench, and generically extended; first person to take it gets a sip! "As for Liechten here, he's fine," though it took Inyri a minute to track the conversation back far enough to recall he'd been asked after directly. His little golden sister gets a sleepy greeting chirp. This training stuff is /hard/.

Little pitchers have big ears, although when all is said and done, Akyla is neither little, nor is she particularly endowed in the ear department. But that doesn't mean she isn't a snoop or an eavesdropper, even when there aren't any eaves to drop. "Kicking /who/ out?" she blurts out, half-turning towards Miki with something of wickedly cheerful glee on her face. Gossip, oh please let it be juicy and naughty gossip. Uh huh. "It sounds like someone's been camping out at your place, tell… do tell." There's a glance back to Inyri as Khaleesi croons softly at her brazen clutch sibling, the gold lifting her head from the warmth of Akyla's shoulder to blink in regal bemusement at him. "Never trained dogs," Akyla admits, taking a few more steps forwards to claim the offered flask, taking a swig and grinningly offering it at the Assistant Weyrlingmaster. "So I can't say that it's the same as training a firelizard, and …" a dramatic pause, "I'd only Chilly to compare to before. But keep at it, I'm sure he'll learn." There's a soft laugh, Akyla continuing to grin cheerfully at Miki. "Oh indeed, what is it about green dragons and their stubborn insistence to disrupt the party anyway? It was turning out so well, although not," Akyla favors the tavernmaid with a wink, "as outrageous as it could have been. Still, I suppose I could mush around through the snow, and find some kind of hearty winter flower to take back as a peace offering for that delightful bronzerider, or if I just happened to get too cold looking, he could always warm me up again." No, no shame here, not for this greenie.

Miki giggles, "Maybe he will. It's been a while since I trained my little trio….don't actually remember how I did it." The little woman glances up as if they might fly by any minute, but there's no such arrival. "Or maybe they trained themselves. Baru might have actually." For a moment she seems thoughtful, but soon a grin is appearing on her face. "Wish it was more outrageous. It was such a tame party! And Sohnyu still chased me out." Miki proceeds to pout unabashedly, though there might be a hint of glee when that wineskin is pulled out. "Just my brother." The AWLM gives a long suffering sigh before shooting a wink in Akyla's direction, "Wish it was something more exciting than that." A pause. "Though….I suppose things /could/ get exciting once I managed to kick him out. I did see some nice looking men at the party I was at." And if that smile's any indication, she's going to go back and learn their names. And probably more.

Laughing a little, Inyri adjusts Liechten in her lap until he goes scrambling up her forearm to sit in the crook of her neck, instead; a good thing, really, that she has her hair up in a bun. It's a messy bun, by now, hanging out in a few different directions, but nothing's hanging low enough to get tangled up in claws. "I can imagine it can't be getting that interesting in your weyr with a sibling around," she says, "and I think I remember you saying your lifemate doesn't like him? Would she prefer handsome strangers from a party?" Because, based on her expression, it appears Inyri thinks /she/ would prefer that. "And, oh, I think /that's/ a plan. Just look real cold. He'll take pity and maybe take you home."

"Oh," Akyla does manage to keep from looking too disappointed at the news, which isn't too difficult given her saucy grin. "Brother. So … awkward." She chuckles softly. "I've no siblings of my own, so thankfully I'm happily spared the embarrassment. But I don't see how hard it could be to kick a brother out, just plant your boot on his backside and shove." she waggles her eyebrows then, naughty-like. "And then make it very clear you needed your privacy by grabbing just anyone else and dragging them off." There's a glance at the smaller woman. "Or trying to anyway." she grins teasingly, dragging might not physically be possible, no? "Ought to bring you back to my party," she suggests, "bet between you and me, we could liven it up some." Akyla plops down onto the bench by Inyri. "Now that's a thought," she remarks, giving a mock shiver and offering a comment in a softer voice. "Oh, so cold, can you convey me home good sir, and make sure I'm wrapped up warm." She pauses, running her fingers over the little gold's eyeridges again. "Think it'd work?" How could it not?

Miki snorts over to Inyri, "Should've done away with him turns ago." Which means Aniki's been living there for /quite/ some time. "I WISH Sohnyu didn't like him. Shells, sometimes I think she was supposed to Impress him, not me. Between the two of them, I never get to have anything interesting happen." A moment later, she's snickering over at Akyla and tilting her head. "Hmmm, or maybe I could chat up some nice guy and get him to do all the hard work instead. If he's given the proper motivation….he should be willing enough, yeah?" Miki giggles and throws a wink over towards the other greenie and her brow-waggling. "I'm so going to crash your party. Sounds better than mine."

"/Right/, of course — she likes him and you don't. I shouldn't have mixed that one up," Inyri looks a little guilty as she rolls her shoulders in a just-so-slightly self-mocking shrug. "Though I get a lot of stories in and out, so try not to take it personally, I hope?" Innocent eyes through very sweet eyelashes, though Inyri doesn't seem to be trying to play up how darling she must be and how she deserves forgiveness so much as it's just — how she looks sometimes. "Have you tried Searching him, can you do that? Maybe he'll get his own dragon and you can get back to the interesting. Like, for instance, Akyla's party; because yes, I'm /sure/ that'd work, you're a natural at the 'I'm cold pity me'." She blends conversations together so well, right?

"Awwwwk/waaaaard/." Akyla singsongs. "Having a sibling who gets along better with your dragon than you. Shells, that must make things difficult. Like having two old aunties chaperoning you or something, where's the /fun/ in that." Miki gets a studied look, Akyla tilting her head, her hair falling softly to one side as Khaleesi peeks out between the strands. "It's more fun to let the cute nice guy do all the work," she admits, "makes him appreciate it all the harder, although if you took a little trip down to Ierne WeyrHold and visited the weavers, maybe you could find something that gives enough …" she pauses, grinning teasingly, "motivation." There's a laugh, Akyla bobing her head into a brisk nod. "Crash away, there's auite a few cute guys and I possible can't have them /all/ to myself, now can I?" Pressing a hand against her chest, the greenrider gives a curt little bow a few times. "Thank you, thank you." she remarks to Inyri. "It's worth a try." It can't fail, really.

Miki laughs and shifts blue eyes over to Inyri, "Course not. Don't even worry about. Don't really expect you to remember little stuff like that." Words are accompanied with a wink before she gives a small headshake. "Nope, Sohnyuoth hasn't told me to give him a knot. Besdies, I don't think he'd survive candidacy. The boy's fragile as a feather. He'd probably get kicked out within a day." She giggles a bit before plopping down onto the grass, because apparently she doesn't want to use the bnch, "I'm going to have to visit those weavers." The AWLm smirks a little, clearly imagining some rather colorful choices of clothing. "Of course you can't! You have to spare some of those cute guys for those in desperate need."

Inyri mock-applauds as Akyla bows; palm to palm gently enough that no actual noise is produced. "Bravo, bravo," she says, and dissolves back into her tiny glassy giggle for a moment, Liechten first watching Khaleesi and then actually pawing lightly at some of Inyri's loose hairs. Is this stuff fun? "No," she chides, disconnecting him from her hair again before returning her attention properly to the greenriders: "Gosh, they're distracting when they're babies. Couldn't just leave him behind, though; he would've gotten trampled by drunken sailors, or something. Although that's kind of the story of my life. Inyri's diary, day one, trampled by drunken sailors — anyway. How does one qualify for being in desperate need? Because I bet I do," she confesses, laughing.

Akyla finger-wiggles, her hand dropping from her chest to be offered out in the direction of whoever had the flask of wine. "Performance like that needs a bit o' somethin'," she remarks, "wet down my throat and all." The greenrider chuckles softly, trading glances between Miki and Inyri. "Well, you could always ask someone else to do it," she offers to the Assistant Weyrlingmaster. "If Sohnyuoth won't do it, I'm sure Ystwyth could oblige. And then he'd get kicked out of candidacy, and stop bugging you. Maybe he'd even go home." Mean, Akyla? Noooo, not really. "She laughs again. "Sounds like something my ma did, getting her green to search me so I wouldn't uh …" she pauses, quirking her eyebrows again and giving a knowing look, "… spend time with this boy back home. Guess it worked. For him." Because it hasn't changed the greenrider's proclivities any. "Yes," she quite readily agrees with Miki. "You do need to go visit them. You can find /anything/ down at Ierne. You want it, they got it."

Miki chuckles, "One qualifies by……well, I don't know the actualy cut off. But I claim to be on in desperate need!" And apparently she has no qualms about declaring it. At least, not when the weyrlings aren't around. "Maybe we could rig something up next time there's a clutch." The little woman's certainly looking hopeful at this shole 'kick Aniki out'-scheme. "Hah!" The exclamation is accompanied by girlish giggle at the story of boy's and Searches. "Poor boy. Sounds like he got the short end of the stick."

Akyla grins, a saucy little smirk as she points a finger at Miki. "I say you definitely qualify as one in desperate need. Shells, woman, you've got your brother living with you. That can /really/ cramp your style." She chuckles. "So do come back to the party with me. There were equally delightful blue and brownriders, and I'm sure that delicious bronzerider who was so close to making my night has a twin brother floating around somewhere. That should satisfy a gal in desperate need of such." Inyri gets a look. "And how about you? Same deal?" Just say the word, greenriders like Aky can make it happen. "You just come and find me," she comments to Miki. "Ystwyth'll pick the boy up, we'll slap the knot on him, and you can wave bye-bye before long." Another smirk. "Well, I guess he got the short end of something." she admits. "Wasn't what he wanted, but I got a green dragon out of it. Last I heard, he'd gone and settled at Ista Hold with some fishwife. Makes his life a misery, apparently."

"Clearly I can just /decide/ I'm in desperate need, and therefore I am," Inyri declares, smiling picture-perfect. "I don't have a sibling living with me, though, not anymore — but I did live with a crowded family in a small space until I was eighteen and a half, that count? And was the dragon what you wanted, because I'm betting now you wouldn't prefer the boy, but still —" Expressively vague handwave; it's expressive, all right, but isn't indicating exactly what it's expressing. "I feel terribly conspiratory, sitting in on dragonriders talking about getting someone kicked out of candidacy and making him go crazy, but point A: I haven't met him, so I can't feel too bad; point B, it was technically my idea, wasn't it?" Inyri's innocent face, along with her all-over-the-place conversation tactics (she's used to talking to nine different people at once) makes a return.

Miki perks, "ohhh, twins? Really? I like twins." What can she say? She likes twins! "Let me know when you head back, and I'll follow right along." The AWLM giggles a bit before sliding her hands back to prop serself up in the grass. "Will also give you a call when it's time to get rid of the nuisance." And nuisance he is, because Miki's nodding in Inyri's direction again. "And a very good idea it was! Besides, he pretty much deserves it. You've no idea how many times I've had to steal back my wardrobe for him. Crazy weaver thinks I should wear cutesy little dresses all the time. They're not even hot. Just….cute. And all with ribbons and ruffles." She gives a little shudder at that before sighing a bit. She'll continue talking with the others until it comes time to party. And then? She's going on a man-hunt!

"You sound like you might /be/ in desperate need," Akyla muses thoughtfully to Inyri. "And living in such tight quarters for so long, it's a wonder you didn't go mad. That's what the best thing about Weyrlife is, she gestures expansively, "so /much/ room, especially now that there's no more Thread to fight and that means we're not living cheek to cheek with our neighbors. There's /nobody/ living next door to Ystwyth and I." Not to mention, they got some cozy digs all their own. "Mmm, the dragon was what I wanted, how could I not. The boy, just a passing fancy." Aky waves absently fingers twirling slowly in the air. "He deserves it," she states then, hearing Miki's words regarding her Weaver brother. "Boy like that, can't go mucking around in his sister's clothes, and replacing them with cutesy dresses." she grimaces a bit, and then grins. "It'll be fun."

Twisting some loose hair around her finger, Inyri listens to the greenrider's talk with the wide eyes of distant fascination; the rider's life is /definitely/ a far cry from her own, and she admits, "Yeah, it's basically what Breakwater's like. Everything's tiny and everybody knows everyone else's business. I like a couple of my siblings but for the most part, I'm glad to get away — not living on top of the entire Hold anymore, and all. I keep /meeting/ new people. It's pretty much the most amazing thing ever, even if I do get teased about being small town girl. Worth the mocking. Must be nice not to have neighbors; I still don't even have my own room here, though at least I don't have little boys — by which I mean like five turn olds — regularly invading my bed because they had nightmares."

Akyla's lips quirk into a bemused smile, the greenrider's expression rather benevolently cheerful. "Could never ever stand to live in a tiny little hole in the ground." she admits, "no offense meant or anything, but Weyrlife is all I've ever known and wanted. Although I can't say that nobody doesn't know anyone else's business. Seems to be gossip no matter where you turn, and sometimes the worst offenders have wings and a tail," she gestures upwards, towards the weyr ledges and yawning cliff openings themselves. "Dragons like gossip, thing is sometimes they don't remember who or what they told, and when. So nobody knows who starts it." she winks teasingly. "Well, you might not have your own room yet, but you might at some point, especially if you stay here long enough. It's not like everyone's crammed in like Holders. Makes me wonder why people don't have their own places if they want them, but I suppose you'd have to ask the Headwoman." she smiles crookedly. "At least you're spared the little boys with nightmares anyway."

Inyri has a knowing look when Akyla mentions the gossip, and her shake of the head isn't one of disagreement so much as amused dismissal. "The gossip's just about the same, honestly! I went just from one tavern to the next and the madness of what people say about other people, whether or not it's true — /that/ hasn't changed one bit and you would, in fact, be amazed at the outrageous things I hear that people actually believe! Like that a green dragon laid an egg. Seriously. But just one. Weyrwoman figured it was a firelizard clutch she'd adopted, and that makes more sense." Pronounced eye roll. "And — I mean, other people /do/ have their own rooms. I don't as I'm never around, I'm so often at the Tavern they should really just give me a room there."

"Gossip's gossip," she agrees with a wry humorous smirk. "Seems to be anything's said no matter where you go on Pern, there's always tongues that are wagging and some of the most outrageous stories being told." There's a long pause, Aky's brown eyes fastened on Inyri for a moment. "A green dragon. Laid …" she starts stammering and then begins laughing, hard, shoulders shaking, jouncing poor Khaleesi who hisses and fastens her claws in to hold on. There's a startled yelp from the greenrider, and she stills, wiping at her face. "Oh my, that's a story. Can't top that." A brief nod. "Why don't you ask if you can get a room there. Doesn't have to be much, that way at least you have some privacy if you really want it, but nothing so luxurious that you can't feel you could come up here to the Weyr and crash in the dorms."

"Never thought about actually /doing/ it," Inyri admits, seeming surprised — likely at herself, "just that people keep joking about it so much it seems valid. I don't know what the owner would say. I mean, I think they live there! But it's not like I take up much space. Someplace to hide during breaks, I guess." Liechten responds to Khaleesi's hiss, letting out an irritable croon that's more sympathy than expressing irritation with her; Inyri winces. "Hey. That was my ear. Watch it, buddy." He gets a light tap on the nose, she gets nipped at. Oh well. "The gossip gets weirder every day. And speaking of: I think we have a party to hit up?"

"All you really need is a cubby storeroom or something," Akyla suggests. "Just a place to sleep and store your things. Doesn't have to be much, and if you wanted to get away for a day, there's plenty of room here at the Weyr even if it means sharing. It's something to think about anyway." Akyla's hand lifts, moving to soothe the disgruntled queen with gentle caresses. "Gossip is always weird," she admits. "Like the one about my wingmates gettin' up to no good down at Xanadu." a quirk of a smile. "I do believe I've been out here long enough in the cold to look distinctly blue," she remarks dryly. "The party needs to be seeing me again, and there's a nice warm lap waiting for me." And if someone else is there, Aky'll probably just drag that someone else clear. "Let's go, ladies." Party time.

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