Northeast Bowl
The northern end of the bowl can be an intimidating area, being that Fort is the largest weyr. The far north wall contains the gigantic opening to the hatching caverns, and to the west of that can be seen the sprawling ledges and carved stair cases that mark the way to the administration complex and the training grounds were candidates and weyrlings can often be found. The west cliff wall towers up, dotted here and there by darker openings that mark individual weyrs before it tapers to a point at Tooth Crag.

Winter continues to dominate and grip the Weyr fiercely in its claw's, but life moves on regardless. Included in his are the Weyrling's training and M'icha has selected this day to be one to truly test them. Not so much in flight but in the next deeply crucial ability that holds no room for error. After drilling them endlessly coming up to their sixth month, so far on this bright clear day only two have found sufficient marks in favour of them progressing! They're sent outside, with orders to meet the riders waiting for them there. Who else would one of them be but the Weyrleader himself? Th'ero rests against one of Velokraeth's stunted and twisted limbs, arms crossed over his chest and a thoughtful look etched into his features. He's dressed against the cold, but his helmet and goggles hang from his gloved hand. Velokraeth is wearing his straps too. He's to be a chaperone! How…not stressful?

Jaicoureth makes his way into the bowl, all strapped up and ready to go down to business. He is clearly very excited by the whole notion of betweening and shows it in his bouny walk and bobbing of his head. Behind him is C'rus who looks considerably more serious than his dragon. He's been between a few times and never found it all that pleasant. Jaicoureth spots Velokraeth and bobs his head in his direction, « Hello. Good to see you. » he says softly to the bronze. He's a dragon that is on his list to get to know better, but now isn't really social hour. C'rus offers a salute to the weyrleader and stands by his blue, "Afternoon."

There is more than one chaperone here today it seems. Niumdreoth is settled a dozen yards from Velokraeth, the large brown rumbling out softly now and then while his attention is off on the forest and his mind wanders. He loves the winter, who wouldn't? The brown is settled their resting in his own straps for the weyrlings to show up for such lessons. Abigail is standing next to Niumdreoth, her arms crossed before her while her jacket and rest of the warm clothing on works at keeping her warm, goggles rest upon her head and gloves tucked into a pocket. With the approaching weyrling Abbey looks to C'rus and Jaicoureth and offers both a nod of her head, while Niumdreoth turns his attention to the pair and offers a deep rumble of a greeting.

Of all the things Br'enn has been looking forward to accomplishing as weyrlinghood has gone on…this day is one that he's faced with the most uncertainty, in spite of every reassurance Tovihasuth has given him. Even in spite of passing the challenges leading up to this day even being possible! Perhaps a bit more stoic than usual, Br'enn marches out to the Bowl with his lifemate stepping along beside, straps and gear secure and in order. He's never been between even once; he has no idea how he'll react to actually experiencing it. Tovihasuth is all stone bastions festooned with green beneath a sky as clear and blue as the one above him in reality in his mind today, crooning happily at Jaicoureth and the other dragons. « Is yours as nervous as mine is? » he asks his brother. « I keep telling him it's going to be fine… » Outwardly, Br'enn's nerves show up only in a subtle tension in his straight frame as he salutes M'icha, Th'ero, and Abigail. "Good afternoon, sirs, brownrider."

Jaicoureth bobs his head and hums politely to the brown dragon also present. He's seen him before wandering around and his rider as well. New faces are becoming fewer and farther between. At least until they get out and about. « My dear boy is not excited. He does not like to fly or travel in between. He says that he is going stir crazy and that it will be worth it to be able to get out a bit. His mood leaves much to be desired. Though Kai was out the other day I think he is doing better. His dear boy has many scars and I think has had a bad life. He needs many hugs. I may hug him later. » Jaicoureth, in customary fashion, overshares. Jaicoureth had spent more than a few months barely speaking to others at all and now he can't stop talking. C'rus just glances to the blue and then back to Th'ero and Abby, having grown rather used to his private thoughts being broadcast for all to hear. The last time he had betweened was with Moncerath and Kera before he became a candidate.

Abigail is quiet as she watches and waits to see whom else makes their way out to the bowl. A glance is sent to Br'enn and Tovihasuth whom both get nobs from her. "Afternoon." The lesson is rather straight forward, they have been told what to expect, today is a day where they are to go between, and while it is a rather dangerous thing it is part of being a rider. If they expect to go anyplace quickly they will need to learn. A glance is sent towards Jaicoureth, a brow lifting slightly though she seems more amused than anything. There was a time when Niumdreoth overshared anything and everything, though she is thankful that hear dear dragon outgrew that. "I expect ye all know what todays lesson is? Are there any questions before we tell ye all what is the plan and where we are ta go?" This questioned with a curious tone. There is a moment with a glance is sent to Th'ero as she catches sight of the Weyrleader moving away and she lifts a brow slightly at the message she gets from Niumdreoth that she is to take over the lesson at hand. For a moment she looks thoughtful on the issue at hand before she looks back to the pair before her. "Weyrleader Th'ero will attempt to rejoin us later, until then I am leading this lesson." If they wish to bow out they best let her know now and not then they are in the air about to zip between!

Br'enn isn't about to bow out - nor would Tovihasuth let him, were he of a mind to. Hands clasped at his back he stands, listening and waiting. « Mine thinks so, too, » Tovihasuth agrees about Ha'ze, not minding the oversharing one bit. What? They're just trying to help by talking things over, aren't they? « Kai's tried to hurt Br'enn the other day, but Br'enn says it was just an accident…oh. Sorry. » This in response to Br'enn telling the bronze to be quiet for now. This is important, after all! "No questions from me, ma'am," the weyrling replies, glancing over at C'rus and giving the other man a nod. Ready, fellow nerve-herder?

If a dragon could raise his hand and say 'me me me' Jaicoureth probably would have but instead he settles for nudging his lifemates shoulder gently to have him voice the question that he has, "Jaicoureth would like to know how you actually do it." C'rus says as he watches Th'ero walk away. Ahh the perils of being the boss always something to deal with. They have of course practiced all the lead in material but its one thing to read about how to do something and another to do it entirely, "Like how to make it happen." he adds hoping that helps. Jaicoureth for his part bobs his head in agreement or excitement its really hard to tell which. This is just one more step in the level of the groups coolness.

Abigail watches and waits to see what questions, comments or fleeing could come from the ones before her. A glance sent to Br'enn and she nods to him. "If'nn ye have any, ask at any time. No point keeping it to yerself, I promise ye someone has asked it before." Well she will assume they have! She doesn't always help out in lessons, though it is fun so she does offer her services when able to escape her wing for a few hours. As to C'rus and his blue there is a pause at the question as first before a soft ah escapes her. "Niumdreoth will give yer dragons an image and a time of day like now but for where we happen ta be going. The place will be to Fort Hold." Which is not that far in a sense but for a first timer going between it should mean a lot. "Yer dragon will need to memorize this image and follow everything Niumdreoth tells 'em to a 'T' as everything along with this is very important. They will also pass the image on to ye so that ye both have a clear picture. Ye both must have a clear picture of where to go after all. Someplace new can be difficult after all, so other dragons and riders will offer up the image and explain the area. Over time it will be like second nature to ye both."

How to do it is certainly a good question, though Br'enn just assumed it would be told them. But who can blame Jaicoureth for being eager? Certainly not Tovihasuth, who's in the same place! Br'enn has only seen Fort Hold from the ground, so having to commit an aerial view to his mind's eye after being twice-relayed is going to be interesting. "So," Br'enn starts. Apparently he does have question after all! "This is just another instinctual thing for them, eh? Nothin' special we have to tell 'em to do, just make sure they - we've - got the picture steady?"

The blue dragon listens to her response and bobs his head once more and gives his rider a gentle nudge on the shoulder again. This time the rider leans in to speak to his dragon, "Now isn't the time for that. Focus ok?" C'rus asks gently. Jaicoureth draws his head away and sits up straight apparently mollified for the present moment, at least all appearances would say so. He glances over to Br'enn when he speaks up and offers his head another bob, that too is a good question because Jaicoureth wants to know the same thing.

Indeed how is a great question, to get to the place is the key at the moment after all. "In a sense. Firelizards use it as well, they zip to places here and there and if one has impressed upon a person they can only go to certain places if the person they are with has been there, or let's say a gold firelizard is given the image over. Not that it always works out." Just like her gold attempts to get her bronze firelizard to do things, never works, the bronze is rather lazy and would rather sleep in all honesty. "So the image is the place ye wish to go, but it is also the image of where ye wish to return home as well. Time is very important during these times as well. Seeing how there are Weyrs in different time and weather areas of Pern it is prudent that ye learn the time zones and have them in the back of yer mind." Well, that is how she keeps things as well, but then she tends to get around a lot so to speak with the position that she holds. "Any other questions?" Speak now or forever hold your peace!

« I already told you, I know how to do it! » Tovihasuth reminds Br'enn with a hint of impatience. « I just need to know where and when. » Apparently the bronze is very well aware of his capabilities here, which is probably why Br'enn isn't more nervous than he currently is. "None from me, ma'am," he says with a nod, tightening the cinches on his gloves and glancing up at his bronze. "Not doubtin' you, mate," he murmurs. "Just wantin' to understand to steps, is all."

Jaicoureth at this point figures he'll figure out how to intiate it while he is in the air just like he has learned how to fly while in the air and not from studying while he is on the ground. The blue gives a glance to his brother but says nothing at the present moment, since there doesn't appear to be anything left to say. C'rus stands by in all of this just taking it all in and relishing the last moments he has on the ground before the take to the sky and then to Fort Hold.

Abigail glances to Br'enn and then C'rus and lifts her head just a touch before nodding. "If ye all have any just ask when they come to ye. Remember, follow the directions to the letter. Riders have died between, people have died between. This is nothing to play around with." Might as well put some fear into them right? Yes Abbey is good about that! But it is the truth, death is a very big part of anything dealing with between, dragons disappear that way and never return come certain points in there life after all. "Now then, mount up and strap in. Once ye are all done with that we will get into the air and go from there."

Br'enn doesn't need any more fear put into him; thanks! Of course, there it is, and there's nothing to be done about it except weather it. And not thinking about those who have died doing this, or dying now, or possibly dying sometime in the next seven… « Br'enn, don't think like that. » The stone walls defining his mind give way for a moment, the bronze's mind becoming a fog to all others while, to Br'enn, the exhilarating and sheltering view of a river valley spread out below as they walk the ramparts of a hidden temple suspended below the lip of a cliff. A haven, unreachable. « Nothing bad will happen to us. I won't let it, and neither will you. » A faint smile curls Br'enn's lips, and he gives a small nod, pulling his helmet on and scaling up Tovihasuth's neck. The bronze's mind spirals outward again, the solid confidence of his stone walls wrapping around Jaicoureth and projecting to Niumdreoth. « We're ready! » he declares, a pointed snort accompanying.

Jaicoureth plans to live forever, as you do when you are young, but the warning still sticks. He knows full well that this is serious business and nothing to be trifled with. C'rus climbs up onto his dragon's back and quickly straps himself in, "Nothing fancy. Lets just show them we can do this and then come home all in one piece. If we do this right soon enough then we can get permission to travel elsewhere.." Which is the only reason that C'rus is excited about this lesson. He doesn't let his thought wander to what would happen if he died. «Yes. We are.» Jaicoureth echoes his brother. Certainly as ready as they are ever going to be.

Abigail doesn't wait for them to say 'ready' in fact once she is done saying her peace and making sure they don't have any other questions she moves to climb up on Niumdreoth's shoulders and sets the straps into place. She sends a glance back towards them and nods before a single thought is offered to her dragon and the pair take to the sky. Niumdreoth is a large brown, nearly as big as a certain ugly bronze that is rather well known about the Weyr. His wings stretch out once he is hoping into the air and a few flaps send him skywards with a deep rumble escaping him, this is what he likes getting up into the air finally! At the 'okays' from the younger dragons there is a soft croon heard while Abbey goes over the plans once more with her dear brown. « Very good! We are to go to Fort Hold, there only . Share this image with your riders, every detail is important. » The image from the brown is crisp and clear down to the last detail. Fort Hold is pictured, the front of the hold which offers the largest areas for the dragons to land (if needs be). The stone structure making up the gate is clear, along with the time, there is snow proving it is winter there as well as it should be. « Do you have the image in mind, clearly viewed? » Niumdreoth sends to the bronze and blue.

The blue dragon quickly begins to flap his wings and raise them into the sky. It's a simple enough thing at the moment. In fact there are times where he yearns to really push himself and see what he can do in the air, but he will practice without C'rus for things like that. Jaicoureth has a very active imagination, he always has so visual information is something that he can get a handle on very quickly. The image of the hold is set clearly in his mind and from there he proceeds to share it with C'rus. C'rus takes in as many of the details as he can and sets the picture in his mind, concentrating just on that. Jaicoureth signals the others with a blast of a brass instrament, "Got it."

As Tovihasuth springs aloft, he grabs that image, his mind bent to learning every detail as clearly as he can as both Niumdreoth and Br'enn encourage him to do so. It's sent across to Br'enn as a reflection in a still pool, the mirror-like surface untouched by even the slightest breath of wind as he holds it still for his rider to learn as well. Br'enn concentrates on it to the exclusion of all else, the feel of flying astride his dragon much more comfortable now and allowing him to do so. It may take a little longer than C'rus for acknowledgment from the bronze pair to come, but come it does with a declamatory warble once Br'enn feels he's ready. « We've got it, too! »

Niumdreoth doesn't rush the pair, he merely waits for answers while he heads higher up into the sky until reaching the right space for such things as traveling between. Once there he hovers upon a rather cold air current that is blowing in from the north. Abigail sends a glance back towards both C'rus and Br'enn, once getting the answer from Niumdreoth she nods while pulling her goggles down, her gloves already on. "Nice and easy Niumdreoth." Is murmured to the brown which rumbles at the idea. « Count to three then go to the image that we have given you, think only of that and nothing else. It will take three heart beats, but then you will be at Fort Hold. Bugle once there. » It is a greeting normally for when one goes to a Weyr to announce that they are there, but why not use it now? Niumdreoth has little use for counting, though he waits and there is a moment where he disappears from sight, heading *between* much like the others are about to do. He will be the first at Fort Hold, and once there will wait for the others to join before bugling out.

C'rus readies himself for the darkness and the cold that is associated with going inbetween. Usually he closes his eyes but this time he keeps them open since he is the one guiding the process along with Jaicoureth. Jaicoureth focuses all his attention on the image in his mind and makes sure that C'rus is doing the same. He doesn't want to have any mistakes in the process. Soon the countdown begins. One. Two. Three. And then the pair disappears from skies of Fort into that mysterious void inbetween worlds and time. The darkness and the cold press in around them and it seems like they are there forever, but really it isn't all that long. Shortly they reappear int he skies above Fort Hold just as they should. C'rus for one is glad to be out and Jaicoureth seems to be pleased with himself to. He bugles a greeting as he was told to do.

One…two…three… » Go. « And Tovihasuth does, abruptly engulfing them in a senseless abyss so completely devoid and dark that it leaves Br'enn's ears ringing and his nerves tingling. Except even those things vanish, giving way to searing cold more known than felt. Nothing to see, feel, breathe… For a man so utterly reliant on every sense to find what he is looking for, this is unacceptable, and a strangled cry escapes from Br'enn's throat - soundless. « I'm here! » Tovihasuth assures, firmly weaving his mind through his lifemate's and holding fast. But after the eternal three heartbeats, the world appears around them again, and Br'enn is breathing. Hard, but breathing. Smelling, seeing, feeling, and hearing Tovihasuth's resonant bugle resounding through his head. Right where they ought to be. « I told you it was easy! » Br'enn laughs to calm his nerves. He didn't doubt his bronze, just himself!

Niumdreoth bugles out once the two appear from between, everything worked! Well of course it did, why would anyone worry over such things. « Good! Very good both of you! » The brown sends to the pair while he sweeps upwards into the sky turning about to look at them while rumbling deeply. « Everything alright, any concerns? » Abigail grins a bit and nods slightly towards C'rus and Br'enn, rather proud of how they have done so far.

« I'm doing just fine. That wasn't bad at all. » Jaicoureth says to the brown and his brother. « My dear boy's experience in his mind was different than how it actually is. » Humans are funny like that, they don't always remember things exactly as they happened, they focus on the emotional aspect of the memory. And the emotion associated with this was one of fear and dislike. C'rus for his part might look a little bit pale but other than that he looks to be in one piece. Though that coudl just as easily be from the flying as it is from being between, "I'm alright too…."

Br'enn has definitely gone pale, though the constant five o'clock shadow he seems to wear mitigates the fact a little. That, and the fact that most of his face is hidden behind a scarf, goggles, and a helmet. Tovihasuth swoops up to join bis blue brother and Niumdreoth, the slight aerobatics done in the glee of victory as much as to get Br'enn to clear his head a bit. « Mine is a little shaky, but he's fine! » the bronze announces. « He's trying to decide what he thinks of it. » Or still trying to wrap his mind around how such a thing is even possible. In truth, his thoughts are swirling so fast he can barely catch up to them, but Tovihasuth is there - the ever-steadying force of support. "Good job, mate," he breathes into his scarf, loosening his death grip on his straps. "Good job."

Niumdreoth makes sure to look over both dragons in his spot where his wings flap a few times more before he nods. « Very well. I do understand why they would be a little shaky given what just happened after all. » It is not a normally feeling to go between, the icey cold grip of it all enough to send some running if given the choice perhaps. « Now, are you ready to return to the Weyr? » The brown questions with a deep rumble caught once more. Abigail nods to the pair of weyrlings, to show all is well, and that yes they did good! Though with the question being asked, and the answer from Jaicoreth taken she sends a look to Br'enn, waiting for that answer now as well.

Again, Br'enn needs a longer moment than is probably expected. The second time around shouldn't be as shocking, right? Releasing a slow breath, the breeze of flight stealing the cloud of vapor that would otherwise form past his lips straight away, the weyrling glances over to Abigail and nods. « We're ready, » Tovihasuth affirms with a rumble, the mirror-still pond within his mind coalescing into solidity, prepared to receive the image of home.

Abigail nods slightly once getting the answer from Niumdreoth. "Good." Is murmured softly. "Tell 'em what to do." Niumdreoth shifts in the air, moving higher once more so they will be at a good place once back over Fort Weyr. The image is given clearly and once more ever detail is caught. The Northern Bowl where they were just mere moments before, the snow, the time everything is sent to both the blue and bronze. « Do you understand the image that has been given? » He questions with a deep beating of a drum caught along with his mind, a sound that echoes and is warm seeming to the pair.

Picking up the detail from Niumdreoth's next image is a little quicker this time, perhaps because it's a more familiar place, just seen from a different angle. « We have it! » Tovihasuth announces, strong wings quickly catching them up to the big brown. Br'enn breathes steadily, his grip on the straps firm but not strangling as it was when they initially emerged from between. Who knows if that will change with the next trip, though.

Abigail nods slightly and gives the word for them to go between much like before. There is the count.. one.. two.. three and then Niumdreoth is gone once more. The chill of being between is felt for a brief moment and then just like that it is gone and the large brown is soaring over Fore Weyr once more. A deep bugle escaping him to show that he has returned, and…hopefully the weyrlings will follow suit and offer a greeting as well once they appear from between!

Tovihasuth and Jaicoureth blink out at nearly the same time, the dreadful nothingness surrounding them once again. Br'enn can't help the pounding of his heart as the void is entered once more, though he focuses hard on accepting it for what it is and for on the fact that it truly is oh, so temporary. The image of home is etched bright in his mind…and is suddenly real once more. A held breath is expended, eyes blink against the grit of cold that even those few breaths of exposure have settled on the edges of his eyelids. The return trip is made, and if Tovihasuth appears a good dragonlength above Jaicoureth rather than even with him, Br'enn doesn't think much of it for now. The bronze does, though. Even as he bugles his return, the familiar moan of complaint that he didn't get something perfectly right sounds across the link. « We came in a little high somehow! » he notes, bemused. « That won't happen next time. Can we try again? »

» Gimme a little bit of a break, Tov. «

« Never mind! »

Niumdreoth turns about in the air so he can get a good view of the two, and once they are there he bugles out to them. He does indeed catch the sight of Tovihasuth above Jaicoureth. « Remember! Stay in formation, it is best to go through and come out of between in the same position! » For if there was issues on the other end there could be a crash after all. « Well done all of you! Mine says you have the rest of the afternoon off. Remember to get yours to oil you well, and of course eat! » Seems Abigail and Niumdreoth are needed elsewhere. « YOU are not permitted to go between unless told. Do not break the rules. » the brown tosses in as Abbey is quiet to remind them of it as well! The wingleader nods, a warm smile caught before Niumdreoth turns and the pair is off, heading towards the forest perhaps a rumor has come up and she means to check on it.