Who Phineas,Kezresan,Aignes
What Kez, Finn and Aignes discuss the egg touching.
When Winter.
Where Fort Weyr, Galleries


Fort Weyr - Galleries
// The galleries are carved right out of the rock face, the rows and rows of benches rising high up into the air on a slight slant. Stone and wood benches that used to be known for offering little in the way of comfort, are now padded with cushions in Fort Weyr's colors. Placed along the railing at regular intervals are antique looking baskets filled with cheery fabric flowers. The curving walls sport tapestries in warm vibrant colors that seem to add a dash of color to the otherwise dreary stone. Where the galleries curve slightly at the ends, affording those attending hatchings or clutchings a decent view of the sands, shaded laterns offer warm lighting along the rows of benches.

Aignes does not have a rest day today, but she might as well have the next best thing. Not very surprising that when this weaver was given a choice of chores, she happened to grab a basket of clothes in need of simple repairs and ran to somewhere quiet. It's not quiet lunch time yet and so the galleries don't have many gawkers at this hour. She selects a seat a few rows from the front, still close enough for a good view but not too close. And then a rummage through the basket ends up with her pulling out a sock, a darning egg and some thread.

Finn on the other hand? Finn has a day off. But for once, Finn is feeling kinda serious and oddly reserved. Touching some of the eggs had been a lot more then he had thought it would be and he's still not quite managed to process the experience. Getting up early having become a habit, he's spent most of the day wandering around aimlessly. He'd spent a good three hours with the little kids despite not being on Nanny duty. Eventually, his steps bring him to the Gallery, his gloves and hat immediately pulled off as he steps inside, his head tilting mildly at finding Aignes present, as well. "Hey," slipping out of his coat, he steps over and drops it on the bench, his lips twitching in a lopsided smile as he immediately leans forward to brace his arms on his knees. "I do the /same/ thing," he notes with a nod toward the basket of sewing.

The greeting just happens to catch Aignes mid-needle thread, complete with her tongue sticking out slightly in concentration. She gives a slight nod, but continues threading that needle. Luckily, it doesn't take too long. "Sew when you need to think?" Aignes gives a guess at what the same thing might be as she starts actually getting on with the work now that she's got her needle ready. "Were you in one of the groups yesterday?"

Phineas exhales a snort at the suggestion that he can sew. "Nah." Glancing toward the needle and thread, he shakes his head before turning his attention toward the eggs on the sand. "I go right back to my wheel and kiln. You know? The familiar." It's the last that inspires a slow nod of his head, his fingers lacing between his knees. "Yeah, Kassala and R'hra took Carellos, Kez and I out for a little bit." Falling silent for a long moment, he draws in a slow breath before adding. "Only got to visit with two of them, but still. You went out with the Weyrleader, yeah?"

Aignes nods slowly. Once started, only a bit of focus is needed on the sewing project and she can look up or rather down at the eggs. "Just need something to keep my hands occupied. Something I don't have to think about. I guess throwing bowls would be similar?" That's about the extent of her pottery knowledge. "Close… I don't think the Weyrleader was actually there although Velokraeth definitely was." Which is enough to inspire her to cast a look over her shoulder towards the ledges just to double check for possible looming bronzes. "It was mostly the Weyrlingmaster supervising us. I thought he had been exaggerating how odd the eggs could be."

"Yeah, me to," Finn admits. After a moment, he slants a wry smile before shaking his head. "Care told me about it, but…" He'd really thought Care was exaggerating the whole thing. "It's weird," he notes with a mild frown. "Not like.. in a bad way. But, definately unexpected. Not sure I know what to think of it all," he admits a bit more quietly. "Really glad I have the day off, though." Focusing is not something he is particularly ready for today.

"If I had known they would really be sooo…" Aignes waves her free hand to try conjure up a word that just isn't appearing. "I might have thought twice about this whole thing." Candidacy, egg touching, possible dragons. "But now I'm here and have done it." And so she's not leaving yet and instead just watching the eggs that may still be watching.
Pale blue eyes flick up toward the waving hand, Finn's chin dipping in a slow nod. "Right? It's like.. A whole lot more then you'd imagined?" Or, at least it is for him. Falling silent, his gaze sweeps back out toward the sand, his shoulders rounding as he leans forward over his thighs. "I don't know what to think," he admits in quieter tones. "It's like.. Not that it wasn't real before, but it's somehow more real, now?" Pausing a beat, he glances at her face, his brows furrowing. "Does that make sense?"

Aignes nods slowly along with all that her fellow candidate is saying as the needle flicks in and out of the sock. "It reminded me actually of when I was getting ready to walk the tables, the moment after I presented my project to the masters and was just… waiting. To see if I was good enough. If I really could do this." She chews a bit on her lip before shrugging. "At least this time I know what I'll do if it turns out the answer is no."
Kezresan wanders into the galleries, from the hatching cavern.
Kezresan has arrived.

Phineas exhales a breath, slanting a glance at Aignes. "They won't say no to you," he d decides. "How could they?" Deciding that that matter is settled, he looks back toward the sands, giving those eggs a pointed look. "So, whatever you were planning to do? You don't gotta do it. Which, I mean, always a good thng not having to do what you thought you might have to do…" Trailing off, still not entirely certain that he's making sense, he opts for a lopsided smile.

Aignes stares back at Phineas, with a eyebrow raised ever so dubiously. "Aren't you supposed to not count your dragons before they hatch?" It sounds like sound advice, but she just shakes her head. "Not knowing is not something I do well." That statement is punctuated by some fairly forceful stitches into that poor sock. "Not like you. I have to have a plan." One that's very regimented almost down to the quarter hour.

"Sure," Phineas allows. "But I'm not, I'm counting yours." So clearly it doesn't count. Falling silent for a bit, he smirks at her last, pale eyes slanting a glance toward her face. "I have plans," he assures. "Shocking, I realize. But I do. I just don't let those plans take over my whole life," he explains. Rolling his shoulders in an easy shrug, he unlaces his fingers, leaning forward to tighten the laces on his boots.

The Hatching Grounds might just be the last place Kezresan wants to be, but here he is. Looking sullen and surley, there's an automatic glance toward the clutch on the sands and an unconscious lift of his hand, a touch of fingers to his face and a roll of shoulders that might just be a shiver. He takes the steps two at a time, and while he might not have expected Aignes of Phineas, this does not stop him from heading unerringly in their direction. Scarf and jacket are tugged as he walks forward, removed before he drops into a seat near the pair, and promptly tossed over the bench beside him. A sigh. That is all. No hi. No 'how are you' or 'do you mind if I join?'. Just a sigh, and a slouch, and the tipping back of his head as Kez stares at the ceiling rather than the eggs.

Aignes rolls her eyes at Phineas and his definition of counting. Yet another thing they may have to agree to disagree on. She does blink at the mention of Finn actually having plans and while her brow furrows as she ponders what exactly those might be, she doesn't actually go so far as asking what those plans might be. That'd just be too impolite even for her. Kezresan's sudden arrival is enough of a distraction though and met with a nod seeing as her hands are still occupied. "You too?" The whole obsessive wanting to look but not look at the eggs bug that seems to be going around.

Phineas tilts his head at Kezresan's joining them, a wry look tracing his face as the healer turns his gaze ceilingward. "Right?" He doesn't blame him, at all. He's a little not sure why he is here, either. Shaking his head, he exhales what amounts to a sigh before turning his gaze back to the sands. This? This was not exactly in his ever so mysterious plans. "You think they are just as thrown off as we are?"

A slide of his gaze, and Kezresan frowns briefly at Aignes. "Me, too?" because while he definitely has this mysterious anti-egg bug, he's not yet aware that it is affliction shared amongst others. So, staring at the ceiling. Or Aignes. Or Phineas, for his 'right' and his sigh, and for the general confusion that seems to settle over Kez. A shove upwards and he flicks his fingers toward the clutch. "Which ones did you touch?" he wants to know. "Because that one?" the muted green and grey and hive-like patterned one, "That one's dangerous. Stay away." That he is utterly serious about this ought to be clear enough in the set of his jaw and the wary flash of his gaze, the utter lack of sarcasm in his tone. Because Kez doesn't understand sarcasm, and he certainly wouldn't offer it. "I think they're… I don't know what they are," he decides.

Aignes takes another glance at Kezresan and the frowning and the staring and nods. "Yes. You too." She might not be a healer, but this is one bug she can diagnose a mile away as she tilts her head down towards the eggs. "Can't really stay away from them. Although still trying to figure out why or what they mean…" She shrugs. She shivers as the hive egg is pointed out. "That was the first one I touched. It felt like it was watching me. Hunting me." Or maybe that was Velokraeth, or a combination of both! "It's got to be weird for them. They're not even born yet and folks are coming around invading their space."

Phineas glances from the eggs, to Kez and back to the eggs, his chin dipping in a slow nod. "The one that looks like it has frosting on top? It's… It's interesting. Like a whole world slowly coming into form around you. I just.." Trailing off, he lightly clears his throat, his head giving a quick shake. "The rust colored one…" He still doesn't know what to think of that one. Giant robots? Worlds of rusted metal? He has no words for it. "Hunting?" Blinking once, Finn furrows his brows, regarding the Hive egg dubiously. "Yeah… I just.." He has no idea what to say, really. Words are not Finn's friends today.

"Yes," agrees Kezresan, immediately latching onto that. "Like it was hunting. But I couldn't—" He couldn't hunt it back because… egg. "And then it… I swear it tried to kill me." And again, that lift of his hand, the touch of fingers to his face, his neck, a shudder that rolls unbidden down his back. "The first one wasn't so… bad." But that second one? "Did you touch anymore?" he wonders of Aignes, and if she did? After touching THAT egg? Kez will be impressed. As for Phineaus and his world-building, and rust-colored egg, "A world coming to life does not sound so terrible," concedes the healer, frowning toward the egg in question. Another sigh, another rub of his hand over his face before he's dropping elbows to knees and pressing his fingers to his mouth. "Maybe we ought to give them space, then?" he muses.

Aignes nods quickly in agreement with the whole Hunting of the hive egg and shivers a little still. "That one… and the rust one," She nods to Finn's direction. "It was like it wanted me to save it. But save it from what? And how?" Because also, egg. How do you save an egg? Not like it's in danger of being scrambled. "I thought the brown one would be safer and it, it wasn't so bad. But definitely felt like it was weighing me. More so than any of my masters had. That one though…" She points with her needle towards Look Around You, Now Back to Me Egg. "Wasn't so bad. Strange though. But not like it was hunting?"

"Not terrible," Finn agrees in quiet tones. "Just.. way more then I was expecting? Like, how do you prepare for something like that?" In the wake of the words, he combs a hand through his hair, the ends sticking up in wild disarray. Glancing up at Aignes' words, he nods quickly. "It wanted you to /choose/, unity or destruction.." And it was not at all clear which one the /egg/ wanted. "You saw the thing.. The, the…" Waving a hand, he trails off and sighs. "Everything." Just everything.

Kezresan has no words for that. For either Aignes or Phineas. And so he broods in silence, gaze drifting from clutch to candidates and back again. He picks out the eggs as they are mentioned, attention lingering on each for a moment or two of silent study before, with a shake of his head, he decides, "I don't like them." He's touched two of them, and he's decided they're all bad. "I don't want to touch any more of them. They don't need to know me, and I don't want to know them." Grump. "How can something so small…" be so intimidating? A snort, and he sits a touch straighter.

Aignes blinks at Finn's own interpretation of that particular egg and shrugs. "But why would it want anybody to chose destruction?" Perplexed, she turns back to the one thing she does know which is the sock. The darning of that one is done, so into another basket it goes and the next victim is acquired from the to-do basket. "I thought they said egg touchings were to make people more comfortable? A reduce…" She just trails off without actually saying that dreaded m-word. Wouldn't want to be the one to accidentally jinx the hatching.

Finn is quiet for a while, considering Aignes' question. "I don't think it does," he admits. "I think it was more interested in seeing /what/ we would choose? Like a test, maybe?" He can't really begin to guess. He does, however, note Kezresan's reactions, a faint frown tracing over his lips. "You don't mean that," he decides. He could be wrong, granted, but he doesn't think so. "You don't like what they showed you, sure. And I can't blame you, given what you've said. But maybe? Maybe instead of focusing on that, think about why they might have chosen to show it? I mean, it's gotta.. There's a reason behind it, right?" Glancing back toward the eggs, he gives another shake of his head, the tip of his tongue brushing over his lips. "Maybe it's about seeing how we will react to things being less then comfortable?"

"I do," insists Kezresan. His jaw is set and his gaze is hard and everything in him is screaming in resistance to the idea of going back out there to touch those things. "Maiming?" because Kez? Apparently not afraid of jinxing them, and happy to supply that missing word. "Maybe it will. I suppose we'll be more vigilant, now that we know what sort of… what sort of creatures might be hatching." A purse of his lips and a side-eye for Phineas at his suggestion that there is a reason for the eggs to behave as they do. "Or maybe it is just malicious. Maybe it is predatory, and blood-thirsty. There is only one reason," stresses the Healer, "why one person hunts another." Death. Slaughter. Violence. "Nothing good can come from it. And if smoothing me is 'less than comfortable' I would hate to know what it's idea of painful would be."

Aignes may have been going more for mauling, but she'll nod in agreement at Maiming, even as she turns a bit white at the thought. "At least it's not a huge clutch. Could you imagine how terrifying it would have been to stand in front of one of Faranth's clutches? I heard she laid a eighty eggs once…" Which is a mind-boggling number. Six is still plenty enough to keep all eyes occupied. Never mind the whole Thread thing. She does look carefully between the other two candidates. "Dragons aren't usually malicious, right? They help people…"

Phineas cranes his neck, pale eyes sweeping back to regard Kezresan for a long moment in silence. "Not usually," he murmurs in response to Aignes. Really, he doesn't believe they are ever really malicious, but he couldn't begin to say with any real certainty. At the moment, he's far more concerned with Kezresan's reaction. "Hunting is seeking, Kez," he points out in oddly gentle tones. "If you think about it? They are hunting in a sense. But it's not always a thing that is done with violence or malicious intent. We hunt for missing children, for our parents when we're scared, for friends, for things we have lost, or things that we want. I mean, I'm not trying to upset you," he assures. "But maybe what you felt was violent only because the dragon inside is scared and reacting to sensations it doesn't understand?"

"I can't imagine," agrees Kezresan, a faint grimace passing over his face at the idea of such a massive clutch. "Six is plenty. And even with reduced clutches, there is an occasional… accident." Maiming. Mauling. Injury of some sort, intentional or otherwise. A subtle shake of his head seconds Phineas' words about dragons, a murmured, "No. Not that I've seen. They will protect their rider, though," and on that he is resolutely certain. But the hunting thing? That has him stiffening noticeably, expression dark and a flash of anger in those brown eyes of his. "No. That… thing was not /seeking/. It was stalking. It was hunting with the intent to harm. To kill. I know the difference," he asserts, defensive. "I am entirely certain that there was nothing innocent about that creature. It didn't want to understand me. It wanted to obliterate me." The words come with a shift, with a lean forward and the tightening of his hand around his throat, an unconscious gesture that is abandoned as soon as he seems to realize what he's done. "It wasn't scared." But maybe Kez was.

The last thing Finn wants to do is give any indication of having noticed the fear. Instead, he offers a nod, one hand raising in a gesture that is accepting of the fact that he could be wrong. For a long moment, he remains silent, not entirely certain what to say. "They aren't all like that, though. The frosted one was building a world, an entire society coming into being right before your eyes." Still, his gaze does slide toward Hive egg, his brows furrowing at the thought. "You know more about all this then I do," he admits. "I.." Trailing off, he lightly clears his throat, dragging his hand through the wild disarray that is his hair.

There is a persistently stubborn set to Kezresan's jaw, but his eyes slide to the world-building egg with a look of narrow-eyed consideration. A snort and he decides, "I don't know anything about this," with a hand-wave toward the clutch in question. "I know nothing of eggs and standing and hatchlings. I just know what I felt." And it was not pleasant. "You what?" he asks, gaze sliding once more to Finn at the clearing of his throat.

Aignes has been understandably quiet at the rather dark turn of conversation and turned most of her focus on to the sock in front of her. "In all the turns, we haven't heard about a dragon that went out and hunted people. I mean.. their rider would stop them, right?" Although her voice is a mere whisper as if she's not quite sure about the COMPLETE impossiblity of serial killer dragons. At Finn's trailing off, she pauses the darning to stare at him. although, no more prodding since Kez seems to already have that under control.

Phineas is not particularly comfortable and shows in the glance he flicks toward Kezresan and then Aignes. "I don't want say anything that is going to make you more upset," he admits. Silent a beat, he shrugs, his gaze turning back to the eggs rather then look at the people with him. "You two already dislike me," he notes with a wry smile. "Not much point in making matters worse." Oddly enough, he's okay with the thought, he's definately not everyone's cup of tea. "Just don't want to see you convince yourself this not something you want to do." It's really pretty simple in his mind. In the wake of the words, he tugs a cookie out of his pocket and shoves it whole into his mouth.

"Dragons don't hunt people." Nevermind that Kez is utterly certain that the creature in that egg does want to hunt people, and is undoubtedly a dragon. These are facts that do not connect in his brain. "People hunt people." So, while there might not be serial-killer dragons, perhaps there are serial-killer dragonriders? A sobering thought. "The dragon would stop the rider," muses Kez, speaking mostly to himself. But wherever he might be in his head, Phineas' words draw him out and have that stubborn expression going startled. "I don't dislike you," he corrects. "You're not my best friend," because it is very likely Kezresan does not have friends to begin with, "And your eating habits could use some work," which is said entirely honestly. "And you're a little annoying… sometimes," he continues, though it all leads up to the point that, "But I don't /dis/like you." And this? Candidacy? "I'm not backing out."

"I don't really like most people," Aignes will admit as that needle flicks a bit quicker. "You're… alright." Which is about as high praise as she's willing to give. "You are also always willing to share what you have, even if it's probably always cookies." Which, for some reason Aignes doesn't believe in cookies because food is sustenance, not fun. And as for backing out, she straightens up in her seat. "We've been asked to Stand. It's an honor and a duty." And she's not about to go up to tell the Weyrleader he was wrong to Search her.

Phineas exhales a quiet laugh at the listing of his attributes, pale eyes crinkling at the corners despite the fact that he keeps his gaze on the eggs. "Only sometimes? I really need to work harder," he teases. That /might/ be the one thing that Finn actually does work harder at. The rest is met with an airy wave of his hand, he's not the sort to worry overly about who does, or does not like him. He has, however, accomplished his self appointed mission. At least in his own mind. "Good, backing out would be a mistake." And now, at least, he's certain that Kezresan is not going to let That Egg beat him.

"Yes." Only sometimes. Because, "sometimes you're asleep." And Kezresan is being entirely honest in that, as he was with the entire litany of attributes that. That his observations could have been interpreted as insult is lost on him; and he would have been quite shocked and confused if Phineas had reacted defensively. He wasn't /trying/ to be rude, after all. So all the better that it is met with good humor, and cookie munching (which definitely gets a squint from the healer, and a mildly incredulous, "was that in your /pocket/?!"). But no. Kez will not be beaten by an egg. And he's nodding along to Aignes' observation, seconding that with a firm, "Exactly. It is our /duty/ to Stand. There are so few eggs," as evidenced by the meager clutch of six on the sands below them. "How could anyone refuse Search?" The idea is abhorrent.

"Oh, so Phineas hasn't been the one snoring all night?" Aignes asks ever so innocently. Cause yes, there's always one and while she may have spent many hours cursing whoever the mystery snorer might be, but never investigated. The cookie is just met with an eyeroll. "At least it wasn't a cupcake." No frosting, so small win. Apparently exposure has worn away Aignes' shock to the whole 'pocket cookie' situation and she just nods about duty. "We're here and now we just wait. And doing whatever chores are assigned until they finally hatch."

Phineas exhales a quiet laugh, taking the observation for what it is. "It was definately in pocket." And, so saying, he pulls another out, pushing it into his maw with a pleased sigh. It's the question, though that has him shaking his head, his shoulders rising and falling in a slow shrug. "No idea," he admits. "But apparently do they do?" Granted, he's never met anyone who has said no, but they have to be out there. "If I could find a way to keep the frosting on the cake? It would have been a cupcake," he assures Aignes. "To much work trying to suck frosting out of a pocket, though." He's teasing? Surely he must be. But with Finn, it's hard to tell. "That," he adds at the last. "Is the worst part. Not," he assures. "Pocket frosting," although that is bad, too. "But the waiting around." Busy work sucks.

"I don't think so." At least, Kez is pretty sure the snorer is not Phineas. Even if he's giving the other candidate a hard, studious sort of look. As if he can peer into his head and discern the truth of whether or not he is the source of the nightly disruptions. And it is another, "Very true," that comes for Aignes' observation that it is at least a cookie and not a cupcake. "A cupcake would have been excessive." Not least of all because of the pocket-frosting. That definitely gets a grimace, a look of disgust passing over Kezresan's face before he's schooled it away. Apparently, he does not believe Phineas is joking. "Those that are in the Hold or Hall and turn down Search," decides the healer, "are within their rights. But the weyrbred? And those that reside within the Weyr?" A scowl, and he decides, "They've forgotten their responsibility. It's selfish." Or so Kez believes. But the waiting? He must agree with that assessment, a low sigh coming as he decides, "Yes. And it is only going to get worse."

Aignes also gives Phineas a serious once over, but then shrugs. "It at least comes from that side of the barracks." She's totally blaming this snoring on one or all of the guys. She does at least laugh at Finn's confession that he would keep a cupcake if possible without pocket frosting. "And I guess a cupcake without frosting would just be a muffin?" Where's Care when you need an expert on baked foods? "If you are a Holder," She puts enough emphasis the capital letter H should be noticeable, "Then that duty would come first. But the Weyrs do have craft wings… so it's not like people are forsaking their craft to do their duty and Stand, for the most part." As for waiting, she shrugs. "I'm sure we'll find ways to deal with it. Complain too loudly and the weyrlingmaster will probably schedule more pt at who knows what hours?"

"Maybe I could keep the frosting seperate," Finn muses. "Put it in a little container for when I'm ready to eat the cake?" That might work and from the look on his face? He's clearly thinking about trying it. As for the rest, he gives a mild shake of his head. "I've never met anyone who has said no," he admits. "I mean, I suppose they must be out there and have their reasons, but still." That point? Duty? Definately one he agrees on. "I do not snore," he snorts with a sideways glance at the pair. Of that particular upset he is innocent. "It's weird," he admits. "But I actually miss working. Well, my own work, at least. I could do without infirmary duty ever coming around again."

"They do," have craft wings. "But as a dragonrider, you cannot advance beyond Journeyman. It's… limiting," if you aspire to become a Master. "And the dragon would always be a priority. It's… challenging." Or so Kezresan imagines. "I can see how a crafter would say no, if they aspire to pursue the mastery of their craft." But obviously, he's here, and not one of them. "I don't mind the training," he admits. "I miss the freedom," he decides. "I miss going where I want to go, and seeing who I want to see and—" oh, but he cuts off right quick on that one, biting back whatever might have passed through his head before it can come out his mouth with a quick snap of his jaw and shrug and an entirely unconvincing, "Things." A snort, and he slides a glance at Phineas to declare, "I like the infirmary." Because of course he would. It's his second home.

Aignes nods along as Kez spouts some True Facts (tm). "True… but dragons wouldn't chose someone who would be miserable as a rider? Maybe that's why all the eggs felt like they were judging us." Or hunting for something. "It's just a big IF. If it happens, it happens. But more people will be left Standing than Impress." She rolls her eyes at Phineas' cupcake brainstorming and tosses that darned sock into the basket to pick up the next. "That would be a lot of work. And do you really want cake that much more than cookies?" Ever practical. She gives a bit of a shrug at the list of missing things. "I'm lucky I guess. Didn't really have much time to get to use to the freedom of being a journeyman. And there's plenty of sewing to be done as a candidate."

"Right?" Finn laughs with an easy nod. He knows what that cut off word was. "I miss that, /alot/." He'll live. He's certainly not aching to break any rules, but yeah, he's noticed the lack. He does, however, glance at Kezresan and snort. "Of course you do. I assure you, however, you would have lost mind with me in there. I mean, it was an accident. I didn't see the tray of tools, but still. Just not an environment I thrive in." He never gets sick, fortunately. "I miss the chaotic mess of my wheel and kiln," he sighs. "I miss the smell of baking clay." Grinning at Aignes, he turns his hand up in a point made gesture. "See? You're right, I just don't want to spend that kinda energy when there are cookies to be had."

A shrug and Kezresan decides, "One can hope," for dragons not selecting someone who would be miserable. "More likely, whatever the opinion of the person prior to, their mind is changed at Impression. I have never met a dragonrider who didn't like being one." But he's not exactly an expert on dragonriders, either. "Undoubtedly," for losing his mind with Phineas in the infirmary. "You're chaos in motion, crumbs aside. I've seen you with the weyrbrats," and their flying wings. "Next time you draw Infirmary, I'll trade you. If," he amends, "You take nanny duty when I draw it." Cause kids are scary, yo! "Sewing is something I can do," decides the healer. "Even if fabric is… frustrating." He can sew a straight seam; it's just not very pretty.

Aignes is just going to happily let the missing word fly right over her head judging by the fact she's not turning a worrying shade of red. "Eventually you'll get assigned one of those optional days and could use that with your wheel, right? Or your rest day?" Of course, Aignes is a workaholic and doesn't consider her personal sewing projects 'work' even if they're identical to some of her real work. "Each fabric is different. You have to know how to work with it." She'll just wave off those complaints about sewing. "But if either of you need help with your robes…" she's your girl.

"Done," Finn states emphatically. "I love nanny duty." of course he does. How could he not. "And apparently, I'm good at it. I mean, they eat their veggies and go down for naps with no problems." Helps that he 'gets' kids. They just make sense to him on all levels. At the mention of sewing, he grimaces mildly, his head giving a faint shake. "I can't sew. Hopefully they will have something I can just tie together to make work." He's long and way to skinny, not the easiest to fit. But, he is also used to that fact. "I do," he adds regarding his optional days. "I spent the morning throwing pots, as well. Had an order to finish up." Which, it's very late, but the customer gets it. "Definately," he adds at the last. "I mean, if you are serious? Otherwise, whatever I end up with is going to be knotted together."

And Kezresan is happy to let Aignes remain unenlightened to the word, so everyone wins! "I've yet to get a free day," laments the healer, who would undoubtedly spend it in the Infirmary. "I can't imagine the backlog of work that will greet me…" and though he might grimace for it, there's definitely a part of him that is gleefully anticipating the overtime. "I think we're supposed to make them ourselves," for those robes. Because Kez is a killjoy like that, and already slanting disapproving looks at Phineas and his acceptance of Aignes' offer. Even if he literally just encouraged and agreed to a chore swap. "But you are," good at the nanny gig. "I couldn't do it. They just… they…" scared the crap out of Kezresan. Crazy, foreign creatures, children. "They're weird." Was Kezresan ever a kid? No. No he was not. "It only has to last a little while," decides Kez of robes. "Knots would probably suffice."

The scent of hypocrisy is strong and Aignes sends Kez a look. You know the type. "I never volunteered to do them all. Just to offer some help. Unless you'd rather see him end up in a robe that's more red than white?" As for Finn, he at least gets a small smile. "I am serious. Wouldn't want you to go scaring away the dragons with whatever you were able to rummage from the stores." There's another glare at the thought that knots being sufficient for full clothing. "Children need activites. And distractions. You might have a routine, but trying to get them to follow it requires being creative." Spoken like the middle child of a horde of siblings with all the baby sitting experience that came with that.

Phineas blinks a few times, clearly startled by that information. "Really? Well then, knots it is." He's not about to get in trouble for someone else doing his work, again. Trading? Different thing, entirely. Glancing between Aignes and Kez, he flashes a lopsided smile, completely relaxed with even the thought of going on the sands naked. "We can ask? If it won't get you in trouble to help me? Great." Otherwise, he'll make do with what he can manage. "She's right," he states quickly. "You can make routines and organization fun and they are love it. Like the wings? They'll follow orders all day without complaint if you keep them in thier wings." Glancing at Aignes, he winks lightly, his brows rising and falling a twitch. "I even lead by example and eat veggies at lunch time, you'll be pleased to know."

For a moment, there is very likely a stand off. A stare-off as Kez meets that look with one of his own. Stubborn jaw and challenging eyes. "What?" he demands, defensive because he knows. So in the end he concedes with a, "I suppose assisting is acceptable," like he has some sort of authority over the matter. Like he even knows anything about the rules regarding robes (he doesn't. Not a darn thing). "That's well and good," for fun and games and structure and routines, "But kids hate me." But that statement, Phineas actually ate vegetables, is not at all missed by Kezresan who, for a moment, is staring at him like he might have grown a second head. "You… you actually ate vegetables?" Shock! "You didn't put sugar on them, did you?" It's a legit question, too.

Aignes isn't one to back down from a challenge and for the stare-off, she'll just raise her brow. Luckily, she doesn't have to keep that look up too long since Kez does concede. "It was even mentioned possibly running a sort of workshop for robe hemming come closer to hatching." Who mentioned it, she's not actually saying. It's possible it may have even been an assistant headwoman when giving out chores. She nods in agreement with Finn about kid stuff. "You have to at least try and smile with kids. And if you come up with games that involve running around in circles until they're exhausted, that helps. Oooooorrr, you could always trade off your nanny shifts." Like her clearly already did. As for the vegetables, she shrugs slightly. "A tiny bit of brown sugar on some roasted fingerlings isn't too bad." Although she does hold up her index finger and thumb just the barest millimeters apart to indicate how small a smidgeon she's talking about.

Phineas exhales a merry laugh at the question, one eye closing in a wink. "Not that the kids saw," he assures. Whether he did, or did not? He'll leave that a mystery for the Ages. "I have no intention of making it a habit, however." The eating of veggies, not the sugar, that is. "A workshop would be good," he decides. "I mean, I'm not opposed to doing it myself. I just…" Don't know the first thing about sewing. Torn things get tossed into a basket to be repaired by the people with the skills. "Kez? Smile? Careful, it might break his face," he notes with a pleased chuckle.

Of workshops and robes, Kez has decided (perhaps wisely) not to comment, though there's a dip of his chin and a rough sound in his throat that says he's probably agreeable to the idea. "I'll trade," he declares, in case there is any question of him changing his mind. "I can't see how babysitting would be a necessary skill for a dragonrider to have," which is totally how he's justifying his shirking of that particular chore. As for sugared veggies? Another grimace, but he won't argue it. He doesn't have to eat sugar'd veggies. And a smile might just break him, it's true. Naturally, the mention of this makes the healer scowl even further, though Kezresan does not deign to argue that he does smile. Sometimes. When he can't control it. Certainly there is someone in the world who has seen him smile, right?

Aignes looks to Kez and looks to the eggs and then back to her two fellow candidates. "Maybe not dragonriding, but for weyrlinghood, I'm beginning to see why experience in nanny duty might be handy. Although they can talk and walk right out of the shell, weyrling dragons are still babies, right?" She's doubting that even as she says it though since she hasn't actually ever seen a baby dragon. Just stories. As for the breaking of faces, she shrugs. "At least he'll know where the numbweed is if his face does break?"

"Riders have kids," Finn points out. "Flights happen, you're bound to sire one or two eventually." But, for right now? He's happy with the arrangement. "And Aignes is right," he points out. "Babies are babies. They're going to want to play and be entertained and need to be disciplined…" Realizing he might just be argueing himself out of the trade, he falls silent and looks back to the eggs on the sands. It's Aignes' last that inspires a wry laugh, one hand raising in a touche gesture.

"Dragons are not children," declares Kezresan with all the 'hmph' of someone utterly sure of themselves. Like it's a silly thing to compare the two. As if he knows anything about weyrlings. Or kids. Which he doesn't. "I'll deal with it then," he decides, brushing off the arguments with a flip of his hand and a shrug of his shoulders. "And I might not even Impress at all, so… the point is moot." He's not worried. Not at all. "And my face won't break," he hrmphs at the last, arms crossed resolutely over his chest as he glowers toward the innocent (or not so innocent, in the case of That Egg) clutch on the sands.

Aignes can crack a joke. It might be as rare as Kez smiling, but it happens! She'll shrug as far as dragons not being children. "The stories about endless days of mucking, feeding, bathing, oiling, sure sound like some infants. Although babies take turns to be potty trained." And dragons hopefully do not or the Weyr would drown in muck. As far as his face not breaking, Aignes will just give a wink over to Phineas. Kez might protest, but they know the joking truth!

Phineas slants a glance at Kezresan, his lips twitching in a wry smile. "I keep trying to imagine you as a child," he laughs. "And all I can see is a scowling toddler refusing to eat sugar and telling everyone they are wrong." And really? It's both an adorable and amusing imagining. At Aignes' wink, however, he lowers his head, the not so subtle shake of his shoulders making it clear that he is laughing his head off.

"Runners require just as much work," maybe not just as much, "but no one makes you babysit children before owning one. Dragons are not kids," and Kez will stand by that until he's proven otherwise, jaw clenched and scowl firmly in place. It is Phineas' imagining of him as a child that draws an actual look of anger from the healer. "You," he declares, voice heavily infused with bitterness, "know absolutely nothing about my childhood." That the potter is now laughing at him? It has him jerking away, turning to snatch up coat and scarf with a violent but very precise movement. He doesn't even wait to put them on before he's stomping toward the exit, fully intent on storming out in a righteous fury.

"If people had to babysit children before having one, there would probably be less of them," Aignes shrugs. Or not. Always some crazies with six plus kids. And then the storming out has her blinking and watching the healer's exit before turning back to Phineas. "So… childhood is a sore subject?" Noted for the future. but now, she starts bundling up her project. "If you'll excuse me, I think it's about lunch time."

Phineas is just going to sit there and laugh. Really, at the moment, it's all he's got. "Have a good lunch, Aignes." He calls as he stretches out across two benches and settles in for a bit of good old fashioned loafing. "Later, Kez." There will ALWAYS be a later, Kez is not getting rid of Finn /that/ easily.

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