Fort Weyr - Training Complex
The remnants of a historic collapse are apparent here, as the slope face of the bowl has a predominant downward curvature. It's likely long ago, that a cavern larger than any Fort currently has was where the training complex currently is. A probable cave in triggered a fissure on the bowl wall which lead to a great chunk of it dislodging, thus creating the rounded slope.

Yet, many centuries later, all that remains to give evidence is the pocket made into the bowl wall. It seems that the inhabitants of Fort Weyr have made best of the created space. Rock on the ground proper has long since cleared, but pebbles and loose shale are constantly underfoot. Still, the sprig of some green leafed vegetation isn't too out of the ordinary in these parts, as long as it doesn't get trampled by the comings and goings.

It's clear that this area has been designated for the training of young minds, whether human or dragon. Surrounded by rock on all side, it's like a personal weyr bowl for the youngsters to minimize distraction and danger. The candidate barracks have been built across from the Weyrling barracks, so that one group can educate the next. Finally, placed in the centre of the two entrances of the opposing barracks, near the rock face, is a statue with a memorial plaque.

Today is a different sort of day in Weyrlinghood training! M'icha has sent them about their usual tasks for the morning, which now include the usual exercises, some flying and everything else in between. It makes for a hectic paced start of the day, with only a lunch break (barely) between to catch a breath. Now though? Now the Weyrlingmaster calls them to the training field. Just the Weyrlings! No dragons, though M'icha won't stop them if they wish to watch. Emphasis on watching! As it won't be M'icha teaching this part, he returns to his office after ushering out the first group of unfortunate souls. Outside waiting for them? Two Guard officers and Th'ero. Both are dressed warmly against the still cool winter weather, but the training field has been kept level. With them are what look to be padded sticks… or batons. At least it's better than pointy sharp things? Or does that come next?

He can stay inside? Kainaesyth isn't ABOUT to stop Ha'ze from heading off without him so that he can curl up (that gets harder the bigger he gets by the way) next to the fire and take a nap. Ha'ze has no problem with doing that. When he catches sight of the sticks he smiles just slightly and nods at the two guards. (He's spent a whole bunch of time with the guards). Oh, and a salute to Th'ero and M'icha. "Sirs."

Tovihasuth wants to watch…because this unsettles him a bit. Whereas the bronze would prefer his lifemate explore every option other than force when dealing with rough situations, Br'enn is more pragmatic, more apt to return act for act. Still, Tovihasuth recognizes the need to be able to defend oneself and to be skilled enough to do it well, and while he thinks Br'enn's instincts are good enough as it is, he relents his arguing when Br'enn insists there's much more to be learned. Besides, the weyrling is much more comfortable with shooting than with close combat, though he expects settling in to swinging a stick at another shouldn't be too hard. Right? As Tovihasuth finds a place on the periphery to settle down and observe, Br'enn approaches and salutes M'icha before the Weyrlingmaster leaves, then turns the same act on Th'ero and the Guards. "Weyrleader," he greets, also giving the guard accompanying him a nod before standing at ease, his hands clasped at his back.

Th'ero dips his head to both Br'enn and Ha'ze as they emerge from the barracks. "Afternoon, Weyrlings!" he greets, while the two Guards also nod their heads. "We'll get started shortly. Just waiting on one other… but before she arrives, I want to ask you two something. Either of you have experience with combat?" It seems so simple and innocent a question, but Th'ero's eyes linger meaningfully on both Weyrlings, knowing their pasts prior to Impression. Not that he seeks full explanations, a simple 'yes' or 'no' would satisfy him. "And can either of you tell me why it might be important for a rider to know how to fight, even if in most cases it is defensively?"

Kimmila is that one they're waiting for, and she makes her way quietly to join the group, adjusting her bow and quiver, as well as checking on the daggers she wears at her hip. Simple nods are given to the Weyrlings, and she's quiet.

An interesting question as Th'ero knows exactly what Ha'ze's background is… and arranged his candidate schedule so he spent it with Thunderbird and the guards rather then with the rest of the candidates. His gaze flicks from the weyrleader over to Br'enn and then back again. No, he hasn't quite opened up to most of the weyrlings though somehow C'rus has managed to get more out of him than most. The hesitation only lasts for a second. "Aye." A simple statement as Ha'ze settles himself. "There's people what don't like us;" pay attention to that 'us' it's an important one, "and with them wings it seemin' like the first ones what are there before the guard can be movin' in."

As Kimmila approaches, Br'enn ticks off a salute to her as well, eyes landing sharply on her bow and quiver. Just give him a set of his own; he'll be good to go! But he's not inexperienced with knives and fists. He just prefers fighting from a distance. "I do, sir," he answers, quickly glancing tat Ha'ze in turn. "And if we're not just defendin' ourselves as riders…then we might be jumpin' in to defend others, eh?"

Th'ero turns his head as Kimmila arrives, smiling briefly as he nods and gestures for her to join them. He will turn his attention then to both Weyrlings and look… actually quite pleased with their answers. "Well, looks like I can skip lecturing both of you about taking this sort of business seriously and that these lessons are not all fun and games…" he says, speaking in a level and low tone. "It's true, there are some that don't like us," His eyes turn to Ha'ze and hold there for a moment, before he looks on. "And Wings like Thunderbird are often first into any serious confrontation that requires the Guards." Another nod to those men, who still stand by the padded batons. "And yes, as riders that is one of our prime responsibilities. Defending and protecting others. Sadly, this sometimes requires hurting or killing," Let's not beat around the bush! "In order to do so. Which is why I believe it's important you all have this training included with your lessons. Kimmila?" Th'ero steps back a bit as he turns to the bluerider, "Anything you want to add?"

Kimmila has been quietly stringing her bow, and when Th'ero looks at her she considers for a moment. "It's a difficult choice to make, to take the shot that might harm or kill another person. You need to be ready before, have that decision made. Otherwise you'll hesitate." She looks down at her bow, making an adjustment. "And others might pay the price for your hesitation."

Ha'ze meets Th'ero's gaze levelly. Message received. His thumbs are stuck into his belt loop as he stands relaxed. Kimm's words wash right over him. That decision has been made, a year ago. The darkness in his eyes hints at the anger he still keeps just barely in check the tempering that Kainaesyth has brought about dulled by the sleep the bronze is in. Silence will just meet those two mini-lectures.

Br'enn nods to both Th'ero and Kimmila's words; it's something he knows all too well, having had to make that choice before. It's one that he'd prefer not to have ot make again…but sometimes one isn't given a choice. There's a quick glance flicked between the padded batons and Kimmila's bow as he wonders just how things are going to work out for this lesson. "Understood. Where we startin'?" he asks, folding his arms over his chest.

C'rus is hanging out behind the other two weyrlings present for this lesson. If you could be the picture of unenthusiasm C'rus would fit the bill. He listens and takes in what everyone is saying, but says nothing himself, at least he hasn't said anything yet.

"We could lecture you for candlemarks on the complexities of the 'right and wrong' of all actions, but we'll save that debate for another day. Today," Th'ero drawls after Kimmila has shared her half, stepping closer to the Guards who now begin to unpack the supplies. Taking one of the batons, the Weyrleader smirks for Br'enn's final question. "To start? We'll do some hand-to-hand. And if I feel we can progress, then we'll move to these," He'll hold up the baton and padded or not, it'll likely still hurt and smart if used with enough force. "Which don't look like much, but I'm not about to hand any of you knives or daggers, dulled or not. Br'enn and Ha'ze, why don't you two go ahead and pair up? We'll see how far your understanding of hand to hand is…" Wait, what? Weyrling to Weyrling? From the expectant look from Th'ero, the Weyrleader means it. "Nothing aggressive. Remember, you're more focused on defence. No dirty moves! Understood?" It'll be then that he spots C'rus hovering there. "Ahh, so you've been listening too then? Good. C'rus, you will pair with Kimmila." Oh… joy? Why isn't the Weyrleader himself going?

Kimmila looks up, watching Ha'ze and Br'enn for a moment, and then she smiles. She's not worried about them. Then she turns to look at C'rus. Stare at him. And sloooowly smirk. Right. Intimidation, yes? Setting her bow and quiver aside she jerks a hand in a 'come here' motion and moves a few feet away.

Ha'ze probably could have used the extra lesson in the 'right and wrong' portion of this afternoon's entertainment, but really, that's probably left more one-on-one. Perhaps with whiskey. Rather than respond to the weyrleader he turns, and raises an eyebrow at Br'enn. Really, it probably was only for the best that the two of them are paired. Ha'ze is quickly sizing the other man up, noting the differences in height and weight. A jerk of his head over to the side, just a step away from the others. "Tell Tov not to be smackin' me down when I knock you on your ass, aye?"

If C'rus looks at all intimidated he certainly doesn't show it. He just wanders off in the direction that Kimm indicated, "You know I'm a Healer right? I've vowed to help and not hurt, and while my record isn't spotless my hypocrasy only goes so far. Having to resort to violence indicates a failure of communication and a lack of creativity. There is always another way out." he says to Kimm.

"Not always," Kimmila says. Then she jumps him.

C'rus is taken by surprise, and as such is knocked to the ground. Landing on his back with an 'oof'. He looks up to Kimm calmly as he sends a mental message to his dragon to indicate that he is fine. Jaicoureth is tenderhearted fellow after all.

Kimmila kneels over C'rus, looking down at him. And…waiting. "Faranth, you're not one of those are you? Those…never ever ever going to throw a punch ever types?"

Tovihasuth would probably agree with C'rus here, rumbling unhappily as Br'enn moves off to the side with Ha'ze and sizes the other bronzer up as well but hunkering down rather than moving. "Oh, he won't," the bigger man assures, a small smirk curling his lip as he raises his hands to guard his midline and turns a bit to present Ha'ze with a smaller target. "Second part of that won't be happenin', though." And he shuffles forward, feinting with his forward hand to test the other weyrling's reflexes.

Ha'ze doesn't flinch from that feint, simply waits. Times like this Ha'ze as the patience of stone, one of the few compliments he has ever recieved. Instead he is settled, centered, with his weight light upon his feet. Dark eyes fix onto Br'enn's chest, as his fingers flick just slightly. Come at him.

C'rus looks up to Kimm and speaks "I've been known to throw a punch or two in my time. Like I said my record isn't spotless, but you don't have to be a pacifist to dislike violence. Besides I'd hate to hurt you. Being a girl and all." For the moment he stays where he is, "So what are you going to do now that you have me where you want me?" he questions.

With Rhenesath taking a little longer to settle than some of her other siblings, Thys comes late to the lesson… and can't help stand on the edges and just watch for a few moments, with an amused - bemused, even - expression and a curious curve to her lips. When she moves to join she angles towards M'icha.

"Kill you," Kimmila says easily, drawing her dagger and resting the flat of the blade briefly against his throat. No marks, no cuts, nothing…but she could have. "Up. Again." She sheathes her weapon and gets smoothly to her feet, watching him. The 'being a girl and all' comment is ignored. So beneath her.

Th'ero stands with his arms crossed over his chest, watching as Br'enn and Ha'ze square off, his expression focused. The two Guards watch as well and their purpose are likely to be extra eyes as the Weyrleader can't watch everyone at once. For a moment he's distracted by C'rus being knocked down by Kimmila and he grimaces, "You'll have to do better than that, Weyrling!" he calls and spies Thys now joining them. Th'ero gestures for her to join him. Oh lucky day for her? "Afternoon, Thys! I'm sure you've seen enough now to figure out what the lesson is today? Can I ask how familiar you are with any defence training? Combat?" Anything at all?

Damn. Br'enn is hardly one to make the first move, so they could be at a stalemate here. But there's no lesson without action, else they'll both be called out for just staring each other down. He shuffles forward a bit - once, twice, bringing his ankle even with the foremost of Ha'ze's and nudging, hooking heel to heel in an attempt to knock him off balance as he aims to grab the other man's wrist and pull.

C'rus gets himself to his feet, "I'd imagine that it would be extremely bad PR to kill a weyrling." he says. Though his posture changes as he brings his fists up in a classic boxing pose, "You know that I'm Rubicani right?" he says in the mode of a warning, "If you are game then I guess I am."

Kimmila just eyes him. "You talk too much," she says, shifting to the balls of her feet, light, easy, and then she darts in close.

Ha'ze spent good Turns of his life not getting himself beat up, so he's not about to let it start now in a lesson When Br'enn goes to kick out his heel he sidesteps, and closes in on the other weyrling. Reaching forward he goes to grasp the fabric of the man's shirt, while going for his own sweep, moving his center of gravity so he has an out… or so that if Br'enn goes down Ha'ze comes out on top.

"Afternoon, Weyrleader," Thys replies, changing direction and heading towards him, instead. His questions are met with a shake of her head; nope, she's done nothing like that. "I've thought about punching people, but never had the, uh, pleasure?" The dubious pleasure. She comes up alongside Th'ero, digging her hands into her pockets and waiting, with nervous anticipation. "Will you be showing me how to knock a guy to his arse, sir?"

"I do." C'rus responds to the ladies comment. Though he watches her closely. From the time he was small he had to learn boxing, wrestling, the whole bit, and he disliked it even then. Though he did learn it. The women has speed. He reaches out to try to grab her by the shoulders so that he can begin to use his weight to his advantage.

Kimmila is grabbed by the shoulders, but she shifts her weight, reaching an arm around C'rus' torso to try and throw him back to the ground. She's quick and she is good, turns of practice hardening her muscles and sharpening her reflexes.

Action and observation - not talking and learning by doing and watching. It seems this is something Br'enn and Ha'ze have in common. The hand that went after Ha'ze's wrist moves to his shirt instead, gripping in kind as he sense what Ha'ze is about. Br'enn will come down with the other bronzer above him…bit he transfers the momentum and rolls them, shoving as he goes over with his fingers still gripping Ha'ze's shirt in order to pin him to the ground.

Ha'ze easily moves with the movement, as Br'enn changes the motion to roll around on top of him. It wasn't too unexpected as the other man was bigger. The second Br'enn has him on his back though, Ha'ze is already sifting his body, not trying to move Br'enn's mind, just his own, to curl out of that pin and go to try to see if he can get on Br'enn's back.

There can be no doubt that Kimm is an excellent fighter. C'rus lets the motion carry him back to the ground, working to keep hold on her shoulders so that she will be forced to join him there. On the ground he'll be better able to use his weight advantage.

Kimmila falls to the ground and grapples with him. It's easier on dry ground than in the mud, that's for sure! Legs wrap around his waist as she tries to get an arm around his neck.

"In a matter of speaking, yes?" Th'ero drawls to Thys with a faint smirk, "Not just guys, but women to. Rank need not apply either. This is all about self defence and the defending of others. As I had explained earlier to the others, we teach this because it's an important skill for all riders. Not only for their protection, but so we can continue to uphold our side as protectors, even if we do not get directly involved with conflicts. Sometimes… it just unavoidable." And it's better to be prepared! "So… I suppose this means we'll start from the bottom. If you'll step back, Thys and face me? Good." He'll gesture for her to stop and then out towards the others as he'll observe them too. "It's not all about how you hit. It's a good deal of balance and footing and using your weight, among other things." There's no sense in going into great detail and Th'ero will glance back to Thys. "With your permission?" he'll ask, before moving forwards to show her how to place her feet or lower her stance and at times he will have to gently press his hands to her body to guide her if he really feels the need. "The rest more or less comes naturally…" he admits, "With a bit of guidance. Think you're ready to try?" Meanwhile, the Guards keep a close eye on Br'enn and Ha'ze, ready to call a stop if things start to progress too long or too far.

Kimmila is succesful in getting her her arm around his neck, but one of the downsides of being close is that it makes it so much easier when C'rus tries to wrap his arms around her to try to bearhug her. Much like her reason for going for his neck, he too knows that you can't fight for long if you can't breathe.

Kimmila fills her lungs and holds it, the moment she feels C'rus' arms wrap around her. Now it's a matter of who can hold their breath the longest, eh? She also tries to knee him in the groin.

Thys has no objections to being guided into the right position; she's malleable and willing to do as she's told. "Fists for back-up when diplomacy fails, hrm, sir?" She's amused, teasing, and nods to say yep, she's ready - though her attention is drawn by the scuffles her fellow weyrlings are in. "The boys seem to be getting stuck in."

Br'enn lowers his center of gravity against the smaller man as Ha'ze tries to curl, turning his hip against the other bronzer's abdomen to try pinning one leg with his while pushing a forearm against his throat. He doesn't push too hard, simply getting the point across that he'll be trying to cut off Ha'ze's air without actually doing it. Bringing his head down a bit closer to Ha'ze, he grits out, "Could head-butt ya here. Won't actually do it, though." What the other weyrling will do with that…they'll just have to see.

It does seem to be a contest between who is going to be able to hold their breath the longest. And Kimmila threatens to shorten that time when she knees him. Now that is really a low blow in more ways than one and dang it hurts. C'rus no longer feels the need to fight fair and releases the hold on her to free up his hands so that he can send two kidney punches her way.

"Could." Ha'ze isn't going to disagree. As Br'enn's center of gravity shifts though, it gives Ha'ze the leverage he needs to just slip right out from under the other weyrling. In an instant Ha'ze is on Br'enn's back, sinking an arm around Br'enn's throat, and tightening it with the pressure of his flexing hand right on Br'enn's throat. His face is grim as he locks it in with his other arm, and squeezes dispassionately. If this was 'fun' it has lost any meaning, as Ha'ze slips from 'weyrling' back into memories of having to do this to stay alive. Hopefully he lets go before Br'enn blacks out?

Kimmila grunts and squirms at his punches, gasping a bit for breath. With her arms free she draws her dagger and holds the flat of it against his chest. "Dead," she growls. "But better. Much, much better."

Th'ero smirks back to Thys' amused teasing though there is a hint of a smile in his tone at least. "If diplomacy fails, I'd prefer it if folks can just calmly back down and return home before it comes to that," he drawls in reply and glances swiftly to where the other Weyrlings are going through their 'lesson'. "They are, but Br'enn and Ha'ze are knowledgable in this. We won't be going as far as they are, today." Since Th'ero could easily do some damage to Thys and not purposely! "Now lift your arms and hands up like this…" Th'ero will demonstrate, once he has the Weyrling's attention again. Once he's satisfied that she has it right (and he will test her by lightly hitting her arms to see her reflexes, if any…), he will step back and settle into a stance of his own. "Now try and hit me, Thys." Because… that's an easy order to follow!

The Guards will split among the groups. One wanders closer to Kimmila and C'rus, only to begin to call her on the low blow but its too late. So he'll just grumble instead. "Weyrleader said no low tricks, Wingrider." The other Guard, however, is approaching Br'enn and Ha'ze and sensing they're at a stalemate without realizing anything could be amiss, he grins, ready to congratulate both on some good moves. "Call it! I'd say its a yield and end to the round."

C'rus is genuinely irked about getting hit where it counts. It was unnecessary for the lesson in his mind and certainly ananthema to wrestling. Though if its street fighting then its perfectly fine. He gives her a shove to try to push her off so that he can raise himself to his feet, still smarting, "You don't want any rules…then fine. I'm going to kick your ass." is his response.

Ah, but Br'enn isn't going to yield just now. He automatically ducks his chin hs Ha'ze's hand goes around his throat and gets locked by the other hand…and the pressure starts to close his throat. Reaching up, he digs strong fingers hard into the tendons of Ha'ze's wrists. Things weren't supposed to go this far; he doesn't hear the Guards for the blood rushing in his ears and his mind swimming with trying to figure out how to end this without hurting Ha'ze. But there's nothing for it, if the other man is caught up in something far beyond this lesson. As Tovihasuth snarls and rises to his feet, tail lashing, Br'enn snaps his head back hard, intending to connect with Ha'ze's face as he continues digging his nails into the wrists at his neck.

Kimmila offers him a hand up if he'll take it. "Nothing personal, C'rus, and I'm sorry if I hurt you. I needed to push you to see if you could actually fight. And you can. Nice job." She points to one of the guards. "Pair up." She's not going to fight C'rus right now. Not when he's this heated.

With her hands placed where they should be and her stance as directed by Th'ero, Thys narrows her eyes and smirks at his request. "Sure thing, sir." Though she doesn't lunge into it straight off; she takes a moment, flexes her fingers, watches her opponent and takes her own sweet time before stepping towards the Weyrleader and swinging her fist around towards his cheek.

The force of that snapped head does in fact, make contact. It doesn't take long for blood to begin to drip from Ha'ze's nose as the pain brings him out of the moment. Instantly he releases the other weyrling and drops back a few paces, reaching up to dab at the blood rushing from his nose.

When you knee a guy in the groin it does hurt and is personal. Very personal. C'rus fumes at Kimm but takes her hand and gets up, rather disappointed that she is bowing out.

Br'enn gasps as his throat is released, immediately rounding on a now-bleeding Ha'ze as he rubs at his neck. "Shit," he swears, coughing a bit and staring at the other weyrling with a mix of anger, confusion, and contrition. "What the cracked shells was that all about, Ha'ze?" He's not going to apologize - at least not right now; he wasn't given a choice!

Ahh, such a classic move! And one Th'ero can easily block from Thys, stepping in and instantly giving her a good shove to the side to knock her back (but not backwards onto her butt). "Watch your side! Punching like that can be effective but if you leave yourself open like that… It's more about defensive than offensive. Always be aware of how protected you are," he instructs her, keeping his voice firm but gentle. He's about to call her to try again, only things go awry and the Guard is calling for his attention after Ha'ze ends up bloodied. Swearing under his breath, he mutters a hasty apology to Thys, "Go to Kimmila. She's as good at this as any other for this. You're doing well for a beginner!" Then he's off, while the other Guard to pair with C'rus is gesturing him forwards. Apparently the lesson will continue, for now, while the Weyrleader storms over to Ha'ze and Br'enn. "What'd I say about keeping this clean? What happened?"

Ha'ze dabs at his nose again, as the blood drips down onto his shirt. "I lost track of the fact this was training." Ha'ze will meet Th'ero's gaze darkly, the survival mode he had slipped into a crack in the new person he is slowly becoming. "Br'enn, you alright?"

C'rus is going to be giving Kimm the stink eye for at least a few sevenday, which he happily gives her now. Though his attention turns to the guard who is about to bear the brunt of his aggitation, "Just because someone chooses not to fight doesn't mean they can't." But fine if they want a demonstration to prove that he is pleanty capable then that is what they will recieve, "Bring it." He says as he raises his fists, ready to go.

Thys oofs when she's shoved, though there's still a grin on her face and a flush of excitement colouring her cheeks. She listens to the advice offered and nods, taking up a stance to try again when Th'ero asks her to go join Kimmila… and she looks over to the boys, frowning at the sight of blood. Sidling over to the bluerider, she can't help but pull a face, shaking her head when she reaches Kimm's side. "Boys." Does it need more explanation than that? "Th'ero asked me to join you, ma'am, while he sorts them out."

Kimmila shakes her head to Thys. "Not just boys, I pulled a pretty dirty move on C'rus too. So, sorry, I totally missed what you and Th'ero were doing…"

"Did you?" Thys looks from Kimmila to C'rus, brow raised curiously. "Th'ero showed me how to stand, and just had me try to punch him. Then he pushed me away and told me to look out for my side. We were about to start again, I believe." Her dark eyes return to the bluerider next to her, and she smiles, a little nervously. "You'll go easy on me, won't you, ma'am? I've watched my brothers scrapping before, but I've never actually joined in."

Br'enn, still scowling over the turn the lesson took, drops his hand from his neck and straightens, stepping forward as Th'ero joins them and Ha'ze explains himself. "Just got a little carried away, sir," he tells the Weyrleader with a nod on the heels of Ha'ze's word. "'m fine. Gotcha off me, didn't I?" Brows relaxing out of their tight knit, he scans the other weyrling's bloodied face. "What about you? Broken, or just smashed?"

Kimmila eyes the goldrider. "Go easy on you?" What does that mean? "Didn't you find a body during Candidacy? I thought you were…tougher than that."

Th'ero scowls as he looks between Ha'ze and Br'enn, his mouth set in a thin line of disapproval. "I can see that," he replies to Ha'ze first but eases up when the weyrling asks after his fellow weyrling's well being. To Br'enn, he grimaces. "While you both displayed considerable skill, I had faith in both of you that'd you'd know when to quit. These lessons are to teach you boundaries… not bloody each other." Though even he's aware that'll happen regardless! "Br'enn, why don't you pair up with C'rus for now?" Save that poor Guard! Which means, "Ha'ze. How's your nose? Do you think you can continue or are you wanting to sit the rest of this lesson out?"

"Well… yes, but that doesn't mean I've ever been in a fight before…" Thys cants her head as she looks back at Kimmila, eyes narrowed and one brow raised. "Or… perhaps I'm just saying that because I want to catch you off your guard?" She shrugs, her stance relaxing. "Though not really. I've just never had occasion to hit anyone."

Kimmila laughs. "I'd be more impressed if you were trying to lull me into a false sense of security. C'mon, let's go. It's going to hurt but better you feel the pain now than be blinded by it later…"

Somewhere Ha'ze has found a handkerchief and is working on that nose of his, working to stop the flow of blood. He's not tilting his head back, ahving learned long ago that just leads to a belly full of blood. (Only works if you're hungry guys.) "Just bloody, nothin' big." He nods at Br'enn. "I'll not lose the moment again. Br'enn caught me off guard." And he reacted. It's habit still.

"I woulda," Br'enn counters Th'ero with another frown. "Didn't gimme a choice." Then he snorts at Ha'ze's reasoning. "Guess we got each other, then." Because he certainly wasn't expecting to actually get choked. When he's told to go pair with C'rus, the bronze weyrling sighs and straightens his shirt, looking Ha'ze over concernedly once more before giving a nod. "Yessir." Then he moves off toward the bluerider, rubbing his neck once more. "Well, Cy? Wanna go?" He chances a small smirk. "Or y'can go talk to Tov. He's with ya on this one."

Thys settles into the stance shown to her by Th'ero, fists balled and held defensively high as she slowly circles Kimmila side-on, crab-like. "I don't mind pain, ma'am. Us girls have a higher tolerance of it than the boys do." When she's not quite within the full length of her reach she flings her fist out at the bluerider, following the momentum through by pivoting around to swing her foot at Kimmila's ankle.

The prospect of kicking the crap out of Br'enn is decidedly less appealing than beating up some random guard. C'rus actually likes Br'enn and he has few real friends so he is decidely not interested, "I'm going back to the barracks. Tov is right and so am I." he says as he stalks off in a fit of temper, but not before shooting one last look at Kimm before he goes. Stomp stomp stomp.

Kimmila laughs. "I don't know about that," she says to Thys, amused. "Though maybe it's because some men are just so sharding stubborn they won't let the pain get a hold on them." She matches the goldrider's moves, drawing back at the fist and nimbly stepping aside from the ankle sweep. "Not bad. Try something else."

Br'enn watches C'rus wander off, folding his arms and shaking his head a bit. It just so happens he thinks both C'rus and his lifemate are right, too…but it's other people not thinking the same way and not giving others a choice that necessitates this sort of thing. It's just the way of the world, he's found. Now alone, he stands off to the side, watching Kimmila and Thys.

Though she seems energised by her actions, Thys does look a little lost when she's asked to try something else. "I think that's about all I've got." Her nose wrinkles as she thinks, and she taps a finger against her cheek while frowning. "I suppose that whole macho stubbornness thing is something to take into account in the who tolerates pain best debate," she says, before lunging in a very obvious fist-throw to Kimm's side.

Th'ero sighs but there is relief in the way Ha'ze answers him. "So long as it doesn't happen again," he says again, not quite a warning but more as a reminder. "Though I suppose something is to be learned from this?" Which is why he split the pair up for now. Br'enn to C'rus, only C'rus is storming off and the Weyrleader is quick to call out to him — if it isn't too late. "Where do you think you're going?" He wasn't dismissed or asked to be, so even if C'rus does make it into the barracks, he'll have to face a stern lecturing from M'icha about it. One does not simply walk away from a lesson! "Br'enn, pair up with one of the Guards. Ha'ze, if you're able, you can pair with me or go and get cleaned up first."

Kimmila shakes her head at Thys. "I guess we'll never know because no one will test it out." Except Mythbusters. But. A'dm and Energyth, and J'mie and Baretth aren't in Fort right now. When Thys tries the fist through Kimmila tries to grab her wrist and moves forward, attempting to bend her arm and pin it behind her back. "Nice, but no." Th'ero is a much, much better teacher at this stuff.

C'rus turns around when he is called and offers Th'ero a salute, he might be pissed off but he isnt' stupid, "I am in pain and feel I have gathered all I can from this lesson, may I be dismissed?" he asks.

Ha'ze isn't quite going to promise that it isn't going to happen again. It isn't the first time he's lost track and backslid. Probably won't be the last. "I'm good to go, sir." The bloddied hankerchief is tucked away to be cleaned up later as Ha'ze kicks some snow over the blood on the ground. The pair step aside and Th'ero can test everything Ha'ze learned from years of surviving and then real training with the guards. Really, if he hadn't impressed… that probably would have been a good calling for him. Maybe. Or death. One of the two.

Thys is easily pinned, though that doesn't mean she's given up. She relaxes into Kimmila's grip as she thinks - possibly a tactic to put the bluerider off-guard - before she drives backward with her unpinned elbow, trying to jab it hard into the rider's side. Simultaneously, she kicks at Kimmila's shin and tries to pull away.

Kimmila lets Thys go with a grunt, and then a laugh. "Nice. Very good," she says, rubbing her shin. "Alright, I'm done." That's it for her, as she tips off a salute and just…leaves. Like she does.

Inclining his head in acknowledgment, Br'enn peels off with one of the guards, spying Kimmila's departure out of the corner of his eye and glancing over at Thys before turning back to the guard. "Ah…I can pair up with Thys, if y'like," he notes, eyes flicking over to Th'ero for a moment before returning to his new potential opponent.

"You may be dismissed," Th'ero tells C'rus with a grimace, having not seen the low blow Kimmila had dealt him or perhaps he'd be a wee bit more sympathetic. Later or another time, perhaps. For now, he has to focus on drawing Ha'ze out and then truly keep his mind sharp when the weyrling doesn't go softly. In the end, they're closely matched but Th'ero knows when to draw the line. "Enough," he'll say calmly and step aside. "I'm going to have to watch you, I think." he remarks dryly to Ha'ze in a cryptic manner. Does that mean more matches against experienced only or will Ha'ze become a teacher (shudder the thought!)? "Go on, back to the barracks with you. Thys, you can pair with Br'enn." He saw the tail end of her work against Kimmila and her abrupt the departure only has him frowning for a brief second. He has the lesson to focus on, however and with the remaining two guards he will do just that until the hour grows later and he calls the lesson to a close once all have had a turn to practice. Now that he knows the various skill levels, the next lessons will be tailored.

Firing off a salute in return for Kimmila's, Thys overhears Br'enn and smiles from him to the Weyrleader at the suggestion. "If that wasn't Kimmila, I'd worry I hurt her to cause her to leave like that," she says, perhaps having noticed Th'ero's look after the bluerider. "Actually though, sir, Br'enn, Rhenesath is starting to stir and she's got an itch. May I be dismissed to go tend to her, please?"

Br'enn gives Thys a nod and a small smile…and then dragons call, and it seems as though things must wind to a close. Tovihasuth is pleased with this - no more hitting today! And he might think an oiling wouldn't be a bad idea himself. Dismissals given and sore spots being rubbed at on the way, the weyrlings make their return, the bell rung for round one of self-defense training.