Who Kassala, R'hra, Kezresan, Carellos, and Phineas
What While Kassala and R'hra play escort, Kezresan, Carellos and Phineas get their first Egg Touchings.
When Winter.
Where Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands


Fort Weyr - Hatching Sands
The sands. The most prominant and possibly most important area for a weyr, this section of Fort is no exception to the rule. Completely enclosed from the outside elements by a high rounded ceiling, the golden white sand glitters under the streams of sunlight that manage to make their way in from the upper openings. Ledges abound in the upper areas of the dome, perfect for riders and their dragons to watch the action happening on the ground. At the back of the sands there appears to be a raised section of sand, built over generations by the golds who have laid clutches here, a couch of sorts for basking on while protecting their eggs. Slightly to one side of that, a small nook has been carved for the weyrwoman to take respite from the heat of the cavern.

It's late afternoon on this fair winter day at Fort Weyr. Kayeth has been generous this day in letting small groups of the candidates in for their first egg touchings. While Nyalle takes a moment to escape the heat of the sands, it's Kassala's turn to stand watch as R'hra escorts the next group out on the heat of the sands. With a close eye given to the elder queen, the red headed Jr. WW turns towards the entrance, offering smiles to those that make their way upon the sands, "Good day, Candidates! Make your way slowly amongst the eggs and feel free to touch them lightly. As long as you keep things easy-going, Kayeth won't mind you being here for a little bit…" Her gaze travels to R'hra whom earns a nod, no doubt a signal for him to keep an eye on the candidates as well. No trouble allowed within this cavern!

Kezresan is nothing if not /careful/. Even in the steps he takes onto the sands, the healer-turned-candidate is measured and cautious. Each stride is precise, intentional, not a foot out of place. A tip of his head for Kassala, a general acknowledgement of the words spoken before his gaze shifts to R'hra and whatever else might be offered. While his gaze might be on the pair of humans, undoubtedly his attention is for the clutch of eggs that lay just beyond his reach. For now. Phineas and Carellos? Oh sure, he /knows/ they are there. But right now? Definitely not as interesting as the eggs.

R'hra nods back to Kassala but he can't keep that stern face for even a fraction of a second as he gives her a wide grin and a wink. He watches the candidates closely as he says "You heard the lady, and makes sure you wipe those hands clean. Better not be leaving crumbs or stains on the eggs.." Because they are boys and boys are messy..

Phineas does a little stuttering half-step stumble at seeing Kassala on the sands. For a moment, his lips purse in a clear indication of wary distress. She's a mean one, Mister Grinch and he's still not over the prank pulled on him. Although there /is/ a small part of him that thinks it was pretty right on. He's wary, though. Very wary. And, while he does turn his attention to looking at those eggs? One can be certain that there are numerous glances shot toward the wily redhead.

Thankfully, Carellos is dressed appropriately for the heat, sporting lighter material that breathes a bit better and shoes to protect his feetsies. Because feetsies are important! After being given the word, he stops to bow at the Senior dam, offering his respects before moving on to the sands. He glances around between the small clutch of eggs, chewing on his lip while the gears turn. One kinda looks neat, so he raises his brows and nods his head in confirmation to himself, thinking too hard. Then, he cautiously approaches, resting his hands on A Land Overrun Egg.

And Kezresan? He just makes a beeline for the first egg that catches his sights, marching with calm confidence toward the Spice of Life egg. It is only as he draws near that he hesitates, hand hovering over the shell of the egg a moment or two longer than necessary before he's gritting his teeth and pressing his palm against the shell.

Phineas is watching you, lady. Do not think otherwise. Still, he offers a surprisingly formal bow for Kayeth before moving toward the eggs. Taking a moment to consider, he steps over to Vorbarr Sultana Egg. It's small and capped with white that kinda reminds of him frosting, actually.

Kassala merely smiles at Finn as he looks her way, a soft husky laugh to tumble free. Oh, she's watching YOU, Phineas. Be careful. Be very careful! Ahem. She'll remain near the dam, watching the gold to make sure she remains happy with the visitors, letting R'hra walk amongst the eggs and candidates for the moment.

Carellos anticipated the weirdness would happen and wouldn't you know it? This egg didn't let him down. He does pause for a moment, opening and closing his fingers into a fist before giving both hands a good shake and he places it on A Land Overrun Egg once more.

Learn? Kezresan's life has been learning! Learning things he might not have wanted, learning things he didn't know he needed. Learning to the exclusion of all else! And it makes his jaw tight and his body tense at the thought of it, at the audacity to assume… With conscious effort he breathes, deep in and just as slowly out, his hand remaining upon the shell of the Spice is Life egg.

Despite having spoken to Carellos about egg touching, Finn is NOT prepared for the images that suddenly appear before his eyes. That he is both startled and enchanted is clear in a glimpse at his face. Staring upward, the tip of his tongue traces over his lips, his gaze flicking upward despite the fact that what he is seeing is definately not sand. Rather then withdraw and replace his hand, his fingers lightly caress the shell of Vorbarr Sultana Egg.

Things could be worse. Alot worse, and a little bit of Carellos was kinda hoping he'd get the craziest ones out of the way but it is what it is. After composing himself, he spares a glance to Phineas to see how the other man is doing. He's not curled up in the fetal position so he must be fine. For now, Care will touch A Land Overrun Egg one last time.

Kezresan is nothing if not determined, and while a point might be made, that does not stop him from making the attempt. To seek. To know. To understand as far as he is able, regardless of limitations and implied constraints. To push past those limitations and constraints. And so he remains, determined to dig just a little bit deeper, to draw out and try to know a little bit more of that which might be unknowable.

R'hra watches the others but will walk over and stand next to Kassala whispering softly to her "Every time I see this it takes me back to our first candidacy." Because he just sentimental like that

Whatever Finn is seeing? He's clearly willing to see it. Course, it is also very clear that it is not at all what he expected. What he might have expected? It's Finn, it's really impossible to say for sure. Unfortunately, Finn's attention, or vision at least, is not on the sands, but rather on the civilization taking shape around him.

Kassala turns briefly from watching the candidates to R'hra as he moves up to her side. His comment draws her smile, "Very eye-opening, even for me." The dragonhealer, that is. As the candidate make those first tentative connections to the dragonets within the eggs, she leans into her weyrmate for a moment, taking weight off her ankle briefly.

It is the final question that rings in Kezresan's mind as he draws back, and while his instincts might spring an answer to mind immediately, a deeper consideration must be given before the healer-turned-candidate feels confident. A moment of pause, of consideration, comes before Kez is withdrawing his touch. A roll of his shoulders and he's marching with just as much determination toward the next egg, putting the question out of his mind in favor of brushing his hand along the shell of Home Sweet Hive Egg

Care knew this egg was too good to be true! Darn sore right arm. Oh well, it'll balance out the left arm in the long run. With a frown, he removes his hand from A Land Overrun Egg and begins to size up the rest of the clutch. Then, he moves to place his hands on Look Around You, Now Back to Me Egg.

Finn looks more then a little puzzled for a long moment, his head tilting as if he's clearly considering something. Whatever it is, he gives an ameniable nod, his brows twitching mildly as he draws back his hand and takes a moment to regain his bearings. Exhaling a breath, he lightly clears his throat, slanting a glance back toward the egg before tossing it a light wink. A moment later and he's stepping to Till All Are One egg, gingerly brushing his fingers over the shell.

Kezresan goes rigid, instantly on guard. His weight shifts forward, as though he means to move, to attack or defend. A tip of his head, ears put to the task of hearing things that are only in his head, and his eyes close as though he can better see the world within his mind. He is not afraid and, if anything, his hand presses more firmly to the shell of the egg at which he stands.

Carellos stands there completely dumbfounded but at the edge of his mouth, a smile begins to tug at his lips and the man chuckles warmly while glancing at the shell of the egg. So active! He slides his hands across Look Around You, Now Back to Me Egg again.

Again, Finn finds himself elsewhere, his brows twitching mildly as he rocks back slightly on his heels. Exhaling a breath, he takes in the new world around him, just letting the images wash over him.

A baring of his teeth. That is Kezresan's response to the implication; to the spike of adrenaline in his veins. Adventurous? No. Fearful? Not at all. And if he could, Kez would be hunting right back, intent upon seeking out the thing that hides in the shadows. The /coward/ that stalks, unseen. That attempts to drive him away. And Kez? Kez does not run. He remains firm, resolute. Daring the thing that lurks in the egg to strike. Bring it on, egg!

"Now this egg is speaking my language!" Carellos says, then quickly clears his throat and he glances around to Kayeth to make sure she isn't going to eat him because of noise. When he's accepted he's still in existence, he reaches out and touches one last time. Look Around You, Now Back to Me Egg.

Really, it has to look more then a little odd. Finn's spending a great deal of time looking up and frowning. It's the sort of frown, however, that clearly indicates he's thinking, trying to take it all in. At one point, he wobbles slightly on his feet, his knees giving a quick, bracing bend. Still, he remains staring upward.

Kayeth shifts, and Kassala's head turns towards the queen, gauging her mood. Pulling away from R'hra, she calls out quietly to the candidates, "You may wish to say your goodbye to the eggs you're touching…" No wish to overstay your welcome, right?

Phineas shakes himself out of what he's seeing at the sound of Kassala's voice, his hand remaining, for a moment, on the shell before he draws it back and shoves it in his pocket. Drawing back a step, he slants another look at the egg before leaning in to whisper something. Whatever it is, it's answer and he seems disinclined to share.

Carellos snorts and pulls his hands from the egg. At the movement of Kayeth, he glances over and looks at Kassala as she gives the warning and Care nods, stepping back from the egg and moves towards the exit. He lingers back, off the edge of the sands, as he waits for Kezresan and Phineas to finish. They'll have a decent amount to talk about tonight. He better have the klah and cookies ready.

It is with an almost violent cry that Kezresan jerks away from the egg, both hands going to claw at his face until reality returns and he's left gasping and far too tense. A glare for the Home Sweet Hive Egg, and a moment later he's shivering and rubbing his hands over his face once again, determined to get the feel of it off of him. Kassala's words are dimly noted, and it takes him a moment before he becomes aware of the intention behind them. Leave? "Done." And to the exit he goes, stopping only once his boots have left sand for solid stone.

Kassala will follow the candidates towards the exit, limping just a little. "Have some klah. Take a little time to take these touches in. I know the first time can be a little.. surprising.. to say the least. Take the rest of the afternoon off, okay?" She calls out to the three, offering a wry smile.

"To say the least," Finn echoes quietly. Still thoughtful and relatively, and oddly, reserved, he glances at Kassala and R'hra and inclines his head in a slow nod. "Thank you." In the wake of the words, his gaze slides toward Kayeth, the gold given another bow before he's stepping off the sands. That? That was a lot to think about and he's still trying to process it all.

Limping! Not on R'hra's watch, because he is just going to scoop her up and carry her around.. She will get mad but hey she is hot when she is mad.. (probably why he does it)

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