Tillek Hold - Open Sea
A large iceberg with enough of a flat surface for those stranded on it to huddle together for warmth and comfort. There is not much else to see, save for wide open waters and the vast expanse of the night sky.

Cookies make everything better! Rayathess gives Jastre one long look and then can only shrug his shoulders and huddle further under his blanket. "I've no idea where we are but I'm sure they do." And he nods his head towards the huddled crew. "But probably by their charts and whatever else they use to navigate the seas. Maybe the dragonriders could work it out with help from the Hall but even so… D'ani mentioned something about us all getting knocked off this chunk of ice if they tried." At Ezra's comment, he nods. "They could do that, yeah. I don't know. It could be worse? We could be stuck for a day."

As the night wears on, the fire burns small but warm, and the effect it has is more emotional comforting than actual warmth. There's food passed around, stories shared, the fishermen occasionally coming to check on the candidates but otherwise talking amongst themselves. And as the sky begins to lighten, the first brightening of the false dawn over the horizon, another ship is sighted, bobbing on the gentle morning swells as it makes its way towards them. Sails furled, the sailors switch to oars as they approach, holding position as best they can while they drop a smaller and more nimble rescue craft into the water. Rowing towards the iceberg the First Mate hollers up to the icy shelf, "Ho there!"

Polana is tired. No, tired is an understatement. At this point she is only awake through sheer force of will and ends up biting her tongue every now and then for it to stay that way. Somewhere over the night she ended up leaning against someone and couldn't be bothered to move. That is the position she is in when a voice reaches her ears, a voice she has not yet encountered. And that can only mean one thing. Rescuers! Suddenly Polana is jumping to her feet and rapidly moving to the side of iceberg, but not close enough to risk falling in. She is bellowing at the top of her voice as she turns to face the group and calls, "they found us!"

Jastre jerks up from where he was half dozing when they're hailed, and especially when Polana starts yelling. "Eh? They did?" he turns and stares at the ship, standing up and waving, then shivers and pulls his blanket back tight around himself.

Rayathess does his best to stay alert and awake throughout the night but even he begins to doze off at one point. Only when he begins to lean and threatens to topple of his seat does he jerk awake again and briskly shake himself awake. He may have been a lean-to rest for Polana, maybe even Ezra but when he almost nods off again, Rayathess choses to stand and pace about. He never ventures far, just a small circuit that keeps him within view of the Candidates and his brother. False dawn brings a ship, hopefully not a false ship, and Rayathess is stepping forwards as Polana calls out the news. "About time! Should we rouse the others?" If they haven't been already by the excited shouts.

Ezra gets to his feet as well, moving away from the fire just a bit. The fisherman approach the edge cautiously, peering around it. "Too sharp a drop off here. Row over to this side, there's a little shelf we can climb down on to." 'Climb'. On ice. How fun? The ship rows around to that point, and the sailors begin to put out the fire (though really, it's on ice…does it matter?) and gather the crates and supplies. "Let's go," One says, "let's get you Candidates into the boat first."

Borodin has been a great friend, keeping aware of Zaala throughout the night, nudging her to see if she still made a moan now and then. That was good, because if it wasn't for him, she'd likely be a permanent fixture on the iceberg. The sudden noise and commotion draws her mind out of the drowsiness the night had worn on her, blinking languidly through iced over eyelashes. She doesn't say anything as she starts to shift a little, yet, it's one of those shifting movements that resists fully getting up, merely, resettling. Limbs are numb, having fallen asleep and stiffened up on her because of the way she was resting.

One foot. Then the other. It's like standing there and stirring the mash, which is to say, boring. Sorry Zaala. Being slept on was exciting for the first hour, but… well, at least the cold's been good for helping to keep Borodin awake, and as the shouts begin, he turns his head to look down to that boat's arrival. "Oh. Uh… good." He looks down to Zaala, and begins the gentle nudging once again. "They, uh. They're here." Who are they? Doesn't matter. They've got a boat. He'd go with renegades - shells, he'd go with wild felines if they had a boat.
You bet they did, Jastre! Polana is beaming now, actually beaming. At Rayathess' question she nods before commenting, "good idea." With that she makes her way back toward the group. As the boat moves to the other side and Borodin and Zaala wake up she picks up two empty metal water canisters, bangs them together to make horrible but loud metal noises, and calls, "wake up, it's time to go! Get up unless you want to be left behind! Up, up, up!" With that she makes her way over to the boat, only to stop once she sees that she'll have to climb down. Ice. Climbing down ice, she doesn't want to face that yet. However, someone needs to get down there and possibly help those that will need help, such as Zaala, down. So without a word Polana begins climbing down and onto the boat.

D'ani's been there, pacing. Sitting occasionally. Making a trek to that icy outcropping sans One's company, thankyouverymuch. Like the rest of them, he's half numb, sleep-deprived and slow-witted, so thankfully he doesn't have to coordinate this rescue. In the pale dawnlight, if any of them look up, they'll see the distant form of sweep dragons who likely began sweeping for them at the first light.
The sailors help Polana into the boat, spikes buckled onto boots helping those sailors that step onto the iceberg with grip as they help others down. "We can take seven at a time," he says, moving a few more candidates in.

The gentle nudgings prove to be enough for Zaala to at least straighten up, so that Borodin is free of her! She even goes so far as to uncurl her legs, each and every movement slow and methodical, as if each limb had been frozen and needed time to unthaw. She seems okay, at least, she's alive, awake, and growing alert. All those shouts and excited tones help that cause. They made it! They're alive! "Cold…" she shudders between chittering teeth, huddling in on herself as if wanting to back to sleep and pretend she was so cold. She looks back and up, recognizing who kept vigil over her, a surprise, but only a minor one. Yet, she can't smile, her whole face felt odd. An suddenly the clangs, her head tilting down as if to block out the noise, hands going up to her ears. "Stop it…" she scolds in a raspy whisper, doubtful though that Polana would actually hear her.

That means Borodin can tuck his hands in his pockets and see if that makes his fingers less numb. Yay? "Uhm, yeah, it, uh, it's still cold. Because, uh, the ice." He shrugs. "But, uhm, there's… there's a boat." He tilts his head to it, because he only just managed to put his hands in his pockets. "So, uh, you… if you…" can walk? Or something. Clang, bang, talking what? He looks over to Polana and frowns at the racket.

Rayathess winces a bit as Polana makes all that racket, only to shoot her a narrowed look. "That's not quite what I had in mind!" he grumbles, rubbing at his ear and forehead. With so little sleep, aching from cold and stiffness, he's in a mood again and when the boat finally reaches the iceberg at a favorable spot he looks for Ezra. "Ready to go?" he asks his brother, still holding the blanket around his shoulders. Seven at a time? How many Candidates came? His sluggish brain flails at the thought of math, but regardless he will try to nudge his brother towards that boat, even as his steps slow when he spots Zaala and Borodin. "Are you two coming?" he calls, glancing towards the lightening skies. Then he's using his hand to shade his eyes, peering and he adds. "Dragons! In the distance. Sweeps?" That is, more or less, directed to D'ani.

Ezra looks up when Rayathess does, gazing into the sky. "Maybe they found us first?" he says with a shrug. Glancing around at the others, he decides he wants off this ice flow so he carefully climbs down to join Polana in the rescue boat.
Jastre moves towards the boat, climbing up with the others. He checks to make sure everyone does wake up, and that no one died overnight. Oh good everyone's moving. "Maybe I was right and dragons found us and then directed the boat here?" he comments, catching sight of them in the sky.

Every man for themselves? At least Borodin will get the fame of being the hero, in Zaala's eyes! The blond lets her hands fall down from her ears, very much still slow-witted, as if being dragged from a sleep that wasn't quite long enough. At Borodin's proddings, as well as Rayathess' question if they were coming, which, of course they were, she's just mentally trying to get it together first thanks! "Help me up…?" she softly pleas upward to Borodin, not sure if her legs were frozen stiff or just super numb from being cramped up all night. Her arms will lift up, her hands stretching out for some leverage - the vintner turned candidate not able to fully escape her just yet.
Borodin's eyes widen at Rayathess. "What? Yes!" No leaving him behind! He's coming, yes, he is definitely coming, come ooon Zaala or they're going to leave us behind! …that boat's getting pretty close to full, isn't it? Maybe there'll be room still. For at least one of them. But… he drags his eyes back to Zaala. "Uhm. Y-yeah," he says, and steps around to in front of her, leaning down and putting his arms around her, letting her hands grab onto her shoulders as he lifts with the knees. Just like one of those heavy barrels of beer! (Okay, no. It's nothing like. But at least having hauled those around means he's capable of supporting Zaala to her feet.)

D'ani shields his eyes to peer skyward, then cringes at the sudden racket from Polana, unusually irritable thanks to nearly 24 hours with no sleep. "Was that really necessary?" he grouses before resuming his skyward scrutiny. "Probably," he says to Rayathess before flicking a ghost of a smirk directed towards Jastre. "It was, most likely, a coordinated effort." And he to crunch-slips towards the boat, trailing Borodin and Zaala. "You," The Weyrsecond says this to Zaala upon observing her sluggishness, "I want to head directly for the infirmary when we get back."

Once the boat is full, they row them back to the ship and they're faced with their next challenge - climbing up the rope ladder to the deck of the ship. Which after hours on an iceberg might not be the easiest thing. "We have the cargo nets ready too, if needed," the First Mate says, peering at Zaala with some concern.

Polana sits down as soon as she can once on the boat, but not before giving everyone that questioned her noise making a look that says yes, it was completely neccessary. She is quiet all the was to the ship, finally speaking up once faced with the ladder. "I think I can climb, but the weaker or injured people should go in the nets. You don't want to put too many in there at once though, I imagine that could be bad. Limbs all twisted together, nets breaking, that stuff."

And up she goes! On her flying ma—No, it's just Borodin hoisting her up. Zaala makes a girlish 'oops' like sound as she's righted on her feet, because she totally can't hold her own, thus stumbles into Borodin. Too bad her face was so frozen, because the blush she could be showing is enough to melt some of it! Then there's a mean scowling looking person pointing a finger at her and growling something at her. Or was that totally her imagination? Probably. She shrinks a little at the command, using Borodin as a shield! As if she hasn't done that all night already. Suddenly there's tears in her eyes, whispering pathetically, "Can we go home…" Her girly 'hating outdoors' is showing through! And if Borodin helps support her across the slippery iceberg, they might make it to the boats with out losing a candidate.

D'ani will roll his eyes skyward and mutter something about Faranth giving him patience and repeat the litany of how Candidates cannot be beaten, probably several times. Though he's tempted to change that practice, very tempted.

Stumbling around on the ice is a recipe for disaster, but while one of Borodin's feet skids a bit, he doesn't fall down. And thus, neither does Zaala! He tugged his hat down during the night, so his pink ears go unseen. "Yessir," he says to D'ani, though the instruction wasn't for him, and he bobbles his head to Zaala. "Uhm, yes, we're going home, we're just… we just have to… come on…" and while he won't quite carry her… it's pretty close in spots. Good thing he's been carrying those barrels and has more muscle than it looks like?

Rayathess nods his head to D'ani, giving the Weyrsecond a brief and vague smile before he's pulling the blanket from his shoulders and folding it as best he can. No need for it now! He's chilled through regardless. There is a look of relief when Borodin answers him and Zaala is following too with his help and he will step aside to allow them onto the boat as well. He lingers, waiting and his luck has it that there is still room for him to go with the first run and he's not left behind to wait for the second. There's a parting look to D'ani when the Weyrsecond mutters. "I'd say we could grab a round of drinks but… I think you're the only one of us lot who can." Rayathess drawls and then chuckles dryly. "Almost out of this mess." Hang in there? Then he's climbing into the boat and settling in, quiet for the voyage back to the ship.

Ezra has to move cautiously, but once they are directed up the ladder, he climbs slow and steady. And when he gets to the deck it seems a natural thing to collapse in a heap. But he doesn't. He just accepts the blanket around his shoulders and is ushered below. "We brought several Healers with us," the First Mate said. "Get up there and get below. Let me know if you need to use the cargo net."
Jastre is having a hard time gripping the rope, but he manages somehow, tightlipped with the effort. But once he's on board he breathes a sigh of relief, and does his best to try and get warm. "Too bad we lost all the fish we got too…." and the ship.

Hazel eyes flash with some relief, though how much Zaala is absorbing of their dire situation is hard to say. Instead, she's just looking down at their feet, one after the other, relying on Borodin to find the easiest path across the berg and toward the boats. Indeed, he will have to lift her in some spots, but she's not as heavy as a full keg of beer, at least? She does hear and look up to see Rayathess giving them the lead to get on the boat first, to which she reaches out a hand in passing to squeeze his shoulder or at least brush past his jacket. It's a thank you, a brief one, before wobbling her way and stepping carefully into the boat. No doubt there's likely some crew member ready to help her in the boat as well as Borodin helping her remain balanced, keeping from splashing into the cold water below. Finally, getting a seat, she hunkers down, pressing her face as much as she can into her jacket, leaning on anyone next to her - again, likely Borodin if he followed and if not, someone else. Cold.

Rayathess would have been surprised by Zaala's sudden and passing grip to his shoulder, but the gesture is accepted for what it is and he nods to her, before turning to face fowards in the boat as they're rowed back to the ship. Up Rayathess goes, muttering how he doesn't need the nets but adds in gracious enough thank yous to the crew all the same. "Won't have to tell me twice," he drawls and as much as he'd love to go down below he pauses again and lingers, standing aside to watch and lend a hand if needed. For the most part though, he's a silent witness.

It… depends on the size of the keg? Which is not something Borodin's going to say out loud! He gets Zaala to the boat, then follows her in. Whew. Sigh. Of. Relief. He does end up being the one Zaala's using as a source of warmth - not that he feels all that warm, but hey, at least he's got insulation. It's got to be good for something. He's like a walrus. By halfway to the ship, he's even managed to put his arm around her and pat her shoulder until they get there, then help her into the hauling net before he scrambles his own awkward way up the ropes. He never thought he'd be grateful for the candidate physical training. Now he is. Yay… not that he's in any state to appreciate it, mind about as numb as his body… which is to say, not yet to collapse, but definitely worn. Still… there's healers on the ship. He'll steer Zaala in that direction, because he's preeeetty sure she needs it. (Also because D'ani said so.)

The boat goes back for the rest of the crew, and then they open the sails to the wind and begin to sail back to Tillek. Down below, the Healers have put Zaala in a room by herself while they check her vital signs and get her slowly warmed up. Given her state of mind, they're not taking any chances and are slowly warming her and asking her gentle questions, trying to figure out if she has a brain injury or if she's suffering hypothermia.

Polana wordlessly climbs the rope ladder. It is hard, she is exhausted after the venture and has never been through anything even remotely close to this. But she isn't about to let herself give up when she made it this far. So Polana climbs, a sigh of relief leaving her when she reaches the top of the ship. Despite the order to go down right away she pauses her a bit, staring down at the others as they make their way up. To Rayathess she mutters, "that was… something. Never thought all that training they make candidates go through would become of use without even impressing." She pauses before adding, "also, you and your brother handled yourselves really well." Is that a compliment? Seems like it.

"When I get back to the Weyr I'm not going outside again until spring." Jastre vows, shivering some more. "That was the coldest night I've ever spent outside, by far."

Zaala will be glad for her walrus friend, because in an emergency situation, it's always a good thing for someone to have your back! Zaala closes her eyes on the trip from berg to rescue ship, trying not to get too sick at the bobbing motion of the smaller row boat. Once their boat is parked by the rescue ship, she's shuffled around again to … a net? Oh she'll never live that one down! But, she doesn't resist, not having the strength of will enough to climb up the ladders. She'll also go where they guide her once aboard, looking back haplessly at the group - everyone's there? Then a quick glance for the berg they called home for a night, before she's guided down into the below decks where she'll soak up any heat provided and answer all questions in a quiet and tired voice. Brain injury will most certainly be dismissed, but there's a bit of a bump that'll bruise. Mild hypothermia would explain the confusion and the shivering, though the slow warming practices will eventually see that she's not at risk of it turning into a more severe case. Then she'll sleep, drifting off and listening to the echos of conversations above and around her.

Rayathess is all to happy to be below deck again, warm (or at least beginning to warm up!) and not surrounded by ice and water. He just wants to find a place to sit or even lay down, content to sleep this part of the voyage away. Just as he finds a corner to hide in though, Polana finds him and the young man peers at her, only to relax a bit when she's just muttering at him. "I don't think that the accident was a planned part at all but you're right… it was something." He's too tired to think of the right term and so only smirks. "Guess you got your first taste of survival training? Unintentional." He blinks then. A compliment? "…thank you." he says after considerable pause but a vague smile following.

Ezra has curled up beside his brother, into a little ball of Ezra, already asleep on the floor or the bench or wherever they are. Ezra curls up and sleeps.

Jastre falls asleep too, since he didn't get to on the ship before it went down. Grumble grumble whine. Survival training, what BS. Every single one of their trips ended in disaster. Well…. every one HE went on anyway. The Yokohama is still in the sky so nothing too bad must've happened up there.

Warmth, of warmth, how Polana has missed you! She wastes no time in flopping on a cot and, after a moment of just soaking in the softness, crawling under the blankets. For a bit she feels like she never wants to move again. Then Rayathess responds, making a small smile form on her face. She stops her staring at the ceiling and looks back over to say, "yep. But hey, if I impress and end up in the search and rescue wing I come with a bit of first hand experiance." A small pause and then, "you're welcome." With that her eyes begin to shut, sleep clouding over the exhausted candidate.

As the candidates rest, the ship returns to port, and it's not long before they're being roused again and ushered gently off the ship onto land. Laaaand! But it's snow covered land, freezing, raining again…but thankfully there are plenty of dragons there to whisk them back to Fort where they'll be tended to expertly, warmed up, fed, and tucked into bed for as long as they can sleep.

Once Zaala's been delivered to the healers (and put in a private room for her own good), Borodin finds… oh, look. A wall to slump against. Yep. That's all he needs. He sleeps restlessly on the trip back, then stumbles his way to a dragon and… home! Fort! Food! BED.

Rayathess snorts and shakes his head to Polana's comment, not answering because… well, he knows little of how the whole wing process works. Is this considered experience? Or just pure bad luck? Semi-dozing, he will wake when they arrive and are roused, leaning over to prod or shake Ezra awake and seeing to it that his brother makes it off the ship, as well as the Candidates. He'll tag along, as always, at the back despite his eagerness to just bolt out of there. Never will he be so glad to see Fort Weyr when they eventually return and glad for the food and bed, he will rest off the night's harrowing adventure. It'll be back to Harper Hall for him when he's recovered! And that is his next adventure…

Polana does sleep, yes, but it is a restless sleep. She certainly isn't at ease sleeping on the ship, and so it is easy to wake her up. This time she quietly and gently shakes those that are around her and still sleeping awake, not having the energy to make a lot of noise this time. If Pern had zombies one might compair her to one as she shuffles off the boat, onto land, and toward the dragons. Land. Oh how she's missed land, proper, dry land, not ice or wood. She does not say a word until she is right by the dragons. And then when she does speak she is not loud, rude, or any of those things she may or may not have come to be know for. Instead she just sounds tired, physically and emotionally, as she asks, "are we going home now?"