Fishing Vessel

There's really nothing graceful or beautiful about this hulk of a wooden ship. Battered and bruised by both north seas and the wind, reeking of fish, it's just a working vessel that serves it's hard-bitten crew well. The teak upper deck is scoured clean, overshadowed by tall masts, sails, ropes and rigging, nets bundled along the side and rough ropes coiled neatly. The deck directly below is divided into galley dining room and simple sleeping quarters - one long room where hammocks are hung. The hold is for the catch, dumped through hatches on the upper deck.

The ship rides the waves, rising…. falling…. rising… falling. You get the drift. The sun has set, the seas are dark, not only has lunch passed but dinner - broiled… no not fish. Are you kidding?! The sailors get sick of that stuff! Besides, fish was the fare for lunch. It was a whole steamship round of beef, boiled potatoes and greens, enough to feed the whole crew - which doesn't number more than twenty or so. After lunch the nets had been pulled - and thankfully the Candidates did not have to gut any of the catch - but the hold is not as full as the skipper would like. And thus, the ship has turned northward in search of bigger schools.

The night shift is out on deck, galley is closed, the fires have been banked in the iron stove and hammocks slung, converting the dining area into the sleeping quarters. It's late, people should be tired, exhausted even. The Weyrsecond is. He's asleep, swinging over there in his hammock as are some of the crewmembers, snoring away.

Ezra is not asleep, his stomach rebelling ever so slightly against him. So he's on the deck, leaning over the port railing and watching the waves and the star and moonlight gleaming off of them. Bundled up in his warmest clothes, the teenage heir breathes in the clean air and lets his stomach settle as he watches the horizon, lost in thought.

Xavier is still crouched by the rail, heaving over the side. Appearently the former handyman can't find his sea legs and dinner never agreed with him. He slides backover looking around the deck a jacket kept closed tight as he sighed and caught his breath. Appearently his body had enough and was ready to rest up for a bit. He shook his head with another sigh.

Borodin hopes the ship isn't actually drifting. He'd kind of prefer it if somebody knows where they're going. Doesn't have to be him, but… someone. Being intentional and guiding things along while he sleeps - because, yeah, Borodin's sleeping. Or he will be, once he finally gets used to the rocking of the hammock. His eyes are closed, anyhow. It's close enough to pretend. (And at least he's not one of those unlucky souls hunched at the rail.)

The swaying of the hammock could be comforting to some, though more or less it's kept Zaala up. Her blue firelizard is on her chest, having popped in from *between* to feast on some of the scrap fish and even the chum that was baiting the hooks, despite the disgruntlement that caused. She sighs a bit in the hammock, unable to really roll around or get comfortable too much. Her eyes flicker through the dim lighting toward the other bodies and from the general direction of the snores. Restless, she starts to make to move out of the hammock, trying to steady herself with a hand, grumbling as it really takes a lot of work to get out of the darn thing. It's not graceful. At the last second, her foot gets caught and she tumbles hard to the ground in a sudden wooof of air, thunk, and yelp.. on top of a squawk from an unsettled firelizard. A whispered curse hisses from her lips as she rolls over on the floor a bit, ouch!

Rayathess tried to sleep and was successful for awhile before snapping wide awake again. Wrestling with a moment of disorientation, once he sorted his addled thoughts together he noticed several of the hammocks empty and figuring sleep to be a lost cause, dressed again in his multiple layers and finished with the oilskin coveralls. Stifling a yawn and then rolling the stiffness from his shoulders, he quietly makes his way up the stairs and out into the cold, cold night air and likewise misses Zaala's rather skillful (or lack thereof) exit from the hammock. "None of you can sleep either, huh?" he mutters as he approaches Ezra and Xavier by the rail, the latter given a slightly sympathetic look. So far, Rayathess has managed to keep dinner down with only a constant queasiness plaguing him. "Don't think they want us out here though…"

No stranger to water, runners or boats though perhaps not in that order, Angelique did fairly well enough with only minimum complaining. Dinner was met with enthusiasm for the assistant headwoman turned candidate was starved from the day of work they had put in. Sleep though eludes her despite the soothing rocking of the hammock and the comforting sounds of being in the waters wherever they are at. So bundling up she moves up the stairs or starts too just as she hears Zaala cursing and hitting the floor. "You alright?" she whispers over that direction.

'None of you?' 'scuse you, Jastre is asleep, he's Tillek bred and is used to being on boats even if he doesn't like it. That won't really last for long, however, since he's a light sleeper. The noise from Zaala wakes him up. Aw, man. Sleeping is the best part of this trip, they can get somewhat warm and don't have to work! Whine. But oh well, whatever. He'll just lay there and make grumpy faces at the ones talking.

No one's born knowing how to use a hammock and Zaala certainly didn't get much exposure to them even if she was from the South. So it certainly is ungraceful, but the girl does her best to pick herself up off the floor, though a wince comes from her as she puts her weight on the foot that got tangled. It takes a few steps and lurches, since the ocean motion practically makes her wobble from one side to the other, before she determines it's nothing serious. The ask of if she was alright from Angelique has her waving a hand, whispering loudly, "I'm good…" She'll just grit and bear it! "Wait up…" though she does say to Angelique, needing to get some fresh air with the rest of them. Her steps are all over the place, out of sync with the rolling of the boat, yet favouring the one foot somewhat, like a person does when rolling an ankle. Then she's colliding into the walls with a thunk, bumping into one of those sleeping figures on her way out as the rocking ship fools her anticipated steps. Klutz! She makes no apology as she tries to get out of there fast, grabbing a coat on the way to follow Angelique and Rayathess up to the main deck.

Polana is humming a wordless tune as she makes her way over to her cot. She does not look that happy, not thrilled in the least bit, but she is certainly happier than she was earlier. And, most importantly, she was clean. Fish guts, seagull blood, and bird poo are all gone. A small, happy sigh leaves her as she makes her way into the sleeping area. Without saying a word she climbs into her cot, combing through her hair, a lighter purple than it was before, with her fingers.

There's a night crew manning the sails and rudder. And a lookout, but oddly enough, there is no warning. There's a crash, the sound of splintering wood and ship shudders all at the same time. Then it begins to list steeply to starboard. If that doesn't wake people, the shouting of the skipper calling orders will. Or the clanging of the bell that begins immediately thereafter. Out on deck it's ordered chaos. The crew has scrambled and is working to lower lifeboats. Only none are going into the water. They're not going anywhere. "Pitch is too steep!" is one cry. "She's goin' down!" is another. And she is, settling deeper within seconds as water pours into the hold. In the starlight they will see that the ship is leaning against an iceberg, perhaps even partially settled on a ledge beneath the surface. "Abandon ship!" this is the skipper. "Onto the iceberg!"

D'ani is thrown from his hammock upon the impact. Where he grew up, there weren't icebergs, but he knows the sounds and movement of a damaged ship. Even as he's throwing clothes on over his long johns, stuffing his feet into boots and grabbing his jacket, he's calling out for the Candidates by name, adding, "Into your jackets, get out on deck and wait for ord-" There they come! Abandon ship.

Ezra turns his head to give Xavier a grimace and sympathetic look, before his eyes catch Rayathess' approach. Smiling, he moves to stand beside his big brother with a shrug. "No one's told us to go back in yet…" And then the ship /lurches/ and Ezra clings to the railing, almost going over the side. With a startled yell he reaches out for Rayathess' arm, gripping it tightly, and the next name on his lips is "D'ani!" Looking around, he slips and almost goes down when the ship lists heavily, but keeps clinging onto that railing and his brother's arm. He has no life jacket, and he's not going to go back /down/ to get one.

Xavier comes to quite suddenly as the ship crashes, the sound of the wood splintering. Xavier was lucky to be holding the rail. He reaches over to help Ezra. He may not have his sealegs but can he sure react when there is danger about. Hearing the orders he waits by the rail helping others cross over to the iceberg. "Come on hurry now."

…well, his eyes were closed. The thumps and hissed voices make Borodin open his eyes again, blinking at the darkness as he tries to figure out what's going on. He's a bit bleary. Maybe he was more asleep than he thought. "Mmhghle?" Yeah, he was at least half asleep. Oh well. Now he isn't. He'll just… … …lie here, then. And pretend. He gets, oh, about three quarters of the way back to sleep before the hammock suddenly swings sideways and encounters the wall. "Gaah!" Okay. He's awake now. The bell is really not needed. Borodin stumbles his way out of the hammock, grabbing for clothing and whatever else comes to hand that looks vaguely warm. He's not picky. He's also only awake because of adrenaline, so he may end up making poor fashion choices. He doesn't exactly take the time to look for a mirror before stumble-climbing his way up… well, it was a ladder. It's more a ramp, now. Up and… over? Ulp. Borodin eyes the iceberg below, but a shift of the deck under his feet decides him. Abandon ship it is!

Zaala never -made- it up to the deck. She only got so far before the fishing ship became the titanic! She's thrown off her feet from the violent crash, the collision toppling her in the opposite direction, and… she rolls a little toward the listing starboard side. There's definitely a bumped head in there somewhere. She's dazed and on her butt, holding her hand to her head…

"I guess you're right. Still not feeling—" Rayathess is mid reply to his brother and then suddenly finds himself lurching? No, that's the ship that's lurching and no clearer reason why is given at the sound of the splintering wood and that ominous shudder. Clinging back to Ezra, he braces himself though his footing slips and he has to awkwardly twist to keep from sending them both sprawling across (and down?) the deck. Cursing loudly, he hastily scrambles to right himself, pulling his brother with him and when Ezra calls for D'ani, Rayathess tries to scan the deck to find the Weyrsecond and doesn't spot him. "He's probably getting everyone out from below." The orders are called out and… they're going to the iceberg? Grimacing, Rayathess can only heed them. Not a time to argue! "Come on, Ezra!" And he'll begin to move towards where Xavier waits unless he protests, likely seeing that they are both over safely before he even thinks of following them in jumping ship. Not that he does right away either, turning to look back over the deck with one hand gripping the rail tightly. Waiting to see who emerges and signal them with an wave of his hand and a call that hopefully lifts above the chaos and that ringing bell. "Over here!"

Enter One, the gruff old buzzard. The first mate isn't as callous as he might seem, for he's shepherding candidates out willy nilly. "Go or die. Forgit any personals!" And there's a blonde sitting on her butt. He sighs and strides over to her, looks down while fingering the dry, scarred socket where his other eye used to be. "Girly, it's time to git off." And because she's sitting assumes she hurt herself or something, without further comment, he scoops her over a shoulder, grabs whatever coats are nearby and hauls her ass out of there. Right on over to the glacier, where sets her down with those coats. "Put on of them on," he mutters and heads back over to haul whoever- Ah. Xavier. He's grabbed and lifted over the railing onto the 'berg.

Jastre is jolted out of his hammock when the ship hits something, and he falls to the ground. Uh oh, that grating sound doesn't sound too good… he shoves his feet in his shoes and grabs his jacket, hurrying to the deck. He follows the others, staring over the side. "We hit an iceberg? Are you KIDDING?" he nevertheless follows the orders, shivering.

Angelique is just at the top of the stairs after ensuring that Zaala's alright, having missed any further incidents she causes on her way to the stairs herself. As the ship lurches and lists and suddenly there's panic, Angelique lurches upwards onto the deck and looks quite stunned. What to do what to do?!

When Polana first got on the ship it was not with the belief that everything would work out fine, in fact when she heard that she needed to pack for a ship she panicked a bit. So she packed for the end of the world, or what she thought she would need for the end of the world. So she has her huge, old, warm coat and two lifejackets, one and an extra for if one of hers was suddenly destroyed. A small scream leaves her when the boat lurches, and for a moment she sits paralyzed on her cot. Then the commands come and she forces herself to spring into action. Abandon all personal possessions they say. Well, she can't help but think that these wouldn't be worth abandoning. So she pulls on her coat before quickly pulling her luggage out of her cubby, opening it, and grabbing the life jackets. 'You're overreacting', her sister had said, 'you won't need those, you're just wasting space'. Well who's laughing now!? It's worth preparing for the worst case scenario. Polana is one of the last people out and over to the rail. She is not wearing a lifejacket, instead holding both of them. And upon seeing the others she freezes for a moment. Then, before she can change her mind, she calls, "anyone need a life jacket!?" She would then hand them to whoever said they needed or wanted one. Because really, she can swim, but what about everyone else?

D'ani isn't long in dressing. He isn't aware of the lifeboat situation either, but they're in cold latitudes, so while he's nudging sleepy - or not so - Canidates out, he's gathering whatever jackets, boots, scarves and hats because they're going to need them to survive. "I'm here, Ezra, coming!" he hollars back to his friend, and he's last to come out of the sleeping quarters, onto the tilted deck, sliding and looking wildly around. "Oh shi- no," he mutters. He's then nudged from behind and told to get off by one of the crew members, maybe old One, he doesn't know. Angelique is in front of him and since his arms are full, he nudges her with the clothing bundle. "Go that way, Ange, see? The big shadow against the sky?"

Polana can swim if she wants to die. The water is 40 degrees and there's ice chunks floating in it. Please don't jump? The ship is settling, theres a sharp cracking sound from underneath her, more scrabbling by the crew to get people and what few supplies they can off of the ship and onto that iceberg. It isn't moments after when the ship slides off the shelf and is gone in a swirl of black water.

Ezra doesn't want to go over without his brother, but he's kind of forced to. Still, scrambling back on the 'berg he stares in wide eyed terror at the listing ship. "Rayathess!" he yells again, wobbling and then sitting down heavily so he doesn't go sliding off the edge. Eyes widen even more at the sight of the ship vanishing, and the teen is yelling again into the starlight night. "Raya? D'ani!" Those are the two people he cares about right now, sorry. He doesn't have a life jacket either but he doesn't care about /that/ right now. Just his brother and his best friend.

Xavier finds himself being dragged over onto the iceberg. "But I have to help my friends, I can't just leave them behind." He falls to his knees with a defeated look on his face, he knew he wasn't able to help anyone from the position he was in.

Borodin's awake enough to go over onto the iceberg under his own power. He's even got a few extra warm things he grabbed. His boots crunch to the ice, and for a moment, he just stands there. Now what? He looks around the ice, then blinks at the sight of Zaala, shuffling over toward her. "You, uhm. Do you…" he trails off into silence, and extends a fuzzy hat to her. She probably needs it. He… turns, and watches the dark shadow of the ship sink into the darkness of the ocean depths.

Zaala really doesn't have time to respond to the gruff old buzzard that is suddenly scooping her off the ground and over a shoulder. He could totally do it to, with ease, as she goes rag doll a little on him, blood rushing to her head and disorientation being a main reason she's not wiggling or flopping around. Then, as abruptly as it started, she's plunked onto freezing ice, which sends shock waves throughout her body. Flesh and wet ice don't mix. Confusion is clear in her eyes, a rather vacant expression on her face. Paralyzed with fear and the ebbing throb of the unresolved bump to the head. Immediately she's shivering, teeth chattering. This is fun, right? So much for the seacraft bringing on apprentices now! Her eyes blink hard as she realizes someone is talking to her again, seeing something extended her way. Numbly she reaches for the hat and somehow fixes it on her head, eyes reverting back to the ship to see the sea swallow her up in a vicious gargle of black water.

"I'm fine!" Rayathess yells back to Ezra, though honestly why he lingers with the ship listing as it does is known only to him. Is he waiting to see who else emerges from below? Angelique arrives, then D'ani and it seems then that the older Stonehaven brother snaps out of it. That or getting barked at by some of the crew to get off does the trick. He'll try to flag the two over again, or anyone for that matter before he's bailing and not with a moment left to spare before the ship goes under. Grunting as he slips a bit on the ice, he stumbles to one knee and stays like that, transfixed by the sight of what remains of the ship going under the water. "Shards," he curses under his breath and his expression says it all: did everyone get off in time?

Aha! That way…without taking the needed time to look back towards D'ani as he nudges her and indicates the right direction, Angelique simply says. "Thanks!" with relieve evident in her tone as she quickly scrambles that way, closing her jacket up around her and pulling up her hood around her head. While she wasn't asleep really the events of the ship going down into the water so soon after she's reached the safety? of the iceberg has Angelique's tanned face a bit pale now. Quickly her gaze sweeps around her to see who's here and perhaps doing a silent headcount.

Jastre scrambled to the iceberg, then stares at the ship as it sinks towards the depths of the ocean. Well then. "We're going to die aren't we." he managed to grab his blanket and carry that with him, so he wraps it around himself as well, grimacing. "This is really bad." really, Jastre? Really? He shifts from foot to foot, looking at the others as he counts. No one's still on the ship, are they?

No one takes the life jackets so with a small sigh Polana crosses over onto the iceburg, the things still held in one hand. Just in time as well. Only a couple minutes after the girl crosses over the ship sinks into the depths. Polana turns around at the sound and is completely still as she watches it go down. There is none of that exaggerated horror from earlier as she watches. Instead she looks sad, actually, truly sad. If someone manages to get a good look at her eyes they would see tears forming in them. But she does not just keep standing there crying. Instead she turns around and approaches the person she is closest to, the only person her that she knows she can call a friend, Xavier. As she sits next to him Polana hands him one of the lifejackets and whispers, "put this on, if more people are going to die I don't want you to be one of them." As she speaks she is still gazing out at the water where the ship sank. It wouldn't be hard to figure out what she is thinking, how many people didn't make it off, what will happen to them, how many people will still be lost.

D'ani is with the stragglers making it to the center of that flat-topped iceberg. No one in their right mind would remain near the edge, would they? "Ezra?" Yes, he heard that plaintive cry, and so as he slip-slides to where they are gathering, he calls to let him know he's not gone down with the ship. The bundle of coats, hats and boots is dumped by the supply pile. "Anyone need a coat?" As he's passing Zaala, he sees her sitting on the ice, not knowing which candidate she is, reaches a hand to haul her to her feet. "Can you help her stand?" That's to the shadow next to her - Borodin? The Weyrsecond is peering at faces in the pale starlight, but it's not really helpful. "Alright people count off - say your name please! And don't sit on the ice, you'll get chilled." His voice is calm, but he's far from feeling it.

The ship's crew has their emergency kit, a couple of dozen wooden cartons of rations, wood, water and flares. And that's about it. They go about making a small fire - don't want to melt the glaceir now, do we? And the rest can be used for seating. So those freezing their butts have an option. or they can sit on one of those life jackets Polana thought to bring, good girl! The fishing crew remain standing - they're used to being on their feet for hours.

Ezra scoots over to grab Rayathess' arm in a vice-like, bruising grip. "Does anyone have rope?" he asks, looking around, "We should anchor ourselves…is everyone here? Did anyone die?" Questions, questions, questions. "D'ani!" the teen says, relief clear and plain in his voice. And now that the two people he cares the most about in the entire world are safe, he begins to pull himself together. "Ezra," he calls, sounding off as he tugs Rayathess towards the fire, looking around at the others.

Okay, there's the hat. Borodin frowns as he sees Zaala's shiver from the corner of his eye, and he looks back from the ship, missing the final moment of it sinking beneath the waves. He also misses the ship. And the not being stranded on an iceberg. Oh well. How about those coats? He reaches for a coat - and also for Zaala's other arm to help her up, informing the helpful voice, "Yessir." (It sounds authoritative, after all.) The coat, he puts around Zaala's shoulders. It's only been trampled a little. Good enough. "You, uh. Your arms go in the holes." See? He holds up one side invitingly. Arms go in and then the coat can get buttoned up. He'll go through it with her step by step… including physical maneuvering of her limbs if he has to. Coat good. Freezing bad. Fire good, if it means not freezing. Roll call? Well, he doesn't know about anyone else, but he's, "Borodin."

Zaala seems to make a soft noise of protest at the hand grabbing under her arm to haul her up. She's looking from the retreating form of D'ani and then back to Borodin, leaning into the other candidate alot, needing his support for now as her bearings are all out of whack. Wasn't she just on a ship? What are they doing on ice? Her face turns toward Borodin, listening to his words, but it's more his maneuvering that she follows and goes along with. Indeed, he'll have to help her every inch of the way and even then she has an inclination to sit, "I'm dizzy… can I sit…" it'd be better if she could close her eyes!

Rayathess starts as he's startled again for the second time in one day and then sags in relief when he notices it's Ezra who's clinging to him. He winces a bit for the vice-like grip his younger brother holds his arm in and he reaches across to lay his hand against him. It's alright! "I'm fine." he mutters and then blinks for the questions thrown at him. "I don't know. I tried to see, waited until D'ani came out but I didn't think to count." Nor could he! He doesn't know many of the Candidates. He can only shake his head grimly then. "I hope not…" he mumbles, allowing himself to be pulled to his feet and tugged towards the fire. "Rayathess! he chimes in gruffly.

Ezra moves closer to the fire and perches on the edge of a cot, offering to share it with Rayathess. As names are called, the teen checks things off in his mind until…"Zaala! Zaala went down with the ship!" This is how rumors start.

Moving to be near the other candidates, Angelique finds herself at Zaala's side. "Hey..sit before you fall down." she warns the girl. Still in some shock at the quick turn of events, Angelique seems a bit disjointed and unsure of what to do. On land and in the caverns she's confident if things go wrong but out here? On an iceberg? "What happens now?" she calls out towards the crew. Rescue boats are certainly first on her mind! "No!" she calls over to Ezra. "Zaala's right here!"

D'ani's boot soles crunch over the ice as he moves on, listening to names being called, turning his steps as he hears Ezra's and now knows the direction to head in. "Ezra, we're going to be okay," he says firmly. Because if it's one thing he knows is that Dremkoth will not let him die. And he won't let Ezra die. And Ezra won't let Rayathess die - or vice versa. "Dremkoth has alerted the Weyrleaders. But I can't give him coordinates."

There's a dull POP sound and a pinkish-red streak rises high into the sky where it exploded, hovers and washes the iceberg with it's pale glow. A flare has been set off. At least the clouds have cleared and the sleet is gone. A few of the crew seem to be working on a portable radio, trying to get it going.

Borodin has his feet firmly on the ground. Well, the ice, which is floating on the water. He… would reaaaaally rather not think about that too much. Fortunately, he can distract himself with helping Zaala get dressed for the cold. "You, uh, there." Coat, buttoned, and he puts his arm around her. "You can." He nods to Angelique. "Yeah. But, uh. Not here. We, uh…" See that fire? The glowy beacon of flame? That's where he's going to try to aim her. Like a moth. Or… something. He's probably half carrying her. If he can get her to where she can sit on a crate, he'll stand behind her and keep her from falling to either side. Because… yeah.

D'ani calls for a roll call and Polana pales slightly. This is it, this is when they'll find out who is alive and who isn't. Her voice is cracking slightly as she calls out, "Polana." With that she gets up and approaches the group, the remaining life jacket still in hand. She looks grim. There's no other word for it, just grim. It is to D'ani that she asks in a hushed voice, "the ship… did anyone… I mean… was anyone stuck? I-is there anyone still out in the water? Should we look?"

Jastre is here, he's still staring at where the ship went down. "Jastre." he calls out, then goes to try and be helpful. He tugs a crate to the middle, careful not to make any sudden movements and sighs. "Hopefully we'll get rescued soon… um, should we send a firelizard? Or…." he fidgets, looking about.

Ezra looks up at D'ani, reaching up for his hand or /something/, some sort of tangible contact, even if it's brief. "Okay," he says quietly, glancing around. "What can we do? Is there…should we be doing anything?" He looks around but stays put, not wanting to get in the way as the flare fades out. "I think the weyr knows," he tells Jastre, tilting his head towards the Weyrsecond.

Zaala's vision sweeps toward the other dark figures that are hobbling around on this land of ice, "I must be touching that egg, it liked ice…" she's mumbling a little to herself, drowsy some, cold, a little woozy, all is good as she's got Borodin there to keep her standing up. Borodin. Her eyes flicker to him, squinting between lashes at him, "Hey toots…" like, she didn't realize he was there or something. Angelique is stared at, for a long time, but then Borodin is walking her toward the fire and she's provided a crate to sit on.

Rayathess follows Ezra, still casting a glance over his shoulder towards the dark waters and it could be that the young man is in mild shock over the events. Sitting down heavily, he blinks when his brother is suddenly shouting. "What? Are you sure?" Rumors! And then Angelique's voice is countering that and… sure enough, there's Zaala with Borodin helping her. He exhales in relief, only to stiffen. "Oh shards, my pack!" Is now sinking to the bottom of the ocean. Looking up to D'ani, he frowns a little. "Can't… Then it's by ship?" he mutters, only to turn his gaze to Polana. "I've no idea. I hope no one was caught…"

Angelique recoils a tad under Zaala's stare before she watches Zaala be led towards the fire. Frowning she follows along with a belated call out of her name which she forgot or didn't hear before. "Angelique." check! She shifts to stand, still feeling a bit stunned and out of sorts with both arms wrapped around herself and her hood obscuring most of her face. She's content to stand for now.

Arctic moth. Flame. Okay. Borodin bobbles his head to Zaala. "Uhm. Yeah. It's me." He frowns as he walks her to that seat, and becomes the back of a chair (plus armrests made out of his arms) because he doesn't trust her sense of balance. He looks around at the others in the light of the fire. "Is, uhm…" there a healer on the berg? He looks down to Zaala. "So, uh. How… are you?" Dumb question. His ears are sure of it, which is why they're wasting heat.

"Well the Weyr would know, sure, but does the Seacrafthall know? I mean, you can't exactly land a dragon on this iceberg right?" Jastre asks, glancing towards D'ani. Can you? "We'd need a boat to come for us."

"We should go get near the fire is what we should do," answers D'ani to both Ezra and Polana at the same time. He's much relieved by the names he's keeping track of. "I don't want anyone near the water, especially you," he adds in a semi-humorous tone to Polana. He just shakes his head to Rayathess and Jastre, "Dragon's might be able to but they'd blow us all off the surface trying. It'll probably have to be a rescue by boat. Fort is communicating with High Reaches and I'm sure they'll alert Tillek as well. I should… go speak to the skipper." And they are over by the fire, how convenient.

The crew are keeping the fire going. It's not a bonfire, but it's enough to keep the chill at least a chill and not a bone-cracking freeze. The radio doesn't seem to be working and the muttered conversation continues. The Weyrsecond joins it.

Ezra leans against his brother as he looks around, ready to help if it's needed. "My pack too," he murmurs. "What was in yours?" Let's play the 'what did you lose - it wasn't your life? Awesome!' game. Looking around at the others, his focus then shifts to the fishermen. "I'm sure Fort is doing what they need to do to come rescue us," he says firmly to Jastre. He's already sitting on a crate around the fire, so he's where he should be. Except…"I need to pee." Mutter. "Someone go with me." Just in case he pees a hole through the berg and falls in.

It's a good thing Borodin doesn't trust Zaala’s sense of balance, it's been off since she stepped on the ship, rightly so more now that she's boinked her noggin. Her hand goes up to her head again to rub the spot that smarts, but at least there's no blood on her fingers when she pulls her hand back. There's a soft moan, an answer to Borodin's question or simply the time she says it, "My head hurts…" well at least there's a lot of ICE around to help keep the swelling down! The sitting is helping, as are the supportive arms and back. Oooh, nice, she can recline a little. And yes Borodin, that means she's turning her face into his chest, pillow time!

Angelique can't help but look around suddenly. "Solan's not on this trip is he?" it wouldn't be good for him to fall into /this/ water now. Shivering despite her coat she shifts her feet a bit as she stands on this frozen bit of land floating. "This could make a good Harper's tale." she's trying to keep her spirits up as slowly her mind unthaws from the surprise that was the sinking of their ship. And the poor saps at Xanadu thought living in a swamp was bad!

Polana is silent for the time being, pausing only to give a sad glance to Rayathess. There is absolutely no humor on her face at D'ani's words, not even a half-smile. Instead she follows him over to the fire, finally speaking to ask, "has anyone seen One? Did he get off?" Without waiting for a response she begins to gaze around, scanning the area for any sign of the first mate. Surely the crew would notice if he was gone, right?

Borodin's ears are wasting so very much heat, as Zaala leans in against him like that, but at least he can make sure she doesn't fall down! He pats at her shoulder awkwardly. "Oh. Uhm. Well, uh, we'll…" He reaches up to pat her head hesitantly. No wet blood! So he 'just' has to worry about concussions. "It's not so bad," he lies as he looks up and around… at the huddle of seacrafters and weyrsecond, at the stirs of worry about those who might be missing… "We just, uh, have to wait." Does he believe it? …not really.

Rayathess is in no mood for games, resigned to accepting a rescue-by-ship when D'ani updates him but Rayathess answers Ezra regardless, his eyes staring out at those murky depths. "I had some of my work in that pack. Some notes and…" Borrowed things. Oops. Sighing, he shakes his head. "Doesn't matter. Better than anyone being dead or seriously hurt…" Angelique's comment has him chuckling a touch bitterly. "Thankfully you have an apprentice Harper here to witness first hand?" he drawls. Yay? Eyeing Ezra, Rayathess grimaces. "I can? Does it have to be now?"

One is here. In fact, he emerges from the dark with that flare gun just as Ezra speaks. "No one goes off alone," he says firmly, eying the boy. "I'll take a group off… just a ways though. I can turn a blind eye." Har har? Nope, he has no candy and will they even BE able to pee with him standing there?

Ezra smirks a little bit. "This could be your first song, Rayathess. Let's see…um. How about…'Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip…um…That started from this northern port, aboard this tiny ship." Then One is there with a flare gun, offering to take him off to pee. "Um. No, I don't want to go alone." Blind eye? The teen smirks at that and gets to his feet, clasping Rayathess' shoulder. "Be right back."

Zaala was exhausted before from the days labours, but now, everything piled on top? Oh yes, Borodin is definitely becoming a pillow as she snuggles into an arm or whatever she can, curling herself up as tightly and as small as she can on top of that crate, tugging the jacket in closer, still shivering a little despite the coat. "That's good… toots, you wait…I'll…just… rest my eyes for a bit…" All the other noise just seems there, lulling background of concern and worry, with a small crackle of fire.

Even if she had to pee there is /no/ way that Angelique is attempting to do that here and now. Oh no. She'll hold it forever if she has too. "Hah, forgot." she says towards Rayathess. "Would you make this a song or a written tale." the three hour tour? Or a love story of the iceberg struck ship. Quick, someone fall in love and…wait, no one wants to end up like Jack.

Never has Polana been more relieved to see a man with one eye. There is pure joy in her voice as she exclaims, "One! You're alive!" Are those tears beginning to leak from her eyes? If they are she doesn't let them get far, instead whiping them away before they can properly fall. Yes, she is very torn up about this but no, she is not going to let herself start crying in public. Instead she forces a snicker before calling to Ezra, "good luck with that."

Jastre sits near the fire, nodding towards D'ani. "That's why I thought it might be a good idea to send a firelizard to the hall…. they can send a ship without needing someone from the Weyr to go there." his fled when the ship went down, greens are stupid.

"I, uh, yeah…" Borodin says, looking down at Zaala again. "You, uh…" has her face buried against him. Also she's kind of clinging to him. And… yeah so he knows that possible concussion means he should keep her talking, but he's really not got much ability to do anything than pat her shoulder with his non-clung-to arm and keep her from falling off the crate. Oh! Staring. He can also stare down at her. Yeah. He's got this handled.

To Ezra and Rayathess, "Don't go past that jagged outcropping over there." Then Polana has One blinking the only lid he has left and his grizzled smile, scary thing that it is, beams at her. "'Course I am. I'm too fulla gristle to be sharkbait." He's off then to make his rounds, making sure people - non-crew members - remain close to the fire.

"Thanks, Polana, I'll be thinking of you!" comes Ezra's call as he goes off to pee with One. Or Rayathess. Whoever goes with him, he's quick to pee and return, settling down on the crate again and wiping his hands on his trousers as he looks towards the group of sailors and D'ani.

Rayathess just stares for a moment at Ezra and then snorts, a ghost of a smile curving one corner of his mouth upwards. "Nice. You sure you don't want to be a Harper too?" he teases lightly before sobering again once One approaches. Nope, no… he's good! Though he darts a glance between him and Ezra. "Right." he murmurs to his brother, not overly worried. Or should he be? "Don't know. Easier as written tale, since I'm not studying composition…" he tells Angelique, only to blink and frown. Wait, why is he babbling on about his Craft? "The Hall still might call on High Reaches dragonriders?" he adds as an aside to Jastre.

Polana grins right back at One, her first real smile during this whole ship sinking ordeal. After so much bad news every bit of good news and every smile, even if the smile is slightly terrifying, is wonderful. Once Ezra returns she asks, "so, was it an adventure? Will Rayathess have more to add to his epic ballad?" She can't help but notice the harper's comment to Jastre and adds on, "well, lets hope those High Reaches riders are fast, before we run out of food and someone snaps and turns to cannibalism." Cue a look at Jastre. Oh yeah, she knows who it'll be. Really it's meant to lighten the mood, but it might not exactly work very well for that.

D'ani returns to the group by the fire. "So update," he says projecting so the Candidates can hear, "Fort Weyr and High Reaches are coordinating with Tillek. They don't want to attempt a rescue by dragon for fear of tipping the iceberg or knocking us off of it trying to land. There is another ship underway but it will be several hours before they arrive. You're to stay hydrated and remain awake if you can, get up and move around periodically. We'll be uncomfortable, but we'll be okay." He hasn't noticed Zaala's problem, probably thinks she's being all lovey or something on Borodin. Not that they could do anything about her head, really.

The crew is still fiddling with that radio and well, why not? They've nothing else to do. Some are opening cartons and passing water bottles, while others pass out blankets and tend the fire.

Ezra blinks at Polana. "Um." Whaaaaat? Yeah, that joke was in bad taste. But Ezra won't call her on it. Taking a blanket, he drapes it over his brother and presses some food and a water bottle into his hands before going to talk quietly to D'ani for a few moments.
You sense Ezra's voice is low but it's even. The panic has abated. "Are /you/ okay? How's Dremkoth doing?"

Jastre shrugs at Rayathess, staring into the fire. "I have no idea…. dragons could fly and look for us and let the ships know where we are at least…. right?" then D'ani speaks up and answers all the questions. Wow, that's just like magic! "Hours? Ergh…. we should probably stay close together then to conserve heat right?"

Angelique perhaps makes a mental note not to shake Ezra's hand anytime soon. Is hand washing after using the bathroom common in Pern? Regardless it's not exactly easy to do in their current situation unless he leaned over to the freezing water below them. Brrr. Shiving a bit still inside her coat, Angelique shifts a bit closer to the fire. She doesn't have any extra padding on her bones and her coat is feeling thinner by the moment! "Ah, too bad a song might immortalize this forever." yes, they are chatting about the Harpercraft cause perhaps this keeps their minds busy while they await rescue? Her attention shifts quickly to D'ani as he gives the update. "Hours?" she mouths silently. Oh noes! Well…she puzzles this out a moment. "Uncomfortable with promise of rescue is better than no talk of rescue." she tries to sound upbeat on this.

A frown crosses Polana's face as soon as she realizes exactly what her joke sounded like. The awkwardness in her tone is so real that she can almost taste it as she says, "that, er, sounded much better in my mind." Then D'ani is there with news of a rescue, getting a slight 'woot!' of joy from Polana. Oh sweet Faranth does she want to get off of this block of ice. But wait… "hours? Well… this'll be… fun. Possibly. I sorta doubt it." Jastre gets an odd look for his suggestion of huddling. Erm, what?

"That'd take just as much time if they blindly searched the ocean," Rayathess points out with a grimace to Jastre, though he had to mull over that thought for a bit. He snorts then, eyeing the Candidate. Stay close for warmth? Yeah…no. Not for this one! "We've got the fire to stay warm…" And blankets apparently! Giving Ezra a grateful look, he'll accept the water and food, though he passes those to Jastre, Angelique and Polana in case they want some. "I… still don't know if a song is a good idea." Rayathess murmurs to Angelique and shakes his head. "There's going to be reports of it?" That's enough, right?

D’ani whispers to Ezra, "I'm alright. Dremkoth says he's watching this adventure closely and he wants to come see close up. He smirks." to Ezra.

Ezra washed his hands on the ice. That totally works. Plus…gloves.

Ezra whispers to D’ani, "Adventure? Well I'm glad he's not worried."

Borodin can stand there with Zaala through the night. And nudge her occasionally and hope she wakes up again, though he won't exactly make her do laps or anything. He just keeps shifting his weight from one foot to the other as they fall asleep (though he himself stays awake). Probably the shared heat of the two of them being close makes up for whatever's lost by his ears when people look their way. Probably. But they're quiet, so maybe people don't look that way often.

"Well they'd have to search the ocean regardless, do you know where we are? I sure don't, and I don't think the hall does either. You can probably see farther on a dragon up in the sky after all." Jastre points out to Rayathess. "Down here, you see as far as the waves show you."

Ezra hunkers down on the crate to wait, tucking the blanket around him and sticking close to his brother. He glances at Borodin and then at Zaala briefly, before he's nodding at Jastre. "But if they flew sweeps, they could maybe find us and guide a ship…" Or drop cookies.