Who Phineas, Kezresan, Carellos
What Finn, Kez and Care sit in the galleries and chat.
When Winter.
Where Fort Weyr, Galleries


Fort Weyr - Galleries
// The galleries are carved right out of the rock face, the rows and rows of benches rising high up into the air on a slight slant. Stone and wood benches that used to be known for offering little in the way of comfort, are now padded with cushions in Fort Weyr's colors. Placed along the railing at regular intervals are antique looking baskets filled with cheery fabric flowers. The curving walls sport tapestries in warm vibrant colors that seem to add a dash of color to the otherwise dreary stone. Where the galleries curve slightly at the ends, affording those attending hatchings or clutchings a decent view of the sands, shaded laterns offer warm lighting along the rows of benches.//

"I have a /stack/ of drawings to give the weyrwoman," Finn laughs as they step into the gallery. Pausing a beat, he grins at Kez and laughs. "I had Nanny duty again and brought the kids here to see the eggs. They all drew pictures." Stretching, he grunts as he pops his spine and steps over to sprawl on one of the benches. "I /love/ Nanny duty," he decides as he glances toward the sands.

"Glad someone does," is the muttered and entirely honest response from one healer-turned candidate. Kezresan's own adventures into nanny-dom? Disastrous, as was likely predicted. Children and Kezresan simply do not mix. Like little, alien-creatures from another planet. A grimace at the thought, and he sinks down into a seat near Finn, shedding coat and scarf as he does so. "Children frighten me," he decides.

As promised, Carellos arrives with a puffed up all proud like bronze firelizard on his shoulder. He found the peoples his hoomin wanted, so he should get some fuds, right? Care has a basket tucked under one arm and a kettle in the other, slowly making his way to the seats. Cake made as promised! Marble with caramel frosting in the middle and melted caramel dripping off the top. Target acquired, he sets the things down close to the other two with a nod in greeting. "Perfect timing, Kez." The basket is flipped open and a mug is passed to the one with the child-phobia. Phin? He gets a healthy slice of cake! "I was worried it wasn't gonna be done on time."

Phineas could look more startled at Kezresan's response. Course a moment later, he gives a slow nod. "That makes sense, you aren't very fanciful. You just have to know how to handle them, though. Make it fun for them and they are great to be around." Course, despite his age, Finn is nothing more then a very big kid, so it makes perfect sense. Belatedly shrugging out of his own coat, he exhales a gusty sigh as he stretches out between two of the benches, booted feet crossing at the ankles. "If you get Nanny duty, just have them form up into their wings and give them thier orders. They'll have a blast." Care appearing with goodies has Finn sitting back up with a quickness, a smile tracing over his lips as his boots thump to the floor. "Awwww yeah," he groans as he's handed cake and immediately starts eating it with his fingers. "You're my hero," he assures Carellos with a wink.

"Fun?" And between expression and tone of voice, it ought to be clear that Kezresan is not fun. Or at least, he doesn't think he's fun. Or even knows how to BE fun. "Wings?" Orders? A slow shake of his head, and he decides, "I'll just trade out of it." Or be the most boring, dreaded nanny ever. Poor kids. Poor Kez. But he's looking marginally more cheerful at the appearance of Carellos and /Klah/, even managing to force the teeniest, tiniest of smiles ever (It was totally there for a split second!) as he accepts the mug. "Thank you." A squint of his gaze for Phineas and the finger-cake eating, but all Kez offers for it is a quiet snort and a suppressed roll of his eyes.

There's a fork there, and Carellos really should remind him of that, but seeing Phineas enjoy that cake he worked hard on? It's just too adorable for words. Care would be preening a tiny bit if he wasn't in the process of serving a mug himself. "The bakery is on board with this one. They have one of the apprentices making the cakes while the other sticks to the usual dinner rolls. So expect to see this one more often." Kez's mug gets a little love from that kettle, and then the baker-candidate takes a seat. "I'll pay Phin in cake if he pulls my nanny duty."

"I'll trade you," Finn assures Kez with an easy smile. "Especially if I have the infirmary. Sitting on my hands for hours? Not fun." Taking another bite of cake, he licks frosting off his lips. "You know it wouldn't kill you to remember how to laugh," he points out to Kez with an easy wink. "Not," he adds as he shoves another piece of cake into his mouth. "That there is anything wrong with being serious some of the time, but… Yeah, wings. We play dragonrider and they /love/ it," Finn notes with a chuckle. Forks? Pshaw. Why bother with forks when on can use fingers /and/ lick them afterwards? "Really?" Pausing with a bite halfway to his mouth, Finn grins at Care before shoveling the cake into his maw. "Thank you for making sure I don't starve." Seriously, it's been touch and go since Carellos was searched. "Done," is stated at the last.

Nanny duty for infirmary duty? "Done." No brainer there, of course the Healer is going to agree with that one! A lift of his cup comes in a second 'thanks' to Care as the kettle is poured and actual Klah is gained, Kez soon tucking that mug into his hands as though to warm them. "I know how to laugh," he argues, even if it means his expression goes /more/ sour rather than less. A little exhale across the top of his beverage, and a quiet, "Glad they enjoy it," for the kiddos, because it's not like Kez wants everyone to be intolerably solemn like him. But there's not much more he can think to add regarding Kids and Wings and /play/. The shoveling of cake into mouth via fingers? Definitely another snort for that, though maybe the TINIEST little twitch at the side of his mouth. Payment in cakes, indeed. "Don't complain to me of stomach aches," he huffs before taking an actual sip of Klah.

At this rate, Phin's ONLY duty is going to be Nanny duty! Well, at least he's getting paid in cake! Carellos takes a sip from his mug and he just deflates in his seat. The other two pieces of cake he served are settled beside him and within reach of Kez if he wants his slice. With a fork, even! If not, Phin will eat it.

"Stomach aches have never been a problem before," Finn laughs. "Sides, I've been losing weight. I have to catch back up." That being said, Finn shovels the rest of the cake into his mouth before going for a second slice. When, and ONLY when that slice is consumed— and it's consumed quickly, he pours himself a mug of klah and settles back on the bench with a sigh. "That was outstanding," he assures Carellos before taking a long swallow of the steaming klah.

Carellos opens his mouth to speak but is momentarily distracted by the waving of hands out of the corner of his eye and Kezresan wandering off to the person doing the waving. Chances are, he was only on break, and that break was short lived. Look at him go all slow motion catwalk like! Or something. He's not here to defend himself so it's alright. The baker-candidate shrugs and goes back to his own mug. "There's still plenty more."

"And that is one of the reasons I love you," Finn laughs. Sitting up, he snags another piece of cake, his hand raising in a gesture of farewell to Kez. "Not ever going to complain about other people not eating sweets," he notes before taking a large bite out of the slice. "Course," he adds as he tucks the cake in his cheek. "It's not going to be nearly as good with the others making it." But, he'll eat it. He won't relish it as much, but he'll eat it.

"I take extensive notes and I keep the apprentices on their toes, I'm sure they'll do me proud." If not, then Care doesn't have to worry about Phin going without. The weyr will have to worry about getting sub-par cake! Carellos does manage to get himself a smaller slice. "You know," he begins, licking the back of his fork. "I hope… I hope after the hatching, that I can still bake. I like working with my hands and creating things. Especially things as good as this. If I can't be a baker again, if by some fluke I manage to impress? I'm gonna make sure my weyr has a small oven. Even if I have to make it myself." Clay ovens are still a thing, right?

Phineas considers the words as he polishes off the slice of cake in his hand. It is in the wake of sucking his fingers free of frosting that he notes. "You'll impress." He's confident of that. Glancing toward the sands, he gives a little flick of his wrist before noting. "One of them is crack and the dragon inside is going to take one look at you and fall in love." It's just as simple as that for Finn. "Only reason it hasn't happened yet is cause I'm supposed to be there to see it happen." Glancing at Care, he gives him a reassuring wink, before taking a swallow of his klah. "Why couldn't you still bake? I mean…" He doesn't want to think about the eventuality, really.

If there was anything giving Carellos a sinking feeling about impression, leave it to Phin to bring him back to the surface. Care glances over with emerald eyes, a soft smile on his face. If they both impress, then maybe it wouldn't be so bad? "I'm glad you think so," he murmurs, before taking another bite of that cake. As for the baking future, Care lifts his mug but pauses before sipping. "We'll be busy for the first couple of turns, won't have time. After graduation? No telling where we'll be assigned."

Phineas exhales a merry laugh, his head giving a mild shake. "Could you imagine?" Clearly, Finn cannot and he rather doubts that anyone but Care would consider him dragonrider material. "Out of all of us? I'm putting marks on you, Kez and Aignes. Prolly Kaet, as well. I'm pretty sure," he adds as he takes another swallow of klah. "Varmiroth only searched me to tweak Kammila's nose." And he's fine with that. "I'm pretty sure dragons aren't that fond of sugar." And Finn? A walking sugar bowl. "But I'll be here when you are done and if they don't chase me away? I'll be around to bring you goodies while you're shoveling dragon dung."

"Well, Varmiroth has excellent taste." Carellos takes another sip from his mug. His own tiny slice already done and plate put off to the side. For now, he'll just watch Phineas enjoy his own. "I'm sure you'll impress, you're too good of a man and too wild of a spirit to just let slip like that and if the dragons don't take you this time, I'm sure they will the next. 'Your dragon might not of have been shelled today, but maybe tomorrow' and stuff. Not gonna lie, though, I was relieved at first when I didn't impress. As time went on, ask why long enough and you come to resent it. I'm getting older," he pauses, taking his plate and grabbing another slice. Thinking makes him hungry. "I think I'll survive it either way, so long as I have you."

"Well, then you're gonna survive," Finn notes with a lopsided smile. "I'm not going anywhere. It's weird, though, to think about all this. I mean, clearly we /all/ do. At least those of us who live here, but I to actually be in it? Whole other world." Shaking his head, he leans forward and snags one of the few remaining slices of cake, his shoulders rising and falling in an easy shrug. "It's been fun, right? I mean, either way, we get to have an experience not everyone has." And really? That's something. Taking a bite of the cake, he settles in comfortably on the bench, pale eyes slanting a sideways glance at Carellos. "I'm not going anywhere, so. Once this is all over? Look out."

"I'm glad you think so," Care says, scooping up a little bit more of the caramel with the side of his fork, carefully enough not to scrape. It definitely was an experience and this time? With this group of people? Maybe things will be different this time around. "I'm glad I get to spend it with you. There's not a lot of eggs, and there's not a lot of us. So maybe there's a chance." I mean, look at those eggs. Sitting out there, all pretty and inconspicuous like. "You know, sometimes I wonder if they can hear us up here. Us and everyone that comes to the galleries. Those eggs. When you touch them? They touch you back. Up here." Carellos lightly taps on the side of his head, then he takes a sip from his mug.

Phineas twitches a brow, pale blue eyes slanting a glance toward the eggs. "What do you mean?" Course, now he's curious and sits up on the bench to lean forward for a closer look. "You think they can hear us?" That is a little disconcerting, clearly. And, in the wake of glancing at Carellos, he can't help but slant a glance back toward the sand. "I'm betting they have heard all kinds of interesting stuff, then." Which, could be good, could be bad.

Phineas gasps at the caramel theft, pale eyes crinkling at the corners as he exhales a merry laugh. "Not sure I want to know who my father is," He notes with a wry smile. Leaning forward, he takes his refilled mug and sips it before shrugging. "I haven't asked about it. But I think that is because the few times I've heard my mother talking she was all gushy. Just.. ick." He doesn't need to know who gets her like that. When the conversation turns back to the eggs, he falls silent and listens. "Really?" Course, he had no intention of going out there, the sands sorta being like a lady's bedroom to him at the moment. "Terrifying things? Like what?" Now he is interested, Care has stories to tell.

"I can only speak for myself when I say this. It's like… when you touch them, to get into your head and remind you of things you forgot. Both accidentally or on purpose and it holds your nose to it. Like reopening a wound." As far a specifics, it's been a long time so most of what he remembered had faded back into the murky mess in his head. Carellos takes another sip, emerald eyes peering down into his mug. "Every egg is different, though. Some of them are scared, some have a little sass. Some are a little grumpy. You'll see."

Phineas exhales a laugh, his head giving a wry shake. "There's a lot to hold my nose to," he admits. Still it's a weird thought, given the only thing he can liken it to is communicating with unborn babies. Which, he KNOWS is not right, but still. "I can imagine they'd be a little thrown off. I mean, you're not even born yet and there are a bunch of people bothering you?" Course, if they didn't like it, they probably wouldn't allow it to happen, so that is comforting. "And the dame doesn't get upset with a bunch of people bothering her eggs?"

"Oh, I'm sure it bothers her, but she's used to it and she wants only the best for her off spring. So long as we're good and show respect and don't fool around on the sands, we'll be fine. Once they hatch, she won't have to be stuck here on the sands anymore." Carellos puts his mug down and begins to pick up the dishes that are left naked and free of cake. After things are cleaned up and put back into the basket, he carefully picks his mug back up, and moves to sit closer to Phin's side. Shoulder's almost touching. Care takes a sip from his mug and sighs. Nice way to end the day. Tomorrow? Care has Lessons, Phin has laundry (get Kez some accent pillows!), Aignes has training and Kez gets to wash some dragons.

Having been given a lot to think about, Finn sips his own klah, quite comfortable with the companionable silence. He does, however, smile faintly as he lightly bumps Care with his shoulder. "We should probably head back?" He's not looking forward to laundry, but how can it be, really. Soon enough there will be more and more reason to think about eggs and what comes after. Right now? He's comfortably full of sugar and ready for sleep.

"Sounds like a plan." He rises to his feet, holding his hand out in offering to Phineas. Any opportunity to hold his hand, he's going to take it! Thankfully, with the basket already packed up and the kettle empty and cooled, everything is picked up with relative ease. They'll settle down for sleep, ready for the next day. On the way back to their cots, they can admire the cute kittens on Kezresan's cot. So cheerful and bright.

Phineas flashes a lopsided smile as he takes the hand and pulls himself to his feet. "Come on," he notes before tugging Carellos along with him. Releasing the hand? Naaaaah, not til he has to.

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