Who Phineas, Carellos
What Finn takes the kids on an outting, Care tags along.
When Winter.
Where Fort Weyr, Galleries


Fort Weyr - Galleries
// The galleries are carved right out of the rock face, the rows and rows of benches rising high up into the air on a slight slant. Stone and wood benches that used to be known for offering little in the way of comfort, are now padded with cushions in Fort Weyr's colors. Placed along the railing at regular intervals are antique looking baskets filled with cheery fabric flowers. The curving walls sport tapestries in warm vibrant colors that seem to add a dash of color to the otherwise dreary stone. Where the galleries curve slightly at the ends, affording those attending hatchings or clutchings a decent view of the sands, shaded laterns offer warm lighting along the rows of benches.//

Nanny duty, in Finn's opinion, is the best. That the kids love it, to? Well, who, under the age of majority, wouldn't love having Finn around? That being the case, Finn's organized an outting and invited Care along. Granted, the outting is only to the galleries, but still. It's an outting and the gaggle of bundled up children 'flying' in before him and Carellos? Very excited. Course, they are arranged in thier 'wings', as is usual when Finn is with them, and come 'swooping' into the gallery in line formation. Behind them, Finn is strolling along with a broad smile, one gloved hand raising to pull off his cap as he pauses to stomp snow off his boots. "Orderly landings," he calls. "Keep your wings tight." The kids? GLEEFULLY comply, 'swooping' around the benches a few times before coming to a landing on the seats. "Remember to keep the noise down to a dull roar." Finn states as he sets a pair of picnic baskets on the benches. "And there are veggies and fruits here if you get hungry."

Aren't kids adorable? They're especially more adorable when they're someone elses. Carellos keeps his elbows in tight and hands firmly in his coat pockets while he wades through the sea of children. He steps over to a decent seat and settles down towards the back of the tiny horde. Best to keep watch when they're in front and not in behind! "At least it's not too busy in here, already. Looks like we came at a good time." Thankfully, things aren't too loud in here, the hatching caverns produce a good echo and the last thing a large group of childrens wants is to hear how well an angry mommy dragon can be with these kinds of acoustics.

"Right? It's all about timing," Finn laughs. With the children excitedly pointing at eggs, he moves over to sit next to Care, tugging a napkin with two cookies out of his pocket. "Keep it on the downlow," he whispers as he presses one into Care's hand. Finn? He's careful, making sure all eyes are on the eggs before he shoves his own in his mouth. "Las' time we had to go quick," he notes as he brushes crumbs off his lips. "A gaggle of aunties were in here knitting and got really grumpy about the kids. So, we're making up for the last trip." Glancing back at the kids, his face softens, his smile broad at the excited giggles going on. "Be sure to pick your favorite so you can draw it later," he advises. "I thought," he notes to Care. "It would be fun for them to draw their favorites and send the pictures to the Weyrwoman." Cause who wouldn't love that?

Care takes the forbidden cookie and palms it for now. With his luck, one of the tiny terrors will spot him and then descend on him like a tidal wave of little monsters to go after the cookie. "Well, looks like we're in luck now. There's no one here but us. So long as they don't rile up the queen, we should be good." She doesn't appear to be here, but moms have that strange radar that shouldn't be tested. The baker-candidate shrugs off his coat and drapes it back over his seat, glancing down at the eggs between quick glances to the children. "There's not that many this time around. I think there were a lot more at the last clutch I stood for. The queen can't be that old." As for the thought of pictures, that does bring about a little smile. "Drawings sound safe, he adds, nothing wrong with a little bit of color to brighten anyones day.

Phineas slants a lopsided smile at Care as he shrugs off his own coat, a quick glance at the kids making certain that they are shedding their winter gear, as well. The kids? Thoroughly entranced in their own imaginings and excited murmurings. "Yeah?" Glancing toward the eggs, Finn shrugs faintly, his arms folding over his knees as he leans forward to get a better look. "Is it age that does that, then?" He really doesn't know, but it's interesting to think about, at least. It's the mention of the kids getting loud that has a quiet chuckle humming in his throat. "We took the time to get all the wiggles and shouts out before we came." Had Carellos wandered into the lower caverns earlier, he would have found Finn and his army of Weyrbrats wiggling wildly and shouting at the top of thier lungs. "It's all about making it fun," he assures. "They'll be good for whispering quietly to each other for a bit. How is stables duty," he asks curiously. Fortunately, that is one chore that hasn't come up for him. "I was in the infirmary yesterday," he notes with a quiet laugh. "The healers made me spend the whole time sitting quietly and not touch anything."

"Maybe? It's what I've heard. Maybe it's all dad could do this time." Cough, cough. And he makes sure those words are as quiet as possible. Last thing he needs to have some angry lower caverns ladies interrogating where kids are getting these things from, even though they've probably heard worse from the drudges. As for the wiggles and shouts, Care does have to offer a crooked smile at that. Talk about ingenious! Ten points to Phineas-dor! "They made you sit on your hands? I'm curious. What were you doing in there that made then not want your help? It's true you do come up with some amazing ideas. Clearly, I see that in action." Never a dull moment when Phineas is around! Carellos turns in his seat, sparing a glance at the kiddies before sneaking that cookie. He likes to have food with story time. Even while he's munching sneakily, he's watching intently.

Finn exhales a snort, another quiet chuckle spilling past his lips. "I walked in the door," he admits. "I wasn't even eating at the time." Which does happen occassionally. "I /might/ have said something about being ready to operate, but I was kidding." So yeah, he spent the entire time staying out of the way. "And I did knock over a tray, but it was right next to the entrance." He totally didn't see it til it was to late. Glancing at Care, he flashes a cheeky smile, his brows twitching playfully. "Upside is some of apprentices totally want to show me how to give sponge baths, later." Could be fun, depending on the apprentice. Winking, he looks back at the kids, one hand raising to push spikey bangs off his brow. "I prefer Nanny duty," he admits. "We have a lot of fun." In the wake of the words, one of the little girls comes up and whispers in Finn's ear. In the wake of the whisper, he nods to one of his baskets. "Have at it." Bouncing excitedly, she's off like a shot, digging pads of paper and drawing tools out of the basket. "I guess I have a way with kids," he allows. Course he does, he is a big kid.

"Is that all? Man, those healers are sure missing out on a good thing. Maybe you'll get lucky and get the honor of washing the oldest auntie or uncle in the weyr. Not many people boast the honor." Carellos chuckles quietly, resting his arms across the back of the seating while he watches the littles do their thing. The eggs aren't doing anything at the moment so he can spare a glance here and there. "Stables wasn't so bad, all of the animals expect one or two were out so all I had to do was muck their stalls, clean up their feeding supplies and do some grooming. Had the baths all to myself when I was done." Naturally, no one wants to be in a room that just enhances the smell of animal poop after a long sweaty day. May be cold out, but it doesn't make up entirely for all the physical activity. As for the kids, Phin really does have a way with them. "You sure do have a way with them. It's good, though. They need rolemodels."

Finn arches a brow at the last, pale blue eyes slanting a glance toward Carellos. "Somehow, I doubt that I'm a positive rolemodel," he laughs. "But we have a good time and that's good, to." Looking back at the kids, his lips twitch in a warm smile, his shoulders rising and falling in an easy shrug. "Bathing aunties and uncles won't be that bad," he decides. "I mean, they /have/ to have great stories and they're bound to fall asleep quicker then the kids do." Leaning back, he stretches his legs out, more then long enough to brace his elbows on the seat above and behind them. "I gotta admit, though, I'm anxious to get back to my wheel. The only time I've had for doing pottery was on my day off." Which was /great/, but still. "How about you? Missing the kitchen?" He certainly hopes so, he's jonesin for decent cookies. "My stash of your goodies is running out," he laments.

"Well, as adults, we're more critical about things but at least you're making the day to day fun for them and that does have to count for something." Carellos has had his share of bathing aunties and uncles growing up. It's just something you get desensitized about if you're lucky. "You'll have to tell me these stories over dinner sometime. I'd love to hear them. I promise to bring dessert." Cause what kind of man would he be if he didn't bring a whole cake for a table of two? At the question of missing work, Care does pause to look down at his open palms, closing those fingers and opening them once more before glancing up with tired eyes towards Phineas. "Yeah, I do miss it. I mean, I could always go to the bakery when I'm off but it's not the same. I miss the whole process. For some breads, you almost have to start a night prior, so I can start a thing or finish it, but won't be there from start to finish. I'll see what I can grab tonight when we're released."

Tilting his head, Finn reaches over and takes one of those flexing hands, his fingers lacing with Carellos' to squeeze gently. "When this is over," he notes with that same lopsided smile. "You owe me cake and a good deal of private time." To which one of the girls singsongs, 'Finn's goooooot a boy friend, Fiiiinnnn's got a boyfriend,'. Which is promptly picked up by the rest of the kids 'til Finn whips his head around and sticks his tongue out of them. Cue squeals, giggles and the group twisting back around to work on their drawings. "That's right, ya little brats," he chuckles.

Carellos closes his hand tightly over Phin's, giving it a gentle squeeze even through the heckling from children. It's no secret they can hear a pin drop when it comes to things that don't concern them. Still, the baker-candidate can't help but laugh, especially at Phin stick out his tongue. "Cake it is," he says once things calm down a little. "What kind of cake did you have in mind? Any special requests?" He'll just leave out the quiet time for now. That's something they can figure out later, when time and rules allow.

"Oh man," Finn sighs as he falls back into his sprawl upon the benches. "Something fruity and sweet? Like one of those upside down things that are drenched in gooey caramel?" Trailing off, he lapses into a momentary food fantasy before giving a wry shake of his head. "I think I'm in withdrawals," he notes with a quick laugh. Content to let the thought of private time go, he still retains hold of Carellos' hand, his gaze sweeping toward the sands. "I'm hoping the nanny's decide to bring the kids out for the hatching. They'd /love/ watching that." Really, he has to make a point to suggest that before he gets off duty.

"Hrm. I suppose I could do a marble cake with a pool of caramel just running down the sides and in the center, do a caramel whip for the center. That way you can dip the filling on the top or vice versa. Either way, gonna be rich. Rich is good at the end of a long day. I'll be sure to bring a kettle, too." Carellos uses his free hand and wipes the edge of his mouth, smirking a it. There's a reason why he's a baker. The man had a sweet tooth of his own and the more he learns, the better the pastries are gonna be! "I'm sure they will, it's a time where they'll be more interested in what's going on out there then getting underfoot. It's exciting for everyone."

"That," Finn groans. "So amazing." Amazing enough that he is momentarily frustrated and flails in his sprawl before resettling with a huff. "I'm going to be invisible by the time the hatching comes along," he complains. He is losing weight, that much is clear. The fact that he's already a stick figure of a human? Probably not the best thing that could happen. "I'm gonna start having to carry around loaves of bread," he decides as he sits up and releases Care's hand. "I should get them back, their due for baths soon." That being said, he pushes to his feet and starts rounding the kids up. "I'll see you later in the barracks?"

"I know for sure that we have more than enough to make some. I'll just have it put on the menu tomorrow so enough is made for the weyr tonight, and I'll uh, bring one back to the barracks." Cause as a Journeyman turned Candidate, he still has an account with the kitchens for such things. The release of Care's hand? You see that face, Phineas? You see it? There's a bewildered (read: exaggerated) look of a little kid whose ice cream cone fell over. "That's fair," he says as he rises to his own feet. "Yep, I'll see you then, and I promise I won't come back empty handed tonight."

Rounding the kids up and getting them back in 'formation' takes a bit of doing and a good deal of laughing, both on the part of the children, and Finn. Eventually though, they are formed up, suited up for the cold, and ready to head back into the Weyr. "Alright," Finn calls as he gathers up the baskets and slings them over one arm. "Remember, I'll be picking up your drawings tomorrow. So you have the rest of the day to finish them up." The children nod eagerly before saluting wildly. A fact which has Finn laughing, again. "Alright Wings, move out!" And, in the wake of tossing a wink to Carellos, they move out as one. "I'm counting on it," he calls back before vanishing from sight.

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