Fort Weyr - Northeast Bowl
The northern end of the bowl can be an intimidating area, being that Fort is the largest weyr. The far north wall contains the gigantic opening to the hatching caverns, and to the west of that can be seen the sprawling ledges and carved stair cases that mark the way to the administration complex and the training grounds were candidates and weyrlings can often be found. The west cliff wall towers up, dotted here and there by darker openings that mark individual weyrs before it tapers to a point at Tooth Crag.

Livanyth can fly! And in being allowed to do so, the little green is free of the confining ground. She flits her small body above the floor of the bowl, hanging in place at times before darting off in another direction. The air is clear, with a crisp coldness to it despite winter drawing to a close. R'yal has plenty to do despite the dragon's antics though. He has her straps laid out on the soft grass, adjusting the somewhat snug bands. She is almost done growing at least, but still enough to keep him busy.

And while a flying dragon may not be all that much of a unique sight to see in the weyr, Russall can't help but take a moment from his guard duty to watch the green in what seems to be her complete enjoyment of the element. It's lucky for him that he's just relieved from his post, swapping positions with the recruit who's come to take his place, while his own path walking away takes him past R'yal. "She's yours, huh?" His eyes go skyward once more, focusing on Livanyth, before dropping back down to the weyrling. "Saw you Impress."

R'yal looks up, giving a slight start of surprise. "O..oh! Yes..yes she is." His head tilts a moment though, laughing quietly as he tugs another section of the straps across his lap. "That's a good memory you have."

"Comes with the territory," Russall replies, tapping the guard recruit's knot on his shoulder. "Learning names is less important than learning faces though, so… I don't remember yours." He settles his hands by his hips, one thumb resting on his belt and the other atop the handle of his sheathed knife. "Weren't you the only guy on green? Two of you Impressed, and the other was a girl?"

"I suppose it would be. I'm..R'yal by the way. Just in case." He pulls on one of the buckles for a moment, easing the leather strap out to the next notch before looking up again. "That's right, a bit of an odd number…from what I'm told anyway. Usually…usually there's more. Than other colors, anyway." Like bronze.

Russall doesn't wait to be invited before he crouches down beside R'yal, prodding at the straps with his finger. "Just in case of what?" Prod.Prodprod. Why? Who knows. "Yeah, normally there's more greens and blues, less of the shinies." He snorts, resting his elbow on his knee and scratching at his jaw. "You think you would end up a greenrider?"

R'yal manages a small smile, shrugging. "In case you cared to remember it." He stares a little at all the strap poking though, brows slowly lifting. He clears his throat a little then, tugging the offended leather away just slightly. "I didn't think I'd end up any kind of rider…not really. Did you always think you'd end up where you are? I guess….I guess it isn't really the same thing.."

"Is it worth remembering?" Russall stops prodding the straps, fixing a curious, somewhat challenging look in R'yal. "Did I always think I'd end up as a guard? No. But I'm not a guard… yet." That's not a full knot on his shoulder. He wrinkles his nose, then scratches at the side of it. "I'm Russall. Want to remember that?"

R'yal does look a little surprised at that…and a bit uncertain. Is his name worth remembering? He doesn't know. He tugs his lower lip between his teeth for a moment though, shoulders lifting. "Up to you, I guess. I was a weaver before…all this, so things..they do change. If a guard is what you want to be..then you will." Even with the worrisome threat of renegades in the forests! He pulls on one of the bands to make sure it's tight, when Livanyth appears above again, hanging her light body in the air with perfectly elongated wings. "I'll remember."

Russall just nods in reply to his name being remembered, looking up when there's suddenly a green dragon right there in the sky. "What's her name?" Standing up, he stretches his legs out, then looks from Livanyth back down to R'yal. "Whatcha gonna do when she gets all glowy, huh?"

"Livanyth…" The name brings a smile, and R'yal tips his head back to look up at the dragon. She doesn't want to land! But she'll have to, in order to check the fit of the straps. The green moves off a short ways to touch down, and R'yal gets up, brushing his hands off before picking up the straps. "Wh..what?" Not a topic he was expecting! "We haven't..really..talked about much of that in classes yet."

"If she's flying she can't be far off that. Better start thinking, right?" Russall watches Livanyth's path to touchdown, smirking as he looks back at R'yal. "Never could see myself as a greenrider for that reason. No… control. Heard it's good, though. Sometimes." His smile grows crookedly, and he snorts. "Sometimes not so much. How's that make you feel?"

R'yal shakes his head somewhat, though his face certainly reddens. "I don't…I just haven't thought about it." Livanyth dips her head gracefully to accept the straps, utterly ignoring Russall's presence. For now. "I know it's something that happens, I just..was waiting for the weyrlingmasters to bring it up.."

"Oh, they didn't mention it to you yet? Huh." Russall digs his hands into his pockes, rocking back on his heels as he watches R'yal with Livanyth. "Guess I've never been a weyrling, so I wouldn't know when they say that sorta stuff to you." He presses his teeth into his bottom lip and sucks in, making a sound as he does so - like a cartoon kiss. Only it's a thoughtful sort of noise, not a suggestive one. "So what are you going to do?"

"What am I going to do?" R'yal peers over his shoulder a moment, still looking a bit embarrassed by the topic, but he goes about the process of buckling the straps into place as the weyrlings have all been drilled on. "There isn't much I can do other than..let it happen..I guess. It's going to, no matter what, and it's a part of being attached to Liv."

Nodding his head, Russall continues watching. "Uh-huh. Part of being a greenrider, I guess." He rocks on his heels a little more, still watching. "None of my family are riders. They're crafters, caverns-folk, but not riders. Yet most of us live in the Weyr. None're guards, though. Just me." Something he sounds proud of.

"It's certainly a good job to have around here. I'm happy that there are plenty of guards." R'yal reaches up just a bit, not having to go far for his hands to find Livanyth's muzzle, stroking over it softly. "The guards took great care of us when we were candidates." Even if they did sneak off and get assaulted by thugs in the woods. "It's a different life..definitely.. What do they have you doing? As a recruit?"

"Sure; that's why so many of you came back limping from that camping trip, or whatever it was meant to be." Russall's nose wrinkles, and he narrows his eyes slightly as he looks at R'yal. "Recruits do the boring shit. Standing around, guarding doorways, that sort of crap… though I did get to help out with that necklace stuff that happened. Maybe I saw your name in the paperwork… what were you called before? Rav-something-yal?"

"That was our fault, not the guard." Terrifying or not, the candidates had only themselves to blame for the events in the woods. R'yal makes a little face at the memory, the taste of blood in his mouth causing a slight shake of his head. "See? That was pretty..exciting stuff though? Right? I mean..before the..body and all. It was just Ravyal, yes.." He starts to check on the straps again, seeming satisfied that they aren't loose or too tight. "Thys…Amethyst was really at the center of it all, poor thing. I just helped out a little with the display."

"But your name was still in there. You're in our record books." Russall nods, then drags a hand over his short hair. "Least you weren't a suspect. That's one good thing, huh? Wonder if they would have let you stand if you were a suspect in a murder theft case?" His brow creases as he thinks that over, then he shrugs. "I bet no. And I've gotta go report in on what I saw while standing there boring my ass off."

R'yal laughs at that, even as Livanyth gives a somewhat offended huff of air in Russall's direction. "As worried as I was about it then..I can't see anyone thinking I could have done that. Especially the….the last part." He smiles just a little though, peering over his shoulder at the guard. "But you shouldn't be late reporting in. Boring tends to mean a bit crime free though..nothing too wrong with that."

"Eh, I'd rather see some action." Russall reaches out to R'yal, flicking a strand of his hair. Just because he can, it would seem. Then his hands are back to himself and he's grinning smugly. "R'yal. Nice to meetcha. And regard to your girl." Whose name he's forgotten, but at least he dips into a shallow bow for Livanyth. "You gonna see me around, greenie?"

R'yal blinks a little at the hair flicking, seeming just a bit dumbfounded. His head gives a little shake though, hair falling right back into place when he does so. "It was nice to meet you, too. I imagine, if you keep guarding doorways, I'll see you again." He smiles again then, fingers offering a wave before Livanyth is demanding his attention again, gently bumping her nose against him.

"Sure to happen," Russall replies, looking over the pair one last time before continuing on his way to give his report.