Who Phineas, Aignes, Kezresan, Carellos
What Some of the Candidates chat in the barracks.
When Winter
Where Fort Weyr, Candidate Barracks


Fort Weyr - Candidate Barracks
Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this cavern has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants in comfort. Set into one of the long walls is a natural hearth area, not as large as some but more then enough to warm the cavern. Before it lays an old, well-worn rug that's colors have faded over turns of being un cared for. Mismatched chairs, an old couch, and a few randomly placed floor pillows finish up the sitting type area where candidates can relax after a long day of chores.
Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses with curtains dividing them for privacy, each made up to the standards of the Weyrwoman. The left hand row of cots is made up with coverlets of brown and trimmed in black for male candidates, while the right hand row is made up with a lighter brown coverlet that's trimmed in white for the female candidates.
Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours, while basket of emergency glows are stored in corners around the cavern for use during power outages.

Phineas wakes with a groan, one arm flinging out to fumble for the blanket only to drag it up over his head. Twisting, he flops on his stomach, looking nothing less then a great, horrible, blanket monster as he stretches out his arms and beats slowly on the wall with the palms of his hands. Waking up? Not Finn's best thing. Course, the fact that he barely fits on the cot is at least one reason why. "Whyyyyy." Comes a plaintive mumble from beneath that twitching blanket.

Meanwhile, some people are much better at getting up, even if it does mean that Aignes snuck around like a ninja getting ready and is already tucked back in her own cot quietly sewing something by hand. The curtain around her bunk was drawn tightly shut, but the glow she has with her cast a shadow to give away the fact she is awake and stirring. That plaintive cry does catch her attention and one finger parts the fabric so she can peek out with just an eye. "Why what?"

Phineas had not expected /anyone/ to answer. Point in fact, it is unlikely that he was even awake enough to notice that he'd said anything. That being the case, he rolls up to sitting, the blanket wrapped around him like Little Red Riding Hood's cloak as he creeps down the end of the cot only to sprawl there. "Morning would be great if it didn't come so early," he complains. Bracing his elbows on the foot of the cot, his legs kicked up so they are not cramped, he rests his chin on the back of one hand. "What are you doing?"

Miracles do happen and seeing as how Aignes isn't the only other person in the barracks aside from Finn (even if she might be the most only alert one), chances were high that someone would respond. She gives a quick glance around the rest of the barracks and seeing as there are no skivvies immediately evident, the bunk-curtain opens just a little bit more as she gives a snort. "Good luck arguing with the sun that morning should be pushed back a little." And as for what she's doing, her hand just tosses whatever it was she was working on behind her back. "Nothing…." Lying. She's clearly lying. And bad at it.

Miracles do happen and seeing as how Aignes isn't the only other person in the barracks aside from Finn (even if she might be the most only alert one), chances were high that someone would respond. She gives a quick glance around the rest of the barracks and seeing as there are no skivvies immediately evident, the bunk-curtain opens just a little bit more as she gives a snort. "Good luck arguing with the sun that morning should be pushed back a little." And as for what she's doing, her hand just tosses whatever it was she was working on behind her back. "Nothing…." Lying. She's clearly lying. And bad at it.

Lying? Oh, that perks Finn's interest. At least enough that his chin tilts up and he pushes up on his arms. "Whatcha got there, Connie?" Almost immediately, pale blue eyes take on a nearly gleeful twinkle, his morning grump forgotten in favor of flashing a lopsided smile. "Come on now, give it up.. you /suck/ at lying." And now he's impossibly curious. What could it be? Skivvies? Candidates robes? Frilly shirts for Kez? Inquiring Finns want to know.

Aignes is nothing if not stubborn and admitting what she's actually working on is not something she's willing to do! In a bit of panic now that she's seemed to catch the other candidate's interest, the weaver makes the perhaps unwise decision to sit on her little project and immediately a poke of the sewing needle reminders her why that wasn't the best idea. A slight wince and then she schools her expression back to her more regular resting bitch-face and less 'OMG I SAT ON A NEEDLE.' And time for a distraction. "Did you see the chore board?" because clearly he hadn't seeing as he hasn't set foot out of bed. "I think you're on kitchen duty again…"

The delight in Finn's eyes? BOUNDLESS. Boundless enough that he sits up on the edge of his cot and is nearly bouncing. "You sat on a needle. You know, I'm pretty sure Kez would rattle off a list of potentially dire consequences for such a thing. Come on, Connie.. Give, what are you working on?" And yes, yes, he does scoot closer to the foot of the cot. Pfftt. "Kitchen duty? They've clearly lost their minds putting me in there." He'll worry about food later. This? Way more interesting.

If Finn is lucky, it's going to be a super frilly, lacy pillow case for Kezresan! Cause he's fancy and stuff. So vogue. Carellos slips into the barracks from his kitchen duty. It wasn't scheduled, but since he had free reign of choice, it was the most obvious place to be. He stops at the hearth, settling down the heavy basket and he opens it to lay out a couple of things. There's still Candidates slipping in and out during the day, might as well have a side board with snacks here, too. There shouldn't be any worry of rodents since the flying stomachs are perching here. That, and he's bright eyed and bushy tailed! Carellos gathers himself a plate with some cream filled sweet puffs and he moves over to the foot of his cot. "Mornin," he chirps before tucking into one, humming all happy like. Jerk.

"Umm… no," Aignes is back to denying facts even as she reaches behind her and tucks a flash of white underneath her pillow. There. Needle threat gone for the moment although no way that amount of fabric would be a full candidate's robe. "Maybe you should take that up with the headwoman…" even though the weaver is lying out her teeth and has no idea if Finn was even assigned the kitchens or not. He's probably on stair duty for life. Carellos' arrival along with some goodies for the basket is siezed with a bit of relief. "Ohhh… what do you have there?"

Food? Sweet food? Carellos' chumming the water has the desired effect and Finn rises from his cot like a sea monster. Letting the blanket fall to a crumpled mess behind him, he moves directly toward the array and immediately starts filling a plate. "You are my hero," is cast toward Carellos. When the plate is /heaping/ with sweet puffs, Finn flashes a lopsided smile, swooping in to lightly peck Carellos' cheek before returning to sprawl on his utterly messy cot. "Sweet puff," is uttered as he stretches way out to offer the plate toward Aignes. Hey, he hasn't had time to lick them, yet! /Yet/. "Whatcha sewing, Connie? She's sewing something mysterious," he asides to Care.

Kezresan? Not at all fancy. Able and willing of listing all the dire and tragic consequences that could result from sitting a needle? Totally. Thankfully, he's not here to do such a thing! Or, he's not here /yet/. His cot his empty and precisely made, so either he got up before the sun or he never went to bed. Hmmm. But his pair of firelizards are making use of pillow and blanket in his absence, green and blue both curled up and snoozing right on through the chatter. Zzzzz.

"Sweet puff?" Aignes is dubious even as her nose wrinkles just a bit. "Isn't that more of a dinner thing?" Although really, the only breakfast food the weaver is fully convinced is necessary is klah. Maybe an egg is acceptable as well. As for her sewing project, she scoffs. "I'm not sewing anything. See?" She raises her empty hands as proof and wiggles the fingers. Handcheck is a success. The pillow hiding spot is relatively unguarded since she's now sitting at the foot of the bed and has no winged minions of her own to safeguard it.

If he's offering you food before licking them all to claim his territory, feel HONORED. Carellos snorts and shakes his head as he watches Phineas out of the corner of his eyes. As soon as his mouth is a decent level of empty to respond, he clears his throat a bit. "It's probably a cross stitch that says, 'Just eat your sugar, Finn'" As for the 'dinner thing'? Carellos ponders for a moment and shrugs, "Seems like an all day thing to me." Cause sugar puffs. The only thing they need to maintain is a warm and crispy shell and a creamy center. They're not one to follow schedules.

Phineas tucks his chin down as he glances at Aignes out of the corner of his eye. Mmhmm. He's not buying it. Not even a little bit. "It's food. Put it in your mouth and eat it." Course, he pops up off his cot and, in a dizzying movement, twists around to sprawl on Aignes' cot /between/ her and that pillow. Course, the platter is right up under her nose, one arm reaching back with almost dramatic slowness toward that pillow. "Whatcha sewing Connie?" Distracted by Care, his smile broadens, blue eyes clearly pleased with the thought. "I'd kinda love that," he admits. Fortunately, while Finn is playful, he's not /mean/ and he's not actually gonna grab Aignes stuff. Seriously, it /might/ be skivvies and even Finn thinks that would be uncool. He does, however, notice Kez' empty (and entirely to neat) cot from his new vantage point. "Where's Kez?" He can't possibly be working /already/.

As though Phineas has summoned him, the door to the barracks opens and Kezresan slips inside. There's snow clinging to just about everything, and he pauses to shake the worst of it from his coat, and stomp it from his boots, before he's moving through the barracks and straight towards his cot. It's the sorta-gathering of breakfast eaters that draws his gaze, and for a moment he just frowns at them as though he hadn't expected to find anyone in here. Which is sort of ridiculous; it's a barracks. Naturally, there are other people. Oh well. "Is that food?"

And suddenly, Aignes has a Finn in her bed. Her eyes widen in horror at this unexpected outcome, but it's not the hand creeping towards the pillow that she's staring at. Nope, it's that hand holding the platter. "You're going to get crumbs in my bed!!!" And since that would probably be the worst thing ever apparently, she'll reach out to try and claim the platter from him. As for the mystery project she turns a bit red. "Noooo. It's not a cross stitch. It's nothing. It's dumb." So it does now exist.

Sorry, Aignes! Carellos hasn't tried lifting Phineas off of his feet so moving him to the baker's cot is probably not in the cards. Especially now since his momentary break is short lived. "I better get back to the Kitchens. I promised I wasn't going to be gone long." The man pushes himself back to his feet and with a heavy sigh, shuffles his way back to the kitchens. "Hey, Phin. If I come back at the end of the night, and there's not a single crumb in here? I just might have something special for you." That's completely legal based on Candidate rules! Or something. With a wave of farewell to anyone watching, the man poofs for now.

Finn grins up at Kez' his brows rising and falling as he waves the platter of sweet rolls. "It is food," he assures. Course in the next moment, the platter is plopped down on Aignes' hand and an entire sweet roll shoved into Finn's maw. Aignes protest? Met with a look from Finn that clearly communicates, 'Do you REALLY want me to clean them up?' Think about it Aignes. THINK ABOUT THAT. Dumb? Well, now. Now, he HAS to know. That fact is made clear when he twists around and pulls out the ever-so-mysterious sewing. Course, then Care is making offers he cannot refuse and Finn? Finn grins and flashes an immediate thumbs up. "I'll be there shortly," he assures. Probably not, but hey. He's gotta investigate the mysterious sewing, first.

Oblivious to mysterious sewing, but catching on pretty quick that /something/ is afoot, Kezresan spares another suspicious glance at Aignes and Finn before chin-jutting a farewell to Carellos. The assurance that there /is/ food, and it is apparently to be shared, as the healer slipping a bit closer. "May I?" because he's at least polite enough to ask before reaching for one of those rolls. Breakfast procured, he sticks it in his mouth as he sits at his cot (much to the distress of Aloe and Vera who, with startled squawks, are forced to relocate to the other side of it). Roll held between his teeth as he works at boot laces, there's a quick *thump-thump* as they get kicked off and another squinty look between the pair on the co. Only after he's torn a chunk from the roll, chewed and swallowed it does he asks, "What are you /doing/?" The question is, apparently, for both Aignes and Finn.

Aignes will at least give a smile of relief to Carellos' possibly illicit, but definitely welcome, as far as she's concerned attempt to bribe the crumb-generator into less crumb generation. And a wave with her free hand as the baker departs. And since Kezresan is asking for the sweet rolls, Aigness is going to push the whole platter at him since it gets it further away from her sheets. "Help yourself!" And there's even more of a blush and even some cringing thrown in as Finn draws out her 'project'. It's definitely white, but no way that bit of robe would fit on a full sized human. It looks like a candidate robe for a toy instead.

"Feel free," Finn assures Kez. "I haven't had time to lick them, yet." Cause that is a thing he doesn't really do, but hey, he'll keep the horror going. It's the sewing that has Finn's attention, his lips twitching in a surprisingly warm smile. Hey, he likes dolls! He has sisters, okay? "Is this for a doll?" Tilting his head back, he watches that platter of rolls being swept off mournfully, a sigh spilling past his lips. "It's cute, Aignes," he assures as he carefully smooths it out and rests it atop her pillow. Hey, he called her Aignes!

There is no way on Pern that Kezresan is going to put a tray of sweet rolls (or ANY type of food) on his cot. HECK NO. So to the chest at the end of his bed they go, safely stashed where there crumbs cannot threaten his perfectly tucked sheets and blankets. That he is currently /consuming/ a roll while on his cot? Somehow, this is different. He's halfway through said roll when Phineas mentions licking, and for a moment he just sort of… freezes, a piercing look given the other candidate as he weighs whether or not he believes him. In the end? Well, he's already got half the roll in his mouth so… might as well keep on eating! Nom-nom-nom. All politely done, of course (no flashing half-masticated food from Kez!) Which means that he's definitely swallowed his first roll before he's echoing, "A doll?" in mild confusion. "Why would a doll need clothes?"

Aignes is just relieved to have gotten the platter of food away from her own bed! And since her 'secret' is now out, she gives a rather reluctant "Yessss…" as confirmation to Phineas' guess. "But she, er, it is not a doll. Not really. Not like the play ones anyways." Not anymore. Since she's by the end of her cot anyways, the weaver reaches in to her own trunk and quickly digs out a dark haired porcelain doll, complete with creepy icy blue glass eyes. "I was practicing."

Finn raises his head, peering at Kez likes he grown a second head. "Cause it would be a naked doll without clothes?" And clearly that is not a good thing. "My sisters have trunks and trunks of clothes for their dolls." Course, he has some doll clothes, himself, but hey. He's not getting into that. He does, however, twist atop Aignes' cot, stretching out on his stomach as he reaches for one of those rolls. He's more then long enough for that as is demonstrated when he snags one of those rolls and shoves it (whole) into his mouth. "L'il shoes too," he points out. And yes, he talks with his mouthful. Course, the moment the doll is produced, Finn grins, rolling up to sitting as he dusts his hands on his pajama pants and reaches out for her. "Can I?" He doesn't take the doll unless she's offered. Cause babies. You just don't do that. "What's her name?" Cause /yes/, dolls have names.

"Oh. Right." And for a moment, Kez just looks a little bit lost and uncomfortable. Shifting on his bed, he wiggles back until he's somewhat leaning against the pillows at the head of it. Aloe immediately claims his chest as a nest, curling up in the healer's sweater and prompting Kez to scritch-scritch absently at her little head. But his gaze goes straight for the doll as Aignes brings her own, a timidly curious expression gracing his face before it's concealed behind a look of indifference. His eyes go to the firelizard, but he's listening. Oh, he's definitely listening. And stealing little peeks out of the corner of his eyes when he thinks the pair are too occupied to notice.

Aignes clutches that doll to her chest as she sits on the foot of her bed. Currently it's clad in a pretty elaborate dress with quite a few ruffles made out of some form of muslin. She'll nod in agreement as Finn explains why dolls should have clothes. For a second it looks like she won't hand over the doll, but she does relent when the name is asked for. "Briggette. And I didn't have time to make a full model of a robe, so figured I'd try it out for her before I made another one."

Twisting around to sitting, Finn licks crumbs off his lips, pale eyes carefully examining the doll. "I made one of these for each of my sisters," he admits. "Alice, Chloe and Patrice. The dolls," he adds. "Not my sisters." Making dolls? Totally his secret passion. Sadly, he gets very little time to work with porcelain. He is, however, aware of Kez's interest, his lips twitching in a grin as he scoots over and pats the cot. "Come meet her, Kez," he suggests. "It's rude to not say hello when a lady enters a room." And clearly the porcelain doll has to be a lady. When the doll is handed over, he holds her carefully, being certain to keep the dress properly smoothed down. "It's very nice to meet you, Briggette," he states solemnly. In the wake of the 'greeting', he looks up at Aignes and holds the doll out to her. "I think she's going to look lovely in the robe." What? He does!

Caught! Kez stiffens, hand stilling over little Aloe as he shoots Phineas and Aignes a long look. "It's a doll," he declares at last, flat and dismissive as he pointedly turns his gaze back to his firelizard. "It's a toy. I don't need to introduce myself to a toy." His jaw is set and his gaze is firmly pinned to that poor little green curled up on his chest, Aloe looking just a little less thrilled with the sudden rigidity of her previously cozy nest. But at she's still getting eyeridge scritches so… after a moment of wing-rustling protest, she settles back down.

"My mother gave her to me when I left for my apprenticeship," Aignes will admit although she won't admit all the secrets young pre-teen Aignes may have shared with those porcelain ears. Ladies need to have some secrets after all. She'll still sit on the end of her bed with her hands firmly in her lap. And then a glance to the two men that have been to at the Weyr far longer than her for advice. "Sooo… how elaborate are the robes normally anyways?" Someone is clearly getting a little overboard judging by the doll fashions she's crafting up over there. So many pleats.

"Dolls are /never/ just toys," Finn points out. "The craftsmanship that goes into them gives them a life all their own. Doesn't matter if it's rag dolls or porcelain dolls." Stretching back out on his stomach, he snags another sweet roll from the platter on the trunk at the foot of Kez's bed and shoves it into his mouth with an indignant sniff. "Elaborate?" Blinking once, Finn casts a curious glance at Aignes, his lips twitching in a wry smile. "Not very, although, sometimes you see some fancy ones. Mostly, I think candidates make due with whatever is in the stores."
"Fine," concedes Kezresan with a snort, "They are a work of art. That still does not demand that I introduce myself to her —- it." Huff. Grump. He's just going to sit here and angry-scritch his firelizard. Aloe? Not at all pleased with this, and with a squeal, turns to nip at those too-aggressive fingers. "Sorry," is offered in a low apology as Kez softens his ministrations. The explanation of how Aignes came to have the doll has his gaze drifting their direction again, a flicker of remorse that goes unspoken. Presents from parents are definitely not things to begrudge. "Not fancy," he agrees. "Think tuber sack in white. With arm and head holes."

Aignes stares at Phineas as if he had grown a second head or something. Completely bewildered by how they actually ended up in the situation but… nobody's laughing and the crumb situation is mostly taken care of so she'll relax slightly, although she grimaces at the description of the robes. "Tuber sacks with holes… when everybody's going to be there watching?" She shudders a bit. "Also, like what if it rains? You really want to have a lining if you're going to be wearing anything white…"

"You know," Finn points out to Kez. "If you keep going like that? You're gonna be a grumpy old man before you know it." And that? That would suck since Kezresan is a pretty good looking young man, at the moment. "You don't want to turn into of those dour faced men who scowl at everything and never crack a smile." Shaking his head, he rolls to his feet and steps over to his cot. Rather then make it, he balls the blanket up and tosses it on the pillow before plopping down. "You make your robe as fancy as you like, Aignes." He's gonna count himself lucky with a tuber sack, but hey. "I'm just hoping I can find one long enough."

"Not everyone has time for fun and games. Some of us have important work to do." And while the voice might be Kezresans, the words are probably not. The scowl, too. He's staring resolutely at the wall now. Glaring at it, really. Until with a sigh, he scoops up Aloe and dumps her to the bed beside him (much to the little green's shock and dismay), rolling upright soon after. "I have to get back to work." Not really, but he's still going to stuff his feet back into his boots, tying the laces with swift, sharp motions. "We can't be kids forever," he declares, snatching up a sweetroll with his free hand. "Make it however you want, Aignes. You'll wear it for an hour at most and then it's over," hether that's meant to encourage or discourage is left to the imagination, "And we can get back to our real lives."

"PT doesn't even start for another hour…" Aignes is on to you, Kez! Especially seeing as fellow candidate chore schedules isn't really a secret. Whatever. The weaver will just shake her head but the mention of work does have her standing up. "I should probably get something light to eat before that. Could you put her back when you're done?" Yes, she's actually trusting Phineas with the doll. "And if you need help lengthening it, just let me know." Progress has been made this morning, but not going to be much more than that because with a wave, she's heading out in the direction of the living caverns for some non-sugary breakfast.

Finn rolls his eyes in response to Kezresan, his head giving a slow shake. "What kind of life is /that/? Sure you get your work done, but at the end of the day you are bitter and alone." And Finn? THAT is not happening to Finn. "Everyone needs laughter, Kezresan, even you." When he moves to leave, Finn's gaze follows him, his expression calculating. Kezresan WILL learn to have fun if it is the last thing Finn does. "Kids? Pfft. Adults can have fun, to." Finn's life? ALL ABOUT THE LAUGHTER- thank you very much. You wait, Kezresan, Finn is coming for you. Oh yes, yes he is. "Take care," he calls after the departing pair. "Grumps."

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