Fort Weyr - Galleries
The galleries are carved right out of the rock face, the rows and rows of benches rising high up into the air on a slight slant. Stone and wood benches that used to be known for offering little in the way of comfort, are now padded with cushions in Fort Weyr's colors. Placed along the railing at regular intervals are antique looking baskets filled with cheery fabric flowers. The curving walls sport tapestries in warm vibrant colors that seem to add a dash of color to the otherwise dreary stone. Where the galleries curve slightly at the ends, affording those attending hatchings or clutchings a decent view of the sands, shaded laterns offer warm lighting along the rows of benches.

Night has fallen, the dinner hour just past and most weyrfolk now drifting off to find a few peaceful and warm spots in which to spend the last quiet moments of the day unwinding from another day of work. It's cold, windy and cloudy outside, the night stars and moons obscured from view and periodically flurries of light snow begin to fall. Surprisingly few have come to the galleries, but that may change over the course of the night. One presence is there tonight however that normally is far more present but as this clutch is not sired by Velokraeth, Th'ero has been busying himself in other ways, namely with overseeing a few of the excursions, as well as working out the details of a certain festival that is still being rumored about. Balance that with his normal Weyr duties and other matters pressing his time, it's a valid excuse for his rare visit to the galleries. Th'ero has seated himself near enough to the front but still high enough to afford a easy look over all the eggs, as well as the resting form of Kouzevelth and, no doubt, a nearby Dremkoth. He sits, half propped up by a pillar and with his winter riding jacket folded neatly at his other side, arms crossed against his chest as he stares out thoughtfully over the sands… or has he begun to doze off?

The excursion group that Angelique was in left early and got back just in time for dinner. After finishing dinner, caring for the three fire lizards that now all three sleep on her cot in the candidates barracks, Angelique finds herself with some spare time. The warmth of the hatching caverns is what lull this former assistant head woman into the galleries this evening. Dashing across the bowl she's left a warm jacket behind. Running up the steps a bit she stops and turns to look towards the sands and the eggs, for the moment not seeing the weyrleader who may or may not be dozing off in his seat.

Perhaps he wasn't dozing off and simply lost to his thoughts or it's an old instinct of his from his Turns past as a Guard, but Th'ero is alert by the time Angelique has entered the Galleries, his head cocked slightly to the sound of movement behind him. Could be as well that Velokraeth is on a ledge somewhere nearby, observing the Weyr as he does and has given his rider a mental nudge to warn him of the approach of another visitor. Turning, the Weyrleader peers up at her from over his shoulder and then offers her a vague but welcoming smile. "Evening, Angelique. Escaping the cold?" he greets, while gesturing for her to join him if she so chooses to. He doesn't bite, honest! And his mood seems favorable, so she has nothing to worry about facing his temper either.

Angelique's head turns to spy the owner of the voice. "Weyrleader Th'ero." she greets quickly with a polite bob of her head. The invitation to sit is taken up as she slides into a seat beside him. "Seemed the warmest place to do with an excuse to peer down there." a hand gestures towards the sands. "Are you here hiding, admiring the eggs or also escaping the cold?" or perhaps all three?

Th'ero quirks a brow slightly at the formality but does not comment on it as it is, to be honest, expected. Sitting forward again, he will gather his jacket so that Angelique can sit and promptly stuffs it against his other side, crammed between him and the pillar. "It is warm in here," he admits with a slightly sheepish smile. Maybe he had begun to doze off! His eyes follow her gesturing hand and he snorts softly, nodding his head. "I'm escaping the cold and mulling over my thoughts. Figured it'd be quiet enough in here, even if others came by. Not that I mind the distraction," he murmurs with a soft chuckle. "How have you been?" Th'ero will turn his head from the sands then, giving her a curious look. "Enjoying the excursions?"

Angelique's gaze sweeps over the sands though her attention does remain focused on the conversation at hand. "I've been great. Candidacy has been quite unexpected." "Not that I was even sure what to expect really." a hint of surprise colors her tone as if she's still surprised to be wearing the white knot of candidacy. "The excursions are great. I believe my top favorites have been visiting with the dolphins and the Glasscraft. And I've heard rumor of a festival too." now her gaze sweeps from the sands to Th'ero.

"Candidacy normally is unexpected," Th'ero muses. "It certainly was for me back when I was Searched." Giving her a lingering look that is merely curious, he chuckles again and allows his gaze to slide back out over the sands. "Does it still surprise you? Or do you have a better idea now of what to expect in the days to come?" As for her experience with the excursions, he listens politely and then smiles, looking genuinely pleased — or it could be reassured! Does he have doubts on how the Candidates are handling the break from tradition? "It's good to hear that you've been enjoying them! And that's right, I do recall seeing you with the others at the Dolphincraft Hall. How was the trip to Glasscraft?" He pauses for a moment then to glance at her sidelong and now he truly does look amused. "You've heard right. We're working on one, but the weather must cooperate first and remain stable. If all goes to plan, we will start it in the last few sevendays leading up to the estimated window of the eggs hatching. Candidates will be permitted to attend as well, even though it is beyond the Weyr's walls. Not far enough to be a concern, though."

Angelique's left hand reaches up to play with the tip of her braided hair, a gesture done out of habit. "Not so much surprising now that I've settled into a familiar routine actually. The um…chances at being on the sands with the eggs is certainly a memory I shall not forget anytime soon. No matter what happens when they hatch." her tone is reflective and awed. "Oh I loved the trip to the Glasswork. They showed us the whole procedure of crafting a glass bowl from start all the way to finish. I've never been interested in apprenticeship anywhere but had I seen that when I was younger then perhaps the Glasscraft could have lured me into an apprenticeship." she grins at the talk of the festival. "Oh that sounds exciting. And it'll bring events to the candidates when perhaps those last few seven days would be simply doing chores and waiting for the hatching."

Th'ero nods his head again as he listens, attentive even if his gaze continues to roam out over the sands. "Good! It is quite a life altering experience, no matter what fate has in store in the end. You've been out to touch the eggs a few times now, haven't you?" he asks, frowning slightly as he tries to recall. The Weyrleader has only stepped in once, taking over for M'icha when the Weyrlingmaster wasn't feeling well enough for the task. "I'm glad that you found the Glasscraft excursion to be so worthwhile." he murmurs, while giving her another long and studious look and likely trying to gauge her age. "It's never too late? Or do the Crafts have an age limit for the their apprentices? Though I'm sure Talica is likely hoping you return to her as an Assistant. Not that I mean to discuss these alternatives…" he says, a touch awkward in doing so. He doesn't want to seem like a downer! Instead, he changes subjects eagerly when she seems to react so positively to the mention of the festival. "Exactly our reasoning for it! The excursions will not last forever and rather than leave you all to the same rotating chores… we figured one last festival to ring in the Winter season and the Turnover would be a grand way to end not only the Turn but for many of you your Candidacy — aside from the Hatching itself. It'll be good, I think." And nothing will go wrong, right?

Angelique shakes her head with a rueful grin. "I'll be 20 soon enough, certainly by the time the eggs hatch. If there's no dragon down there for me …" a hand gestures absently, lifting from the braid she was twirling around one finger. "Then I fully intend to returning working for Talica. The glasswork was fun to learn about but…" she shrugs a shoulder lightly. "Certainly I'm too old for apprenticeship anywhere." "And yes, to answer your first question. I've been down to the sands twice. Both times were…so very unique. I look forward to the festival then."

Th'ero blinks for a moment and then chuckles heartily, "I figured as much! And is that so? Wouldn't that be a first… a Turnday AND a Hatching all in one?" Think of the celebration! The Weyrleader mulls over his thoughts in silence for a moment and then exhales, "I think you're right. Odd that they'd limit the age of Apprentices but I suppose in the same hand it makes sense. And touching the eggs is… quite the eye opening experience. I've heard that the clutch is rather diverse and not at all like the eggs Velokraeth and Zuvaleyuth seem to clutch from their pairings. Find that rather curious…" But it will have to be a discussion for another time, as Th'ero suddenly looks up and over to the gallery entrance, his expression that odd distracted look common to riders in private discussion with their lifemate. Shaking his head a bit to clear it, he will look to Angelique with an apologetic smile. "You'll have to excuse me. I'm needed back at my office. Best of luck to you Angelique and hopefully you are able to see more wonders of the Craft and skills Pern has to offer." And he pushes to his feet, offering her both a half-salute and half-wave before he's making his way through the aisles and towards the stairs. "Clear skies!" he'll call from over his shoulder before vanishing.

Angelique dismisses the turnday bit with a shrug. "The turn day will have passed by the hatching surely." So no turn days on the sands it seems! A curious look crosses her expression as he mentions the clutches are different but before she can ask anything on that he's conversing with the bronze and moving to leave. She stands as well as he moves past. "Of course. Clear skies to you and your bronze!" she calls after, resuming her seat.