Who Phineas, R'hra
What Finn gets Nanny Duty!.
When Winter
Where Fort Weyr, Living Caverns


Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
// This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.//

Finn's arrival is heralded with a great deal of excited squealing, laughter and the pounding of tiny feet approaching the Living Cavern. In short order, the horde of small children bursts into the room in a surge mass of over-excitedness. Leading them, or rather, coming up with the rear is Finn with a tow-headed little girl on his back and another clinging to one hand. "Alright," he laughs. "Everyone remember what to do?" As soon as the words are uttered, the children, running from four to eight, organize themselves excitedly, forming three child-sized 'wings' in neat 'V' formations. Finn? Finn paces down the line of wings, his lips pursing dramatically as he gives slow, pureposeful nods. "Juice Wing, you have your assignment, move out." The young boy standing at the head of the formation salutes crisply before leading his group toward the array of cups and juices on the tables. "Meatroll Wing," Finn calls as he does an abrupt about face (Much to the delight of the girl on his back) "You have your assignment, move out." The wing squeals and surges toward the tables. "Stay in formation," Finn calls. As soon as the words are uttered, the children reform, gathering up meatrolls while giggling wildly. The last group nearly quivers as he rounds on them, eyeing them critically. "Veggie Wing, you have, perhaps the most important task of all. Get those veggies to the tables!" And just like that the 'wing' swoops out to accomplish thier appointed task. Turning in place, Finn tilts his head back, eyeing the groups bringing lunch to the tables and murmurs to the toddler on his back. "I think that went rather well." To which she responds. "GIDDY UP FINNY!"

Adjusting the toddler on his back, Finn snorts in response to the 'giddy up', a low laugh spilling past his lips as he watches the groups of children gathering up their appointed items. One by one, the 'wings' break off, moving as a group to the tables set aside for them. "Remember your orders," Finn calls. In the wake of the call, pitchers of juice, cups and platters of food are neatly arrayed at the tables, before the children slide into the chairs and turn wide eyes on Finn. Sucking a breath in through his teeth, he nods slowly as he walks the length of the table, neatly setting his rider and her companion, in to a pair of chairs. "Well done, Wingriders, well done. Lunch is on!" And that being said, he drops into a chair in a sprawl with an exceedingly large smile. The kids? They immediately go about the business of eating lunch, talking excitedly amongst themselves. For his part, Finn snags a meatroll (lead by example) and falls back into a sprawl in the chair.

R'hra walks in from the lower caverns, looking about before he spies the kids with the Ice Breaker King Phineas. He chuckles as he moves into the room, his gituar on his back as he is dressed to relax today. "Hey Finn, I see this is where the kids got too." He walks the table and addresses each child by name and pat on the head. He smiles warmly at each child before he moves to sit down next to the candidate. "They treating you well?"

While he would MUCH rather be eating a cookie? Finn (shockingly) knows that children need to be led by example. That being the case, he pours himself a cup of juice, adds a few raw veggies to his plate and another handful of meatrolls before setting into the food. "You gotta eat some of everything," he reminds. "No gorging on meatrolls and forgetting the veggies." In the wake of the words, a few of the boys look sheepish, tiny hands moving to add veggies to their plates. "There ya go," Finn urges. "Sides, they're good." The last is uttered as he takes a bite of a raw carrot, chews and swallows. (That he does not look as revolted as he is over eating veggies? A miracle.) "'S Good," he assures before washing it down with juice. Rest assured, though, he will balance it ALL out with a mountain of sweets once the kids have gone down for their nap. "Fiiiiiiiinn," one of the boys calls. "Do we /have/ to eat the green ones, to?" Considering for a moment, Finn pushes the rest of the carrot into his mouth before snagging a piece of brocoli. "Yup," he calls back before pushing it into his mouth, as well. Somewhere? A donut is weeping over the bitter betrayal. It's R'hra's call that inspires a broad smile, pale eyes twinkling with a merry light. "We formed up Wings and 'flew'," Cue air qoutes. "Around the weyr before landing for lunch." The kids? They look up wide eyed and push to their feet to salute crisply. "Ya gotta salute them," Finn informs. "Or they won't sit back down." Training is important, apparently.

The moment the salute is returned, the children laugh gleefully and immediately return to their lunch. Finn chokes on a laugh, covering his lips for a moment before winking up at R'hra once he can breath. "I love kids," he admits. "Those two," he adds as he points the meatroll at a pair of tow-head twins at the far end of the table. "Are my sisters." Trini and Khara both look up and chime "Hiiiiiiiii." in unison. Course, Finn takes the opportunity to look back at his fan club and wink at the girls before gesturing toward the table in invitation. "Feel free to join us? Nice healthy lunch on the table." Ick. Yuck. Eeewww. And another donut dies.

R'hra grins and settles in "Good work on those stairs by the way, I didn't even slide a little on my way down this morning." He starts absently picking at his guitar before he adds "You know she really didn't slip and fall on those stairs right.."

Phineas blinks a few times, the cup of juice on the way to his mouth pausing midway there. "What?" Clearly, he didn't know that and for a moment, there is a flash of anger in his eyes. It is gone in a blink though, his lips twitching as he exhales a low laugh. "That was very not fun," he points out as he takes a swallow of juice before setting the mug down. "I stayed up for /two/ days finishing those, you know." Which, really? He has to admit is pretty funny. Course, the kids /are/ listening and Finn winks at them before nodding to their plates. "Lunch," he points out which, fortunately, has them focusing back on their plates. They are listening though, rest assured. "Is Kassala alright then? How did she get hurt?"

R'hra nods as he strums idly adding some mellow tones to the meal "She slipped just not on those stairs" THe look he gives Finn indicates that it isn't something that should be said around childern. YEs Kassala is going to beat him later, but one must come to the conclusion that he probably likes it! The plate is eyed asking "So did the healer put you up to this meal? Or are you finally trying to out grow me?"

Finn nods at the look, slanting a side-eye at the kids before pointedly eating another carrot. "I hope she's alright." Swallowing the food, he glances down at his entirely too healthy plate and smiles. "I always eat like this, R'hra, you know that." He doesn't. Ever. But the kids don't need to know that. Ever. "I'll be out growing you in no time flat," he assures with a merry wink and a long swallow of juice.

R'hra chuckles "Oh I know you do, I thought this was that second plate you like to get.." because bro's tease bro's right. And kids hear and repeat everything, how cool do you want to look Finn?

"Oh!" Setting the mug down, Finn leans forward, folding his arms atop the table. "I almost forgot. T'ven from Igen showed up last night. Said to tell you hello and that he's graduated." Snagging one of the meatrolls off his plate, he takes a bite of it, waving it absently before adding. "His lifemate is a hoot." And probably hooked on sugar, now, but hey. Shoving the rest of the meatroll into his mouth, he slants a glance toward the girls, his brows rising and falling in a playful twitch that immediately inspires a good deal of blushing and giggling from the other side of the room. He does, however, grin back to R'hra. "Hey, you know I love my veggies." Which really? It works since little hands are immediately reaching for more of the raw grossness.

With R'hra pulled away for work, Finn grins, his head giving a slow shake as he glances down the length of the table. "Alright, Wings, clean up and nap time!" As the organized little unit they are, they push to their feet, the dishes gathered up and put away while Finn stands and winks at the girls. Once his wings are ready? The 'fly out' in formation, Finn trailing along behind with a pointedly smug expression. "It's good to be the Nanny," he decides.

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